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yuna belt. This is the second one I've made. First one in the previous deviation sumitted. The first one was a little flimsy and it couldn't withstand a lot of weight. I wore it to sac anime for about 6 hrs I think and the belt threading began to break. All I had was my camera on it.

2nd yuna belt modifications: Used coat thread for extra strength and support (especially along the ring joints), added stabalizer for shape and form. Black satin interior. Velcro closer inside flap. able to store about 2-3 CDs. fits waist 32-36 in. 5 (6mm) sequen jewels for the flap decoration. exterior is made of home decore golden/tan suede (hard to find and fairly expensive depending on where and when you buy it ) I got it on sale at walmart (last 1-2 yards) so lucky me. I was able to find similiar suede fabric from joanns (not the same but very nice).

I've purchase a jewel buckle last year but have not attached it to the belt piece. I was considering making a 3rd one and using it on that occasion but I havn't decided yet.
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hama bead vulpix
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I make everything that we sell myself!

This adorable over sized hair bow is a cute addition to any Halloween outfit!

It is made from a sweet candy corn print, and has been interfaced to keep its shape. The hand embroidered candy corn in the center is sewn to a small clip, so it can be taken off the bow and worn on its own if you desire.

The bow also has a pretty chain of faux pearls dangling jauntily from one side. I designed this bow assuming it would be worn tilted, rather than square on top of the head.

The bow is about 7 inches across.
Professionally hand crafted using our own patterns.

Our designs are unique to our shop, and the quality is unparalleled! You won\'t find a better plush, anywhere!

More cuteness:

NO derivative works, in any format, medium or form of ANY part of my works. Click either copyright notice for details.

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What material did you use to make them?
~That material is called Clothing PVC available at!

How much fabric?
~Depends on your legs. Pretty much, fold the fabric in half over your leg, and cut about 2 inches away from the knee down.

How did you make the pattern?
~Okay, here goes.
-The fabric was wrapped around my leg and I pinched the two sides together.
-Then taking a piece of chalk, I traced from my ankle along the calf to the end, which is why the pattern curves.
-Then, I took the pattern and added the two boot straps, plus the top of the boot with the curvature, as well as about an inch of seam allowance in case you mess up.
-Cut out the pattern, folded it in half (the good side of the fabric on the inside) and sewed it on the sewing machine.
-Then turned it right-side-out, and there you go.
-The only bad part about these boot covers is that you have to put them on your leg first, and then put on the boot, and fold the covers over the boot itself. Then you button the strap. And actually, right now I'd recommend velcro!

NOTE: The silver outline was done with sharpie, though I would not use it again. Instead, go for fabric paint. The sharpie doesn't dry right and will stain the fabric if touching it. Not good.

So there you have it. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much for the favorites and comments you guys. Didn't think this would be that popular, and I'm just happy to help.


Thats right. I made them, a pair of organization boots! I love them so much. ^___^
Comments much appreciated!
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Beautiful large shawl made of soft yarn.
Shawl is delicate, feminine and very romantic.
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I'm so excited to share the photo of the narwhal pillow sample I've received from ArtofWhere (Canada) They're really nice to send me this sample for free ^^

See more kawaii pillows designed by me here:

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Hand made, hand dyed silk hydrangea! :heart: I folded each petal individual to make each flower and then arrange into this design.

for a special bride.… <--etsy photos (finished transaction)


About Kanzashi:
Tsumami Kanzashi is traditionally a Japanese artisan craft. I follow traditional techniques with a modern twist-- but like all kanzashi, the flowers begin as single squares of white silk. I fold them into petal shapes, dye them, arrange as flowers, and attach to a hair finding. (In this case, a comb and a clip).

You can see more of my artwork in my gallery.
Some more hydrangea:  Kanzashi Headband: Ajisai. by hanatsukuri Blue and purple hydrangea tsumami kanzashi by hanatsukuri

Thank you for looking~ and for all the favorites. :heart: wow, you guys are awesome! And thanks to :iconunicornreality: again for the feature.
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Custom painted Sneakers with a panda theme inspired by one of my posters


WANT YOUR OWN? GO here [link]

Daily Updates @ Facebook

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EDIT: Doing a second run of these since the first round sold out, please use the above store link to get in on the preorder and reserve yours! The new ones will ship at the end of this month.

Extremely grateful that people like these so much! :)

Foo bandanas are here. Pre-orders for this will ship this coming week! They came out REALLY COOL.
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Whipped this up for someone today! They wanted a "skinned" style hood. I don't get it but I hope they like it :)

This hoodie has some cool features:
  • Custom Over-sized Hood Unique hood shape, with a bulky "chibi" look

  • Painted "Face" Fabric Paint detailed eyes and cheeks.

  • Free-Standing Tail Squishy comfortable tail feathers stand erect on their own

  • Custom sleeves Oversized "wings" for sleeves with an escape hatch under a feather to let you use your hands easilly as well!

If you like this you may also like:

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