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Similar Deviations
Just doing my part for :icondogmansp:'s Super Mario 128 Collab!

In Mario 3, I would always warp to World 4 just so I could play the Kuribo's Shoe level. Anyone else?
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A tragic and Fateful accident once transpired can never be undone. This earthbound spectre met his demise at the ripe age of 19. Now, this ephemeral being of ectoplasm haunts the cemetery under the shroud of dusk. He and the noble spirits who remain are a force of benevolent protection on this hallowed eve. The sacred auras they emanate ward off the vile and wicked creatures that crawl out from the deep fissure which tears the Earth asunder on this night. Tonight when the mystic is at its closest to the world of the living, the evil these eldritch abominations spread must be ceased.

Is that narrative a clichť? LOL Hereís my main Halloween deviation. I put a lot of work into this, so I hope you guys will enjoy it. I decided to feature a ghost since it won this pole [link] (well I preferred it over the ones that tied with ghost) I really like how the ghost and pumpkins turned out. I decided to colour the ghost in the style of Casper the movie, itís just a likeable style that you donít tend to see used on many digitally drawn ghosts.


This is also my submission for the :iconi-draw-boys: Halloween contest. Not sure if it can even be entered because a ghost is slightly inhumanoid (I asked about this but never got a reply). *crosses fingers that it'll be at least accepted* Donít know if it will win or not, but wish me luck. :)

I also recomend full view on this one. :D

EDIT March 26th 2012:
I now have a bunch of fanart of this guy! There's also some of it drawn on DA Muro on my front page (you'll need to search through some of the comments).

[link] [link] [link] [link]
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You can find the printable here---> [link]
And also, I have a baby PM---> [link]
baby WQ---> [link]
and baby AR---> [link]

Homestuck (C) :iconandrewhussieplz:
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Vodka Mutini (c) :iconandrewhussieplz:
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Happy Halloween y'all :)!

"Download" for the comic, please ^^.

Sasuke, Sakura (c) Kishimoto
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Here you\'ve got this babies...
I guess I\'m in time for this update?

Prototyped PM---> [link]
Bec Noir---> [link]
baby PM---> [link]
Baby WV---> [link]
and baby AR---> [link]
baby WQ--->[link]
Baby Ms Paint---> [link]

Characters (C) :iconandrewhussieplz:
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October 19, 2012.

Paint Tool SAI.


This day always catches me by surprise so that anything I do, if I do anything, is last minute! But it's the thought that counts~! xD

So here's a message from a my local spirit, Dysta!
If Dysta were a spirit overseeing some aspect of of the universe, she'd definitely be some kind of Spirit of Friendship or Spirit of Alliance, so it's apt for her to be spreading a message of friendship, compassion, and justice!

We are born into the universe with all these possibilities to experience. Don't waste it by limiting and defining yourself with hatred, ignorance, and bigotry. Have compassion and patience not only with others, but with yourself as well.

Dysta: Let the fools who stand in the way of friendship and justice be swept aside! Because nothing can stand against our hearts, and courage, and pride!

By the way, this is Dysta in her original costume design~!

My other Spirit Day pic:

Who's got spirit?! Let's hear it! I support LGBT awareness and rallying for anti-bullying.
Because jerkfaces are jerkfaces, and we don't want our time wasted!
People got better things to do, like falling in love and being fabulous! :>
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I always wanted to see what a Youtube poop verison of the House of Mouse looks like.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

:iconimmeenplz::iconsaysplz:It's midnight! I got a trick for Super Mario. Sorry Toadstool, but we don't want to be dull villains on halloween.

(Kamineko passes the signal to Skaylz which now passes to the Administrator which she is holding the light switch.)

:iconmarionoplz::iconsaysplz:Okay everyone, now it's time for a change a pace.

:icontheadministratorplz::iconsaysplz: Lights out!! (Shuts down light)


:iconimmeenplz::iconsaysplz:Right you are Mario! It's Halloween, you know, and with just the right touch.

(Music starts)

:iconimmeenplz::iconsaysplz:*This could be quite the place!*

:icontheadministratorplz::iconsaysplz:*Full of wholesome and happy faces.*

:icondrrobotnikplz::iconsaysplz:*Hanging out!*

Skaylz: *Feeling fine.*

:iconganonplz::iconsaysplz:*Where everyone's a friend of mine!*

:icontheadministratorplz::iconsaysplz:*Inside this evil joint.*

:iconkaminekoplz::iconsaysplz:*Every guest gets to the point!*

*This day will live in infamy!*

*THE HOST OF TOAST IS HISTORY!!!* (Evil laughter)

*It's our host now! It's our host now!*

CD-I Witches from Wand of Gamelon:*It's a fact you can't ignore!*


*It's our host now!*

*Raise your jugs, you theives and thugs! Join the rabble-rousing crowd, it's our host now!*

:iconravingrabbidsplz::iconsaysplz: *All the Raving Rabbids fit in so perfectly!* (DAAAAHHHH!!!!!)

:iconflandreplz::iconsaysplz:*Every evil weeboo gets due respect!*

:iconsaladfingersplz::iconsaysplz:*You'll forget your troubles, put your trust in me.*

:iconburnsplz::iconsaysplz:*You've had your fun!*

:iconsmithersplz::iconsaysplz:*You've made your play!*

:iconunownplz::iconsaysplz:*But every rodent has his day!* (Evil laughter)

(Salad Fingers knocks Mario and Toadstool onto the slide of the unown)

*It's our host now!*

:iconglassjoeplz::icondiscokidplz::iconsaysplz:*Down and dirty!*

:icongigyasplz::iconsaysplz:*It's our host now!*

Villains from Spongebob Squarepants:*Me hearty*

:iconbluepyroplz::iconsaysplz:*What a place for breaking bread!*

:iconheavywutplz::iconcreepymedicplz::iconsaysplz: *Things are better!*

Coach Buzzcut: *Kick him in the jimmy!*

*It's our host now!*

:iconlumpyplz::iconsaysplz: What a party!

*Join the fun with no regrets. Only greedy, dirty deeds are allowed!!!*

:icontheadministratorplz::iconsaysplz:YOU FAILED, STALEMATE!!!

Skaylz: Game over, Mario!

:icondrrobotnikplz::iconsaysplz:Hit the road, Toadstool!!

:iconimmeenplz::iconsaysplz:Take a hike, Smarty!!

*It's our host now!*

*Don't bother coming back!*

*It's our host now!*

I.M. Meen is owned by Animation Magic
Robotnik is owned by Sega
The Administrator is owned by Valve
Kamineko is owned by Kiyohiko Azuma
Ganon and the moon are owned by Nintendo
Skaylz is owned by :iconscales78:
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Spread the love & feces with this card!

I believe in love. I just don't believe in love for me at this particular moment in my life. I enjoy being alone and I don't plan on moping about it today. I have nearly no personal experience with love. This past year was the closest I came to it and it changed me allot. I actually lost like 90 pounds- hence the skeleton in the picture. I think if that thing I experienced earlier this year wasnt even real love and it did that to me then I don't want to know wtf real love would do to me. Its very powerful and dangerous. But thats life. Enjoy it folks!
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Once I tricked Chuck into thinking I was going to draw something really gay for them on Valentine's Day. Then I went full stupid and I drew it for real.

Turns out it looks far cuter than what I told them it would've looked like. I kinda want to finish it decently.
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