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Song: Prodigy - Diesel Power (Dirtchamber remix)

Some basic stand-up grappling shit. I decided to do this after working on the How to spot a Trained Fighter thing.

- The single leg variation with your head on the opponent's midsection is nicknamed by Quinton "Rampage" Jackson as "The Lewinsky"

- Much of these moves are a little exaggerated for flashy effect but also to make it easier to see what is happening.

- A couple of pro wrestling moves shown here may be a little iffy in terms of effectiveness, but regardless, are quite dangerous if you're slamming some asshole into something like say...concrete.

- Now I'm not a fan of pro wrestling, but I will say this: Pro Wrestling may be staged for your entertainment, but it is not "fake." Those guys are physically trained to take all those slams and they'd better not fuck up. The real challenge they face is NOT injuring each other, and that takes skill.
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More animation/expression practice with Pearl. I decided to dig up my old Animator's Survival Kit book and read through a couple things again since I understand animation a lot better now (it's been a couple years since I got it) ;v; and I found a part I'd forgotten about - changing the middle frame to something more interesting than just a straight inbetween. I've been drawing these parts in as if they were keyframes (and they technically are) but the book suggests adding them after drawing up the MAIN keyframes, sort of like sub-keyframes?

If you're a little confused about the tip, an example from the book goes like so:
You have a transition from a happy to a sad face. The middle frame is drawn with a straight face, but let's say instead of drawing a straight face, you draw a different face as the middle frame, like a bigger smile, or an angle tilt of the head, or combined, ect.

So instead of drawing Pearl transition from a neutral face to an annoyed face with straight betweener frames, I decided to transition the two expressions by adding a middle frame of her eyelids closed, face angled downwards and lips in an O shape (for the 'oh') which makes the last contrasting expression 'ping' a lot more, if you know what I mean? ;v;
So my process was the first and last expressions were drawn first (the keyframes), then I added a middle keyframe of her 'middle' expression, then smoothed it all out with betweener frames and added lipsyncing (on a new layer) ^v^ animation is a lot of work but a lot of fun too, I love seeing my creations after I'm done <3

I should... really draw a different character now ;_; I'm caught in a Pearl death trap

Pearl from Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar.
Art/animation belongs to me.
Made with Adobe Flash CS3.
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Like i promised, more Animation Sheets from my archive. Its very old already (5 years), but i like to share it.
This is from an e-learning project i worked on.

Previews Posts:

I will post some more characters later on. stay tuned :w00t:
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So after seeing my partner playing the iOS game "Tiny Thief" (which is really cute and you should check it out) I got inspired to play around again with Sophie Houlden's Flash game platform maker:

It's just the bare bones basics of a single screen platformer, but just thought it'd be fun to throw something together.

After getting past the start screen you may have to click the screen one more time to get the character moving (not sure why at this stage). I'll hopefully find what the problem is soon and update.
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Had a quick idea for a young kids animation and knocked out a simple animated intro to test out the look of the series.

Based loosely on Moshi Monsters (Man, that series took off quite rapidly eh?)

Music is called: Dorothy's Magic Bag from Fina Fisken
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i recently purchased Phantasy star portable and had even MORE recntly beaten it.

I swear vivienne is the cutest CAST (an android) ever. unlike all the other casts who are racist against everyone and everything.

and because of how child-like she acrts i swear i an picture her doin g this.

so enjoy :#

vivienne copyright of sega and sonic team
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Hopefully it's not all glitchy, works fine on my computer, goin to see how it works here :dummy:

But anywaaaaaaaaaay, I totally wanna play that Limbo game, so I made something quick for it, it's kinda short, but it's my first platformer game thingy


Left/right arrows, A/D - moves her to the sides
Up/W - jumps
Down/S interacts with switches

Aaaaaaand Limbo belongs to Playdead

(Oh, and downloading it might not work well)
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11/1/12: Edit in Haunter, can't fix those white lines around squirtle -.-
I wanna do something for Halloween, so I did this, but a bit late, lol hope u guys like it. I dont know y theres white lines around squirtle, but ill try to fix it.

My other pokemon arts:

Fav/Comment/Watch, if you like it, thank you.
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Edit: Due to the populatiy of these tutorials (who would have guessed?) I've changed the original format of them to a nice, shinier model~! Hope you enjoy the new interface!

First deviation of 2012, yay! And, thankfully, the world hasn't exploded yet (THANKS Mayans), which is awesome. Anyway, I promised a whole lot of you to submit more tutorials, so there you go.

I made long bloomers before for my Sophie costume (Howl's Moving Castle) but I forgot to take progress pictures as I made them. So when I had the chance to make them again for Lillet (GrimGrimoire) I was happy to get enough photos to make a tutorial from it.

...I love bloomers...

Tutorial & Photographs Yiji 2011


None yet!
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I was watching this video here [link]

Then after watching it a second time, I thought "The ponies must do this too." Thus, the creation of the first in 6 flash videos which will have the main cast from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic dancing just like that.

There might be some slight errors, I'm hoping to fix those in the near future. It's a megabyte size so for those who have dialup might wanna wait a bit.

Pinkie version: [link]
Applejack version:[link]
Twilight version:[link]
Rarity version: [link]
Fluttershy version:[link]
Rainbow version: [link]
Berry punch: [link]
Derpy: [link]
DJ Pon3:[link]
Trixie: [link]
Cheerilee: [link]
Spike: [link]
Dr Whooves: [link]
Lyra: [link]
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