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Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the barracks
not a creature was stirring not even the ferrets.
The servitor stalked through the hallways with care
as though in fear they may be mauled by a bear.
The Space Marines all tucked in tight in their bunks,
dreaming of blowing the 'nids into chunks.
When all of a sudden there arose a great clatter,
I called an Inquisitor to look into the matter.
I ran to the hanger, Laspistol in hand,
and saw a red Thunderhawk with a single white band.
From it there walked a man clad in red,
no sign of a helmet atop his great bearded head.
He carried a sack filled with hundreds of boxes,
and for a moment my fear fell upon poxes,
but then he laughed, in a great 'belly-laugh',
knocking me down, out of reach of my staff.
And then in a time no more than a heartbeat,
he drew out a present and laid it at my  feet.
He made his way past the security beams,
giving presents to soldiers who were deep in their dreams.
When he was down he strolled back down the hall,
and then at the end gave a bit of a stall.
He spun himself round,
with his boot in the ground,
pulled at his cheek, put his hand to one side,
and then to his ship he continued to glide.
Up his 'hawk shot, up into the sky,
like a bolter round shot at some innocuous fly.
And just before it vanished from sight,
I could've sworn I heard uttered a slight:
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"
An odd time of year to submit such a thing, true, but I didn't want to wait for Christmas to come before I posted it.

A lovely little twist on "the night before Christmas", with a Warhammer 40K flavour. I wrote this at about 1:15 am on Christmas day, then revised it when I could think clearly. I love this, it's fun. Enjoy!
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The alarm bell clamored throughout the entire BLU base. It wasn't a RED Spy like the last time (we all know how well THAT went), but a caravan of three RED Scouts were running in, hooting and hollering. They thought they were hot shit, confident that their trio could swarm around anything that tried to stand in their way.

And they might have been right: any living thing that blocked them was greeted by a swift death via a flurry of bats. Unfortunately for them, our Engi's fully upgraded Sentry isn't phased by aluminum sport equipment.

I sit in the corner, back against a wall (someone's gotta show the team proper Spy prevention protocol), and wait for the little bunnies to hop right into our Sentry's killing zone.

"Let's go, let's go, let's go! Woohoohoo!" shouts one of them as he comes in from around a corner. The Sentry lets out a shrill chirp as it spots him, then proceeds to turn him into Scout-flavored swiss cheese.

His two living fellow Scouts become aware of the mechanized threat, and go quiet. One of our Pyros, crouched next to me in wait, gets up to rush around the corner before I can stop him... her... it.

"Huddah hudah!" it shouts in muffled excitement, jumping down from our ledge and running around the corner. Medic-tan was healing it, and she obediently follows the Pyro into the unknown, perhaps rightfully worried about its brash nature.

"Bloody hell," I mutter and chase after her. As I round the corner, I can feel the surge of heat emanating from the flames that Pyro is throwing about. The two Scouts keep out of the flamethrower's reach, although one of them has been ignited.

He takes out his bat, but it's surprisingly on fire. Suddenly, I realize it's because he's wielding the wooden Sandman. With a crisp crack, he sends a baseball flying and scores a hit on Pyro's masked face.

The blow causes Pyro to drop its flamethrower, putting a stop to the fierce blaze. Before Pyro can recover, both Scouts let loose with scattergun blasts. Medic-tan cries out as Pyro falls dead to the ground, and the Scouts notice us.

The flaming Scout leaps at her, but I charge in with my Targe shield, brandish my Eyelander, and use the cursed blade to cleave his burning head clean off. His roasted body keeps sailing forward and slams into the wall behind us. Quickly, I pull out my grenade launcher and send a volley of explosives at the last Scout. He evades the bombs, a can of Bonk in his hand. Taking a quick swig of the drink, he turns around and zips away.

"Moron~!" he jeers as he heads down a tunnel to escape. Medic-tan fires off a swarm of needles after him, but he effortlessly dodges them thanks to his Bonk buzz. We watch him run down the long tunnel, our weapons unable to reach him at this range.

He knows this, and glances back toward us, a triumphant grin on his face. He pants heavily as he slows down, the sugar rush wearing off. Taking out his gun, he takes advantage of the distance to taunt us.

"That's what I'm talkin' about!" yells the Scout as he slaps his rear in the imitation of a racehorse.

Unknown to him, Heavy-tan comes trudging up behind his back. The Scout turns swiftly around, but slams into (or perhaps bounces off?) her large chest.

He stumbles back and looks up; the last thing he sees is a giant gloved fist rocketing toward him. Heavy-tan's fist collides into his face with the force of a Well train, caving in his skull and piercing his brain with his own eyeballs.

"You are not so good as you think!" she crows, then laughs over his dead body.
This is a couple things:

1. An experiment. I've actually never submitted a written piece before lol.

2. A product of boredom. I have a lot of time during the week that I can't draw, so I started writing this for kicks.

I see a lot of TF2 fanfics that focus solely on romance (95% of the time with no women involved at all), so I wanted to take a stab at an action-focused one.

This isn't finished, though then again, I'm not quite sure where to go from here anyway.
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A World Without Rainbows - Act I: The First Breach

Chapter 1 - Entrada

"Twilight Sparkle."

The voice carried authority.  It was the voice of a pony who had the situation under control, who knew what she was doing at all times, almost laughter in the face of peril.  But it was also an honest voice, one of compassion and loyalty, one whose softness came not from weakness, but from kindness.  It was a magical voice.  Most of all, it was a voice of royalty, and it spoke again.

"Twilight Sparkle," said Princess Celestia.  "Pray tell, what do you think you are doing?"

In the middle of the large chamber, the unicorn pony Twilight Sparkle searched desperately for an exit, but the royal guards had already blocked them all.  The question gave her reason to pause, and she wondered what she was doing.  She didn't remember how she had gotten here, only that she needed to escape.

One of the guards, an earth pony named Silver Shield, pressed himself against the wall, trying to hide.  You foal, he chastised himself.  You should be protecting the princess, not being a coward.  Before he could make a move, a pegasus pony emerged from the darkness behind the princess.  He recognized her as his old friend, Stone Wall.

"Stand back, your highness," warned Stone Wall.  "Your life is more valuable than that of this traitor."

"Nonsense," said Celestia.  "Let me speak to her."

Twilight grinned.  "Your guard is right, Celestia," she said, her scorn clear.  "You should listen to them more often.  But if we're speaking about lives, then I have a proposition to make."  Her horn began to glow with an intense light that forced the guards to close their eyes.  Only Celestia looked on, unfazed.  A similar light formed around Stone Wall, and the mare discovered that she was leaving the ground.  She was pulled across the room until she was hovering directly above Twilight.  "Let me go," she said.  "Or else I snap her neck."

Silver Shield couldn't help himself.  "Wally!" he cried, accidentally using her nickname.

Celestia remained calm, and Twilight wondered if she was getting through to the stubborn princess at all.

"Nopony has to die today, Twilight," said Celestia.  "If you would merely return that which you have taken, then perhaps we can resolve this peacefully."

Twilight was enraged.  "What, so you can hide it away again in some dusty old cellar?  Control the ponies' knowledge, keep them pinned down?"  She lowered her gaze, and the shame of her past transgressions passed through her.  "I know I've done bad things before, your Highness.  I don't deserve the power within the Element of Magic.  But neither does a tyrant.  Better my hooves than yours."

Twilight knew she was past the point at which she could escape without any violence.  She was preparing to fight her way out when the princess's words shocked her.

"Let her go."

"No!" cried Stone Wall from her place above Twilight.  "If that stone does what you said it does, then we need to protect it.  Somepony like her could wreak havoc."

"My decision is final, Stone Wall," said Celestia.  "Let Twilight go free."

Twilight awoke to the sensation of water pouring down her face.  She was in the perpetual gloom of the Everfree Forest, her body sunk into the thick mud that coated much of the ground.  Dazed, Twilight saw no problem with letting the world spin in circles around her for a little while.

After a minute, Twilight's eyes had focused and adjusted to their environment, and she tried to stand on her hooves, but as she did, the world shifted out of focus, up became down, and she found herself lying on her side.

Another splash of water hit her flank, and she shivered at the cold.  She tried to figure out where it had come from, and she finally concluded that it was raining.  The canopy was blocking and gathering most of the water, until the weight became too great and the water would be dumped in a single moment on anything that may have been lying below.  See? thought Twilight.  At least your brain still works.

Instead of trying her seemingly useless body, Twilight instead considered what she could do with her mind.  Her first priority was to figure out what she was doing here.  She tried to think back to the night before, but found nothing.  It was like a dream, with a middle but no beginning.  She knew who she was.  Her name was Twilight Sparkle.  She was Princess Celestia's apprentice.  She turned these thoughts over in her head, quickly confirming them before moving on to the more complicated ones.  She had been sent to Ponyville to learn friendship, and she had met timid Fluttershy, kind Applejack, brash Rainbow Dash, eccentric Pinkie Pie, and stubborn Rarity.  She met Zecora on a trip in the Swayback Mountains.

But what then?  What was the short term, the events leading up to her strange awakening?  Twilight couldn't recall.  Feeling a little better, she stood, and while the forest swayed beneath her and threatened to toss her aside, she held her ground and stared down the feeling until it gave up and went away.  The one thing Twilight knew was that she wasn't going to get any answers lying in the mud.  Picking a random direction, Twilight began to walk, and while she did, she pondered her dream.

It didn't feel like most dreams.  Her past dreams usually faded after a couple minutes, leaving behind only brief flashes of color and emotion.  But this one stuck, almost like it wasn't a dream at all but a memory that didn't tie in with the rest, and so she had assumed she had dreamed it.  She saw it in perfect clarity, the calm in her mentor's voice and the anger of the somehow-familiar pony she had lifted above her head.

But it couldn't have been real, of course.  Levitating an entire, struggling pony was a bit beyond her ability.

A loud noise, like the screeching of an owl, echoed from Twilight's left, and she winced in pain.  Her head was pounding, and she brought a hoof to her forehead in hopes that it would help her cope.  Instead, her hoof came away sticky.  She realized now that she needed to find better shelter.  The dark dampness of the forest could not possibly be healthy, especially in her potentially concussed state.  Maybe she could find Zecora to help her.

Except Zecora was where she had come from.  She remembered now that she had been returning to Ponyville from Zecora's home when she'd collapsed.  But it hadn't been raining, nor had it been this dark.  Twilight turned around and began walking back the way she came.  Unfortunately, the path looked nothing like where she had been moments ago.  Her walk until this point had been completely level, but now the forest seemed to slope downward in front of her, almost inviting her into its depths.  Twilight considered stopping and resting, or perhaps calling for help, but before she could make up her mind, her front hoof hit a stump, and she tumbled.

She rolled down the hill, the thorns and branches tearing at her as she passed them.  The ground finally leveled out by a lakebed, and Twilight slowed to a halt, her head half-submerged in the water.  Unable to gather the strength to stand again, she wondered if she was going to die when a four-legged figure appeared on the other side of the lake, silhouetted by the darkness and Twilight's own mind-fog.

Zecora? she remembered thinking before the darkness swallowed her up completely.

Applejack surveyed the ponies gathered in a circle alongside her.  "Is everypony accounted for?" she asked, even though it was clear they all were.

"Aye, aye, Captain Jack!" shouted Pinkie Pie as she saluted, her pet alligator Gummy in her lap.

Rarity was a bit preoccupied eying her surroundings with disgust.  "Yes, but why did we have to meet here?"  They were inside one of the Apple family's barns, and the smell reminded Rarity of one of the "surprises" Opalescence had left after she had eaten one too many outdated treats.

Fluttershy, who had until this point said nothing, boldly attempted to answer Rarity's question. She tried to explain that Apple Bloom's treehouse, the original meeting place, was still being rebuilt after the latest attempt by the Cutie Mark Crusaders to find their talents had backfired in an embarrassing and extremely combustible way (an incident Apple Bloom refused to elaborate on, other than to state that it was "a minor miscalculation"), but as she opened her mouth she was interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

"Yes, Applejack," she said, irritated.  "Everypony's here but Twilight.  Now will you please just tell us what this is all about?"

"But that's exactly what it's about," said Applejack.  The other ponies stared at her, uncomprehending.  "Twilight," she clarified.  "Don't y'all think she's been acting mighty strange recently?"

"Yeah, of course we have," said Rainbow Dash, who actually hadn't noticed at all.

"Now that you mention it," mused Rarity, putting a hoof to her mouth in thought.  "She's been quite kind to me recently, letting me put her in my dresses to see how they fit."

"That's not what Applejack means at all, Rarity," said Pinkie Pie, and her voice echoed across the barn.  "Haven't you noticed how she's been behaving these past couple weeks?  She's been really really, well, Twilight!"

Rainbow Dash shot Pinkie a glare that was a mix of frustration and confusion.  "And that's weird, why, exactly?" she asked.

Pinkie Pie shook her head.  "No, I mean super-duper Twilight.  Like, extra Twilighty.  You know how she spends a lot of time reading and not wanting to go sky diving or ice cream tasting or skating or skiing or hang gliding or cake decorating or any of the fun stuff?  She's even worse about it now.  She doesn't even pretend anymore, and when she does, like when she's trying on Rarity's dresses, she gets all funny about it, like she's doing it because she has to, but she wants to be somewhere else.  It's like she never learned anything about how fun friends can be."

Applejack quieted the rest of them.  "What Pinkie Pie and I have been trying to say is, something's funny going on with Twilight.  Whatever it is, we need to let her know we're there for her."

"Right," said Fluttershy, who hadn't been following the conversation but felt that she should agree anyway.  She'd been noticing changes in Twilight too.  She never seemed to want to talk anymore.  "What do we do?" she asked.

Pinkie was the first to answer.  "A party, duh," she said, as if the other ponies were stupid for not knowing the obvious.  "A good party can wipe a frown like that off of anypony.  Even a grim-dark-sadface-pony like Twilight."

Dash seemed skeptical.  "So Twilight wants to be left alone sometimes," she said.  "There's nothing wrong with that, and a party isn't going to change anything."

Applejack ignored her.  "I'll leave Pinkie Pie in charge of planning the party," she said.  "A surprise party at the Sugar Cube Corner.  How does that sound?  Anypony opposed to the idea, say Neigh."

Rainbow Dash sighed in frustration, but nopony said neigh.  And so it was decided, and Pinkie Pie set to work preparing Twilight's surprise party.  She hung balloons across the store, which she had twisted into the shapes of different foods.  After a couple balloon cakes and balloon pineapples, Pinkie realized the difficulty in twisting balloons with hooves and decided to make the rest hot dogs.  She prepared a batch of cupcakes filled with chopped up sprinkles she decided to call "Sparkle Bits."  By the next day, the Sugar Cube Corner had been transformed into a festive environment.  Even Rarity failed to hide her amazement.

"Wow," the unicorn pony had said upon seeing all the brightly colored streamers and balloons.  "You, er, outdid yourself this time, Pinkie."

"The banner was a nice touch," added Applejack, gesturing toward the large banner which read, "Welcome to your surprise party, Twilight Sparkle."  "Although the bottom half it looks erased and re-written," she added as an afterthought.

"Just making do with what I got," said Pinkie, proud of herself.

"It is very pretty," added Fluttershy quietly.

"Yup!" said Pinkie Pie.  "Only the best for Twilight.  I can't wait to see the look on her face when Rainbow Dash brings her back here!"

"Actually," said Rainbow Dash, who was now standing in the doorway, a folded paper in her mouth, "she's not home."

"What?" screamed Pinkie Pie, and Applejack covered her ears.

"She's not home," Rainbow repeated.  "Not a big deal, we'll stop by later.  And she left a note.  See?"  She spit out the paper, which fluttered gently to the floor.

Rarity levitated the note, shuddering in disgust at the saliva still dripping off of it.  "Gone to Zecora's.  Be back soon," she read aloud.  "That's all it says."  She stared at Rainbow Dash.  "You could have just told us."

Rainbow Dash shrugged.  "Sorry," she muttered.

"No party..." said Pinkie Pie softly, still in a state of shock.

Applejack patted Pinkie on her back.  "Sorry, sugar," she said.  "We'll still party, just tomorrow."

Pinkie's face instantly lit up.  "Yay!" she shouted, beginning to literally bounce off the walls.  She gathered some boxes from a back room and began neatly storing the party decorations.  The other ponies, after a brief goodbye, left to return home.  As Rarity left, however, she felt a hoof on her shoulder, stopping her.  The look of urgency and worry on Applejack's face, told Rarity enough, and she turned and followed her friend as they walked toward the front of the ranch.

"Something's not right here," began Applejack, after they were a safe distance away from anypony else.  "I can't say why, but it reeks something awful."

Rarity nodded.  "I didn't believe you until I saw the note.  But it just doesn't sound like something Twilight would write."

"Exactly," said Applejack.  "This is Twilight the egghead we're dealing with.  She once wrote me an eight page apology letter because she was too busy to go kelp-fishing with me.  A six word note just don't seem her thing at all."

"I could check the writing," offered Rarity.

"Do it.  I knew something fishy was going on with Twilight.  And I won't stop until we get to the bottom of it, honest."
I admit it. It's true.

I've caught brony fever.

This is the first part of what will hopefully be a quite lengthy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan work.

Anyone who's about to pass over this because ponies are girly clearly hasn't watched enough ponies. All the episodes are on youtube. A common recommendation is to start with "Sonic Rainboom" or "Winter Wrap Up". Go on. I'll wait.

Anyway, Twilight's friends become suspicious of her odd behavior. Twilight, on the other hoof, finds herself in the middle of nowhere.

Next Chapter: [link]

All Chapters: [link]
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The sun was setting. Another night was about to begin.

A purple, regal-looking pegacorn gazed up into the darkening sky, checking the feel of the world around her. It would be quiet, by the look of things. Quiet, starry, peaceful. There were but two things missing: the moon, and the right music.

Princess Luna looked back down again, gazing over a small band of assorted ponies that now surrounded her. Some carried a few woodwind instruments; others, strings; still others, percussion. A few performed basic vocal exercises, honing their collective tones. The princess gave a faint smile. Yes, everything was proceeding as planned. Tonight would be a fine performance to honor the rising of the moon.

Everything except...

"Hello, Princess Luna! Sorry I'm late. I was so busy reading I lost track of the time!" a unicorn with a dark purple coat and mane trotted up to her, a glow surrounding both her horn and a wooden pan flute.

"..." Luna frowned. She honestly disliked her elder sister's idea. Bringing in these folk from the countryside, who knew little to nothing of music? She didn't understand it in the slightest. Anypony could play an instrument, sure, but not everypony could do it justice.

"...Is it something I said?" The unicorn again.

Luna shook her head in an effort to disguise her dislike. It seemed to be successful - the unicorn before her remained oblivious. "No, I'm sorry. Pay me no mind," Luna said with a fake smile on her face. "I just hope you really do understand how to at least play the flute."

"I read The Egghead's Guide to Woodwind Instruments," the unicorn replied with a far more genuine smile of her own. "and I practiced before I came, so I think I have the idea down."

"Is that so?" Luna was intrigued. At the least, the unicorn sounded as though she cared. "I hope that is the case, because I'll be raising the moon in a few minutes."

"Oh, of course! I'll be ready and waiting!" The unicorn turned around and walked toward the rest of the motley band, trying to figure out her position in this nocturnal orchestra.

Luna turned now to the east, impatiently pawing the ground, counting down the seconds until it was the time of day she enjoyed the most. For a thousand years, she'd been unable to enjoy this, her beautiful night. To have it back again was... a joy, truly. Never again would she forget how it felt every night. Never again would she take it all for granted.

But why in Equestria did her sister Celestia dump all these bumpkin ponies on her?

She sighed. There was nothing for it now. And besides, the small bit of optimist within her added, This is supposed to be Celestia's star pupil, the one and only Twilight Sparkle! If any random pony could at least carry a tune, it would be her, right?

Luna's horn glowed. Another glow, equal in luster, surrounded a thin conductor's baton. A third glow surrounded a stand; the fourth, a book of music. The stand set itself neatly down on the grass, and the book on the stand shortly after. The book opened, and the pages turned rapidly.

"No... no... not that one... too far... back a little... why is it always the last page that's hardest to turn... ah! Here it is." She looked up, and found herself surprised to find her small orchestra already in order. Never had they gotten themselves together so quickly! Percussionists were arranged back to her left, strings arrayed in their proper places on either side, woodwinds aligned right in front of her, vocalists ahead of the band. In between the vocalists, she could see two large, purple eyes gazing innocently at her. Luna found it all... unsettling.

"Erm..." but the princess wasn't royalty for nothing, and rallied magnificently. "Right! Twilight Sparkle. As tonight's first chair of flutes, you will be first to start . Are you ready?"

"Yes, your Highness!"

"Very good. Aaaaaaand 1, 2, 3, 4..."

Luna had to admit, Twilight wasn't bad at playing an instrument. Here and there, she might miss a note, having to pause for a desperate breath. Here and there, she might mistake one note for another and be just slightly off. Yet more often than not, she was, for lack of a better word, "spot-on". The music was about as pleasing and serene as Luna could have hoped for, and for that, she was thankful.

Percussion and strings joined in, then the vocalists. Luna felt the music flow around her, felt the magic building from within. Yes... just the right music she had been craving tonight. A very pleasant sensation coursed over her body, awash in the joy of her beautiful music--her music of the night. Music gave her that feeling. Feeling became emotion. Emotion became magic. Magic became power.

At last, neighing aloud with joy, Luna leapt high into the air just as the edges of the moon appeared on the eastern horizon.

The music stopped. All faces turned to the east, and all bodies stooped low in honor of the coming moon. Luna, beating her wings, descended slowly to the ground, a joyful look on her face for but a moment. To Luna, the moon was her blessing, her meaning, her life...

The ceremony complete, the band members began to leave. They knew their places; they were musicians, not social butterflies. Twilight, on the other hand...

"So... how have you been, Princess Luna?" Twilight asked.

"I'm... sorry, but can this wait? I rule over the night. You know that."

"Yes, but..." now it was the unicorn's turn to rally. "Don't you remember me? Elements of Harmony? I wanted to see how you were doing since we saved you from..."

"Do not mention THAT to me," Luna hissed, glaring at Twilight. Sensing she spoke further at her peril, the unicorn backed away slowly, cowering in fear. But the pegacorn took a deep breath, and calmed down. "No... I'm--I'm sorry. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did. You were among those who saved me? I never did thank you properly, did I? Forgive me. I was just so happy to see my sister again, and I never thought about the pony who made it all possible... or is it ponies?"

"My five best friends and I did it, yes," Twilight responded, sensing she was back on firmer hoofing. She paused for a moment, as if to decide whether her next question would be a wise decision. Luna, however, was more docile now, as much ashamed for her actions as surprised to meet one of her saviors. It was a question to which Celestia very much needed to know the answer...

"Luna... have you... made any frie--"

And then instruments played once more. But this time, the music was different. Only the singers and a few percussion were playing. The singers stood in place, all singing... or was it chanting? It was hard to tell, but it all sounded... wrong. Sinister. EVIL...

Luna's eyes widened in horror.

"...Luna? Lun--Princess Luna, what is it?" Twilight realized she had forgotten the title, but Luna ignored her, only paying attention to her vocalists. Unicorns one and all, their horns and bodies now glowed with an eerie light, voices forced by magic to sing an unholy song of doom.

"...Princess Luna?"

Just as suddenly as the ominous song had come, it faded away. Vocalists fainted onto the ground. The few percussionists who had also been possessed looked around confusedly, coming to their senses. Luna stared at the scene before her. She had not heard that song for over a thousand years, but she remembered it well.

"It is a warning... a lich is come to Equestria."


Princess Celestia believed firmly in the principle of One Pony, One Vote.

She was the Pony, so she had the Vote!

Over the years, she'd come across thousands upon thousands of ideas--new ideas, silly ideas, profound ideas, ideas that would take a pony's world, flip it upside down, and light it on fire. Among those ideas had been those of government--specifically, a pony's government. Many believed in her as their ruling monarch, to be sure. But then there were others who thought that while Celestia was all very well, what if instead of one ruler there were, say, three hundred ruling ponies, all handpicked by the ponies of Equestria?

Celestia admired the courage of such authors, and respected their work. After all, it was tolerance and understanding on which Equestria truly thrived, and the Sun Princess understood that all too well.

Besides, she had nothing to fear from their arguments. For one, not many ponies liked the idea of having three hundred ponies ruling over them as opposed to one. One was enough. Second (although few would ever admit this aloud), ponies (on the whole) would not know what was best for them. Plus there was the whole immortality matter which made the whole argument moot in the first place.

But besides all those reasons, there underlay a deeper reason--one that the "God-Princess" kept deeper in her mind...

The sound of galloping hooves roused her attention. The guards had not bothered to stop the runners, so it was most likely somepony of importance. Luna, no doubt.

The tall white pegacorn with a pastel rainbow mane stood up, facing the doorway to her study. Having Luna back had... not gone as smoothly as she'd hoped. In the first few minutes, the sisters had been overjoyed to be reunited. But then came that pesky question of "Now what?" The two sisters, separated for a thousand years, were suddenly supposed to be family again. There was certainly much to discuss--new symphonies and concertos by eager composers, recent goings-on in the surrounding lands--but that still didn't change the fact that the two had been separated by colossal quantities of time and space.

We're supposed to be sisters, Celestia thought. But even I don't know what to do or how to act...

She was snapped out of her reverie; the hoofsteps were getting closer. She could hear voices now, too. Loud ones.

"I don't understand! What are you talking about?" That would be Twilight, Celestia mused.

"There's no time to explain!" Luna sounds panicked.

"Couldn't you just explain at as we're... moving?" A just question.

"No! I said there's no time to explain, and I stick by that!" Celestia had a quick laugh, but not quick enough. She was forced to twitch her face straight as her study door flew open. Luna, who knew she had reached her destination, skidded to a halt. Twilight, who did not know, kept going, smacked into Luna's flank, and sent the two of them tumbling over one another, ending up in a heap on the floor.

Celestia was thankful that both ponies were dizzy from the tumble and unable to look at her at that moment. She was letting not-so-subtle sounds of laughter escape out of her mouth, and needed every second she could get to rein her face in.

"Ooooh..." Luna was the first to recover and scrambled to her feet. "Sister! I bring dire news. Tonight's performance came with an extra piece--a warning. You know what that means, don't you? Only a lich could stir the music to such clamor. We need to act now, before it's too late!"


Twilight Sparkle came to her senses, and found herself on her back, legs in the air. She rolled over, and stood up in time to hear Celestia's response:

"My dear sister Luna--your skills in the musical arts are still undiminished, even after all these years. You know that I have faith in your talents." She gave Luna a smile. "But, perhaps you have been a bit too... wrapped-up in your melodies."

Twilight didn't need to look at Luna to know her reaction.

"What? But--"

"Why don't you tour the countryside and get some fresh air?" Celestia suggested. "All this writing of yours, cooped up here in Canterlot--it dulls the imagination to have the same old, same old, does it not? Experience the world, Luna. You'll be glad you did."

Twilight had once had a similar sort of discussion with Celestia once, some time ago. At first, she had been disappointed that Celestia had apparently not believed her... but after the danger had been met and defeated by her and her friends, she had learned that this sort of discussion had to be read between the lines.

Luckily, she was quite familiar with those not-lines.

"Princess Luna." The darker pegacorn turned to face her. "I tend to be a night-owl, and I'll be up a while longer. If you like, I can show you around the countryside for a bit." Twilight walked up beside Luna, turned so that Celestia couldn't see her face, and winked at her. "I live in the library. If there's any place that could help you more on the subject, it's there," she added softly in Luna's ear.

For a moment, Luna looked like she wanted to continue this argument. But she had seen the wink and the look in Twilight's eyes, and was intrigued. Perhaps if her sister did not believe her, there were still other routes she could take...

"Perhaps you're right, Sister." Luna gave a faint smile. "Perhaps I've been working too hard. We'll be going now. Thank you."


They turned about and left. A faint glow from Luna's horn shut the door behind them. Once again, Celestia was alone. The pegacorn paused for a moment, then turned to a large perch in a far corner of the room. On it was seated a beautiful ruby-plumed bird--her phoenix.


The phoenix turned to face her.

"Do you remember Fluttershy?"

A nod.

"Watch over her and the other ponies for me. There is also something in Fluttershy's possession that should aid them."

Philomena gave a quiet cooing noise.

"I hope Luna is wrong--we have not dealt with such a creature in many years." She glanced around her study, eyes lighting on a lone placard fixed above her door. It was small, but near and dear to her and her sister's hearts:

The rising sun will eventually set,
A newfoal's life will fade.
From sun to moon, moon to sun...
Give peaceful rest to the living dead.

"And if she's right, I hope we can."  
The first chapter of this fanfic I'm doing, basically a mix of My Little Pony (a la Lauren Faust, though on dA you would know her as fyre-flye), Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Elder Scrolls (I've played Oblivion), and possibly others.

General Description:

A warning sounds through Canterlot--an undead sorceress, a lich, unknown in Equestria for centuries, has arisen. Now, Princess Luna and a rather famous band of six ponies must band together to defeat the evil spirit. Luna will need her newfound friends as much as they do her, because should they fail...

The dead shall outnumber the living.

EDIT: I've been meaning to edit this a bit. Nothing major - just changing some wordings around. Hopefully it's a little better now. Before I wrote this chapter, I hadn't done fanfiction in years! I like to think that I've shaken the rust off by now.
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In the next scene, our heroes, the Road Rovers are enjoying a spectacular summer vacation in the beach of Miami Florida. Colleen is seen with a pair of shades and wearing a leotard with the British flag patterned on it, resting peacefully on a beach chair with an umbrella.

Colleen: Ahh… It's so nice to be out here in Miami in this nice summer heat. And it's great to finally have a bloomin' break from going out on missions. They can get so boring.

Colleen's ears then pick up the sound of Hunter and Exile's voices. She looks to her left side, and removes her shades to see the two of them playing volley ball together. Hunter is wearing a blue speedo, and Exile is wearing a black speedo.

Colleen: Blimey! I thought those two would be out surfing or something! It's hard to get some shut eye out here with all that bloody noise!

Colleen does her best to ignore the cheerful sounds of Hunter and Exile's voices. Meanwhile, the Golden retriever and the Siberian husky continue to enjoy their volley ball game happily.

Hunter: Heads up, Exile! Here it comes!

Hunter bounces the ball to Exile's side. Exile sees it coming.

Exile: Right back at you, comrade!  

Exile bounces the ball over to Hunter's side. But not knowing his own strength, he uses half of his normal strength to bounce the ball out of the field, and it lands in between Colleen's legs. The collie jumps in shock upon the ball landing on her. Hunter and Exile see this and race over to retrieve their ball. A little annoyed, Colleen picks up the ball. She looks down at it, and then looks to Hunter and Exile as they approach her.

Exile: Zdrah-stvooy, Comrade Colleen!

Hunter: Oh hey, Colleen! How's it wagging?

Colleen: How's what wagging? Are you talking about your tail or your sausage?

Hunter sweat drops.

Hunter: (smiling) Oh… well you see… That's a figure of speech! Anyway, umm…

Colleen: Let me take a wild guess; are you looking for this?

Colleen shows Hunter the ball.

Exile: Da! That's ours!

Hunter: Yeah! We were just playing volley ball back there and we were just wondering where it went.

Colleen: Where it went? I'll tell you where it went; it landed right in-between me bloomin' legs! And you both woke me up while I was sun bathing!

Hunter: Oh… Sorry about that, Colleen! We didn't mean to disturb you! But… Can we have our ball back, please? We're still trying to enjoy our game.

Colleen: Oh alright. But would you mind doing it somewhere else? Like maybe indoors so nobody else gets disturbed by you blokes?

Exile: But comrade, there's nowhere else we can enjoy our game! Where else are we going to play?

As Colleen hands Hunter the ball, he scratches his head. And then he remembered something.

Hunter: Hey, I just remembered, has anybody seen Blitz?

Colleen: Who?

Exile: You know, weird boy!

Hunter: He means the Doberman.

Colleen: Oh, him. He's probably in California or something.

Suddenly, the three hear the sound of Blitz's voice cheering and whaling from a distance in the waves. When they look to where the voice was coming from, they see the Doberman in a red speedo, surfing the waves on a surf board and enjoying his ride.

Hunter: Huh! I didn't know Blitz could surf!

Exile: I didn't know he could do anything but scream and bite people's backsides!

Colleen: Humph. Well he doesn't impress me no matter what he does.

From afar, Blitz flexes his biceps and poses randomly while surfing the waves.

Blitz: (cheerful) Yahoo! Look at me! Check me out! I'm a sexy muscular Doberman surfing the waves! Ya baby! I'm the best! I'm an expert at surfing! Ya!

Suddenly, Blitz loses his balance on his board, and starts to wobble out of control.

Blitz: Whoa! Whoa!! WHOAAA!!!

Blitz falls off his board and into the water as the massive wave approaches the shore. The three Rovers scatter out of the way as the wave splashes down and hurls Blitz back into the beach side with his broken board. Resting on his back, the Doberman gets back up, hits himself on the head a few times, and water spurts out from his ear. Then he looks down to find his surf board in pieces.

Blitz: (girly scream) My board! It's ruined!

Hunter: Wow, Blitz! You sure made a splash in the world!

The other Road Rovers laugh mockingly at the Doberman's failure. Blitz notices this, and growls angrily.

Blitz: Shut up! It's not funny!

Colleen: Oh yes it bloody is! There's nothing more funny than watching you get washed up!

Exile: Da! That was very funny!

Blitz: (angry) You bastards! You wouldn't be laughing if you were in my shoes!

Colleen: But we're not in your shoes! So we can laugh at you all we want, Fluffy!

Blitz: Would it kill you to call me by my name?!

As the three Road Rovers continue to laugh scornfully at Blitz's humiliation, the angry Doberman growls, kicks the sand in a fit, picks up the pieces of his broken board, and walks his way to throw them away.

Exile: Oh that was good-ski! And as you Americans would say; that was priceless!

Colleen: You said it Exile! He will always be the biggest loser in the world no matter how hard he tries.

Hunter: Come-on, guys, that isn't very nice!

Colleen: Well hey, you were laughing two! So don't pass judgment on us like we're the guilty party!

Exile: Besides, Blitz is just a weird boy! He'll make himself feel better by biting somebody's tushy!

Hunter: Seriously, guys! Blitz is a member of our team! And ever since the master brought us together we became like family!

Colleen: Aye, only you're forgetting how much he thinks only about himself. Not to mention he "never" learns from his mistakes. I'm telling you Hunter, he'll forget all about this and go back to being his regular old bragging self again. He always does.

Exile: Da, that's true enough.

Hunter: Guys, that's enough. I don't want to hear anymore of this, okay? I mean sure, Blitz has his downsides, but saying bad things about him doesn't help at all.

Colleen: (shrug) Well… You make it sound as if though we owe him an apology when we clearly don't.

Soon, the three canines see Blitz, who has returned to the beach after throwing away his broken surf board. He glares at them angrily, and then turns away to avoid them. As he passes, Hunter notices a sad and depressed look on the Doberman's face. He attempts to go and have a talk with him. But then Colleen and Exile hinder him. Colleen places one hand on Hunter's shoulder.

Colleen: Where are you going?

Hunter: Nowhere. I just want to talk to Blitz.

Colleen: Trust me, Hunter, I think he'd much rather be alone than to be with us.

Hunter: Just because you dislike Blitz doesn't mean he doesn't deserve attention. I saw sadness in his face just now. And I think he needs somebody to talk to. We'll finish our game later, okay Exile?

Exile: (nods) Okay, comrade.

Hunter leaves the others to go follow Blitz.

Colleen: (waves dismissive paw) Fine, be my guest. But don't blame me if he tells you to go away and mind your own business.

In the next scene, Blitz is seen lying down on a beach-chair with his hands in back of his head like so. And as he rests, he thinks to himself.

Blitz: (thinking) Why does everybody make fun of me? Why does everybody hate me? Is this torment all that awaits me? Is that the only reason the master chose me? To be the mere fall guy of this team?

Blitz closes his eyes, and tries to fall asleep in his thoughts. Suddenly, his thoughts are disturbed by the sound of Hunter's voice. He wakes up from his thoughts, and finds the Golden Retriever mix standing over him.

Hunter: Hey, Blitz! What's up, bro?

Blitz: (angry) You again? What do you want?! Did you follow me here just to keep making fun of me?

Hunter puts on a confused face for a brief moment. But then he smiles.

Hunter: (smiles) Why no, dude! Of course not! I just thought I'd talk to you because, well, you looked a little sad as you walked by!

Blitz: (angry) So what? Since when did you started caring about "my" problems? You never showed concern for me before while you were all making fun of me!

Hunter: But I always show concern whenever you're in trouble!

Blitz: Sure! Like that one time when you sided with Exile after he lied about me biting him on the arm! Yeah, you sure know how to show concern for me!

Hunter instantly remembers the event. But then he shrugs off the memory and places one hand on Blitz's shoulder.

Hunter: (smiling) Awe, come-on Blitz. You know that's not true. I'm your friend. Give me a chance to talk to you.

Blitz removes Hunter's hand from his shoulder.

Blitz: Forget it! I don't want to talk to you! And you're not my friend! As far as I'm concerned I don't have any friends! I never did! Now just leave me alone!

Blitz gets up off the beach chair, takes his towel and leaves. But Hunter is determined. A thought comes to the Golden Retriever's mind, and then he snaps his fingers. And as Blitz walks his way to men's room for solitude, Hunter carefully sneaks up from behind the unsuspecting Doberman without uttering so much of a sound. And just as Blitz nears the door, he feels a hand grab him from behind.

Hunter: (grins) Surprise, surprise!

Blitz: (shocked) HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! LET ME GO!

Hunter: Hey Blitz, how about a little tummy rub to make you feel better?

Blitz: Let go of me before I get MAD!

Hunter: Awe come on, bro! Don't be a sour puss! Just let me give you a nice comfortable tummy rub! You'll love it!

Blitz: No! Stop it! Let me go! LET ME GO!

Hunter restrains Blitz's arms with one hand to prevent him from fighting back, and then he uses his other hand to gently and softly rub Blitz's belly. The Doberman struggles to break free. But then he began to hold still as the warmth of Hunter's hand began to overwhelm his senses.

Blitz: Oh… Hey… That… That actually feels good!

Hunter: See? I wasn't gonna hurt you!  Now don't you feel a little better now?

Blitz: Okay. That was good. Now will you let me go?!

Hunter: I don't think so! You didn't say please!

Blitz: Okay then, will you "please" me go?!

Hunter: Much better.

Hunter releases Blitz, and Blitz shakes his aching wrist.

Hunter: I hope I didn't hurt you too much!

Blitz: You didn't. But if you don't mind, I was on my way to the bathroom!

Hunter: What for? Don't you want to enjoy the hot summer sunshine? It's still a beautiful day!

Blitz: Thanks but no thanks. I want to have some time alone.

Hunter: Well… Okay. But before you go I just want you to know this; we may not always act like we care about you. But remember; we're still a team.

Blitz: Sure we are.

Hunter: No Blitz, I mean that sincerely.

Blitz: Whatever.

Blitz picks up his towel and heads for the men's room. And as he did, Hunter placed one hand on his chin with a worried expression.

Hunter: Sometimes he worries me.

Meanwhile, inside the men's room, Blitz looks at himself in the mirror. Then he looks down at the sink. He turns on the water and washes his face. And then he thinks to himself.

Blitz: (sigh) Sometimes I feel that the only reason I was chosen was only to be a loser. I wish everybody would stop disrespecting me and treat me like I'm someone special. But "no"; I'm always at the bottom! I'm always on the receiving end! Who do those jerks think they are to make fun of me? I deserve better than this! Oh maybe if I just forget about it things will be back to normal.

Blitz looks at himself in the mirror. Analyzing his reflection, he ponders to himself. Then he goes into his usual self-admiring state, which decreases his depression and increases his self-esteem. First he analyses his face.

Blitz: Why don't they like me? What's not to like about me? Look at me! I'm magnificent!

First he analyses his handsome face. Ah, what chiseled features! Such even symmetry, and what fine jaws and strikingly beautiful white teeth! Then the Doberman's reddish brown eyes went downwards to his gorgeous body. He flexes his large muscles and poses seductively in front of the mirror, admiring his speedo-clad body. He grins lovingly at himself.

Blitz: Oh Blitz, you are so handsome! I could admire you all day and night you gorgeous muscular canine! (sigh) Sometimes I wish my reflection would come out of the mirror so I could kiss him!

Suddenly, Blitz looks carefully into the mirror to make certain that he has nothing wrong with his eyes: he has not one, but two reflections. It took him a moment to realize that his second reflection belonged to another Doberman who was leaning casually in the open doorway of one of the stalls behind Blitz. And then, as the other dog's smile became a sinister grin, realization swept over Blitz much like the wave from earlier: The other dog was his brother; Geist. Startled, Blitz gasps fearfully and whips around just as Geist whips out a rope gun, and shoots a projectile that instantly wraps itself tightly around Blitz. Blitz falls to the floor with a grunt and a thud, with Geist standing over him, grinning devilishly. The evil Doberman then knelt down, gagging his brother with a thick handkerchief. He then picks Blitz up along with Blitz's discarded Road Rover uniform. The frightened Blitz could only stare into his brother's yellow eyes fearfully as his body trembles.

Geist: I cannot thank you enough, dear brother, for having the decency of changing out of your suit so soon.

Wasting no time at all, Geist props his sibling against the wall in a sitting position and changes out of his Dark Rover uniform, and quickly dons Blitz's Road Rover uniform. He then steps towards the mirror, bringing out what looked to Blitz like a small make-up kit.

Geist: (sorting through the kit) You said earlier that you wanted your reflection to come so it could kiss you, eh? Well then...

The evil Doberman then chooses a special cream and uses it successfully to cover up his facial scars. He then picks up a pair of reddish brown contact lenses, and places them on his yellow eyes. He then turns back to his brother.

Geist: ...Wish granted. (blows a kiss)

Geist laughs maniacally. From down below, the real Blitz looks up at the other in shock that he had disguised himself as Blitz. Geist, after putting the make-up kit away, walks back over to his terrified sibling, who trembles as Geist's shadow overlaps him.

Geist: We have much to talk about, dear brother. But I'm afraid this little family reunion will not last long. At least not for the time being.

Geist then carefully peeks out of the men's room to see if anyone is nearby. Then after making certain nobody is around, he picks up the tied up Blitz, and scurries off with him at blinding speed to an unknown location. An hour later, the other Road Rovers continue their fun time at the beach, completely unaware that Blitz was captured and is being held prisoner somewhere while an imposter was impersonating him. Shortly after enjoying the last few moments of the day at the beach, the canines pack up their belongings and head back into the hotel as the sun was setting.

Hunter: Well that sure was a hot day. I don't know about you guys but I totally enjoyed our vacation.

Colleen: Aye, Hunter. This was by far the best summer we've had.

Exile: Da, comrades. It was also good to be away from home country.

Hunter: Tell me about it, Exile. So how do you think we should spend the rest of the summer now that it's almost over?

Colleen: Crikey! You got me there, luv. I honestly don't know.

Hunter thinks to himself for a second. And then an idea came to mind. He snaps his fingers and exclaims.

Hunter: Hey, I have an idea! Why don't we get some burgers over at that shack over there?

The Road Rovers all give a cheer and head off for a nice little dinner. Peeking from behind one of the walls of the corridors, Geist sees the faces of his unsuspecting enemies walking their way to the shack as a small shine appears on his peering eye. He utters a deep sinister giggle, and then quickly withdraws into the shadows of his hiding place. He contacts an assistant through a communicator.

Geist: Phantom to Black Devil. Come in, Black Devil. This is Phantom. Over.

Somewhere in what appears to be a control center, a tall shadowy figure that looks reptilian in appearance answers Geist's radio transmission. He presses on a key on the key-board which switches on the monitor screen, and replies in a deep monstrous tone of voice.

Figure: This is the Black Devil. Read you loud and clear, Phantom. What's your position? Over?

Geist: Prowl, I have spotted the current whereabouts of the enemy. And now I'm in pursuit. What's Blitz's status?

Prowl: You mean your shivering brother? He's restrained, secured, and is scared out of his wits. What do you want us to do with him?

Geist: Don't do anything to my brother until I return from the task at hand. I'll make short work of his comrades tonight. And with me disguised as Blitz, they won't suspect a thing. They won't even know what hit them. In the meantime, make sure he does not get away. I'll deal with him myself later.

Prowl: Sure thing, boss. Me and the cano-mutants will continue to watch over this frightened pup until you return. Don't worry; we'll take good care of him.

Geist: Good. Even those puny mutts can outmatch my wimp of a brother. End transmission.

As the computer screen to the Black Devil switches off, Prowl turns over to the frightened and tied up Blitz sitting in a chair with a couple of speedo-clad cano-mutants standing over him with their arms crossed. As Prowl approaches, Blitz's eyes widened with fear as sweat drops crawled down his face. The large muscular mutant is an alligator standing 8 feet in height wearing green body armor, spiked shoulder pads, wrist guards, and a black speedo with a silver belt. As the monstrous alligator glared down at the helpless Doberman, Blitz closed his eyes and began to whimper as tears rushed down his face. The alligator grabs Blitz by his gagged snout.

Prowl: The fear I smell in you is quite intense. It boggles the mind that a weakling like you could be related to Geist. You are truly a pathetic and pitiful creature.

Prowl shoves Blitz to the ground. And as Blitz tries to crawl away, the cano-mutants hold and restrain him tightly. One of them grabs hold of his upper body, while another one holds his legs as the tied up Doberman struggles to break free.

Cano-mutant #1: There's no use in struggling puppy boy!

Cano-mutant #2: Yeah! You're our prisoner!

The large alligator mutant gives a grim chuckle, getting the other mutants' attention.

Prowl: Heh-heh, be careful not to hurt him too much, boys. Imagine what Geist would do to you if he found his brother's lifeless corpse lying next to your feet. If he knew that his brother was dead by your paws, I believe it wouldn't be.... such a good thing on your behalf.

Heeding Prowl's warning, the cano-mutants all gasp and tremble as they take a gentler hold of Blitz, their eyes filled with horror at the memory of what had happened to their fellow cano-mutants during Geist's training. They even gulp nervously.

Cano-Mutant #1: (whispering hoarsely) Oh shoot, he's not joking! He means it! If we get Geist mad there's no telling what he'll do – he's crazy!

Cano-Mutant #2: (nodding and whispering just as hoarsely) Y… Y… Yeah! I still remember that video he showed us of what he did to those other cano-mutants! H… He… He wasted them pretty quick, didn't he? I don't know about you guys, but I sure wouldn't want to end up like them!

Prowl: Then if you really value your own lives, I suggest you not lay so much as a single scratch on this pup. Geist has a personal vendetta against his own flesh and blood. And to violate his desires would mean to unleash the beast in him.

Meanwhile, somewhere outside the hotel, Geist gazes up at the sign which reads as the "Miami Plaza Hotel". He pauses for a moment, and then thinks to himself on how he could spend his time there before finally dealing with the Road Rovers. With a grin, he thinks to himself.

Geist: So this is the life you've been living, eh, brother? Well, it's all mine now. All mine.

Geist, having obtained the key-card from Blitz's duffle bag from earlier, easily gains entrance and finds his way up to the penthouse, where the evil Doberman suddenly finds himself surrounded by glorious luxury. Stunned at first, Geist steps into the room, gazing about at the large couches, the humongous fireplace, the gigantic TV set, the plush rugs, the fantastic window-views of the gorgeous sunset, the various bowels of doggy treats scattered here and there.... And best of all, a hot tub nestled in the corner.

Geist: (thinking) Hmmm… This place doesn't seem all that bad. There's some nice features here. I wonder…

Geist walks his way down into the hallways of the sixth floor in the hotel. Searching his brother's duffle bag, he takes out and analyzes the card key, which is plated with the room number "626". And with no trouble at all, he makes his Blitz's room. Upon entering, he finds that the room has similar features to the penthouse he visited earlier. The room had all the good stuff; a huge couch, a gigantic TV set, a bowl of doggy treats placed on a large rounded table, and even a hot-tub. And so, Geist decides to sit back, relax, and enjoy himself for the evening.

Geist: Hmmm… This looks like a nice place to relax in.

Geist stretches his arms and yawns.

Geist: I don't see any shame in staying here for at least one night. After all, I just got here. I can chill for a little while. And then I'll dispose of those so-called nuisances.

Meanwhile, Hunter, Colleen, and Exile are out at the burger shack, happily enjoying their meals. And as they feast, they pick up a conversation with each other.

Hunter: Boy these burgers are delicious! In fact, these are the best burgers I've ever tasted!

Colleen: Well said, Hunty. It's been forever since the last time I had any American food. And I believe that the last time we had any was… Well… Years ago… Since the last time we fought against Parvo.

Hunter: Oh yes! We had hot dogs back then! How could I forget?

Colleen: Well I don't blame you. It's been a long time since then. We're likely to forget things one way or another.

Hunter: (smiles) Good point, Colleen.

Exile then notices that there are surfboards out on sale.

Exile: Hey comrades, I was just wondering; you think we could buy one of those surfboards for Blitz?

Hunter looks towards the surfboards. He places one hand on his chin, and readily agrees with Exile's suggestion.

Hunter: Hmmm… You know something, that's a good idea! That would be a great gift to give Blitz. After all, we "do" owe him an apology for laughing at him earlier. What do you think, Colleen?

Colleen stays silent for a moment. But then she shrugs her shoulders and speaks up.

Colleen: Well… I can't say there's anything wrong with that.

Hunter: Okay then! Let's do it!

And so, the three canines agree to buy Blitz a new surfboard to make it up to him for his humiliation. Meanwhile, back inside the hotel, Geist decides to enjoy his time there by bathing himself in a hot tub. The Doberman is seen resting comfortably in the tub with the heating system turned on. He inhales deeply, and utters a deep soft sigh of comfort in his current position. Then he reaches for his phone, and dials the room service number. He disguises his deep menacing German voice to mimic Blitz's Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.

Geist: Hello, room service? It's Blitz.

Room Service Voice: Yes, Mr. Blitz, what can we do for you tonight?

Geist: I would like to order a vanilla ice cream sundae with caramel, and hot fudge. And don't forget to add a cherry on top.

Room Service Voice: Yes, Mr. Blitz. You're order has been placed and it should be delivered to you within five minutes.

Geist: Danke.

Five minutes after the desert has been delivered, Geist proceeds to enjoy his snack while resting in the hot tub. Suddenly, he is interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. The Doberman ignores his phone for 10 seconds, letting it ring endlessly while he tries to enjoy his sundae. Annoyed, Geist grabs angrily puts away his desert, picks up the phone, and answers it.  

Geist: What do you want, Parvo? You're interrupting my bathing time.

Parvo: Just what do you think you're doing, mutt?! I sent you in there to "kill" the Road Rovers, not to go on a vacation!

Geist: Can't a dog take a little advantage of a situation? Oh, and I'm not a mutt, I'm a pure-bred Doberman, thank you very much. And keep your voice down, you'll blow my cover.

Parvo: You listen to me, Geist! My patience is wearing very thin! I want you to complete your mission within the hour or-

Geist: Or what? What will you do, feline?

Parvo: WHAT?! What did you call me?!

Geist: Will you thrust more of your mutts in their underwear at me? Oh, how it's no wonder that you haven't succeeded against my brother and his gang in the first place.

Parvo: For your information, smart guy, those dogs you killed were NOT part of my regular crew, AND I was not the one who pit them against you, it was Dr. Psycho! And he was only using them to show off your skills!

Geist: And you're telling me this because?

Parvo: BECAUSE I'm trying to get you to realize that if you don't complete your mission soon I'll-

Geist: Parvo, if you needed me to kill these pathetic pups so badly only because you can't do it yourself, then what makes you think that you can make me fear you?

Geist turns off his phone and then dials another number.

Geist: Hello, room service? The hot fudge on my sundae has run cold again. Send up some more that's hot.

Back at the base, Parvo snarls angrily and crushes his communicator device with his cybernetic hand. And then he slams it down into the key boards of his computer, damaging them.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Geist, having finished his time in the hot tub, comes out with Blitz's blue bathrobe swathed over his red-speedo-clad body. He rests comfortably on the gigantic, plush couch in Blitz's room, grabbing himself a nearby bowl of doggy treats. He then switches on the TV screen via remote control, and goes onto the movie channel, where he watches his favorite horror movie: "Friday the 13th". Geist grins and giggles devilishly at the most horrifying moments in the film.

Geist: (chuckling sinisterly) How I enjoy watching the victims get slaughtered! The bloodshed in these movies delights my senses!

Shortly after enjoying the movie, Geist searches through the channels in search of another action packed horror movie to enlighten his senses. Suddenly, he is interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door to his room. Easily excited, Geist jumps off the couch landing on his feet as he draws a knife from his robe and stands in a fighting position.

Geist: Who's there?!

Voice: It's just us, Blitz! Can you open the door, please?

Geist quickly calms down and puts away the knife. He walks up to the door to his room cautiously, and peeks out the peephole to see Hunter's face magnified by the tiny glass. Hunter then puts his canine nose next to the peephole, causing Geist to draw away from it hastily. Geist disguises his voice to sound like Blitz.

Geist: What do you want?

Hunter: We've got a little surprise for you, Blitz! Can you let us in please?

Geist remains silent for a second. But then he answers.

Geist: Sure.

And so, the Doberman opens the door to his room to allow Hunter and the others inside.

Hunter: Hey, Blitz! How's it hanging, bro?

Geist: (confused) Bro?

Hunter places one hand on Geist's shoulder.

Hunter: Blitz, we felt bad about laughing at you earlier. So, we thought we'd make it up to you by getting you a cool special gift!

Hunter and Exile: (simultaneously) Tada!

The Road Rovers present a new surfboard, held aloft by Colleen, who poses with it like a model on the front cover of a brand new swim suit magazine. The surfboard is red with yellow streaks of lighting painted on the front and back sides.

Geist only stands puzzled, not knowing what to say as he didn't expect this occasion to occur. Though he is not surprised that the others were laughing at him, believing that he is the "Blitz" they know. But even so, the others take regard of his strange behavior and their expressions change from happy and cheerful to confused and puzzled.

Exile: What's wrong, comrade? Don't you like your new gift?

Geist still doesn't answer. But then he remembers that he has to act exactly like Blitz to avoid arousing any suspicion in the others. So he speaks up.

Geist: Hmmm… Well… I appreciate the gift, guys. But what's the special occasion again?

Hunter: Huh? Don't you remember? When you had that accident and broke your surfboard?

Geist: Oh? Did I? Huh… How clumsy of me. How typically clumsy of me.

The other Road Rovers stare at Geist with the confusion in their faces becoming more apparent. They are quite stunned by him talking down to himself, and they are also a bit annoyed at him ignoring their gesture along with the gift they've presented to him. But Geist soon realizes that his brother would never talk about himself like this. So he puts on a disturbingly bright smile, snatches the surfboard away from Colleen.

Geist: My thanks to you all, my friends! All is forgiven!

Geist then eye-balls Colleen's attractive body up and down in a swift fashion, and the others relax; seeing that this is a bit more like the Blitz they know.

Geist: Now please excuse me.

Geist withdraws back into his room and closes the door shut to put away the surfboard. This action then arouses more suspicion in the others. Hunter scratches his head.

Hunter: What's wrong with him? I've never seen him act this way before!

Exile: Maybe he hit his head a little too hard when he crashed?

Colleen: That could be the reason. Or maybe he's growing a resentment of us. If that's the case, I wouldn't be surprised.

Meanwhile, back inside the room, Geist locks all the doors and windows, and looks at himself in the bathroom mirror. With a sinister grin on his face, the devilish Doberman ponders to himself on what to do.

Geist: (thinking) I could kill them all right here and now. But then again, that would mean that I couldn't stay and enjoy this place any longer. After all, they really do think I'm Blitz. So what's the harm in carrying this out a little longer? Hell; I could even infiltrate their headquarters, destroy their lab, kill them all, give Parvo the good news, and then… My brother and I will be reunited.

Geist clutches his fists and utters a soft yet sinister chuckle. Back in the living room, we see Hunter and Exile, wearing shirts while still speedo-clad, resting comfortably on the couch. Colleen decides that she'll take a shower in her room to cool off.

Colleen: Well, goodnight, gents, I'm off to take a shower.

Hunter: Alrighty then, Colleen! You do that!

Meanwhile, in Colleen's room, we hear what sounds like running water coming from her bathroom. We see that most of the lights in her room are turned off except for the ones inside the bathroom. Colleen is seen showering, singing to herself the song "Hard for The Money" while she scrubs her hair with shampoo and washes the foam and bubbles away with the running water.

Colleen: (singing) She works hard for the money… So hard for the money… She works hard for the money so you better treat her right!

Just outside in the room, Geist is seen carefully peeking into the bathroom with a sinister grin on his face, watching Colleen as she showers. All of a sudden, Colleen gets the feeling that she's being watched. She whips her head around to see – only nobody is there. Geist managed to stay out of sight. Unnerved, Colleen finishes up her shower, wraps a towel around herself, and peeks out into the living room where she sees Exile and Hunter, who are still speedo-clad, watching and enjoying the comedy film "Me, Myself, and Irene".

Colleen: Er, hey, gents? Um, have any of you seen um…

Hunter: Blitz?

Colleen: Yeah, him. Um… Where is he?

Hunter stares, and Exile looks up to stare as well.

Hunter: Pardon my curiosity, but just why do YOU want to know where Blitz is?

Colleen: Well… Because…  Um…

The Collie looks around her, and then shrugs her shoulders.

Colleen: Oh never mind, I suppose I got too much sun.

Colleen goes back into her room.

Hunter and Exile stare for a moment, blink, and then they look at each other.

Exile: What did she mean "too much sun"?

Hunter: Well, sometimes when you stay in the sun for too long, you start hallucinating. You know, it's when you start seeing or hearing things that are not really there.

Exile: But doesn't that happen like in hot places? Like in jungle or desert?

Hunter and Exile both shrug and go back to their current activities. Hunter continues to watch the movie "Me, Myself, and Irene". But then suddenly, Hunter feels a strange presence among them. Hunter looks to his right – and realize that "Blitz" is standing right next to them.

Hunter: (jumps) AUGH!

Exile: (jumps and drops his magazine) AUGH!

Geist: (sarcastic and grinning) Augh.

Hunter and Exile manage to crack a smile and laugh nervously.

Hunter: Haha, Blitz! Er, sorry, I thought you were still in your room!

With a sinister smile, Geist slowly nods his head and answers.

Geist: (nods) Nope.

Exile: (retrieving his magazine) Sheesh, comrade, make sure you don't do that until… Never!

Geist chuckles and then remarks.

Geist: You both should see the looks on your faces. You look like you've seen a ghost. Too many horror movies?

Hunter: (settles on couch more comfortably) Blitz, you aught to know I don't watch many horror movies. Well, except for maybe Poltergeist.

At the mention of the word "Poltergeist", the Doberman's eyes widen with delight.

Geist: Poltergeist, eh? That sounds like a fun horror film… Why don't we see if we can find it? I want to see it!

Geist reaches for the remote control - which is in Hunter's hand. But then Hunter draws it away from his reach and slaps Geist's hand. Geist draws back his hand.

Hunter:  Settle down, Blitz! We're busy watching a classic comedy here! We can watch Poltergeist later, okay?

The Doberman rubs his hand, frowning.

Geist: I don't want to watch it later, I want to watch it NOW! And I don't like comedy films! They stink! Now give me the remote!

Geist reaches for the remote, but Hunter continues to hinder his advances and pushes him back.

Hunter: Hey! HEY! Chill out, Blitz! Get a grip on yourself! I told you we can watch that movie later after this one is over!

Annoyed, the Doberman's voice starts to change back to his deep sinister German accent.

Geist: You're trying my patience! Either you give me that remote or you'll be SORRY!

The Golden Retriever, not noticing the change in his teammate's voice, dismisses the Doberman's threat.

Hunter: (grins) Are we acting all cranky again? I guess you need another tummy rub Mr. Grouchy –YOW!!!

Hunter's paw tries to place itself on Geist's belly, but the Doberman angrily grabs the Retriever's arm and twists it behind his back while growling menacingly.

Geist: (growling) DON'T TOUCH ME!!!

The other two Road Rovers are surprised by this action. Exile looks to Geist confused and shocked.

Exile: Whoa! Comrade! Where… Where did you learn to do that?

Geist then realizes that he's overreacting and remembers that he has to stay in character. And so he calms down and releases Hunter, who then massages his hand while uttering a few painful "ouches".

Hunter: Hey! What was that for?

Geist ignores Hunter, gets up off the couch, and goes over to Exile.

Geist: (grinning) Oh, nothing special really. Just a little something I picked up. That's all.

Exile: Well, I certainly am now looking forward to our next mission so I can see if you got anything else to show us!

Geist pats Exile on the shoulder.

Geist: Oh, you will, "comrade". You will.

Geist then leaves the room. And as soon as Hunter was finished massaging his arm, he looked towards Exile, and asks.

Hunter: Just what's gotten into Blitz? I've never seen him act this way before!

Exile: (shrugs) You got me, comrade! He don't normally snap like this! And how did he learn to be so quick-ski?

Hunter: I don't know. Maybe he's learning from his mistakes. But somehow I get the feeling that something's wrong with Blitz.

Later that night, the Rovers have each retired to their respective bedrooms, and are soon sound asleep. All except one. Geist is seen standing in Blitz's room, looking out the window into the midnight sky where he sees the full moon shining bright. Now is the time for him to strike.

Geist: (thinking) Enjoy your goodnight sleep, Road Droolers. Because today was the last time you will ever see the sun's light. I'm going to make you sleep forever!

To be continued.
And now here's Part 2. Enjoy.

Part 3
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"...Mewtwo... do you know... how you were truly created...?"

The Pokémon looks up before answering with his same hardened expression.

I.. was created... in a lab..

I look at him fearlessly, and hold up a small wooden figure of a mew.

"That's only what they wanted you to think, Mewtwo... you have a mother, just like any other Pokémon. True, you look very different to her- but also very similar. She gave birth to you in an egg as any Pokémon does..."

The Pokémon looks confused now

a mother...? then what of my creation?

I feel a twinge of pain.

"Mewtwo... you once looked very much like your mother. What those scientists did... they only... deformed you..."

Mewtwo looks slightly saddened now, shadows under his usually angry eyes.

I do not understand... why do you tell me this?

I look at him and smile.

"It is your right to know who you truly are... Mewtwo... within the pokeball on my belt... your mother sleeps..."

His face suddenly looks shocked.
w-what? My...mother?

I smile and toss the ball gently in the air, the light shines and reveals a mew.
Mewtwo looks surprised.

but...Mew is my nemesis...

I sigh and pat mews head gently

"no Mewtwo.... Mew... is your mother"
ffff the title reminds me way too much of mother marowak. D:

But it's 11 at night so I don't care.

was playing my friends leaf green and noticed the books in the pokemon mansion said mew gave birth, so I was like

And then this happened.
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A short story by Mythinu.

It was the dead of night. The gray abandoned house gave shelter to a creepy pokemon that called himself "Uncle Hypno" and all the pokemon who fell into his hypnotic spell and became his children. They said that they loved him, and he loved them back, but I didn't. I fell to his spell, but I was persistent to escape. I wouldn't give in to being with him forever, away from all my friends and family.

My name is Inu, and I am a growlithe with sky blue fur, light yellow fur comb on my head, furry chest and tail, and thick black stripes along my back and legs. My eyes were yellow, and they would glow brightly in the moonlight.

How did I get here? The night was stormy when I found this crooked, old, two-story house in the middle of the forest. I had to take shelter inside, so I ran onto the patio and shook off the rainwater that was soaking my fur. I walked toward the door and opened it, surprised by the warmth that came from the air inside. I hadn't the faintest idea as to why it was warm inside. I thought it was abandoned…?

"Whoa…" I breathed on the air that was warm compared to the cold air outside that was also stale because of the rain. The inside was dark and gray, cobwebs everywhere, on the furniture and walls. I decided to explore the house, seeing that the rain wasn't going to be stopping for a while. Thunder clapped, and lightning struck.

I looked around, there was paintings and portraits framed on the wall, showing pokemon and people. One in particular showed a man with glasses and a suit that I couldn't make out to be any other color except black. He had short bluish hair and was standing on a dark red background, and next to him was a pokemon, short and chubby. It was brown from the waist down, and yellow from the waist up. I realized it was a drowzee when I saw that it had an elephant nose. Its eyes had a psychotic look as it looked up at its owner and smiled.

In the millisecond that the thunder clapped and lightning flashed, it seemed like the drowzee's psychotic eyes shifted to look at me. It startled me, and I jumped back. Then I hear something scurrying with nails across the floor behind me. I whipped around and tried to catch a sight of what it was, running and hiding… but nothing… not a soul to be seen moving or hiding. I was looking down the hallway now, as I heard footsteps at the end of it coming towards me. The figure appeared to be tall and lean, with animal-like ears on his head. He held a small, flat metal circle tied by a string that was held in his hands.

Once I heard his voice, my heart began to beat faster.

"Hello there… little growlithe…" A creepy voice you'd expect from the stereo-typical pedophile greeted me. "Welcome to our home." He came into view, a yellow creature with a white fuzzy collar around his neck, his nose long and hanging down over his lips, and his eyes were big and white, with only a dot as the iris.

I wanted to leave, run out the door and never come back to this part of the forest ever again. I was scared and creeped out.

"What's your name?" He knelt down to me, and I backed up to the wall. I heard something to my left, and I looked, seeing a pikachu, dirtied with dirt and dried blood and scars from un-bandaged injuries, emerging from the shadows behind the dusty old couch. The sight of it scared me and I jumped back to where I stood in front of the yellow creature with my back toward it.

"Don't fear, little puppy," he said as more pokemon, – a rattata with red fur and tan underbelly, a naturally colored charmander, and a riolu with purple fur – all in the same state, if not worse, as the pikachu, appeared from the shadows. "They are all my children."

I whipped around to face him and my eyes were filled with terror and fear. I wondered… who or what was this strange creature? I just looked at him, then at the pokemon that were scurrying to stand beside him, the riolu and charmander on his right and the rattata and pikachu on his left.

"Uncle Hypno…" I heard a small voice coming from behind the foot of the creature, named Uncle Hypno. Hypno looked down at the small growlithe pup with red fur and tan yellow comb of fur on its head, furry chest and its furry tail; and with thick black stripes along its back and legs. She was different from the rest of them. She wasn't dirty or bloody like them. She was completely clean and healthy. "Am I gonna get a sissy?" She asked her eyes as innocent as a harmless child. "I don't like being the only girl puppy… I want someone else just like me to play with."

Uncle Hypno smiled and looked back at me.

"You wouldn't let the little pup go on her own, would you?" He asked.

I stepped back one step. I couldn't say anything in response. I was scared already, but even more so that he was the one asking me a question that I wasn't sure of how to answer. I feel bad for the kid, but I don't like the uncle! I thought.

"Come with us," he said and motioned his hand to come close to him. "You'll have so much fun." He smiled and squinted his eyes. I slowly shook my head, my face still showing fear. Uncle Hypno then lifted his pendulum and it began to move back and forth, then the children started humming as he began to sing a creepy, unnerving song:

"Come little children, come with me
Safe and happy, you will be
Away from home, now let us run
With Hypno, you'll have so much fun…

"Oh, little children, please don't cry
Hypno wouldn't hurt a fly
Be free to frolic, be free to play
Come with me to my house to stay…"

"Oh, little children, please don't squirm
These ropes, I know, will hold you firm
Now look to me, the pendant calls
Back and forth, your eyelids fall"

As he sang, my eyes were fixed on the pendulum as it moved back and forth, and my eyelids began to get heavy. He continued to sing.

"Oh, little children, you cannot leave
For you, your families will grieve
Minds unraveling at the seams
Allowing me to haunt their dreams…"

My legs soon became weary, and it was getting difficult to stand. I soon collapsed and fell asleep as Uncle Hypno finished singing…

"Do not wail and do not weep
It's time for you to go to sleep
Little children, you were not clever
Now you'll stay with me forever."

The children continued to hum the song as Hypno placed his hand on my head and stroked my fur as he whispered into my ear, "Sleep, child… sleep… sleep for eternity."

"…N…no…" I gasped before I fell unconscious.

It's been two days since that night, and I've been waiting for the opportunity to escape from this Hellish house Hypno calls home.
I tip-toed on the creaking gray wood, out of the bedroom where the pokemon laid in a large bed for all of them asleep, and down the hallway. I passed by two doors, one door that lead to Uncle Hypno's room, and the other door leading to the Bad Room, where Hypno would place the pokemon for punishment. I dread that room, because Hypno searched and looked through my mind and memories to create my worst nightmares. I've been in that room only once before, and that's when I snapped at and nearly bit Uncle Hypno for trying to pet me. I only let people who I'm close with pet me. When he sent me in, he created a nightmare of spinaraks and ariadoses wrapping me up in a cocoon. I'm afraid of big spiders and a little claustrophobic.

I managed to get to the door when I heard that creeper's voice.

"Where do you think you're going, Inu?" He crept up behind me.

"Hypno…" I whipped around. "I was… just—uh…"

"Trying to leave me?" He sneered, and grabbed my chin. "You forget, my dear… I'm psychic. I know your every thought, so trying to escape will be to no avail."

I growled and bared my teeth. I was still afraid of this guy, but what first comes to mind right now is anger. I pulled my snout from his grasp and attempted to bite him. He pulled back his hand as I heard him grunt in pain as a small red dot appeared on his index finger on his left hand. He glared at me angrily and smacked the left side of my face with his good hand.

"Naughty, naughty… making your uncle bleed will put you in the Bad Room again, Inu."

I glared at him and growled, "You're not my uncle…"

"You're one of my children now…of course, I am."

I growled more at him, but then he made a scary face and I was scared into whimpering quietly in fear. He grabbed me by the fur on the back of my neck and looked at me straight in the eye.

"Time for your punishment…" he smiled calmly. I squirmed to break free as he walked to the door to of the Bad Room.

"No! No!" I begged. "Anything but that! I'm sorry!" He hushed me; any louder I would've woken up his children, he told me. We were in front of the door, and my ears lay back while my face showed terror.

"You need to learn your lesson, Inu." He looked at the door as he spoke. "I need to remind you of your fear of me, even if that means putting you in the Bad Room every day."

"No! I'll be a good little doggie; I promise!" I begged quietly. He looked at me.

"Hmm… I'm sure you will." He finished and he threw me into the open door of the room, and the door shut when I hit the floor. I stood up and shook off the blow. Then my ears perked when I heard a laughter that sounded familiar to me. It was female.

"Ichi…?" I asked in fear. I was anticipating something terrifying, because of what the Bad Room served as. It was a small empty room that didn't seem so small when Hypno worked his illusions on it. It was dark, even when Hypno does nothing to it, because there was not a window and not a light in this room.

I heard the voice that belonged to one of my best friends, Ichi - who was a silver eevee with purple eyes – grunt and then whimper in pain as I searched the room. The whimper faded away, and then I began to hear a male crying. It sounded like my other best friend, Brendan, -- who was a golden furred absol with black claws, tails and face; silver jewel and blue eyes.

I looked behind me when the illusion at Brendan's voice asked, "Why, Inu…" and I saw him sitting and looking down at Ichi's dead body. I was shocked. Her stomach was torn open to a bloody, gruesome sight. There were gashes from claws all over her body as she lay lifeless on the floor. Brendan cried as he asked, "Why, after all we've done for you…"

"What did I—"

"You know damn well what you did!" He snapped at me as he turned toward me with tears in his eyes. Suddenly a flash of images comes to my mind: Ichi facing me as she cried about something I said about her and Brendan, me and her fighting suddenly, me pushing her off a cliff, and then finally her dead at the foot of the cliff.

I jumped back after the images flashed before my eyes. I was shocked at the very thought of Ichi's death being my fault and I did it on purpose. I could never imagine it to be possible. We were close like sisters and loved each other as such.

"First you pretend to be our friend, and now this! How are you going to live with yourself with this on your head?" He yelled.

"B-Brendan… I-I didn't…" I stuttered. He walked toward me as I backed up toward the wall.

"Didn't what? I mean, you yourself said we were the best friends you ever had, sticking closer than a brother, and practically your own family. And you know how important she is to me. So how could you even THINK of killing her?!" His eyes began to water more.

"I-I… I wasn't…"

"Do you realize what you've done, Inu?" He asked as a lower volume as I touched the wall.

"What I've…"

"You've just killed someone. You've ended an innocent life."


"Not just anyone." He narrowed his eyes with anger. I lay down on the floor and covered my ears with my paws.

"Shut up…"

"The love of my life, your best friend," he paused. "Your sister."


"You've killed your own sister!!"

"No!!" I yelled as I jumped toward the illusion. But it faded away and disappeared from sight. The illusion of Ichi's dead body also disappeared. I looked around, my eyes were watering and I was panting from my heart beating fast from the adrenaline of what just happened.

"Well…" I heard that sadistic madman again, this time from behind me, and I turned around. "Are we going to behave now?" He asked, narrowing his beady eyes. I looked up at him, tall and lean, then looked down and a tear went down my cheek as I nodded,

"Yes… Uncle Hypno…"

He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom with the other children, as he petted me on the head.

"Good girl…" He said, and then set me down next to Kaji, the growlithe that wanted me as her sister, who was fast asleep and curled up into a little ball.

"Good night, Inu," Hypno said as he closed the door almost all the way. "Oh, and don't try to run away again. Then you'll get a beating." And he disappeared into the darkness.

I rested my head on my paws, and tried to go to sleep. I couldn't, not after what happened in the Bad Room. Even though it didn't happen, me killing Ichi, it haunted me. The very thought of me doing that… it scared me… I buried my face into the bed sheets, and found it easier to relax and sleep if I had my face covered. I began to drift asleep, but then I felt something brush up against my tail. I was startled, and looked up to see Kaji resting her head on my fluffy tail as if it were a pillow. I couldn't help not finding it adorable. She was cute sleeping on my tail. Although she was a soulless pokemon and wanted to turn me inside out the other day, I found her quite cute. Creepy… but cute. For the first time I've been here, I smiled.

Now I was a little more relaxed; I rested my head on my paws and drifted into sleep. Even if tomorrow is worse… I'll find a way to get out of here. He can't keep me in here forever.

…Though I could be wrong about that…
A short story I wrote inspired by that Saturday night when my friends were using this song: [link] to troll me. Good grief do you guys scare me with that... Just wait when we're all in one room... >.>

Uncle Hypno is from pokemon creepypasta. I don't own him. I'd have to have a whole different personality to come up with something like THAT and be AFRAID of it. -.-

Artwork by Hales-the-Hairball: [link]

Hypno's Lullaby (The song he was singing): [link]

Lol, I made a funny:

Inu = last name of Myth Inu :)
Ichi = Sounds like Kiki ;3
Brendan = ...Last three letters... :P
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“Protecting My Devotion”/
“Loss of Me”
from Final Fantasy IX
lyrics by Joseph Blanchette

This is a tale, a tale of a man,
iron of glove, and blade in his hand.
Devoted his life to false faility,
duty or death, and blind loyalty.

This is the way, he remained to this day,
`til a young woman showed him the way.
Made him realize, he had his own will
his inner self doubt he was able to kill.

I’ll give my life to thee,
my love for all eternity.
And though it may be hard to see,
You grieve for the Loss of Me
If we separate and then,
I’ll fight a thousand men.
Just to be by your side,
with my courage and pride.

This is a tale of the Queen’s Royal Guard,
who over the years, her heart has grown hard.
Lives out her life, on the Queen’s behalf,
choosing the drawn out war beaten path.

This is the way, she remained to this day,
‘til a bold knight, showed her the way.
Made her realize, to speak her own mind
and the soul underneath was both gentle and kind.

I’ll give my life to thee,
my love for all eternity.
And though it may be hard to see,
you grieve for the Loss of Me.
If we separate and then,
I’ll fight a thousand men.
Just to be by your side,
with my courage and pride.
This was one of the first song lyrics I wrote. It's from the game "Final Fantasy IX." It can be used for 2 peices. One is "Loss of Me" which is generly played when Beatrix is around. The other is is "Protecting My Devotion," which plays during a important part, but I can't explain because of spoilers. It's a more upbeat version of "Loss of Me.
This song is best when used with "Protecting My Devotion" because it feels more like a song a bard would sing.
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Not a very long ago…in a world not so far away…
In his own private quarters within the abandoned Castle of Nations Amusement Park, Karl sat at the dinner table with a violin in hand, enjoying the chance to play a little tune before his next murder.

Karl sat on an old, rickety wooden chair in front of a long, chipped wooden table. Upon the table were plates filled with assorted fruits and meats. It would look like the most appetizing feast possible were it not for the fact that all the food was plastic. At the center of the table was a fancy centerpiece: a tiny ceramic castle, which was currently being used by Arma as a perch.

As Karl played a slow, almost mournful tune of his own creation on the violin, he looked across the long table at his “dinner guest.” A young girl wearing a cyan shirt was tied to the chair. Her hands were also tied behind the chair.

The girl sat perfectly still, staring at Karl. Before, she had yelled, screamed and tried to struggle out, but only succeed in nearly knocking the chair over. Now she simply stared at Karl with a blank look on her face. Karl despised that look. In fact, Karl despised everything about her. Honestly, he wasn’t sure what his “friend,” that stuffed doll, saw in that pathetic human. Even her name was unimaginative. Clarice. He couldn’t understand why his “friend” treated her so differently. To Karl, she was just like every other human: unimaginative, dull, and highly expendable.

Once Karl finished the song, he held the bow away from the violin. He looked at the girl and smiled.

“What do you think?” said Karl. “Do you like it?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” said Clarice, looking away from him.

Karl’s eye twitched. Karl handled criticism a bit differently than most people; his responses to critics usually involve sharp objects and, occasionally, creative uses of very dull objects. Still, Karl simply shook his head and smiled.

“Everyone’s a critic,” said Karl, sighing. “Would you like to what it’s called?”

Clarice said nothing.

“I call it ‘Requiem for Clarice in D minor,’” said Karl. He tilted his head and smiled wider. “Yep, I wrote it just for you. It’s my last little gift to you.” He chuckled. “I’ll be sure to play it at your funeral.”

“Oh, how thoughtful,” said Clarice sarcastically. “I’m so honored.” She struggled in her chair trying to get out.

“Still trying to get out, hm,” said Karl, picking up a glass of what appeared to be wine and holding it. He stared at it and stirred it. “It won’t do you any good. Even if you get out of the chair, it’s not like I’d just let you leave. That’d mess up my little game, now wouldn’t it?” He looked around, as if he was confused. “And speaking of which, where is Mr. Mattress for Brains anyway? I thought he’d be here by now.”

”He’ll be here,” said Clarice, trying to sound determined. However, Karl could hear the subtle shaking in her voice. She might be trying not to show it, but she was terrified; terrified of Karl, terrified that her stuffed boyfriend might not show up, terrified of death, just plain terrified.
“I’ll give him five more minutes,” said Karl, holding up his glass, “until we skip the main event and cut right to the finale.”

“Hmpf,” said Clarice, turning away. She turned back, looking annoyed. “Why are you holding that anyway?” she said, looking at the glass. “It’s not like you can eat or drink. So why?”

“Why, for the dramatic effect, obviously!” said Karl. “In your silly culture, isn’t it customary for the villain to drink and calmly wait for the hero to arrive?”

“This isn’t a movie. This is real life,” said Clarice, glaring at him. “Why are you waiting for him anyway? You could have killed me over an hour ago.”

Karl looked astonished.

”Why Clarice, I had no idea you were so eager to die,” he said.

Clarice said nothing. Karl smiled; that seemed to shut her up. He put the glass on the table. Arma flew up from the centerpiece and perched on his shoulder.

“It’s simple really,” said Karl. “I could kill you and have a lot of fun doing it.” He sighed. “But that seems like such a wasted opportunity. Now if I wait for Climber to show up and kill you in front of him…” Karl smiled as he saw the fearful expression on Clarice’s face. “Well, that’d be a lot more…rewarding, don’t you think?”

“You’re sick!” shouted Clarice. “Why would you do that? Why, you sick bastard?!”

“My my, Clarice,” said Karl, shaking his head. “That’s not very ladylike of you.” He leaned over the table, looking Clarice in the eye. “Anyway, I’m simply doing it to prove a point. Climber seems to think you’re special…but I’m going to show him that you’re not special at all. You’re not different at all. In the end, you’re just blood and bones like every other human.” He looked over at Arma. “That should nip his little delusions in the bud, right Arma?”

Suddenly, Karl heard something. He looked up. It was a faint noise, but he could still make it out. Footsteps, moving at a rapid pace, were coming from above.

“Speak of the devil,” he said. “That must be him right now.” Karl stood up from his chair. ““It’s time for our performance to start.” He gently stroked Arma’s beak. “What’s my motivation, Arma?” Arma said nothing, but Karl nodded in agreement. “Ah…of course.” Karl gripped Arma as his dark form quickly morphed into a sword. He pointed it at Clarice. Despite herself, she cringed. “I’m the ‘sick bastard’ in this scene. Isn’t that right, Clarice?”

He got closer to Clarice, moving the tip of the blade against her neck. Her face was pale; she couldn’t help but show her fear now. Karl smiled at this. After all that time playing the tough tomboy, it’s nice to see that, when the chips were down, she became what all humans become when faced with death: a helpless coward. The footsteps were getting closer. It was only a matter of moments now.

“Oh, by the way Clarice…” said Karl, as he put a bit of pressure on the blade. A tiny drop of blood left Clarice’s neck. “I was just wondering…” He gestured towards the three scars on his ceramic face. “Wanna know how I got these scars?”

The door slammed open. Karl and Clarice turned to look. Standing in the doorway, with a mortified look on his face, was a mannequin wearing black clothes and a black helmet. Clutched in his shaking hand was a pickaxe. Karl’s smile widened like a Cheshire Cat.

“Oh Climber,” said Karl, genuinely excited. “It’s so great to see you. How good of you to join us!” Karl drew the blade back and was about to thrust it through Clarice’s chest. Climber, without even thinking, hurled his pickaxe towards Karl. It struck the blade in Karl’s hand, causing it to sail through the air. In midair, the blade shifted and changed back into Arma, flapping its wings to stay afloat. Before Karl could react, Climber charged at him. He tackled Karl, who fell and landed on the table. The legs cracked and buckled under the pressure as the table crashed to the floor. Karl, still lying down, looked up at Climber, who was now trying to untie Clarice.

“Are you alright?” said Climber.

“Yeah,” said Clarice, as the ropes loosened and fell to the floor. As she got up, Climber impulsively embraced her.

“I was so worried about you Clarice! I’m so glad you’re alright!” Climber, realizing what he was doing, looked at Clarice, who had a blank look on her face. “Oh right…you said I should never touch you, right?”

”Yeah…I did say that, didn’t I?” said Clarice. She thought for a minute, then hesitantly wrapped her arms around her. Climber looked shocked; she had never done that before. “Stupid doll…” she said quietly.

Karl looked over and saw Climber’s pickaxe. Grabbing it, he quietly got up as Arma landed on his shoulder. Just as Climber noticed him, he hurled the pickaxe towards Clarice. Quickly, Climber got in the way. The pickaxe bounced of his helmet and landed on the floor. Climber scrambled to pick it up. Karl ran in, clutching Arma as she turned into a sword. Climber got back and swung the pickaxe against his sword just before he could swing at them.

”Sorry about that,” said Karl smirking. “But I swear, one more moment of listening to you two and I would have been sick.”

“Get back Clarice,” said Climber. Clarice hesitated for a moment, then backed away from both of them out of the door. The door swung back and forth for a moment before closing completely. Climber looked Karl in the eyes. “Why are you doing this?”

“Why?” said Karl, swinging the blade a few times as Climber blocked them clumsily with his pickaxe. “I’m just looking out for you, rag bag. I’m just trying to get you to see what miserable creatures these humans are.” He swiped at Climber’s body, giving him a small cut across his torso. Climber tried to swing the pickaxe at Karl’s head, but he blocked it easily. “I just want you to see things the way I do!”

“I’d never want to see things like an evil pirate!” shouted Climber.

Karl’s left eye twitched. Before Climber could react, Karl punched Climber in the face with his free hand. The force of the blow flung Climber against the wall. Karl walked over and looked down at him. In his hand, Arma morphed into a spear. Karl looked down at him.

“It’s…not…nice to call me a pirate,” said Karl, no longer smiling. Climber looked up at him fearfully. Seeing Karl not smile just looked wrong; after all, that smile had been painted on his face since the day he was built.

Karl thrusted the spear towards Climber. Climber tried to roll out of the way, but the tip of the spear still manage to knick his side. Climber grabbed his pickaxe and tried to held it threateningly. However, one look at Climber make it clear that he’s not very doing appearing intimidating.

Karl circled around Climber now, like a hunter circling its prey. Climber knew he should be afraid right now, but for some odd reason, he wasn’t. Maybe he had finally found his courage. Or perhaps his little mind made of fluff had finally snapped. He honestly wasn’t sure.

“I am not a pirate,” said Karl. “I’m not a pirate any more than you’re a climber.” Quickly, Arma turned into an axe. Karl swung the blade with both hands. Climber jumped out of the way just in time.
“But…I am Climber,” said Climber.

Karl shook his head. His “friend” had many virtues, but intelligence was not one of them.

“No no,” he said, closing in as Arma turned into a knife. “I’m afraid you don’t get the point!” He swung the knife at Climber, who blocked it with his pickaxe. The dagger and pickaxe remained clashed together as Karl looked Climber in the eyes. “You’re not a mountain climber.” Karl laughed. “I mean, come on. Have you ever even seen a mountain?!”

Climber thought for a minute.

“Well…umm…no,” he said quietly.

Karl put more force behind the knife. Climber staggered back, but did not allow the pickaxe to be knocked away.

“You see?” said Karl. “Do you get it now? Don’t you see what you are? You’re just like everything else in this park. You’re a fake! That’s all this park is: a fake. A gag. A façade. A lie made up in the mind of a human. We’re all parts of the same lie, my friend. The only difference is that I realize it.” He took a step forward, making Climber stagger back. Climber tried to resist, but Karl was physically stronger. “I refuse to simply fit the role some human created for me. They wanted me to be a silly little pirate, something to entertain children, something to be made a mockery of,…” Karl looked like he was about to be sick, then smiled at Climber. “But, Climber, I will never be that! So I became something else.” With his free hand, Karl gestured towards the scars on his face and around his left eye. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to get an eye patch off…when it’s painted on?! But I got it off, didn’t I? And I’m no pirate. I’m no statue. I’m no puppet. I’m just…Karl.” Karl’s smile turned into a sinister smirk. “By the way, Climber, do you know how I know I’m a better fighter than you?”

“How?” said Climber.

“I cheat!” Karl kicked Climber in the torso, sending his pickaxe flying across the room. Climber flew back and rolled on the floor. Before he could get up, Karl stood over him holding Arma, now a sword once again.

“It’s sad really,” said Karl looking at Climber. “I had hoped that one day you’d see things like I do. That one day you’d break this little trap humans stuck you in and become something else. That you’d have a goal like I do.

”I…have one…” said Climber, trying to reach for his pickaxe, but it was too far away.

“Hm,” said Karl. “And what’s that?”

”I want…to help her…”

Karl looked down at Climber and, for the first time since Karl could remember, he looked genuinely angry.

“Is that all you want?!” shouted Karl. Finally, realizing he was yelling, then smiled. Despite himself, his left eye twitched as he talked. “Well then…I can help you with that…” He raised the blade. “I’ll make sure your fluff fills her coffin!” Climber closed his eyes, prepared for the blade to swing down.

Just as Karl was about to slice into Climber, he heard a voice from behind him.


Karl, a bit started, turned around to see Clarice behind him. Held high over her head was the ceramic castle centerpiece from the table. Karl looked up at the castle and stopped smiling.

“Just shut up,” Clarice said as she swung the castle down.

Karl looked at the castle as it crashed down upon his head-
Karl woke up to see a starry sky above him.

He sat up and looked around. He was on top of a tall building. Then, remembering the events of his recent fight, he remembered how he had gotten there.

“Oh right,” he said, standing up. He looked over and saw Arma’s shadowy figure, perched on the side of the building. He smiled. “You won’t believe the dream I just had, Arma?”

Arma flew over and perched on his shoulder.

“Yes Arma,” said Karl, nodding as if listening to the bird, “I didn’t know I could dream either.” He looked up at the sky. “Then again, it could just be because of this little city and that Law of Talos…whatever it is.” He looked over at Arma. “It was a strange dream. It was about our last ‘dinner party.’ You remember, don’t you Arma?” He nodded. “Of course you do.”

He started walking towards the edge of the building. Karl thought for a minute.

“To think,” said Karl, “my whole party ruined…by just one cheap shot.” He looked at the bird. “Why that’s a silly question? Of course I’ll invite them to our next party! After all…it’s just more fun with those two. I can’t wait for our next party. It’ll be a real hit!” He looked down from the building, cringing a bit once he saw how high up they were. He looked around until he found the ladder leading down to the streets.

“But before we do that, Arma,” he said as he began to climb down the ladder, “let’s look around here. I’m sure there’s plenty fun things to do in this city.” As he stepped down the ladder, he gave one more glance up towards the beautiful night sky.

“And after all,” he said. “we’ve got plenty of time to kill.”
Will of Talos: Intermission 1 - Karl

This is another part of my ongoing "Will of Talos" spectator entry/short story, but this one is a bit different. Like the name says, this is just an "intermission" rather than a full chapter. It's much shorter than the other chapters will be,and focuses on one character. In this case, the focus is on Karl, the friendly serial murderer.

I've got a few more of these intermissions planned. I'm thinking each one will involve a flashback to what the character was doing before the tournament. I'm not sure how many of them I'll actually do though.

I promise the next full chapter is one the way and will be up soon. So stay tuned. And if you like these intermissions, let me know and I'll see if I can do more.


Law of Talos is copyright of :iconsins-of-angels:
Karl, Climber, and Clarice is copyright of :iconunknown-person:
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So I stumbled onto this site where you randomly talk to strangers. I tried it for a bit, had some nice conversations. Then I met some very angry little kid, so I was forced to whip out the gentlemanliness. :iconisayplz:

I felt this was just barely entertaining enough to keep. If not, I apologize for wasting a few minutes of your time.
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