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Invisibility and the end of Earth

Thu Apr 11, 2013, 6:36 PM

Hello and welcome to the newest round of: random musings of an astrophysicist.

1. Invisibility

Invisibility is a popular ability in science fiction and fantasy. There is magical invisibility via spells, potions or cloaks. And there is technologically achieved invisibility in many forms. But if we were to ask the laws of physics, what would actually happen if we did turn invisible?
First, there are two ways to achieve true invisibility. Either light goes through you without any contact, or it goes around you.
And that's the problem. If light doesn't interact with you, then how do you see? No light falls into your eyes either, so you are blind. An interaction always works both ways. The world is getting no visual information that you are there, and in turn you get no information about the world.
But it is worse. If you were to turn perfectly invisible right now, you would pretty much explode and the particles that made up your body would fall into the Earth like little ghosts.
Why? Because the force that binds your molecules together and enables atoms to exist is the electromagnetic force (EM force). This is the force between two charged particles. How is this force transmitted? I mean, if you take two magnets and hold them close, how do they know they are there? How do they reach out across empty space and exert influence? Light!! Light is the carrier of the EM force. Your magnets fire particles of light at each other, and each such particle carries a bit of momentum and energy.
So, turning invisible in the way of having light go through you would mean to shut off the EM force. Only then would light from the outside no longer interact with your particles. But then, all your particles stop seeing each other as well. Shutting off the EM force = shutting off the glue that binds your particles together. BOOOM!! Hahaha.
But why would you fall into the Earth? Because gravity is currently pressing you against the ground, and the ground is pushing back via the EM force as well. This is true for all things you are touching. Touching simply means that your particles get close to other particles, which then interact via light. So this means .... shutting off the EM force = shutting off the ability to touch things. Thus your particles fall into the Earth as if it weren't there. Gravity still acts on those particles.

2. The end of Earth

Did you know that Earth as a living planet is now in the last 20% of its life time? Yes, only 1/5 of its life time is left.
There is a common bit of misinformation about this. Perhaps you have been told that the sun will become a red giant in about 4 billion years - it will expand and become so large that it may reach and swallow the Earth. But computer models can't entirely predict if the sun will become large enough for that or not. But no matter what happens, the Earth will be toast and life will end then. You heard about that, yes? It's WRONG.
The truth is, the sun will indeed become a red giant. This is part of the natural life cycle of our home star. But life will end 3 billion years earlier.
Right now, our sun is in a phase called the main sequence. All stars go through this phase, before becoming giants or other. During the main sequence, stars are not stationary - they become continuously more luminous, hotter and larger. In its youth, our sun was only 70% as luminous as it is today. In 1 billion years, it will be 10% more luminous than it is today. At that point, its light will blow away Earth's atmosphere and vaporize the oceans, then blow away the water vapor, leaving the Earth a dry rock without air. And thus all life will end.
Fun fact 1: The sun will actually turn into a red giant more than once. If becomes one, then shrinks again, then becomes one again. This cycle goes faster and faster and is quite irregular, while the sun is blowing away its layers and forming a planetary nebula that one day, a distant civilization will photograph and put as their desktop backgrounds.
Fun fact 2: the official name of our sun is Sol. Why don't we ever use it outside of sci-fi?!
Fun fact 3: the sun is entirely snow white, as seen from space as well as from Earth. Any picture of the sun showing it as orange is a false color image, allowing you to see details.

Random fun fact for those who read everything: A question mark ? shows the ass of a cat from behind, when the animal is curious. An exclamation mark ! shows the ass of a cat from behind when the animal is surprised. !??!?!?!?! lots of cat butts. Meow meow meow. Hahaha.

This concludes this round of: random musings of an astrophysicist (who also happens to be a science fantasy writer and can't help but think about this stuff)
Now, where did I put that calculator again...

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Hey guys! Been a while since I last posted. Life has been rather busy with the baby, so I've not sculpted much since the last sale. It will take a bit for me to get enough for another etsy sale... I'm guessing I'll have them more like once a month from now on, if I manage my time really well. I like to have close to 20 or so items for the sales, and I'm not really close to that at all yet ^^;

Anyway! To the real point of this journal! I'm having a facebook giveaway to celebrate 10K watchers! Which is kind of funny because I surpassed that long ago here, unbeknownst to me for a quite some time. Holy crap there are a lot of you watching me! Over 25,000 now! That's...somewhat scary and neat and humbling all at once O_o

I wanted all my watchers here to have a chance at the facebook giveaway, so just head on over to my page:… for the details. I AM limiting it to facebook directly, just easier to keep track of all the entries that way. ( I promise I'll do a DA giveaway soon too) The official rules are posted here:…

Basically the gist of it is:
Make me something dragony, in any media you want to use. I know not everyone is especially artsy craftsy so you could write a poem or story etc.
Post the pic (or link to anything written) on my timeline or in the comments of the giveaway post.
You get ONE entry per person.
Everyone gets a chance at the custom dice dragon just for entering, but whoever's I pick as my personal favorite will win the black and gold dice dragon I've already got made. 
This runs til March 22, so you have LOTS of time to come up with something really awesome! 

I hope you all have fun with it! :D


Rough pricing guide:


Zazzle store:…

FAQ: dragonsandbeasties.deviantart.…

Facebook:… (The best place to get updates on sales)

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 23, 2014, 2:53 AM




I will be giving away a 10"inches tall Koromon or Tsunomon from Digimon that I made. Tsunomon is also 10"inches tall without his horn. They are made with fleece, embroidery eyes and thread sculpted mouth. I will pay for shipping. After the giveaway is done, I will be making the choice of the winner. You will not get the ones in the picture but almost exact ones. They are almost life size so they are perfect for cosplay and for more stuff.

- Names will be given a number based on the order they appear in this journals comments.
- Winner will be drawn via
- Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the private message I send them. Failure to do so will result in instant forfeit and a new name will be drawn. 
- Only one entry per person.

This is posted on my deviantart, private facebook and my Kitamon page.

Step 1 - Watch me.
Step 2- Favorite this deviation.
Step 3 -Share this post on your journal about this giveaway.
Step 4 - Comment in this post with a link to your post so I can see it.

That's it! Complete these four steps, and your name will be entered!

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Journal Entry: Sat Dec 28, 2013, 4:24 AM
Ok I decided do arts And points giveaway. 
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:bulletpink: Ok, thats all ^_^
:bulletpink:I'll check evry step. 
:bulletpink:Everyone gets number.
Everyone who join get headshod chibi sketch :)
Okay, main prices: 
100 :points:
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And arts with your character. 

I mean in this action is to get new cool friends

:note: If you add me to your watchlist, please do not delete me after the action is completed. I want to be your friend!

End of giveaway: 28th January

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As a photographer, artist, writer or any other creative field, you are always trying to improve at what you do. We always seek out the advice of others to know what they think of our work and therefore knowing whether it's good or if it needs improvement. I'm going to let you guys know a little of how I got to the point where I'm at now. I have always delved into many different fields in the path of discovering what I wanted to do in life. In the path of discovery I first started off as a writer. I depended on the constructive criticism of my teachers to tell me whether my writing was good or if it needed improvement. My teachers always seemed to love my work and would always tell me that I could be a great writer if I stuck with it. In the end, I didn't stick with it. I dabbled with art for a while and always received praise from my fellow classmates for the pictures I drew, and I even sold the drawings I made in class for 25 cents each.. Lol But anyways, somewhere down the line I felt like something was still missing. One day, my cousin showed me a program called Photoshop and I just basically fell in love with it. Not only did it allow me to take people's heads and put it on other people's bodies, Lol but I then discovered the great things this program could do. I started looking up tutorials and learning on my own and discovered that I could actually make a living doing this. This is when Graphic Design came into my life. I went to college for Graphic Design and graduated. As a graphic designer this allowed me to take my love for art to a level beyond just pencil and paper. It allowed me to create things which I never knew were possible. After my graduation I did an internship and worked with the New York Public Library on a campaign against cyber bullying. While doing this internship I stumbled across another passion...... Photography... Growing up I always really liked photography, loved how every picture tells a story and how it's so closely connected to art. I started taking pictures in the street of people whenever I would go out. I would take pictures and create stories about the people in them. This lead me into the world of "street photography". It was then that I realized that photography would somehow play a role into what I ultimately wanted to do. It allowed me to take all the elements which I loved from my past and use them to create a "photograph". I started off with a small point and shoot digital camera and finally was able to buy a DSLR earlier this year. I know that I wasn't always the best at the things I did along the way, but through-out this path of self discovery I received a lot of great feedback from people in every thing I had focused on. In the end this was what kept me going and ultimately combining all my efforts into one. We all look at the work we did years ago and say to ourselves, "my work is so much better now." We grow and become better because of the feedback we receive from others. We also receive inspiration from the work we see others do. Picasso once said, "Good artist copy, but great artist steal." What he meant by this was that every artist is somewhat influenced along the way by what has been done before their time. If not by direct exposure, then by the information the artist is exposed to through other people. I've seen people bash other people's work and say, "this is garbage", "you suck", "you should quit." The sad truth is that many people quit because of this. You have to know that you can only get better at what you do, not worse. A lot of times we don't realize that what kept us going and helped us get better at what we did was the feedback we received from others. I wanted to let you guys know that there's a difference between constructive criticism and bashing someone's work. One will help someone improve at what they do and the other will make them regret ever doing it. (Anyways I just realized this is pretty long, and it's 3 in the morning. Lol.. If you actually read all of this then you're awesome.. Thank you.)
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New Pokemon Dungeon game on 3DS

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 15, 2012, 6:42 PM

Finally a good enough excuse to get a 3DS, I was gonna get it anyway for Pokemon BW2, so I can use my laser gun and shoot some Pokes in my room, however it seems like Pokemon massacre was the only thing fun and unique about getting a 3DS for BW2... Well problem solved! A new Pokemon game has just been announced for the 3DS, and its none other than the popular spinoff series POKEMON DUNGEON! This time the game has a long ass name, its called Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth, a total of 14 syllables! Lucky this is just a direct translation to the Japanese game, don't know if they will translate it to something simplier with the western release. The game in the trailer looks dope, with 3D character models instead of the sprite ones from previous games, it also features the Unova Pokes heavily meaning you will have a chance of using Oshawott, Snivvy and Tepig.. I will probably use Pikachu again, no matter how many resets it takes. Umm what else? Oh yes you can also use the AR (Augmented Reality) to scan around your room for round things, and if you find a round thing it will create a portal and warp you to another dimension or something crazy like that, thats right Nintendo has successfully created a portal device for the 3DS. Well done. So point your camera at your mug, point it at your balls or point it at your girlfriend's titties to experience some Doctor Who space and time bending travelling! Woah!

No release date for it yet, its gonna come out in Japan in Winter 2012 apparently, very vague.

You can watch the trailer below:

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I am amazing, I have and will continue to do great things, I am the right guy for the job, I am the right guy for her, I can do and be anything. Sounds arrogant doesn't it? But why should it? Why should someone limit how positively they see themselves? So that people don't think that you're a dick or so that you don't big yourself up to be something you're not? But what if you can be that something, what if you already are? People saying things like, "She/he/it is out of my league" implying you can't achieve a certain thing when someone else could, just makes my brain ache. Why can't you achieve something and even go further than what someone else has already achieved? It makes no sense to believe you're inferior to someone else in any way so long as you choose to attain their level of status in anything. Anyone can be with everyone, anyone can be anything, there are no limits as to how far you can go so long as you choose to actually go there. I think a little 'arrogance' from time to time can go along way. Don't be afraid to love yourself because we all deserve to big our selves up in something. Believing you're incapable will only make you incapable.That being said, it's also good to do some 'self wallowing' every now and then. Be aware of the positive and negative emotions and thoughts in anything. Experiencing the whole spectrum of simply living; happy, sad, serious, joking etc will only give you a much more open, stable, healthy and certain mind set. Just because you patted yourself on the back for something doesn't mean you're egotistic and taking time out to figure yourself out doesn't mean you're depressed. making sure you experience it all will help you live a positive balance and limitless opportunities.
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