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DOWNLOAD this freebie.
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digital brushes for PS wub wub
wub #1 and #2 is best for smudge tool
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Here's a free brush set that contains basic rendering brushes, as well as sci-fi alien-ish custom brushes I've made. Feel free to use them in any of your personal and professional work, and of course I highly encourage you to make your own;) 

Made in Photoshop CS3, they should work in previous versions and of course will work in CS5 & CS6.

For assistance on loading them, visit here:…

Get my Master Video Tutorial Collection for ONLY &19.99!…

Do you want to be a professional concept artist?

ConceptMonster Workshop

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If you haven't seen this before please check out my original----> <----with colour and description and everything. I'm feeling a lot better than when I drew this thank you. This is the Lineart being posted later.

You have my permission to colour this, no need to ask :)

This is actually a full PSD file. All the different sections for coloring are on separate layers- skin/hair/eyes etc so you can really easily have a go at colouring yourself! Click 'download' for it :) This will work work in Paint Tool SAI, OpenCanvas, gimp and obviously photoshop as well as many others XD

:bulletblue:Wherever posted online you must give written credit to me for the lines "Lineart by *DestinyBlue" something like that, so people know who drew it, and a link back to this lineart.
:bulletblue: Do not remove the copyright text.
:bulletblue:Not for commercial use
:bulletblue:You may not use the colours from my coloured version (be original :D)
--Be respectful, I provide lineart for your enjoyment and learning. Please follow the rules :)

:bulletgreen:I offer this as a tool for you to learn, please try your best at shading and highlights, think about her character, lighting, mood, the background, textures, and get creative~! :D

I couldn't tell you how many people requested I put this up, thanks for the pacients
Edits to the lines are welcome, you can make the writing say something else, feel free to make the canvas bigger as well. ~Have fun! ^0^

Featured drawings:

A whole gallery of my linearts can be found here: [link] should you be interested in colouring more :D
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Free download for a limited time: :la:

Version 2.0 it's now up! :heart:

I love the warm tones so I decided to make a pack doing my best!
Hours and hours were spent on this pack so I can guarantee you it's more than worthy :aww:

» If you like my photos please like my Facebook page :dalove:

Important to read first:
• The actions work properly with Photoshop CS2 and newer.
• Click on the download button "Purchase" and load the .atn file to Photoshop and you're ready to go!
Credit me if you use one of this actions in your deviation description.
• Don't redistribute and/or change it and upload it as your own.
• Don't copy or imitate the preview design.

Stock used for preview photos:……

More Photoshop Actions

What are ps actions?
Photoshop Actions are the recordings of commands that can be applied to one image or multiple images in photoshop. When you press play, it applies these recorded commands. Using a photoshop action save a lot of time for the editing process of your photos.

▼ More:

Facebook | Twitter | 500px

Copyright ©
Do not reproduce, copy, edit, publish, transmit or upload in any way without my written permission.</small>
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99% of the illustration above is done with these 2 brushes.
- soft brush for main colors
- medium brush for details

Have fun ! ^_^

Download to save the zip file.

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- The zipped folder contains a Photoshop brush file containing all the brushes shown here, as well as a transparent .PNG file with all the images on it, in case you're using something that does not support this file type.

- Please link to this if you use these brushes, so that people can easily find them if they like them! (In fact, that's just a nice thing to do with any stock you use.)

- You don't have to ask my permission to use these (except for commercial purposes*) - the answer is yes. If you ask me anyway, I'll tell you yes and thank you for being polite. :3
*You may use these in deviantART Prints. For commercial use outside of deviantART, please do contact me for permission.

- I always appreciate a link to deviations made with my resources; I love to see what people make!

- If you have any comments or critique, I would love to hear it! Tell me what you think so I can make these better and more usable.

Edit: Now contains bigger town icons, by popular demand. Also contains the jungle blocks, which were missing from the first version for some reason. If you want to download the recent additions only, you can find those here: [link]

My favorite maps that use these brushes: [link]
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Pencil Brushes!

Here’s a set of pencil brushes I created for Photoshop (versions CS3 to CS6) that re-create a more traditional sketchy look. I’ve always wanted some decent pencil brushes for Photoshop, but I could never really find what I wanted, and there’s SO many brushes floating around these days, it made it even harder to find what I was after. The solution? Make my own, just like I did with the hard square brush I posted a while ago!

NOTE: These will NOT work in Photoshop CS2 or lower

You can buy the set at the link below, and if you’re willing to share them via the twitter or facebook buttons, you’ll get a 33% discount! (share it first, and then click the pay button and the discount will be applied)

Purchase Sketchyfun Pencil Set #1

How to load the brushes:

1. Extract sketchyfun pencils CS5.abr or sketchyfun pencils CS6.abr from the ZIP file you just downloaded. Extract it to your desktop or a folder you can get to easily.

1. Create or open a a new image

2. Select the brush tool then right click anywhere on the document window.

3. Click on the small arrow or cog button (depending on your version of PS) in the top right corner of the brush panel that appears, then choose Load brushes. (You can also choose Replace Brushes if you wish to replace your palette of brushes with the ones you're about to select)

4. Browse for the Photoshop brush file that you just extracted (CS5 or CS6 depending on your photoshop version) then click OK

Hope you enjoy using them!
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Zip file contains: 1 set of abr. Brushes and 9 jpeg.’s
im new at this so plz dont complain

made in Photoshop Elements 6

Complete Feather Brush Set
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:star: If you want to learn to draw manga with us join our new group :iconlearnmanga: :D

This is Sailor Neptun of the awesome Sailor Moon series from Naoko Takeuchi. ^__^
A big Thanks to :iconoceans-art: for preparing my lines for digital coloring. I will also share the pure lines for traditional
coloring when i upload the finished Fanart. >__<

Nashi ;)

some other sailor fanarts:
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