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Chapter 1:
Wearing an aqua green tank top and a pair of black yoga pants, Kaley was rocking her cardio exercises at the gym. Sweat was raining from Kaley's forehead down to her tight abs. From power skips, to butt kicks, to invisible jump ropes, to frog jumps, Kaley had become a beast when it came to working out. Her butt was firm and tight, her arms were now getting muscular, and her legs were lean and rock hard. After she finished her daily two and a half hour workout, Kaley drank some water and took a breather, "Holy shit!" Kaley said "That was a good workout". "Now to go home and have one of my shakes" Kaley said as she exited the gym. Her GNC Total Lean Vanilla Bean shake was helping her keep her slim figure in addition to her workouts. Kaley was always skinny, but she tended to vary up and down by 10 pounds. She wanted to keep her figure in the best shape that she possibly could now that she was married. Her husband didn't really care about how she looked, he had loved her for her personality. Her looks were merely a bonus in his mind. But Kaley didn't think that being bigger, or even having some curves for that matter, would be seen as attractive in the eyes of the general public. So Kaley stuck to her diet and worked herself out to the point of near exhaustion.

While driving, Kaley came to a realization, "Oh no! I'm running low on my Vanilla Bean Shake mix. Now I've gotta go to the store and buy some." She drove into the parking lot of the nearest ShopRite, parked her car, and jogged to the front of the store. She liked to jog because it reminded her of how fit she was, which is why she would occasionally go on a five mile jog around the nearby park. Kaley entered the store and went to the shakes section, where she thought to herself, "Man, they better have this in stock"! Kaley looked around at all of the shakes, but Vanilla Bean was gone. "Damn it" she whispered under her breath "Now what am I gonna do?" She thought about any possible alternatives that could be both as healthy and tasty as Vanilla Bean. "Herbalife Formula 1, SlimQuick Pure Weight Loss, Special K Protein." Kaley listed out loud. "NO" she said "None of these are gonna work. What am I gonna do?" She looked around some more until she found one brand that looked appealing to her. "Optimum Nutrition Vanilla Protein Shakes. That sound good." She looked at the can and saw that it did contain actual vanilla in it. Everything seemed promising, so she decided to buy it. She went home, made herself a shake right away, and began to drank. "Mmmm, this is really good" she said. "How come I've never heard about this before?" she thought. She shrugged her shoulders and continued to drink. But what she hadn't noticed on the very bottom of the label was that the logo actually said "only to be used for those looking to gain weight".

Chapter 2:
The next morning, Kaley woke up and found herself hungrier than she usually was. "That's weird" she thought "But I should get myself some breakfast after hitting the gym". She made another one of her shakes, got in her car, and went off to the gym. She drank some of the shake, which unbeknownst to her was causing her appetite to increase. Her stomach growled once again as she was still driving, and she thought to herself, "Man! I'm really hungry this morning. Maybe I'll eat first and then go to the gym". She drank the rest of her shake, and her stomach grumbled louder. Kaley drove into Villagio's Deli to get herself a bagel as her stomach continued to grumble. "Oh God! Now this is starting to hurt. I need to eat something now!" she said. She went into the store and got on line, assuring herself that she would get a bagel and some coffee and go straight to the gym. Yet, as Kaley looked at the breakfast options on the menu were catching her attention. "Sausage, egg and cheese on a bagel. Hash brown sandwich with bacon or sausage. Egg, meat, and chesse burritos. They all sound good" Kaley said. As she approached the front of the line, the cashier asked Kaley, "What can I get for you today?" Kaley replied, "You know what, I'll have the sausage, egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel with salt, pepper, and ketchup. And can you add an extra sausage slice to that?" "Sure thing" the cashier responded. Kaley thought that her hunger was merely due to the fact that she didn't have much to eat yesterday, so she thought that having a cheat meal would calm her hunger down. Kaley got her sandwich, got in her car, and started to eat.

"WOW! This is delicious" she said. Kaley took her time eating the sandwich, but she was enchanted by every single bite. She felt like she was in utter heaven. Fifteen minutes later, the sandwich was gone, and Kaley was licking the leftover remnants of pepper, salt, and ketchup off of her fingers. "Best breakfast ever" she said with delight. Kaley intended to go to the gym, but she felt so full that she wanted to let herself relax a little bit. "I'll just take a quick nap and then go to the gym" she said to herself. Kaley drove to the back of the deli, parked in one of many vacant parking spots, locked the doors, and took her nap. *Ring Ring* Kaley's phone went as it vibrated in her cup holder. "Huh, what's happening?" Kaley asked as she woke up. She looked at her phone and it was her husband Ryan calling. "Hello, what's wrong honey?" Kaley asked. "Are you still at the gym?" Ryan asked back. "No" she said "I was actually about to go there now." "Kaley, you've been gone for five hours" Ryan told her "Where have you been?" Alarmed, Kaley looked at her phone and realized it was 2:00 in the afternoon. "Oh God! I'm so embarrassed. I had a big breakfast and I fell asleep in the car. I'm so sorry" Kaley responded. "Just come home please" Ryan told her. The two said their goodbyes and hung up their phones. Kaley began to drive back home, just wanting to forget this incident ever happened.

When she arrived home, her husband embraced her and she embraced him back. As they pulled out of the hug, Ryan noticed something a bit different about Kaley, "Woah, honey... uh... did you say you had a big breakfast?" "Yeah, I did" Kaley responded "What's wrong?" Ryan then said to her "Well.... you're a little bigger than you were this morning." "What are you talking about?" Kaley asked. Curious, Kaley looked in her full length mirror, and was shocked by what she saw. Her body had lost some of its definition as her arms, thighs, and stomach were now a bit softer than they had been beforehand. "This is so strange" Kaley said to herself. "I don't know what's going on with me today, but it's definitely weird." She then told Ryan "Eh, I'll just go to the gym tomorrow and do some extra work outs. Speaking of diets, I'm gonna make me another shake." As she went to make her shake she then asked Ryan, "Do you want one?" "No thanks." He replied. "Alright then" Kaley said. She made herself another shake, and proceeded to guzzle it down. When she finished her shake, Kaley let out a big "PFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT", much to the amazement of herself and her husband. Kaley's stomach started rumbling again, and she bended over with her stomach writhing in pain. "Oh, my stomach hurts. What's happening to me?" Kaley cried out. Ryan calmly went over and looked at the Optimum Vanilla Shake can, but unlike Kaley, he noticed the warning on the bottom informing purchasers that this was for weight gain purposes only, and that increased appetite was a side effect. Ryan was going to tell Kaley that the shake was causing her stomach pains, but then he thought of something. "Kaley's been working out like crazy these last few months. She's going to overdo it and become anorexic. Maybe it's better if she puts on a few pounds. Maybe that'll help her cool down the workout craze a bit." He helped Kaley to the couch, where he proceeded to rub her stomach to make her feel better. "Don't worry Kaley" Ryan told her "It'll all get better soon".

Chapter 3:
The next morning, Kaley woke up to find that Ryan had already made her a shake. "Well you're just the sweetest thing!" Kaley told Ryan. She gave him a big kiss and took her shake from his hand. "I'll be back in a couple of hours. Don't wreck the house while I'm gone." "Alright honey!" Ryan responded. "Oh man! What am I thinking?" Ryan said to himself. "I'm manipulating my wife. I'm a horrible person." Ryan was wracked with guilt that he was helping Kaley gain weight without her knowing or consent, but he also wanted to see her become less health crazy. He wanted his fun loving wife back again, and he hoped that getting some curves would do just the trick. He used that to remind himself the importance of keeping Kaley supplied with her weight gain shakes. "If things get out of hand, I'll just tell her the truth" Ryan said. With that in mind, Ryan made two more shakes, and put them in the fridge.

The next five months followed the same pattern: Ryan handing Kaley a shake on her way to the gym; Kaley eating a big meal before she went to the gym; Kaley coming home and drinking a second shake; and Kaley having another big meal, and then a big desert. During this time, Kaley's appearance was changing dramatically. Her face was getting rounder and puffier; her arms and thighs were getting thicker; her breasts had gone up several cup sizes; and her gut and butt had grown out by more than five inches. Kaley's original workout tank top was now turning into a crop top, as her gut was protruding out of it more and more with each passing day. Her typical workout pants were now stretching out further than they had before, until they finally ripped and she needed to get some new ones. In addition to her increasing size, Kaley was starting to become less hygienic: She'd openly smell her armpits after her work outs; burp and fart like she was a guy in a bar; and scratch her butt no matter who was looking. She was also starting to go the gym less and less over this two month period, given that she had far less energy to work out as much as she used to. Kaley would try to jog, but she found herself getting more and more out of breath at a faster rate by the day. She also had to give away her old clothes and buy new clothes from Lane Bryant. Even then, their jeans struggled to zip up all the way with her gut pushing against them. Ryan wondered if Kaley was noticing what was happening to her and decided to ask her when she came home from the gym. Just as he was thinking about the situation, the door opened, and Kaley had come home from her 30 minute workout. Ryan greeted her and even though he saw her every day, part of him still couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Kaley was nearly unrecognizable now compared to five months ago. The formerly svelte and sophisticated Kaley had been replaced by a fat, gassy slob who was drenched in sweat that poured down to her gut (which was no longer covered by her tank-top turned bra), reeked of B.O., and scratched herself like a monkey. Kaley also had a big double chin that was visible to anyone within a twenty foot distance of her. She took of her tank top before letting out a big loud: "BUUUUUUUUURRRRP". "Oh that was so good" Kaley said with pride. "Hey honey" Kaley asked Ryan "What's for dinner. I'm starving." "It's 12:30, dinner's not gonna be for a few hours" Ryan politely told her. Kaley then responded, "Ok then. So do you want to go grab some lunch? I was really feeling like having Burger........ BUUUUUUURRRRPPPPP.......... King. Excuse me." Ryan replied, "Um, okay, but.... can I just ask you what you had for breakfast?" "Sure" Kaley told him "I had a some scrambled eggs, five slices of bacon, eight sausage links, three slices of ham, and two pancakes with maple syrup and butter." "And you're sure you want to have some lunch so soon?" Ryan asked her. "You know what" Kaley said "You're right. I've gotta empty my stomach out first so I can make some room a Whooper." Kaley went into the bathroom and let out a monstrous bowel movement "PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT. Oh God this is a big one. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. Whew! Man this really.....PFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT........ is exploding today. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT" After ten minutes in the bathroom, Kaley finally came out, having also taken off her yoga pants to reveal her big thighs and increasingly shrinking Hello Kitty underwear. "Just let me get some clothes on and I'll be ready to go" Kaley said. "Are you going to take a shower?" Ryan asked. "Later tonight" Kaley said "I'm really hungry though and I want to get some lunch before I have dinner tonight. Ryan thought that things had finally gone to far; his wife was now a gigantic pig with no regard to what others would think of her behavior. He decided to finally tell her the truth. "Kaley" Ryan said. "Yeah baby?" Kaley replied. Ryan gulped and then said, "There's something I have to tell you."

Chapter 4:
Ryan knew that Kaley would hate him for what he had done, but he felt that he need to tell the truth no matter what the consequences were. "What is it Ryan?" Kaley asked him. "It's about those Optimum Nutrition Protein Shakes" Ryan said. Kaley interrupted his sentence with this bombshell sentence: "They're weight gain shakes, right?" Ryan was shocked to hear that Kaley had known that she was drinking weight gain shakes. "When did you find out about them" Ryan asked. "Not long after I bought the mix" Kaley replied "I knew shakes which tasted that good couldn't possibly have been shakes for diets. I looked at the little warning sticker on the bottom and my speculation that this was for weight gain had been confirmed." A confused Ryan asked Kaley, "So then why did you act like you didn't know what was going on with you when your stomach was in pain?" "I didn't want you to think that I was gaining weight on purpose" Kaley replied "I always wanted it to look accidental, and leaving you in the dark was a sacrifice I had to make". Kaley then added, "My whole life, I've been a size two, and if I ever gained more than ten pounds, everyone I know would judge me and ridicule me for not being thin as a twig. Yet, I've never been as happy as I am now being a big fat girl who pigs out on food, and burps and farts, and wears whatever she wants and doesn't give a fuck about what anyone thinks. During these last five months, I know that you've been shocked by how big I've gotten, but you've stuck by me and called me beautiful every day." "That's because you are beautiful" Ryan told her. The two shared a quick kiss before Kaley then said, "Now can we go to Burger King and get some Whoopers?" "Sure thing" Ryan replied.

At Burger King, Ryan had encouraged Kaley to go nuts and eat as much as she wanted. Kaley had bought herself  two double whoopers, a large order of french fries, and a 12 pack of chicken fries. Ryan didn't order anything, but he watched in awe as Kaley went to town inhaling her fries, chomping away at the chicken, and eating double whoopers like they were mere appetizers. For a drink, she had brought her weight gain shake with her, and she managed to finish everything within fifteen minutes. "I think I'm gonna get another double whooper to go" Kaley said. "You go right ahead" Ryan told her. So Kaley purchased her third double whooper, and proceeded to eat it by the time she and her husband walked to their car. As Kaley sat down in the car, she loved rubbing her big butt against the seat, and smacking her big belly after her glorious feast. And this was merely lunch for her. Later that night, the duo ordered Dominoes, and the bought three extra large plain pan pizzas, some cheesy bread, and two molten lava cakes. Ryan had three slices of pizza and a piece of cheesy bread, but Kaley ate two whole boxes of pizza, all of the cheesy bread that Ryan didn't have, and one molten lava cake. Her drink in hand was her weight gain shake of course, and she guzzled it down before letting out a gigantic, "BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP". Ryan laughed and applauded at his wife's gassy display. "And now for my next trick" Kaley said as she lifted her massive leg up to let out a great big "PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT". "Oh baby. That was so hot" Ryan told her with pride. "And if you think that's as hot as it's gonna get" Kaley told him, "Then prepare to be amazed". Kaley took off her shirt and super stretchy fat girl jeans, and stood up posing in her bra and thong. She played with her belly and smacked her giant butt in Ryan's face, and then she proceeded to bring a scale and step on it. "What do you think the number will be" Kaley sensually asked. "I don't know" Ryan said "But I hope It's real big". A minute of suspense gave leeway to the scale reading..........

"254 pounds. Wow, that's a doozy" Kaley exclaimed. Ryan then gave her a celebratory spank on her ass, and she loved how she could feel her butt jiggle when it happened. Kaley then decided to eat the second molten lave cake, with Ryan feeding her every piece of the cake. The two then passionately kissed as they decided to take the action to the bedroom. Their relationship had now grown stronger than ever because Ryan had his fun wife back again, and in his mind, she was just as sexy now as when she was thin. And for Kaley, she was no longer the ideal size two, but she was far happier with herself as she was now. She loved the big fat piggy she had become far more than the skinny supermodel she used to be. As the two made out on their bed, Kaley then asked her husband, "You want to get a midnight snack. I was thinking some McDonald's." Ryan simply smiled back at her and they started making out again.

                                                                   The End

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Ryan was taking a walk along a small well-worn dirt part on his family's property. His brown leather hiking boots crunched on the scattered pebbles and his denim blue jeans wrinkled slightly around the thighs as he continued along his journey. His grey T-shirt waved around from his motions and his short jet black hair clung to the back of his head as his green eyes covered with large rounded glasses suddenly caught a glint of metal. He moved towards it, slightly flattening a shrub and picked up the object. He discovered it was a crown; most likely silver with several rubys adorning the ring and three flower petal-like shapes pointing upward on the front. He held it in his right hand, wondering why this strange piece of jewelry was here when a blinding white light engulfed him. He closed his eyes the best he could as he was transported to the top room of a stand-alone cobble tower surrounded by nothing but forest. The bright light dimmed to nonexistence, leaving him at awe as to what had happening. He scratched his head, wondering how he had gotten here as the transformation on his body began.

He was still puzzled by his current surroundings when he began to feel a pricling sensation on his feet. He took off his shoes and noticed that his socks hang off his feet a great deal. He took off the white cloth to see that his feet were less than half their original size. A puzzled expression took over his face as he felt his legs lose muscle mass, his thighs shrinking to near extinction. He felt a disturbing sucking feeling on his groin as his penis and testicles were folded into his body, a feminine slit taking their place. SHE stifled a scream as her hips expanded outward and her stomach shrank, giving her an hourglass figure. She watched in horror as two mounds rose out of her chest, forming a pair of pert boobs. Her breathing came in patchy huffs as her arms became less muscular and her face rounded out. Her lips plumped and her nose shrank as her eyes changed to a shimmering blue and her glasses were whisked off her face, shattering on the floor. Her hair turned blonde and GREW until it stretch on the ground sixty feet as new thoughts and memories flooded her mind and forcing the boy out, replacing him with a young woman as her body completed itself.

Rapunzel looked down at herself with confusion. Why was she wearing these strange clothes? As if reading her thoughts, her current outfit disintegrated and purple cloth began to cover her. The dress start with a pair of flattened shoulder puffs that extended halfway down her upper arms and had a vertical striped pattern of pink and purple. A band of clearish white fabric formed around each wrist as a border formed along the top of the shoulders a dropping down to create a straight line over her chest and back just above her breasts. From their, purple leather-like fabric followed tightly on top of her body until just above her hips as an X-stitch with pink twine formed on the front; stretching from her breasts to the end of the leatherish material. From her hips, purple fabric went tumbling down her legs in all directions until it left the ankles and below exposed. A layer of white cloth formed inside the dress as a pair of purple high-heels formed around her feet, causing her to gain several inches. Her lips became covered in dark pink lipstick as her outfit finished.

She looked down during the whole process and marveled at its finished product. She put her crown on the top of her head, wondering momentarily why she had taken it off when she heard her mother calling from the bottom of the tower, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel; let down your hair!"
Here we have another story in my Disney Princess TGs series. In this installment, a young man is changed into Rapunzel from Tangled.

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It was a blistering hot August day in Texas, and Chris was in his backyard throwing a football through a tire swing. His short brown hair was covered in sweat as he worked, and his sleeveless white shirt had large wet spots where the sleeves were ripped off. His ripped denim shorts also had a layer of sweat on them. He threw the ball and ran to go get it when he nearly tripped on something. he stopped and turned around to look at what it was. Chris walked over to it and picked it up. It looked like a high-heel shoe that a women might wear, only it seemed to be made of glass. All of a sudden, the world started to spin. He dropped to the ground, dizzied by the sudden movements. As quickly as it started, the world stopped abruptly, and Chris staggered up in a daze.
The first thing that Chris noticed was that his surroundings were different. He was now in a large bedroom, although it looked to be the bedroom of a young woman with all the dresses and makeup in the room. The second thing he noticed was that he was no longer holding the shoe. he looked around for it, sure that the spinning had made it fly off somewhere. He felt a strange feeling on his feet and looked down to see that his shoes were now a pair of clear high-heeled slippers. He screamed as the transformations began.
His legs loss muscle mass and became more slender. He nearly fainted as his manhood disappeared, leaving only a tiny slit. His/her abs disappeared into his/her stomach as they became less defined. His/her chest grew outwards in two mounds.
"Nooooo!," (s)he screamed as the transformations reached his/her head. His/her face became more rounded as the nose shrank and became more petite. His/her hair turned blonde and grew down to his/her shoulder. A hair tie came out of nowhere and tied up his/her hair into a bonnet on the back of her head. Her thoughts became clouded. Her name was.....Cinderella? No, it was something similar to that, but not quite. She couldn't shake this feeling of urgency to get away from something, but what? Her clothes changed into a light blue dress that touched the ground and expanded outwards greatly, creating a covered area of around ten feet. The inside became silky and extremely soft. Two large white pieces of cloth came out of either side of the bottom half of the dress. A pearl bracelet appeared on her wrist as the transformation completed.
"Cinderella, are you ready?" asked the love of her life.
"Yes, I'm ready darling," she replied. She couldn't shake this feeling of terror. She decided to ignore it and focus on the party for her engagement.
This is the first in a series of TGs based on fairy tale charcters. This one is about a teen transforming into Cinderella.

NOTE: I do not own the character of Cinderela

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ArkhamCityRenderCatwoman2 by Animefan5051042

David was an avid comic book reader and was excitedly awaiting the newest Batman game Arkham Origins. In anticipation, he started to play Arkham City again and finish getting the collectibles. He had finished getting Batman's, but totally forgot about getting Catwoman's Riddler Trophies. David was always amazed at Catwoman's incredible abilities and always wished he could do the same. He then went to the character switch point and pressed X. Then it happened.

His arms started to slightly shrink and become slender. His body hair all over his arms and legs disappeared and his fingernails grew longer. His arms became very smooth. His hands became dainty and looked quite feminine. David started to panic and become flustered. He tried to get up and call for help, but his hips burst outward as the fat in his body deposited there and made them more round. His ass was pushed out into a sexy heart shape as his whole body became lean and thin and shrunk from 5'8 to 5'4.

His fingernails became pedicured and his feet shrunk and became dainty looking. His thighs were then filled with fat and his hips were perfected. David then stood up, and almost fell again because of his changed hips and legs. He then climbed up his stairs with horrifying fear, swaying his hips and showing off his ass as he went. He then collapsed onto his bed and then felt a pain in his crotch. It felt like it was on fire. David reached down, until his pain turned into pleasure and his balls were sucked in becoming ovaries and his manhood replaced with a womanhood. David was now a woman.

"What the hell is this!" David yelled aloud. He, now she, then gasped and realized that her Adam's apple was gone and that her voice sounded sexy and quite familiar.

Her spine then curved with a loud CRACK! She then felt an immense pressure in her chest as two bumps started to form. The bumps then pushed out and out and they became a pair of firm C cups. Her shoulders then rounded down and her frame was reduced to a feminine size. Her body was complete, now matching that of a hot model.

Her clothes then came together, morphing into a tight, beautiful jumpsuit with black coloring. The zipper was lowered down showing off her gorgeous body. Her hair grew longer and stopped around the lower part of the neck.

She walked over into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Realizing who she was now, the former person known as David whispered, "I'm Catwoman."

Her sight became blurry as she grabbed her head as a sudden fury of pain had started. The world around her changed as she appeared to be on a rooftop , with rundown buildings everywhere, panicked people and gangs were all below her. She wasn't in her quiet surburban home anymore. A prison-looking wall surrounding the large city area. The only thing visible were the skyscrapers on the outside, a Wayne logo shining brightly most of all. The memories of her old life as David, the fun loving comic book nerd, was gone. Replaced were memories of her capture and placement in Arkham City, her love for Batman, and fun loving, spunky personality. She was Catwoman now indefinitely. While the Dark Knight was roaming Arkham City, Catwoman was left with some free time. No more Joker. Penguin and Two Face weren't going to be problems any time soon after she and Batman had dealt with them. Soon she could escape as Arkham City would be gone with time while everyone else would be sent back to a life of captivity. The city was her playground tonight, so she grabbed her whip and put her cat mask on. She whipped across the buildings, fighting the remaining gangs, and finding any valuables. She was living the good life.





First TG writing. :) Please comment and tell me what you think!
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Taylor Swift Bodysuit TG

Rodney was basically your average high schooler. Pretty tall, normal build although a bit on the thin side, brown and short hair, wearing glasses. He had his friends in school and just like his looks, his grades were nothing out of the ordinary.
Only thing that really set him apart from other guys was his love for Taylor Swift. Not only her music but also her beautiful looking body. He couldn't decide whether he wanted to be with or her or actually be her. It was weird. Still, he was a huge fan of her songs and music and when he found out that Taylor was actually coming to his town for a concert, it was like a dream come true.
He went to her website at once, intending to buy the ticket...but they were all gone. Sold out within the first few minutes of release. Rodney was hugely disappointed. He had never been to a concert of her before and now his chance to be was so close. He checked ebay and various other ticket sellers, but to no avail. It seemed like no one was willing to give away his ticket. Rodney didn't even know that were so many Taylor Swift fans in his area. After a while, he came to terms with the fact that he would have to pass on this opportunity and look forward to a future concert of her. It was a small consolation, but atleast it was something.

The next two weeks were pretty normal for Rodney. Nothing out of the ordinary happened and he was mostly slacking around until the holidays. Soon enough though he found posters for the upcoming Taylor Swift concert all around acting as a constant reminder of the awesome event he would be missing. That made him feel down and his mood got a lot worse now. He didn't want to tell everyone that missing a simple concert led him to almost being depressed. He tried his best to keep a positive attitude but everyone saw that something was wrong anyways.
On the day of the concert, a Friday, his friend Josh walked up to him and asked him if he was going to the concert. “Are you kidding me dude?” Rodney thought that this must be a pretty mean joke but Josh seemed as innocent as ever “Of course not, I was just asking? Should I take that as a yes?” He was still unsure if Rodney was just fucking with him or being actually curious, but he just assumed the latter “Nah man...I didn't manage to grab a ticket. They were sold out too fast!” Josh nodded and with a smile he added “I see, why don't you meet me in that alley next to the concert venue this evening?” And with that, Josh made his exit and left Rodney standing quite confused in the hallway.

It was almost time for Rodney to leave for the concert, or atleast the place where the concert would be. Where other people could hear Taylor's angelic voice, too bad that other people didn't include himself. But his buddy Josh did apparently have a plan or atleast some kind of surprise. If he actually got him a ticket, he'd be in his debt for fucking eternity. There's no way he could repay that!

Rodney could hear the crowd from miles away. The concert hadn't even started and people were already hyped. “The atmosphere in there must be sooo awesome” he thought as he approached the venue. But his destination was not the concert itself but rather a small back alley that was rarely frequented by anyone. As he entered it, he saw his friend already standing there. “Yo man, you're finally here” Josh quickly turned around and got something out of his backpack. Rodney was quite curious as to what kind of surprise was awaiting him. Josh turned around and his hands he was holding...Taylor Swift?! It was a Bodysuit...something he had already heard about on the internet but didn't think they were real until now that he actually saw one. “Is this for me?” he asked and Josh nodded “Yup, got it for you” and handed the suit over to him. It felt like real skin and it also looked like the real Taylor Swift. Rodney couldn't wait and stripped right there in an alley in front of his friend before putting on the suit. His body seemed to change wherever it touched the suit, he could see it on his now shapely, female legs. They looked so real and amazing. As he put on more of the suit, more of him changed and he soon found himself with the curves of a woman, more specifically Taylor Swift, on his chest and bottom. His round butt and the two perky mounds of flesh sitting on his torso where arching his back into an S like shape. There was no trace of his penis remaining, only a void area where his new female vagina was. The suit seemed to totally reshape his body. As he put on the mask and felt his long, wavy blond hair for the first time and was now seeing the world through Taylor's eyes, he was completely looking like her.
There was not much time for him to stare at his body in awe though, since Josh quickly zipped it up and made him put on some pretty skimpy clothing. White hot pants and an almost see-through top along with high heels. He then told him that Taylor Swift hadn't been seen and that the concert was starting in only 30 minutes. “The backdoor is right behind you, Taylor” Josh grinned and continued “And they still need a Taylor in there”
And another request by the same person :D Still open to new requests

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So long ago began
the ever growing free for all,
The all you can eat,
dog eat dog world,
Where commonplace
are the simplistic struggles.
So out of hand,
that solutions become
ironically complex...
Hell's buffet,
straight out and down
from the kitchen above,
down the slip n' slide
through the caverns
of mishaps and mistakes,
I bet it tastes like regret,
and the buyer's remorse,
Reap what you sew say
the teeth of the demon,
With every bite sinks
in a shame filled saliva.
"Maybe we'll slow them down!"
Say the so called thinkers...
I can't help but think against them,
but what do I know?
I'm just a common crumb in the trough.
Above Heaven watches,
restricted by the local law
to keep the peace...
nothing is ever done,
but to keep the balance.
I wanted to try a little something different, and since I haven't written lyrics in a long time, I thought why not for a more satirical piece speaking out against how certain sins are now widely accepted and common within today's world. Don't misunderstand my message though, because I am completely guilty of a lot of things that I'm not proud, but so are we all as human beings. It's just our nature.

As far as the writing style for this piece goes, I was in many ways mimicking two songs by my favorite band, Lamb of God. The songs are "Contractor" and "Cheated". Fast paced, and meant to mock the modern political issues of our society. This one the other hand is directed at modern religious issues.

The satirical aspect of it is making fun of people such as the Westburo Baptist Church. Notice how I intentionally leave out any mention of Christ, redemption, and The Sacrifice for our sins. Such is my way pointing a both laughing, and accusing finger at people like them. The rest is as explained in the first paragraph of this synopsis.

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Daniel's eyes scanned across the shelves, his finger trailing through the dust as he scanned the labels for something good. His eyes paused on one that looked particularly promising, his lips moving as he read the words. "Guaranteed to turn any event into a fairy tale extravaganza. May result in… all the usual side effects," he muttered, looking around furtively. "Sorry, Liz, but I'm not missing Janice at the ball just 'cause of some bet that makes me clean the potions room."

The bottle felt warm in his hand as he gripped it, the liquid bubbling inside as it slid smoothly into his hand. He made a face as he removed the cork, the soft wood resisting for a moment before sliding out. He gave the bottle one last hesitant look, before tossing it down his throat and hoping it didn't taste too bad.

He blinked in surprise as it slid down his throat, moving like so much honey as it dripped past his mouth. The coloring was similar, but the taste was different, reminiscent of summer winds and winter nights as he licked the last drop. He looked around a moment afterwards, wondering if it was a dud before feeling the first telltale tingles of a spell in motion. He embraced it willingly, not bothering to resist as it slid across his bodies and rippled against his skin. He breathed in and out, his shirt tightening against his body with every breath as the pressure began to build within. He wondered for a moment if it was going to give him muscles, until the pain brought him to his knees, the pleasure starting afterwards as he rocked back and forth. He felt them intertwined in his body, two equal forces keeping each other at bay even as they exploded through his body. He couldn't think through the pain, couldn't feel through the pleasure, could barely even see as the shirt bulged outward, the cloth exploding as two breasts popped free of the clothing's restraint. The skin glistened as he watched, gasping as the dual forces temporarily receded.

She let out a gasp of relief, the breath leaving her in a rush as the forces rose again. Her back arched, nipples standing erect against the sky as the stomach flattened out, manhood sliding inside as the waist crunched inward. She felt her hips crack as they came outward, her butt expanding as the hair slid down her body. She couldn't bare to move, her body an oversensitive lump of flesh as the cold air rippled pleasure through her and froze her to the bone all at once. She closed her eyes, choosing not to watch as her arms and legs slenderized, but unable to escape the spreading sensation. Her face warmed as the skin softened, nose receding as her limps plumped and her eye lashes grew. Her chin came inward as her Adam's apple came inward, the pain and pleasure finally fading as she let loose a gasp of relief.

The holes her breasts had poked through shifted uncomfortably around her flesh as she breathed, in and out in a moment's of peace before a sudden pressure drove the breath from her. She couldn't move as she watched the shirt re-clothe itself over her breasts, the sleeves separating from her arms and splitting into laces to thread along her back. She squirmed desperately, trying to get free in the single moment before the cloth turned pink and the new corset crushed the life from her. She watched her pants melding together, thinning as the newly pink cloth swallowed up her body, resting lightly against her nipples as the new dress was formed.

A shirt slid over her head next, her arms sliding through the neck hole as the sleeves turned to bands to wrap around her neck. It thickened the cloth around her, covering the top of her breasts while opening a window at their center to show off her cleavage.

For a moment, she didn't move, the only thought in her head how badly Liz was going to kill her. The hysteria faded a little as she felt herself walking forward, wondering why. She stepped forward again without a thought, the will to do otherwise somehow absent from her being as she moved. She felt her legs move upward as the high heeled glass slippers appeared beneath her, a pretty smile coming across her features as she walked into the orange limousine that awaited.

She folded her hands quietly in her lap as it departed, sparing a soft smile for the country side as the limousine slid to a halt. She smiled as she walked inside, taking the first hand that was offered to her and dancing through the night.

It felt like a blur to her, stepping from man to man until she met with the prince, each giving her a kiss on the cheek and wishing for more. She ignored them all, just another feature of the night as she slid into her prince's arms, and danced through the night, letting him twirl her away and kissing him gently on the lips as she rebounded. His eyes twinkled, and she smiled, her fairy tale ball continuing through the dancing and the kisses. Something inside told her she should reject it, that she should be screaming and ranting against everything that was happening. The larger part of her simply wondered why, making each step perfectly as she continued the fairy tale, shooting a grin at the watching Liz as her friend raised an eyebrow.

"They tell me your name is Ella," smiled the prince, whispering in her ear. "Though they call you Cinderella."

She smiled in response, kissing him on the lips as she completed another turn, the prince dipping her this time as she grinned. She glanced at the clock on the way, kissing him one last time before pushing gently away and walking through the door. She grinned as she pressed through the crowd, letting one of her slippers slide free as she left the place, and took the ride home, sliding out of the limousine and sliding into a rich four poster bed at the top floor of her manor. Her eyes closed peacefully as the clock struck midnight… and opened right back up again. "What. The. hell!?"

"Thought that was you," yawned Liz, sitting on the bed besides the girl. Her fingers traced gently against Ella's breasts, making her blush as they dug through the cloth, taking hold of the cloth and jiggling a little. "So… These are real, huh?" offered Liz, pressing at a nipple experimentally as Ella squirmed. "Bet you took a potion from my cabinet?"

"Stop it!" squeaked Ella, swatting the hand away and blushing harder when she made contact with her own breast.

The girl moved her hand, putting a finger under the skirt. Ella yelped as Liz's hand pushed upward at the panties hidden inside, bringing raised hands from the offending party. "Just checking," she said, withdrawing her hands. "Wanted to be thorough before I made any real accusations. Like asking why the hell you took a Fairy Tale spell from my potions cabinet?"

"I thought I'd be spending evening with Janice, not growing a pair of… of… You know what!"

"Breasts?" offered Liz, giving them another jiggle, and matching Ella's glare with her own. 'Hate to break it to you, lover boy, but you spent all night with the princely Jaunice, just the way you wanted." She snorted at the open mouth look Ella gave her, gently closing it with a left hand and poking her in the chest with her right. "What? Did you think that you were the only one your pretty little spell effected? That your driver was a mouse, perhaps, before all this started? Fairy Tale potions are dangerous, Cinderella."

"Alright, alright, I get it!" muttered Ella, crossing her arms over her breasts. "How long until the spell wears off?"

"Wears off?" scoffed Liz. "It starts at nine. That's when you get to go back to being a boy, if you don't break your new found little curse by marrying a prince."

"Wait, wait," demanded Ella. "I'm actually gonna have to kiss a boy if I wanna be a male again?"

"Other way around," snorted Liz. "You're already a girl - Permanently. The 'curse' you need to break is what turns you into a boy between the hours of nine and midnight - the time during which you took the potion to where the mainstream effects set? After that you get to live happily ever after as a pretty little princess and hope to god I find a way to remove a locked spell."

"What do you mean after that!?" she asked, backing away hurriedly. "I'm not gonna marry a prince just so I can be a girl!"

"You don't have a choice, you bloody little idiot!" snarled Liz, cupping the girl's breasts smoothly in her hands as Ella tried to rise. She pressed against them to put Ella back on the bed, the flesh running against her hands.

"Let me go, Liz!" snarled Ella. "I'm not one of your girlfriends! I'm not even a girl!"

"Correction," glared Liz, giving her breasts a little squeeze to prove her point. "You're very much a girl. And you'd be better off being my girlfriend, you little idiot. You set events into motion with that potion you can't even begin to understand! You turned the entire world into your fairy tale, changed the nature of every being, and nothing is going to move on until your selfish little fairy tale ends in a way it finds acceptable. Of course, lucky for little ol' me, every fairy tale has a bad guy." She grinned as she squeezed the breast again, her hand tearing through the cloth as she lowered her mouth, and Ella squirmed. "And I think your little potion already picked one." She paused, her lips bare inches from Ella's nipple as she lifted her eyes and gave the girl a wink. "I recommend you scream."

Ella did so, the scream lost in the bashing of a door as guards poured in, tearing the two apart before tongue and nipple could touch. They shoved her into the door, swords pointed at her throat as the startled Ella was pulled to her feet. "Welcome to the fairy tale world," grinned Liz, laughing as Ella was pulled away.

She didn't' resist as she was put on a horse, wondering why her car had been turned into a chariot as they rode past it. She didn't bother to pull away from the guards as they dragged her to the throne room to where the prince was waiting. She had no where to go except to kneel as he smiled down and placed her foot neatly in the slipper. "Welcome back, my princess," he smiled.

"I'm not your princess," she muttered. A guard smacked her, the metal of his gauntlet cutting into her flesh as the prince smiled.

"Of course you are," he whispered, kissing her on the lips. "Mine and no one else's. Unless you honestly think that one is going to come and get you?"

"That one?" She asked, confusion tainting her features. The man smirked, snapping his fingers as the priest came.

"You don't need to hide your knowledge," he smiled. "After all, why do you think I cast that little masculinization spell on you that would require me to break it? Which makes it very important we get married before eight fifty nine, by the way, so if you would hurry it up dear prince? I'd like to kiss my sweet princess's lips."

Another smack brought her to her knees as the priest began to speak, the words tumbling past her ears as the Prince said, "I do."

She blushed as the priest turned to her, another smack driving her to her knees as they waited for a response. The prince snorted, his hand glowing as he plunged his finger at her breasts, his fingers burning into her as she felt him, his power traveling through her as she gasped. The words were at the tip of her throat, the first tumbling o0ut as he spoke through her lips. The second started and stopped before the first letter was finished, the hand withdrawing as the prince tumbled to the floor, a figure picking her up and dropping her on horseback. She felt it rear beneath her, and clutched the armor of the man in front of as she was wheeled out, shaking all over as she cried.

The palace guards yelled behind her, as they blasted jumped from the window, glass shattering all around them as the horse went out at a run. A distant thought told her this was impossible. A look at her breasts made it laughable, as she brushed a hand beneath her nose.

"You shouldn't worry about them," came a voice, masculine and deep as it glanced down at her with a smile. "Like I told you, the spell isn't happy until it gets a fairy tale ending for it's participant. It doesn't particularly care which one."

"Liz?" she whispered, eyes wide. She didn't resist as the man cupped her chin, kissing her softly on the lips. "I had more than one spell," he whispered, kissing her again.

She wondered for a moment if she'd be screaming if not for the spell. Seeing the new world around her, she decided she didn't really care.
I've been planning this for a while - ended up differently than I expected ^_^;;
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By burning waters, and smoldering bridges,
I await the genesis of our animosity.
Make the move that gives me permission to strike,
make the move that will bring about your end.

Near draws the line that which I advise you to never cross.
Though to my eyes comes the image of your sprinting legs.
It would seem, that through your veins flows pure pestilence,
and that you wish to bring upon me, nuisances by any cost.

Good God, such a fool bound for my throat,
knowing not the patient blade that waits.
Honor averts it's eyes, as your charge draws to an end.
It wishes this good and done, just as I.

A swift jerk of my arm to your direction,
and make you, a last descent to the ground below.
Then burden leaves my shoulders,
as life outward, pours from your filthy heart.
I really just felt like writing something dark, but this rather simplistic piece is just a narrative of one person to another in brief struggle that ends with a death. There is no message or moral, I just wanted to write lol....

picture citation: [link]
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Please read description!

The game is over. Bec Noir is dead, Lord English is nonexistant, the Human and Troll race are safe and can meet through a portal Equius, Dirk and Horuss made.

Jadesprite are no longer grimdark, Everyone is alive and well.

Their hearts content that they had survived and saved their own kind had sunk in and they all get ready to go to bed. With the music boxes that they had recieved from their servers and games, they continue to do their nighttime rituals.

Dave with Davesprite and his sick beats,
John with Nannasprite and Dad's presents,
Jadesprite with Jade's memorials,
And Rose with her books and Mom.

After all the trolls and kids did what they did before bedtime, John was the first to activate the music box. He opened the gold-laced mahogany lid, revealing Skaia with Prospit and Derse orbiting it.

The other players' boxes activated as well, slowly lulling them to sleep. All of them, Even Sollux and Mituna would sleep well and maybe even meet others who live on their dream planet. (Excluding Aradia/Aradiasprite/Aradiabot/ ARquiusprite[lol])

But as John was sitting on his bed, he smiled as he picked up a photo frame on his bedside table.

It was of him, Dave, Rose and Jade on summer vacation when they were still young, All smiling. Even Dave.

He set the sweet memory aside, laying down and covering himself with the sheets. And before all the players could go to their dream planet, they all could link their thoughts to one thing.

How far we've accomplished
Woop die doo die dah,
My first non-Xreader!

Shall I explain the sort-of sadstuck?

Okay, I was on YouTube for LOL Homestuck MMD, then I found the video. Go to YouTube and search "Lullaby for the gods".

It was so sad, and I had to do this. So this was born.

This is an AU where all timelines can visit earlier or later timelines, thus allowing Beta and Alpha to meet. And Guardians too.

So I hope you guys enjoyed it. I suggest reading it with the song.

Homestuck Andrew Hussie
Plot Me
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Kaley Couco TG

Mike was sitting on his couch, watching big bang theory. It was one of his favorite shows and Kaley Kuoco, aka Penny, was so hot. He watched every episode, but today he felt like doing something exciting, but he couldn't think of anything. „Man, am I bored...",he thought to himself and looked outside the window. What he didn't realize then, was his growing hair, it grew longer and longer and changed it's color, from a dark brown to a light blond, but he didn't realize it. When it was so long that it touched his shoulders, he wanted to scratch his head, but he only grabbed his hair."what's happening?!", he screamed in a high, girlish voice "This is not my voice!No!", he screamed again, as his body hair started to vanish. His body was shaped by an invisible force until it looked like a girls body, with a nice ass, long legs and C cups. Then his face changed and when he looked into the mirror, he saw Kaley Couco, in his clothes. "! This is impossible! How could I turn into a girl?" But when he said that, his clothes changed into a red tank top and blue denim shorts. His old mind vanished and his head filled with new memories, until his old life was forgotten and his new life was born.
Second TG!

This time it's about a boy getting turned into Kaley Couco aka Penny :)

Unfortunately, I lost the link to the picture, but when I find it, I'll post it.
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