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MMD Usausa by Trackdancer

So as it turned out someone wrote the following message to me:

nah, i gave up on it ages ago... its not only hard but also frustrating and depressing... approx. 1 month for 1 min motion duration = got burned-out before i'd even finish it... so i raise up my hands in the air and just retire... don't have any spare time to make it. still have life and work to do after all... ahahaha...

Now this is not the first time I've seen something like this written and so I felt it would be a nice idea to write down the method that I use to do my animation work.

First off, to save you alot of time, this is not a tutorial on computer animation. There are plenty of excellent tutorials around on this topic all over the Internet. Rather this article gives you a method; specifically mine; on how to approach the process of producing animation. So if you're looking for a "How to" guide, this is not it.

Before anything else, let me categorically state that computer animation is hard work. Although the computer takes away a lot of the drudge work, it still is hard. However, it is extremely rewarding and actually a lot of fun PROVIDED THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

And this is where I think a lot of MMDers come to grief when it comes to trying to make their own animations. MMD is actually an extremely powerful tool and makes a lot of things very easy to do. Especially since there are plenty of models and motion data to work with. Literally, you could be an absolute idiot and provided that you're willing to invest a little time to learn the basics of the program, you can have your model of Miku dancing to a favorite tune in no time.


If you want to animate in MMD, you need to know at least the basics theories of animation. If you don't understand how animation works, you'll just be setting yourself up for disappointment when trying to use MMD to create your own motion data. On the otherhand, if you understand how it works, you'll appreciate how great the program is for creating this type of work.

So ...

STEP 1: Learn to animate

You don't have to goto animation school to learn how to do this. There are plenty of excellent animation tutorials on You Tube (for example) that teaches the basics of animation, traditional or with computers. Spend some quality time with these material. You will not regret it.

STEP 2: Learn how to use MMD

This may be an obvious statement, but I'm still putting this out there as it is important. Just like when you learn how to draw in art school, you need to learn the nuances of how to use, for example, how to use a pencil, to do animation in MMD you need to understand all the tools available to you in MMD. Honestly, MMD just gives you what you need with no thrills, so it's an excellent computer animation package for a complete beginner and still a useful tool for someone with more experience.

STEP 3: Don't climb mountains before ...

If you're new to animation, don't start out by trying to animate an entire dance sequence. You'll just be setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. Just as you have to learn to walk before you run, learn by beginning to animate, well a "walk" for starters. You'll be amazed at how much you'll learn by doing simple things to begin with.

STEP 4: Have a plan

When you're ready to seriously develop an animation sequence, for goodness sakes, have a plan. Once again, this may seem to be an obvious step but you'll be amazed at how much difference having a plan makes. In case you're wondering what this is, it is a clear picture in your mind of what it is exactly that you're setting out to do. Write this down on paper if you have to. Better still, create a story board.

STEP 5: Have a methodology

There is a method to this madness and I will outline what it is. This is what I've learnt from professional animators so they must know what they're talking about so here it is:

[A] Have a very clear vision, at least in your mind, of what it is you're trying to animate. If you're going to animate a walk, you need to know exactly what the body is doing to take a simple step. Get hold of whatever references you need and do the motion yourself so that you can see exactly what motions are involved with your eyes closed.

[B] When you're ready to program the animation, make sure you're in the mindset to do some real work and in an environment where you will not be disturbed when you're in production. This means no music, noise, noisy siblings, barking dogs, etc. You need to be TOTALLY FOCUSED or you're not going to be able to accomplish much. When you're tired or run into a roadblock, STOP. Take a break and comeback to it later on. Just save your work so that you can comeback to it later on and continue. Don't try to force it, it just won't work.

[C] Block out your motion. What this means is to identify and create the key poses in your animation sequence. These are not hard to recognise. These are the positions your character will be in at either the begining of, or at the end of an individual motion. So for example, to animate a character waving, start with the arm position at rest, the arm raised to wave and then returning to rest. If you learn to block, it makes things really easy.

[D] Go back in and fill in the details. So in the wave example, this is where you'll actually animate the wave. Play it back and fix any obvious flaws. Keep at it until you can see something you're happy with BEFORE going to the next segment in your animation. If you're tired, save your work and comeback to it later. Don't try to force yourself to do this, for us it's a hobby not work.

[E] Look at your work again later. See if anything can be improved, made more lifelike, etc. This is the step where you make your animation shine and the most rewarding part of the production process. Take your time, you're not working to a deadline.

When it's all done; finally; make a movie with your motion data and watch it and if you've gotten to this step, congradulations!

It's not impossible to make custom animations in MMD even for an absolute beginner. IT WILL TAKE TIME TO LEARN and IT IS HARD WORK. I'm not going to try to disguise these facts from you, but IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT TO PERSEVERE.


(1) MMD 7.39. Don't bother with earlier versions. This version has much better tools overall.
(2) MOGG Project MMM (Miku Miku Moving). This is a good alternative for making animation with MMD models. It is not as good as MMD for the final rendering but in some ways it is vastly superior to MMD for preparing VMD files.
(3) MOGG Project Face ad Lips. This is a great tool - almost an absolute must - if you want to build accurate lip sync animations. Very easy to learn and it's extremely powerful.
(4) Pen and paper. This should be obvious. Make notes, sketch things out. It's a wonder what stick men can do in trying to resolve a pose.
(5) References, lots of them. There are literally thousands, if not millions of images of people in all sorts of poses which can be easily referenced from the Internet.
(6) Your body - yes your body. Assuming that you're not a paraplegic (and sorry if you are), this is one of your most useful references. Doing the motion yourself can help you understand all the nuances of a pose or motion.
(7) A mirror - yep a plain simple mirror so you can see your good ugly self. Especially useful if you're doing lip syncs.
(8) Your brain ... use it.

I hope this helps. Cheers.

PS. I'm a rank amateur at this too. Honestly, other than learning how to use MMD, it only took me two to three weeks working on this part-time to learn how to animate in MMD good enough to start creating presentable results. 


Usausa model by Japanese modeler Kanihira
Please do not post questions about how to do a specific animation here, but I will answer general questions on how to do something. If you need a tutorial on something, note me privately.

Example - original MMD animation: [link]
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The-Mew3-Townside is hosting a design contest for the ultimate Fakemon, the Mewthree. The premise is simple. From August 1st to the end of August 31st we're inviting both members and non-members alike to participate in designing their very own Mewthree. There are a few rules to follow in this contest:
1.) Unless it is literally a black and white character, the Mewthree must be in color.
2.) It can be any medium you like!
3.) Drawing/art skills do not count here. It's all about your creative design, not your skill.
4.) The design must be new. No copies, and no old designs that you made from the past and already posted.
5.) The last image you enter will be the only one that counts, but you can enter multiples.

Here is a couple tips to help you win (you can see pre-existing designs by doing a search for 'Mewthree' so you know what not to do):
1.) Avoid certain colors. Black and red mostly. It's very common.
2.) Don't be too simple, like just change the colors of a Mewtwo.
3.) Also don't be too complicated. If it's hard for even Vaporeon249 to replicate, that is not good design.

Here is what the entrants will win:
For the top 3 designers, Vaporeon249 will redraw them all in her style. For the rest, one of the following:
1st place: Two year Premium Membership or/4800 deviantArt Points or/$60.00 sent to Paypal
2nd Place: One year Premium Membership or/2000 deviantArt Points or/$30.00 sent to Paypal

And finally, here is how you enter:
1.) Be a deviant. Meaning, you must have a deviantArt account.
2.) Either Note the Admins or you can submit art directly to the Mew3 Design Contest folder.
3.) Nothing more. Spread the word!
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WARNING: YOU MIGHT want to turn your Sound DOWN or OFF before watching any video, that is all .

Head Tutorial:

Click this   to go to main page to find the Tex version of this video .

Anime Head Tutorial:

Anime Hair Tutorial:

  Anime Eye Texture Tutorial:

More Anime Hair:

Zbrush Anime Sculpt:
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These are the entries for our Green Cat Cabaret Stock Photo Character Contest! 

Visit this Journal entry for complete contest details. And be sure to check out the description text for all the entries below to learn about each character's role at The Green Cat Cabaret.


Katt Nipperson by ARCrebs

Katt Nipperson
Regular Patron - Confidence Cat and Illicit 'Nip Dealer

by ARCrebs

Nori Theron 2 by ARCrebs

Nori Theron 4 by ARCrebs  ~  Nori Theron by ARCrebs  ~  Nori Theron 3 by ARCrebs

Nori Theron
Regular Patron - Bounty Hunter
by ARCrebs

The Insurgent 4 by ARCrebs

The Insurgent by ARCrebs  ~  The Insurgent 2 by ARCrebs  ~  The Insurgent 3 by ARCrebs

The Insurgent
Performer - Spatial-Kinetic Magician
by ARCrebs

Kitty, aka Karen #1 by ebenbrooks

Kitty, aka Karen #2 by ebenbrooks  ~  Kitty, aka Karen #3 by ebenbrooks

Kitty (aka Karen Lexus)
Regular Patron and Performer (Superhero)

The Green Cat Cabaret - Pikzi 4 by HiddenYume-stock  ~  The Green Cat Caberet - Pikzi 5 by HiddenYume-stock
The Green Cat Caberet: Pikzi 1 by HiddenYume-stock  ~  The Green Cat Cabaret - Pikzi 2 by HiddenYume-stock  ~  The Green Cat Cabaret - Pikzi 3 by HiddenYume-stock

Pikzipheliopia Magnificarileen (affectionately Pikzi)
Staff - Cocktail Waitress and Bartender

Possessed Patient Preview 02 by Null-Entity  ~  Possessed Patient Preview 01 by Null-Entity  ~  Possessed Patient Preview 03 by Null-Entity

Jebediah Raymond Williams (Staff)
Live-in Drinks Taster

The Ornithologist by magikstock

The Ornithologist 4 by magikstock  ~  The Ornithologist 3 by magikstock  ~  The Ornithologist 2 by magikstock

Luscinia Corvas
Regular Patron (Ornithologist)

Bridger Mehmood (9) by anyman82  ~  Bridger Mehmood (2) by anyman82  ~  Bridger Mehmood (4) by anyman82

Dr. Bridger Alexander Mehmood
Regular Patron (Trophy Hunter)

Jane Benton Stock 1 by Cassy-Blue  ~  
Jane Benton Stock 2 by Cassy-Blue  ~  Jane Benton Stock 20 by Cassy-Blue

Jane Benton Stock 3 by Cassy-Blue  ~  Jane Benton Stock 4 by Cassy-Blue  ~  Jane Benton Stock 6 by Cassy-Blue

Jane Benton

Regular Patron (Collector of Living Jewels)

by Cassy-Blue

Aleksander Kolodejchuk (TGC Contest) by Soratheartist

Aleksander Kolodejchuk (Staff)

Deputy Chief of Security

Green Cat stock photo contest - Sil 3 by FreyaSheara  ~ Green Cat stock photo contest - Sil 5 by FreyaSheara
Green Cat stock photo contest - Sil 2 by FreyaSheara  ~ Green Cat stock photo contest - Sil 1 by FreyaSheara  ~ Green Cat stock photo contest - Sil 4 by FreyaSheara

Sil Roxn

Regular Patron (Sword-For-Hire)

Rico Kamariya by deionscribe

Rico Kamariya

Regular Patron (Wordweaver)

Sissy 1 by kirilee  ~  Sissy 26 by kirilee  ~  Sissy 35 by kirilee

Sissy Sullovan

Regular Patron (Con Artist)

Red 1940's-1 by Dark-Nights-Phantom  ~  Red 1940's-2 by Dark-Nights-Phantom  ~  Red 1940's-3 by Dark-Nights-Phantom

Evelyn Jones

Regular Patron
by Dark-Nights-Phantom

Ragnarok Morkson stock 1 by TheDragonSensi  ~ Ragnarok Morkson stock 2 by TheDragonSensi  ~ Ragnarok Morkson stock 3 by TheDragonSensi

Ragnarök Mørkson (Staff)

Bouncer / Security

Robin G. Fuchs (Contest Entry 1) by Varjohaltia

Robin G. Fuchs

Regular Patron (Traveler)

Darach McLain (3) by anyman82  ~ Darach McLain (1) by anyman82  ~ Darach McLain (8) by anyman82

Darach McLain (Staff)

Temporo-Spatial Engineer "Portal Wrangler"

Who will be next!?


Jade's Stock Usage Boilerplate

The rule of thumb with my stock is: (Almost) No Rules. Do whatever non-commercial thing you want with them. Use them for pose references. Create astounding composite images. Tweak the saturation by 1% and call it art (perhaps it is). Print them out and use them for target practice or make origami stoats. If you are inspired to DO something, then I am happy. You do not have to credit me or show me what you do with them, but (as any sane person would) I would love to see what you create.

If you can somehow use them to help you make a little dough that's great, just contact me so we can work something out.

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Remember a few weeks back when I asked if anyone wanted to join me in a Minecraft survival PVP game? Well, I recorded some of my gameplay with everyone and made a simple video. It's been uploaded to the Fresh Epic's youtube channel and you can watch it right here:

I've been wanting to try and set up a Minecraft series of videos with other Fresh Epic members like Dayvi and Humon, but setting it all up has proved to be a little more complicated and time consuming than I thought... so I just started recording my own experiences. I'm not very good at PVP, but I enjoyed making the video and hope to make more.

If you've got some suggestions on what either I or other Fresh Epics artists could do/play in Minecraft or whatever, leave them below. Also, thumb up and like the video if you enjoyed it.
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Yogscast Tekkit Series
  • Reading: tumblr
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Minecraft: Tekkit
  • Eating: Jaffa Cakes
  • Drinking: English Breakfast Tea
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Comrades, I cannot tell you how glad I am that the entire cast of the Green Cat Cabaret was involved in judging this contest, because it was TOUGH. All the entries were fantastic. The votes have been tabulated, though, so without further ado, the winning entries...


Darach McLain (3) by anyman82  ~ Darach McLain (1) by anyman82  ~ Darach McLain (8) by anyman82

Darach McLain (Staff)

Temporo-Spatial Engineer "Portal Wrangler"

The Ornithologist by magikstock  ~  The Ornithologist 3 by magikstock  ~  The Ornithologist 2 by magikstock

Luscinia Corvas
Regular Patron (Ornithologist)


Robin G. Fuchs (Contest Entry 1) by Varjohaltia

Robin G. Fuchs

Regular Patron (Traveler)

Ragnarok Morkson stock 1 by TheDragonSensi  ~ Ragnarok Morkson stock 2 by TheDragonSensi  ~ Ragnarok Morkson stock 3 by TheDragonSensi

Ragnarök Mørkson (Staff)

Bouncer / Security


The Triptych of Space Scoundrels by ARCrebs

Katt Nipperson by ARCrebs
Katt Nipperson
Regular Patron
Confidence Cat and Illicit 'Nip Dealer

Nori Theron 3 by ARCrebs
Nori Theron
Regular Patron
Bounty Hunter

The Insurgent 3 by ARCrebs
The Insurgent
Spatial-Kinetic Magician

Congratulations to all the winners! And a big thanks to all the great artists who entered our contest. It's no exaggeration that this was one of the coolest contests that we have ever hosted! Every entry was fantastic.

Now, for all you artists who like to use stock images in your creations... stay tuned for the next contest!

More soon.

Hey, Comrades!

We've reached the deadline for entries and all the submissions are in; now it's on to judging. If you've seen the entries you know that this is one of the hardest contests to judge that we've ever hosted. That's why I've enlisted the ENTIRE CAST of The Green Cat Cabaret to help judge this contest. There are a bunch of them and they are from all over the multiverse, so it'll take a couple days; but as soon as the results are in we'll announce them here. 

Follow this link to see all the Contest Entries.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. You all created an incredible line-up of characters. No matter how the judging goes, we would be proud for all of you to join us at The Green Cat. 

More soon.


The mission of this contest is to create an original model stock photo (portrait or full body) the portrays either a performer, regular guest, or staff member of The Green Cat Cabaret. The fun part is that, in light of the strange extra-dimensional qualities of The Green Cat, your character can be almost anyone or anything from anywhere or anywhen!

The only additional requirement is that each entry must be accompanied by the "character's" name, role, and a little background.


1) You may enter as many UNIQUE CHARACTERS as you like. Each entry should consist of an image of the character, the character's name, the character's role at The Green Cat (performer, regular patron, staff), and background info about the character (the level of detail is up to you, but the judges like a little detail). You may post more than one image of the character if you like, but that will not affect the judging.

2) Each entry should be in the form of a model stock photo (portrait or full body); i.e. the photo needs to be posted to one of the Stock Images / Model /... galleries. The additional required information should be in the image description.  Here's a sample:

Green Cat Stock Photo Contest - SAMPLE by jademacalla
(sample entry)

3) Judging will be based on the creativity of the stock photo and also the creativity of the background information. 

3) DEADLINE: 02 MARCH 2014 - 23:59 PST


First Place Prize Pack
- The addition of your character into the official Green Cat canon
- 3-month Premium Membership to deviantART
- Exclusive set of 25 of my unpublished stock images
- A Green Cat Cabaret postcard signed by some of the cast
- A feature in my journal

Second Place Prize Pack
- The addition of your character into The Green Cat canon
- Exclusive set of 12 of my unpublished stock images
- A Green Cat Cabaret postcard signed by some of the cast
- A feature in my journal

There will be one 1st Prize and one 2nd Prize for every 8 artists who enter this contest! For example, if we receive entries from 40 different artists there will be five (5) 1st Prize winners and five (5) 2nd Prize winners. So spread the word and encourage your comrades to submit something - that will increase everyone's chance of winning something.

(Note: The number of entries that each individual artist submits does not impact this, just the number of individual artists who enter.)

Good luck to you all, can't wait to see what you come up with. The basic project info is below, in case you want a little more background The Cat. You can learn even more about The Green Cat Cabaret here: . Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

* = = = = = = = = *

About The Green Cat Cabaret

The Green Cat Cabaret exists at the crossroads of many realities. Our unique relationship to Time, Space, and the twin realms of Dream and Story allows us to welcome guests, and feature acts, from a multitude of diverse and fantastic worlds. The Green Cat does not actually move through time and space, but it can open DOORWAYS to almost anywhere or anywhen. Our performers and guests come from across the worlds; the Star Wars universe, the Forgotten Realms, the past, present, and future of Terra (aka Earth), the Grid, the Matrix, Faerie, the lands of the Gods, and (literally) any place else one can imagine. 

Because our performers can hail from nearly anywhere, the Green Cat is renowned for the extraordinary acts that have appeared on our stage; prophetic fire dancers from Venus, aerialists from a Terra where magick drove out technology, playfully naughty faeries from the court of Queen Mab, and the list goes on.

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Ranger Activity: At The Library Contest

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 10, 2013, 2:39 PM

superhero weekly feature theme

Contest ended.

Time for another contest, everyone!

You know, Vic has played some really fantastic characters who have many fantastic things happen to them.  I imagine it must get pretty tiresome, no matter how much fun we have watching them.  Sometimes, you need to take a break, and what better way than to curl up in the corner with a good book?

Well, it's time to make it happen.


:iconhitantenshi:- RR - At the Library Contest Entry by HitanTenshi

:iconnaoguiarts:- Believing in fairy tales by naoguiarts

:iconmydevilsblues:- Rest for the wicked. by MyDevilsBlues

:iconyellowstones:- Ed and Al researching by YellowStones



:iconkainrin:- Commoner's Library by KainRin

:iconyugi-dan-yami:- Fullmetal Secret comic book - in a library by Yugi-Dan-Yami

:icontrinitykarose:- A Different Way To Relax by TrinityKarose

:iconequigoyle:- At the Library Contest Entry by equigoyle

:iconmanga-lover1196:- Research? by manga-lover1196

:iconsokkastyle:- At the Library by sokkastyle

:iconraccoon97:- Nagato at the Library- Manga Section by Raccoon97

:iconwinryi-chan:- Dark Mousy Reading in the Moonlight by Winryi-chan

:star: :star: :bulletred: Contest Info: :star: :star:
Draw or Cosplay any Vic character you like at the library (or bookstore) reading a book or browsing the aisles.  You could also just have them sitting at home reading if that works better.  You can have them read a favorite book of yours or just one you think they would enjoy.  Maybe Ed could read 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho, or Dark could read some Arsene Lupin stories.  Anything you'd like.

:bulletred: When it comes to Art, this is a two category Contest.
-Digital: Art drawn either completely on the computer or colored and re-done on the computer.
-Traditional: Art drawn with pencils and completely non-digital means. Can be non-colored or colored traditionally, pencils, ect.

:bulletred: You can submit 1 Entry per category!

:bulletred: Rules ART:
:bulletred: Must be fitting to the Theme.
:bulletred: No tracing or copying of official art.
:bulletred: No yaoi or yuri.
:bulletred: No hentai.
:bulletred: Must be drawn after Contest opens.

:bulletred: Rules COSPLAY:
:bulletred: Must be fitting to the Theme.
:bulletred: No photo manipulation. (Aside from red-eye adjustment.)
:bulletred: No yaoi or yuri. (Referring to the character Cosplayed.)
:bulletred: No hentai.
:bulletred: Picture must be taken after Contest opens.

:bulletred: Deadline:
July 5th

:bulletred: How will we pick who wins?
Contest decided by member vote.

:bulletred: Prizes:
If anyone would like to offer a Donation Prize let us know!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place Digital: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconaichibiai: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place Traditional: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconkristinaelyse: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place Cosplay: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconxanthyus: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place Photographer: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconshinken-silver-14: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

Good luck, everyone!

layout designed by rockinrobin
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Hello my friends!  For a limited time only, if you purchase my ebook( my art book) for only $9.99, I'll give you the entire collection of my concept art and illustration technique videos for FREE!

That's over five hours of video lessons, showing you the techniques I use daily to create my images. The downloads also include the final art, reference material, and photoshop brushes!

You can't beat this deal:)  

If you're interested, visit my blog: mindovermachinebook.blogspot.c… and at the top right, click 'Buy it' or click the 'Mind Over Machine: The Art of Alex Ruiz EBook' image. You can pay safely through paypal or use a credit card.

The ebook can be downloaded immediately and looks great on any PC or Mac, iPad and iPhone!

Once you've downloaded the ebook, forward me your receipt from to so I can send you the link to your FREE massive concept art video lesson collection and you'll be on your way to creating your own fantastic digital pieces!

Thanks, and keep creating!
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DA Ranger Contest Winners of 2013

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 2, 2014, 12:05 AM

superhero weekly feature theme
We welcome the New Year and 2014!  So, from now on every year, (So long as we remember to! :giggle: ) we'll be featuring the contest Winners of the last year!!  We'd like to congratulate all who entered in all the contests last year and our Winners and Prize Artists!!  We hope you will all enjoy the new contests coming and hope you enjoyed those we've had!

For now, let's look at all the wonderful Winners of 2013!!

:star: Contest Winners of 2013:
Alchemists Clash by padfootlet :thumb344258463: Kougaiji - DA Ranger Kougaiji month by InkRoze Even a heart of gold can break by TheInnerFanGirl Lucca in Moonlight. by ArcticFox223
The Beginning of the End by HapaAve Anime Otaku Contest Enty Grell Meets FMAB by Artsy-Dannie :thumb345977847: Are You Talking To Me? by little-star14 Cow Juice by stormthief19
094: Last Hope by Meriko-chan Prince Baka- the world is just my toy :D by Ocean-Spirits Prince Baka by kmtvm123 :thumb346507702: Overflowing Memories by wingedlight
Contest Spirit albarn by Beg-i Soul Eater-- Don't kill me by MehSehnaRound Star Trek Continues by hope30789 Something So Delicate by little-star14 .: Tamaki in the cherry blossoms :. by ASinglePetal
:thumb366685890: Ouran- The First Day of SpringThe front door burst open.  It was an incredibly sudden thing.  Haruhi hadn't been expecting any visitors tonight, and Tamaki was supposed to be in class until 8:30.  She had been content to spend a quiet night in, taking notes from one of her legal textbooks.  Maybe she'd go pick up some ramen for dinner; tonight, she was in the mood for chicken.  Other than that, she didn't expect much of anything to happen.  Then she heard the banging of the door, sending her to her feet and her notebook and papers scattering to the floor.  She looked around for something to defend herself with, in case the person now running into the room was a burglar or worse.  Then, she heard a voice.
And she was no longer worried.
Tamaki was a flash of yellow and blue.  He ran into the room and grabbed her into a hug before she could speak.  His arms wrapped tightly around her waist constricted her breathing, and it didn't
.::Spring Contest::.:icongewalgon-divider1::icongewalgon-divider2::icongewalgon-divider3::icongewalgon-divider4::icongewalgon-divider5:
If I were to leave, would you follow me home?
If I were to die would your heart too?
If you were to cry, you would not be alone…
I don't think I could last a day without you…
I brushed my lips against your icy cheek
Remembering the peppermint snow tangle in your hair…
I remember the cold days all wrapped up in a sheet…
But the season has hid and told me not to peek…
Spring is much like you, my dear
The season goes by too fast…
But I remember your smile, soft and sweet
I wish that day could last…
And last…
The seasons will change, but my dreams will not
For every night I wake in fear…
That if I let my heart get caught
My memories of you will fade, will break, and will tear
Though the past is long gone, much like winter, and you
I'll keep the good memories near…
I will cherish the blossoms and clear blue skies too,
And I wont let you see my tears…
Though these poems I write
Keldeo and Dash Decked Out by CDee23 Keldeo mlp style by hope30789
:thumb365374611: That Prince's Reaching Hand by Merilisle To My Princess by DarkSarcasm1 Meeting Mr. Chaplin (FMA fanfiction) by I-AM-JoshuaYong Thanking of her by Joileanna
Kitty Greece by Amy-Oh Greece by AbsoluteBaroque Greek Therapy“Look, I’m a big cat. Don’t you want to scratch my belly?”
“You need to seek professional help.”
Of course, Japan reflected, pulling up to the conference building in a compact Toyota, when he had said that he hadn’t meant for Greece to come to him.
He’d just picked up his cell an hour ago, and out of the blue-
“Hey Japan.”
“I want some therapy. Could you meet me at the conference place in awhile?”
“Thanks.” *click*
“Eh? Wait! Greece-san?!”
Surely the man could get counseling from one of his own people. Preferably a doctor who had actual credentials to be a therapist. Sure Japan was calm, collected, and organized but that didn’t qualify him to be a therapist of all things! Most of his life he completely secluded himself from the rest of the world, if anything he should be the one asking for therapy. And w
Good Morning (Contest Entry)The blades of sunlight
pierce through my closed eyes,
bleeding me awake;
My warm, thick blanket
of sleep and night it
so rudely doth take.
Morning tells me that
Day is yet to come...
That is even worse.
To endure hours
upon hours of
nonsense is its curse.
I wish instead to cover myself back
up in precious night,
to sleep, and perhaps,
to dream of the truth
that is truly right.
And yet, as I pull
the sheets above my head—
oh, the warmth beneath—
Morning yanks me
out of my bed with
its sharp, relentless teeth.
DA Rangers: MILOS CONTEST ENTRY by fmayang Train Battle by equigoyle Obito Uchiha by KainRin Obito by Gold-Cadet You And Me Together Could Do Anything by BloodKaika
RR - At the Library Contest Entry by HitanTenshi At the Library Contest Entry by equigoyle Fullmetal Alchemist Legacy by manu-chann REDNESS ear cuff by 77Flower77 I'll Never Let Go, Jack! by TheDragonSensi
Kurz Weber by Lichike Fai kimono by Lostdreamz82 Neon Night by inksack-otter Fai by Isabella-Eis Congrats Vic and Michele by hope30789
Vic and Michele ~ Wedding by DimentionDragon Reluctant Heroes by kazutera Attack on Titan by TaintedDNA BloodBlood
How I crave it without want
She offers it so willingly
But how can I say yes?
And yet
How can I say no?
I do not want this life
I hate for her to suffer
Do I partake from her neck?
As she offers it to me?
I cannot
I will not
But I do it once again
It’s the last time I swear
I can’t keep doing this to her
I just want her to smile
To feel her hand open my cheek
So soft
Her skin, her smile, even her heart
She is too kind
Too giving
So easily taken advantage of
She gives so much to me
But I could never ask her for what I truly want
She could never love me
Not in that way
Not in the way that she loves him
That monster
She would do anything for him
Give anything for him
Even change
But I can’t allow that
I would never allow that
Not in that way
I won’t watch her suffer the way that I have
Not for him
Not for anyone
Only four years I have known her
But I care for her greatly
This she must never know
I cannot tell her
For I am a monster
In human disg
Missing the Darkness: Song Entry
:bulletblack: * Missing the Darkness: Song Contest Entry * :bulletblack:
Darkness. Shadow. Lies.
Evil or Valiant. Good or not?
Death shall have us now.
Two in one, two in one.
Shadow. . . Shadow . . . Shadow!

Do you recall when we were together?
Can you remember the day that I was born?
Do you pretend to have forgotten forever? Or do you hide away from fear alone?
Do you miss me, like I miss you?
Do you cling to the memories as I do?
Do you feel the feelings and see the skies, that should have belonged to you and me?
Do you feel the passion and miss the pain?
Are you crippled by what might've been?
Can you see your life flash before your eyes?
Can you forget the love and despise the times?
Can you remember the moment when your heart first fell?
Can you remember my name? Can you remember it well?
Do you miss me, like I miss you?
Do you cling to the memories as I do?
Do you feel the feelings and see the skies, that should have belonged to you and me?
Are you diligen

You Can't Save Them All by TheDragonSensi Hyacinth by Hes1028 :thumb401122241: Yukito Kunisaki by ParanormalArtist A Fullmetal Heart by RedAugen
Don't Forget by Isabella-Eis Never forget by periwinklehipo Applause (FMA Spoilers)Glossy metal scraps were strewn across the table in a way that would seem, to an ordinary person, irregular and jumbled. Winry Rockbell, however, knew the order in which the pieces lay by heart. Most of them had been labeled, just in case, but this was just a quick upgrade.
The automail had been stripped of several vital components, but it was still obviously a leg. The unlucky owner of the limb, Edward, was in the living room. They hadn’t been able to find a working prosthetic for him to borrow, and Pinako was currently visiting Hohenheim’s grave, so he was confined to the couch with only a blanket, an old book or two and a sandwich to keep him from growing bored.
There was the distinct sound of a book snapping shut. “Are you done with it yet?” Ed’s irritated voice drifted in.
Winry turned to the door to yell a short rebuttal—“No! Stop bothering me!”—before turning back to her work. Same old Ed. He was probably still mad about her
Don't Forget
Don’t Forget
Coward. Fool. Selfish. Dog.
All of these describe me, but why do they?
I wonder
I wish
I cry
I know
I know why they describe me.
But I do not want to know
Child. Helpless. Desperate. Naive.
These words also describe me.
Because I am but a child.
A child selfish and naïve
foolish and desperate
nothing but a helpless dog
Chained to the faceless figure of Fate,
of Truth,
of the State,
of myself?
I want to be innocent
But innocent does not define me
Not anymore.
Because I am no longer
without blame
without remorse
without sin
That is why
I must not forget
Why I can never turn back
Why I can never return
Why I must always move forward.
I made a promise
there is nothing I won’t give
And I will not ever
to see
your smiling face again
I really thought I was gonna die... (MM 1/3) by oreo-otaku15
autumn/fall leaves by suzukoyan Handsome Winged Knight by DragonBallZFanGirl17 If Edward Were a Host... by JessTalksAlot Tezuka Town vs. The ZombiesOn October 31st in the town of Tezuka Town, Halloween was in full swing.
Orange and black streamers hung from every door post and streetlamp.  Jack 'o Lanterns with perfect rendering of demonic faces etched into them.  Considering the very eclectic population of Tezuka Town, what constituted as 'demon' tended to vary depending on where you went.  Grotesque Shinigamis adorned the pumpkins outside Light Yagami's apartment building (put there by Misa as Light didn't really care for holidays), a stark contrast to the adorable 'moe' smiles the ones Kyoraku next door had put up.  That most of them resembled a more cheerful version of one Nanao Ise didn't escape anyone, least of all the woman herself.  The few she hadn't 'accidentally' kicked in were arranged in a weird sort of greeting for the people coming to his big Halloween party, one of several going on all over the greater part of Tezuka town.  
This story focuses on a party due northeast, at the famous Te
Loved Ones Rain: FMA
:bulletred: :bulletyellow: Fullmetal Alchemist: Loved Ones Rain :bulletred: :bulletyellow:
It was late autumn and the world was drenched in the vibrant colors of fall. Sparse patches of original green foliage could be seen dotted between an amazing mixture of orange and yellow, covering the world in a patchwork of beauty. And to top off the feeling of the summer's last hurrah, an even-tempered November rain had begun to fall upon the small hamlet of Resembool.
As yet another day drew to its close, everyone who called Amestris their home, made their way to the warmth of their dwellings, and the comfort of their families. It was a holiday after all, and no one was keen on missing out on the fabled meats and trimmings that were sure to come once they had shed off their coats and boots for the night. And as dusk settled in, it appeared to all, that the outside world had been utterly abandoned.
This would have been true, if it wasn't for one young man who silently made his way throug

Zero by xnekomancer Beast In Human Form by RavenBlood1011 Level E Brothers by animenerd22 Welcome Baby Brother by DragonBallZFanGirl17 Elric Brothers by XionCloudHeaven
Zero and Ichiru Kiryu by Yasuwolfie Don't Cry, Yuui by Medli45 Frozen Angel by BloodKaika Those who falter, and those who fall by RedAugen Two Hearts by Isabella-Eis
Child of misfortune by Tohma2004 TRC: Cold Spells by IndependantArtist TRC - Wizards in Winter by WanderingDragon379 :thumb418482720: FMA - Comfort and Joy by UniverseDreams

:star: AMV Contest Winners of 2013:
:icondarksarcasm1: -…

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Artist Walkthrough

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 6:53 AM

This walkthrough focuses on:
- guiding you as an artist and improving your artistic skills

So having said that... let's get started!

I have been drawing for a long time. Since I was little I would draw all the time on anything I could find. That passion for drawing and art has always stayed with me. But the problem is talent or potential will only get you so far. If you really want to become a great artist you will have to put in many hours of work. And you would preferably have someone there to guide you. Even now I am learning about basic skills I wish I had learned years ago. That is the problem of being self taught... you have to figure everything out yourself. Of course there are benefits to that too. Self taught artists are generally very motivated and passionate people. I have only come to the point where I am now just because I am passionate and slightly obsessed with drawing. But I want to know more, learn more and improve more. So that is why I am setting up this little drawing walkthrough.
I have recently talked to several professional artists and it really has me fired up to learn even more faster.

I'll start with the most important tips that I have learned from the PRO's.

#1 - If you LOVE drawing never quit. Just keep at it! You'll get there but building up skills takes time. So don't despair. We all started somewhere.

#2 - Master the basics!!!!
This will make your drawing life so much easier.

#3 - Don't be afraid and just do it. If it doesn't work out that's okay. It's all part of the process. Learn from your mistakes and try again.

#4 - Don't stick to one thing or style (like anime). Learn from real life. Try out everything. Every style and medium. Make backgrounds, characters, objects etc. See what suits YOU and create your own style.

I have learned a lot from other artist, books and tutorials.
I wanted to share a great site set up by the former concept artist Xia Taptara. See his deviant account here: :iconxiaman:
The art classes!

Here are some very wise and helpful words from Xia Taptara to get you started.

The basics from the pros/masters:

What pencil is the best to draw and sketch

How to hold a pencil for drawing

5 ways to avoid smearing when drawing

Sketchbook tips

Tips from concept artist SUMEET SURVE (God I love this guy his art :worship:)

Okay before we go any further let me give you another tip. If you like certain tutorials or video's save them on your hard drive because there is always a chance that they will no longer be there in the future.

The following are some of my favourite tutorials I have collected from all around the Internet. I hope this will help you in your quest of becoming a better artist.

General drawing advice:
4 tips to get your idea into concept art

Tutorial: Shading and Blending by Cataclysm-X Tutorial: Basic drawing tips by Red-Priest-Usada relationships and neg. space by Marker-Guru Global Lighting Tutorial by Angelus-Tenebrae

My two favourite composition tutorials by amazing artists.


Philip Straub's composition tutorial

The Secret to Composition by Lulie

Perspective + Composition Pt.1 by fox-orian Perspective + Composition Pt.2 by fox-orian Freehand Perspective Drawing Tutorial by AdamMasterman Perspective Pill that wont Kill pt2 by syo-senpai Perspective Pill that wont Kill pt4 by syo-senpai Manga BG Tutorial by verticalfish Perspective Tutorial by Angelus-Tenebrae

Color Theory
The Dimensions of Color - by David Briggs --> Found this lovely link at :iconlulie: Check out her helpful journals as well
Color Theory Crash Course by pronouncedyou Quick and Dirty Color Theory by DarlingMionette Unified Color Palette Tutorial by Cpresti Light and Color Tutorial by Cpresti

Before continuing remember that anatomy is different when drawing from real life and drawing cartoon or anime. It's best to learn 'real' proportions and anatomy first before you go on and learn about cartoon/manga/anime anatomy. Having knowledge and understanding of real anatomy makes it easier for you to use in different forms like manga.

Drawing tutorials on humans and the other living beings:

Draw people/bodies/poses:

A list of helpful tutorials on bodies

Tutorial- Pose and Body by Fyuvix Foreshortening from Reference by SenshiStock Pose Collection 001 by what-i-do-is-secret  Pose tutorial by shingworks Big Guide to Drawing the Body by Majnouna Express guide: Figure drawing by Majnouna  Guide to Movement1:Flexibility by Majnouna UNDERSTANDING ANATOMY: part I by FOERVRAENGD IFX - Strike A Pose by WarrenLouw TUTO: introduction to drawing by Noiry Ladies Tutorial by shingworks Fellas Tutorial by shingworks Female Anatomy Patterns by Snigom -Anatomy Tutorial- by odduckoasis Proportions Guide by FOERVRAENGD 12 realistic woman body shape chart by NinaSquirrelly Gesture and Curvature Tutorial by Jeff-H

Body parts:
Hands and arms:
Drawing Hands by Majnouna Tutorial : Drawing Hands by Zue Hand tutorial by shingworks Arms and Hands Tutorial by Snigom Tutorial- Proportionate Arms by Fyuvix

Feet and legs:
Drawing Feet by Majnouna Art Tips - The Foot by ArandaDill Foot tutorial by shingworks +TUTORIAL-Feet drawing guide+ by goku-no-baka :thumb288343894:

Draw Faces:

List of tutorials on how to draw faces

Face Drawing Tutorial by hel999 Face Patterns Tutorial by Snigom Face Proportions: PROFILE VIEW by FOERVRAENGD head_proportions_tutorial. by Lady2 Face Tutorial by shingworks face tutorial by Phobs + Tutorial - Drawing heads + by goku-no-baka  Resources: Head-Neck 1 by deeJuusan Tues 4: Head in Perspective by genekelly MANGA to REALISTIC: PART ONE by FOERVRAENGD Character Aging Sheet by deeJuusan

Tutorial: Detailed Hair part 1 by Cataclysm-X The Rynnay-way: Ears + Eyes by Rynnay Semi-realistic + anime Eye Tutorial and References by Qinni -Eye Tutorial- by ChiyoNemuri Everything Concerning Lips by Mytherea Tutorial: how to draw noses by Cataclysm-X Nose Tutorial by MasterSS nose and lips - sketch tut by Griffinfly TUTORIAL - EARS by Kaoyux Expressions- Mouth + Jaw by JenPenJen

Tutorial: How to draw hair by Cataclysm-X Tutorial - How To Draw Hair 1 by DarlingMionette TUTORIAL: Drawing Hair by Red-Priest-Usada Tutorial: Detailed Hair part 2 by Cataclysm-X Hair Tutorial - Second Edition by OneFreeInternet Tutorial: Hair by kitten-chan hair-eyes tutorial by viria13

Emotions and Facial Expression by Majnouna Expression tutorial by shingworks Basic Expression Tutorial by Jeff-H Lackadaisy Expressions by tracyjb

Tutorial - Clothing + Folds 1 by DarlingMionette Tutorial - Clothing + Folds 2 by DarlingMionette Clothing Folds Tutorial by solfieri


Tree tutorial by griffsnuff tree tutorial part 3 by calisto-lynn Scarypet's 'ROCK'ing tutorial+ by scarypet tutorial:BACKGROUND-eng.ver by E-park Freehand Perspective Drawing Tutorial by AdamMasterman Drawing Cities 2 - Academic Perspective by fox-orian How to draw isometric mountains by torstan fantasy map - step by step city icon by Djekspek Fantasy map - Step by step tutorial - Canyon by Djekspek Fantasy Map Tutorial - Castle Symbol by Djekspek

People and places I recommend you go see:

:iconartistshospital: :icondrawing-tutorials: :iconmangaacademy: :iconpose-emporium: :iconreference-library: :iconsenshistock: :icondaposes: :iconanimal-anatomy: :iconfoervraengd: -->check out her awesome art & tutorials

Thanks for reading. :iconthankyousignplz:
Be sure to :+fav: if you like this article and want to share it with others by getting it more exposure.

If you have any tutorials or ideas how to improve this article please leave a comment.

My other walkthroughs:
Coloring tutorial
Photomanipulation walkthrough

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