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For a Valentines event I am hosting: [link]

Shasta tells the potential suitors what she digs and stuff :iconicameplz:
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I stole ~Greennite's thumbnail for reasons i don't know.

also forced memes are still lame so i bs this and ignored some things

he bench presses Jupiter and Saturn becuz he's that manly or becuz continuity doesn't matter to me ... also if you're perverted and want to actually see the dick thing zoom up i guess...sicko

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SUBMITTED AT 4:06 PM PACIFIC TIME (-800) ON 17/2/2010

CODED BY ME (~HiddenSpartan) AND GRAPHICS BY ~yadu

UPDATE - Version 1-1
--- Love The City --- A game of love vs time.
In Love The City, you play from a bird's eye view of a small landmass where you are tasked to build and maintain a small city. To finish the game, get all your houses combined producing 200 love. If 100 turns pass before the love total is reached, the game ends.

Love: Love is (like) a resource produced by houses in the radius of a flag (not a road). Each house produces +1 love for having access to food, access to blok and access to their interest, for +3 total. Once 200 love is being produced, the game is won.

Turns: When you have finished building for that turn, hit enter to go to the next. On a turn update, resources are calculated and set, including love. You also receive tax income from shops on the turn update.

Predicted resources: The resources that are going to be set next turn. There was a design reason for these, which I now can't remember. They aren't always 100% accurate.

Structures: Buildings basically. They are the only way you can interact with the world.
Food: Feeds citizens. Comes from farms.
Blok: A luxury. Makes people who get it happy. Comes from factory.

Fertile Soil: Slightly greener, more saturated squares. Can build farms on them
Bloksource: Tiles with that orange mound on them. Can build factories on them.

Roads: Roads are a cheap way of increasing your building radius. If you want to build on a singular square a distance away from your flags, then you could build a road out there for a fraction of the price
Houses' Interests: Every house wants a certain thing from you. Providing them with it makes them provide an extra love point. On the right hand side of the bar at the bottom of the screen there should be some text like 'struct-flag' or 'struct-farm'. This is because I was too lazy to write out a switch statement that'd put 'Flag' and 'Farm' down instead. When hovering over a house, this area shows something like 'struct-house wants struct-library'. This shows the house's interest. If the house in in range of this building, then it will provid an extra love point.

'struct-library': House is interested in education, build a library close by.
'struct-station': House is interested in protection, build a station close by.
'struct-cinema': House is interested in entertainment, build a cinema close by.

Arrow Keys: Move The Cursor
Enter: End the Turn
Backspace: Demolish buildings. You do not get any refunds for demolishing a building.
Number Keys: Build Buildings
1: House. Provides 3 Population. Costs 25 credits
2: Grocer. Provides food to nearby houses. Costs 70 credits. Provides credits on turn (equal to houses in range * a random number between 2 and 5). Needs one food to build.
3: Blokshop: Provides blok to nearby houses. Costs 75 credits. Provides credits on turn (same as grocer). Needs 1 blok to build
4: Farm: Provides 3 food to the city. Costs 120 credits. Can only be built on fertile ground.
5: Factory: Provides 3 blok to the city. Costs 125 credits. Can only be built on a source of blok.
6: Library: Makes nearby houses interested in education happy. Costs 225 credits.
7: Station: Makes nearby houses interested in protection happy. Costs 225 credits.
8: Cinema: Makes nearby houses interested in entertainment happy. Costs 225 credits.
9: Road: Can build in adjacent squares. Must be built in either flag's radius or in adjacent to another road tile. Costs 10 credits
0: Flag: Can build buildings in it's radius. Costs 515 credits.

All buildings except the Road, Flag and House require 1 population to build.
You cannot build buildings over other buildings, you must demolish them first.

You definitely need to read this, because it is extremely easy to screw yourself over in the first turn. The very first thing you need to do is place a flag. Put it somewhere where there is both fertile soil and bloksources nearby. Once build, build a couple houses around it. Then put some farms and factories down on the fertile and blok-y soil. Build some grocers and blokshops around the houses. This should start you out well for the coming turns; you now have an income of money each turn.

The grey bar at the bottom of the screen is where information about the current game is shown, it is laid out like so:
| Set resources | Predicted Resources | Love/Turns | Current structure info |

Yeah it's still buggy, but It's somewhat cleaner than the Beta. P:

Added In-Game Cheat Sheet -> No longer have to scroll down to see PRESS TAB TO VIEW
Added Radius-Viewer -> Hold SHIFT plus a number to see all the radii of those buildings. Should be close enough.
Added Something with the cursor -> Can't describe it that well, If you hover over a place in the range of a flag or road it's yellow, elsewhere red. Should be somewhat helpful.
Changed the thumbnail too something much cooler.
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=========== DO NOT DOWNLOAD ===============

Hey guys, it seems i gotta do a mute version of this and link to SheezyArt, but i dont have an account there yet, so while i wait for my e-mail reply i'll just let it slip for a bit, hope u guys don't get mad...cuz of the music and all =P

Well, really hope u guys like it, cuz even tho its only 2 minutes long, it still took me a loong time to do this :noes:
and by the way comments are much apreciated ^^
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---------------------DO NOT DOWNLOAD---------------------------

At last its finished, the first episode of Kingdom Captors Story

This flash isn’t very long, but still took me some time (maybe because im still not very good at flash)

Hope you guys like it.
I started this as a comic (will post it soon) but then i became a bit of an animator- so I just had to resume this into flash.

The "kingdom captor story" is a story that Bro created in rushed pressure, just to entertain his sister, Sis, who asked for a bed time story.
At any rate, she asked for a "Kingdom Hearts" story- strangely Bro starts mixing the KH story with Card Captor Sakura (God knows why) and that’s when a strange book appears, containing "Laguna’s Triple Triad Cards"
(yeah, i'll explain later ) which in turn contain sealed Aeons/GFs/Espers/summons---
later blasted away thanks to Sis by summoning Pandemona!(.... hey, thats what happened in CCS right? )

Summoning Trigger: Pandemona (Wind GF - FF VIII)

Episode 2 coming soon ^^
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So.... here's a random turntable for the completed Altair design. I'll get around to making design sheets for it later.

Sorry for the large file size and load time, I'm not exactly the greatest when it comes to playing around with SWF files.

The turntable, is of course, an idea borrowed from :iconillsteir:.
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Heres a short animation I done after I concluded my first piece of my original serie Deliverance.
But it looks like my buddy still doesn't own a mic, so I cant post that untill we both are done with the voices (its the only thing that his missing)

Well, enjoy this ouching spree short =]
oh, and comment please :D
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Use your arrow keys, but keep in mind that pressing the key adds velocity or takes it away, it doesn't directly move her. Try tapping the keys at first, to get a feel for it. It's not really a helicopter simulator, but I wanted to put a "sim" feel to it.

As with my earlier Flash work, I've been practicing with my Actionscript, and this is what I created in order to do so. If things work out, I'll think a bit and see if I can make a game using the Ahoge-copter.

Oh, and that's Saber, from Fate/Stay Night. I don't think she ever used her ahoge to fly in the series, however.
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Another Rhythm Heaven Parody! 
This one took me a lot of patience to arrange both the Audio and the frames according to the Rhythm. 

Been meanin' to make my version of this awesome mini game for a long time ever after I finished the Munchy Monk!
so yeah, it's finnaly done!

(really love to make these rhythm games, wonder which one will be next hehe..)


Voices (by) me and :iconblizzilla:

Rhythm Heaven (c) Nintendo
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This is an audio story based on the 39th episode of the Marauder Shields Comic ("The Debt, Part 1"), available here: [link]


Story / Lead: Koobismo
Audio Producer: JeffDaniel
Editor: AdoreeLyssa
Admiral Hackett: Matt "Calavera" O'Connor
Lieutenant Attlee: Phil Hornshaw


Be sure to check out the afterword provided with the original comic, here: [link]

Hope is Alive!


The Mass Effect universe, its design and characters are owned by BioWare/EA Productions. This is a work of parody and fan-fiction, created under the terms of fair use. Music track licensed in accordance with copyright laws and being good guys.

P.S. Be sure to follow me on twitter, to get all the latest info: [link]

P.S.2. Help me spread this around! Retweet, post to gaming forums, send out links to your friends!

P.S.3. If you haven't checked out our awesome interview with Obsidian's Chris Avellone, do it now! An epic hour of epic epicness: [link]
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