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So it's my birthday :D Turning 18 here XD So I tought about making something special today, and I tought would the picture of a single model be cool? NO! Cool would be the picture of 150 (+-) models, that's REALLY COOL! So here it is my papercraft collection. All of the models there can be found on Paperpokes: [link] some now, some on the future and one won't thats Tsunomon, Brandon's edit that stayed by mistake on the middle of all the pokemons XD I kept only the pokemons edited by Pokemon and took off all of the models that aren't Pokemons and some pokes that don't deserve to be on the picture, not because of the build but because of other stuff XD

Some trivia about it: 1. Charmander and Charizard, both V2 are stayng on the top of a hat, Ashs hat that I tryed to build to a cosplay and that shoud fit my head. My head ain't that big, I made a scale up mistake XD

2. On the top of Slowpoke there's a head, anyone can guess which model? Never finnished it XD

3. This pic took me more than 4 hours to take, since I had to take all of the models of the place they stay and put them on my room's floor and that took a while, A BIG WHILE XD

4. Of course that I took some of the Pokemon models of the pic, some testbuilds that I haven't shown by now :p

5. Some chibis that have been released aren't on the pic, like Golbat, Zubat and Gengar family, that's because I took the picture before they were built XD

6. That's the work of more than a year, so that's a LOT of time XD and I really respect all of them and love all of them XD

I'd like to say Thanks :D to all of my da friends and to the great paperpokes team (they rule, don't they XD) they are really cool and the models they create are PERFECT :D

So that's it XD In case I remember something to say here I'll put it later XD

So Thanks a lot for favoriting my da entries and commenting on the last year :D This means a lot to me :D
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hihi, i just love this little fellow :meow:

thanks a lot to :iconjyxxie: Jyxxie for letting me build Gigimon as first :huggle:
the mouth was a bit hard, because there are a lot of over 90° folds but allthough it was just a lot of fun :D

i build Gigimon half-size, that it fits more to the size of Guilmon

you can download the model here
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I love Digimon! <3 
Salamon may not be my favourite but he looked adorable on my shelf. <3
Eyes and marks on it's collar are machine embroidered, he's quite a big plush. ^^

Salamon (c) Digimon
Plush (c) MrsVolv

More plushies from me:
Aries Mu by MrsVolv Koromon and Tsunomon by MrsVolv Lil sad Gomamon by MrsVolv Zweiolous plush by MrsVolv Lugia poseable plush by MrsVolv
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So, which one will you choose? I sure wanted them all back then! And now, with Pokémon X/Y about to be released, the first question arises again... Which one?! :D
I noticed I never snapped a pic of these three together, so I did it today! Aren't they an awesome trio together?

Bulbasaur can be downladed here:…
Squirtle can be downladed here:…
Charmander can be downladed here:…
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My second papercraft model. This guy was a nightmare! The original model had pretty much every piece going though every other piece... and that cape just about had me wanting to kick the little purple ball across the room. Totally worth it though. : )
Also, it will be another week or so before the file is ready for download; this is just a sneak peek.
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These are Mime Jr (Manene) and Mr. Mime (Barrierd). The first one previously unreleased. Manene coming soon on our official site.
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What can I say? Amazing how :iconz8-0: can edit papercraft ^^!

Scyther is a very different and cool pokémon. I really like this build and the pose is just... well, it speaks for itself. And what's even better? You can glue the arms anyway you like. Not an easy build though - small and pointy ends can be a bit annoying. But if this is one of your favorite pokémon, go for it - though I don't know when it will be up on :iconpaperpokes: [link]

It will also need some weight on its left foot for balance. A bit tricky, but since each leg part is separate, anything gone wrong can be fixed by redoing only one foot.

Hope you guys like Scyther!!
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I gotta admit, I really like this model. There are so many great poses that I couldn't decide on 3 or 4 to use on the picture, so it ended up with 6 LOL This one is quite old, I think I finnished it more than one year ago.

Not a model for a starter, some hard things all over it. Regarding the edit, I need to thank Brandon for helping me edit it and teaching me some tricks. If you think it will look too big on your shelf (it kinda does), there's the option with the closed wings, not my first choice, but probably looks nice as well.

The model can be downloaded at Paperpokes:…

Have fun ^^
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:iconvictorydanceplz: :icondweebdanceplz: :iconcarameldansenplz:

finally done
oh man, what a night :aww:
i wrote in the last journal entry that i had the feeling that i'm stuck on this
but after the entry it went into the opposite and the work goes on and on.

i doesn't took any other photos of the build because it would take more then i expected
at the end i had all parts assembled with the others
and i never cursed/sweared more then at this one :D

the only advice what i can give you is to build this very careful
start with the two front part, add this little pieces (on the same page) add the disc and curles/shells/screws/spiral flames ( :P ) and front legs
end with the tail and the last part should be the right rear leg
that's the way i build it.

again i must put some weight into one leg, beause of the tail and the sword, the model falls over.
so put something into the rear right leg before you close it.

one of the hardest models that i had, but only because of the pieces.
there are brutal unnecessary complicated

however i'm happy that I decided to build it
it's really an awesome model
but never again :D

for download the model
click here

1300 views and 130 faves after one week :wow:
you are nuts :D

thx to all for the responce and faves :heart:
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ah hell yeah :icontardboogieplz:
yesterday it was a really productive day
i added the wings and the arms to the torso
i had to test a lot of things first
how to combine them and much more important
how to hold the hole thing
because you have to hold it,
hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it
until it's dry
only good that the legs are still removable so it was not that bad

because the edge, where the wings had to be connected to the chest are open at the top (damn, i have to make a photo of it ^^; )
i added also a little paper strap, that the wings are really stable and don't rip appart some day

i connected the arms in an other way as the description shows
so it looks more massive
it was a bit tricky, because i had to turn the whole model on top and hold the arms in shape with some bottles and add then the glue :D

right now, i'm building the head and i can tell you, even the pieces are just tiny, i'm totally exited :eager: and i will put all my efforts and patience into it, that it will look great :la:
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