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My OC Moses Blaccthrope's appearance as a Vasto Lorde-class Hollow. 

Blaccthrope was the strongest and most trusted of all King Baraggan's army, as such he was given the honor of second in command and his own extermination squad to lead: (A group of Hollows Baraggan would send to track down and annihilate those who rebelled/wouldn't obey him). 

While he was away dealing with a group of rebels he was unaware that his Lord's kingdom had been invaded by the Shinigamis Aizen, Gin and Tousen. 
By the time he returned he was shocked to discover that Baraggan had been defeated and Aizen was using his Army as slave labor to begin construction on what would eventually be known as Los Noches, on top of the very grounds which Baraggan once called his Kingdom. 

Seeing his King's wrapped up body kneeling next to his former throne (which Aizen now occupied, having begun the process of transforming Baraggan into an Arrancar) was too much for Moses to bear and he moved to attack the trio.
Underestimating him Gin casually fired his Shikai at him but the powerful Hollow had no problem deflecting such an attack with his armor. 
Impressed by his courage and strength Aizen offered him a chance to join them, to which he refused. 
Intending to "Break" him Aizen commanded Gin to test the Hollow's power, despite his strength the battle was over quickly once the Shinigami released his Bankai. 

Moses had no choice but to submit and was transformed into an Arrancar just like his King, due to his power he was made a member of Aizen's original Espada, but behind the scenes he would continue to serve only Baraggan and the two of them plotted their revenge. 

Moses's Arrancar form:
Moses Blaccthrope Sketch by Arrancarfighter
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nuevo avatar terraria 1.3
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Teal/green Version
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Have you ever asked yourself, where did Krieg's scientists get all those cloning vats?..
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And after 2 months i'm finally back.
I was practicing and experimenting stuff for the whole month.
and i think it kinda paid off.....a bit

SAI Paint tool all the way...
+15 hours.....
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I'll admit the face came out a bit... Wonky, but it was a lazy 'character sheet' anyway.

Race: "Martian"
Planet of Origin: Venus/"The Second Body"/"Aphrinis
Universe: 3321-alpha
Closest Human Language: French (Equivalent of native slang)
Hierarchy: Familial Hivemind/Clan-based Hivemind: Each "Family," consisting on average about 15 members of immediate relation, is a small-scale hive mind of it's own, the overall population however acts similarly to many different individuals (made of individuals themselves).
Government: Close enough to Democracy to count, although it seems to be far more efficient in some manners.
Specialties: Race is highly proficient in technology, specifically of the mental-manipulation branch, and "hard-light" shielding. Also known to be highly resistant to acids and bases of any pH level, and moderately telepathic between other "Martians."
Misc. Facts: Generally a peaceful people, albeit not hesitant to experiment new mind-related technology on the nearest neighbors (humans). They are androgynous species, who's features seem more feminine than masculine (in respect to humans, at least), although the features serve different purpose. The "hair" tendrils tend to act more like antennae and electrical field detectors than simple aesthetics. As opposed to mammary glands, there are sacs of fluid that are the source of the high resistance to extreme pH levels, carried through the circulatory system.

     The "Cadex" platform is a multipurpose tool equipped by most if not all employed "Martians," capable of various methods of scanning, medical application, defensive shielding and cloaking (by use of mind manipulation), offensive weaponry in case of emergency, and many less important functions (similar to modern smartphones' apps). The given uniform is that of an average security individual on extraterrestrial missions. Higher grades of armor are provided for more important missions and escorts. "Fashion" for off duty/civilians tend to lean towards a majority of white, with secondary usually being a shade of red (although other colors are used as well), and flowing material abound.

     Despite what drone evidence show of Venus being a desolate, molten, acidic wasteland, the truth is that the natives simply altered the data returned to Earth with their significantly higher (and specialized) technology as a precautionary measure. The actual climate is very much akin to Earth, if slightly different atmosphere ratios.

3321a Martians Me

I started the page as a way to make up some sort of ridiculous culture, as evidenced by the whole "Martians from Venus" bit. Then it... Just kept going. Sometimes, I feel good about the random stuff I whip out of nowhere.


Started at:…
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(Read below for english translation :D)


Dibujado por mí. Coloreado por RenArucas.

"Guerra de Bandas", un cómic formato manga creado por fans, basado en el universo futuro del manga One Piece.

Sinopsis: Hace muchísimo tiempo, el Rey de los Piratas Gol D. Roger fue ejecutado dando comienzo a la gran Era de la Piratería. Hoy, 250 años después, la actividad pirata continúa alrededor del mundo. Cuatro nuevas bandas piratas han ganado bastante fama en poco tiempo y la Marina no puede estar tranquila frente a este suceso. El Almirante de la flota pone en marcha un plan para acabar con ellos antes de que alguno se convierta en el nuevo Rey de los Piratas, pero a su vez, otro acontecimiento se está gestando en el planeta, uno que marcará la historia por siempre. Este es el inicio de una nueva era.

Autor: Gia Secando.

Puedes descargar todos los capítulos en los enlaces disponibles en mi perfil, aquí: [link]
Avísenme por favor si todos los link están caídos.

Aviso: Su lectura es en el sentido oriental de un manga, de derecha a izquierda.


“Guerra de Bandas” (Gang War), is an original comic, manga format, based in the future universe of the One Piece manga.

Synopsis: A long time ago, the king of pirates Gol D. Roger, was executed ushering the great Era of Piracy. Today, 250 years later, pirate activity continues around the world. Four new pirate gangs have gained quite fame in a short time and Navy can not be calm against this event. The Admiral of the fleet implements a plan to kill them before one of them becomes the new King of Pirates, but at the same time, another event is happening in the earth, that will mark history forever. This is the beginning of a new era.


Page translation:

Guerra de Bandas (Gang War)
“In search of the gangs”
Chapter 3: Demons… demons everywhere.
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*ahem* Now that I have calmed down, allow me to tell you about this guy right here~

THIS GUY is Courage, and he is Miedo's enemy/rival I suppose you could say (makes sense, since Miedo is fear and Courage is... courage 8D)

this guy is another big player in my story, and is much more decent and kind than Miedo is by a longshot :'D he'd rather just drink coffee and chill than rip faces off of people~

and this is also his "True Form", he has two forms technically. It's part of the core of his design, that "anyone can be a hero". 

And what a hero he is, I really love his overall design it works so perfectly for him~

Anyways, that's it for now guys, MYANG THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVU ;;3;; <33333

Courage: Crimson-Agony
Art: MyangHime
Bleach: Tite Kubo
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Villains are notoriously bad at getting people to work for them in way that don't backfire, if the heroes nearly never having to deal with 10000000000 now-unemployed henchmen is any indication... y'know, I'm surprised this doesn't break the economy... The Great Depression saw a 20%-ish unemployment rate so I'm going to assume 20% of the population out of work is enough to cause problems for a nation. And considering how pervasive the villain's forces tends to be, I'm going to assume they're the size of those "too big to fail" type companies, if they're not a kingdom of evil on its lonesome. Though maybe this is less of a problem if the villain's henchmen aren't human because humans are racist like that and you can kill monsters with reckless abandon and get away with it and goblins, orcs, demons, zombies, ghosts, and succubi don't seem to get/need a living wage beyond "rape and pillage" Though to be fair, many historical armies considered "rape and pillage" as a soldier's wage bonus... IT'S NOT WAR UNLESS YOU'VE GOT A SOUVENIR! Soldiers love souvenirs.

Though even with coercing people, there's limits to the coercion. They're supposed to be scared of you, not actively working against you or being intentionally negligent when you're not looking.

Well, coercing people into hard labor doesn't seem that hard since you can use a normal not badass person so they can't be that powerful... but coercing people who are significant quantities of badass... >_> that's treading on thin ice.

Anyway, "health insurance" might be a really stupid running gag.

Though considering that KaxenLand is a bit on the crapsack side, comprehensive insurance that isn't a scam would probably be a good idea.

Though on account the KaxenLand education system is built on brainwashing children...
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What usually jumps to mind when people say not to abort because that fetus has so much potential to be the scientist who cures cancer!

Potential and what-ifs mean nothing.

Based on how often Dictator Kax suggests killing people (it's basically the punishment for everything), I can't imagine her dictatorship having a population over a billion (incidentally, if there were only 1 billion people on earth, we'd have enough resources to all live like Americans...).

It's a bit vague what Dictator Kax's contingency plan for the future of the empire is... Clone herself, most likely.
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