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Hey Guys! Lately i've been reading a comic by miss :icontwisted-wind: & I gotta say, her comics is beyond AWESOME!! Totally racommend taking a look of her work.
This pic is based on one of my favs of her comic, "The Count Mickey Dragul". I hope you guys like & again, check out her works^^

(c) Character Designs- :icontwisted-wind:
(c) Disney characters- Walt Disney
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On order from the former Countess Dragul, Daciana is to protect her charge and master and good friend, the young Count Mickey Dragul from anything. A gift from the countess to her son, the hellhound grew up so much faster than the young vampire but was always there for him, like a guardian.

Enjoy! I tried a new coloring style with this one, tell me what you think.

Character based by the Disney company.
Idea, concept, and lineart by ~twisted-wind
Daciana, and coloring by me, ~LadyHexaKnight
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"Oswald ..." said the vampire with a whisper and a tear of blood coming down, "d-don't cry Mickey... you knew.. that sooner or later it would happen.... I'm not immortal as you..."
"Oswald don't be silly.. I can save you.. if you allow me.."
"don't b-be selfish Mick...." the slayer said, watching the vampire in his eyes "My time is over ... I feel the forces leave, Mickey .. it was great fight at your side so many years, I lived my life as I would not have expected ... I have seen beautiful places I battled legendary monsters and I've given birth to many children, I have no regrets .. I would just like my children do not suffer like I did...
Lillian has already suffered enough.. I don't want any of my child or grandchild.. risks to losing everything that is dear to him every day..."
"b-but Oswald"
"Mickey... it's over f-for me.. and you... our legend are p-passed.. the new world that is coming... soon will forget about us... I.. ask to you one only t-thing..." says the rabbit, while shaking the hand of his friend with a thread of force ""watch over my family.. as far as you can, and live your life in peace .. Mickey..."
"g-goodbye... count.. Mickey D-Dragul...." the breath of the legendary hunter slowly disappears, and tightening the shoulders of his died friend Mickey weeps over his body and bends over to hug him as if to say goodbye one last time.
_ Luna rossa, chapter 7 [link]
by :iconzenox-furry-man:
music: [link]
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Here is Emily and Zuritan in my version of my fanfic "luna rossa" many years have passed and two young vampires are brought up and have a personality a little different from what was expected, is an aggressive type Zuritan and lover of the fight, except that he grew up with Mickey and Mina would become the new Dracula. Emily is rather good and gentle as a fairy and her white hair light up every room that vague. In addition Zuritan is a Murony, or a vampire can be transformed and in this case a giant spider. I hope to finish this fanfic and sorry for the long wait.

Art from :icontwisted-wind:
Story from me
Chara of Disney
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Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. I don't know why mickey's wearing a shirt, but he looked weird int he picture with his usual attire. That and Goofy's hatless. Ah well, saw a Disney commerciala nd had to draw them.
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eheheh there's others sketches I've done with a bit of inspiration from
Daciana of :iconladyhexaknight:
Kitty Kubbles of :icondnxlightangel:
and my dear :iconzenox-furry-man:

1- Daciana was protecting the young Mickey Dragul from the werewolves, eheheheh she's a hellhound, a gift for the young vampire by his mother

2- Kitty in "Count Dragul" style, eheheh with sharp steel claws on her hands

3- a lil' short for my dear sweet Zenny, Liliac Bathory was kidnapped by the vampire slayers, and Zenox "flame of the damned" give her his blood for save her life, successifuly Oswald VanHelsing help Zenox and the young vampire bat to escape
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I know I still didn't finish my actual story, but my mind always thinking too forward^^; That's why I want to show you four of my possible projects I want to start after Mouse from Space ended.


To make things more interesting I let you guys decide which story I should do next. Please vote only once!

Now about the stories...

01: Black Like Ink
This is the only story that need more preparation for me. Its an alternative Epic Mickey fic starts in the post apocaliptical future, where a creature, Oswald awakens in a weird laboratory. From a video he finds out he's only a clone of the real Oswald, created by the Mad Doctor and he has the power to control the Ink his body was infected by. But something horrible happened that threw the world into chaos and 'Oswald', using a time machine returns to the past to stop this tragedy.

02: Underworld Paradise
Sets in Chicago at the time of Prohibition, where gangsters ruled the city. Mickey (called the Red) is one of the clan's head. His life as a boss isn't easy but his usually dark days turn upside down when he meets with the innocent, yet smart singer, Minnie and learns a new feeling, called true love.

03: Switched-up Roles
The only story that is already work in progress...
Here Mickey and Minnie are already married and living their normal life in Toon Town, only a child is missing from this happy family. But somehow this miracle doesn't want to happen, so they ask a doctor's help. Oscar (my chara) offers them a really weird chance that only Mickey not want to hear about. The doc wants to make a expectant guy out of him.

Note: This story contains non yaoi male pregnancy, full with cute, funny situations. I want to give a try here after I got many positive comment on, where the story is already running^^

04: Cursed Kisses

A fan fiction based on the talented :iconzenox-furry-man:'s story called Luna Rossa. This one sets in the World War 2., continues where Luna Rossa ended. The Dragul family returns to their home, expect one rebellish mouse, Zuritan who continues his hunt after invading nazis. But one night, when he ambush a camp he meets with a saboteur/spy, the strong, impassive Ivy, daughter of the huntress Molly Mountain. At first they hate each other, but Ivy forces him to accompany her on the mission Zuritan screwed up.

Again, please vote which story you want to se next!!! Originally I want to do all of them, but I just can't decide XD

Characters (c) :icondisneyplz:
Zuritan (c) :icontwisted-wind:
Ivy and stories (c) :iconfurgemancs:
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What better way to spend a Friday night that you were supposed to be studying than to draw Mickey Mouse? Yes folks, I give you, Mickey Mouse. All have the Emperor Mouse!

Anyway, today I stumbled across the comic called The Count Mickey Dragul, which I'm sure many of you already know about since it's rather popular. I instantly fell in love with it, not cause Mickey's a vampire, but because I love the way that she draws, I grew up on Mickey Mouse Cartoons. Not the black and white ones, I'm not that old.

Anyway, i was majorly inspired to draw fan art, which is rather strange since I draw little to no fan art of any particular character. This comic was made by :icontwisted-wind: and I absolutely love it!

So goodnight folks!

Mickey Mouse Walt Disney Corporation

The Count Mickey Dragul :icontwisted-wind:

Art :iconforever-ebonycloud:
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the haunted rising: [link]

...the storm raged outside the manor, while Melanie drove the two vampire guests to their room, only the tik tok of the old clock in the hallway echoed between the ancient walls.

Mickey felt a strange feeling, as he hold Mina into his embrace
"it's all so... ancient and strange..." he muttered and look at the girl with candelabra "Miss Ravenswood, there's a question I wanted to ask to you from the dinner.."

Melanie turn to the Count and smiled "yes, tell me"

"I've seen in this manor it seems all ready... for something.."
Mina at that poin grab Mickey's cloth, pointing at a coffee "oh m-my god.. what's happened here Melanie.."

a little upset from that vision, Mickey swallowed and continue his ask "Melanie... what's going on here.. and why you're dressed as bride?"

at first Melanie just stopped from walking, and a little sigh left her lips, Mina felt a shiver down her spine "I'm waiting..." the bride answer simply, like twas something normal "I'm waiting for my groom..." at that point she smiled maliciously.

Suddently the clock start to chime a disturbing sound, as the needle reached the 13th hour, for Mickey and Mina's horror the coffin in front of them began to tremble, to creack and the lid was unhinged from two hands of a dead into the coffin, moaning creepy "l.. let me out of here.. l-lemme..."

Mina was scared as Mickey, then the doors into the hallway began to slam and knock, inhuman cries echoed from the doors into the hears of the two scared vampires, Mickey hold Mina tight with him and frantically turn around his head searching Melanie

"what the hell is going on Mel.." his worlds stopped when Mina tug his cloth "Mickey! look! in the hallway!"

Mickey follow Mina's scared gaze and for his horror he seen Melanie in the middle of a endless hallway, singing a sad melody
"Melanie!! where are you doing?!? please come back!"

Melanie continue to sing, walking into the endless corridor.. and the darkness swallowed her white figure

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Hi everyone! Well guys, for the past few weeks, I've been having one of those Disney moments. So I dicided to draw this based on one of my all time Disneyland shows, Fantasmic. I've always LOVE this show ever since I was a kid. I always felt like going on an adventure with Mickey on a journey of his imagination. I have recently listened to the Tokyo Disney version of the show & I LOVE IT!! I totaly recomend you guys to give it a listen. The music is outstanding, it gave me an insperation to draw this picture. I hope you guys like it! ^w^
Here's the music from the Tokyo Disney Sea resort^^

(c) Mickey Mouse & Fantasmic show- Disney
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