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Hey guys! Been a while since I last posted. Life has been rather busy with the baby, so I've not sculpted much since the last sale. It will take a bit for me to get enough for another etsy sale... I'm guessing I'll have them more like once a month from now on, if I manage my time really well. I like to have close to 20 or so items for the sales, and I'm not really close to that at all yet ^^;

Anyway! To the real point of this journal! I'm having a facebook giveaway to celebrate 10K watchers! Which is kind of funny because I surpassed that long ago here, unbeknownst to me for a quite some time. Holy crap there are a lot of you watching me! Over 25,000 now! That's...somewhat scary and neat and humbling all at once O_o

I wanted all my watchers here to have a chance at the facebook giveaway, so just head on over to my page:… for the details. I AM limiting it to facebook directly, just easier to keep track of all the entries that way. ( I promise I'll do a DA giveaway soon too) The official rules are posted here:…

Basically the gist of it is:
Make me something dragony, in any media you want to use. I know not everyone is especially artsy craftsy so you could write a poem or story etc.
Post the pic (or link to anything written) on my timeline or in the comments of the giveaway post.
You get ONE entry per person.
Everyone gets a chance at the custom dice dragon just for entering, but whoever's I pick as my personal favorite will win the black and gold dice dragon I've already got made. 
This runs til March 22, so you have LOTS of time to come up with something really awesome! 

I hope you all have fun with it! :D


Rough pricing guide:


Zazzle store:…

FAQ: dragonsandbeasties.deviantart.…

Facebook:… (The best place to get updates on sales)

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Official Commission Journal

Sat Apr 14, 2012, 6:11 PM

Announcement! 7/7/13
Opening commissions spaces for when I return from otakon!
So if you wanted any art of things that WEREN'T pokemon,
now is a time to snag a space on my list >v<b

note me if you are interested! I got 3 more open spaces until i'm locked dooooooooooooooooooooown.

Special Deals: none

:What's for Sale:

:bulletwhite: Torso $25

:bulletorange:Poke Pixel ID $20 Closed ATM, REVAMPING
No longer accepting Shiny Pokemon!
*in the process of Updating! with natures!

new poke IDS by BluC  
Poke ID form:
pokemon name and number:
Four Attacks:
Trainer Name:
Picture reference(official image or your design):


Poke ID form:
pokemon name and number: Reshiram #643
Gender: Male
Level: 100
Four Attacks:
blue flare pp 5/5
fusion flare pp 5/5
outrage pp 10/10
draco meteor pp 5/5

Trainer Name: Bluc
Picture reference(official image or your design):…

:bulletblack:Fullbody single (no/whitebg)-$40

:bulletpink:Couple fullbody(white/simple bg) $60

Payments through: Paypal Only.

Note me if you're interested!

Thanks :)

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Hi everybody!

With the review of the comments about christmas contest I will do it.

Edit 1:

:bulletred:I've extended the deadline for the contest Christmas. The new date will be until January 5th.

One Piece Chiristmas Contest

Christmas is nearly coming,and it's time to do a special contest with aour favourites characters from One Piece.

Remember that the theme is Christmas!

The possibilites are endless

Some information about the Contest:

-Everybody can participate

-Only one picture per person

-You can draw your OC with other character from One Piece

-The deadline is 20th December


1st place:

A fullbody with a simple background. (:iconevanyia:)

fullbody without background (:iconachizu:)

2nd place:

A halfbody without background. (:iconevanyia:)

A headshot without background (:iconachizu:)

3rd place:

A chibi without background. (:iconevanyia:)

A chibi without background (:iconachizu:)


:iconvero-light: :iconevanyia: :iconsimonstardust666: :iconmichaelsilverleaf: :iconneoangeliqueabyss:

If you don't participate in the contest,you can donate some point for the prizes if you want.

Good Lucky!!
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CoroCoro magazine just revealed 3 new Mega Pokemon and they will be in the upcoming new games Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire which will be released worldwide in November 2014. The 3 new Mega Pkmn are:

Mega Sceptile, Mega Swampert and Mega Diancie.

this means all HOENN starters will have a Mega Evo!

"Mega Sceptile is Grass/Dragon-type while the others maintain their type. Mega Diancie's ability is currently listed as ??? while Mega Sceptile has Lightning Rod and Mega Swampert has the ability Swift Swim. "

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This is a project in which the sole purpose is to accommodate you when commenting on the deviations that you would like guaranteed and constructive comments on. While our other projects do not seem to meet that requirement, this one hopefully does as we strive to make our comments that much more driven and focused for you.

This is specifically targeted at those who actually want or need to improve their artwork. Please do not request comments if you are just here for more exposure.

Receive Comments!

:bulletblue: Leave a link to your deviation in a reply to this blog.
:bulletblue: Please make sure to include a minimum of one question for our Commenters in the Artist's Comments. The more the better, though not too many of course. :dummy:

That's it!

More Information!

:bulletred: You can only request comments for one deviation, per month.
:bulletred: You are guaranteed at least one constructive comment.
:bulletred: Commenting can take up to two weeks.

By the window by GlyphBellchime ~ Second one to do in Photshop elements. Drawn on paper first then scanned in. No tablet. Just some pointers on how I could really use the program to improve my art.And should I type out the story I have in my head about this character?

wip... by lemon-sorbae ~ i need tips for the hair, or any good hair tutorials.  also, any overall comments? keep in mind it's still a wip, but please feel free to be as nitpicky as you want. thank you!

Ah ah ahh! You ain't stealing my treasure, baby by Georgia-The-Hedgehog & Christmas contest - entry1 by Georgia-The-Hedgehog ~ I was just wondering, do you think I've got the style of Sonic X yet? And, do you think I am good enough for my age(13)?

Escape the Mind by Sky0wl ~ I am thirteen years old and have just started using colors (soft pastel pencils) recently. I don't know how to get certain colors to pop and how to make color seem more realistic. Any ideas on how to do so?

Reminiscent Summer by TheCrazedWolf ~ i would like to know if they liKe it, is the colour good, how to improve colour?

We Are All The SameEveryone is different,
how we appear doesn't matter.
We all cry, we all bleed,
and should be given mutual respect.
Bigotry is a sin,
a bad way of living.
Dark or oriental,
why should it matter to you when,
We are all the same.
Everyone's human.
We want equality.
We are all people just like you.
We are all the same.
Some of them have small minds,
and see through narrow lenses.
They speak before they think,
and just see colour not the soul.
Discrimination is,
a sinner's favourite game.
Religious or of tribe,
why should it be a hindrance when,
We are all the same.
Everyone's human.
It's time we embraced,
Our diversity because,
We are all the same.
An exotic combination,
black and white hand in hand.
Different skin but same souls,
at least their love can grow.
Don't you dare break it up,
with prejudiced claws.
Generations of hate,
it's not what the world wants because,
we are all the same.
We are all the same.
Ignorance blinds all of us,
it's time that we all open our eyes.
We are all the
~ Overall feedback: Does it need to be redone in some way? If so, what can be done to make it better (i.e. make it more "poetic"?).
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Es war echt eine schwere Entscheidung ^^

1. winner : for lizzaras contest by akirachanishere by :iconakirachanishere:

2. winner: :thumb336884358: by :iconcirorin:

3. winner: by :iconmeshion:

4. winner: :thumb334456542: by :iconkiipa:

Hello everyone I make a contest! It is my first one! :la: You must draw one or more of my OC's while they swimming, play with water , surfing or what ever. But it must have to be with water! :D You can add some of your characters, if you like to^^  
Please do not use bases!^^  all pictures will be featured here:

The prices: Ace (will use it as a journal doll) by Lizzara

1. Winner  will get  20 :points: + free commission by me + 1 free request by :iconmaniactheleader:  + 1 adoptable + winners package by another contest group
2. Winner will get  8 :points: + 1 adoptable
3. Winner will get 1 adoptable + 2 :points:
4. and 5. Winner will get 1 adoptable

DEADLINE: 10. November Thunderstorm (will use it as a journal doll) by Lizzara

The adoptables the winners can choose:
My Characters:
Reference sheet: Shilo by Lizzara Reference sheet: Ashiya (old one) by Lizzara :thumb333758474: reference sheet : Ace by Lizzara Jack Reference sheet by Lizzara :thumb323262670: and lots more! ^^
:thumb334456542: by :iconkiipa:
for lizzaras contest by akirachanishere by :iconakirachanishere:
:thumb336884358: by :iconcirorin:
by :iconmeshion:
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Explanation [Edit]

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 7, 2012, 3:27 AM
Banner made by AimaiLeafy
Request Closed Stamp by SquirtleStampsArt Trades Closed by SquirtleStampsCommissions Closed by SquirtleStamps

I guess I owe you guys an explanation.
I'm talking about the 'FAITH: If there was a possibility for FAITH to get printed as a fancomic [with permission of Nintendo ONLY, of course]...'-Poll. I'm trying my best to explain it with my worse English. I won't be mad if you won't understand me completely. I'm sorry for this.

It's true I'm thinking of making a fancomic out of FAITH and a friend of me and I are working on the "copyright" already. Many people asked me how I'll be able to come to the "copyright". Of course, it is not possible to get the whole and true "copyright", but that isn't necessary. All I need is an agreement, better said, an official permission of Nintendo to print the comic officially.

How does that work and how can this become possible?
:bulletred: I'm able to get the permission when I agree to put advertisment for different Nintendo-products (video-games, toys article, official Mangas...) into the FAITH-print version. FAITH itself is some advertisment for Nintendo as well (= Pokémon), but that won't be enough. Also the "true copyright" must be posted into the fancomic version. That's naturally(!).
:bulletred: I'd be not allowed to make profit (by the way, I don't want that anyway) out of the printing sale. If I did it would 'hurt' the true "copyright" and would be illegal anyway. But I'm allowed to ask for the print-and porto-prizes, that means the money I need for the printing and the sending per mail to the new owner would be the prize for the finished printed comic customer.
:bulletred: In whole this means I only would get the "right" (NOT the copyright!) to print my comic as available-to-buy-comic when I agree on the options abough, not less, not more. It's impossible to become an owner of the Nintendo-rights, please, don't missunderstand or confuse this. That's a big difference.
:bulletred: With these points I want to make everything legal when giving you the option to get FAITH as an original comic and not only a digital version you're not able to hold in your hands. I'm trying to find a possibility to share this with you because so many had fun in reading FAITH - it would be so sad if there was no internet in any way anymore you weren't able to read the comic again - and this imagination (as awkward as it sounds...) makes me really sad. I was so happy so many people could enjoy this story, it would break my heart if it was away anywhen because of some irrelevant reasons.
:new::bulletred: [EDIT] That doesn't mean FAITH would be able to be bought in a shop but private by myself. Please, don't missunderstand this. FAITH won't be an official Pokémon-Manga anywhen in any time. Be careful. Sorry. I was afraid you would understand this wrong. And of course, it happened. Gnah.[/EDIT] :new:

This action shall be only a chance for you to get FAITH as a real comic and not a story-in-the-internet-only.

I didn't and still don't want to make you wrong hope that's why I never said a word. I wanted (and still try) to finish the Special first because it shall be included in that fancomic-version as well.
I DON'T want to make money with FAITH! Not because of it's illegal only but because of it is a fancomic, not perfect, and not as good as an actual Manga. It's for fun only. I had fun in making it and you had fun in reading it. If I wanted to sell I wouldn't have chosen some copyrighted characters. The last thing I want to be is a criminal.

You can think I'm crazy, that's okay.
But please don't think I'm a criminal.
I only wanted to look for a solution, a chance.
And I'm sorry I'm not able to explain it right what I want to say. I suck in English and I know it. - And when we're talking about sucking English: That version of FAITH which is available at the moment on Animexx and deviantART WON'T become the version of the official fancomic I'm planning. If this project would become possible...
:bulletgreen: ... I'd make the Prologue and Chapter 1 new completely. More detailed, more perfect as I'm able to now. It looks terrible, newby and I know that myself. All I need is time to redraw it.
:bulletgreen: ... I'd ask MoD366 and Da-Wabbit to correct my stupid English from the Prologue until Chapter 4. IF I'd be allowed to print it, it should be as original as possible. That's my own wish and I guess you would agree.
:bulletgreen: ... (of course!) I'd try to make it as cheap as I could (prize meant, not the quality! XD).

Okay - I hope I said everything. If you have anymore questions about this project, please, let me know, but...
... please, have in mind it isn't sure if I'm able and allowed to print it legal. We're still working on the rights for it.
... please, don't be disappointed if it won't work.
... please, be honest when you tell me you're interested but when it becomes seriously you suddenly tell me you didn't want to have it anymore.

I really hope, you can understand what I wrote there. I suck in explanations even in my own mother language. :iconotlplz:


Thank you.

Yours MiyaToriaka


Find me also on
Heaven of AaMl
Bulbagarden [inactive]
YouTube [!!!] My Account still exists but I can't/won't log in anymore, cause of Google. Thanks a lot you damn and silly software! [!!!]
Facebook :police: [THIS ISN'T ME. I'm NOT on Facebook. It's a Fanside only! If someone answers you under the Nickname "MiyaToriaka" it can't be me.]
International ArtStudio
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Fri Dec 27, 2013, 6:04 PM


EDIT: Closed! Thank you all for participating! The winners will be announced now!

I will contact each of you about your prizes~ A huge thank-you to everyone for participating; 80 of you in total! That's a bigger turnout than I had ever hoped to achieve! Thank you so much! :D

Because you guys are super awesome and lovely, I've decided to host another giveaway! Even BIGGER this time!



:bulletwhite: You MUST be a watcher to participate!

:bulletwhite: Favourite this journal, and write a journal advertising this giveaway (then link it here so I can find it)!

:bulletwhite: That's it! :D




Although, keep in mind my 10th of January is earlier than your 10th of January, most likely (unless you live in New Zealand or something).


There'll be three winners!



3 months of premium membership!




1 Ironbark Custom

1 Regular Custom

200:points: of commissions!



1 month of premium membership!


400 Points


1 regular custom

100:points: of commissions!



100 :points:

50:points: of commissions!




Have fun, good luck, and thank you all!

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Alrighty! Thank you everyone who entered<3 It was a really tough decision towards the end and I went for some designs that I think look fantastic!!! I have noted/sent points to the winners and have noted anyone else who i wish to buy the design from. 


Okay, now on for the winners!!!

Cub contest:
1st - 
DatBlueLion contest by Meykka
The bottom design <3 I absolutely love this girl. 

Runner up-
Two of a kind - Contest Entry by PoonieFox
The right design<3 I really love the mix that this design has. I won't be using it immediately, but in the future! 3 cubs for now xD

Crazy lion:

1st : 
Ariel Contest 2 by Kainaa
He is exactly what i was hoping for!! 

Runner up:
The top design. Simple, yet crazy in one. I really like this guy!!!

Thank you again to everyone who entered! <33 

Contests ARE CLOSED!!!!!! 

I will be looking over all entries and a winner will hopefully be chosen by tomorrow evening!!! :)
Thank you all for entering!!!

Want 1000 :points: ? What about 2000 :points:

I'm holding 2 different character design contests and you could win 2000 points if you're the winner!!! 

Contest #1! 
is to design me a Technicolor/crazy yet sort of simple lion design! Bright neon colors, wild mane, the works! I want him to hurt your eyes and look like fun!

Contest #2!
is to design a cub for Shane and Ferg.. They already have Grover but I was thinking they need another kid! 
Shane -                               Ferg-
Shane November 2013 by DatBlueLion      Ferg 2013. by DatBlueLion

:new: Updated: I have made some lines for the cub contest.. you may use them to design a cub(s) 
and the amazing :iconkainaa: made it MS paint friendly!! -->
Contest Cub Lines by DatBlueLion

Note: Yes they are both females.. This is a love child. If you have a problem with that be nice and don't enter :)
Keep their designs in mind and be creative.. this is a child from both of them after all.. Their first son is Grover.. you can see him here --->


1st Place: 1000 :points: (1000 for EACH contest... that's 2000 total!)
Runner up: 500 :points: (500 for EACH contest.... that's 1000 total!!) 


Post a journal/poll about this contest sharing it with your viewers, and i'll send 25 :points: your way! (one per person )
:new: I will be checking now.. I'm sorry but if you have 0 watchers and just joined.. that's not nice and you're being greedy. I'm not sending points to those people. 

:star: Keep in mind, if I like your design I may ask to purchase it as well for a lower price than 1st place :star:

  • Be creative!!!
  • PLEASE use your own art.. I won't hate if you don't but please try and disclose that.
  • Be nice!
  • Have fun!!!
  • PLEASE do not re-sell the cub design entries if yours is not chosen. The designs are basically based after my personal characters. 

Contest's Will end on January 11th, 2014. Exactly one month away. 
if either contest has less than 5 entries I have the right to cancel the contest. 

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