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  Gilbert awoke hours later with a start, something made him feel uneasy. His eyes immediately darted to where his brother once lay asleep. Fear filled him as he realized that neither his brother or you were anywhere to be found.

  Shooting up out of bed, he quickly escaped his bedroom and sought you out. In no time at all, terrible thoughts began to fill his head over what you might be doing.

  There was a loud explosion, sending pain into his fragile eardrums and then Ludwig's screams. Gilbert suddenly filled with adrenaline and rushed to where he heard Ludwig's cries.

  Bursting into the room, he instinctively readied himself to attack, almost missing the scene of you holding his crying baby brother and trying to calm him down. The second the door burst open, you quickly spun and quickly went back to calming Ludwig.

  "What...? Did you do mein bruder...?"

  You shook your head and went towards him, handing him Ludwig. "The storm woke him up, I can't get him to stop crying-" An explosion of thunder shocked both brothers and caused the white-haired one to cringe. "Gil...?"

  "It hurts...! My ears...!" He cried out, and you suddenly realized the problem with both of them. "G-Get the noise away...!"

  Getting Gilbert up, you managed to jostle him into a calmer and quieted room that refused to let any noise penetrate it. Ludwig looked towards you with teary blue eyes and Gilbert was frozen in fear and shock.

  Taking Ludwig into your arms, you began humming softly to lull him into a peaceful sleep, sitting on the ground. Gilbert, now overcoming his paralyzing feelings and came closer. He snuggled up against you like a cat and started drifting off himself too.

  Seeing Gilbert nodding off, you laid them both down on the ground within each other's embrace and laid a blanket over them. The two didn't seem to notice much as you slipped out of the room to let them sleep together.


  Gilbert awoke first the next morning, noticing the blanket over him and smiling. Pulling his brother in his arms, he escaped the room he was in and started shuffling down the halls to his bedroom to lay down.

  When he entered his room, he noticed a woman trying to make his bed. "Oh please, you don't have to. I was about to lay down again..."

  "Sure then hon. Thanks a lot for being there for our young madam. She's had it hard since her family died."

  This caught Gilbert's attention. "Died? Was...? She told me...she moved away."

  "No," The maid said in a soft voice. "Her family was killed in an accident. She was the only to survive. Her uncle took over her father's company and now sends her a majority of the money."

  Gilbert stood for a moment, trying to process the information before dismissing the young woman. He curled up in bed blankly and numb, trying to think of your sweet face, innocence, purity, not one of someone who has lost anything precious in this world.

  But how very wrong. Everyone she loved, her little brother, her father, her mother, gone. Tears surfaced at the man's eyes as he fell asleep, thinking about your precious smile. He wanted to make sure you kept that forever. He didn't want you to bare pain anymore.


  "Gilbert...!" Ludwig pestered as he shook his brother's sleeping form. "Gilbert...! I'm hungry...!"

  Gilbert, in turn, groaned and turned the other cheek. Although, Ludwig didn't want him to ignore so he once more began to pester his older brother. "Gilbert. I think I heard ___________ say that you're awesome...!"

  Once the albino had a second to process, he shot up in a second. "She thinks I'm awesome!?"

  "Bruder, you're so stupid..." Ludwig growled under his breath. "Now can we go and eat breakfast?"

  Gilbert shot a look at his 'innocent' little brother before agreeing. He helped the small boy onto the ground and led him to your room. When they opened the door, they found you still completely asleep. Both of them exchanged a worried glance, knowing they would need to speak with the chef who was obviously not happy with there presence not too long ago.

  Ludwig seemed even more upset. Gilbert didn't blame him. He's had a rough young life thus far. Lifting the child up into his arms, he began walking towards the dinning room. Ludwig was shaking in his arms.

  "Bruder, don't worry...everything is going to be fine..." He whispered into his brother, gripping his hand softly. "Your awesome big bruder is gunna make sure nothing can even touch you."

  The last part had a hint of threat in it, convincing Ludwig that he was nearly safe. His brother was always dangerous when it came to protecting his brother. That's how he lost half his sight, fighting with a scientist who was trying to take his brother away. Unfortunately, the man had a knife and no remorse when he slashed his eye.

  When they went to greet the male chef, they found a female one in his place. She offered no threat, although she went to touch Ludwig's black ears only to have her hand smacked away by Gilbert.

  In the end it was decided that they'd have a simplistic breakfast buffet before they went to sit at the table and wait. In the meanwhile, you had awoken and come to join them.

  Gilbert's eyes softened at your appearance. Ludwig didn't seem to notice that your eyes were slightly red, as if you had been crying. Gilbert, however, spotted it miles away . Quickly, he hopped out of his chair and embraced you, his warm and strong arms wrapped around you.

  You could feel something was off with him when he did that but you returned it likewise with a warm laugh. "You're awfully affectionate today, aren't you Gil? What did you both want for breakfast?"

  "A buffet." Ludwig said plainly as Gilbert broke away. "Sorry about mein bruder, he's just delirious today."

  You giggled and kissed Gilbert's cheek, making his face turn extremely red. It took Ludwig a spilt second to realize before he started laughing. Gilbert shot a look towards his brother, quickly silencing him before sitting back down and waiting for food like the rest of you.

  The meal progressed slowly and silently. No one dared to speak. You were very aware of Gilbert's tense actions. Gilbert held your secret to his rapidly-pounding heart. Ludwig could feel the thick tension and didn't want to say anything to make it thicken or explode.

  Eventually, you smiled softly and spoke up. "How about we do something today? It might be really nice to go out for some fresh air right now, won't it guys?"

  "Ja," Ludwig agreed, continuing to eat his breakfast in peace.

  Looking over towards Gilbert, you noticed he was grinning and breathed out in relief. "Ja, I really like that idea."

  When all of you had finished, you changed and quickly were out the door. Gilbert took your hand once more and nervously squeezed it. Not knowing the source of his nerves, you just gripped his reassuringly and smiled towards him.

  It seemed to work, his tenseness seemingly vanishing. As you walked along, talk commenced. You asked the boys how you slept, which they responded,'better than in any alley we've ever slept in.'

  "How'd you sleep ___________?" Ludwig asked softly, acting on innocence once more.

  Your grip tightened and you forced out a happy,"Good." Gilbert, who was still holding your hand, easily noticed and looked towards his little brother. His brother smirked and waved his hand forward.

  'Make your move.' His body language seemed to pester. Gilbert rolled his eyes and moved beside you, gripping onto your hand. "You know," He started,"If you want to talk about anything, the awesome me is open to listen."

  You nodded and moved forward, not really wanting to talk right now. Both of them were bound to find out eventually, about when you fall asleep. The only reason they hadn't worried last night was because Ludwig's cries droned put your own.


  Later that night, Gilbert tossed and turned in bed, thinking about why you wouldn't speak with him. Ludwig had fallen asleep on their walk home later and was sleeping peacefully in his own room.

  At around midnight, he was nearing sleep when he heard a cry in the dark. It wasn't Ludwig's though, it was yours. Quickly springing up, he dashed towards your room and noticed how pained you looked in sleep.

  Rushing to your side, he shook your shoulders and continually cried your name until you awoke in a shocked daze. Gilbert held such hurt and confusion before hugging you closely to him. Your face was forced into his shoulder and tears were suddenly spilling from your eyes.

  He gently hushed you, comforting you as your tears began to turn into sobs. "I d-didn't mean to wake you up G-Gil..."

  "Don't worry about me..." He said simply, now stroking your (h/c) hair. "I can take a cat nap if I want..." His tail brushed your arm softly, causing a giggle to sound from you.

  "Someone told me...what happened to your your family..." Your body shuddered once more. "You have nightmares, don't you...?"

  "They're so terrible Gil..." You breathed, holding him closer. "They've told me...the maids who work at night...that I scream in my sleep... "

  "Don't worry..." Gilbert whispered, laying you back down in bed and cooing you into calmness. "I'll stay with you tonight...I'll make sure that you sleep okay tonight..."

  You nodded, relaxing as he laid down in bed with you. He began stroking your hair, purring gently as if he really were a cat. Putting your head against his chest, you realized it was bare and began blushing.

  He felt so warm and comforting, brushing your arms softly. Snuggling closer, you curled up and sighed, shutting your (e/c) eyes. "I'm sorry for making you do this..."

  "Don't worry," He said in a warm tone, hugging you close. "I'm not mad. I'm just worried that you're not getting enough sleep. If you get scared, just wake me up."

  "Are you sure?"

  He kissed your nose softly and nodded,"Ja...gut nacht..."

  "Night..." You breathed, resting your ear against his chest, listening to his heart beating in his chest. "Thank you..."

  "Don't mention it..."

  With that, you both fell asleep in one another's arms.

Gilbert's your mommy now.

Making you feel better when you're scared.

But then you're Gilbert's mommy too.

Because you comforted him from the storm.

You're each other's mommies.

I'm so tired.
I'm sorry.


No, I'm not.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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  Ludwig woke up the next morning, dragging his feet behind him. His brother wasn't in his room so he went into yours only to see you snuggled comfortably up to his brother.

  Smiling, he climbed up beside you both and snuggled in between you, shutting his blue eyes again. Your arms wrapped around him and you breathed out slightly. When he entered, you had arisen from your sleep.

  "What's wrong Ludwig...?"

  "I was looking for mein bruder..." He said stubbornly, crossing his arms in the meanwhile. You laughed slightly and hugged him,"Why are you hugging me...!?"

  "Because you're so cute and cuddly~!" You said in a happy voice, sleepy tone dripping from it. "Why won't you let me hug you?"

  "I'm guessing you slept good frau...?" Gilbert said softly as he awoke as well. His arm was around you in a second. "You seem really happy this morning..."

  "Thank you Gilbert...for last's been so long..." You snuggled up closer, unaware that Ludwig was hearing everything and processing it much differently.

  "Gilbert, did you have sex with __________ last night?" He asked plainly and watched both your faces get beyond brick red.

  "Nein! She was having problems sleeping so I stayed with her until she could...!" He spoke, embarrassment weaved in. "Who even told you was sex was?"

  "I heard it at the lab." He said simply before breaking from your loosened grip. "Can we have breakfast now?"

  "Go down. We'll be out of bed in a minute..." Gilbert said, sighing as his brother walked out of the room. He was going to tell you today that even though they've known you for a few days that he's gotten really close to you.

  Okay, maybe it isn't exactly along line. No, it was more along the line of him imprinting* on you.

*Imprint (on)-come to recognize as an object of habitual trust. Usually characteristics gained from a parent or suitable mate.

  You snuggled closer, trying to settle back into a nice rest once more. "I didn't have a nightmare after you came in last you mind coming in again tonight...?"

  "Nein..." He said sweetly with a smile. As he went in to kiss you, your body shifted and caused his lips to kiss your cheek. "How about we go downstairs before Luddy think's we're messing around again."

  Both of you smiled towards each other before getting up. Mentally kicking himself for not making his move, Gilbert went downstairs to greet Ludwig eating at the table.

  The two of you sat down and started eating as well. Gilbert kept looking towards you, his tail swishing and his ears twitching. Ludwig easily noticed but decided not to get involved.

  "Hey, Gilbert-?"

  "I haven't been staring at you!" He said loudly, quickly covering his loudmouth.

  Ludwig sighed and pushed his chair away,"Smooth one...I'm gunna go outside and play with the strays."

You blankly looked at Gilbert, no even acknowledging that Ludwig had left you both alone. "Gilb, are you feeling okay today? You've been acting kind of off since you woke up."

  "I'm fine. Fine." He said with a grin. "The awesome me is feeling as awesome as ever, why do you ask?"

  "Well for one," You said softly,"You just yelled that you weren't staring at me. You know you can tell me anything if you need to've been really sweet since you've gotten here you know."

  "I...I...can't tell you..." He stuttered, causing his mental self kicking him in the rear once more.

  On the other hand, you looked rather confused and hurt. You leaned forward to grab his hand only to have his lips smash passionately into yours. Your body froze in place as he pulled away, a shocked look on his face as well.

  Both of you looked at one another for the longest time before Gilbert bolted out of the room. You got out of your seat but stopped, not really trying to stop as he left.

  Your heart was racing in your chest. A hand rested to your pounding chest and a weak cry escaped your lips as your knees buckled. Blush took up most of your cheeks and your fingers traced your warm lips.



  "Bruder, you're an idiot." Ludwig said stupidly, watching as his brother cowered in a tree within the grounds. "Obviously she's gunna be expecting you to stay with her tonight."

  "I'm leaving Luddy! No turning back! No regrets!" He yelled, preparing the scale the wall. "Be good for __________!"

  "Bruder stop this!" He yelled, now gaining his attention. Using alligator tears, he managed to get his brother down and beside him in an instance. "I don't want you to leave bruder...I need you..."

  Gilbert lifted the child up, not able to see the glint in his eyes. "I won't leave about we go back inside before __________ starts to worry about us."

  "Danke bruder..." He said in his best whimpering voice he could muster. "I don't think I could go on without you."

  Now, it's not to say that Ludwig doesn't feel this way (mainly because without his brother, he would've starved to death), but Ludwig knew his brother wasn't the brightest apple in the bunch. And since Ludwig seemed to have a higher IQ, he was easily able to figure out how to toy with his brother to do anything or to keep him from leaving. Ludwig was a sweet kid, very smart but embarrasses easily, especially around girls.

  As Gilbert carried him back to his room, he made sure to inspect every hall to assure you weren't coming. Ludwig was becoming less tolerant at every stop. "You know, it won't kill you if you run into her bruder..."

  "Ja! But I don't want to...! I really like her und I messed up badly...!"

  "Well, she expecting you to sleep with her tonight." He gently reminded his brother, noticing him freeze in place. "So you're gunna have to deal with it one way or another."

  Gilbert got pale, even more pale then he already was. His little brother was right, he wouldn't let you have another terrible nightmare again, he wanted to make sure of that. But now things would probably be awkward between you both.

  "I'm such a dumbkopft..." He muttered, hanging his head.

  "Yes you are." Ludwig said softly, giving his brother a questionable look,"Just talk with her. What's the worst that could happen?"

  "I die."

  The room fell silent, Ludwig was questioning his brother's sanity (...again). "It'll be fine bruder." He said silently, resting his head against his brother's. "Just try not to be an idiot, okay?"

  The rest of the day, Gilbert made sure to avoid you, even coming late to eat when you had left. By the time he was assured you went to lay down, he slithered in the room. Hearing the door open, you looked over towards him.

  You watched as he quietly followed the wall until he climbed into your bed and turned the other way. "Gilbert-"

  He shouldered your hand away as you went to touch it. "Gilbert...about this morning..."

  "Nein, I wasn't in the right mindset..." He muttered, pulling the blanket over himself. "Just forget it happened..."

  "But I don't want to forget that it happened..." His head turned over, looking towards you. His ears flickered as though they misheard you. "I really like you Gilbert..."

  Now, he completely turned to face you. It took a moment for the information to process in his mind and once it did, he was hugging you tightly. Your arms slowly made their way around you and you felt warm and safe once more.

  "Ich liebe dich liebling..." He said, hugging you close to his body and resting his chin on your head. Tucking your head in, you blushed and smiled.

  His arms wrapped protectively around your body,"I love you too lovable cat..." You reached up, stroking his hair as though he were a cat. A purr sounded from him which he quickly stifled as you laughed. "You're too cute..."

  "I'll wait for you..." He said, changing from the previous conversation. "I don't care how long I have to wait, I'll wait until the end of time for us to be together. I really like you..."

  You smiled, cuddling close to him. "Are you sure you can wait that long Gilbert...?"

  "For you," he said softly, kissing your forehead,"Yea, I think I can."

  Cozying yourself with him and now falling asleep, you breathed out happily. "Good..." A smile stuck on your face that entire night.
Don't ask.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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  "Big brother...I'm so hungry..." Ludwig complained, trying not to sound like he's unappreciative of what his older brother goes through to keep them going. "I can feel my stomach eating itself..."

  The albino laughed hollowly, trying to keep his baby brother's spirits up. "Don't worry...your stomach can't eat itself so it won't eat itself..."

  Both brothers were genetically altered male specimens at a secret lab in the countryside. They managed to escape and hide out in a town many ways over where the laboratory couldn't touch them.

  Ludwig was the youngest, only about 9 years old with blond hair that fell in his face and the most gorgeous blue eyes. His older brother Gilbert (about 18) was an albino with white hair and two red eyes, although his left one was scratched and blinded. Ludwig and Gilbert wore cat tails and ears, the latter of which matched his hair color-white. Ludwig had black rather than the expected blond.

  Since they had escaped, they had been scrounging around for food at any chance they could. Humans shunned them, throwing stones and yelling fowl names towards them.

  Currently, both wore nothing but dirt and the clothes on their backs. Ludwig was huddled close as possible to his brother, trying to keep warm in the cold winter's wrath.

  "I'm glad we left Gilbert..." Ludwig said softly, shutting his eyes,"I didn't like it in there..."

  "Just go to sleep..." Gilbert cooed, kissing his brother's temple as a mother would've done. "I'll wake you up if something happens..."

  His little brother nodded, laying his ears down flat and letting his tail twitch as he fell into a peaceful sleep. Gilbert brushed his little brother's hair gently to soothe him into a comfortable sleep.

  He wasn't far gone when Gilbert's ears pricked up, a human was approaching. "Luddy...West wake up..." The child groaned in complaint as he opened his eyes, only to hear footsteps nearby.

  The sun was setting and there weren't many people around to begin with. But one human could make all the difference. As both got ready to bolt, they noticed it was a young girl, (h/l)(h/c) hair and around Gilbert's age. Her (e/c) eyes were gentle and her pink lips pursed slightly.

  Both brothers sat in an alley, hoping that the female human would not notice them. Only her (e/c) orbs darted over at the two shaking figures. Rather than causing noise, she came slightly closer in curiosity.

  Gilbert noticed that Ludwig was completely frightened so he took the boy and held him close, hissing towards the girl. Only around now had she even noticed that they were mutations. Her eyes darted to Gilbert's tail and ears.

  "Don't worry..." She said in a calmed voice,"I don't want to hurt you-"

  "But you will anyway!" Gilbert snapped back. "You don't have to hurt us every time one of your kind wants you to!"

  "Brother..." Ludwig nearly choked out, his voice was full of fright.

  Still, the girl inched closer, stopping at a cool distance and sitting down in front of them. "My name is you two have any...?"

  "Gilbert."  He spoke, his one working eye refusing to leave your form.

  Ludwig didn't answer, still nervous.

  She came slightly closer, both of them seemed on edge. This conversation went back and forth, every time they said something, she would move towards them.

  Eventually, she was sitting in front of them, both of their nerves calmed. She reached out on Gilbert's blind side, although he was about to cut her off from touching him, he relaxed as her soft hand cupped his cheek, her thumb pad caressing it.

  "You two can come stay with me if you want." She whispered, looking towards the now calmed but still frightened boy in his lap. "My parents are rich but I was sent off here. They wire me a lot of money I don't know what to do with. A big home, plenty of food, clothes."

  Gilbert looked towards his little brother as she backed away, awaiting their decision. Seeing his brother in such bad shape, he knew he'd have to put his trust in this stranger. She seemed too nice and sweet to be with anyone who would try to capture them and she showed concern for his little brother as well.

  Lifting up Ludwig into his arms, he nodded. She stood up herself, leading them out into the open. Her hand grabbed onto Gilbert's trying to steer him away from any objects on his blind side. People who passed gave a look of shock for the one person who showed the two kindness.

  Ludwig was very aware of this and hid his face into his brother's shirt. "It's okay West...we'll be okay..."

  "What do you two want to eat for dinner?"

  Both boys looked towards each other before Gilbert looked back towards the female. "You're not making us eat cat food?"

  She paused, looking back towards them,"Heavens no! You're humans , aren't you? I'm not forcing you to eat cat food like some kind of pet."

  Liking this idea, both of the invited guests decided on a big meal-chicken, fish, pretty much anything that had to deal with meat and fish. The woman laughed cheerily and agreed that they needed to eat something.

  By the time they had made it to the stranger's home, Ludwig was sleeping peacefully in his brother's arms. Gilbert, however, could now see the full extent of the teen's (or rather, parent's) wealth.

  Although in a home by her lonesome, she had a 2-story house-if not, 3-to herself. The home wasn't anywhere near bad shape either. In fact, it looked too new to be taken care of by one individual. It was guarded by a large fence made of stone, minus the front gates which opened with a special code.

  She openly showed Gilbert the number system and told him that if he forgot to not worry and ask. That she was willing to trust two strangers she pulled off the road, Gilbert felt safer.

  He watched as the doors opened and allowed them all to enter. Cautiously, he slipped in and shuddered when the gates screeched behind him, trapping him inside the confines of her home. Sure, he was warming up to the girl, but he couldn't exactly stop feeling paranoia over what may happen.

  Jouncing his brother, he tried to make him awaken once more. It worked for about three seconds before he fell back into sleep. There were housekeepers, groundskeepers and probably chefs working in and outside the house, looking towards the mutated brothers as they entered. Odds are that they have seen them in town before. This made Gilbert even more uneasy than before.

  Noticing Gilbert's hand tightening in fear around her own, she smiled. "Don't worry about it. If anyone asks, questions or insults you, I'm going to kick them out."

  Feeling slightly more reassured, he loosened his grip and followed you in. Even though it was a bigger home, the staff was small. Maybe a maid running around here or there but not like in a mansion where there are attendants at every door.

  "I don't need much help," ___________ said in a soft tone,"It's only me so I don't need thirty butlers and maids. Even with guests over, I don't need any more than I have here."

  Gilbert nodded and followed as she toured the home. Noticing that he was tiring out as well, she smiled. "How about you wake up Ludwig and clean off? I'll get the chef to cook for us while you do."

  "Where are we staying?" He asked in confusion.

  She smiled again and ushered both brothers to their rooms. The one Ludwig was left in was originally her little brother's room when he visited. His clothes still lay in the drawers for Ludwig to wear.

  Gilbert's room was the same, only her parents stayed in it. She instructed where her father's old clothes were and told him it was free to use. Gilbert, now alone with their new friend, hugged the girl and smiled brightly,"Thank you so much for all of this..."

  "It's no problem." She whispered back, hugging him for a moment before pointing out where her bedroom is in case they needed her at night. "I'll meet you both downstairs in a little while, okay?"

  He nodded and watched as she went off, his heart doing summersaults in his chest. But her sweet smile, her kind heart. He couldn't have been falling in love with someone who could easily shun her back to them, could he?


  The boys took their time before going downstairs, ____________ was already eating at this point but didn't seem upset over them taking so long. Rather, she felt embarrassed that she didn't wait for her guests and apologized. That threw both of them for a loop.

  Although tired, the two came with an appetite, wiping mainly everything off the table without a regret. Sure, the chef was confused when _____________ had told them how much food they'd be needing for the night but she quickly explained there would be guests.

  When the male chef came out to ask how the food was, he was shocked that, a) the food was knocked clean out, and b), that there were only two guests eating a meal fit for 10.

  Gilbert stood up, taking the nearly-asleep Ludwig into his arms and carrying him back up the stairs. The woman followed behind, making sure that Ludwig felt snug in his new bed and hung back as his older brother tucked him in.

  After a few minutes, she realized that he was having a hard time bringing himself away from his brother's side. Those two were close, their life alone on the road must've made them bond.

  "You know," She spoke up gently, causing the white ears to prick up and his eyes to move towards you,"He can stay with might be more comfortable for him to stay with you..."

  Gilbert smiled and nodded, picking his little brother up and cradling him into his arms. "I don't have many rules you know. Just don't try to piss off the workers by making a mess and follow whatever rules you have been following otherwise."

  He grinned, coming over to her and resting his chin on your shoulder. "'ve been such a help..."

  "You're welcome..." She said, hugging them close to her and smiling. "Why don't you two go off to bed and rest safely tonight."

  "Come sleep with us..." He murmured into her shirt. "I feel...really safe when I'm around you..."

  She giggled and helped both into bed before bringing herself beside them and resting her head on his chest. "You're such a good big brother...taking care of your younger sibling like that..."

  "He's all I have left..." Gilbert said softly, shifting his arms to bring his brother closer. "Sure he can be a pain and usually a stick in the mud, but he's my little brother and I love him..."

  Again, she smiled and snuggled closer. "You know, I feel safe around you too Gil..." He seemed to freeze in his spot, his heartbeat rapidly pounding in his chest. "Good night..."

  It took him until after you had fallen asleep to retaliate. He brought your head closer to his and started nodding off himself. "Gut nacht, leibling..."
That whole 'heads tails' journal entry...

I wrote this and then got conflicted.
Would I write another chapter and continue or make the series like 'Live, Laugh, Love' where the characters of the axis were all different animal hybrids.

I couldn't decide and every time I flipped the coin...
I kept deciding I wanted to do the other. ^^;

So I asked you guys.
Since you were clueless as to what this was.

Heads won.

3 chapters.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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  It was easy to slip out from between the bars of the cage you were forced into. Your small body was already wracked with exhaustion and hunger. Finding your way out of the room you were in, you sought a place to exit.

  Quickly, you spied a crack, leading out to sunlight. Voices boomed behind you, followed by heavy footsteps. Rushing towards the crack, you narrowly escaped being trapped once more. You dashed away from the building quickly, hiding out in a bush and collapsing.

  Your old owners abused you and eventually, you were taken away only to be forced into a small box, maybe let out once a day to run free with other kittens your age. Other than that, you were on display, being squealed over by young children and having fingers reach in to grab you uncomfortably.

  Getting up, you began walking away slowly, knowing that you'd be in trouble if you stayed in one place. Truthfully, you were still in trouble either way, your body wasn't fully healed and rest had eluded you for the past few days.

  As you continued walking, you began loosing stamina, having to stop and rest various times. Eventually, you collapsed on the sidewalk. It wasn't safe to be sitting there oblivious to everything around you.

  There was a rustling, sending you to your feet weakly. It fell silent for a moment before two toms appeared from their, obviously fighting. You tried to get away but it seemed pretty inevitable that you'd get caught between the two.

  Another tom stepped behind you, quickly grabbing your scruff and pulling you away. You were plopped onto the concrete as all his hairs stuck up,"Will you two stop brawling like kittens and watch where you're going!?"

  The tom that had grabbed you was rather small in comparison to the other two. He had pale brown and white fur, short in hair. Around his neck was a piece of cloth which had light blue and white stripes.

  The two other toms were rather big and more built, although it was hard to see from the long-haired cat. His hair was darker brown with some white on his stomach and paws. Around his neck was a similar cloth with red and white.

  The other was a grey shorthair with white on his chest and partially on his face. His blue eyes were glaring over towards the two of you, a cut on his cheek now bleeding.

  "I'm sorry about them. Go on home to your mother before she worries..." The tom behind you suggested, nudging you to your paws only to have you collapse once more.

  Looking sorrowfully towards him, you lowered your ears,"I don't have a home..."

  He nudged you up to your feet, trying to help you move forward but seeing you in obvious pain stopped you. His teeth sunk into the scruff of your neck, lifting you barely off the ground. After a moment, he had to release you.

  "I'm, Denmarkcat," He called out to the other toms who were glaring towards each other. They looked over and padded closer to you,"Can one of you take the kitten with us?"

  "I don't know if our persons'll like that." The longhaired blond mentioned rather loudly,"I mean, we already got Icelandkit to take care of and I don't think Norwaycat is gunna like having to watch another one."

  The grey tom silently grabbed the scruff of your neck and lifted you up with ease. A bite you expected to be strong was actually gentle and soft. He carried you towards the direction you appeared from, crossing through various person's yards before stopping at a door.

  He placed you on the ground, roughly licking your ear before scratching at the door. You heard the two rustle through the bushes behind you, then followed by the sound of claw scratching against screen door.

   Turning your head around, you watching him as he attracted a person's attention. He lifted you up once more, raising you up higher as to show his owner.

  When the door opened, he slowly entered, placing you on the ground beside him. His tail wrapped beside your crumbled little form as he awaited expectantly.

  The person came back, timidly picking you up and carrying you into another room. This person had light hair and was rather short. His eyes were violet, holding a kind emotion within them.

  He brought you into the assumed living room where five others sat. Now feeling slightly more intimidated, you shrunk into the person's arms. You were handed over to a white-haired male where you began whining and crying immediately in fear.

  The male person stroked your (h/c) fur, trying to calm you down as you continued to cry out, scared. A fourth tom came up to the person, his blue eyes looking up towards you. He was another longhair, white colored fur.

  He jumped up beside you, looking curiously at you. "I don't remember you being here when I fell asleep."

  "I..I just got here..." You squeaked, backing up slightly into the person's stomach. "D...Don't hurt me..."

  "Calm down, no one is going to hurt you." He doted softly, approaching you further. The person who's lap you lay in took the tom away and rested him on the ground.

  The first person took you back, holding you close and brushing your fur. Again, you were passed to a tall, intimidating male. The grey tom was sitting beside him, along with the one that moved you out of the way from the two fighting cats.

  The person began to check you, looking to see if you were injured in any way with a gentle touch. The light-haired tom piped up,"I'm sorry we dragged you into this without much thought. How do you feel?"

  "Tired..." You purred in content as his assumed person scratched behind your ear. "I'm tired and scared..."

  "You don't have to be scared-"

  He paused when the person taking care of you nudged the one who's lap you were sitting on. "Berwald, she has a cut on her back."

  You had gotten that cut during your abuse. Since then, it has healed up well, hair grew back in its place. The male, Berwald, looked himself but brushed it aside,"It's healin'."

  The smaller tom looked towards you confused,"What happened to you...?"

  "They hurt me..." You squeaked, huddling closer to Berwald while the smaller person stroked your head comfortingly. "They hurt me a lot...then I was taken away and...and..."

  The grey cat came over, sitting between you and his person, comforting you. The other tom came over, licking your forehead comfortingly. The other two longhaired toms came over, staying on the floor but keeping a keen eye on you.

  "My name is Finlandcat," The gentle tom mentioned softly,"The big grey tom is Swedencat, but he's rather silent."

  The other two toms came up, looking towards you with worried eyes. "It's okay kiddo. We'll make sure nothing hurts you." The bigger, brown-haired cat began,"I'm Denmarkcat, king of this house. And this is Norwaycat, the queen-"

  Norwaycat stood up, shoving the cat off the couch before going over to you,"My little brother is sleeping right now, maybe it be better if you went and rested with him for now."

  "I...I want Finlandcat..."

  He picked you up, taking you away from everyone. Until now, you didn't realize how tired and hungry you were. Breaking free of Norwaycat's grip, you went off the the kitchen and spied a bowl of cat food. Going over, you began to stuff your face, satisfying your hunger.

  The tom came in, sitting beside you until you finished and then took you into another room. You limply hung, not even able to stay awake anymore. The second you were laid back on a warm, cozy surface, you didn't even dare to move.

  You could probably get used to living this way.
So I'll be playing White 2 for a bit.
So enjoy this.

Then I'll start the story with the whole heads./tails thing.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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 It was cold and raining and you were stuck in a garbage pail that was quickly filling up. Your small little body was shivering in both fear and freeze. Looking up at the sky, you saw no end to the rain.

 You began crying out pathetically for help, scratching at the sides to make noise. Hours passed, starvation was setting in, the water level was going to reach over your head in moments and your blood vessels were freezing assumably.

 Crying out once more, you pitifully tried to gain attention before you drowned. As your breath was cut off, you noticed someone coming by, giving you the energy to force your head out of the water for another little cry.

 A shadow covered over you and plucked you from the water, a person with blood-red eyes and white hair covered by a hood held you. "Help..." You squeaked, looking sadly into his crimson orbs.

 "Don't worry little kind, I don't think mein bruder would mind if you come home with me." He said as if understanding you. A light purr sounded from you when he cradled you in his warm arms.

 "You feel really cold." He said, stroking your soaked (h/c) fur. "How long were you stuck in there."

 "Awhile." You meowed back, looking up into his crimson eyes.

 He smirked and ran his warm fingers over your head and massaged little circles by your ears. "Don't worry. You won't have to worry about being stuck in that situation again."

 Again, you felt as if he were able to understand but ignored it. He unzipped his coat slightly and zipped you up in his, wrapping his arms around your little frozen form.

 It took a short while before you were in a home, smelling of delicious food and wielding a welcoming atmosphere. "Bruder! I need to take with you!" The man holding you exploded with a loud voice.

 A man came in with blond hair and shimmering blue eyes which quickly locked on your quivering little form. "What is this?"

 "Was...? The kitten? West, she was drowning! I couldn't just say no!" He whined while taking off his hood. You cautiously watched the man in front of you. "Please West!"

 "I already have to deal with you!" He snapped back, but with one look at your innocent little face, he sighed and waved his brother off. "Keep her but it's your job to watch her."

 Looking up towards your new master, you now could see the white ears sticking from his head. " did understand what I was saying the whole time, didn't you?"

 "Ja, I did." He said back, brushing your fur. "How about I clean you and warm you up? You're still really cold..."

 He carried you upstairs and brought you into his room.  He went into a bathroom connected to his room and gently put you in the sink. "You should be lucky that I have cat shampoo for you to use. It makes my hair shiny."

 "I'm cold..." You complained, looking towards him.

 Ignoring your complaints, he turned on the warm water and started soaking you. After a few moments, he began washing your fur with the sweet-smelling shampoo, rubbing small circles into your shoulders, back and head.

 Once you were cleaned and rinsed thoroughly, he took you into a towel and began to dry you off gently. "So why were you left alone in a garbage pail. Your mutti couldn't have left you there."

 "My mommy left me." You said, not understanding the translation. "Because I was the runt. A...A person came to stand the garbage can up a-and she left me. Then the rain started and...I'm hungry..."

 He finished drying you off before letting you lay on his bed,"How about I get you something real good to eat? Luddy always tries to hide them but I can nab some if you really want."

 Without even waiting for a reply, he dashed out of the room, leaving you alone. A bit of curiosity played you for you began wandering around his room, hitting random things scattered about to occupy your time.

 When he came back in, you were laying on the ground with a ball of yawn unraveled around you. He laughed softly and went to untangle you while putting his 'special' food to the side.

 Once you were freed, he kissed your forehead softly. You sneezed softly, gaining his attention once more. "Please don't get sick, how about we get you something to eat und then you can sleep."

 He opened a can of tuna, sharing some with you. Its been awhile since you've eaten something as good as this. A pan of milk was laid in front of you and was quickly lapped up before you rested once more.

 "Do you have a name kitten?" He asked gently as you began to brush against his leg in rest. "My name is Gilbert und my bruder's name is Ludwig. 'Cept I call him West."

 "___________..." You squeaked, looking up towards his red eyes. "My mama gave it to me before I was left alone."

 "It's a pretty name." He said, picking up your small body and laying you on his pillowcase. "Get some rest for now need all the energy you can get so you don't get sick."

 Resting your head, you felt him laying down beside you, stretching before his arm protectively went around your small body. "You're warm." You instinctively mentioned. "Don't move..."

 He chuckled and scratched behind your ears. "I won't, I won't. Gut nacht kitten."


 "It means 'good night' in my language." He said, kissing your forehead again. "Good night."

 "Good night Gilbert."


 Ludwig came upstairs, noticing that it was a little bit more silent than he could've ever expected. Opening the door, he saw his brother resting with you asleep on his chest.

 Per usual, his brother was drooling in his sleep. But he did look rather happy and decided to just leave it be. It was surprising to see his brother come home one day with cat ears. Apparently one of Arthur's spells backfired on him.

 Since then, his brother would be found wandering aimlessly around, trying to hide his new form. He never told Ludwig how he was feeling anymore. Now he lay here with a small smile on his face as he fell asleep.
Sad news in my world,
My poor little kitty hurt herself.
She's been limping and one of her legs won't touch the ground.
My mom assures me that it can't be broken because of the way she's retracting it.
So we're gunna give it a few days, let her lay down.

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  "I don't need a man Hercules." You muttered to your lazy-as-hell cat as he jumped up beside you on the couch and meowed softly. A smile came upon your lips as he crawled onto your stomach and fell lazily to his side.

  "You lazy fatass..." You smiled as he ignored your empty words and continued to relax himself. He was a long-hair, really fluffy and warm when he snuggled to you like this.

  Wrapping your arms around him, you sighed contently. It was raining outside, nothing on TV was even mildly entertaining. Shutting the television off, you snuggled closer to him.

  He moved to rest at the crook of your neck, purring and wafting his fluffy grey and white tail right in your face. Still, he was such a sweet cat despite everything he did that annoyed you.

  It was actually a day like this when you found little Hercules.


  The rain was pouring on the umbrella over your head as you walked down the empty streets. Recently, you had begun to feel rather lonely all alone in your new home.

  Your boyfriend had recently broken up with you, he was apparently moving out of the country and couldn't deal with a long-distance relationship. Although both of you agreed on a mutual friendship.

  And if something came up and he came home, he'd promise to come back.

  Although, you doubted that.

  A small, pathetic meow caught you off-guard. Looking around, you tried to find the source of the noise. After a few moments of searching, you noticed a garbage can near an alleyway.

  Going over to it, you noticed a little grey and white kitten lay in it, its long fur dripping wet. The metal can was filling with water, almost reaching the small kitten's neck.

  Without second thought, you scooped the kitten into your arms and held him close. It was shivering and obviously near-starvation. Quickly, you began sprinting in the rain to get back to your house and protect the defenseless creature.

  The whole way home, it meowed softly, trying to remind you that it was still there. Every now and then, you would shush it gently, trying to help the poor creature calm down.

  Once you got into the house, you placed the baby on the couch, not even stripping your soaked boots or closing your umbrella before helping the kitten out.

  It began to cry out once more as you left. Looking back into it's olive eyes, you felt your heart breaking in your chest,"I need a minute cutie-pie...I'll be back..."

  You rushed to grab some towels and something for the cat to eat before it starved to death. Once the rain stops, you can re-stack on supplied. Luckily, you once had a cat so you still had the basics to care for a cat.

  When you came back, the kitten was curled up, shivering in either cold or fear from the short life it's had. Rushing over to the kitten's side, you quickly dried him off and gave him some warmth.

  It purred softly, probably not strong enough to do that for very long. Once the kitten's fur was dried, you could see it fluff up adorably. He was so small and fluffy!

  Sitting down on the couch, you watched as the baby came over and curled up on your lap. It collapsed once it found a comfortable position, too tired to continue walking.

  On the ground beside you, you found a can of tuna you grabbed beforehand and allowed him to eat something. He willingly began to eat which made you feel happier.

  Once it was finished, it rested itself again. You began nodding off after that, the warmth of a kitten resting on your chest. Stripping off your soaked boots, and rainwear, you laid down with the tom.

  "I'm gunna name you Hercules..." You whispered, kissing the kitten's forehead as it began purring once more. "You're a tough little guy, aren't you Hercules?"


  Hercules moved once more, now resting back on your chest. Sighing, you looked at the comfortably-resting cat. "You have such a tough life, don't you? You are exactly like my ex, silly..."

  The cat seemed to notice this and purred softly, trying to comfort you. "Yeah, yeah. Why don't you just go sleep like the lazy arse you are?" You laughed slightly, bringing the tom closer to you.

  He shifted, this time resting on your stomach. "I love you're such a sweetheart..."

  Feeling comfortable now, both of you nodded off into sleep.
"Let's all verbally abuse the cute cat," She said. "It'll be fun," she said.
Holy crap, there's a spider outside my window who has babies hatching from these sack thinggys...
There's so many from one and three haven't even hatched yet. Ewww! And my bed is like right next to the window >.<

Request for :I

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  Your body remain stretched out in the sun, the beams of sun beaming onto your (h/c) fur whilst your tail swayed in content. These days in summer were the most peaceful, your person allowing you outside during his siesta in the hopes you wouldn't bother him.

  Stretching your legs a bit, you let yourself resituate, a nostalgic feeling sitting in your mind. Mainly, it's because you've done this once or twice before. "It's so nice out," You purred to yourself as your head on the wooden deck of the backyard you lay in.

  "That's all well and good r-ragazza..." You heard a painful meow shortly after,"B-But can you get me s-some help...?"

  Lifting your head up once again, you saw a young tom, his coat a beautiful chestnut brown going down his back and tail, surrounded by a light, creamy brown elsewhere. The first thing you noticed was that his fur was dripping with fresh blood.

  Getting to your paws quickly, you offered the tom some support knowing that in this condition, he meant no harm, nor could he supply any. " person can help you..."

  You walked him to the back door, the screen opened up enough to allow you to get it open. Sticking your nose in, you threw the door open with your head and helped the tom inside. "Do you have a name...?"

  "Romacat..." He answered softly. Both of you traveled in your house without much of a peep. You got the cat to lay, his persistent and stubborn ego getting in the way of him trying to relax. He insisted that he could still get around on his own and didn't need to wait for you to get back. In the end, he just stretched out on the carpet, awaiting for you to come back.

  Rushing to your person's room, you jumped on his chest and began meowing to wake him up. His body shifted under the bed sheets before his golden eyes opened up and you were taken into his arms.

  Squirming from his hold, you desperately tried getting the man out of bed. He looked towards you rather confused before getting out of bed and following you willingly. Seeing Romacat laying down in the living room, you rushed to his side and began licking his cuts.

  Romacat looked towards you with a small amount of dislike in his eyes,"I-I don't need you t-to clean my wounds like I'm a kitten..." Obviously, he enjoyed the TLC since his head rested on the ground once more, his eyes closing and a near-silent purr being emitted.

  Your person sat beside the two of you, scratching behind your ear,"Ve...good job _________...I'll help him out."

  The person walked off, getting what he would need to help the injured tom out,"What happened to you Romacat...? I mean, you didn't jump into a rose bush or something...obviously."

  "My person..." He began to explain,"He got mad at something...threw a plate at the ground without noticing me there and well...I got scared and ran off...I just...didn't wanna get hurt again..."

  You licked his ear affectionately,"I'm sorry person will make sure your fixed up in a jiffy."

  He rolled his eyes and relaxed as your person came in, cleaning the blood of his fur and revealing its true beauty to you. Nestling close to him, you started falling asleep once more, comforted by his aura. At first, his body tensed at your form by him but soon ebbed away.

  Your person carefully wrapped the tom's wounds with fresh bandages before sitting on the couch to keep a keen eye on both of you. "Ve~ You really seem to like him, don't you __________?" Hearing your name, you looked at the person and meowed before resting once more.

  He himself found himself laying down and falling back to sleep, his siesta not fully fulfilled yet. Beside you, Romacat shifted, his head leaning on your stomach like a pillow. "Do you think my fur smells nice or...?"

  "Shut up..." He growled softly, earning a purr from you. "You're just...really nice to be around...and you're pretty..."

  Licking the fur atop his head, you purred once more,"I know I am...thank you though..."
Last line should be read: sarcastically. XD
Man, these are so short! =.=
Oh well!
I couldn't think of what to do, so I kinda role-reversed the usual. And if you didn't notice, Italy is your owner.

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  "Oktoberfesttt!" Your enthusiastic Prussian yelled before dashing out the door.

  You quickly cut him off, sliding in front of the front door before he could leave,"Gilbert, don't get so drunk that I need to come get you. Please!?"

  "Come on __________!" He whined, throwing his arms down in defeat,"West got actual beer from Munich! Löwenbräu! Fräulein, Löwenbräu!"


  "___________!" He continually begged like a small child. "If Luddy can get drunk, why can't I!? It's my country to~o! Pleaseee!? Please! Please! Please!?"

  "Fine!" You finally broke, sighing in defeat. "But if you call me at two in the morning to pick you up, I'll be sure you'll never be able to drink beer ever again!"

  His crimson eyes widened and he swallowed hard. "J...Ja frau, I-I promise I'll get home on my own or stay with Luddy..."

  "'I promise I'll get home on my own or stay with Luddy,' he said." You mocked as you drove angrily down the abandoned roads at 3:32am. "I'm going to kill you Gilbert Beilschmidt! So help me I'm going to kill you the second I get there."

  Sure, you knew at this point in your relation to never listen to your drunkard you called a boyfriend when he said he was 'okay to get home,' or 'staying with a friend,' when he went out. Still, you weren't a morning person, whether it be 10 in the morning or 3:30.

  His little brother's home was packed with cars once you arrived but it seemed as though much of the festivities had died out, mainly considering that some of the heaviest of drinkers now lay strewn on the lawn, out cold.

  Sighing, you got out of your car, keeping it running as you broke into the German's house. In the kitchen, you could hear a few people laughing joyously, the usually strict blond German included.

  When you saw your boyfriend laying on the couch, waving his finger in the air, you sighed. "Gilbert...come on...your brother called me when he was still sober. You're drunk, he wants you out."

  He looked over, his pale face flushed from the alcohol. "Frau! *hic* Wassup!? You want *hic* a beer now that you're here!? *hic*"

  "Gilbert! I'm tired! Come on!"

  He groaned but refused to move, taking another swig of beer and grabbing your arm. He forcefully pulled you onto his chest, your lips pressing together, the beer in his mouth now suddenly into your own.

  Quickly, you pulled away to see him laughing silently beneath you. Growling, you slapped him in the face without a strip of remorse,"You asshole! Don't be surprised if you wake up hungover and single! Honestly Gilbert, I don't know why I put up with you all the time!"

  His eyes widened as you got up and went to leave. He quickly gripped onto your wrist and pulled you onto him once more. It was quickly made obvious that he didn't want you to leave.

  Your head was pulled to his chest and held in place. "Don't leave me _____*hic*'re the *hic* only one who's ever loved m*hic*e...please don't leave, *hic* pleaseee..."

  "Gilbert, stop-"

  He was crying, the tears now dampening your (h/c) head,"Don't leave me..."

  Sighing, you gave in and relaxed on his form. His arms were protectively around you and his crimson eyes were drooping. "Ich liebe dich *hic* _________...I've been considering a*hic*sking you to marry me. *hic* I don't think you'd *hic* wanna marry me now. *hic*"

  "Gilbert," You said silently before looking directly towards him,"I'm sorry...I'm tired...I wasn't thinking straight...apparently you aren't either...why don't we just sleep on it and we'll talk it out when you're sober..."

  He quickly fell asleep, leaving you with a final thought,'I'll be sure that conversation is ten times as loud as it should be when you're nursing your hangover.'


  Ludwig awoke, his head rested on the table that sat before him, Feliciano resting on his shoulder and Kiku sleeping on the floor. As soon as the blond brought his head up, he could feel the full extent of last night hit him hard.

  Groaning slightly in displeasure, he got up onto his legs, hoping to just crash on the couch to sleep that alcohol away. When he made it into the living room, he smiled at the sight of his big brother and you snuggled up closely together.

  "He's getting his ass kicked out the second he wakes up. Even I can tell when bruder puts hot-sauce in my beer."
Aaaand that's why Prussia was kicked out.
Oh you poor, drunken idiot...

Request for :iconnikki0228:
It was meant to be.

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"(NAME)!!! YO! (NAME)!!"

(name) lifted her head groggily. He best friend, Prussia, leanded over her. "What... is it?"

Prussia flicked his tail irritably. "DU-UH! You and the awesome me were supposed to go to the park and prank some humans!"

(name) blinked lazily. "I-I'm sorry... I forgot..." She sat up and gave her paws a few quick licks. "Let's go."

Prussia smiled widely and lept out the open window. "C'mon, (name)! Let's go freak out some humans!"

Sighing, (name) followed after the excited nation.



Prussia rolled around, laughing hysterically as the man got a fake hairball to the face. "That's why you don't push a button that reads, DON'T PUSH!!"

" that idea from the time Germouser told you not to puss the obvious Allied trap button and you did, didn't you?" (name) smirked.

"Wha-?!?! N-No! The awesome me came up with the idea! I invented it!"

"You sound like Korea..." (name) stretched, flicking her tail in his face. He frowned.

"Don't compare me to_"


A loud back interrupted him. A dog came racing towards them, yapping excitedly. (name) rolled her eyes. "Oh, great... Race you to the Great Oak?"

Prussia nodded, eyes wide, staring at the on comming menace. "One, Two, Three... GO!"

The two cats took off, fleeing the canine. Prussia reached the tree first. Jumping onto the trunk, he scrambled up the tree and settled on the lowest branch. "I...Beat you...(name)!" He looked down, but (name) wasn't there. He sat up franticly. "(name)?!? (NAME)!?!?"


(name) laid on the pavement, breathing in comming in short, ragged breaths. The dog had caught up to her. It tackled her and tore at her body, leaving deep cuts that bled heavily. The dog's owner stopped it and took her collar to call her housefolk.

"(name)!" Prussia ran up to where his friend laid, barely alive. "(n-name)..."

He sat down beside her, his eyes wide. "N-No... (name)! I'm so sorry! T-This is my fault, (name)! I should have waited for you!"

(name) smiled weakly. "N-No... it..isn't your fault... I issued the race, dummy.."

"Still1 I should've waited!"

The man who owned the dog came over with a towel and picked (name) up. Prussia followed him to his car. "(name)! Don't you die! That would be totally unawesome!"


Two days later, (name) was back at home, stitched up and bruised, but very much alive. She was resting on the couch, when soft footsteps woke her up.


Prussia slipped through the window. Padding forward, he sat down beside her. "how are you feeling?"

She smiled. "I've been better, but I'm just glad to be alive!"


She looked at him, eyes wide in shock. "Okay... one, it isn't you fault and two... I... like you too, Prussia... I've liked you for a while now..."

"R-realyy, (name)!?!? That's awesome! 'Course, not as awesome as me, but still, I love you (name)!"

Prussia jumped onto the couch and curled up beside her. (name) smiled as he quickly fell asleep. "I love you, too, Prussia."

sorry if it's short!
also.. due to school pressure i'm under... no part two..
I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  "M...Mama...!" Your eyes opened to see little Feliciano curled up beside you, a sobbing mess. A bolt of lightning cracked outside, sending the boy further into your arms.

  Waking up more, you held the small child close and hid his face away. "Please calm down's just a little storm..." Seeing there was no help, you sat up with him, cooing gently to calm him down.

  He stayed hidden, shaking like a leaf in fear and gripping tightly onto your shirt. "L-Lovino...please protect me...L-Lovino!" Your heart sank in your chest, hearing the boy cry out to his brother in vain.

  "M-Mama! Lovi is scared too..." He cried weakly into his shirt. "H-He doesn't like storms...I...I know he's scared...h-he's all a-alone!"

  You didn't have the heart to tell the shriveled child that his brother might not be anywhere near here, let alone hearing the storm right now. Rocking Feliciano in your arms, you began to sing to him as if he were a baby.

  Feliciano seemed to react to this, calming down and eventually resting his head between your arm and chest, instantly asleep. "I promise Feli...we'll find your little brother before this becomes a big deal...before the house becomes nuts again..."


  "C-Chigi!" Lovino squealed hearing another clap of thunder, hiding away under a cardboard box in the middle of nowhere. No one was around. He felt scared and alone. Even the comfort of his little brother's sobs would've calmed him down.

  Mere moments after splitting the brothers apart, Lovino managed to escape and follow the truck to somewhere around (hometown). Sure, he had no idea where he was, but his brother had to be somewhere.

  For the first time in awhile, Lovino let his head rest on his soggy knees and started sobbing uncontrollably. Ever pent-up emotion flowed out. The fear of the storm. His brother's life maybe already ended. This empty feeling he felt inside.

  "¿Como estas gatito?" Looking up, Lovino saw a handsome young man, skin kissed by the sun and slightly dampened by rain with a black umbrella over his head. "Were is your mother? Why are you outside all alone?"

  Lovino turned away, not easily going to trust this stranger. "I-I'm a big boy! I need to find mio fratello idiota! I..."

  The man knelt in front of him, ignoring that his nice dress pants were dipping into a puddle. "Por favor, come with me. I'm staying at a hotel...I'm going back home tomorrow. Mi comañera y yo will help you find your 'fratello' in the morning when the storm has let up."

  Lovino shook terrible, hunger griped his stomach painfully and needed to sleep before he passed out from exhaustion. Not even caring, the young boy ran into the man's arms, sobbing and crying while missing in some curses.

  "It's okay gatito..." Getting up, the man began to carry him away under the safety of an umbrella. "My name is Antonio, but you can call me Toni if you want." Silence. "Do you have a name? I don't want to call you 'gatito' all the time."

  Lovino lifted his face from the Spaniard's shirt and looked up with eyes glistening with tears. "L-Lovino..."

  Antonio smiled, pulling the child closer and offering some warmth. "Lovi...such a cute name!"

  "It's Lovino idiota! Don't call me Lovi! I'm to cute!"

  Antonio chuckled at the cat-boy's reaction and held him closer,"Let's get you back to my room and cleaned up. You can borrow one of my shirts. Then I can get room service to bring up some food for you, okay?"

  Lovino nodded, resting his eyes for a few moments. Still, he couldn't help but worry about what had happened to his little brother.


  "Lovino...wake up por favor..." Lovino's sleep was interrupted by the gentle Spanish lilt. He opened his eyes to see a pair of green ones looking into his . "Muy bueno. How about you get yourself washed up while I order some pizza, huh?"

  Lovino nodded, too tired to complain. Antonio helped him remove and trash his clothes before turning the warm water on and letting Lovino wash off all the mud covering him, along with the dried blood beneath it.

  Once feeling clean and refreshed, Lovino dried himself off and found a clean shirt Antonio left out for him before putting it on. Going out, he found Antonio eating a slice of pizza. Lovino ate once slice, not feeling too hungry in comparison to exhaustion.

  Laying down on the only bed, he curled up and tried to sleep. " need to eat a little more than one bite of pizza..." Lovino curled up tighter, his small shoulders shaking. "You've been through a lot, haven't you Lovino...?"

  A choking sob finally sounded before he was in the Spaniard's arms once more. "T-They took my fratello! H-He's the only family I got! H-He's not gunna make it...! M-My stupid brother...! F-Feliciano..."

  Antonio smiled, rocking the small child gently in his arms,"It's okay's all over...we'll find your brother and we can live together happily..."

  "I'm a freak..." Lovino murmured, his voice still shaking. "N-No one wants us...I lost my only family...I...I just want stupid brother...I miss...I miss him so much..."

  Antonio kissed the child's forehead, leaving a warm spot in its wake. "Don't worry...everything will end up alright! I promise...!" The Spanish man put on a brave smile to convince the child of the near-impossible.

  Lovino smiled sincerely before shutting his tired eyes and falling back asleep.

  Antonio whipped his phone out, quickly dialing a number while letting the small child sleep on his lap. Obviously, he needed to call his girlfriend and tell her about all that was happening.


  Your cell rang beside you not long after Feliciano fell asleep beside you. Groaning, you grabbed it to see your Spanish boyfriend, Antonio was calling you. Picking up the phone, you sighed. "Toni...three in the morning is not a good time to-"

  "Listen chica," He cut off,"I...I found a boy here...a little boy on my way home. I couldn't leave him alone in the rain so I brought him to my hotel room. He's looking for his brother so I told him we would let him stay and-"

  "What's his name!?" You snapped suddenly.


  "His! Name!"

  Feliciano rolled over, looking over confused as to why he was awakened. "Mama..."

  "Hold on Feli..."

  "Feli...?" Antonio said on the other side of the phone. "Is he a little boy with cat ears and a tail!?"

  "Yes! You found his brother!?"

  "I...I think so...!" Antonio said in a prideful voice. "His name is Lovino. He's sleeping peacefully right now. He seems beat."

  "Oh Toni, I could just hug you!"

  "We can do that tomorrow. Right now, we all need some sleep." You could hear the smile in his voice. "Buenos noche mi bonita chiquita."

  Giggling, you smiled back,"Good night Toni."

  Turning your attention back towards Feliciano, you smiled. "Feli...I have really good news for you. I know where your brother is, he's coming home tomorrow."

  "M...Mio fra..." Smiling at his cute drowsiness, you hugged him close and lulled him back to sleep quickly, dragging yourself you along with him. Hopefully, this would all work out tomorrow.
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