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This was a tutorial I made for someone who wanted to learn how to do wrinkles well. It's nothing much. I apologize if you can't read my handwriting. Yeah. Handwriting is definitely not my strong suit...

By popular demand (and because my handwriting sucks (x_x。)) I've decided to type what's written on the page. Enjoy!

1. All going downward due to gravity.

2. A good way to add wrinkles is to make a wave and draw an upward line at the low point. Breasts protrude from the body and the shirt should be wrinkled to indicate that. Also, if a shirt covers a girl's figure, make a wrinkle that covers approx. her curve.

3. Another wrinkle due to wave. If the wave is too big, you may need to draw cloth on the other side, so it doesn't look like the clothing only has a front. The crotch and outer leg are shown with wrinkles. If you don't do this, it could look weird. Then again, it might not, depending on the dress.

4. Unless the character is sitting, or in some weird position (I won't ask) pleated skirts look awkward with a lot of wrinkles because there are already pleats.

5. Bunched sleeves will have many wrinkles coming from the right and left, but not really the top or the bottom. The more bunched, the more wrinkles.

6. Loose clothing will have many -long- wrinkles. In a long-sleeved shirt, be sure to make a few extra wrinkles around the joints.

7. Tighter clothing will have tighter wrinkles. I'm not very good at conveyinig this, but just know this tip.

8. Clothing that fits well shouldn't have very many wrinkles.

9. Flexed joints. In this case, the outside will be smooth and the inside will be wrinkled.

(The last box) Jeans. Lines will be thicker and more prominant, but not as many of them. This goes for all heavy cloths. Note the wrinkes at the joint. Also, boys like baggy pants, so draw more wrinkles to show this. Jeans will almost alway sbunch at the bottom, so be sure to make more lines at the bottom of the pants.
Also, draw winkles around a guy's crotch. Their boy-parts make the pants do this.
Girls tend to like tighter jeans (but if your female character doesn't, just follow the rules for the baggy jeans.) They're more form-fitting, so you don't need as many wrinkles. Also, girls are more likely to buy jeans that are fitting to their height, so less bunching at the bottom.

Happy Drawing!
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-To make one thing perfectly clear. The reason there is no top clothing was because I wanted to show the character's overall build. I didn't remove pants cause...that's uncomfortable to me. So maybe SOMEONE will shut there mouth next time. =3=-

This here is going to be a new reference for the character's overall physical appearance and contrasts. It'll also be updates every couple characters. I'll go ahead and describe reasoning and the characters features.

Caudis: Caudis is about 23 years old standing a towering 8'5 and weighs 825 pounds. Containing a powerful demonic entity, his body was shapened and manipulated to match the monster's specifications. His muscle size and strength was augmented to larger proportions to sufficiently kill others. His original height stands 6'2. After about 18 years, Caudis's size shoots another foot as his body growth has no bounds as long as he bears the demon.

Sky: Nonikai is around 22 years old at a height of 5'1 and weights under 148 pounds. Sky was originally a Lapussian immigrant having a very solid bloodline. Lapussians were generally very short and slim people native to their country of a cold climate. Sky will only grow another inch after 18 years.

Weldon: Weldon is at a young age of 25 years old, standing 6'10 and weighing about 210 pounds. Weldon is a half breed of both Human and Satyr blood. His age towards his people is considered very young and his overall body stature is classed as being fairly weak. After about 18 years, his height will finally conclude at 7 feet.

Valoor: Valoor is only 6'2, being 2 years younger than older brother and weighing 148 pounds. Both Caudis and Valoor are Drians, a race who were very military-based and warrior defined in the past. Most Drians are very physically fit and defined. Valoor remains as being very healthy internally and externally.

Beldicoj: Blu's overall age is nonexistent, being purely immortal . He lives as a demonic deity but established a human life later. Along with this life, Blu's human form is about 8'4 as his knowledge of human anatomy is imperfect and his weight is about 226 pounds. His body was factured into a very thin but very built nature. Extremely lean and extremely flexible. He has the ability to compress his muscles farther to help him with easier flexing. Blu also has hygienic problems as he barely bathes, combs his hair, brushes his teeth, or shave any body hair.

Amy: Amy is about 5'4 at best as she has reached the mature age of 22 to grow any taller and weighs about 149 pounds. Amy has a Lapussian decent but takes more after her mother who is Omarian. Having a lazy and inactive personality can damage one's figure but Amy possesses as hyper metabolism keeping her very thin. She exercises less and isn't very defined. She barely combs her hair and never really frets on how she looks, leaving her sluggish and dragging. After 18 years, her height won't change.

Caudis, Sky, Weldon, Valoor, Blu, Amy *Xtermination
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Okay, here goes the adoptables trial. August 14 - August 20

- These are NOT buy outright. Bidding only, starting at $10.
- When you win a bid, upon payment, you will receive a higher res version (twice this size) without ugly text, I will shade it and you have the option to design your own staff at no extra cost.
- If you post the high res version anywhere, you must credit me as you're buying the character, not the piece itself.
- You may NOT buy these and resell for higher prices.
- You may NOT trace over this to make other characters.
- Please reply to the posts I make with your bid.
- Paypal only.
- Currency is CAD.

Auction is also going on over at FA [link]
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(Well I've discovered Blender.. still learning the program)

Just a test render of some Eve-online ships that I imported into blender

Took a while to import (especially the cube map was a headache)
But I am quite pleased with the results

Rendered out to AVI with XViD.

Click download link to see it in action (Just a simple fly around), 2 meg avi.
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A dragon mask I made with card-stock. I modeled it in 3ds max fit to a head model. I did all the measurements so it fits to my head perfectly. This was an experiment to see how capable I was of transferring a 3d model to the real world. I still need to attach the jaw to it, and find a way to rig the mouth to move with mine.

Since it turned out so well I want to make it into a finished dragon head mask. Now I need some help here. Anyone have any ideas on how to make this more solid, resin and fibers perhaps? also I'm considering adding fur and or scales to it, anyone know how I could go about doing this? I'd really like to make this a complete finished product. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated, I'm new to all this. 

If anyone has the time and resources ,and wants the pepakura file or images to print this model out and make it them selves ,just comment here and I'll put up a link

update: you can now download the pepakura file at… . Click the link and it should start downloading.

3ds max || pepakura || card-stock
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Updated version, now there are 36 different hands. I found an old hand study ( traditionally done ) which I uploaded on my previous account and make a new, better digital version of them.

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I shouldn't really call this a study since I barely did anything. XD
I'm trying to teach myself the proper way to draw canine teeth, most of the time I just make uneducated guesses.

Drawing these helped! .. Not much else to say, it's not a very interesting drawing.
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I haven't made any dolls in like forever.
Forgive me. I got a tablet.

**Face can be made in ANY pixel program (yes, even MSPaint) I personally used Photoshop CS at my school**

Ok so... I was bored in graphics class and made a face. I was flipping through my layers and realized I could make this. So I did.

It's so very confusing because I randomly added in two colours in the middle but i hope someone might find it helpful.

I didn't explain the eyes because I usually just slap similar colours on and hope for the best. However, I normally don't just flip the eye; I redraw it so the highlights come from the same place and the person won't look cross-eyed. It looked alright so that's why I left it.

I may or may not finish the rest of the doll.

Look here for more help with dithering:


Overall useful:
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Just restarted working on my power armor, thought a LOT about it. This helmet design is for a Medium class armor, i'm not interested in designing the light armor for now so i'm gonna draw medium, heavy, super heavy and colossus.

For the light armor, think of Crysis nanosuit and iron spiderman, gonna be very very fast and able to stick to any surfaces.

For the medium, think of a mix of ironman (the flight system will be different though) and Starsiege tribes armors (little shiny decorations and shields)

For the heavy, think of Warhammer 40k Terminator armor and again Starsiege tribes. (mild flight capacity and shields)

For the super heavy think Hulkbuster (amazingly powerfull and resistant) and Supreme commander ACU (with everything needed to build an entire army from scratch after landing on a planet.) ooh and it can transform into a heavy air unit.

For the colossus think.. err.. i don't see any equivalent.. but it should be the size of the effeil tower.. oh yeah it's also a spaceship, cruiser. (imagine a star cruiser transforming to a robot, kinda like transformers.)
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Ah, the Ultimate version of Shiron is so cool. I really like the design of his armor. It looks so...complicated for some reason. I would like to try drawing it sometime, but not now. I'm trying to design some new characters. ^^;

It still bugs me that a simple metal pan knocked him back to his normal self (he was a bit out of control earlier. His eyes were yellow at the time), and all his armor came off! I know a bunch of people liked that scene, hehe, me? I was too busy going "WTF?!" over it.

Anyway, the person who made this is named "Karabiner," who I think is the best Legendz/Digimon artist I've seen. He knows how to make just about any picture top-notch. So...thanks Karabiner, even if you can't see this, thanks for such great art and keep up the good work.

I'm sure he doesn't have a DeviantArt, SheezyArt, or FurAffinity account, mainly because if he did, a bunch of furs would be on him, I don't know what to say, but I'm pretty sure the first words that came out of my mouth would be pretty "furverted" and nasty. ^^;

I can link you to some of his Legendz pics that are good.
[link] Shiron. ^^
[link] Another Legendz character...I think his name is "Wolfie," but he's known as "Werewolf" in America I think...
[link] Ultimate Shiron, but not the one I used.
[link] Dino and Greedo, really, really cute. ^.^
[link] Shiron and Shu, really cute. ^^
[link] Ranshiin, but what the pan did to Shiron, did to him. XD (I'm pretty sure it's a SFW pic)
[link] Greedo's using LP Gas to "fuel" his flaming wings, however Dino thinks it's a bad idea, big time. XD
[link] Ultimate Shiron. The picture I used.
[link] Ultimate Shiron, but without the blue clothing (mainly a tall loincloth).
[link] I think his Danny if I'm right. Apparently, he hates being called a crocodile, cause if you call him that, he'll get pissed off and say "Those who call me crocodiles are crocodiles!!!" Or something like that. ^^;
[link] Ranshiin, and he's not too happy. o.o *backs away slowly*
[link] A good basic pic of Ranshiin. I used this to make the Legendz version of me. (Which I'm planning to remake soon)
[link] I think it's Ranshiin in armor similar to Shiron's Winddragon Commando state. He so does not look happy! *flees*
[link] Shiron's showing off his body and well, Ranshiin gets a nosebleed from the sexiness, knocking him out cold. X3 (SFW I believe)
[link] I'm guessing, Shiron as Shu, and Ranshiin as Dino...o.o;
[link] A bit of reference of Shiron's Ultimate Form.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I have that MS icon, I'm not playing it, but I might get the urge to check the place out someday. Yes, I know MS sucks, stfu. >.>

Anyway, enjoy!

Legendz (c) Bandai...?
Art (c) Karabiner
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