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That's right. I'm changing my DA name.
I've thought long and hard and have decided to change it toooooo.......
That's right; i'm one of the few artists here on DA that seems content with my name. That; and I think changing a "brand" simply because you can, after you've spent time and energy building up an audience is f**king stupid.
I've been here for years. I've operated on the internet under "jollyjack" for longer. If I changed that now it would be monumentally confusing to people that follow my work, which, in turn, would have an effect on revenue.
There are a ton of artists here whose work I keenly follow, and I think they're kinda shooting themselves in the foot by doing this.

Kinda reminds be of those little label-making things everyone's been given on at least one Christmas as a kid: you unwrap it, you find out what it does and you spend the rest of the day punching out new tags for everything. Even if they're not needed.
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F**k you, Disney. F**k you.…

If you are not angered by this news, you're obviously a very young gamer and probably (rightly) see LucasArts as nothing more than a mediocre-Star-Wars-title-discharging-sewer-pipe.

Disney bought LucasFilm because of the Star Wars cash-cow, but the number of classic IPs produced by LucasArts throughout the 90s makes the descision to close it rather than attempt to return to the studio to its glory days pretty staggering.
I actually see way more potential in LucasArts IPs than Star Wars.....but then, so would anyone with even the most stunted of creative minds.

Disney obviously still own all the properties, but the LucasArts brand is gone, and it's the end of an era, even if they start picking at the corpse for ideas to ruin.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Secret of Monkey Island, anyone?
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See you in January :toocool:  It's gonna be a good year :toocool: :toocool: :toocool:

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I never believed that name change would exist due to many valid reasons, but yet, they made it. Honestly, I've been wanting to change my name since long time. I'm in no ties or any desire with "Pearl" in any way which I named it when I was quite young. Also that name makes me sick sometimes- so a new name change is going to be a great, refreshing start.

So, yes I do plan to change name yet my icon will remain not changed to keep people to recognize me. And here I want to write a journal about being really careful, be smart and think twice if we decide to change name: to not cause that kind of trend where "Oh I got bored with that name, lemme change onto another" and making a'la Japan's trend of changes known as imeji cheinji.

Firstly, try to imagine, if there is artist (or active watcher, popular artist, active friend or even troller which you dislike etc.) which you admire is known under Crystallox2* (and you probably will notice how many people also call that person as "Crys" as recongizeable person, "here is amazing art which Crys made for me!", "hey Crystie, how are you?") and the whole reputation that she/he has build up as well fanbase and their art is known as Crystallox's. Then she/he suddenly renames onto Darklive (also imagine, they change their icon as well!) that becomes very non-recognizing for most of people, like a totally different person masquaraded.  Think how we all will feel with this. It might be confusing, difficult and so on. Usually very loyal fans or close friends will not have a big issue with recongizing but the all other people.... once dA staff said that, they know me quite well as "Pearl" (they usually dont have time to keep with ties all other people which they know on dA) and if I would change name, for them that would be totally difficult or even won't recongize me at all. And that could the most people feel like that.

Let's say another example. You (for example your username is Divirendai) as a watcher helped a well known artist (or dA staff, whatever!) which that person memorizes your name with something positive and that's a chance to build up a new ties/friendship with someone or positive community example. But when you end changing your name, that chance disappears.

Those are only two examples. But there could be more but you get my idea pretty much how it isn't an easy thing to play with if we care about the community or being recongized (regardless what is your purpose, to make friends, or be well known/have fanbase, be well known troller, just whatever what involves that people can recongize you if you enjoy the interaction within community).

Usually the username change should be preferably directed to people who have the reason of no longer desiring name. Mostly ones who started account at teen age (like me) so usernames usually are pretty dumb or related with your old past where the person after many years becomes a different artist/or more mature/industrial etc. and they want to build up a real name which are satisfacted with themselves and give impression to others. For example KittyPony87 isn't a mature name. Lately, now more artists realize more and more if they want to be known artists to serious industries, the best way and maturiest name is to use real name.

Okay, here is a small guide of Username Change:

1. In order to change the name, you must be subscribed. Only subscribed accounts will allow people to change name.

I like that option and it's done for quite smart reason.

"Hey! It's not fair! Why to discriminate ones who can't afford to pay or have no way to pay? Why everything has to be for money?"

This is actually fair and logical, firstly to reduce that storming trend of imeji cheinji which I said above ( and dA quote: The reason there is a "fee" associated with the change is because switching usernames is a complex technical process that can create confusions for fellow deviants.)

Secondly, think, most of deviantUsers are actual users on dA, serious and most active they tend investing in a subscription and that for sure you know that subscribers are usually serious users and members on dA, not abandoning accounts. Most of newbies usually don't invest in subs because they find out that might sooner or later abandon it in some time. So why to multiply wasted usernames? Yes... one of the biggest and most frustrating issues on dA are wasted/abandoned usernames.
If that would be for free and used in any time of creating account, that would cause multiply wasted username (or think if there would be very spiteful troller that would on purpose waste great usernames on abandoned account and do it every half year?). Think, if you with all happiness found an amazing username for yourself, for example, Shadowflames and been dreaming to create your studio known as Shadow flames... *insert awesome imagining how flames covered in shadows are amazing and portray your awesomeness with art... then you find out that name is already "taken" and apparently wasted in abandoned account! Then you come up with another alternate... you had such hard time to come, ok! Then Whiteflame! Gah, it's taken again! See, a multiply wasted names will cause to create a reasonable/needed/desired username much and much more difficult, frustrating and unfair.
So that's why, to not mindlessly waste, dA tries the best to provide to ones who are serious/active users not abandoners.
Many people whine omg it's a discrimination: but believe me it has nothing with discrimination but a very valid thing to prevent many things.

Because look, if someone would be truly poor: it shouldn't be a big deal, simply will teach to very carefully to create a right username unlike mindlessly. Poor people are actually much smarter in thinking in general and know a valid use of money (it's much more worthy to spend on a food instead on internet dumbness and oh noes i made stupid name) ;) And there is always account change, and I'm just writing here...

... ones, who are known artists/brillant community people/good artist or awesome active people- usually friends/fanbase/people who like you usually are kind to subscribe that person as a gift, I've observed that pretty much. All that poor person has to put a just a good effort into community and be loved by dA and so on.

In general poor people are lucky. They can work in many other better ways which also makes themselves stronger and better than ones who can easily "buy" everything with money.

2. You can change name only once per six month.

basically that means if you come up with a new name, you can't rename in whole half year- that also reduces mindlessly changing names and the risk of trend of imeji cheinji.
But even though, if the six months will pass and you have again opportunity to change the name- but still, try to not change often. Try your best to change your name really ONCE for good. That will be the best for you and others.

3. No returns.

Another reason to think very carefully over. Once you changed the name, your old username is doomed to be never-existing and no one can use it ever. You can't name it back to your old username, neither anyone can create it with your old username.

I'll tell ya my example, I made a secure account with my most important username [Kilaq]. Also because I never believed that change name will exist on dA due to uneasy reasons, but it has happened. If I could, I would def change my existing PearlEden onto Kilaq.... but I took that username already. So I thought to go to that account (to Kilaq's secure account) and change Kilaq onto another different username where I would release Kilaq username in no use and where I could name on my main PearlEden account- unfortunately that doesn't work. Even if I'll release that name, I wouldn't be able to use.

So think carefuly with changing name or recreating different accounts.

4. Merging usernames.

That's the reason why released (old) username will be never used by anyone else. Because for example, if I could change username from PearlEden onto Kilaq- as being under a new website address and name, I'm still merged with pearleden. If someone clicks on a  link to, it will LEAD me to
Basically, your old username is still connected with your new username and merged together to avoid confusion. Which is a reason why it can't be used by anyone or transfered to anyone else.

5. About the Username Change Notify.

Also, that notify about that artist changed username onto different... isn't the most effective/working option at all. There are some people who don't bother to check it, are too lazy, may miss it, skip or have no time. Like me, I usually don't sit on dA often and mostly I wont bother/have time to check that notify. And even if I do, at the first sight, I will probably forget about it. Probably forget that the artist whom I watch has changed username because, I am naturally used to recognize that artist with that name. It's like automatic function within us and it may take some time for us to get used with a new username.
Secondly, there are people who don't watch us but yet like us/or are interested in our creations/whatever so they don't get notified about username change. (for example, I have very little list of people whom I watch since deviantART has been stressful for me, I reduced only to few artists since I don't want too much going on in my message center but I do go to another people's accounts to watch art or chat with people without having them on watchlist).

That's something to bear in mind why we need to be careful with changing usernames.

Edit: I almost forgot, there dA is featuring a notify "formely...." on your main page for a short temporary time, like take a look at: which is also helpful.

6. Be prepared while changing your Username.

If you plan to change an username and if you really care about your community/fanbase/avoid major confusions and whole reputation with art and yourself made on dA:

- Actually, for the most time usually an icon would be only recognize-able way. (as long as you have your original icon). Try to not change name along with the icon. Try to have stable icon where people would recongize you for the most time, while changing username- try to keep your existing icon as long as possible.

- Be active on dA while having your recognizing icon. If the more they see you active, the faster they will get used to your new username.

- If is possible, then you might want to change username onto similar which you had in the past (for example, I could rename onto FallenEden which will be still easily recognized) OR onto your well known nick name or real name+last name thing. Those options are the easiest ways of name changes.
For example if there is artist under Skypillar username and is known as Joanna Elbown person, then changing onto proffessional one as JoannaElbown would be easy for other people as long as we display the real name under nickname.

- Optionally, you can also write down under dA username on your profile "formely known as ...." or something.

In general, just bear in mind to leave something what will be recognizing for people if you can ;).

7. About Creating Usernames- Be Yourself.

Username is a very, very, very important part of us. That's why we get so frustrated if a wasted account has our beloved/signature name taken or if we find out that we are really unhappy with our recent username. Or being unhappy because we constantly change and can't find a stable, real username where we could keep it proudly forever.

Username is like a cover book of us. Or maybe, a main title of us.
We are heroes of our story in the life. We are kind of an amazing book where people read about us.

That's why whole thing is to prevent mindlessly using usernames and always pay attention where we COULD be happy.

There are plenty of usernames which are usually on 90% always changed and hated by the user after some time: a fanbase ones like Naruto98, Suicune11 (or just without numbers) or even MangaLover etc.

We don't need to express a love to something of what we are fans or naming our favourite existing character created by media by marking ourselves that we are naruto or japan lover. Be yourself. That your love and fascination you can always express on artwork or poem. The best artists, like known who draws a fanart from m&a has actually original self-created username yet is recongized as inspiring artist who greatly express her love to m&a- psychologically, with original usernames but express fascination with certain things or fandom are a lot better recognized than ones who named themselves as part of fandom and aren't real themselves.
You dont need to be naruto to express this, be yourself and express it from being yourself. A highly respected naruto creator isn't naruto- but respected one who created it, as well you can be respected YOU who create amazing fanart/fictions.
And secondly, usually fan-phases are going away. If you are naruto88, then after some time you change interests- no longer like any anime at all or wishing to be ichigo11 from anime bleach since of being on that phase. Most of people usually regret a lot for using usernames like that.

Username is something what will express ourselves, if we want to remain to be known under a nickname which require lots of thinking. If anyone wants to create art for serious and be a serious artist, the best way is simply to use real name which is professional form of self naming.

..... unfortunately I do not like mine XD.

In general that journal is addressed as informative [cautious! =p] one from my view to everyone due to sudden news about Username Change which, I hope it will reach to some people where we all would be satisfy with username changes.

If you have any interesting thoughts which arent there, let me know! Any opinions are welcomed but please be respectful to eachother.
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Well…..that was immature drivel.

I don’t know a huge amount about the “New 52” take on the DC universe (I stopped paying attention to DC’s output when they changed their logo to look like a half-unwrapped Acme magnet) but if the Justice League: War animation is any kind of summary, I’m glad I’ve not wasted my time.

Batman now seems to think it’s impolite if he doesn’t tell everyone who he is, Wonder Woman has taken to talking like a really, really bad Shakespearean actor and Superman is a dick.

Ignoring the animation’s terrible narrative, what struck me like a rancid kipper in the face was how god-awful the character designs were. In this instance; particularly Darkseid’s. Yeah, he wore a bucket on his head in the past, but it worked! It added to his menace as a laser-firing brick of doom. You took one look at him and you knew who he was.
Watch Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. THAT version of Darkseid is an iconic badass.
In JL:War, he’s a forgettable Christmas Tree.

It’s the same with Wonder Woman’s new, bling-free cozzy and Supeman’s blue romper-suit. They’re all just so bland.

Change for the sake of change is always a bad idea, especially if the designs you’re f**king around with have 70 years of development behind them. It doesn’t matter how talented the artist charged with the task is; you can’t just alter an icon overnight. You end up with the overworked crap we see in the “New 52”.

That this “New 52” garbage exists at all supports what I’ve said about both DC and Marvel for years, now: they don’t make comics. They don’t tell stories. They’re advertisers. Everything they do is written off as such by their parent companies. Their job is just to keep their IP on the shelves and in the public eye so that they can peddle the next movie/game/lunchbox that features those characters.
If that wasn’t what they do, they’d leave their tired old pantheon fallow for a few years and come up with some new characters and new mythologies, rather than brutalise what they already have in their stable via a botched "revitalisation".
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The concept of taking the world's greatest detective out of his Victorian era setting and dropping him into 21st Century London shouldn't have worked. It should have failed as miserably as I thought it would.
Hooooo. Was I proven wrong on that one.
The scant six episodes of Sherlock contain some of the best material the BBC has ever produced and proved that the detective can work his deductive wizardry in any time period.

Which is probably why CBS have gone all Chinese and are ripping it off.

When I heard that there was going to be an "American version" of the show; the eye twitched but didn't bat. This happens, and often HAS to happen. A show must fit with the scheduling, and US series are a lot longer than those on British TV, so things have to be stretched.
THEN I learned that it's NOT a remake of BBC's Sherlock, but a brand new series called "Elementary", which is "radically" different because it's set in New York.
Unsurprisingly, the Beeb are a bit miffed by this.

In this, wholly original, modern version of Sherlock Holmes, the great detective will be played by Jonny Lee Miller, and Watson will be played by.... Lucy Liu .....

…. Wait, what?
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I have finally caved... All this peer pressure and people threatening to make this page for me... I thought, if there must be a fanpage dedicated to my breasts, shouldn't at least I be in control of it?

So here it is: The Yaya Han's Boobs page - please go ahead and Hit LIKE if you appreciate my chestal region, in or out of costume.

................................................................. If any of you think I'm serious even for a second, I'm gonna smack you. Happy April Fool's Day. Please do feel free to LIKE the page if you got a laugh out of it. I'm deleting it at midnight and am curious just how many LIKES my boobs could garner in under 24 hours... Thanks for laughing with me!!
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:iconlivelife92: :iconmgmaciek: 
  The Fuzzy Magic Meet  
 Saatchi & Hydepark

In the gallery 
Check out the map for 2nd Meet
*** + PRIZES!!! ***
Check out this meet in Oxford
Oxford Cafe meet - 12th october 2013 Date: 12th october 2013  
Time: 10 Am too however long you want to stay
At: George & Danver Ice Cream Café

Come meet other deviant artist at the oxford café meet on the 12th of October. This meet is going to be a relaxed, causal meet for all ages, abilities and Medias. The plan for this meet is to meet up in the morning around 10am at the George & Danver Ice Cream Café.
After a short meet and greet we’ll invade and take over there basement room for the day to pursued some artistic endeavour, play board games, take silly photographs, get some collabs going, maybe bounce some art and literature ideas about and generally be deviant artist. As always at deviantArt meets feel free to bring anything you think would entertain a bunch of artist, anything wired, creative or silly is a good bet. Though keep in mind we are using a public place and this is an all age meet so nothing excessively noisy or messy please!
The café stays open till midnight

Join the event on :facebook:…

Saturday, 7th of September, 2013

A 2 hour visit to the Saatchi gallery followed by a picnic in Hydepark in London. If you are around, you're more than welcome to tag along to see some art and meet new people.

in Sloane Square
by this War Memorial…;
At 11:15 we will head to the Saatchi gallery (free entry)…; 

You can bring cameras if you wish as you are allowed to take pictures inside!
Saatchi is never too busy and is smaller than other museums and galleries in London so everybody just stay a bit more alert, also avoid touching the art (I know that is really obvious, but sometimes it's hard to resist and Saatchi doesn't have any barriers). Feel free to split up and explore the gallery yourselves with small groups of friends, we will all meet back outside the gallery around 1:30

in Kensington Gardens

Later on we will head to the 2nd MEETING - the usual place in south Kensington Gardens (a.k.a. Hyde Park) for a picnic and general madness. If you decide to join in just for the park part, from the Albert Memorial - go north - enter the park - and you'll find us not too far off from there. 

Feel free to bring food to the picnic, art materials, sketchbooks, or some other interesting item of deviant…ness.

Please note that I will not allow any fire displays or anything of similar magnitude.


Prizes can be won while we are in the park as everyone will get a free raffle ticket. Prizes include: ART PENCILS set of 10, Derwent 4 Graphic Designer pencils, 90 DA POINTS, Commissions from other Deviants, The Holographic Universe…, The Little Book of Farting.

Do bring your own presents if you want, it can be (almost) anything really, sweets, drinks, books, souvenirs, toys or even hugs.

We will finish off with the Jugged Hare pub as always ;)

Keep a look out for updates.

Watch #britain UK devMEET Info Centre

Join the DevMEET Group on Facebook

Join the  DeviantArt Britain :facebook: 


Some of the attendees' work:

  Anna w/Umbrella by l33tc4k3  Ghost Of You by FragileReveriesJames Cameron's Avatar. by IndyMan33Flourish by 3wylUntitled by mariusd
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RFTS - The The Beginning + EXTRA.

RFTS - Micca's Curse.

RFTS - What it Feels Like.

RFTS - My Lost Past.

RFTS - Thinking About You.

CG Collections

Micca's Compilation 2011.

Kian's Album.

Katrina-Nee-Micca Uncensored Collection.

Special Collection 2014 - MICCA LUSIOS

Special Collection 2014 - KATRINA CHISU


Reaching for the Sky Artbook 1.1

RFTS Artbook Collection 2012

RFTS - The The Beginning. COMIC

:bulletblue:Twitter :bulletred:Tumblr :bulletpurple:Facebook :bulletgreen:PIxiv  
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I’ve had a few people asking me about Yooka-Laylee, the first game from Playtonic, a tiny developer made up of ex-Rare staff.
I’m guessing people are bugging me about it because I was a concept artist on the least popular of the Banjo Kazooie games, a series to which Yooka-Laylee is the spiritual successor.
Aside from having worked with some of the Playtonic staff during my stint at Rare, I have no connection to the title, nor any inside information about it.
My general opinion of it is: it’s a piece of epic trolling!
With the symbiotic characters, the art style, the googly eyes, even the colour scheme of their logo; the Playtonic guys are basically sticking their finger up at Microsoft and saying “This is what we wanted to be making, not that Kinnect shite you forced us to work on”.
I like that.
I like that a lot.
Best of luck to them!

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