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Remember a few weeks back when I asked if anyone wanted to join me in a Minecraft survival PVP game? Well, I recorded some of my gameplay with everyone and made a simple video. It's been uploaded to the Fresh Epic's youtube channel and you can watch it right here:

I've been wanting to try and set up a Minecraft series of videos with other Fresh Epic members like Dayvi and Humon, but setting it all up has proved to be a little more complicated and time consuming than I thought... so I just started recording my own experiences. I'm not very good at PVP, but I enjoyed making the video and hope to make more.

If you've got some suggestions on what either I or other Fresh Epics artists could do/play in Minecraft or whatever, leave them below. Also, thumb up and like the video if you enjoyed it.
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MMD Usausa by Trackdancer

So as it turned out someone wrote the following message to me:

nah, i gave up on it ages ago... its not only hard but also frustrating and depressing... approx. 1 month for 1 min motion duration = got burned-out before i'd even finish it... so i raise up my hands in the air and just retire... don't have any spare time to make it. still have life and work to do after all... ahahaha...

Now this is not the first time I've seen something like this written and so I felt it would be a nice idea to write down the method that I use to do my animation work.

First off, to save you alot of time, this is not a tutorial on computer animation. There are plenty of excellent tutorials around on this topic all over the Internet. Rather this article gives you a method; specifically mine; on how to approach the process of producing animation. So if you're looking for a "How to" guide, this is not it.

Before anything else, let me categorically state that computer animation is hard work. Although the computer takes away a lot of the drudge work, it still is hard. However, it is extremely rewarding and actually a lot of fun PROVIDED THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

And this is where I think a lot of MMDers come to grief when it comes to trying to make their own animations. MMD is actually an extremely powerful tool and makes a lot of things very easy to do. Especially since there are plenty of models and motion data to work with. Literally, you could be an absolute idiot and provided that you're willing to invest a little time to learn the basics of the program, you can have your model of Miku dancing to a favorite tune in no time.


If you want to animate in MMD, you need to know at least the basics theories of animation. If you don't understand how animation works, you'll just be setting yourself up for disappointment when trying to use MMD to create your own motion data. On the otherhand, if you understand how it works, you'll appreciate how great the program is for creating this type of work.

So ...

STEP 1: Learn to animate

You don't have to goto animation school to learn how to do this. There are plenty of excellent animation tutorials on You Tube (for example) that teaches the basics of animation, traditional or with computers. Spend some quality time with these material. You will not regret it.

STEP 2: Learn how to use MMD

This may be an obvious statement, but I'm still putting this out there as it is important. Just like when you learn how to draw in art school, you need to learn the nuances of how to use, for example, how to use a pencil, to do animation in MMD you need to understand all the tools available to you in MMD. Honestly, MMD just gives you what you need with no thrills, so it's an excellent computer animation package for a complete beginner and still a useful tool for someone with more experience.

STEP 3: Don't climb mountains before ...

If you're new to animation, don't start out by trying to animate an entire dance sequence. You'll just be setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. Just as you have to learn to walk before you run, learn by beginning to animate, well a "walk" for starters. You'll be amazed at how much you'll learn by doing simple things to begin with.

STEP 4: Have a plan

When you're ready to seriously develop an animation sequence, for goodness sakes, have a plan. Once again, this may seem to be an obvious step but you'll be amazed at how much difference having a plan makes. In case you're wondering what this is, it is a clear picture in your mind of what it is exactly that you're setting out to do. Write this down on paper if you have to. Better still, create a story board.

STEP 5: Have a methodology

There is a method to this madness and I will outline what it is. This is what I've learnt from professional animators so they must know what they're talking about so here it is:

[A] Have a very clear vision, at least in your mind, of what it is you're trying to animate. If you're going to animate a walk, you need to know exactly what the body is doing to take a simple step. Get hold of whatever references you need and do the motion yourself so that you can see exactly what motions are involved with your eyes closed.

[B] When you're ready to program the animation, make sure you're in the mindset to do some real work and in an environment where you will not be disturbed when you're in production. This means no music, noise, noisy siblings, barking dogs, etc. You need to be TOTALLY FOCUSED or you're not going to be able to accomplish much. When you're tired or run into a roadblock, STOP. Take a break and comeback to it later on. Just save your work so that you can comeback to it later on and continue. Don't try to force it, it just won't work.

[C] Block out your motion. What this means is to identify and create the key poses in your animation sequence. These are not hard to recognise. These are the positions your character will be in at either the begining of, or at the end of an individual motion. So for example, to animate a character waving, start with the arm position at rest, the arm raised to wave and then returning to rest. If you learn to block, it makes things really easy.

[D] Go back in and fill in the details. So in the wave example, this is where you'll actually animate the wave. Play it back and fix any obvious flaws. Keep at it until you can see something you're happy with BEFORE going to the next segment in your animation. If you're tired, save your work and comeback to it later. Don't try to force yourself to do this, for us it's a hobby not work.

[E] Look at your work again later. See if anything can be improved, made more lifelike, etc. This is the step where you make your animation shine and the most rewarding part of the production process. Take your time, you're not working to a deadline.

When it's all done; finally; make a movie with your motion data and watch it and if you've gotten to this step, congradulations!

It's not impossible to make custom animations in MMD even for an absolute beginner. IT WILL TAKE TIME TO LEARN and IT IS HARD WORK. I'm not going to try to disguise these facts from you, but IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT TO PERSEVERE.


(1) MMD 7.39. Don't bother with earlier versions. This version has much better tools overall.
(2) MOGG Project MMM (Miku Miku Moving). This is a good alternative for making animation with MMD models. It is not as good as MMD for the final rendering but in some ways it is vastly superior to MMD for preparing VMD files.
(3) MOGG Project Face ad Lips. This is a great tool - almost an absolute must - if you want to build accurate lip sync animations. Very easy to learn and it's extremely powerful.
(4) Pen and paper. This should be obvious. Make notes, sketch things out. It's a wonder what stick men can do in trying to resolve a pose.
(5) References, lots of them. There are literally thousands, if not millions of images of people in all sorts of poses which can be easily referenced from the Internet.
(6) Your body - yes your body. Assuming that you're not a paraplegic (and sorry if you are), this is one of your most useful references. Doing the motion yourself can help you understand all the nuances of a pose or motion.
(7) A mirror - yep a plain simple mirror so you can see your good ugly self. Especially useful if you're doing lip syncs.
(8) Your brain ... use it.

I hope this helps. Cheers.

PS. I'm a rank amateur at this too. Honestly, other than learning how to use MMD, it only took me two to three weeks working on this part-time to learn how to animate in MMD good enough to start creating presentable results. 


Usausa model by Japanese modeler Kanihira
Please do not post questions about how to do a specific animation here, but I will answer general questions on how to do something. If you need a tutorial on something, note me privately.

Example - original MMD animation: [link]
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The-Mew3-Townside is hosting a design contest for the ultimate Fakemon, the Mewthree. The premise is simple. From August 1st to the end of August 31st we're inviting both members and non-members alike to participate in designing their very own Mewthree. There are a few rules to follow in this contest:
1.) Unless it is literally a black and white character, the Mewthree must be in color.
2.) It can be any medium you like!
3.) Drawing/art skills do not count here. It's all about your creative design, not your skill.
4.) The design must be new. No copies, and no old designs that you made from the past and already posted.
5.) The last image you enter will be the only one that counts, but you can enter multiples.

Here is a couple tips to help you win (you can see pre-existing designs by doing a search for 'Mewthree' so you know what not to do):
1.) Avoid certain colors. Black and red mostly. It's very common.
2.) Don't be too simple, like just change the colors of a Mewtwo.
3.) Also don't be too complicated. If it's hard for even Vaporeon249 to replicate, that is not good design.

Here is what the entrants will win:
For the top 3 designers, Vaporeon249 will redraw them all in her style. For the rest, one of the following:
1st place: Two year Premium Membership or/4800 deviantArt Points or/$60.00 sent to Paypal
2nd Place: One year Premium Membership or/2000 deviantArt Points or/$30.00 sent to Paypal

And finally, here is how you enter:
1.) Be a deviant. Meaning, you must have a deviantArt account.
2.) Either Note the Admins or you can submit art directly to the Mew3 Design Contest folder.
3.) Nothing more. Spread the word!
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Other Information Journals:
- What is Pixel Art? (Pixel Art vs Oekaki Pixel)…

This Information Journal is a brief, short address to the subject stated in the title. Please make sure you make full use of the helpful journals and tutorials mentioned within the journal!

So we know what pixel art is. Great. But now how do you shade pixel art exactly? Can you just swipe your pencil tool over the image like you do with a brush tool in order to create shadows?


As we recall, real pixel art involves the careful and thoughtful placement of most, if not all, of the pixels in the image. So we need to know the correct way to add shadows and highlights to our pixel masterpieces, yes? Well here is one way to shade pixel art:


Dithering is when you pixel two or more colors in a pattern to give them a blended look. You can dither with any two colors and it will always turn out right if you do so properly. So, how do you dither? Take a look at this very basic and easy-to-understand tutorial by kitted on dithering basics:

DITHERING TUTORIAL - Basics by kitted

As you can see, the two colors are pixeled in a checkerboard-like pattern until they look evenly blended. This is a main distinction of dithering, and it is pretty easy to do. Also, you do not have to dither in straight lines either. As long as you keep the pattern consistent, you can curve your dithering to fit the object you are shading. Here a great tutorial by Sinister-Starfeesh on circular dithering:

Circular Dithering Tutorial by Sinister-Starfeesh

Here is a piece by ShoneGold that showcases different dithering styles:

Dithering Styles by ShoneGold

And here are some helpful tips from ToySkunk about regular and irregular dithering and the dangers of pillow shading:

Pixel Art Tips by ToySkunk

Pillow Shading

Beware of pillow shading! Pillow shading makes your pixel piece look flat and fake due to the center position of the light source. Many starting pixel artists use pillow shading without knowing it, and then wonder why their piece looks kind of... ew.
When adding shades and highlights to your pixel art, try to use a light source that shines from an angle or anywhere other than directly into the middle of the pixel. Doing this adds a touch of realism to your piece. Here are some handy pillow shading tips by nekkers :

Furc Port Tips: Pillow Shading by nekkers

And last but not least, here are a few other forms of pixel shading:

Manual Anti-Aliasing

Pixel Blending + Shading Tips by BluE3

Easy Shading

Easy Shading PixelArt Tutorial by LittleKai

And make sure to check out this helpful compilation journal by :iconprojecteducate:!

PE: Pixel Art TutorialsSo you have discovered the wonderful world of pixel art and want to create your own :la:  But you don't know where to start or what techniques you might need to learn.  This article will give you some tips and tutorials to help you on your way.  Some links in this article do go off-site, as a warning.
Do I need a special program?
No!  Something as simple as Microsoft Paint, Paint Shop Pro or the Gimp, all of which are free, are all you need to start with pixel art.  Well, that and a mouse/touchpad (and a computer ;)).  Photoshop can be used to pixel as well, but it is costly, so unless you plan to use Photoshop for a multitude of digital media, it isn't the best investment for pixel art.
Free downloads of MS Paint and Paint Shop Pro can be found here:
What are some useful Pixel techniques?
When it comes to shading, both dithering and anti-aliasing (often called AA-ing) are your best

If you find any other useful pixel art tutorials on dA, feel free to submit them to the group's Pixel Art Tutorials folder!
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Rats are very fascinating little creatures. They have small hands like humans, minus the thumbs. They are intelligent and social, and each rat has a unique personality. They can also easily stand on their hind legs, making them an easy transition to an anthropomorphic form for stories and art.

Unfortunately, though, they are damn difficult to draw, and there are precious few resources for those wishing to delve into their anatomical structure (certainly me included). So I will be collecting references, both photos and drawings, that I think might be helpful to someone looking to draw my charming friend Rattus norvegicus (and perhaps some of his closest family members). I will probably add to this from time to time as I find new resources, so please feel free to suggest things that you think might be useful!

Scans from "An Illustrated Dissection Guide to the Rat," by Allen Kurta
Lineart only, these are not gory
Rat Skeleton:…
Rat Muscles, Ventral View:…
Rat Muscles, Lateral View:…
Rat Muscles, Shoulder:…

Rat Musculature Sketches, from
Linked from tumblr, suggested by kaijae

Rat Skeletal Drawing
Suggested by kaijae…

3D Rat Anatomy Model
Unfortunately, the download model is expensive, but the sample images are still well worth a look
Suggested by kaijae and Duzloo…,

Rat X-ray GIF
Suggested by LannVouivre…

DA Artists with Rat Stock Photos for Reference
Suggestions by DawnFrost and myself
Her rat gallery is here:…
No dedicated rat section, just browse her gallery

Rat feet by phantompanther-stock
Reference - Rat Feet 01 by phantompanther-stock

Rat Drawing Guide by Deskleaves
Drawing rats by Deskleaves

Rat Tutorial by NezuPanda
Rat Tutorial by NezuPanda

Drawing Rats: Some pointers by Deskleaves
Drawing Rats: some pointers by Deskleaves

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WARNING: YOU MIGHT want to turn your Sound DOWN or OFF before watching any video, that is all .

Head Tutorial:

Click this   to go to main page to find the Tex version of this video .

Anime Head Tutorial:

Anime Hair Tutorial:

  Anime Eye Texture Tutorial:

More Anime Hair:

Zbrush Anime Sculpt:
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Poses by 50 points!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 23, 2013, 11:43 PM
At your request I did it.

All pose set by 50 points for each! Bigger size!

Pose study by Kate-FoXPose study1...girls.
Pose study2 by Kate-FoXPose study2...guys.
Pose study3 by Kate-FoXPose study3...girls.
Pose study4 by Kate-FoXPose study4...couples.
Pose study5 by Kate-FoXPose study5...girls.
Pose study6 by Kate-FoXPose study6...girls.
Pose study7 by Kate-FoXPose study7...mermaids.
Pose study8 by Kate-FoXPose study8...guys.
Pose study9 by Kate-FoXPose study9...girls.
Pose study10 by Kate-FoXPose study10...couples.
Pose study11 by Kate-FoXPose study11...children.
Pose study12 by Kate-FoXPose study12...girls with swords.
Pose study13 by Kate-FoXPose study13...girls.
Pose study14 by Kate-FoXPose study14... anorexic girls... again :)

Female set:

Female set by Kate-FoX

How to buy:

Thank you for your attention ^_____~

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Use HeadSmash!

Sat Dec 1, 2012, 3:15 PM
as everyone know I made the Head Smashing Base (also my very first base EVER)
And I have to say I did't really expect anyone to use it at all, but I was wrong! XD
So happy that there are some out there who liked it and and decided to use it!
means a lot to me!

Here is everyone I found who used it :D
:iconmnrart: :iconsoulenite: :icongabbythedragon: :iconkiytt: :iconapollo924: :iconsnowflake8591: :iconaacrell: :iconichikowindgryphon: :iconiamsketchcat: :iconar-ca9: :iconsapphireoctopus: :iconskipskid: :iconfourth-star: :iconcynderheart: :icondr-wolves: :iconhannahspangler: :iconhatenadjstar:

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New Pokemon Dungeon game on 3DS

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 15, 2012, 6:42 PM

Finally a good enough excuse to get a 3DS, I was gonna get it anyway for Pokemon BW2, so I can use my laser gun and shoot some Pokes in my room, however it seems like Pokemon massacre was the only thing fun and unique about getting a 3DS for BW2... Well problem solved! A new Pokemon game has just been announced for the 3DS, and its none other than the popular spinoff series POKEMON DUNGEON! This time the game has a long ass name, its called Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth, a total of 14 syllables! Lucky this is just a direct translation to the Japanese game, don't know if they will translate it to something simplier with the western release. The game in the trailer looks dope, with 3D character models instead of the sprite ones from previous games, it also features the Unova Pokes heavily meaning you will have a chance of using Oshawott, Snivvy and Tepig.. I will probably use Pikachu again, no matter how many resets it takes. Umm what else? Oh yes you can also use the AR (Augmented Reality) to scan around your room for round things, and if you find a round thing it will create a portal and warp you to another dimension or something crazy like that, thats right Nintendo has successfully created a portal device for the 3DS. Well done. So point your camera at your mug, point it at your balls or point it at your girlfriend's titties to experience some Doctor Who space and time bending travelling! Woah!

No release date for it yet, its gonna come out in Japan in Winter 2012 apparently, very vague.

You can watch the trailer below:

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I am amazing, I have and will continue to do great things, I am the right guy for the job, I am the right guy for her, I can do and be anything. Sounds arrogant doesn't it? But why should it? Why should someone limit how positively they see themselves? So that people don't think that you're a dick or so that you don't big yourself up to be something you're not? But what if you can be that something, what if you already are? People saying things like, "She/he/it is out of my league" implying you can't achieve a certain thing when someone else could, just makes my brain ache. Why can't you achieve something and even go further than what someone else has already achieved? It makes no sense to believe you're inferior to someone else in any way so long as you choose to attain their level of status in anything. Anyone can be with everyone, anyone can be anything, there are no limits as to how far you can go so long as you choose to actually go there. I think a little 'arrogance' from time to time can go along way. Don't be afraid to love yourself because we all deserve to big our selves up in something. Believing you're incapable will only make you incapable.That being said, it's also good to do some 'self wallowing' every now and then. Be aware of the positive and negative emotions and thoughts in anything. Experiencing the whole spectrum of simply living; happy, sad, serious, joking etc will only give you a much more open, stable, healthy and certain mind set. Just because you patted yourself on the back for something doesn't mean you're egotistic and taking time out to figure yourself out doesn't mean you're depressed. making sure you experience it all will help you live a positive balance and limitless opportunities.
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