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We have gotten so attached to these days and these months,
but a deer doesn't know a Tuesday from a Thursday
and a caribou can't  comprehend that it was born on a September afternoon,
but they can understand this instant, this moment, this breath,
only now, no longer the past, and only the future when they get there,

there's a healthy lack of awareness in that,
escaping the fear of death but thriving off the instinct to live,
everything so primal and based off gut reactions,
I guess you could say ignorance is bliss,
but ignorance only actually applies when it comes to humanity,
oh I would like a life like that,

one that is organic, tangible, and ripe with bloody berries,
one where carnal creatures run rampant,
one where we rise from the dirt with muddy thighs
because we were bred into these earthly bodies
to hold seconds in our palms like newborn children,
and to throw our heads back and howl against the awareness that we are dying,

for oh this skin is only our host,
we derive from stardust that was ever so fated,
our hearts are made up of astrological waste,
and we trick ourselves into saying we don't believe in anything but nothing,
but nothing is something too
and maybe nothing is the most important thing of all,

our language and our tongues have chosen to deceive us
because these words we've created limit the ways in which we think,
now what if nothing was defined as God and God was defined as nothing,
so if you believed in nothing you believed in God and if you believed in God you believed in nothing,
we are constricted by these beliefs that are so separate from faith and that distract from really living,

and I want to feel alive and unbound,
I want to embrace a life without words
and fall into a world painted lavishly with love and coincidence,
I want to run with bare feet on Saturn's surface,
although in my mind Saturn is the sun
and I will always be the moon.

This just poured out of me tonight, I have been having a lot of different emotions run through me over these last couple of days and I just feel like focusing on living in the moment is what really matters and I learned that from my grandpa who I love and miss.
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Wrapped up tight by my own wings,
I hang upside down
while the blood rushes to my head
inside my cobwebbed cocoon,

Ultraviolet rays flicker against my eyelids
in colors I have never seen,
yet maybe I have once before,
I saw them the first time your skin brushed mine,
a kaleidoscope of solar energy
making me blind enough to see the light,

Your voice now echoing in a frequency
only I can hear,
it ricochets through my thin bat bones,
lingering along my teeth
so I can taste the way you sound
along the backside of my cavity,

But now you've been bitten
because I have no control,
my incisors sinking in to your handsome heart
because you are ripened fruit
in the dead of Winter
and I am a parasite
in Summer's wake,

If only the day ever met the night
maybe we could meet again,
but for now this must be enough,
so I return to the shelter of my own wings
to protect myself from the sun
and your own astrological luminosity.
inspired by bats and the love of someone unattainable
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Her eyes,
so pale yet patient,
swarms of orca whales swim inside her irises,
dancing along the sunlight in jewel tones,
so rich with reflection,
it's as though you are staring into the ocean
if the ocean were emptiness,
but when you look passed the beauty
you can see that she is broken,
she is a ship wreck in the making
with anchored hips and a drowning smile,
but that's what she gets for falling too fast
when everyone told her it wasn't safe to sail,
the waters too rough, too cold, too heart breaking,
it's too late now though,
she is withered and writhing,
intertwined with ribbons of seaweed,
she has nothing left to give anymore
because he stole her oxygen and
trapped it inside his own greedy lungs,
so now as she dies,
he breathes in her reaping
and then the wind sweeps them up, down, and away.

Jealousy, greed, possession
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I want to sit on your porch
and tremble
at the simple thought
of your swift arrival.
Written on 02.14.12
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It's normal, you know.
Bruises flower under skin like lilies in a garden
Tears find their place just like water in the soil
They seep into the black
Nurture seedlings
And hurt grows so green and natural.
Pearl skin is supposed to go purple
It's as right as the rain.

So don't worry, don't fret
I'm art, you know, cross-stitching on the wall
An ivory piano key
Just as I should be
Because battered things are beautiful.
Feathers torn from silk pillows
And stick figures on balance beams

Aren't as loved, nor as adored,
Nor as beautiful as me.
Thank you for reading. ♥
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I cannot be the backbone
of your moral affirmation;
set aside the scalpel,
burn the phonebook if needed.
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you lust to make his long legs quiver
like two blades of grass
heavy with morning dew

but you're the first frost of november.
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waking up on the wrong side of the world,
disorganized and incomplete, story of my life.
another bloodshot morning in a city i've quickly grown to hate,
another monotonous day without the things in life i've slowly grown to love.
breaking up the scenery with daydreams,
momentary static distractions from the routine.
i'm wearing the floors thin from pacing wall to wall to wall..

if i threw it all away,
i wouldn't miss a god damn thing about this dead end town.
if i bought a ticket to where you are,
i could be there inside twenty four hours.
what the fuck am i still doing here..

easier said than done when i'm this fucking spun,
but they say where there's a will there's a way,
so i'm looking for a way to cut and run and stay.

my mind tends to wander, you would know better than most,
but it's never gone too long before it finds it's way back to you.
disorganized and incomplete, story of my life,
i know i drive you crazy but you keep me sane, and that's the truth.
so take this for whatever it's worth, i love you.
for L
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breathe in, breathe out.
a picture's worth a thousand wounds
and there's galleries on our sleeves.
blade in, bleed out.
cutting out the imperfections
because there's a crowd to please.

but you're the only one who doesn't know you're beautiful,
and these wounds are not the final word on who you are.
we can grow new skin to hide these scars,
rewrite these broken lyrics and dance to a different song.

breathe in, breathe out.
we're wearing this cycle thin and vice versa.
we've all got demons in our yesterdays,
so tear them out of the calendar pages.
tomorrow is a new diary with your name on the flyleaf,
let's cross our hearts and hope to live.
love you Kali
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the sun is a dim pearl
beneath a blanket of gray
hung low from the heavens;

i'm your yellow tremor
paled by the cold, aching
for a proper sunrise.
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