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200 g of rice flour
200 ml of hot water
100 ml water
2 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
70g sugar
1 tbsp corn starch

1.) Mix the rice flour and water together.
2.) Knead till dough is as tough as your earlobe.
3.) Fill a pan with water and heat up.
4.) Rip off bite sized pieces of the dough and steam them for 25 minutes
5.) Throw the balls into a bowl and mush together with a wetted wooden spoon.
6.) Knead the dough
7.) Roll out dough into a long stick shape.
8.) With a wetted knife, cut bite sized pieces off.
9.) roll the pieces into balls.
10.) wet skewers and apply an even amount of  dumplings to each.
11.) pour sauce over dumplings and enjoy.

1.) Mix all the ingredients in a sauce pan.
2.) Simmer till thickened.
3.) Pour over dangos.
yum, ever wanted some mitarashi dangos?

Well now you can make them!

follow the instructions above and enjoy the most popular dango in Japan!

Best part is, since the dumplings really don't have a taste, they can be dippe in things other than the mitarshi sauce! like:
melted chocolate
anything you're willing to try!
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The excited yell of Amy Rose echoed through the air, and could probably be heard from all over the world. It was just as was suspected. Amy bounded out of nowhere and latched herself onto an unsuspecting Sonic the Hedgehog, who went from laidback to extremely angry in the space of a second.

“GET OFF OF ME!” he screamed in anger, without thinking. Yet again, Sonic was famed for his stupidity.

Amy let go of him, her eyes welling up with tears, “B-but Sonic…”

“WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?” he shouted loudly, his eyes almost popping out of his eye sockets. Nobody, not even himself, cared about how out-of-character he appeared to be, “DO US ALL A FAVOUR! CURL UP AND DIE!”

At that, Sonic the Jerk ran off, leaving Amy to collapse on the pavement and cry to herself. Typically, the weather decided to rain, and Amy sobbed harder and harder. Her dress was getting dirty. It was strange; whenever Sonic had turned her down before she had always jumped to her feet and tried again until she had him. However, she just sat there and cried.

“Hey, Amy Rose.”

Shadow the Hedgehog leant down on the floor, holding out his hand to her with a soft smile on his face. His heart thumped loudly. Normally Shadow didn't act so nice to anyone, so it was certainly a surprise to Amy. He brought her close to him, hugging her softly.

“Don’t worry, Sonic’s just a jerk that doesn't deserve you,” he whispered, stroking her quills, and kissing her forehead. Amy blinked in confusion; Shadow didn't know Sonic was the one that had hurt her feelings. She shrugged; it didn't matter, not really. Shadow was such a nice guy even if he was generally cold…

“I love you Shadow,” she whispered back. She was certain she had broken a record; she had fallen in love with someone in the space of a second right after having her heart broken by the hedgehog she had loved since she was a child of eight.

Shadow kissed her cheek, finally able to admit his feelings to her now that Sonic was out of the way, “I love you too Amy.”

From that moment on, Shadow the Hedgehog and Amy Rose became instant boyfriend and girlfriend.


Sonic the Hedgehog kicked the sand in frustration; Amy was so irritating. After three whole days, he still hadn't steamed off about her obsessed fan girl attitude towards him. Though he did feel some level of guilt deep down, he didn't want to admit it.

He randomly sighed, before something caught his attention.

Amy and Shadow.

No, his eyes were not deceiving him; Amy and Shadow. Walking together, arm in arm, giving each other mushy glances every three seconds.

Rage filled Sonic; how dare Shadow steal his girlfriend? Well… Amy wasn't his girlfriend yet but maybe if he showed the pink hedgehog who Shadow really was then maybe she would be head over heels for him again, which would give his ego a real boost knowing that he was better than Shadow. So he sat and thought of a plan to split Amy and Shadow up, regardless of how much of a jerk he was acting like.

Eventually, it hit him. He would have to kill Shadow the Hedgehog. It was the only way to win Amy back.

So he did what jerks that picked a fight did best; he marched straight up to Shadow and Amy, with his fists clenched, “HEY FAKER!”

Turning around, the black hedgehog glared at the sight of him, “You have a lot of nerve showing your face, jerk.”

I have a lot of nerve? You’re stealing my girlfriend!” the sapphire hedgehog roared at him.

“She was never your girlfriend to begin with!” Shadow yelled back, his fists clenched just as tightly as Sonic’s.

“DIE!” Sonic lunged at Shadow, fists beginning to fly, “I’ll teach you to steal Amy from me!”

“STOP IT!” Amy screamed, her eyes alight with rage. She glared at Sonic fiercely, her eyes wide with anger, “I was never yours in the first place, jerk! I love Shadow now, and if you can’t accept it, then get lost!”

Sonic’s eyes welled up with tears. Amy hated him. Even killing Shadow would not help; it would make things worse. Sobbing, he pulled a sharp knife out of nowhere.

“If that’s what you want Amy…” Sonic whispered in a low voice, “But I just want you to know that I did love you… if you choose Shadow though… I just… I can’t live without you.”

And at that, he pointed the knife’s blade towards himself and buried it within his chest. Collapsing to the floor, screaming in agony, Sonic the Hedgehog bled to death.

A few weeks after that occurrence Sonic was buried outside Tails’ workshop, for Tails was the only person who still had respect for his best friend. About four or five months after that, Amy married Shadow. They had twin boys together named Rush and Dash, and lived happily ever after.

And as for Sonic? People started hating him because he interfered with Shadow and Amy being together. So everyone except Sonic lived happily ever after, not that Sonic lived at all.
A ShadAmy parody. Because I am sick of all the cliche fanfiction where Sonic is OOCed into a complete jerk and Shadow is OOCed into a nice guy.

Do you know a lot of people actually HATE Sonic as a character now because of these fanfictions? It sickens me, because Sonic is not the least bit like that. It makes me wonder if the ShadAmy n00bs (not saying all are n00bs, there are some nice fans out there) hate Sonic simply because he's in the pairing SonAmy which "interferes" with ShadAmy. It honestly sickens me.

Though I admit I don't like ShadAmy anymore, I am not bashing the couple. Please note that this is a parody, meaning it just pokes fun at the cliché ShadAmy fanfiction. If you cannot poke a little fun at all these stereotypical fanfiction or at yourself, then either get a sense of humour or don’t read.
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Xephos, Honeydew and Knight Peculiar were walking through the desert, longing for a breath of moist air. They trudged on, the sun beating down onto them, the desert was dry and felt as if it sucked moisture with every step the three took.

As they continued, light started to slowly fade, this startled Knight Peculiar, him being focused on navigating himself and the chosen two through the desert.
"We should stop here today, and rest up for more journeying through this accursed desert." said Knight Peculiar.
Xephos and Honeydew moaned back in submission, seeming that the two were also tired, but much more than Peculiar himself. Because Peculiar noticed this, he alone started to build a simple, small but suitable shelter for themselves for that night out of cobblestone and some wood. He also set up some beds, yet as the two stumbled in with a miniscule amount of energy left, noticing the beds they collapsed onto them, immediately falling into a sleep.

"Heh, though you two are heroes fabled to rid this land of Israphel and save my Daisy, you can't handle the heat of the desert. Understandable, you're not from these parts." Peculiar said, talking to himself while looking at the heroes, smirking at their lack of endurance of desert areas. But, saying that, he himself was tired and needed rest, as Peculiar's vision started to blacken, he laid himself upon the bed, the feeling of it was one he had not felt since the beginning of the three's journey.


The next morning, Xephos and Honeydew were up by the time Peculiar rose. Peculiar only rose from the sounds of chopping and the smashing of cobble around him, disturbing and breaking his sleep.

" Oh Notch! Why didn't you wake me up earlier?!" Peculiar shouted to both of the boys over the noise of their tools.
"Oh, we though you needed more rest... You know, because you're..." Xephos started saying, being careful trying not to offend Peculiar, who was their most trusted ally.
"Old" Peculiar said, the sound of tools fading as the two had finished removing the building, he said this in a spiteful tone, although he was happy that Xephos (at least) tried to not offend him.

Both Xephos and Honeydew stared at each other, knowing that they might have just given themselves the problem of an angry Peculiar, they knew how fierce he was in battle and hoped that they would never have to see the side he always tried to cover up within himself.

Peculiar sighed, "Don't worry. I know I'm old. And I also know that making haste through these types of conditions isn't really easy for either of you. So, Honeydew, if you care make us a canopy to shade us, we can leave after lunch. I want to tell you two a tale…"


"Though I don't even remember this tale well, it is something which may interest you both…as well as motivate you both to make haste." Peculiar started, "This tale was told to me by my uncle. A tale about these very sands, and why no one should stay here too long." "Once centuries ago, a young man by the name of Luke and a woman of a similar age, maybe younger named Lucidia and others wanted to venture past the Great Wall, the one which splits normal land from the desert of Cursed Sands. This group one day got their wish as a few bricks were gone, showing an opening which builders hadn't spotted yet, instead of telling the truth to the others, including the adults and elders in their village, they lied and said they were going camping in the forest." Peculiar gasped a breath, his throat drying and his voice becoming more horse, "When they went through the wall, they were gone for 7 days, a week. When they came back something was not right about the leader of the group, Luke. His pupils had become red and his attitude had worsened, he becoming more violent was cast out by his village when he swore his revenge."

"Obviously this is a myth or an urban legend?" Honeydew asked Peculiar, whom was no quite out of breath from talking over a long period of time.

" Probably, but as I said I don't remember it well and it may be over exaggerated or missing parts. But the moral is 'Don't spend a huge amount of time within the sands or you may come back a different person'"

No one seemed to notice how intent on listening Xephos was during this tale, he was one for tactical decisions, whereas Honeydew was headstrong and a quick thinker. If you think about it, they were opposite in the mind, making them easy friends.

"But KP, surely it's a lie and not true. Otherwise we should've just went through the nether. It'd be much safer there than on Cursed Sand?" Xephos asked, his eyes beaming with the want of knowledge about the desert they were in.

" I don't know, but..." Peculiar said, "You don't fully believe it Do you ?" Honeydew joined in while Peculiar was saying this, making them say this in sync. Both shocked about how seemingly gullible their friend was in believing in other's words.

"Errrr…." He mumbled, blushing slightly from embarrassment. "But anyway…" Xephos continued, attempting to change the subject, "How long have we been in this desert?" he asked a tint of worry in his voice.

"I don't know Hero… I would say this is the 4th day and therefore 5th night." Peculiar answered.


That night, after a once again wasteful and seemingly pointless, since they didn't get even in the slightest sight of the Great Wall, while everyone was asleep. The shadow of Xephos crept out of the makeshift house, the other two making mumbles or moving, unaware of what just happened.
Next Chapter: [link]

Oh Hai Der!

Yes, I like to watch the Yogscast and got bored out of my mind I decided to do a fanfic based on a few pictures I've seen...

([link] , it's an awesome picture XD)

I did draw the preview... I did try because I've already done 3 chapters. They will be up shortly. Most of you probably won't care for this but meh.

I <3 gaming :P

Picture (c) Me
Story (c) Me
Characters (c) The Yogscast
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I awake in the night;
I can no longer sleep.
I don't see myself in mirrors;
I see somebody else.
I am alone.
I am dead.
The red stripes on white flesh
Keep me somewhat Sane.
I stare at the ceiling;
It is as cold and dead as I am.
The pain burns within;
as my life slowly fades away.
A poem using the metaphors of vampires.
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"She's STILL on the phone? What the hell can you possibly talk about for so damn long" Vegeta had asked Trunks. Bulma had been on the phone with Chi Chi for a good two hours. They were constantly calling each other all the time and he could never understand how they never got tired of talking to one another. Really you can only talk with the same person for so long, at least that's how Vegeta saw it. 'It must be a woman thing, but then again Kakarott is the same way…' Vegeta dismissed what he was thinking of all together and started to look for something to eat.

"I don't know dad but since this is mom and Goten's mom, it doesn't really surprise me anymore. It must be a girl thing" Trunks said while following his father into the kitchen. To their surprise, Bulma had finished her conversation with Chi Chi already 'Wow. I think that's the shortest conversation she's ever had' thought Vegeta. He began to get worried though, she was walking toward the two saiyans with the widest grin on her face. Vegeta had learned that whenever she looked that way, he would end up paying for something one way or another.

"Hey guys guess what!" Bulma had chirped cheerfully

"No" both Vegeta had Trunks said in unison causing them both to laugh.

"Like father like son I see. Anyway, doesn't matter if you guess because I'm going to tell you anyway! Goku and his family are coming over in two hours! We're gonna have a little BBQ."

"Yay! Goten's coming over! Cool mom!"

"What in the hell woman! They were just here last week! I don't want to deal with them again. I can only take Kakarott in small doses" Vegeta now clearly annoyed.

"Don't care, they are our FRIENDS and they can come over whenever they want. Plus, you and Goku can just go spar like you always do. Then when you're done, you come and eat. Everyone's happy."

"Hmph. Whatever."
                                   2 Hours later

The Son family arrives at Capsule Corps. Goten went to play with Trunks in his room, Chi Chi was BBQing with Bulma and Goku invited himself to the Gravity Room where he knew Vegeta would be. "Hey Vegeta! You ready for some sparing" Goku asked the older saiyan. "Of course, come on I've waited to kick your ass long enough!" Both the pure blood saiyans were now going head to head in an intense spar. They both however couldn't use too much power because they didn't want to break the GR room again. Bulma was not happy at all when they broke it the last time and threatened to not re build Vegeta's toy the next time it happened.

One hour later both warriors emerged from the gravity room very beaten up and hungry. Vegeta looking a bit worst then Goku which ticked him off to no end.

"That was great Vegeta I had a lot of fun! You're almost as good as me" exclaimed Goku with that Goku grin of his.

"What is THAT suppose to mean you clown?!"

"That you're almost as strong as me. Don't worry, you'll get there soon enough bud!" Goku gave Vegeta a pat on the back before running toward the food. A moment later he was inhaling everything in sight.

'He thinks he's better than me?! Oh we'll see about THAT Kakarott' Vegeta devilishly smirked and sauntered over to Bulma. He then began whispering something in her ear, the next thing you know she's pissed off like you wouldn't believe.

"GOKU HOW DARE YOU" she screeched now punching him on the chest. She knew this wouldn't hurt him at all but she was too angry to think of anything else to hurt him with. Goku didn't know what to do, he was scared and confused. An angry Bulma was NEVER good so he did the most logical thing to do. Run. But Bulma just chased him down and yelled some inappropriate things out.

"Vegeta told me what you did you ASS I can't believe you did it!"

"What did I do?! VEGETA what did you say?!"

"Oh nothing, just how you promised to let the Old Kai Kiss her. And how you promised him Bulma because, and I quote 'But Chi Chi isn't nearly as PRETTY as Bulma is see, it's a compliment' " Vegeta had raised his voice high enough so Chi Chi would hopefully hear him and it worked. The look on Chi Chi's face was priceless. She began beating on Goku too. 'Why just have one woman angry at you when you can have TWO' he was loving how well this worked out.

"IM YOUR WIFE DAMN IT. I'M SUPPOSE TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN  IN THE WORLD TO YOU!" With both Chi Chi's and Bulma's strength combined, they managed to get him on the ground and through a few more punches at him.

"And that Kakarott, proves that I am better then you." With that Vegeta grabbed his plate of food and took it inside the house. 'My work here is done.'
Here's my second story , I hope its not too bad :blushes: . I would love to hear what you all think :)

Favourites: 20
Views: 104

All in 2 days! thank you everyone :blush:
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Thirteen chairs
Black coats are worn
This is where Number XIV was born

Alone and silent
Things could be worse
Number XIII noticed her first

Salty yet sweet
First one she had
She realized they weren't all that bad

Warm summer sunsets
Three friends together
Xion knew it couldn't last forever

Not real at all
Look at his leer
XIV starts to realize her fear

Reprogrammed by I
Now on the clock tower
Xion uses all of XIII's power

A fall, defeat
Salt tears run
No more days underneath the sun

Roxas, not ready!
Fight Xemnas never.
Even though he'll forget forever

Dark storm clouds
Raindrop kisses
We all know who Xion misses
A very emotional moment for me, here. I came across the idea for this last night, and HAD to write it down. I modified it abit, but i'm not completely satisfied with the result. However, I love the last verse....paragraph thing.

This is my pathetic attempt to poetry. I can't can't CAN'T do it!! >O GAAAH. Well, i'd love to hear what you think. I'm really tired right now but...yeah..sorry if i'm not making sense.

I really tried to see things from her point of view, because I think her's is alittle deeper...not saying anything against Roxas. :3 i love that lil guy. -fansquee- :la:

Please, if you fave, tell me why. I'd like to hear it. Thanks for reading, and goodnight

This poem © Eoteflickr, please don't use as your own. I will KILL you, kay? :D
Xion, Roxas, everyone mentioned © Squeenix, Disney
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I'm So Lonely

Pairing: FrUK

Warning: Foul language

  Arthur Kirkland was lonely. Maybe he was lonely because he hasn't been in a committed
relationship in over five years. Maybe he was lonely because no one liked him. Maybe he
was lonely because he was miserable.

  But, to him, it didn't matter. It didn't matter what people thought about him anymore.
It didn't matter what he did anymore. It didn't matter what he did or what he said.

  To him, loneliness was a gift. Loneliness granted him acceptance of betrayal, seeing as he
was used to it. Loneliness allowed him to have quick shags without having to deal with his

  And even in his beat up, low-quality apartment, loneliness is what kept him sane. Among
all the piles of torn and filthy clothes and the piles of CD's and the stacks of record
tracks, he found comfort. The comfort of his privacy. The comfort of his Fender guitar that
he occasionally, if not constantly, played on or strummed or scarred with the scratches of
his rings.

  And almost every other night when he would stand on that platform in front of that not-so-big,
and sometimes large, crowd, he would scream into the mic that was presented before him with the
stress of loneliness and the insanity that was locked in him that he could let out. The sweat,
and the smell, as well as the adrenaline, would wash away his poisoned thoughts.

  But once he finished his last song, he would take his guitar strap off his shoulder and storm
off the stage, leaving the crowd cheering. And each time he ran into an unwanted fan or some
business associate, he would look at them with a condescending scowl and sometimes a sneer.

  Once he escaped all of the unneeded attention, to the band's dressing room, he would fish out
his cigarettes and pluck the last one out before lighting it with a flame from his almost-empty
lighter. And he would stand there, leaning against the farthest wall, smoking in silence with
hatred in his mind and in his eyes, his rings dotting his fingers, his red leather jacket with
pins and studs decorating it over his shoulders and arms.
September 18th, 2006

  And that one time of this routine, once his last cigarette burned to it's last burn, he
dropped it onto the stained carpet before smashing it down with his foot, staining the carpet

  "I would advise against that.", he heard after he finished grinding his foot hastily into
the bud, snapping his piercing emerald eyes up to the stranger who had welcomed himself into
the band's dressing room.

  "And why is that?", Arthur had hissed back in annoyance, slitting his eyes at the stranger
who had shoulder-length light blonde hair that shone almost too proudly. The stranger's aqua
eyes had been staring at Arthur's face, studying the piercings dotting his skin.

  "Why ruin your pretty face like that?", the stranger had asked in a solemn tone as he walked
past the door frame, into the cluttered room. Arthur crossed his arms, and leaned heavily against
the wall, "Why don't you leave me the fuck alone?" The impatient and easily-annoyed Brit
ran his tongue over his bottom lip, feeling his snake bites, the cold metal tasting like rust.

  He heard chuckling come from the blue-eyed stranger as he approached Arthur, stepping over a
pile of punk-looking clothes. "Because I came here to see you. Now why would I leave so soon?", he
purred, his eyes fixed on Arthur's, Arthur knowing very well that look of stubbornness in them.

  "So you just want a bloody autograph or something? I don't do that, sorry.", he hissed
the last word sarcastically, baring his teeth at him. A grin spread over the man's lips, revealing
white teeth. Arthur furrowed his eyebrows at it.

  The stranger took a step forward, now a bit too close to Arthur, for Arthur's taste. "Non, I
do not want an 'autograph'.", he said with his heavy accent, Arthur taking note that he was
clearly not from around here.

  "Then what do you want? If you just want to talk, I'm not fucking interested. Now leave me alone.",
Arthur snapped impatiently, glaring at him crossly. "Maybe this is why no one likes you, oui?", he had
replied with a smirk. Arthur went tense, his thick eyebrows smoothing out before he furrowed them again.

  "I don't know what you're talking about, prick.", Arthur retorted, averting his eyes. He jumped once
he felt fingertips touch his eyebrow ring, returning his eyes to the stranger's.

  "Obviously, you are putting on this so called 'punk' act because you are lonely..", the man
murmured as he touched his eyebrow ring softly. Arthur raised his hand to slap his fingers away.
"Who the fuck are you anyways? Who do you think I am?", Arthur snarled, pushing off the wall to
seem threatening.

  "Francis.", the stranger spoke, ignoring his attempt of scaring him off. Arthur dropped his scowl,
his lips relaxing into a frown, "What?"

  "You asked who I was. I'm Francis. And you are Arthur.", the stranger, now not so stranger,
replied calmly as he watched Arthur with his distant, and slightly wise looking eyes. Arthur
furrowed his eyebrows, standing before the man called 'Francis' with a feeling of unease forming
and sitting in the pit of his stomach.

  "So what? So what if your name is Francis? I don't care. You got to meet me, and being the
unpleasant person I am, you're probably disappointed. Now you can leave.", Arthur grew nervous,
fearing he might see through his attempt of shutting everyone out.

"And I will repeat myself; now why would I leave so soon?", Francis replied.

Six months later, Arthur had left the band.

  Six months later, he cleaned out his apartment and threw out all of his CD's (except for a few
Frank Sinatra's and Beatle's he had received from his mother before she passed away) as well as all
of his torn and trashy clothes. And within a few weeks he had filled his wardrobe with 'normal'
clothing: sweaters, slacks, skinny jeans (he kept his favorite pair when he threw out the rest),
vests, dress shirts, and the sort.

  And within only a month, he had moved into Francis' Victorian house after making a few adjustments
regarding his privacy and space.
March 21st, 2009

  Arthur paced into the walk-in closet in their bedroom, to the small desk that had a few
drawers in the corner. He reached out to curl his fingers around the nob of the drawer before
he slid it out, revealing the cluttered interior. He reached in to push aside all of the
photographs and old movie tickets to get to the small case he kept in the corner.

  He lifted it out of the drawer and placed it on the bare top of the desk before he opened
it with slight anticipation. He smiled at it's contents, before he lifted his fingertips
to brush them down the outside of his old rings that he had worn years back, when he first
met Francis.

  He studied them with adoring eyes before he slid his favorite one out of it's place, staring
at it's details in silence. He grinned once he slipped it onto his pinky (it's slightly too
large now), studying the carved-in skull and the cross.

  "Hmm..that's too bad. It doesn't fit anymore.", he heard Francis speak up behind him, Arthur
glancing back to see Francis looking over his shoulder. Arthur returned his eyes to the ring
on his pinky, "Yes, but maybe it's a good thing it doesn't."

"And why is that?", Francis asked. Arthur smiled lightly.

  "Because it means that I left that phase behind.", he answered as he turned to face Francis,
sliding his ring off and reached behind him to place it on the desk. Francis smiled, "It's good
to hear acceptance coming from you."

  Arthur grinned, revealing his teeth, before he reached up to cup Francis' cheeks and press
his lips to the Frenchman's softly.
  End of I'm So Lonely
Songs I listened to:

Lithium: [link]


Second Part: [link]
----------------- I can say this is the first time I used parenthesis in any of my fics.

Haha not much to say about this I guess. The idea came to me when I was listening to Nirvana..


Oui - Yes

Non - No

(lol we all should know those by now, right?)

Thank you all for reading/favoriting/viewing! :iconsoaparthurplz:
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Don't wanna be an Equestrian Idiot
Don't wanna be a nation under Celestia
and can you hear the sounds of tyrania
fear the iron-fisted Equestria

welcome to a new kind of submission
all across the ponyfied nation
where everything is definitely not okay
if we want the sun to rise tomorrow
Celestia demands that we follow
we dare not argue

Well maybe I'm the Lunar Equestria
I'm not a part of a tyrannical agenda
Now everypony start the revolution
and get ready for moon deportation

welcome to a new kind of submission
all across the ponyfied nation
where everything is definitely not okay
if we want the sun to rise tomorrow
Celestia demands that we follow
we dare not argue

Don't wanna be an Equestrian Idiot
Don't wanna be a nation under Celestia
and can you hear the sounds of tyrania
the iron-fisted Equestria

welcome to a new kind of submission
all across the ponyfied nation
where everything is definitely not okay
if we want the sun to rise tomorrow
Celestia demands that we follow
we dare not argue
Equestrian Idiot
A political satire of the Equestrian Head of state
based off of the tune American Idiot, By: Greenday which happens to be my favorite band

I'm getting sent to the moon aren't I?
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I can't remember it anymore.
Something important to me.

The river of memories clotted,
Memories connected together -
If any should leak out of his protective sleep,
What havoc would it cause? Would it injure anyone's heart?
Would it confuse anyone?
Make her cry?


A crushing sadness for a heart I do not have -
My heart that's missing still feels like it's breaking.
I only want to stay together,
With the two of you, who mean so much to me.
You want me to return back with you,
To everyone else in Organization XIII.
They search for your hearts, not knowing where they are exactly
But only knowing fully this overwhelming sense of yearning, longing,
To find them and be whole.

But I look out into the distance, past the crashing waves along the shore,
Towards the setting sun on the horizon of a bleeding sky.
I hear a boy's name and speak of it from my lips, and when I close my eyes I see
A girl with a face like mine, with eyes like mine, with hair the same as mine.
Who am I? I want so desperately to know who I am, where I truly belong in the world.
The point, the meaning to my life that feels like just started not too long ago.
At the same time, I don't want to disappear; I don't want to fade away
In this search to find out the origin of my existence.
This existence that feels empty at times still has value to me.

I was scared, that on my own I would eventually have
To leave behind all those fun times we spent sitting on top of the clock tower,
Talking about trivial things that didn't matter, eating salty sweet ice cream bars,
Those times when we joked and laughed,
Making me think we could always be together, forever...

But not anymore.

I am deeply sorry, but I can't go home.
I'm not going back there to that fortress, to where everyone else is.
You don't see yet, you don't know anything, you don't understand -
There's this other promise I have made
To someone who I know is out there, someone who needs me desperately.
I know enough that this empty feeling in my chest is killing me,
Tearing me apart, separating me from you even though it's the one thing
I've never wanted to have happen between us.
That place I must go to -
That place isn't where you want me to be,
But I just can't go with you,
I just can't...

You look at me with those confused blue eyes
Which only held gazes of support to me when I was sad,
But now you stare at me in shock as I hold my weapon up to your kind face.
Your words, your actions, pleading me to come back home with you,
Are stopping me from leaving.
I can't even look at your face, but I think one day
You, too, will go down the same path as I have,
And you will go search for your true self on your own.

I look at you with these blue eyes of mine,
With this determination that has welled up inside me.
This mansion where you think no one lives in stands behind me,
With dark cold gates that block my way.
Think not of them as gates to shut me out,
But instead think of them for me as doors!
They invite me to all the answers I seek,
They will take me to where I belong now.
I understand that you've been desperately searching for me in many worlds,
Your eyes burning with an angered and broken fire as you see me now.
You shout at me, not hiding your disappointment or shame at me,
Flames erupting from your palms which reach out for me to still come back to you,
You vow then and there that no matter what happens,
No matter how many times I escape or run away from you,
You will bring me back!
You will take me back with you!
But my gaze towards you has never changed,
Unmoved, ready to fight against you for my rite of passage onwards through
Your words are that of a true friend, your strong words that you mean with
Your whole being that isn't really there.
But those words will not changes my ways,
Those words will not change my resolve,

And one day, someday
You will fight just as hard
To bring Roxas back with you too.
He will follow in my footsteps, and realize how
Corrupt the Organization is,
That if he wishes to really find the answers he seeks,
He has to do it alone, away from our fortress.

There is no time,
No time to take, to lose,
The memories that overflowed
Have stopped completely.
Do you know what that means?
You must reach the core of the disaster, the trigger
That is stopping the progress,
And kill it.
But now I am here, I made it here. In this room,
A white room that is still empty of
Drawings of distant places, a distant past of yours
And mine,

I'm ready to return to my true self now.
Whether or not if I will inevitably be erased from their memory,
The one thing I want the most, more than anything,
Is to meet that person, and fulfill a promise
I made one fateful day.
Even if I don't truly exist, I want to continue believing that I do!
Even if my memories are fake, I want to continue believing that they aren't!
I want to continue believing... that my existence isn't a lost cause.
That this important person is somewhere out there waiting,
Waiting for me to help him awaken from his long lost slumber.
I want to run to meet him if it was just once,
If it was at least my dying wish, if it could mean the best for everyone,
Even if it meant sacrificing everything I have known up until now,
Everything I have cherished up until now,
If it meant I could help everyone
No matter what expense,
No matter what
...Happens to me.

:music: Inspired by Roxas Theme Orchestra from Drammatica and Tokyo Game Show 2008 trailer. See also: Hope, in the Possibility. :music:

:bulletred: I fell in love with Xion, Axel, and Roxas after listening to "The Other Promise" and watching the Tokyo Gameshow 2008 trailer. I was so moved by the emotional impact each of them brought. Listening and watching them - you can feel the gravity of Tetsuya Nomura's project. :bulletred:

:iconakurokushi: :bulletpink: Many questions arose in the hearts of fans at the release of the 2008 trailer - pertaining to Xion's resemblance to Kairi, the mystery of her embodiment, Xion's relation to Kairi, and ultimately her relation to Sora. :bulletpink:

:bulletyellow:The excitement welled up inside me, so I wrote this to not only vent but to put Xion's feelings in perspective. I thought there was much the 2008 trailer said that could be drawn from for further explanation even before the upcoming trailers - or before the game came out for that matter. I thought of how Nomura said in an interview how "KH: 358/2 Days is going to be a very, very sad story." :bulletyellow:

:bulletblue: And in the trailer I was very struck by Axel, yelling his vow to Xion:

"You've got be kidding me! I've decided. No matter how many times you escape, I will bring you BACK!"

In Kingdom Hearts II, I was very much affected by his resolve to take Roxas back to the Organization, so this really blew me away. As Nomura said, "What Axel says to Xion connects deeply to his feelings for Roxas." :bulletblue:

:bulletred: As of July 24th, 2010, I have really enjoyed playing this game during its American release, and there's probably so much more I can talk about, but it's a jewel on its own and I can't describe it enough. Thank you, everyone, who have enjoyed this poem, and although Roxas, Axel, and Xion are not real... their feelings - enjoying all the simple moments with friends, wanting to know who you are, wanting to be with those you care about forever - those things are real, and I love Roxas, Axel, Xion, and their story. It's a tragedy, but I just can't forget those kinds of tragedies. :music::bulletred:

DISCLAIMER: Kingdom Hearts belongs to Square Enix, not me.
:music:Poem licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Others are permitted to copy, distribute, display and perform only unaltered copies of poem with attribution and link to Sarah and :+favlove: . Any use of this poem other than as authorized under this Creative Commons license or copyright law is prohibited.
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Could Homestuck work if adapted for stage? I decided one day I was going to find out.

The song for Aradia killing Vriska. Keeping with the song that accompanies this part of the story, it will be metal. I would like to incorporate Crystamanthequins into the music for this, but I haven't quite worked out how.

Also, if this were to be the first song in a musical ever to instruct a singer to "metal scream" I would be very happy.

This is a work-in-progress. Any and all suggestions/comments/critiques are welcome.

Check out the entire project here.
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