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Similar Deviations
Lee Kusul and Lee Jinkyong.

Kusul is the older sister, but she's also the smallest of the two.

Before you go all 'oh look, more characters with no story blahblah'
Actually, the do have a story. It's also nearly finished with. Can be found here : [link]

Ah, I changed some stuff from the original base. Not a lot, but enough that it's noticeably different.

Base: [link]
Base by: ~DeadTreachery-Bases
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I'll admit it. I've tried genderbending myself many times before and it just didn't work.
But I tried again today.
It worked better, but he sorta doesn't look like the male version of me xD
If you're wondering why he has blonde hair, I'm originally blonde. The guys in my house aren't allowed to dye their hair, so if I had a twin bro/was male, I'd be stuck with blonde hair.

Oh, and I bruised my leg on the stairs (ran up them and bashed it)

Anyway, info on my genderbent self <3

Name: Ryan
Nickname: Ryo
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Height: 156cm
Blood type: AB
Nationality: British
Race: White
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Current status: Single
Birth date: Wednesday 5th Feb Ď97
Birth place: England
Hobbies: Trolliní on friends, singing, annoying people, getting in trouble

Base: [link]
Base By: :iconmizzykins:
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:When you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me


I cut the base down a bit for two reasons.
One. The skirt kept messing up.
Two. That base was so big O_O

You know, Inori sort of looks like Luka Megurine in this picture >.<

The title probably doesn't make sense to people who don't know the story.
But basically Inori is paralyzed, and her condition just seems to be getting worse.

That's all I'm saying :)

Um yeah, the lyrics to the song My Immortal. They just describe the characters in the story so well. I can't even explain it.
It's like, a part of that song can describe so many different characters in Tied By Dreams. The chorus already describes 4 of the 10 characters, and the rest of the song just. Yeah.

Anyway, credits:

Base: [link]
Base by: :icondisneyfanatic67:
Lyrics: My Immortal (c) Evanescence
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Decided I'd call her Mei :3
She's half Chinese, half Korean.

Anyway, I decided to doll her in the clothes that Hyuna wears in her Change MV.
Mm. I don't know what else to say xD

Base: [link]
Base By: :iconsapphirepixels:
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: Even if I close my eyes, I still see us.
Thereís still a light there.
Iíll deeply retain the times we had together.
Even if pain comes over time,
The promise I made for the rest of my life,
I wonít ever forget that moment until the end.
I Remember

There is a bit of a story behind this, but I don't feel like telling it :/

Both characters are nameless, so feel free to give suggestions. For the boy I was thinking and English/American name, and for the girl a Japanese/Korean name.

His hat says 'Bad boy' by the way, just for anyone wondering.

Base By: :icongrangerpixel:
Base: [link]

Lyrics: I Remember - Bang Yong Guk (Ft. Yang YoSeob (B2ST))
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:Don't wake me up
Unless it's to tell me this dream is real

You know how long this took?
Do you know how long this freaking took?
Well, a couple of hours but over a long time period so -shrug-

This was fun.
Most of my female characters from Tied By Dreams/ Inori: The World Of Dreams
Which can be found here: [link]

Base: [link]
Base By: :icondeviko:
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Was gonna post lyrics from Secret's Shy Boy but...

Anyway, contemplating calling the guy Kris but... dunno because of Chris (my other OC that's in the same story as these too...) so...

Oh! I fixed out the story for these lot.
Basically, Jae (girl) is going out with Chris, and they both love each other. But Chris is a spy and some stuff happens and he ends up getting sucked into a time portal. Jae trains and leaves to find Chris, and ends up bumping into this guy. He's also trying to find his friend who was trapped within a time portal so they end up traveling together.
At first they don't get along but they manage to get past their differences and blah blah blah.

Still open to suggestions for the guy's name.

Base by :iconpinkcake1234:
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Totally random characters but they're so cute I decided to name them :3 Riley (male) and Jamie (Female)
Riley thinks of his little sister as a princess, and would do anything to protect her.
He's about 16, while she's 10 or 9...

They're so coot!

Base: [link]
Base By: :iconyuminnie:
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:...About the things we do
They don’t know about the I love you’s
But I bet you if they only knew
They will just be jealous of us

*I know I haven't finished my collabs, I'm taking a break. Oh, and I wasn't influenced by One Direction's new album to make this*

Two characters from my original story, Cicada. Although this picture would probably happen sometime after the story, and I'm thinking of making a *very* short story about them.
The boy's name is Ryuu, and the girl's name is Jaylee.


Ryuu is Mei's ([link]) younger brother, and second born into the family. He has a young brother that I just haven't drawn yet. He doesn't have the same farther as Mei, and is half Chinese and Japanese, instead of half Chinese and Korean.
Jaylee is the only child in her family, and lives with her cousin's family due to her parent's busy lives.

Base: [link]
Base By *fiischer
(I'm planning on using every part to this base and then putting them all together)
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:I know it may be late now
And I know that I'm taking over
But I'm here, I'm a super hero
And I can save you
Baby I know you can't forget the things I've done
I know I've been away
But I can save you now

Chris: Happy Birthday Jae
Jae: You're going to leave me now, aren't you?
Chris: I'm sorry...


This would be the last time that Jae sees Chris before he goes off to do his job. Also happens to be her birthday...
What a sad day.

But anyway, found that new Korean band Lunafly and OMG THEIR SONGS OSDMGHF
Can I just say, Teo is adorable!
Yun is cute too!
If you haven't, check out their song : [link]
It's amazing <3

Base: [link]
Base by: :iconchesirecat-pixels:
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