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Lame title is lame, lol...

I saw this --> [link] --> and RP-ed using Coltrane. Then I started wondering...

It's been 2 years since Coltrane entered Pokéathlon Camp. What's happened since then?


*Lila's creator is MIA so I'm making this up myself.

*When Coltrane turned 15(and Lila 16) Lila's parents moved far away, bringing Lila with them to take her away from "that boy they've never liked".

Coltrane, left with no means of tracking her down, eventually gave up on looking for her. He does, however, still harbor a small hope of finding her again... He keeps the half-mask pendant secure on a strong string around his neck, as a precious keepsake.

At 16 years old, Coltrane has left Pokéathlon Camp and returned home to live with his parents in Lavender Town. His father has given him a job as a sports DJ and reporter. He has his own show, sometimes with fun sports facts in the studio, and other times in the field.

He's grown out of shorts and wears long pants. His jacket is actually a modified version of his original; he wears it open now and an extra zip has been added to the left sleeve for style. He wears a band around his head, but has stopped wearing the ear-sleeves/covers in order to substitute them for headphones.

One thing hasn't changed, for sure, though: he still loves a good game of Goal Roll.

Coltrane © :iconokayilie:
Hiya Kori © :iconengelmoon:
Lila © :iconfragilesteps:
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Callium de Calais © :iconokayilie:

General Picture Comments:
I tried hard to focus on things I don't usually focus on here.... like the lightly-defined muscles I've always actually picture Callium with(since he's a gymnast), and the colouring. I recall ~xVerdelet saying that all my pictures always have shininess and aren't dark enough, colour-wise... I tried this... what do you think?
And ta-da! It's background size! o3o For me, at least... 1280x752 pixels.

Context Comments: (You don't have to read everything. Just the first three sentences.)
I think I've gotten bored of Callium's bunny-looking kangaroo ears and tail. D: What should I change it to? Any suggestions? >3>

I'm bored of his look... Which is sad. First he was abducted as a small child and was turned into tasmanian devil... who wore a panda-eared helmet during the performances he put on at the freak circus he was stationed at.
The Circus Organization, by the way for people who don't know(I assume that's a lot of people) is -- to cut a long story short -- is a scientific study group researching DNA, and the implantation of animal DNA spliced into humans. Refused a grant to continue such unethical research, they turned to abducting children off the streets to use in their experiments. They then put these children into a freak circus, to obtain the finance necessary for their experiments.

Callium was kidnapped from his home when he was 4, and has no memory of before he was in the Circus. His DNA was spliced with that of a Tasmanian Devil. When he was 12, he met Honeymilk and together, at age 14, they escaped from the circus and met with Shiori, Honeymilk's cousin, who had escaped from a different branch of the same organization.

(Shit it's not short anymore)

So anyway. Callium was a tasmanian devil. Then the Circus found him again, and kidnapped him again. He was rescued by Honeymilk, but not before they performed more surgery on Callium and took away the sight from his right eye, and removed his tasmanian devil features, replacing the devil DNA in him with kangaroo instead. If he gets captured again(a way for me to change his DNA again...), then.... wow. He must be a good specimen.
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• Name • Shinoda Suzu 篠田 鈴
• Age • 18 years
• Birthday • 14th March [White Day]
• Moe Point(s) • Blunt; blushes easily; a very very tiny bit of a bully; childish despite appearances.

• Personality •
:bulletred: Blunt and straightforward with his opinions, which may border or cross the line into childishness.
:bulletblue: Little or no sense of humor.
:bulletpurple: Blush shows up easily on his extremely pale and fair skin.
:bulletgreen: Likes having the upper hand, so bullies when he gets the chance. As such, has a thin mean streak in him.
:bulletyellow: Not a morning person.
:bulletpink: Doesn't particularly care what the general community thinks of him.
:bulletblack: Biting fetish; watch out!

• Background •
Suzu was born an albino, to parents who were, in all probability, young and none the wiser to the horrible crime of abandoning their baby. Found by two women, Suzu was quickly adopted into their family. The two women moved to England for business purposes, and so Suzu was raised from a very young age in jolly old England. His parents, originally of Japanese heritage, opted to move back to Japan for a short while. They decided to give him a Japanese schooling, even if it was just middle school onwards.
Soon, however, business called again and his mothers moved back to England. Suzu remained in Japan, staying alone in a rented apartment. His parents paid for his living expenses, but Suzu disliked staying indoors studying all day(despite his sensitivity to the light), so he got a job. Still indoors... but what the hey.

• Likes • Gummy bears, usagi ringo(apple slices cut into the shape of rabbits), fairy tales.

• Dislikes • Milk chocolate, coffee, overexposure to sunlight.

• Extra •
:bulletblue: His hair is naturally white and his eyes are naturally pink, since he's an albino.
:bulletred: Sleeps with a plush toy resembling some sort of... strange long-eared, pink-and-blue-shelled turtle with a furry tail. When he wakes up especially groggy, he ends up bringing it outside with him.
:bulletgreen: His English school friends goaded him to pierce his bellybutton. Ever since, though, he's harbored a secret fear of piercing guns and sharp, needle-like things in general.
:bulletblack: He has two older brothers(Kimura Maya, 24 and Kimura Shuji 20) as well as an older sister(Shinoda Yun, 24). All his siblings were adopted. His parents are both females(Shinoda Natsu, 34 and Kimura Mei, 32)
:bulletpurple: His name(Suzu 鈴) means 'Bell'.
:bulletyellow: Likes perfume. *lolhaha*

Suzu © :iconokayilie:
(((Anyone who can tell me whose surname I stole gets brownie points. <33333)))

First CVirus joined. Then Sayucchi joined.
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At first I had trouble deciding which of my OCs to use, but then when I decided to use Callium, I automatically decided to use Honeymilk, then Shiori, then Noel, then Dae-Ryoung... and the whole Japan Team came along.

In other words, these are my OCs who live in Japan. xD
Snow season starts in Japan around mid-December.

Funnily enough, my favourite favourite favourite part of this picture is Kei being all dark in the top right corner. xDDD He hates the cold. He's only here for his 'dog'(who doesn't even seem to be enjoying being here xDD)

Top to bottom, left to right:
Callium, Honeymilk, Shiori, Noel, Kei, Neö, Kouichirou(Kou), Dae-Ryoung(Rion), Mizu, Miyabi, Miki.

All © :iconokayilie:

Callium|| C'mon, Honey!
Honey|| This game is somehow kind of too fast-paced...
Shiori|| Face it, Miki! You'll never get me!
Miki|| I can try!

Mizu|| *forevergrinniiiing*

Noel|| Go go go! *Not sure who she's rooting for xDD

Kei|| whyamiherethisistoocoldarghwhatidiotstheyreonlyoutherebecausetheydontcatchcolds
Neö|| Now, now, Master. It's nice and warm here, right? *being used as a personal heater*

Kou|| ((OH MY GOD MY PSP))

Miyabi|| Aren't you gonna help out?
Rion|| Are you insane? I might hit Callium.
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Cys Nabelle and family © :iconokayilie:

:bulletblue: Mira Nabelle (38) :bulletblue:
A widow, divorcee, painter and the landlady of Silver House. She has a preference for strong men, as evidenced by her two husbands: a strongman and a tiger. She's hit hard time recently, divorcing her second husband after discovering that he was abusing her oldest son.

:bulletpink: Cys Nabelle (16) :bulletblue:
Not capable of loving a woman, Cys is openly homosexual.. It's apparently quite a big thing for the Nabelle's. Fortunately -- or not? -- this family's connection to the rest of the Nabelle's(namely, Cys's father Reginald) was cut off when Reginald died. As such, this family isn't as close to the rest of the Nabelle clan.

:bulletred: Jae Nabelle (8) :bulletred:
A cute, innocent little boy on the outside, his true personality is that of a knowing observer. Being the youngest has its benefits. He's spoiled by his older brother, and basically ignored or brushed off by most or all of the adults. They don't pay much attention to him, so he's presented with the chance to stay quiet and listen. And by listening, he knows.
Unbeknownst to his brother, Cys, Jae knew all about when Cys was being abused by their stepfather, and was the one who secretly met alone with his doctor(from when Cys had to get a prosthetic eye) and pushed for a full-body medical check.
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" you like it, Elizabeth?"

Probably the saddest characters I have ever created, these two -- Sir Edwin and Elizabeth -- are probably the main characters in the longest(and only) complete tale I've ever spun. From birth to death, from meeting to parting: Sir Edwin and Elizabeth.

But it was not something I created myself. There was, once upon a time, a role player by the name of Daisy the Zombie. He played "Daisy the Zombie" in our role plays. She became a character that influenced the lives of Sir Edwin and Elizabeth greatly.

Sir Edwin, the blind krsnik -- a vampire that drains the blood of other vampires -- and his little blue-eyed assistant, Elizabeth. Along the course of Sir Edwin's long life, despite swearing to protect the little girl he adopted as his own, would witness her death before his eyes and her sacrifice so that he might see once again.

Ahh, drawing these two, who had never been drawn before, makes me really sentimental.

I'm surprised I still remember all the details of their story.

Sir Edwin and Elizabeth © :iconokayilie:
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A redraw of this pic. Just for kicks.

--> [link]
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Original Pic in first 'panel' and Gijinka in last panel © [link]

After I drew her in the last 'panel', I did kind of wonder why she was wearing a bicycle helmet.


I dunno. xD

They look similar because I was influenced, okay? XD

Also I dunno what *Hiyonori-Yumiko's gijinka is holding(now that I noticed the bicycle helmet), but when I drew the guy's hair I though "...either cultured or hyper.... I'll pick cultured"...
Because the expression is easier to draw that way. |:
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The "Ideas" brainstorm thing I did for :iconpokecino: last time was successful in helping me choose a character, so here it is again.

This time, it's for :iconcharter-mays-academy:.

Let me know what you think? :U

P/S The scratched out animal was "dormouse". xD Didn't feel like it. Ehehe.

Ram:: Quiet. Doesn't say much unless he needs to. Makes any sort of response as short as possible. Gullible, but gets angry if he's tricked.

African Wild Dog:: Super-good intuition and a knack for flattery. Self-flattery especially so. Confident. A bit of a compulsive liar. Otherwise, generally likeable. Sometimes invades others' personal thoughts(has fun guessing what the other person is thinking about).

Golden Retriever:: Cheerful. Super-happy. Loves helping people. Super good with the elderly. Lived with his two grandmothers all his life. Also, has super-good luck. Everything good seems to happen to him.

Bull:: Aggressive towards carnivores. Stands up for himself. A bit of a loner. However, a born leader who's responsible, dependable and never lets people down. Despite that, he's a bit of a rebel and is neither above nor below lying to save his skin if he's breaking the rules.

Stag:: Sickly. Noble and stoic, he has four older brothers and is used to sticking in the background most of the time. He isn't sure how to deal with any sort of attention, and can end up being viewed as aloof, daft, naïve or blur as, most of the time, he ends up staring blankly at the situation he's put into.
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A quick doodle of my angel triplets: Mille, Au, and Creme.
(Mil, Ah-oo, and Krim)

Au's outfit and appearance is pretty much set in stone; I just need to properly design Mille's outfit and Creme's overall design.

I changed Creme's hair because he looked TOO different from Au and Mille.... I think.
They all have the same hair and weird colouring, it's just cut differently.

Creme Caramel's name was also supposed to be Creme Brulee, but I wanted to draw them eating the things they're named after, and I couldn't draw creme brulee.
....I suck, I know, but I changed his name because creme caramel is so much easier to draw. xDDDD

Soooo yeah.
Stay tuned....?

Au, Mille, Creme © :iconokayilie:
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