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Journal Entry: Sun Feb 20, 2011, 9:41 PM
august 14th 2012
- commission prices and this page are going under renovation! If you have already booked a slot/or are on the waiting list, DO NOT WORRY about this change. We will proceed according to what we discussed privately. (: Thanks!

Warning: some samples are outdated. I direct you to my gallery for an indication of my current skill level…

Mawaru Penguindrum - Bookmarks by Akimiya chibi commissions: etherealLove by Akimiya
full CG (no complex backgrounds)
$15.00 per character
*up to $20.00 for complicated designs - see sample #2)

Waist-up (no complex backgrounds)
ON THE PLANETES by Akimiya Menma by Akimiya my Mozaic Role by Akimiya
full CG (no complex backgrounds)
$25.00 per character
(up to $35.00 for complicated designs)

Fullbody (no complex backgrounds)
Capture Your World by Akimiya Esteemed - Take it Easy by Akimiya
full CG (no complex backgrounds)
$35.00 per character
(up to $45.00 for complicated designs)

The Greatest Earthbender by Akimiya A Born Coward by Akimiya Name of Life by Akimiya Trust by Akimiya
Starting at $60.00 per character. Price really varies depending on the complexity of the image or the background.
Please contact me for a quote.

:bulletred: For each additional character in the picture +80% marked price. I will do up to 5 characters per picture maximum.
:bulletred: Payment by Paypal only. Prices are in USD.
:bulletred: I will be be sending you a rough sketch so you can request changes if needed.
:bulletred: You will recieve one .jpg file in the end, 300 DPI.
:bulletred: For projects (ex. illustrations for PVs, design work for conventions or games) please note me and we can discuss further. Work for projects will be considered based on interest and the amount of commitment required.

:bulletred: I will draw almost anything to the best of my ability. PLEASE take a look at my gallery for a general idea of what I like to draw and what I'm good at drawing please!

:bulletred: I have the right to reject your request if it's something I'm uncomfortable with drawing. Please don't take it offensively, as it's just my personal preference most of the time. Thanks! *V* I will also reject anything R18 or offensive.

1. RyuKoOu (finished)
2. Flying-Snow-Drops (finished)
3. Destiny-Smasher (finished)
4. AHomesickAlien (finished)
5. makohi (finished)
6. ktails (finished)


DA username:
Paypal Email:
Order type: (chibi/waist-up/fullbody/etc)
Character info or references:

Refund Policy
Refunds will only be offered if the commission is not completed within a predetermined period of time.

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Dishonored by lucid-ser 
Dishonored by lucid-ser

"Forest of Magic" by iya-chen

Forest of Magic by iya-chen
After Work by abnormalbrain 
After Work by abnormalbrain
The Turn of the Universe by alicexz 
The Turn of the Universe by alicexz
"Eternal Monument" by Nele-Diel
Eternal Monument by Nele-Diel

"As the Sun Sets" by rainbowtse
As the Sun Sets by rainbowtse
 Easy Water tutorial by ryky 
Easy Water tutorial by ryky
memories ( print edition ) by MatteoCattonar
Digital portrait by tomasoverbai  
Digital portrait june 27 by tomasoverbai

#WIP by @iamlesfluers
Red pen by IamLesFleurs
In the light by Delawer-Omar  

in the light by Delawer-Omar
"Flight" by Carnegriff

Flight by Carnegriff

Fine Art Print:

"The Bright Colors of China" by Tori-Tolkacheva

The bright colors of China by Tori-Tolkacheva

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Saint Nick by CrazyAsian1

Deadline: December 17th — Wrap Up: December 20th

After many years of heated negotiations, only the threat of unionization and a crippling holiday season strike by worker–elves could finally bring Santa Claus, the ultimate traditionalist, to the bargaining table to discuss new designs in elf attire.

The iconic tights and tunics, belled “Aladdin” booties and “elf–hats” worn by Santa’s helpers’ today are no different than those worn by their great grandfathers centuries ago.


The heavy, scratchy woolen material still used in elf uniforms turns the Christmas “crush” time for filling last minute toy wishes into an oppressively hot experience. The elves have long contended that as a practical matter more “breathable” fabrics, would mean more productivity and fewer trips to the hospital for heat stroke. The Elves would also welcome the obvious technology adjustments, and some updated style would be welcome as well.

Santa needs you to create the blueprints/outfits for his elves’ new look. Entries will be judged on creativity, practicality and evocation of undefinable indescribable magical “elfiness.”

Entry drawings will be selected for a wrap up feature by Santa, Mrs. Claus and select editorial staff members. Rudolph will vote if needed as a tie–breaker.


The winning submissions will be posted in a wrap up article on December 20, 2014.

Post your submissions in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Naughty and Nice lists have not been locked in by the Clause Conglomerate so DeviantArt is not in any way responsible if your list standing is affected by your entry in this Spotlight Challenge.

After many years of heated negotiations, only the threat of unionization and a crippling holiday season strike by worker–elves could finally bring Santa Claus, the ultimate traditionalist, to the bargaining table to discuss new designs in elf attire. The iconic tights and tunics, belled “Aladdin” booties and “elf–hats” worn by Santa’s helpers’ today are no different than those worn by their great grandfathers centuries ago.

Deadline is Midnight December 17th PST.

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
Want to submit any ideas, suggestions, collections, or an existing work for consideration for the Today page? We'd love to look at it. Email us at
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.... why I try not to comment about people's weight.

I used to attend a particular conference on an annual basis, and so I got to (casually) know the other "regulars" who also used to be there. Every year, more or less, I'd see the same group of people at the speakers' dinner, and we could catch up on the usual "what are you up to these days?" kind of stuff. One of the guys I used to see fairly often was a tall heavy-set fellow (some might call him "fat" or "obese") he'd always been tall, bearded, and big, to me. But one year, he showed up and he had lost a lot of weight. It took me a second to recognize him, and I said, "Hey, Rich! You look great! You've lost a lot of weight!" and he looked at me and deadpanned, "Yeah, pancreatic cancer will do that."

Do I need to belabor the point? I will. First off, I set myself up for a massive head-fuck, by making assumptions about what was going on in someone else's life, and - even though I was being friendly about it - I was horribly wrong. He later mentioned that he wouldn't have replied the way he did if there had been anyone else standing around, because then it would have been potentially publicly embarrassing for me. He'd known me for years and knew I had a pretty "take no prisoners" attitude, and thought he'd reply the way he did, just to see how I reacted.

In fact, I responded, "I'm sorry; that was terribly rude of me, wasn't it?"

I mention all of this because I recently posted a few shots which (predictably) garnered a few comments about the model's weight and appearance.

#304 - Holding a Fall by mjranum

And, as usual, I had to issue a few gentle slappings.

Here's another photo of mine:

Falling Angel by mjranum

Someone who reads the caption under the photo might make the mistake of thinking I was referring to the model's weight. Actually, it's got nothing to do with that - it has to do with some other things the model told me about her health and some other body-related stuff. I was impressed by her even coming out to pose for me, all things considered.

I'm constantly fascinated by how the internet era has encouraged people to leap to all kinds of assumptions about other people, and to jam their feet into their own mouths on a regular basis. Sometimes when they're called on it, they apologize, but often they retreat into postmodernism by claiming it's "merely" a matter of opinion. I've said all I need to say about that, here:

Just My Opinion by mjranum

It seems to me that secular humanist notions of "morality" rely on positive arguments for why people should do the "right" thing but ignore far too much the social value of retaliation. The internet, in a sense, is a great big experiment in what kind of society you wind up with when there is virtually no chance that someone you annoy can bring that annoyance back home to you. That, by the way, is one of the reasons I am pretty careful to always "internet" in my true name, and publish my home address and GPS coordinates - for those who have JDAMs - so that I cannot be accused of running away from my own words. If I ever offend someone so much that they want to show up on my doorstep, I'll deal with the consequences at that time. I used to wonder if the people who made derisive or rude comments about some of the models in my photos would deal with it if the model's husband/boyfriend/girlfriend were to call them to account for their words. I admit there are times I think "I'd pay for tickets to see that."

I don't like to lie to make someone feel bad. (Usually the truth serves better!) But I wonder what kind of reactions I'd have gotten on some of the comments about Jenna's body if I had replied, "she looks that way because she's undergoing chemotherapy and wanted to do one final photo-shoot before she dies!"  After my gaffe with Rich I'm a lot more careful and tend to stick to "what's up with you?"
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Sketchbook Pro 6

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 31, 2012, 12:04 AM

So most of you know that I'm a Sketchbook Pro user. 

A few days back, Autodesk released Sketchbook Pro 6, and I think this is the version that's going to make a lot of people who have YET to experience Sketchbook Pro in full, or haven't really given the past versions a chance, switch over to making it their digital drawing software of choice; heck, even their PAINTING software of choice.

We still have the cleverly-designed user interface, that makes it easy on the eyes and mind when we're brainstorming and sketching. With the handful of new tools introduced, we still have a clutter-free drawing environment, and man, there's some awesome tools this time around. I'll go down the list:

The Brush Library 

The main brush toolbar itself has a click-and-drag function, allowing you to store all your often-used brushes in each of the "lanes". You then can click the button on the upper-right and then a full cabinet of all your brushes, the ones that came with and the ones you create yourself, and you can pick between them. You can even make customize your own brush sets and name them however you like based on the project you're working on, style of drawing/painting, etc. And they're all accessible through that one "cabinet". GANGSTA.

The French Curve

My fellow Sketchbook Pro users, we all love the ruler and ellipse tools that made it easy for us to plot down perspective and draw circles and curves with ease. Autodesk took it a step forward and brought in the French Curve, which will allow you to plot down those tough curves and strokes and draw them with ease. Pretty self-explanatory.

Color Randomizer, Size Opacity Randomizer, Rotation/Spacing Randomizer

Now this one is pretty interesting. I always loved Sketchbook Pro's brush creation capabilities (I used it to create zipper brushes, chain brushes, etc. within seconds). There's now randomizers you can preset on each of your brushes. This helps big time with painting and strokes and can make your rendering sessions pretty interesting. You can now randomize Hue, Saturation, Brightness, as well as Size, Opacity, Rotation, and Spacing. All those strokes above were done with the same brush.

Steady Stroke

This one is the pinnacle feature for users who don't own Cintiqs and only have Intuos and regular graphic tablets. I know SAI had this for a while, as well as Manga Studio. It's a stroke stabilizer that you can control accordingly based on your strokes. It definitely makes drawing line art a cinch. Since Sketchbook Pro already has smooth and natural drawing algorithms built in, this feature makes it even better for those who are looking for smoother strokes. I won't say I find myself using this often since I use a Cintiq to draw and pretty much have good control over my strokes, but for those long curves and lines zoomed out super far, I may find myself using it. Again, it's a big help for regular tablet users.

Synthetic Paint

Now Sketchbook Pro has brushes where it emulates traditional media. Your "paint" can now fade as you stroke and blend between colors already plotted down. Combined with the ability of Sketchbook Pro's robust brush creation system, you can do some gnarly stuff now without switching between programs.

Smudge (Blender)

Now there's a smudge tool, but it isn't your standard smudge tool that just gives off ugly rendering, now it's own brush where you can blend between colors, so it's actually a Blender, a tool that I've been long wishing for on Sketchbook Pro. I'm definitely going to be digital painting a lot in Sketchbook Pro even moreso now. 


Sketchbook Pro is even more snappy than the previous iterations. It's still a lightweight program, not taking much RAM consumption at all. Little things like controlling layer opacity switches & zooming and resizing are all much more fluid in response. Even switching between layers is like switching layers on Photoshop. The UI design is even more sharper and classier. It's much faster. It also can handle larger files much easier now, whether before it would start chugging on 300 DPI, 11x17 images the more you put into it. Wonderful. 

You also have the updated Layer Box and the new Color Puck! The Layer Box now makes it easy to change Layer Blending modes and adding new layers, though I'm still used to doing the click-and-flick motions for adding layers and changing modes. For those familiar with Sketchbook Pro, the Brush Puck allows you to change the brush size or opacity on the fly, without opening cluttered menus and interfaces. Now you can do this with color, when you click and drag, you can range it between brightness. And when you click it, a small color picker pops up. GENIUS.

End Verdict: If you guys have hesitated to try it out in the past, I suggest giving it a whirl on this version. I believe there is something for every artist in the way they use it. It's now only 60 BUCKS so there should be no reason for peeps not to try it, ($30 for upgrades and if you own a Mac, you can currently get it starting for $30 as a deal). Personally speaking, Autodesk just re-solidified my choice in using Sketchbook Pro as my number one digital drawing tool of choice. I always loved the organic quality to using it, and this update keeps feeding that love. =)

Favs with comments by KaleidoKittlesChrono Trigger by ImFeelingStampityCintiq Stamp by sighthoundladyFinal Fantasy VI by darkdisciple-stampsfinal fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91STAMP - Simon -SPOILER- by Furuba-FangirlRival Schools -United by Fate- by IceVallejoPower Stone by IceVallejoFoX Hound II stamp by DeviantSithSkies of Arcadia stamp by StareonSonic Fan Stamp by XX-Midnightsf_stamp by KetsuoTategamiSSF4 Stamp by RobaatoMegaman X stamp. by RadioactivePopTartMarvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86CAPCOM STAMP by neocargalphaSBP Stamp by KaitouHyuuga
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UPDATE: this tutorial has gotten a lot of attention since i posted it 2 years ago.. so i decided to update the information, add information and even a nice video tutorial by andredk which is a little long, but very detailed. i updated the old journal and submitted a new one for good measure =)

installing litestep is not a big deal. it has dependencies like any other application, and without them it will error. assuming your system meets all the requirements right now you can stop reading this and install litestep using the Omar Installer. (omar is the guy who created the installer) litestep was built using the x86 architecture so a x86 system is a prerequisite, however people have managed to install and use litestep on x64 systems.  

before you install litestep on any system you need to be sure you have the microsoft Visual C++ runtimes installed. just install all the redistributable packages! save yourself some headache. 2005 2008 2010
afaik litestep has noting to do with .net, but its probably a good idea to install 2.0 and 3.0

if you're on XP congratulations! use Omar's installer or LOSI (i've never successfully setup litestep using LOSI.. then again i only tried once ;) )

if you're on Windows 7 these 3 additional steps are important.

(1: ) if you have installed LOSI (and litestep gives you errors) remove it. install litestep using the Omar installer found here…

(2: ) upgrade your litestep files to litestep 0.25.0 alpha. (apparently some kind dev's hooked this up back in 09 when vista was crucified and windows 7 emerged, aero, king of super(task)bars. whatever, pft. i'm not a developer, i'm not even sure what all they did(i'm too lazy to read)but you need it)

(3: ) install jDesk version 0.74 and edit your theme.rc so that it uses 0.74. (most modern litestep themes use jdesk 0.73 <<this was true.. 3 years ago.) if you get a modern theme that uses 0.74 it should download and install 0.74 automatically, but if you're using an old theme on windows 7 edit the theme.rc

that should do it. use the utility to set litestep as shell and reboot. if you need any extra help feel free to shoot me a note and i'll help if i can

xPaintClass is modern litestep. we all use the xmodules particularly xLabel, to design litestep interfaces. the modules are amazing. very easy to configure and use. if you download a modern litestep theme you will need to install xPaintClass so that the xmodules can do their thing. follow the link for information. xPaintClass is just a dll. no big deal. the difference between it and basically every other module is that xPaintClass goes in your root litestep directory, not in the modules directory. and that's it! drop that dll in the litestep folder, and load a theme.
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SIN ART CONTEST (Winners Announced!)

Thu Oct 4, 2012, 12:11 PM
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Alright, without further adieu I'm here to announce the winners! The judging process was painfully difficult, what with so many of you doing an amazing job and all that I actually had to ask some friends around on their opinion of the whole thing! Anywho, please contact me via Email or DA notes to receive your awards :]

Each entry is judged based on Technical Skill and Concept for a total score, congratulations to our winners! Also once more, I'd like to give a tremendous thank you to those who participated. :]

1st: Kevin Libranda
T: *****
C: **

The guy behind Novus Karma manages to make my own characters look better than the way I draw them! Haha. Seriously though the color, composition, character (Enyo's face! <3) and just overall finesse of the thing is really impressive and a testament to his skills.

2nd: ArtCraawl
T: ***
C: ****

For all the action, explosions and badassery in SIN I like to make note that it's very character driven. Just seeing these 3 lounging around with all their characterizations intact really hits a soft spot for me. They're even wearing casual/civilian clothes which I find really refreshing from the getups I have to draw over and over, haha!

3rd: SHiRO
T: **
C: *****

I think this entry is the only one that seriously took the whole "No Rules" aspect of this contest to heart to create a narrative! The characterization of Zerus here is spot on and there's an emotional component to the piece that only a real fan could replicate.

People often forget 137 who's the closest thing Enyo really has to a friend, I really like how he's just handing her a lemonade here, also the Kaden sandman is a really nice touch! The style's also quite refreshing from the norm of entries!
T: ***
C: ***


Amazing entries that I failed to give an award and entries that I thought were simply worth mentioning, better luck next time!
Also feel free to browse through ALL THE ENTRIES HERE!

Juhani - Great rendering of Kaden having a good time at the skate park :]
T: ****
C: **

doppelganger95 - Really great use of color and shadows, also a really attractive painting style!
T: ****
C: *

PockoChi - Again, great painting skills demonstrated here, I also find it highly amusing to see Zerus with a baby-face. Haha!
T: ****
C: *

nursury0 - Essentially the whole main cast, I like the casual-walk-in-one-direction approach. What makes it really great are all the little details / interactions that highlight their character though!
T: ***
C: ***

OJanSan - Works in the same way Art Crawwl's submission grabbed my attention. I'm a sucker for video games and the expressions are so grizzly!
T: **
C: ****

Rivalhopeso - Zerus looks really good here with a little play on perspective to fill the whole page! With the background and color the overall design of it is quite excellent!
T: ***
C: **

arob707 - Just the sheer amount of illustrative components in this is really cool, it's one of the few entries with a coherent background too!
T: ***
C: ***

Richard Cannon - Zerus in his uhh... super-badass-form that I only showed briefly in one chapter! I still haven't finalized the design on it and Richard makes his own rendering!
T: *
C: ***

Agatha Claire - I love flashback scenes, and I just adore all the leather jackets/vests. Totally reminds me of 90's gangs, haha!
T: **
C: ***

Tsart68 - Cruella! Why she's dual wielding swords of FIRE is beyond me but pretty cool stuff!
T: ***
C: *

Stf74 - Also one of the few who created a sort of narrative aspect to his entry, kudos!
T: **
C: ***

Skona - Yin and Yan! One of the few entries that isn't Enyo or the main cast, I was actually hoping for more submissions of side characters in general. T^T
T: **
C: *

Kashawn Henrey - It's like... SUPER SAIYAN JABARI.
T: **
C: **

Talikira - Don with Pokemon. WHAT IS HAPPENING.
T: *
C: ***

Blarghy - Lena, almost as obscure as Don as far as characters go. Haha


Winners announced!

Hey everyone, just got back from my 5 day trip in Hawaii here! The deadline for the contest has passed and with a total of 71 entries I'll be a busy bee for the next few days judging these guys. Honestly the process is a lot harder than I thought it'd be with so many exceptional submissions I'm going to really hate not having enough awards for everyone! :<

A couple of things! First please make sure your contest entry is listed below in the "Submissions" area and can be seen here for judging. Secondly a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the contest. I cannot stress enough how much I deeply appreciate the art all of you created from SIN, it means a lot!

Hopefully I'll be able to announce results in a timely manner, I've got a lot of work to get to already from the New Year! <3

With the end of the world behind us and holidays approaching also comes the final deadline for the art contest! Please get whatever submissions you can in before January 1st and don't be alarmed if I don't put it in the "Submissions" area because I'll be away rolling in the sands of Hawaii from the 25th to the 1st!

Hey everyone, so the Early Bird deadline is due and to those of you still looking to enter you have January 1st! Also I wanted to say thank you for all the submissions so far, seeing other people draw your characters is a really enthralling experience! It truly makes me wish I had more awards to give out T_T <3

Alright so with the recent poll I made regarding the contest I've decided to extend the deadline an additional month! (January 1st)

But to be fair, I'll also be adding a "Early Bird" award/prize with exclusive consideration to those who submitted for the initial deadline. This way your promptness doesn't go unrewarded! :]

Half the month is up but I'm kinda bummed sitting here with only 10 submissions! When I did the poll… to ask who'd be interested in a SIN art contest 375 of you said yes...  So here's to hoping you're all just hardcore procrastinators and I'm not gettin trolled! Haha.

Over 10 submissions so far! Wooooo, thanks everyone for participating so far 8D Scroll to the bottom to have a look!

So convention season for me is finally over (just got back from C4) and I guess this is the prime month for submissions since the contest ends the 1st of December~ There are 3 submissions so far so keep ehm coming!

Alright guys, I know the deadline is all the way in December but it'd be nice to at least see one submission by now T^T


SIN recently hit over 1000 fans over at I figured I should finally get to some promotion for the series over here on DA! (other than posting Chapter updates, heh) What's possibly better than an art contest for that sort of thing? (Actually I just had no other ideas, hahaha)

I have very little experience with hosting or taking part in these things so I'm going to apologize in advance if I forget to provide any information! Anyway, if you're interested in entering please keep reading~


What's that? Incentive? Oh yea here are the prizes, hahaha. All cash components are in USD and will be distributed via PAYPAL.

Sketch Commission
An opportunity to visually design a character that will appear in SIN

Sketch Commission

Sketch Commission

Early Bird:
An opportunity to visually design a character that will appear in SIN


Draw ANY character(s) from SIN (Here's most of the main cast……………, but I'd love art of any supporting characters just as much!)
I will be judging all applications based on both Concept and Technical Skill.
All submissions can be uploaded on Deviantart or any external websites.
All submissions MUST also be uploaded on as an ILLUSTRATION, they're my sponsors that made this entire series possible! Sign up is free so just make an account!
There will be a limit of 3 submissions per person.
All submissions must be in before December 1st


Send a DA note with the following information

Subject as "SIN Art Contest"
Artist Description: (Optional, talk about your work!)
Deviantart/External link: (URL of your submission) link: (URL of your ILLUSTRATION upload onto the site)

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DeviantArt Stockers A - I

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2009, 8:47 PM
dA Stockers A - Z Directory by FantasyStock

This is a page to provide you with deviantART Stockers to help you find your artistic resources for your artwork. If you know of a deviantART stock provider that isn't already here here, please send a NOTE to me with the link to what you'd like to see added. Please note: this is NOT a club!


(Stock Providers in Alphabetical Order: A - I)


A-Elberethstock a-handy-stock a-weirdo-stox AA-STOCK absense-stock absurdus abuseofstock achatinastock Acheliah-stock Aconyte-Stock ACrazyCharade-Stock Adaae-stock AdharaBatul Aegean-Prince AerisblackStock Aezon-Stock affy-stock affriad-stock aggro-stock Agonie-Stock ahiru-and-rue-stock ahoberer78-stock Ahrum-Stock AilinStock Aimi-Stock AirAndSpaceStock airless-stock akai-hinoiri akibara-stock AJK-Original-Stock Al-wafyh-stock alais-stock AlbaStock Alberto-stock aleksandra-stock aleszevstocks alfastock ellenlovely-stock AlicelefayStock alienjacki-stock AlinePotter-stock alenia-stock AlliedResources allinthename-stock allofmestock almightyblah-stock almudena-stock ALP-Stock Altaria13-Stock AlzirrSwanheartStock Amaries-stock Amarli-stock Amazonofexeter-Stock ambersstock amethyste-stock Amiba-stock amnios-stock Amor-Fati-Stock amptone-stock AndokaStock andolyne-stock AnemiteStock angel-stock Ange1ica-Stock AngelCage-stock angelicfairy-stock AngelicLizardStock LaVeau-Bowman-Stock Angelrat-Stock angelstock Aethergoggles-Stock angelusmusicus-stock AngieStock AngryPrincess-stock Angvil-Stock Anne1392-stock annegwish-stock AnnFrost-stock annora-stock anodyne-stock Anomalija-stock antihumanstock antisocial-stock AnyaArtAndStock ANZstock aqueous-sun-textures aprilsheepstock ArabianHorseStock9 arachnid15-Stock Aragwen-stock archaeopteryx-stocks archangel2-stock Archangelessa-stock archetype-stock archsoul1stock arca-stock Arctic-Stock Ardenstock arite-stocks arkayaStock Armathor-Stock ArmedVampire-Stock arowolf arozena-stock arpadstock ArrsistableStock arsenic-stock ArtMatrix-Stock Artme-Stock ArtOfDecay-Stock artsaves1228-stock arya-poenya-stock asa-stock asaph70 AsariStock asel-stock AshenSorrow ashes48stock asphyxiate-Stock ashzstock asianSTOCK AsiaStock AstarsiaPhotoStock astasiaSTOCK asteriatic-stock astrals-stock asty-lineart-stock AsunderStock Asylum-Stock atistatplay atreja-stock Atropo-Stock AttempteStock auroradreams AutumnsGoddess-stox AvalonSkyStock AvisRara-stock Axy-stock Ayelie-stock Azenor-stock Azrelle-stock AzurylipfesStock


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Commission info

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 21, 2012, 11:24 AM

OUTDATED AS OF 12/9/2014


:bulletpink: I may cancel your order anytime before your payment, for whatever reasons
:bulletpink: My prices are pretty high due to our crippling economy and the terrible exchange rates. I accept USD, GDP and EURO
:bulletpink: Please send payment via sending to friends/family @ Paypal
:bulletpink: All commissions are transparent bg
:bulletpink: Please note me to commission!
:bulletpink: Please give me time~
:bulletpink: Finished commissions are for personal use only
:bulletpink: I do not work "first come first serve"


Please note me with:
-What type of commission (chibi, glow, full render drawing..)
-The size of the commission (headshot, bust, etc..)
-Image references of your character or a simple description - please dont link me to a million of random pictures as references.
-Any type of information concerning background, personality, age - but please keep it brief!


I will send you a watermarked version of the commission along with my paypal. Once the payment is done, I will send you the transparent, full version ~


A glow commission is flat colored and takes considerable less time colorwise. full render drawings go all out on coloring (the most time consuming part), and generally tends to be accompanied with somewhat more of a framing + ornamental type stuff (notably bustshots)

Size chart

:bulletpink: Chibi commission


• Fullbody • $20 / 12£ / 15

:bulletpink: Glow commission


• Bustshot • x
• Halfbody • x
• Fullbody • x

:bulletpink: Full render drawing Commission


• Headshot • $50 / 30£ / 37
• Bustshot • $90 / 54£ / 66
• Halfbody • $180 / 108£ /132
 • Fullbody • N/A

Please note that, depending on the complexity of your order, I might add an additional ~ 5-10$ to your order. I will notify you in advance.
These are elements that I consider adding complexity to a commission:
-Amount of flowers
-Amount of small accessories (ribbons, pearls, etc)

Will not do:
:bulletpink: Inappropriate themes (Excessive gore/mutilation, Hentai..)
:bulletpink: Mecha
:bulletpink: Furries (Kemonomimi are ok)
:bulletpink: MOST males - give me something inspiring and I'm game. It's just harder to inspire me.
:bulletpink: OCs that are not yours/OC rips
:bulletpink: Couples/Multiple characters

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The Fractal Universe

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 8, 2011, 1:01 PM

Is a photograph only a record, something created by a machine?  Can photography ever truly be considered art?  That question seems quaint and laughable these days, but if you do a little research you will find that once upon a time it was a raging debate.  Thankfully a consensus has been reached that the agency of the photographer – his or her eye and critical mind – choosing the subject and manipulating the machine (the camera that is the art instrument) is what establishes photographs as potential works of art when created by an artist-photographer.  Pretty basic common sense, huh?  So why then is there now a debate as to whether FRACTAL ART is truly art – or just something produced by poking patterns into a computer?  Isn't it just really random e-graffiti, a fibonacci button mash?

Here we go again… Hopefully it won’t take nearly a century again before fractal art is recognized as the creative expression of artistic individuals possessing, developing and executing a distinct subset of critical-analytical, emotional, and technical skills in order to create objects that can inspire, amuse, soothe, startle or otherwise engage the mind of the beholder.  It’s art for the new age, and a most welcome new player.

My Questions for the Reader

  1. How do you respond to critics who claim that fractal art is too much of the “machine” creating the artwork?
  2. What is the extent of the artist’s human agency that makes a fractal artwork the artists vision rather than just an extension of “the machine”?
  3. Is a background in mathematics or programming something that can greatly aid a fractal artist?

While writing this article I recalled a brief but mind expanding conversation I was lucky enough to have with Ray Kurzweil last year about the coming Singularity and it made me think…

  1. When we are able one day soon to use computer chips implanted in our brains to project purely imagined images onto canvases, monitors or into the air as floating holograms – will this be accepted as genuine artistry … or will these “artists” be dismissed as mere “daydreamers”?

I have only chosen a few pieces of Fractal artwork for this article so I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Fractal Art in general and whom you might recommend as some of the more inspiring Fractal Artists on dA.

Abstract Fractal by nmsmith
HoM -Hanging on Myself- by Juniae
The Mother Ship by GypsyH
FlowerLane by coby01
Reverie by Tibodo

Since posting this article on Monday

I have had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about Fractal art from the community behind these amazing works of art.   Most inspiring to me were the details around how the pieces are actually constructed and some of the unique history behind the origin of the medium itself.   The Fractal community here on dA is comprised of a very talented, passionate and generous group of people.   Thank you to everyone, who in the last week helped me to better understand this beautiful art form.

There has been incredibly inspiring discussion in the comments below around the questions that I posed to the community.   These are just a few of the deviants who have already contributed to the conversation in meaningful ways.




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