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1. When he's away, sneak into his house (if you can), open the door slightly and put a bucket of water above. Also add some soap in it >DD

2. Break his garden gnomes by throwing rocks at them so Dib can sneak in easier.

3. Print out Zim/Dib posters and put them all over his house. It'll lead to a head explosion though, so be careful and don't choose pictures that's too hardcore.

4. When he's asleep, take some of Gir's soap (the bacon one) and rub it all over his face. Add more for bonus points, like butter and cookie crumbs.

5. Tell him straight up. That's he's a self-absorbed and gullible jerk that is a shame for his race. After that, grow a mustache and move to New Zealand. (Doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, do it anyway).

6. Kick him (bonus points if it's on the crotch) and tell him to stop making humans look like idiots.

7. Blow him a kiss. He hates human germs. (Girls' task...mostly)

8. When he takes a nap, take black lenses (entirely black) and put them on his eyes. When he wakes up, he will scream for hours that he's blind. Let him believe that until you can't take it anymore and take off the lenses (well obviously 5.00 am, when you want some damn sleep!)

9. Borrow Gir's pig toys and sit on the rooftop. When Zim goes out the door throw down the piggies and he'll be buried in a pile of pigs from the sky. (Let that weirdness sink in...)

10. Take pictures when he doesn't expect it. Then ask him if he has Facebook (well obviously he doesn't), and tell him you'll tag him in the pictures! Obviously he wont get it...unless you dare to actually do it and then he'll finally get it! And probably kill you off.

11. Tell him to take off his disguise, he looks better without it. If he agrees to and takes them off, stare at him in a few seconds and then tell him to put it on again. If he refuses, cry waterfalls and throw waffles at him. (Speaking of annoying, Gir does a great job at that!)

12. Send Tak a note that Zim wants to marry her. Hilarity will ensue.

13. Dye his wig pink.

14. Show him the world of ZaGIR (Zim/Gir). He'll twitch and leave him shaking with the nightmares rolling in like money.

15. When he doesn't expect it, jump on to his back, grab his antennae, and burst out: "RIDE THE HORSEY!!"

16. The line "I knew it! Human babies come from space!" (from the episode 'The plague of babies') which Zim stated, is wrong, and tell him exactly why. Since he's an Irken it will leave him traumatized, and disgusted for the rest of his life.

17. Play worthless artists for him (Like Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj), it will horribly represent Earth music, but what the heck.

18. Make him waffles. Make sure to tell him they do not contain peanut butter or soap (like Gir's did), no, tell him when he takes the first chew, that it contains worms and mud!

19. Steal Gaz's GameSlave 2...and blame Zim for it.

20. Dress like Zim. Call the Tallest and do the worst things possible. For example, flip the bird at them, poke the tongue at them and tell them lines like: "You want me to invade? BOHOO!!", "I eat Irkens like you for breakfast" and "I think I'm in love with a human!"
But don't say the worst. Zim will lose his job then. It's "Tall people are RETARDS!"

21. Tell him he needs vacation. Pack his bags and send him out an automatically navigated ship...make sure it will go to...I dunno...FOODCOURTIA. >DD (Oh you wouldn't dare would you...)

22. Show him the movie "E.T". It probably wouldn't annoy him...what WOULD annoy him though is that you would see him cry.

23. Tell him that Gir left a note, and it says that he left Zim for a pig.

24. Poke his squeedlyspooch and and say "SQUISHY!" Each time. When he tells you to stop, grab his cheeks and say the line even louder.

25. Take a Dib plushie, place it beside Zim (when he takes a nap), take a photo and show it to Dib >DD

26. Lock him into a room with only a TV in it...The Angry Monkey Show in a loop.

27. Sneak into his base and let Nick out.

28. Tell him he doesn't have any parents. The only one that ever "loved" him was the robot arm that woke him up with an electric shock.

29. Be a "DeeDee". Run around his base and poke on random things while yelling: "Ooh, what does THIS button do?!" When he screams at you to get out, tell him to say it in a weird accent.

30. Force him to babysit kids. HUMAN smeets, so to speak.

31. In the episode "Dark Harvest", Zim stole an organ from a girl and replaced it with a cat in her lower abdomen. Sit beside him when you recall it, roll a news-paper and hit him, while shouting: "PERV!!!" While we're at it, also recall the line: "The Dib; The Dib! I don't care how delicious he is, he's EVIL!" (Episode: Girl who Cried Gnome)

32. Try to hug him. That alone will annoy him, trust me.

33. Give Zim a bag used for dog shit leaving him with a dumbfounded look on his face. Then tell him: "You obviously don't know how to walk a dog, do you?" Refer to Gir.

34. If he EVER will be in a human's house, recommend him to get used to a place like that when in it. The first thing he should do is take a shower (hehe).

35. Tell him to count to seven with his fingers.

36. Carry around a radio and play "Toy-Box" songs on max volume when near him.

37. If he ever says "It's my duty!", start to snicker.

38. Tell him that it would suit him better to disguise as a female human rather than a male.

39. Whenever he says words like 'filthy', 'humans' etc. Say 'w00t' or 'lol'.

40. Say that there's no way he will ever get rid of Dib. Nope, never ever. He will always be an eternal pain in the ass...just like this list.
It was over a year ago I wrote one (Holy moly) I made one with Invader Zim.
This isn't my best. I think this really sucks, but I do hope you enjoy anyway.

This (c) :iconotakaraaminelli: [me]
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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Chapter one

It was dark by now, the stars just beginning to peep out in the sky while the sickle-moon shone faintly through the smog of the city. Zim walked down the sidewalk with his fists clenched angrily at his sides. Hours of walking looking for GIR and the little SIR Unit had been back at the base the entire time! That horrible robot! Next time Zim would make sure GIR would tell him when he was going out and exactly where he was going.
Suddenly Zim stopped mid-stride, looking back over his shoulder. For the past block and a half a suspicious looking bush had been shadowing him and sure enough it was still there, only five feet from him now. Zim narrowed his eyes. "Dib, this is your most pitiful spying attempt yet." He said. The bush rustled and the unmistakably big head of Dib popped out of the top. "Took you long enough to notice." Dib sneered. "Did you only just now realize I was here?"
"Of course I new you were here! Yes! It was… uh… all part of my plan. Yes! You have walked right into my trap!" Zim immediately thought of a reason for why he had done nothing about the bush stalking him for all this time. He was so clever.
Dib, however, did not look convinced. "Oh really? Exactly what trap have I walked into then?" He asked. Zim glanced from side to side, wracking his brain to think of some sort of horrible "trap" for Dib to have walked into. He could not afford to let Dib get away so easily. "My trap…well… I've got you all alone now, so there'll be no one to hear you scream!" Zim said, meaning to sound intimidating. "Uh-huh." Dib mumbled, climbing out of the bush and brushing stray leaves off his coat before facing Zim. He was in no way, shape, or form intimidated by Zim. In fact, he had something planned of his own that would surely give this Irken Invader a run for his money.
"You won't get away this time, Zim! This time I've got something that will stop you!" Dib said, beginning to get excited as he stood facing the alien. Zim rolled his eyes and folded his arms across his chest, leaning to one side in a pose that clearly spoke that he in turn wasn't afraid of anything this dirt-child could come up with. "What is it then? Another of your "para-normey" failures?" Zim said with a condescending chuckle. Dib smiled nastily, an expression he had noticed his self making more often since Zim came to Earth, some of the Invader's quirks subtly rubbing off on him.
Dib then reached into his pocket and took something small out, holding it so that Zim could see it clearly. "Ooh! Neat! What is it?" Zim asked, looking eagerly at whatever "it" was. It was small and appeared be made of polished wood, ornately carved with odd looking designs that spread out from the center, which appeared to be in the shape of some sort of large cat.
"This is ancient African talisman. I got it at the mall!" Dib pronounced proudly, holding aloft the talisman in the light of one of the street lamps they were standing under. "What's it supposed to do? I bet it probably doesn't work at all." Zim replied with a confirming nod. Dib shot him a dirty look. "It does so work! And it… does something!" Dib said, beginning to advance slowly with the talisman held out in front of him. "And we're going to find out what it does right now!" Dib continued.
Zim feigned a yawn and looked bored. This was going to end as it usually did; with Dib looking like an idiot and Zim being proven as the superior being he so was. "Get it over with, then." Zim waved his hand dismissively.
All of a sudden Dib began to chant in some odd language, words that to Zim sounded garbled and nonsensical, Dib his self didn't even know exactly what they meant but had looked up the right incantation on When the spell reached its utmost point the talisman began to glow a faint orange color and just as the incantation came to an end Dib abruptly threw the talisman at Zim who flinched a little out of pure reaction at the unexpected motion.
The talisman bounced harmlessly off of Zim's head and fell to the ground with a tiny thunk sound, no longer glowing. There was a moment of silence, unbroken as the two foes stared down at the talisman. "Eh… that was anticlimactic." Zim said with a snort of laughter. Dib only looked sorrowfully at the talisman. "That was supposed to work. The guy at the mall told me it would work." He said with a loud disappointed sigh. Zim laughed at him. "Foolish, Dib! Your powers of corn are no match for a mighty Irken Elite! Ha! I AM ZIM! And I-"
Zim was forced to cut his little victory speech short as a sudden sharp pain made him double over and gasp. "Dib! What did you- ahhg!" Zim cried, falling to his knees. His squeedily spooch felt as if it was tying itself in knots and his head was spinning so much that he had to close his eyes before he became sick. All the while he felt as if he was on fire as the pain began to consume his entire body and he writhed against it. He let out a scream, but his voice didn't sound right, it sounded raspy and growly, not at all how he was supposed to sound.
All the while Dib stood back and watched wide eyed as Zim began to transform; green fur taking the place of skin while bones crunched and bent into a new quadrepedal shape. Whatever was going on, Dib's talisman had worked and he couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction at that.
Finally the pain ebbed and Zim shook his head dizzily, still reeling so that he could only see faint blurry shapes. Something was definitely wrong. Zim looked up at Dib once his vision cleared; since when had Dib gotten so tall? "What is this? What have you done to me?" Zim demanded, but the only sound that came out of his mouth was a yowl fallowed by a few grunt-like growls. That stopped Zim talking immediately. That was not normal in the least!
"A lion cub? Why a lion?" Dib said, leaning down to get a better look at Zim. Indeed he had been turned into a lion cub. Green fur covered his entire body while his legs and paws were black, indicating where his gloves and boots had been. His wig had become a black mane.
Dib snorted a laugh. "You know, you actually look better this way, Zim!" He said, rocking back on his heels as he shook with laughter.
Zim raised one black paw, looking at down at it with an expression of pure horror (or at least what can be considered horror from a feline's face). His large rounded ears flattened against his head and his eyes grew wide as he turned in a circle trying to get a better view of his self. The fact that he now had a tail particularly unnerved him. He looked so comical that Dib nearly choked laughing.
"Dib!" Zim snarled, rounding on Dib with sharp retractable claws sliding out and scoring the sidewalk. Dib suddenly stopped laughing and realized that perhaps a lion wasn't such a good thing after all, as now Zim was more than capable of really causing him some physical harm. He backed away as the fur on Zim's neck rose and his tail lashed angrily. "Change me back!" He yowled, leaping for Dib.
However, Zim was not yet used to his new body and only ended up tripping over his own paws and landing face forward on the hard concrete, giving Dib the chance to snatch up the talisman by the twine that held it bound, and turn and head home at a fairly quick enough pace so that Zim wouldn't be able to chase after him.
"Good luck, Zim!" He laughed as he got away. "Hope you don't cough up any fur balls!"
Zim got up off the sidewalk growling irritably. "That filthy human! He will pay for this!"  Zim vowed, awkwardly testing the movement in his paws and the balance of his tail. He looked ruefully at his torn clothes lying on the ground. That really irritated him. No worries. I'll just get back to the base and fix this little problem. Then I'll exact my revenge on the Dib! Zim thought, starting to amble back the way towards his base once he was certain he wouldn't trip.
It took him a little longer than it normally would, but he finally made it back to his own house, stopping at the door when he realized that there really wasn't a way for him to turn the doorknob. He scratched at the door like a dog (a dog with abnormally sharp nails that left deep slashes). "GIR! GIR, let me in!!" He said as loudly as he could (which was pretty loud).
Before too long the door was opened by GIR who looked down at him with unbridled joy. "Awww! It's a kitty!" He said with an excited little giggle. Zim pushed ignominiously past him and into the house. "We don't have time for this, GIR. I need to get back to my amazing self." He said, unaware that all GIR could hear was grunts and little rrr-owls. "I gonna call you Fluffy! And we gonna be beeeessst friends!" GIR said, wrapping his arms around Zim in a breath crushing hug. "Hehe! Don't tell Master! He don't like kitties."
"GIR! I am your master! I AM ZIM!!!" Zim snarled, struggling out of GIR's grip with astounding flexibility he would never have been able to accomplish before. "You're hopeless." He grumbled, beginning to pad into the kitchen where he would then head down to his labs and get this mess straitened out.
A flashing red light and an alarm made him jump. "Security alert! Foreign organism detected!" The computer's voice said loudly. "Foreign organism?! I am Zim!" Zim protested. Mechanical arms and claws suddenly appeared from everywhere all at once, electricity crackling at the ends of some. Zim took a few wary steps back, and then whirled and ran as the arms advanced, chasing him out of his own base. "See you next time, Fluffy!" GIR called as Zim shot past him and darted out the door which closed with a slam. But Zim was not out of harm's way yet, now the gnomes came to life, their eyes glowing dangerously. Zim was only able to barely dodge a laser fired by the gnomes, the heat of the blast singing the fur on his back as he skittered wildly away, stopping as soon as the gnomes succeeded in chasing him off of his property.
Of course the security system would work this time. This time when he needed the base more than ever. Of course.
Well now there was no choice, the only other option was Dib. He had to know some way to take the spell off. Reluctantly Zim turned his paws in the direction of Dib's house, although not without a growl and angry lash of his tail.
He didn't get far when a box-shaped truck drove up close to him. The human text on the side reading "Animal Control." A man got out of the truck carrying a long metal stick with a loop at the end. He looked very bored and didn't seem too thrilled to have to be working this late anyway; but they had recently received a call about a predatory animal in the area. He looked at Zim with apparent disgust. "Keeping wild animals as pets. What is wrong with these people?" He muttered, advancing towards Zim with the stick. "Now don't worry, little guy. This will only hurt if you struggle." He said.
Zim let out a yell and leaped as the man lunged forward with the stick. Now his only choice was to run as the man persued him. Turned into some horrible fur-monster, kicked out of my base, and now chased by this pathetic, smelly human! Can tonight get any worse? Zim thought darkly as reached Dib's house, crashed through a hedge, and flung his self at a tree, digging his claws into the rough bark and hauling his body up until he balanced on a branched obscured by dark green leaves.
The stick-human seemed confused at Zim's sudden disappearance and doubled back, looking under cars and shrubs to find his quarry. "Pitiful human!" Zim spat.
He then spotted Dib's window and made his way across the branch, his heart hammering with fear when the branch swayed and creaked beneath him. He had to jump onto the window sill, which gave him quite a start as he jumped short and dangled momentarily with his back legs churning the empty air until he could pull his self up and squeeze through the partially open window.
Dib was just below him. Sleeping with a smile on his stupid human face. Zim's tail twitched and he crouched low on the window sill. "Change me back, stink beast!" He yowled, leaping with claws unsheathed down on Dib. Dib woke with a start and a cry as the Irken-lion cub crashed into him, throwing them both onto the floor. As Dib fell his hand flailed wildly for something, anything for him to hold onto, knocking against his desk where the talisman now went sailing into the air, landing on the back of his neck as they landed in a thrashing heap on the floor.
Zim got off hurriedly, scrambling backwards and tripping over his tail as he felt Dib writhe and twist under him, his muscles sliding and rearranging. Now it was Zim's turn to watch as the hideous transformation took over Dib, joints popping and grinding until a pale tan lion cub lay on the floor where Dib the human once had been.
Dib blinked and reached for his glasses with a paw, not realizing what had happened until he could see well enough to see the grey paw instead of a hand that had pushed his glasses back onto his face. "Zim! Look what you did now! You always mess everything up!" He exclaimed, looking up at Zim who was pressed to the floor with his ears flat and his eyes wide. He wore an expression of a mix between horror and fury. And perhaps revulsion. "Just change us back already! This little prank has gone on far enough!" Zim demanded, relieved that they could at least understand what the other was saying now.
The talisman slid off of Dib's neck onto the floor. Dib hooked it with one claw and looked at it, his expression unreadable.
"Well?" Zim asked impatiently as Dib said nothing. Dib swallowed "I don't know how to change us back." He said slowly and seriously. Zim dug his claws into the carpeted floor. "Are you saying we're stuck like this?!" He exclaimed.  Dib let the talisman fall to the floor and shuffled his paws. "There's got to be some way to change us back. What about your labs?" He asked, looking hopefully at Zim. Zim only glared at him from narrowed violet eyes. "My base doesn't recognize me in this filthy form. There might be a way to disarm the base's defenses from outside, but I'm not sure I want to help you." Zim replied. Dib bared his sharp teeth in a snarl. "You rotten space monster!" He growled, ready to spring at Zim.
But before either of them could make any move the door was flung open, revealing Gaz in her pajamas. She did not look pleased to be woken up in the middle of the night. "Stupid cats." She grumbled, picking up one of Dib's shoes from the floor and preparing to throw it at the two of them. "You'd better get out of here or you're gonna pay." She warned. Dib looked scared but Zim wasn't afraid of a pathetic shoe. "You don't scare me, little Gaz. Just go back to bed or else-"
Gaz didn't allow Zim to finish his growlings and threw the shoe forcefully at him, striking him painfully in the head and forcing him backwards with the impact. She grabbed the other shoe and threw it at Dib; then began reaching for more objects to throw. Zim and Dib knew they were outmatched and promptly fled out of Dib's room, down the stairs, and out the door, all the while letting out yowls of fear.
"And stay out!" Gaz yelled, slamming the front door behind her. Zim and Dib panted out on the porch. They had escaped Gaz's wrath, but they were still no closer to returning to normal.
"We'll try your base then." Dib said to Zim, getting up and beginning to head down the sidewalk. He didn't get very far when there was a very loud popping sort of noise and Dib jumped with a squeak of pain. A brightly colored dart sticking out of his shoulder. Zim turned to see that the shooter of the dart was the man in the Animal Control truck who had a long-barreled gun pointing at the two of them.
Dib swayed and then collapsed unconscious in a pitiful heap. The man aimed the gun at Zim before he could gather his wits and run away. Another loud pop and Zim yowled as a second dart buried itself into his side. He staggered, fighting the effects of the drug. "Zim cannot be conquered by pathetic human tranquilizing devices!" He snarled defiantly. His legs suddenly shook and collapsed under him, his head felt very heavy. "It… won't… work…" He mumbled, his eyes beginning to close despite his best efforts to stay awake. "I…am…Zim…"
Then his head fell forward on his paws and he remembered no more.
And here is the beginning of possibly one of the stupidest things I have ever written. A crossover fanfic of Invader Zim and the Lion King. This is just for fun and isn't meant to be very long or very detailed. If you don't like it don't read it.

Oh noes! Zim and Dib have been turned into lion cubs! What will happen next?!? o.0

Chapter Two

Invader Zim (c) to Jhonen Vasquez and Nickelodeon
The Lion King (c) to Disney
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The hero's quest archetype, as laid out by Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, is a structure which can be applied to literature.  The structure is a common model for much of literature and mythology, continuing in popular usage even today, with some of the greatest modern epics of following the formula.  One such modern epic, Andrew Hussie's webcomic, Homestuck, contains multiple iterations of this archetype, as its primary function is as a mythology-building entity.

Joseph Campbell would be best classified as a psychoanalyst, not a structuralist.  His work followed that of Carl Jung, a successor to Freud.  Jung first developed the concept of the archetype based on his theories about the collective unconscious, a region of the mind where "each of us has his private, unrecognized, rudimentary, yet secretly potent, pantheon of dream" (Campbell).  This unconscious contains elements of myth common to all humans; these elements came to be called archetypes and are the basic structures of mythology, appearing in different forms throughout the mythologies of different world cultures.

So why call the archetype a structure if it's based in psychoanalytic principles?  The archetype of the hero's journey is, essentially, a combination of the two: a psychoanalytic structure, functioning in both psychoanalytic and structuralist realms.  In the one, it serves as an element of the unconscious mind's shared mythology.  In the other, it serves as a structure shared by many works of literature.  In each discipline, it can potentially be used as a basis for critique and analysis.

Using archetypes for a psychoanalytic critique of a piece would be difficult and a bit impractical.  The function of psychoanalytic critique is to look into the mind of a character, the reader, or the author to find something unique to analyze.  Using archetypes for this kind of critique wouldn't show much about the mentalities of any of the above, and essentially would only serve to show that the author and reader are, on some conscious or unconscious level, aware of the tropes.

Archetypes' strengths as structures, however, are that they are the base units, the elements of the literary periodic table; ideally, every story and myth should contain one or more of these archetype-atoms formed together into a unique story-molecule, interconnecting different tropes into the plot in different combinations to avoid creating the same mundane story every time.  The archetype of the hero is often crossed, for example, with the archetype of the temptress, who lures the hero away from his quest and from fidelity to his love interest.  Archetypes are easy, universal structures to be found in all of world literature and mythology, which makes using them for structural analysis especially practical as they can tie together works from so many cultures and genres.

Campbell's book stretches the archetype of the hero's journey out into many distinct steps, each containing a successive sub-element of the journey.  The book mostly serves to provide mythical examples of the sub-steps he delineates, conveying the meaning through example, rather than through explicit description.  These steps are usually boiled down into a series of nine of the most important steps on the journey.  All stories that fit the archetype of the hero's journey must fulfill the majority of these steps in some order.

The first step is an unusual birth circumstance; the hero's birth must be strange in some way.  Frequently, this is a virgin birth.  Other variants include a death plot in infancy or that the child be born into royalty.  Often these elements are merged, and stories emerge like that of Jesus who is born to a virgin and also faces a death plot early on when King Harrod decrees that all of the boys under the age of two in Bethlehem must be slain.  

The second step entails that the hero must leave his land and family to live with others.  Sometimes, this is to avoid the death threat presented by the first step.  Other times, it can be due to the deaths of the hero's parents, when the hero is sent to live with relatives as surrogate parents, like Harry Potter being sent to the Dursleys or Frodo living with Bilbo in Lord of the Rings.  The hero will sometimes receive training while living with these others and frequently comes out of his time among them a much stronger and more heroic person.

The third step involves some event that sets off the hero's quest.  Often, this is a traumatic event such as the death of a loved one or an attack by the dark powers that demands justice.  Other times, the character simply comes of age and is sent off to make their own way in the world.  In modern fiction, this step often takes the form of a magical or otherwise supernatural accident that draws the hero into a fantasy world.  

The fourth step requires the hero to acquire a special weapon that no other person can wield.  Famous iterations of this step include King Arthur and Excalibur, a sword none but Arthur could wield and Moses and his blessed staff which he used to perform miracles before Pharaoh and part the Red Sea to free his people.  In some instances, the weapon can also simply be something that everyone acquires at some point, such as a wand in the Harry Potter series, which works best for the wizard of its choosing.

The fifth step calls for supernatural aid for the hero.  In modern literature, this frequently takes the form of the wise wizard who guides the hero on his quest, like Gandalf for Bilbo and Frodo in Lord of the Rings and Dumbledore for Harry Potter.  In religion and mythology, the supernatural aid often comes directly from the deities themselves, Hermes helping Odysseus and God helping Moses for example.  

The sixth step is the repeated proving of the hero.  They must face many trials and defeat many enemies before their final showdown with the big bad.  Video game iterations of the archetype are probably most notorious for this, as the player works through level after level and dungeon after dungeon before finally reaching the final boss.  

The seventh step is a descent into a hell-like place, either physically or mentally, where the hero earns some unhealable wound.  Sometimes, the wound is physical, Luke Skywalker losing his hand fighting Darth Vader.  Other times, it is more metaphorical, such as a character's past mistakes haunting them.  

In the eighth step, the hero atones for the debts and mistakes of his father or a close family member.  Sometimes, this is simply repaying of a father's debts, such as fighting for someone to whom the hero's father owed a debt as Beowulf does.  Other times, it can involve avenging the father's death or making amends for the father's mistakes.

The final step involves the spiritual reward that follows the hero's death.  Frodo gets the privilege to go with the elves into the Undying Lands in the west, a heaven-like place where the elves sail when their time in Middle Earth is through.  Sometimes the heroes are promised to return again should their country and people need them.  Jesus is one such figure, for example, whose return is prophesied to bring the end of the Earth.  

These nine steps provide a well-rounded story with enough room for variation that has and will likely continue to provide thousands of years of stories and mythology to cultures worldwide.  It is by far one of the most popular archetypes to work with judging by the frequency with which books and movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars gain widespread fame and spawn imitations.  It can be used to appeal to both those who want an everyman character like Harry to rise up and succeed and, at the same time, can appeal to those who want strong, legendary heroes like Beowulf or Superman.

One of the main drawbacks of the hero's quest and any other archetype is that, when poorly handled, the use of a trope can do more harm than good.  Following the structure step by step with no variance, will make the piece lack dimension.  The best examples of the trope combine elements from multiple archetypes and may even include duplicates of hero's quest archetype itself.

Andrew Hussie's web-comic Homestuck does just this.  One of the main goals for Homestuck is as a mythology-developing entity, and it relies heavily on the use of tropes to achieve that end.  The basic premise is that Homestuck is the story of four, 13-year-old kids, John, Dave, Rose, and Jade, who begin playing a video game together called Sburb.  The game seems simple enough at first, but when meteors start falling from the sky and threatening their lives, they discover that there is more to the game than originally thought.  Each of the kids must "enter" the game through a series of small tasks before their homes are destroyed by falling meteors.  

Upon entering the game, each of the kids finds him or herself on a different planet in a region of space called the Incipisphere.  These planets are tailored by the game to challenge them as they work to build up their houses to reach gates, portals in space that lead to a central planet called Skaia upon which the final battle between the dark forces of the planet Derse and the light forces of the planet Prospit engage in a final, chess-like battle, where the light is always fated to lose.  

The game, in and of itself, is a method of universe and mythology creation.  As the kids play the game, they are harassed over the internet by a group of mysterious trolls, horned, gray-skinned members of an alien race who had played a previous iteration of the game and only barely failed.  The trolls, by playing through their session of the game, created our universe, and, by playing the game themselves, the kids will create the next universe.  Should the players win, they are allowed to enter the new universe as gods and shape that universe into whatever they would like.  Even before the game is completed, the residents of Derse and Prospit, even the kings and queens treat the kids with reverence.  

The plot of Homestuck is full of iterations of the hero's quest archetype, with the kids and trolls all playing out the trope in their own ways.  However, with twelve trolls and four kids, a full catalogue of this would be impractical, so the leaders' quests in each session, that of John for the human session and of Karkat for the troll session, will be looked into.

As the leaders of their respective sessions, both John and Karkat are put in charge of handling the first step of the archetype: the unusual birth.  Through a highly confusing process known as ectobiology, both boys are in charge of creating themselves, their friends, and their guardians using cloned imprints of their guardians as adults.  John's grandmother and Jade's grandfather are combined to form John and Jade, and Dave's Bro and Rose's mom are combined to form the Dave and Rose.  Karkat uses the imprints of the ancestors of each of his teammates to create direct clones, as troll reproduction, in and of itself, is bizarre by human standards and having the trolls be direct clones of their ancestors is a simpler alternative. 
The bizarre troll family structure lends itself well to the second step of the archetype: where the hero is raised away from their parents and trained.  A young troll never meets his or her parents and is instead reared by a wild beast known as a lusus.  Lusii can take on many different forms, such as a large, two-mouthed cat, a massive troll-eating spider, or even an eldritch tentacle monster, and each young troll gets one.  They serve to train young trolls to become strong warriors as adults.  

Each of the kids as well has a strange family structure that fulfills the second step.  They are each raised as only children by a single adult, though Jade's guardian is actually a large magical dog as her grandpa died when she was young.  Each of the guardians seem to antagonize their kids, much the same way as lusii do, subtly training their children to become strong fighters.

The third step for both sessions, the action that sets the heroes' out on their quests is the arrival of their video games.  John receives his copy of Sburb in the mail on his birthday and is the first of the kids to begin playing.  Karkat receives his copy of Sgrub, the trolls' equivalent, from his friend Sollux, a programer who created the game based on information found in an ancient ruin.  By starting the games, the players start themselves on their own quests.

For the fourth step, the unique weapons, the characters each use different battle styles and receive at some point during their quest an extremely powerful weapon of the variety they use.  John fights with a hammer and gets the Fear No Anvil, a powerful hammer that belonged to Hephaestus.  Karkat fights with a sickle, but, at this point, it's unknown if Karkat will receive anything comparable in terms of rarity.  

The fulfillment of step five, supernatural aid, comes in the form of kernelsprites.  At the beginning of each player's game, they are given a kernelsprite as a guide.  The sprites can be prototyped with different objects which change the shape of the ultimate opponents the kids must face.  The sprites tend to be drawn to dead matter, so Karkat's is prototyped with "Crab-dad," his dead crustacean lusus, and John's is prototyped into Nannasprite, using his grandmother's ashes and a harlequin doll.

Step six, the repeated testing of the hero, comes in the form of the trials the kids must go through as they play the game, each gate getting progressively harder to reach.  The players cycle through each other's planets as they pass through the gates and have to work their way back to their own planets of origin to get to the next gate.  

The seventh step behaves differently for each of the leaders.  John's descent into the hell-equivalent comes when Jack Noir, the main antagonist in the kid's session, lights the oil seas of John's planet on fire.  John has to tap into "The Windy Thing," his special skill granted to him by the game, to put the fires out.  His unhealable wound comes shortly thereafter when John goes to sleep on his Quest Bed, a game element best described with step nine, and is stabbed in his sleep by Jack in cold-blood. 
Karkat's descent into hell comes during the most recent updates.  After the trolls fail their session, several of the trolls go slowly crazy and begin killing off their teammates.  Karkat had to watch Eridan, an upper-class troll, kill two other trolls and blind Sollux.   At the present moment,  one of Karkat's particular friends, Gamzee, has also gone insane and has killed two other trolls.  So at the present moment, Karkat is in a metaphorical hell, surrounded by friends and teammates slowly losing their minds and going on murderous rampages.  Having failed at leading his team through a successful session, Karkat is apparently doomed to spend his last hours among slowly maddening friends and teammates, emotionally scarred by both his own failure and the fear induced by his situation.  

The eighth step regarding atonement for the father's sins doesn't particularly apply to either Karkat or John at the moment, though some of the other trolls are working through this particular step.  The troll concept of ancestors, mentioned during the explanation of the first step, exists to provide young trolls with a model to emulate.  Two trolls, Vriska and Terezi, are both extremely fond of their legacies and are currently working through a rivalry their ancestors began.  Due to the ongoing nature of the comic, it is unknown how exactly the present showdown will work out with regard to the idea of atonement.

The ninth and final step ties back to John's unhealable wound.  The Quest Bed John is stabbed on serves as a medium for ascension.   Every player gets a dreamself that they inhabit while asleep.  It can also be used as an extra life; should the player die, they can be revived into their dreamself, but only if they are kissed by another player, and their dreamself is a still alive. Should a high-leveled player die on their Quest Bed, their consciousness will be transferred permanently to their dreamself, and they will ascend to the god-tier, earning more powers than the average player.  Because John dies on his Quest Bed, he gains these powers and ascends, gaining the spiritual reward that follows the hero's death. 
By being so true to the hero's quest archetype in such a unique way, Andrew Hussie's work embodies the best of what can be done with archetypes.  He melds this simple, age-old trope into a longer, extremely complicated, and original piece of fiction.  The size of the fan-following Homestuck has is a testament to just how attractive the hero's quest archetype can be when handled well.  

As humans, we like our heroes, and the archetype and others like it have always given them to us.  The modifications that can be made to the structure in terms of character and setting allow for whatever kind of hero we as readers want to see.  The structure still exists because artists and writers have molded and manipulated it, keeping their stories new and fresh for their audiences by creating engaging heroes, no matter how repetitive the underlying trope.
Full title: Herostuck: A Structuralist Analysis of the Hero's Quest Archetype in Homestuck

I wrote this as the final paper for my Literary and Critical Theory course this semester. Yes, I got to write my final on Homestuck. I was thrilled when my professor told us we'd be able to do it on whatever we wanted as long as we could apply something we did in class to it.

We never got our papers back, since this was a final and college professors don't usually give final papers back. I did however, get an A in the class, so I had to have gotten a reasonably good score on the final.

Works Consulted:
Campbell, Joseph. The Hero with a Thousand Faces. 1949. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University, 2004. PDF file.
Davis, Bryan M. "The Archetypal Hero in Literature, Religion, Movies, and Popular Culture." tat's box. Stephen F. Austin University, 11 Oct. 1997. Web. 28 Apr. 2011. <[link]>.
Hussie, Andrew. "Homestuck." Comic strip. MS Paint Adventures. N.p., 27 Apr. 2011. Web. 28 Apr. 2011. <[link]>.
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Michael: You know, I’ve been thinking about you Trevor. Your lifestyle.
Trevor: Oh, have you? Really?
Michael: Yes, I have. People always try to label you. You know, maniac, psycho….
Trevor: Friend….Industry leader…
Michael: In some ways you can defy categorization. But then….
Trevor: What?
Michael: Think about it. Where you live…
Trevor: Sandy Shores, you precious ass. I’m sorry there ain’t a place nearby for you to get your colonics.
Michael: Right. But why are you out here?
Trevor: It’s off the grid. We’re away from it all. It’s somewhere real and authentic. This is America, and real people ain’t been priced out yet.
Michael: Yeah, well what if it gets gentrified?
Trevor: Then I’ll fucking move.
Michael: Okay, what about the way you dress?
Trevor: What about it? I don’t give a shit what I wear.
Michael: No, no no. If you don’t give a shit, you wear clean clothes that fit. See, yours are all a little out there. A little wacky.
Trevor: Whatever’s in the shop, is what I get. Jesus, what is this?
Michael: It’s not an absence of taste, T, it’s the opposite of taste.
Trevor: You should be a stylist.
Michael: And then there’s the tattoos, the hair, the weird music, the funny toys, the niche drugs, the everything.
Trevor: What the fuck are we talking about?
Michael: You….are a hipster!
Trevor: What?
Michael: You’re a hipster.
Trevor: I hate hipsters.
Michael: Classic hipster denial.
Trevor: I abhor hipsters. I eat them for fun.
Michael: Hipsters love saying they hate hipsters.
Trevor: Well, I really fucking do.
Michael: Self-hatred. Common hipster affliction.
Trevor: Only because I’m living out here away from the Bean Machines, and the bankers?
Michael: You’re gentrifying. Soon the skinny jeans will show up, then the skinny lattes, and then the bankers. And you’ll be somewhere else starting the cycle all over again. Maybe you’re not a classic garden variety hipster, but you’re what the hipsters aspire to be. You, Trevor, are the proto-hipster.
Trevor: I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t agree with what you’re saying. You’re talking bullshit. And you’re trying to wind me up. But I’m very, very angry and I want this conversation to stop right away.
Michael: Hipster.
Trevor: Fuck you. Fuck you Michael. Say it again.
Michael: I’ve made my point. I’m not a sadist.
This made me cry with laughter. 
even if he is a hipster ;D

This belongs to Rockstar.

This can be heard, here;…
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So long ago began
the ever growing free for all,
The all you can eat,
dog eat dog world,
Where commonplace
are the simplistic struggles.
So out of hand,
that solutions become
ironically complex...
Hell's buffet,
straight out and down
from the kitchen above,
down the slip n' slide
through the caverns
of mishaps and mistakes,
I bet it tastes like regret,
and the buyer's remorse,
Reap what you sew say
the teeth of the demon,
With every bite sinks
in a shame filled saliva.
"Maybe we'll slow them down!"
Say the so called thinkers...
I can't help but think against them,
but what do I know?
I'm just a common crumb in the trough.
Above Heaven watches,
restricted by the local law
to keep the peace...
nothing is ever done,
but to keep the balance.
I wanted to try a little something different, and since I haven't written lyrics in a long time, I thought why not for a more satirical piece speaking out against how certain sins are now widely accepted and common within today's world. Don't misunderstand my message though, because I am completely guilty of a lot of things that I'm not proud, but so are we all as human beings. It's just our nature.

As far as the writing style for this piece goes, I was in many ways mimicking two songs by my favorite band, Lamb of God. The songs are "Contractor" and "Cheated". Fast paced, and meant to mock the modern political issues of our society. This one the other hand is directed at modern religious issues.

The satirical aspect of it is making fun of people such as the Westburo Baptist Church. Notice how I intentionally leave out any mention of Christ, redemption, and The Sacrifice for our sins. Such is my way pointing a both laughing, and accusing finger at people like them. The rest is as explained in the first paragraph of this synopsis.

Picture Citation:
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Day after day, you busy yourself with things that you enjoy, hobbies that make you content, spend time with people who make you laugh. Your friends see you smile and love the sunshine it brings to them, and you yourself are glad you could give them happiness. They see you as someone to turn to when they need to be reminded that life isn't so bad, that there is a way to express joy through the hard times, and they thank you for helping them, even though it seems like you were doing nothing but being yourself. But it was being yourself that spread those smiles to others, wasn't it? A chain reaction caused by the simple act of your own face preforming the ever so contagious grin. They see you as carefree, jubilant, energetic, and nothing seems to bother you. You love when people tell you you've made them smile, and it makes you smile, glad to know that you brought them happiness.

Then you remember who you really are. You remember that they've never seen the real you. You remember that the "happiness" you show is forced, and often is very exhausting. Your smile, your laugh, your energy is nothing but a lie you're forcing on yourself to try and perhaps confuse your own brain into thinking that it's happy. Causing other people to smile wasn't a part of the original plan. Now that it has happened, you're afraid to ever let your guard down, you're afraid that, even though you know you're lying to yourself, if you frown for only a mere second, everyone will see the real you and lose the hope you had unknowingly given to people.

And you just wish you were them.
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By burning waters, and smoldering bridges,
I await the genesis of our animosity.
Make the move that gives me permission to strike,
make the move that will bring about your end.

Near draws the line that which I advise you to never cross.
Though to my eyes comes the image of your sprinting legs.
It would seem, that through your veins flows pure pestilence,
and that you wish to bring upon me, nuisances by any cost.

Good God, such a fool bound for my throat,
knowing not the patient blade that waits.
Honor averts it's eyes, as your charge draws to an end.
It wishes this good and done, just as I.

A swift jerk of my arm to your direction,
and make you, a last descent to the ground below.
Then burden leaves my shoulders,
as life outward, pours from your filthy heart.
I really just felt like writing something dark, but this rather simplistic piece is just a narrative of one person to another in brief struggle that ends with a death. There is no message or moral, I just wanted to write lol....

picture citation: [link]
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"Soon." Levy said to herself as she put on her dress. Today was her boyfriend's birthday and she was taking him to dinner. Even though he didn't like eating normal food, she would give him a wonderful dessert. She brushed her hair and kept it down, not using a bandanna to keep her bangs back. They did not obscure her eyes and it made her look cute. She gazed at her appearance in the mirror. Her dress was a beautiful shade of orange, the color that looked best on her. She smiled and put on a light lip gloss, giving her lips a nice sheen. Levy looked to the clock on her bedside table. It was sitting atop a bunch of books, not unusual for Fairy Tail's local bookworm. It was quarter of seven. Their dinner reservations were at seven-o-clock, so it was time to head out. She took hold of her purse and left, a small spring in her step. She completely forgot her coat, which was laid out on her bed.

*** ***

The two of them had agreed to arriving at the restaurant separately. Levy stood outside the establishment, shaking like a leaf on a windy day.

"Damn it! I can't believe I forgot my jacket." She hissed quietly to herself. A bad start to what was supposed to be a wonderful evening. She took a deep breath and looked around. It was almost time for their reservation. Jut then, a big, strong hand placed itself on her small, thin shoulder. She jumped in surprise and quickly turned around. And there he stood; Gajeel Redfox. He was wearing his white suit and hat, his usual choice for fancy occasions. For once, Gajeel had brushed his hairr and pulled it back into a low ponytail. No doubt Lily made him. Levy's cheeks turned slightly pink as she gazed at him. He looked absolutely handsome. She smiled, still shaking.

"Where's your coat?" He asked as the two moved inside.

"I forgot it at home." She smiled as the waiter lead them to their table. When they arrived at their table, Gajeel pulled out the chair for Levy. She smiled at him as he took his seat. The waiter returned minutes later and took their order. Gajeel ordered a steak and told the man to bring him a bunch of crap metal.

"I'm sorry, sir, but we don't have scrap metal here." The waiter said. Gajeel's usual scowl became very fierce.

"Then you better go and get some, huh?!" He got to his feet and glared down at the man.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I cannot. This restaurant only serves food."

"Well, scrap metal is food to me!" Gajeel growled.

"Gajeel, please stop..." Levy whimpered. She didn't want to leave. It had taken so many jobs just to get a table at this restaurant. She didn't want this night to get any worse. Just then, the owner came out, right as Gajeel was about to smack their waiter with his iron fist.

"Sir, you are causing too much of a disturbance. I must ask you to leave!" he said. Gajeel growled and took Levy's hand. He began to drag her away.

"Tch! Who would even bother with this place!?" Levy looked hurt. She had worked so hard to get reservations here and now they were leaving, without eating at all.

*** ***

Once they were away from the restaurant, they began to walk along aimlessly. They arrived at the river that ran through the town. Levy walked along the edge. Gajeel remained by her side.

"Shorty, I'm sorry." He said gruffly as they continued to walk. Levy said nothing. She continued to just stare blanky ahead. She didn't mind spending the night with Gajeel, but she had worked so hard to make sure tonight would be wonderful. Not paying attention, she didn't notice a break in the rock along the side. She stepped there, lost her footing and fell into the river. Lucky for her, she had landed in a shallow area. Gajeel tried to catch her, but he had failed. Levy sat in the water, shaking. Her entire body was soaked. Her eyes began to water and her lip qwivered.

"L...Levy...?" Gajeel jumped into the water as she began to cry, "Why are you crying?!"

"I....I wanted to make everything perfect since it was your first birthday as a member of Fairy Tail! I wanted it to be special! And this night has gone from bad to worse!" She cried as Gajeel helped her up. He brought her back onto the walkway and placed his jacket around her. He held her chin in her fingers and tilted her head upward.

"I thought it was perfect." he said quietly, "I wanted to spend it with you, and I did. That's what made this night perfect." He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers softly. The tiny mage blushed, but wrapped her arms around him and kissed back either way. Once the kiss was broken, she looked into his eyes and gently smiled.

"Happy Birthday, my iron dragon."
Here we go! My latest fanfic! This is a gift for my Fb rp Gajeel for his birthday! :D I know he has a DA, but i cant remember it right now XDDD what do you guys think?

Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima
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Prfctcellrulz presents
The 50 greatest Transformers quotes EVER!

This is a list of 50 of my all-time favorite Transformers quotes from the entire Transformers Universe in no particular order! Enjoy!

1: “I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. I am that which is, which was, and is yet to come, and you will know my name is MEGATRON when I lay my Vengeance upon you!”
-Megatron, Beast Wars: Nemesis Part II

2: “Is the future of our race NOT WORTH a single human life?”
“You’ll never stop at one. I’LL TAKE YOU ALL ON!!!”
-Megatron VS Prime, Revenge of the Fallen

3: “You picked the WRONG PLANET! GIVE ME YOUR FACE!!!”
-Prime VS Fallen, Revenge of the Fallen

-Prime after off-lining the Fallen, Revenge of the Fallen

5: “Ding-a-ling, come out and git yo’ ice cream!” “Any bad robot out there better get ready for an ass whoopin’!”
-Skids and Mudflap’s first lines in the movie, Revenge of the Fallen

6: “This is Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons. And if you are watching this, it means I’ve failed, THIS TIME (Laughs evilly). But I know that Transwarp Technology is being developed, and so, I leave this message to any Decepticon descendants that may find…may find…may find…(Message ends)”
-G1 Megatron’s message on the Voyager Golden Disk, Beast Wars: The Agenda, Part III

7: "My father, why, was a wheel! The first wheel! And do you know what he transformed into? Nothing! But he did so with honor! Dignity, damn it!"
-Grandpa Jetfire, Revenge of the Fallen

8: "What planet am I on?"
"Earth? Terrible name for a planet. Might as well call it Dirt. Planet Dirt."
-Sam and Grandpa Jetfire, Revenge of the Fallen

9: “BEHOLD, the infinite glory of JETFIRE!”
-Grandpa Jetfire, Revenge of the Fallen

10: “Soundwave SUPERIOR, Constructicons INFERIOR.”
-Soundwave, The Transformers: The Movie (‘86 Movie)

11: “Coronation, Starscream? This is BAD comedy!”
“MEGATRON? Is that you?
“HERE’S A HINT! (Starscream gets vaporized) Will ANYONE ELSE attempt to fill his shoes?”
-Galvatron vaporizes Starscream for his betrayal, The Transformers: The Movie (‘86 Movie)

12: "Need parts. Kill ze little one!"
-Doctor Scalpel, Revenge of the Fallen”

13: “Starscream, I’m home!”
-Megatron, Revenge of the Fallen

14: ”You want a piece of me? YOU WANT A PIECE?”
-Megatron rips Jazz in half, Transformers (2007 Movie)

15: “I live to serve you, Lord Megatron…”
“The humans have taken it!”
“(Growls) You fail me yet again, Starscream. GET THEM!”
-Megatron and Starscream, Transformers (2007 Movie)

16: "Give me the All Spark, and you may live to be my pet."
"I'm never giving you this All Spark!"
"Oh, so unwise..."
-Megatron and Sam, Transformers (2007 Movie)

17: “The parents are very irritating. (Ratchet nods) Can I take them out?”
“Ironhide! You know we DON’T HARM humans! WHAT IS WITH YOU?!?”
“Well, I’m just saying we could, it’s an option.”
-The ever trigger-happy Ironhide, Transformers (2007 Movie)

18: “Unicron, my master, (Holds up Matrix) with THIS, I shall make YOU MY SLAVE!”
-Galvatron gains control of the Matrix, The Transformers: The Movie (‘86 Movie)

19: “Whaddaya lookin' at, slobberpuss?!”
-Wheelie, Revenge of the Fallen

20: “How about tonight, you pretend I'm your girlfriend, and I pretend that you're my boyfriend?”
-Alice seduces Sam, Revenge of the Fallen

21: “I can suffer your treachery, ‘LIEUTENANT‘, BUT NOT YOUR INCOMPENTENCE! (Flings Tarantulas into lava pit) Treachery requires NO mistakes!”
“(Weakly) Yes Megatron. NO mistakes.”
-TransMetal 2 Megatron has enough of Tarantulas’ deception, Beast Wars: Master Blaster

22: “Damn, I’m good!”
-Sideswipe after slicing Sideways in half, Revenge of the Fallen

23: “This is not your planet to rule. The Fallen shall rise again!”
-Demolisher’s ultimatum to Optimus, Revenge of the Fallen

24: “Decepticons FOREVER!!!!”
-Ravage’s last words, Beast Wars: The Agenda Part III

25: “Ve must haff ze brain on ze table! Chop-chop!”
-Doctor Scalpel before attempting to dissect Sam, Revenge of the Fallen

26: “What’s crackin‘, little bitches? This looks like a cool place to kick it!”
-Jazz introduces himself, Transformers (2007 Movie)

27: “Bring the rain!”
-Sergeant Epps, Transformers (2007 Movie)

28: “So this is what it feels like to be a hero.”
-Optimus Prime before dying, Transformers Animated: Transform and Roll Out.

29: “Oh SHIT, what’re we gonna do now?”
-Spike on the failed moon-base self-destruct plan, The Transformers: The Movie (‘86 Movie)

30: “Decepticons, Transform and RISE UP!”
Megatron coins a “Roll Out” phrase for the ‘Cons, Transformers Animated: Megatron Rising Part II

31: “Inferno blow up, Waspinator must salvage. Waspinator blow up, nobody salvage! Why universe hate Waspinator?”
-Waspinator bemoaning his lot in life, Beast Wars: Deep Metal

32: "I said no! Dragon-Bot command you, Sub-Commander Kiss-Butt! Dragon-Bot not command Waspinator! Not any more! Waspinator sick of being evil. Sick of being Predacon! And, Waspinator especially sick of getting blown to scrap all the time! Sooo, Waspinator quit! As of now, which means Ant-Bot and Two-Head can just pucker their mandibles and plant big, wet, juicy one right here on Waspinator's big...fat...stripy...a..."
-Waspinator finally stands up for himself...and gets blown to scrap by Inferno and Quickstrike, Beast Wars: Nemesis Part I

33: "Raw energon! Right through your twisted spark! Take it! Take it straight to the pit, you SICKENING PIECE OF SLAG!"
-Depth Charge’s KICKASS last words, Beast Wars: Nemesis Part I

34: “Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost!”
-Optimus Prime before facing Megatron, The Transformers: The Movie (‘86 Movie)

35: "Well, come on, let's have it—the usual 'destiny and honor' speech."
"Speech this!"
-Megatron gets decked by Optimus Primal, Beast Wars: Nemesis Part II

36: “What do you think it is, Big Bot?”
“Not what...who. After the Great War, a few Decepticons were granted amnesty. Most have retired. But rumor has it that one was reprogrammed and rebuilt—as a Predacon!”
-Optimus Primal has the honor of re-introducing Ravage, Beast Wars: The Agenda Part I

37: "Now I enter these hallowed halls... a conquerer... yesss. Autobots and Decepticons, still frozen in emergency stasis, awaiting the moment, four million years hence, when they will awaken to start the Great War. Hmmm, a Great War, when the Autobots defeated the Decepticons, and thus their descendants the Maximals rule we Predacons... archaic energon guzzlers! How dare they? Unwilling though I was to follow my namesake's instructions, it has all come down to this: the ultimate risk, for the ultimate prize. A day of reckoning, with those who made us slaves!"
-Megatrn’s endgame monologue Part 1, Beast Wars: The Agenda Part III

38: "So, we are now face to face, Optimus Prime. In one future you awaken and become the great leader of the Autobots. But time shall take a different track, now... computer! All available power to primary weapon! ... And now, Optimus Prime, in memory of the Decepticons... for the glory of the Predacons... for the Cybertron that is rightfully ours, and mine to rule! ... I unleash the storm of vengeance—farewell!"
-Megatron’s endgame monologue Part 2, Beast Wars: The Agenda Part III

39: "Say goodbye to the universe, Maximals! The future has changed. Yessssss. The Autobots lose, evil triumphs, and you... YOU! NO LONGER EXIST!"
-Game Over, User (Megatron) Wins, Beast Wars: The Agenda Part III

40: “This is not the end of it, ‘Optimal Optimus‘. Nooo. The universe cowered once at the name of Megatron, and it shall do so again!”
“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, Megatron!”
“Then they'd better stay out of my way!”
“Oh, for bootin' up cold! Will you just shoot him?”
“I'm trying NOT to resort to that!”
-“Optimal” Optimus Primal and Megatron trash talk, Beast Wars: Optimal Situation

41: "The question that once haunted my being has been answered. The future is not fixed, and my choices are my own. And yet, how ironic... for I now find that I have no choice at all! I am a warrior... let the battle be joined."
-Dinobot preparing to face his destiny, Beast Wars: Code of Hero

42: "Hmm, my ears are burning! Yesss! Why, Dinobot, what a delightful surprise! Let's see, where are we now? I have the Golden Disk, I have the power to change the future, and the only obstacle in my path to unimaginable glory... is yourself. Exhausted. Damaged beyond recovery. Defeated."
-Megatron underestimates Dinobot’s willpower, Beast Wars: Code of Hero

43: "Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence."
-Dinobot's last words (Sorry fangirls), Beast Wars: Code of Hero

44: "He lived a warrior... and died a hero. Let his spark join the Matrix, the greatest of Cybertron."
-Optimus Primal's eulogy for Dinobot, Beast Wars: Code of Hero

45: "I am Tigerhawk, emissary of the Vok. Your form's changed, but I know you, Megatron. The Vok charge you with the willful disruption of time and space. Surrender to me immediately. Violence will not be tolerated."
"Megatrons do not surrender." [transforms to robot mode] We conquer! Predacons, attack!"
-Tigerhawk introduces himself and Megatron doesn’t care, Beast Wars: Other Victories

46: "One shall stand. One shall fall."
-No explanation needed, The Transformers: The Movie (’86 AND 2007 Movies!)

47: “Light Our Darkest Hour!”
-Hot Rod unleashes the Matrix and becomes Rodimus Prime, The Transformers: The Movie (‘86 Movie)

48: "For a time… I considered sparing your wretched little planet of Cybertron. But now... you shall witness... its dismemberment!"
-Unicron is a master of intimidation, The Transformers: The Movie (‘86 Movie)

49: "Our races united by a history long forgotten and a future we shall face together. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message so that our pasts will always be remembered. For in those memories, we live on."
-Optimus Prime's closing narration, setting up for Transformers 3 in the process, Revenge of the Fallen

50: “Til All Are One!”
-The most famous quote of the Transformers Universe, Transformers (All Series)

And that’s it! Happy 25th Anniversary, Transformers! Til All Are One!
In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Transformers franchise, I have composed a list of 50 of the most famous lines ever spoken in the entire Transformers Universe!

If you agree or disagree, that's fine with me, OR if you wanna add a quote(s), feel free to leave a comment with your designated quote(s)!

Anyway, enjoy! Hope you like it!

Transformers belongs to Hasbro/Takara (Happy 25th Anniversary! Til All Are One!)

I'm Primus in the Transformers-Crew!
I'm Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode in the Duel-Monsters Club!
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'Myth Wars': Episode 54: "Beast Wars Rekindled: Part 2: Tarantulas; the commander":

"Hmm...this could prove very useful indeed..." the figure in the bushes mutters and exits the brush. Another being stands near him, a fierce strong robot with a wolf's head upon his shoulder and a long-bladed sword. "What is it Master Tarantulas?" the robot asks him. His voice is deep, almost savage and primeval in nature. "Tell me Fenrir; how would feel about going on a hunt?" Tarantulas asks him with a wave of his hand.

Fenrir places a finger upon his chin and rubs it lightly, "What is the prey?" Tarantulas snickers lightly to himself, and clenches his claws with pleasure, "Maximals!"

Meanwhile, on the shuttle; the conscience Maximals are bracing for sudden impact. They all yell and scream in terror as the ground gets closer and closer. As the fire and smoke clear, they see water and earth as they zoom in up the surface; and head straight for a mountain range!

Suddenly, they impact with the surface; and a giant explosion of rock and ice throw debris into the air and the ground shakes uncontrollably as tremendous forces rip the terrain apart and create giant cracks in the surface. Animals flee as a wave of soot flows like a mighty tsunami towards them; but it is useless as everything is engulfed in the wave; trees, animals, bushes; everything. The wave pummels nearby mountains, and scrapes and breaks away pieces of the rock face; destroying the mountains and blasting away giant chunks of rock that hurdle through the air like gigantic asteroids and smash into the ground with the force of a bomb.

The tremors soon reach Tarantulas and Waspinator; and the ground begins to shake uncontrollably; causing the earth to split and create deep fissures. The humanoids run and race around in fear and flee, leaving Waspinator alone and to fend for himself. "Stupid fleshy-bots!" Waspinator cries out and takes off into the air when a giant rock comes out of nowhere and Waspinator turns at that very moment to see the shadow of the rock engulf him. "Why Univerze hate Wazpinator?" He asks as the rock smashes into him and smushes him into the ground.

"Ooh, that brings back memories..." Tarantulas cringes as he watches Waspinator get splatted. "You must tell me about this Master..." Fenrir laughs a little as he holds onto a rock as they tremors start to subside. Tarantulas glares at him with resent, and mutters something under his breath. Finally, the tremors subside; and they get their footing.

Tarantulas shakes his head, and points at Fenrir, "Quickly! We must get back to the cave! We need to reach the Maximals before they awaken!" "Why?" Fenrir asks. "I'll explain later..." Tarantulas begins coolly, and then raises his voice as a command, "...Now move! Beast Mode!" He transforms into his spider mode; and then converts again into his vehicle mode. As his tires get traction on the ground, Fenrir calls out, 'Beast Mode!' and transforms into a giant wolf. Tarantulas races off towards his cave with Fenrir not far behind.

Meanwhile; at the crash site, deep inside the newly created crater, the shuttle hatch opens up and a hand flops out in exhaustion. A head pokes out, and it's Rattrap. "Oy, I forgot how much fun crash landing was..." he mutters and flops to the ground in exhaustion.

Back where Tarantulas was, a tall, slender robot walks up to a giant boulder. The robot is silhouetted against the bright midday Sun, and the robot pulls out two swords. It slices the boulder into pieces with expert swings; and the rock crumbles into pieces as the damaged body of Waspinator lays on the ground under where the rock was with waves of Energon surges running across his body.

The robot looks at Waspinator, and puts away the swords. "Hmm...a flyer..." The robot begins in a sultry female voice as she pries Waspinator free of the ground, "...I may have use for you! Beast Mode!" She transforms into a bird and grabs Waspinator in her talons and carries him away.

"We're dead, right?" Rattrap asks as he regains consciousness and stands outside the ruins of the shuttle. He brushes the dirt off of himself as Cheetor crawls out of the shuttle. "For lack of a better word, yeah." Cheetor replies as he slides onto the ground and rises to his feet.

Suddenly he looks at Rattrap in shock, "The others! Are they alright!" "How in the heck am I supposed to know!" Rattrap quickly retorts and points to the hatch, "Get your butt in dere and find out!" "What about you?" Cheetor asks him as he starts to head back towards the hatch. Rattrap looks out across the landscape, shielding his optics from the bright Sun, "I'm going to find out where in da name of my great ant Arcee we are!"

Back at Tarantulas's cave, he is busily typing away on a control panel. He occasionally looks up at the monitor; but his claws furiously type away at the buttons. Fenrir paces around, his hands upon his hips. "Well Master Tarantulas, you said we were going to hunt Maximals...why aren't we?" he asks impatiently. Tarantulas stops typing and turns around to face him. "Well, before we can hunt them, we have to find them. Do you know where they crashed?" Tarantulas asks him. "No..." Fenrir shakes his head. "There, you see, that's why we're not hunting the Maximals..." Tarantulas turns back to the controls and begins typing again. "Savage!" he mutters under his breath. "Tyrant!" Fenrir retorts as he walks away down one of the tunnels...

Outside the cave entrance, the mysterious robot lands and drops Waspinator's shorting out body on the ground. "Well, looks who's finally back..." Fenrir mutters as he walks out of the cave entrance. The bird eyes him vilely, "Nemesis...Terrorize!" She transforms and lands on the ground near Waspinator's body. "Why did you bring the idiot?" Fenrir points at Waspinator, "You know Tarantulas said that..." "What did I say?" a voice echoes behind Fenrir, and he turns around to see Tarantulas walk out of the cave.

"I may have use for him..." Nemesis mutters as she whips out her swords and points the tip at Fenrir, " if it were any of your concern!" "Calmness my dear..." Tarantulas mutters as he waves at Nemesis to lower her weapons. She sneers at him with her eyes since her face is covered by a veil, and she reluctantly puts her swords away.

Tarantulas walks up to Waspinator and lifts his head up. Waspinator's eyes bug out and his mandibles shoot apart as he sees Tarantulas's face. "Tarantulas! You''re alive!" Waspinator proclaims in shock. "Convert to beast mode took enough Energon damage just getting here." Tarantulas mutters as Waspinator painfully transforms into his beast mode and lies on the ground from exhaustion.

Tarantulas looks up at Nemesis with a gleam in his optics, "Good work Nemesis..." he starts and Fenrir's mouth drops open in shock. " nothing can stop me!" He begins to laugh cruelly, increasing in loudness as throws his arms into the air triumphantly.

Elsewhere...another crater, filled with smoke, smolders as the surrounding landscape burns. A red hand reaches out of the crater rim, and then the head of a dragon lunges out and soon Megatron's head clears the edge as he pulls himself out slowly. "Note to self: Never attempt reentry without a ship...yessss." he mutters as he crawls out onto the land, and a shadow appears over him. "Megatron...just the bot I wanted to see..." a voice snarls from above him. Megatron looks up, and his jaw drops in shock
This is the second part of the opening 5-parter of Myth Wars!! Who's the new bot that has Megatron so shocked? And what are Tarantulas's plans? Read on...

Myth Wars is a series spanning the missing events between Beast Wars and Beast Machines; and features both new characters and old favorites!

Based upon the characters created by ShinMusashi44, TGping, AcidWing, Gryphman, Mako Crab, BillyBadAss; and of course myself. Story created and written by me.

Characters are copyright of Hasbro; and each of the above; myself included.
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