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Jeff the Killer x Reader


AN: This was supposed to be a jeff x oc request but i got permission to make it into a reader insert,
Im sorry if it sucks. just work with me here.
So the reader is supposed to be a pretty shy, innocent but since i won't know that much it might be a little off and snapping so hard that when she comes back to her self she won't remember anything that happened.
Sorry that it is short I'm not really that good at writing things like this.


You where a basic teenage girl, going to school trying your best to keep good grades, trying to keep a nice social life with your friends. It was quiet hard for you to make new ones since you had a problem talking to people, yes you where shy. But you did not mind after all it is better to have a few good friends instead of many fake ones. So anyways you had just finished another day in school (( AN: The hell hole/prison! )) and now there was the weekend. You quickly went home and started your homework on math, history, english and geography's. It was not really much but better to finish it and then have the whole weekend for yourself (( AN: unlike the author... )) . As soon as you walked into your home you went into your room and started your homework, and guess what, soon you where finished with it. MORE TIME FOR YOURSELF.
"done~" you smiled to yourself and put all your work into your bag along with the books you would need after the weekend.
"better do this now so i won't need to spend a lot of time in trying to find them" You then heard a noise from outside but thought nothing of it, thinking it was just a dog or a cat.
"woof!" you looked up from your bag as you heard the bark followed by a light whimper. in mater of seconds you where down stairs and by the backdoor (( AN: man your a fast one... )), when you opened it you saw a husky with bright blue eyes but what freaked you out was that he was smiling, yeah you heard me, A SMILING DOG! He whimperers once again and you slowly stepped to the side and let him limp in. You then closed the door and sat down next to him.
"oh you poor dog, here let me help you" you then took his paw and started to look at his wounds, he had some cuts and bruises and his paw was maybe a little hurt, nothing some bandages, healing and love would not help.
"wait right there please" you then stood up and walked into the bathroom coming back with the medical kit. The dog was sitting in the same spot as you left him in and waged his tail a bit when he saw you.
"well you seem happy to see me, don't worry I will help you" you then sat down in front of him and started to bandage him best you could, when you finished you gave him a pat on the head.
"good boy, now would you like to go to sleep? I'm not really hungry for food right now..."
"I will take that as a yes please" you then gently picked him up and let me tell you that he was not the lightest dog in the world, you took him to your bed and laid him down by the place where your feet should be giving him a small smile.
"there we go, wait right there, I'm going to get dressed into pajamas okay?"
"ill take that as a yes i will wait right here" you gave a little giggle and walked into the bathroom to change. When you got back you went under the covers and said goodnight to the dog who gave a small 'woof' and then you turned of the lights and moments later you where into dreamland.

~time skip into the night~

You woke up by the sound of something in your room, you thought it was the dog until you felt someone poke your cheek and light whispers. You sat up only to scream and get your mouth lips? ...(( AN: loading data... ))
the kiss was broken and you saw the one that was in your room, black hair, pale skin, the eyes big and round but what got most of your attention was that he had a long 'smile'.
"w-who are you?" oh great ___ now you are stuttering in front of someone seriously freaky and cute...wait what? never mind...
"I am Jeff, that dog is mine and I was thanking you for helping him, now what is your name?"
"_-___..." you again stuttered out.
"___..." Jeff tested the name on his tongue.
"i like it"
"thank you Jeff"
"no problem"
" what is the dogs name?"
"his name is Smiles but most say Smile dog"
"oh...well then...uh..." you could not say anything since he grabbed under your chin sand lifted your head to face him, he then went by your ear...
"hush...You are beautiful, now go to sleep"
this was a request from :iconbbsuze:
she wanted to make it Jeff the Killer x OC but i got to make it a reader insert since then anyone can read it :)

anyways hope you liked it
Eevee out for now
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Slender Love.

Chapter 1: A fated meeting.

Was it fate that brought us together? Were we destined to meet that faithful day? I don't know. I doubt I ever will. All I know is that destiny, luck, fate, none of them matter because they wouldn't change the fact that I love you.

~* 3 years before  - Slendys' POV *~

I was only thirteen when the bullying started. At first it was the name calling; Blankey, Tie – boy, horror-game-reject. Then it was the pushing and shoving. After that people stole my drawings and started  pinning them up round the local forest (The drawings themselves aren't very good but that's beside the point). My brother always stood up for me – He himself wasn't bullied because he looked fabulous (only he could wear a purple suit in public and still look cool). Unfortunately, Trendy could only protect me while he was around. I thought that nothing good could come from this bullying. I was wrong…
I remember the day I met (Name) like it was yesterday. It was in the afternoon and I was walking home from school, when I was suddenly ambushed by a load of tough looking high school dropouts. In their hands they held sharp and heavy looking rocks; I don't think I need to say what happened next. Scared, bruised and battered, I decided to run into the local forest. Eventually, they stopped following me and I slumped down onto a tree trunk in a grassy clearing.
Why am I like this? Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Why does it hurt so much?
Tears started to well in my non-existent eyes when I realised that I wasn't alone in the clearing. Sitting across from me was a girl. She looked around the same age as me with (Colour) hair tied back into plaits. Her (colour) eyes stared at me intently and, oddly enough, without fear.
"So you're lonely too, huh?" A gentle breeze blew a few strands of loose hair across her face.
I nodded. Slowly, she got up and sat next to me.
"Then we should be lonely together. It's much more enjoyable. I'm (Name)." She stuck her hand out to me and smiled.
I was confused to say the least. Why was she being nice to me? Perhaps she's an outsider, too…
Gently, I took her hand in mine. (Name) smiled even more.  It's around this time that I'd liked to say that we talked and talked all afternoon, walked home in the sunset and realised that from that day on, we would be as thick as thieves. Part of that is true – We did walk home in the sunset and from that day forward we were best friends but we didn't talk all afternoon. We couldn't. As well as being born with tentacles for hands I also had no eyes, no nose and no mouth. Instead we simply sat there in each others'  company.  Still, I enjoyed it; The only people who were really comfortable around me were my family so it was really nice to finally meet someone who didn't recoil at the sight of me.  

~* Trippy Time-Travel-Time! *~

"So I'll see you tomorrow at school, kay?" (Name) asked me.
In response I nodded. Again, She Smiled.
"Great, Goodbye then!" And with that she waved and walked home. I didn't stop looking at her until she turned the corner. A light blush arose to my non-existent cheeks; I was going to enjoy hanging out with such a sweet girl.

~* Trippy Time Travel To The Present! *~

*Narrator time! *

You sighed for the tenth time that day. You really couldn't get him of your mind. Slender.  You've had the hots for the tall and silent boy ever since the day you met him. But, of course, he could never love you back; Not in a million years – Why would he? You were just the loner he hung out with because he felt sorry for you.

Slender pretended to sigh for the tenth time that day. He really couldn't get her of his mind.(Name). He's crushed on the sweet and gentle girl ever since the day they met. But, of course, she could never love him back; Not in a million years – Why would she? He was just the monster that she hung out with because she pitied him.

~*New character time! *~

Justin watched the creepy-ass monster hang out with (Name). Sexy (Name). It disgusted Justin – How could  (Name) hang out with that thing? Well, no matter. (Name) would be dating Justin (amongst other "things")by the school dance and no one was going to stop him – Especially not that monster.
Well I finally did it! My Slender Man X Reader story! I hope you enjoy it~
Comments are always welcome! :3
(P.S - I found the preview image on google images.)
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Your P.O.V
I've always been a country girl at heart from the bottom of my heart to my outward exterior. I lived on a farm with acres and acres of land, a lot of open space to run around and play with my Golden Retriever Zar. I was doing what i normally do on a saturday afternoon relaxing against a sleeping willow with Zar laying in my lap as the breeze kept both of us cool. "(Name!) time for supper!" my mom called, I stretched and looked up at the sky it was turning dark out. "Race ya home Zar!" i said running home with Zar following close behind. I sat down at the table and, said my blessing then beginning to eat, "Oh (name) Tyler came by asking where you were today" said my mother smirking. I rolled my eyes "Ma he is like a love sick puppy! i wanna real man not some gussied up pretty boy from the north!" i said pouting. My dad smiled at me, "I see what you mean, not saying that Northern people are all like that but i understand what you mean" he said ruffling my (Hair Color) hair. I smiled 'Leave it to dad to back me', After dinner i went up stairs to get ready for bed, and after a shower and putting on my baggy pajama pants and a tight t-shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror "Hmph! who says i'm weak check me out i'm all fast and tough!" I said to myself as i shadow boxed in the mirror. Until i heard a some noise coming from the barn, "huh?" I looked out the window, 'Must be another wolf...' I thought putting my shoes grabbing the my lucky black bat. I ran out the house into the farm "Hello?" I asked in a stern tone, You could see the horses in the stoles naing and carrying on which made you question 'What were they so spooked about' I thought. Something brushed passed me i turn around looking all around the Barn, i stop standing in front of a tall slender man with pale white skin wearing a suit with... no face? I dropped my bat out of shock and stared into the empty spaces were his eyes were suppose to be. "W-what are you?" i whispered i reached out to touch him but he flinched a bit and reappeared in the entrance to the barn. The wind started to pick up and he vanished like thin air... still in a state of shock i picked up a dropped note with a heart with an 'X' through it...
Oh Slendy why you so shy~
Part.2 - whendarknestakesover.deviantar...
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Met Online
[ Jeff the killer x reader ]


You walked into your room frustrated, another school day was over thank god. You let your (h/c) hair out of its ponytail and put your bag down on the floor as you walked over to your drawer and pulled out some comfortable (color) sweats and a (color) baggy t-shirt.
"thats better" you let yourself fall on your bed and closed your eyes. Just as you where about to fall into sleep your computer started to beep telling you that you had a message on MSN. It was your friend Jeff, you knew it even before you opened to look. You smiled as you looked at your computer and started to read the message before you replied.
~in the MSN~
InsaneJeff: How was school?
(MSN name): it was so boring, how do you always know when I'm done in school?
InsaneJeff: You told me silly~
(MSN name): oh yeah i forgot…
InsaneJeff: so whats been up in news for you?
(MSN name): nothing really, was in school almost dyeing of boredom
InsaneJeff: noo don't die on me (name)!!
(MSN name): don't worry i am not going to die so soon
InsaneJeff: thats good
(MSN name): well anyways, how was your day?
InsaneJeff: oh you know same old stuff, Jack pissing me of and all that.
(MSN name): hey Jeff, why can't we meet someday outside, or at least talk with webcam?
InsaneJeff: …umm well I am not really allowed to see you yet, but one day we could meet, but i don't have a webcam…
(MSN name): well you can at least see me, then if we will ever see each other you will know its me ^_^
InsaneJeff: okay then C:
You giggle as you stood up and put your computer on the table to be able to talk to him better. You then called him, it rang a couple of times until it was picked up and you could see that he had no webcam at all. But he could see you and you where happy for that. You then started to type to him again as did he type to you.
~in the MSN again~
InsaneJeff: wow, i knew you where pretty but i had no idea you where this pretty
(MSN name): awwww~ thank you Jeff
InsaneJeff: your welcome (name), but i have to go, Ill talk to you later ;)
(MSN name): ohh okay :(   Well we will talk again later then.
InsaneJeff: yeah talk to you later ;)
InsaneJeff has logged off.
You sighed, well Jeff was kinda your only friend if you did not count (friend name). But lately (friend name) could not hang out with you as much since (she/he) had a lot of work to do also school. You did not have any homework nor did you have to work today so you just opened sims 3 and played it a bit until dinner when you would then order pizza and watch a movie, maybe fall asleep in the sofa since you did not have work or school tomorrow. Man what a life this was.
~With Jeff~
I walked down the stairs in Slender's house, I was going to ask him if i could go and see my friend, i hope he would not ask if she was human. Then i would be in big and then i mean BIG trouble. I was quick down the stairs and in the living room i saw Slender, Splender, Jack, Masky, Hoody, Smile cat and dog. I walked over to Slender and poked him in the shoulder.
"Slender man I need to ask you something" he turned his head to face me and stood up, we walked over to the kitchen so the other would not hear us talking.
"all right, what is it Jeff?"
"i huh, I was wondering if i could go out to meet a friend?"
"who is this friend?"
"Her name is (name) and she is really nice, so can i?" I could feel Slender's eyes burn holes into my head, that is if he had eyes.
"won't she scream when she sees you?"
"Im not sure, but if she dose i guess i will have to deal with it just like the other times…" Slender sighed and rubbed his forehead.
"fine, I guess i can't stop you, like last time… go and meet your friend"
"who's that friend?" I looked and i saw Jack standing there in the doorway.
"none of your business Jack" I said as i glared at him and walked past him going out of the house, but just before i left i shouted 'Going out, don't wait up for me!'.
~Reader P.O.V~
You sat in your sofa watching a movie as you ate pizza, you also had popcorn, candy and soda. You where watching just some disney movies for fun. You put the pizza on the table along with the candy and soda. You then laid down in the sofa and started to feel your eyelids close until there was just black.
~time skip brought to you by an awesome writer~
You must have fallen asleep, because when you came to you did not hear the movie anymore. 'Tv must have went to sleep or something' You opened your eyes to see someone in the room with you just sitting there looking at you, you sat up screamed. I mean who can blame you, there was a person in your house and you had been sure that you locked the door. The person shot up and put his hand over your mouth and 'shus'-ed you. You got a good look on the person and tilted you head a bit to the side. This person had black hair, kinda white skin along with really red lips, they where also cut in a smile, reminded you of joker and it looked like his eyelids had been burned away. wow, now thats cool, but still got to have hurt. He took his hand of your mouth and was about to say something but you cut him of.
"who are you? and might i ask how you got in here?"
"your not scared?"
"no, now answer my questions"
"it was kinda easy to get in, the door was unlocked"
"oh, i thought i locked it…"
"don't worry (name) I locked it"
"how do you know my name, and your questions are back to 2"
"ughh Im Jeff, the one you have been talking online for months, almost a year now"
"yeah what is i-" You did not even allow him to finish because you tackled him into a hug.
"I CANT BELIEVE THAT THIS IS YOU!! but duuudddeee~ don't scare me like that, I thought that a random person just came into my house"
"sorry about that" he that hugged you back smiling even wider, that is if that was possible. You then pulled away and stroked his cheek making a light pink color come on them, but you thought nothing of it. His skin was kinda leather like.
"your skin, its kinda leather like to touch"
"oh sorry about that"
"why are you saying sorry about that? its cool"
"thanks" more darker pink came on his cheeks as you both started to talk about random things. It was really fun to actually talk to him with your mouth. Then you had an idea.
"hey Jeff do you want to sleepover?"
"uhh..sure thing (name)" you could see his cheeks turn pale pink. You had to say that he was cute.
~another time skip to where you are both going to sleep~
"hey (name)"
"yeah? what is it Jeff"
"…I love you" you looked at him where he was sitting there with his cheeks blushing crimson. You smiled and leaned giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"I love you as well Jeff"
~now more of the ending~
You and Jeff, lived very happy together, sure you had your up's and down's but you got trough.
You both are now living very happy in a house more in the woods and you have two very beautiful children.

When i looked for a Jeff the killer x reader ON GOOGLE i found just one story so i made my own.
I kinda just barfed this shit up and it was only planed for a day but hey i did it.

Jeff the killer belongs to creepy pasta :iconjeffthekillerplz:

You belong to Jeff :iconjeffthekillerlaplz:

Story belongs to me :iconimdarkplz: so dont steal
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Boom... Boom... Boom...

The heavy sound of your heart pounded in your ears as you gripped your flashlight confidently. Okay, maybe you weren't as confident as you looked, but you HAD to see if those rumors of Slender Man were true! You looked around, not really paying attention to where you were going, because your mind was on the face-less man everyone talked about.

Your best friend Yuki had told you you were insane for doing this, but your curiosity got the best of you, despite those warnings. You remembered your talk like it was yesterday... Oh wait, it was.

"(Name), no offense but you're a complete idiot." Yuki remarked once you told her you wanted to go see if Slender Man was real.

"It's not my fault I have the curiosity of a cat." You replied, puffing out your cheeks in annoyance and rolling around on the hill. It was where you two first met, and the place you both spent the most time at.

Yuki rolled her golden eyes, just watching you like you were some crazy person. While that was true, you were confident in your decision to go and pay a 'visit' to the face-less person. "Actually, it kind of is." Once she said those words, you couldn't help but agree. While most had their curiosity naturally, yours was more... Forced, to put it simply.

"Yeah, yeah! Race you to the bottom!" You yelled, already bolting to the bottom of the hill, Yuki hot on your trail.

Your shaky hand just got shakier at the thought of never making it out alive, let alone never seeing your best friend again. Taking some deep breaths and walking until you heard rustling behind you.

'Oh no...' You thought, peeking behind your shoulder. Sure enough, there he was, just standing there. You gulped and kept walking, still hearing him behind you. Swallowing both your pride and your fright, you turned around to face him, extremely intimidated.

"What are you gonna do, huh?! Are you gonna kill me like everyone says?!" You screamed at him, silencing with shock once you saw his head shake. Nothing happened. You two just stood there in an unbelievably awkward silence. "...I'm (Name). You don't have to tell me who you are, I already know." You said cautiously, staring at him.

He nodded, stretching a hand towards you. You backed away slightly before noticing there was something in his hand. It was a note. Taking it, you read the piece of paper. 'Why are you here?' , it said.

"I wanted to know if you were real." You said, embarrassed for some reason. Despite him having no face, you thought he was kind of cute... Wait, what were you thinking?! He nodded, pointing to your car. "Oh, right, I should get going..." You murmured quietly. Something about him made him seem lonely. Without even thinking twice about your words, you blurted out, "But I'll be back tomorrow, okay?" You said cheerfully, mentally slapping yourself. Another nod. Shrugging, you dashed to your car, to the safety of your home.

'What the hell was I thinking? Great, I can't just not show up. It's not like me.' You thought on the drive home, sighing and preparing yourself mentally for the next night.
It sucks, so bad. Here's part one on my new fanfic, since I'm obsessed with him.
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The next night, just as you got off from work at (Dream Job), you got in your car and sighed, knowing you had to go visit the dreaded Slender Man once more. It was a promise, and you weren't the type to break one. You drove to the forest and parked the car just outside the tall gate and looked around, clicking your trusty flashlight on.

"Hello?" You called quietly, looking around for the tall figure. Looking over at a clearing in the trees, she saw him kneeling by one flower. 'That's odd, why is there only one flower and why is Slender Man kneeling by it?' You thought before standing behind him, smiling at how peaceful it all was.

A few minutes later (About ten minutes or so), Slender Man stood up and finally noticed you behind him, he also had the flower in his hand and he seemed to smile. That is, he would if he had a face. You smiled up at him and waved, and he waved back.

"Hey, how are you?" You asked politely, frowning when you only got a shrug. 'Why isn't he talking to me? Oh yeah, he doesn't have a mouth...' You scolded yourself mentally when you forgot about his lack of a mouth, so you continued speaking. "If you wanted to ask, I'm fine. Work was a hassle, but I'm glad to have some free time." You laughed softly at your rambling, and he patted your head, trying to make you feel better.

You thought about how gentle he actually was, once you got past the creepiness and the rumors of him killing every child under thirteen. Luckily you were (Insert age above eighteen here), so you were safe from dying anytime soon. You tried your best to make conversation, but settled for just standing there.


About an hour or so later, you had to leave once more, much to the dismay of your new-found friend. As you were walking to your car, you felt his hand on your shoulder. Turning, you blinked as her held the flower out to you.

"Oh, is this for me?" You questioned, receiving a nod as he held it out to you, indicating that he wanted you to have it. Taking it gently, you smiled and kissed what you assumed was his cheek before getting in your car and waving before you drove off.

That was it. That was all you needed to confirm you had started to crush on what everyone called a monster. You didn't care, he was your friend, and you would visit him every night. You even made a promise to him, which he responded with a note that had read, 'Thank you' . That was all it read, but that was all you needed to make you sure of your feelings.
BAM! Here it is! Extremely late and probably REALLY short. Blame my empty brain.
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Stalked by LoverofLiterature 
Y/n- Your Name
F/c- Favorite Colour

You were just a normal girl from a normal family, that is, until one of your friends, Tina had told you about 'Slender man' she asked you at school.
"Hey,[y/n]!"She whispered from right beside you. You looked up from your desk, almost about to pass out from the teacher's boring class "What is it, Tina?"You asked her curiously "Have you ever heard of Slender man?" She asked you through quiet whispers "Ahem. Ladies, is there something that you would like to share with the entire class?"Grouched your least favorite teacher, Mrs. Carroll "No ma'am..."You both said simultaneously. After the class, your friend asked you again as you were walking to your locker to get your things so you could go home "Well, have you?"She asked, aching with curiosity. "No. I haven't heard of Slender man." You told her. "Wow. I can't believe you haven't! He's everywhere! You ought to search him up when you get home!"She told you as she scurried off to her locker which was right across the hall from yours.

"Search him up!" These words played over and over in your mind as you walked to your house. When you had returned to your home your parents weren't there, so you took the liberty of snatching a energy drink. You had a lot of homework to do, so you cracked open the drink and got to work. Once you had consumed the drink it gave you a burst of energy so powerful that you had completed your homework in under two hours. Once you had put all of your now completed homework in your book bag you grabbed your laptop from your desk and plopped yourself down on your bed and began your research about 'the Slender man'

You clicked on all the websites until your hunger for knowledge about Slender man was satisfied. And once it was satisfied you felt some liquid run from your nose, then some of the liquid dropped straight to your laptop's keyboard, you looked down at it. It was obviously blood. You screamed. You HATED the sight of blood so you ran straight to your bathroom and grabbed God knows how many tissues and held your nose back as soon as you placed the smooth tissues under your nostrils. Once the blood had stopped you began to feel a little dizzy, it was probably from the blood loss. You shrugged it off and returned to your laptop. You began to search up things that would calm you down, like things from your favorite series, listened to music from your favorite band, etc. After about an hour your stomach began to hurt a bit. You felt your forehead. Although it did nothing because you weren't able to check the temperature of your forehead using that technique and you where all cozy inside of your f/c blankets. You decided to lay there for a bit, a few minutes later passed and you stood up and ran as fast as you could to the restroom again and grabbed a thermometer and sat the metal end on your tongue and waited for a minute for the beeping to sound, you then waited about ten seconds for the beeping to end, with the thermometer in your mouth, then took the thermometer from your tongue you looked at your temperature and let out an aggravated sigh. Your temp was 101.3 which meant you had come down with the common cold. Which also meant you were not able to go to school tomorrow and see Tina. Not only that but she was planning on meeting you up with Mark, your crush and asking him out on a date for you. But you were going to have to miss all of that just because you were sick.</i>

You sighed again and drooped back to your bed, and decided to take a nap, but not before powering off your laptop and placing it back on to your desk. You curled up into your covers again and layed your head onto your pillow, letting it's plushness form around the shape of your head, you layed there for a few moments wondering what could have caused this, you knew it couldn't have been related to that Slender man stuff, could it?

This is my first attempt at a 'reader instert' so I hope you like it :blushes:
You belong to :iconpervyslendermanplz:
Slendy belongs to Creepypasta/Himself
I (Tina) belong to myself. I think.
yes I am convinced that Slenderman is real. Deal with it.
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                                   Slender Man x Reader Chapter 12

                    You stared ta him, wide eyed.
                    He stared back at you, blankly.
           You stared, taking it all in.

             Suddenly, you understood the situation.
                            Man, I can be slow sometimes, you thought.
         You cried. Loudly, at that. You pounced on him, knocking the air out of his body.

           "Calm down," He said , as he heard Jeff's footsteps up the stairs.
            "HEY HEY HEY! NO SEX!" He hollared.
            When he saw no sexual intercourse was being made, he had a confused look on his face.
           "SlenderMan asked me..! " You were cut off.
           "To marry him?" A soft voice said. All heads turned to the door, revealing Masky.
           You beamed, and started nodding your head in a fast manner.

          "So, when is the baby due? And ideas?" Jeff asked.
          "No.." Slenderman said. A hand rested on your stomach.
          "How am I supposed to explain to my mother that I'm leaving to live somewhere else?" You asked.
          "Well, we can always sneak you out of there." Jeff stated.
          "Good idea, Jeff." SlenderMan stated.
          "But we will need to head to a different location." SlenderMan said, thinking hard.
          ''Wha' bout' that New Hampshire place?" Jeff offered.
          "It's too cold. We'll be raising a child soon, not a buffalo." SlenderMan stated.
          "A baby can stand a little bit a snow." Jeff argued.
          "Jeff,  have you ever been to New Hampshire?" You ask
          "Well , I have. It can go below freezing. "
        "Perhaps we can go down to Albuquerque, where theres enough forest that we can all shelter in.
         (insert name here) May take a friend, and they will take the bike trail down to the city once the baby is born
       to get supplies. Sometimes I'll try to disguise myself as a normal citizen." SlenderMan stated.
       "Cassie? Will she agree?" You asked.
        "Try," SlenderMan glanced at you.
        "I'll be bringing you home soon to gather your things and ask your friend. You must not say a word to
         your mother, and I will be waiting at the edge of the woods at midnight. Be sure to come." SlenderMan
        stated seriously.
        "I'll do it." You said, nodding.
        ''Great, I'll be taking you home now."


         After an hour or so of walking, he returned you to the backyard. You turned to leave, but he grabbed your arm.
        "Remember. Midnight. Not a peep. With your friend." He stated.
        You nodded, and headed for the door.

        You saw that your mother's car wasn't home, 'She must be at the gym or something. This is a good time to
        prepare.' You thought.
        Just in case -
        "Mom?!" You hollared into the empty house.
        "Great." You whispered to yourself.
         You ran into your bedroom, and pulled a suitcase and filled it with clothes. Everything thing else you need
         was stuffed into tiny cravasses you could find in between clothes.

      After packing, you ran outside and placed the suitcase into an old truck that had been in your yard for years.
         Then, you flipped out your phone and dialed Cassie's number.
       "Y'ello?" She answered.
       "Cassie?" You asked.
       "Hm? (Insert name here)? Is that you?" She asked you.
        "Yeah. I need you to come over here. Fast. We need to talk." You stated.
     "Huh? Oh..Okay..Buh bye. Be there in a bit." She hung up.


     After waiting about 20 minutes, she arrived.
   "This is important." You started.
   "Spit it out."
   "I'm pregnant."
   "With SlenderMan's child."
   "And I'm moving to Albuquerque. With him. And everyone else."
   "Theres OTHERS? And your LEAVING?!"
   "And we're going to live in the forest."
   "Your not going to be safe , and , at that, with KILLERS!"
   "And I'm scared shitless."
   "NO CRAP!"
   "And I want you to come with me."
   "HELL SHIT I WILL!" She was practically screaming.
   "Pack A.S.A.P. and we're leaving at midnight."
   "All right. I need to go do that now. Wait. Don't your clothes still fit me?"
   "Do you have extra?"
   "Way too much."
   "Can I pack yours instead?"

       After your mother coming home, and Cassie's mom letting her stay, and her packing and dropping it in the backyard,
   you two planned the rest of the night.
   "How are we going to get there?" She asked.
   "I have no idea."
   She face pamled, and sighed.
   "Well. Atleast I get to meet your new boyfriend and father of the child."
          She nearly choked.
   "" She asked.
  "And I'm becoming immortal. And so are you."
           Suddenly, she looked somewhat excited.
     "YAY~" She cheered.
  You chuckled.
     "So..we're leaving our families.." She started.
     "Yeah.." You stated , sadly.
     "Hey, atleast we'll have one of our own." She smirked.
     "Yeah. You, Me , Slendy, Jeff, Smile Dog, and Masky!"
           "J-Jeff..?" She paled.
     "He's a nice guy!" You beamed. "Don't worry!"
     "O-Okay.." She stuttered.


     It was midnight, and you shook Cassie awake.
      "It's time." You said.
      "Okay." She said, and got on her coat.
      You two climbed out your window, leaving the room untouched.
       Before you closed the window, the two of you took a look around.
      "I'm going to miss this place." She stated.
           You shut the window tightly, and blew a kiss to the house.
       "Sleep well, mother." You whispered.
       You climbed down the fire escape, and onto the grass.
       The both of you headed torwards the tractor where your suitcases were held.
       You two headed for the woods, to be greeted by a group of people.
       Cassie looked around, and spotted Jeff.
       "Hey." He said.
       "H-Hi.." She stuttered.

            The two of you turned around, and looked back to your town, your homes, your families.
           "Goodbye.." The two of you whispered in unision.
                          All 6 of you descended into the darkness of the forest, heading torwards a new life.
Slendy is't mine! Neither is Jeff, Masky, Smile dog, and Cassie belongs to me!
I edited the pic though!


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Your P.O.V
Ever since that night i have always been questioning the supernatural. 'Maybe it was just a dream...' I thought, 'But it seemed so real!', well it made no since for me to just sit here and worry about it i went out to search for him or it. I ran and searched through the forest which felt like forever. I was so caught up in the search i didn't notice that the sky's had darkened only to have the fluorescent moon being my night light. "Oh's gonna have a cow if i'm late" i turned back towards home but something had caught my attention, 'That note!' i thought to myself. I reached out and took the note from the tree "Come To Me..." I could feel my heart beat fast as to what it meant, no doubt he wanted me... But for what? A gust of wind blew passed me sending a chill down my spine my eyes directed toward another white slip of paper on another tree further down from this one. My curiosity peeked and i went to the next note "Follow..."  After a while of following note after note which held nothing but hearts with X's through them i started to feel a bit irritated, yet somehow interested as to where 'he' was leading me. I came upon a cabin located in a opening in the wood, I walked slowly up to the cabin door and knocked on the door to see if anyone was home. 'It's empty' i thought opening the door, I wondered around the cabin looking at old items and pictures of someone's family and kids but the thing that frightened me the most was that in every picture... there faces were gone or scratched out.  As i looked at the pictures appearing to be in a trance i didn't notice that dark luminous shadow drawing itself over mine, I feel the chill run down my back as i turned around to see 'it' staring down at me...

Slender Man's P.O.V
I leaned close to the girl not wanting to scare her but to get a closer look at her physical appearance. "your short for a female... how old are you?" I asked, She looked at me in disbelief as to who or what i was, "I-I'm 16..." she said stuttering. I leaned back up rubbing my chin in deep thought '16...she feels like a perfect mate for me but not physically up to she is a human...' I thought. I felt a slight tug at one of my tentacles and looked down to see her petting it! I blushes and moves it away quickly, She chuckled at my shyness and smiled at me. I had felt this strange feeling when she had touched me it wasn't a bad feeling but a warm feeling. "So what's up with these hearts and X's?" she asked showing me the note, 'She saved the note!' i thought "Uhh... nothing... i just like hearts is all..." i said clearing my throat. She smiled and looked down at the note "Well I like it!" she said energetically which made me jump, "g-glad ya do" i said maintaining my composure. Then we heard the faint sound of her mom calling her home, She looked up at me and frowned "I have to go but... i'll see you tomorrow after school...OK!" she said holding my hand smiling at me. I looked down hiding my blush "yes ma'am" i said, She smiled and ran out of the cabin hurrying home. 'what is this feeling?'

Slenderman X Reader Ch.1_ [link]
Slenderman X Reader Ch.2_ YOUR HERE!
Slnderman X Reader Ch.3_ [link]
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                                                           Slender Man x Reader Chapter 11

                     Jeff sighed. He so wasn't good with women.
                     "Your pregnant" He told you.
                      "PREGNANT. PREG-NANT. P.R.E.G.N.A.N.T PREGNANT" He hollared.
                      "I GET IT!" You cried.
                       "Okay then." He backed off.
                       "How will I tell him? Will he leave? Will he be mad?" You cried out.
                       "Relax.. Er--.Um..I think he'll be o-overjoyed!" Jeff tried to cheer you up.
                       "IT WILL KILL ME!" You cried, tears streaming down your cheek.
                       "I know, I know," He hugged you gently, comforting you.
                              So wasn't expecting that, you thought for a second.

                   "When will my stomach grow?"  You breeathed through moans of pain.
                    Jeff grunted, and stared at your stomach. "I have no idea.."He stated.
                    "I'm scared. You admitted. "Who wouldn't be? He answered.
                    "What time is it?" You asked, cuddled up in a blanket on the couch, wincing as another shoot of pain
                     rocked through your body.
                   "11:30" He stated.
                      Just as he said that, the front door swung open, revealing a very pleased looking SlenderMan.
                  "Hello," He glanced at Jeff.
                  "How are you feeling?" He asked you.
                  "Same." You bluntly said.
                  "Would you like something to eat? It will help you feel better.." He offered.
                   "Well..." Jeff started.
                     SlenderMan glanced at him again , Jeff only cowered against the sofa, pressing himself in.

                "Can I talk to you in the Bedroom for a moment?" You asked, already wobbling to the first step.
                No longer having the option to protest, "Okay." Was all SlenderMan said.
                 On the way up, you almost missed a step, nearly tumbling down the wooded staircase in the
               You finally reached the top, thankful you didn't fall on your face in doing so.

             "What is it?" He asked, cuddling you in his lap.
               You pulled away, resting your hands on his chest while toying with the buttons of his suit.
             "Why do you kill kids?" You asked him, hoping for another reason besides "It's fun".
             "Because..they piss me off." He said blankly.
             "Oh." You said softly.
                                Now, how were you going to tell him he was going to have one of his own?
             "Why?" He nuzzled your neck.
                                Might as well break up and become a widowed mother who looks like whore.
            "There has to be a reason." He said, kissing your cheek. "Tell me.."
                                  You were going to miss that.
           He kissed your cheek some more. "Please?" He asked again.
                                  His butterfly kisses he gave you.
             "Hello? Are you home? (Insert name here)?" He kissed your lips this time.
                                     You were going to miss all of it.
              "Why are you crying?" He asked, staring at you.
                                                    All of it.
              "I'm pregnant." You finally blurted out, through tears.
                                 He stared at you . You expecting him just to drop you and leave.
              "Why are you crying, again?" He asked again.
                             You looked at him, surprised.
                                 Why isn't he mad?
              "I thought you hated kids." You said through sobs, unable to stop.
               "Human kids, (insert name here). Human kids." He sighed.
              "Who told you that you were pregnant? No human could detect it yet."
              "Oh. Nevermind."
               "I thought so."
                      He sighed.
              "Well, when are we going to get your stuff?" He asked.
              " stuff?" You asked.
              "You obviously have to live here. I don't want some human docter performing tests on my child."
               "Yes, your going to live here."
               "What..if I don't make it?"
                   He stopped, and stared at you for a moment.
                "(Insert name here)?" He asked suddenly.
                "Will you become my immortal and become my wife?" He asked, suddenly.
WHOOOO. I finished chapter 11 :D! to work on the next chapter.
Willl she marry him?
Will she become immortal?
Will this baby be SUPER DUPER AWESOME?!!?
The pic isn't mine , sadly. I edited it though.
And neither is Slender Man. And I didn't edit him xD.
And..Jeff also isn't mine..nor did I edit him..maybe a little..AHAHHAHAHA. Jokes on you c: I didn't. LOL. that was lame.
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