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My first vector art for anything >3>

Okay, I copied down the picture of Pinkie in the first episode, where this comes from, then I traced my sketch with Sai's amazing Line tool, and then I just did things from there. I deviated from a few things, like I made a bit of shading and removed some unnessesary lines I spotted when I was tracing my drawing.

So, what do you guys think? Don't be too har- actually go ahead and be harsh >3>

Pinkie Pie and MLP:FiM belongs to :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:
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Oh yeah, did I mention I make games? Not good ones, but they're games all the same.

This is made with XNA and C#, it's basically just a bunch of minigames, based off of this video: [link]

I was going to add the Vinyl Scratch minigame (it does look fun), but decided against it for just lack of skill. Right now there are going to be 3 minigames (maybe more added later), the first being Cloud Dash, where as Rainbow Dash you need to fly through clouds to get points while avoiding the dangerous ShadowBolts.

The second game is Rarity's Diamonds (name subject to change), where you collect diamonds ala Snake whilst avoiding Diamond Dogs. The final game is a boss fight with Nightmare Moon, as Twilight Sparkle of course, it's going to be a slightly bullet hell affair, but I should be able to pull it off.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little teaser. The art on this screen was vectored/made by me with the exception of the background, which was a direct rip from the show.


The "My Little Pony", "Friendship is Magic" franchises belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.

This project is in no way endorsed by Hasbro.
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Damn, this took awhile to make, this is actually a remake because the first one was 1. Not working and 2. Everything was all blah. So yeah enjoy the game and sorry for everything being all crappy, I would have drawn it and all but I suck at drawing with a mouse and I don't have a tablet. Also there's an easter egg in the title screen ;)

Note me or comment if there's any problems.

PS: The green button in the corner that says "Music" allows you to turn the music off and sadly you can't turn it back on.

MLP VectorClub for the backgrounds and pony vectors.

MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro & Lauren Faust

MLP Fighting is Magic (Twilight & Rarity Stage Theme)
MLP Theme Song
Fluttershy's Training Montage BGM
Who Likes to Party - Kevin Macleod
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Poneyvill is no longer safe... not even Celestia can save you from HIS WRATH! Hide your children... HEEESSS OOOOUUUT-THHHEEEERREEEE."

My version of what Slenderman would look like as a "pony" He would have a horn and wings, because he's like a god in the way. You can't kill him and if you PLAY his GAME. you WILL LOSE.

Hag, speedpain, this took like... less then 20 min to make.

Slender-poney slander-poney, you will most serenely will die~:sing:
Song inspired: [link]

Art and this version of Slenderponey: :iconinktaileddragon:

Slenderman belongs to whoever made him. XD;

Better Drawing of slenderpony

ASKBLOG: [link]

First fanart:

NOTE: the owner on this account has moved.
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I think I've improved in bases,especially on pony ones.They're so curvy and easy,they don't take you much time ^^

~Credit me when you use it by putting my name like this : devwinxchara: or :iconwinxchara : without the spaces
~Link me back the finished picture,or at least,comment on the base so I'll come and see it
~Change anything you wish but still credit me
~Fave it if your going to use it
~Change the colors,I only do them for example
~Please WORK on it
~And the most important, enjoy!

If you're the creator of the picture and don't want a base of it, tell me it kindly and I will immediately delete it.

Original Image: Rarity [link]
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Lame title is lame
:bulletblack: Fave before using please
:bulletblue: Edits are allowed, like change of gender, skin background (etc.)
:bulletgreen: Frankendolling is okay but make sure it is OK with the other base maker!
:bulletorange: You can post your USED base anywhere else just not the NON USED base!
:bulletpink: Link back please I really wanna see it!
:bulletpurple: Take your time please!
:bulletyellow: You CAN remove my Watermark
:bulletblack: You are allowed to change species as you please.
MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro
Original Image is from MLP Wikia and the episode Games Ponies Play
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- Twilight evolves with Dashie. Her attack and defense will change depending on the changes you made.
- You can now choose two stats to level up. In order of difficulty:
- AP Recovery (Easy): You'll get 2 more points per turn
- HP (Easy): You'll get 20 more HP points
- Defense (Medium): You'll get 5 Defense Points
- Attack (Hard): You'll get 5 Attack Points

Depending on what difficulty you want. Choose from above.
- A shop system has been added to allow purchase of potions to heal AP and HP.
- Items have been added to the combat
- Enemy's stats have been nerfed for beginning level

This is an engine test, designed so that you can get an idea of how the final game will run. You can, therefore, tell me what you want to see and what you want gone from the next version!

~My Little Dashie belongs to ROBcakeran53~

Game Made For The Brony Game Chooser:

------------HELP REQUESTED------------
As I can't do this all on my own. I do need some people who are good at sprite creation to draw up some custom sprites. Obviously, I am using placeholders until further notice.

I was playing a bit of Pokemon LeafGreen before and had recently read the My Little Dashie fanfic.

Now, my mind must have been in a mood to combine because I came across the idea of a virtual Dashie. At first it was going to be just a pet, but then I started to introduce battles, and soon, it was like Pokemon Meets Ponies.

In this game, you own a virtual Rainbow Dash. You can make moral choices that decide whether or not she will like you, you can chat to her, and you can fight with her.

To fight is simple. AP is your attacking currency. You get three attacks, each with a seperate consumption of AP. You rebuild AP by defending, but you opponent will attack you. Simply put, conserve your AP wisely.

Have fun, and comment on how it can be improved!
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A preview screen from My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic HD Ultimate Celestial Limited Edition.

I know a lot of bronies are itching for this game, and so am I!

Big thanks to Photoshop and the Vector Club for all the ponies!

MLP:FiM, Hasbro and Fighting is Magic are properties of their respective owners. I don't claim to own anything.
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EDIT: Added 3 newcomers to the CMCs; Scale Glitz, Blue Moon and Mildew!

Basically, these are MOST of the Fan Ponies i have made using Pony Creator (And crappy MS Paint, as well as transparancy from GIMP). Some of them you've seen already, but there are new faces here!

Now, on with the show!


Character 1

Name: Monochord
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Personality: Rough, Risk-Taking and Slick
Cutie Mark: A Black & White Rainbow

Extra Info:
-Is much like Rainbow Dash, except Black & White.
-Is quite mischievous
-His Sonic Rainboom is Black & White

"Shh. I'm about to defy you..."
"Let's get dangerous!"
"Eh, sounds kinda boring to me..."

Character 2:

Name: Midnight Knowledge
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon Pony
Personality: Moody, Tempermental and Shy
Cutie Mark: A Human Brain

Extra Info:
-Can't see without her glasses (Velma, Anyone?)
-Get's Very destructive if angered enough...
-Has seen several lands BEYOND Equestria

"You can't be serious, right?"
"Oh, sure! EVERYONE Want's to laugh at ME!"
"Why you dirty, little-!"

Charcters 3,4 and 5:

Names: Apple Seed/Starlight/Diamond Glitter (Altogether 'The Drake Triplets')
Genders: All Female
Species: Arcane Pony/Dragon Pony/Sky Pony
Personality: Sweet, Silly and Fun-Loving/Shy, Defensive and Antisocial/Adventurous, Peppy and Strong Willed
Cutie Marks: An Apple Seed/A Star/A Diamond

Extra Info:
-Apple Seed is on par with Twilight's Magical Powers (At the time...)
-Diamond Glitter Gets hurt OFTEN.
-Starlight is often seen out at night, And is a good friend to Luna.

Character 6:

Name: Humblebee (See what i did thar?)
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Personality: Kind, Caring, Sensitive and Supportive
Cutie Mark: Bee (It fits, Doesn't it?)

Extra Info: -He's an expert veterinarian (So he likes animals)
-He stands up for fluttershy if she's getting pushed around
-He has a pet Dove named 'Ace'

Some Quotes:
"I'm prepared to do whatever it takes!"
"How are you, Swallowtail?" (Humblebee's nickname for Fluttershy)
"Swallowtail! Are you hurt?!"

Characters 7 & 8:

Name: Arachna/Dragonsly
Genders: Both Female
Species: Pegasus/Pegasus
Personality: Kind, shy and sensitive/Ecstatic, playful and silly
Cutie Mark: Black Widow/ None

Extra info: -Arachna is the oldest of the two
-Arachna almost NEVER leaves her mother's side
-Dragonsly is good friends with one of Pinkie's foals
-Dragonsly likes playing Hide-and-seek
-They both get along pretty well, but sometimes they argue

Dragonsly: "You can't catch me!"
"Ooh! Can i play?"
Arachna: "...."
"*Nervous squeek*"

Character 9:

Name: Metallix
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Personality: Smart, Stubborn, and Dramatic
Cutie Mark: Tesla Coil

Extra Info: -Has a robotic Right Leg
-Is a foreigner from Van Hoover
-Shares a rivalry with Lightning Storm (Made By :icondarthgoldstar710: )

Some Quotes:
"But of course."
"Hey, don't touch that you little-!"
"Just wait 'till you see THIS!"

Character 10:

Name: Psycho Mask
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Personality: Crazy, Ecstatic and Smooth
Cutie Mark: Troll Face (:iconproblemofficerplz:)

Extra Info: -The hat is pretty much a STAPLE of this character.
-No one has a frikkin' clue where he came from....
-His crazy antics put PINKIE AND DISCORD to shame! (Ex. Popping out of the side of the screen saying "Really, Who writes this guy's stuff?")

Some Quotes:
"Don't touch that dial, kids!"
"Look, Pink! I'm roadkill!"

Character 11:

Name: Artemis
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Personality: Laid back, Artistic and Stylish
Cutie Mark: A Paintbrush

Extra Info:
-He makes Tattoos for ponies (NOT FAKE CUTIE MARKS).
-Is a foreigner from Manehatten
-Competes with Spike for Rarity

Some Quotes:
"Alright, Just tell me which style you want, 'kay?"
"FYI, I was the best tattoo artist in Manehatten!"
"Oh yeah, You're Stylin' Now!"

Character 12:

Name: Night Shade
Gender: Male
Species: Alicorn
Personality: Mysterious, Dark and Devious
Cutie Mark: Unknown

Extra Info:
-Can be seen as an 'Evil Counterpart' to Celestia.
-He controls the shadows.
-He is never seen smiling.

Some Quotes:
"What chance do you stand against me?"
"The Shadows are everywhere. I see everything! I AM THE SHADOWS!!"
"I...Can't believe it...Beaten...By a bunch of weaklings..."

Character 13:

Name: Ginseng
Gender: Male
Species: Earth Pony (The first one here!)
Personality: Sweet, Strong and Helping
Cutie Mark: The Ginseng Fruits

Extra Info:
-He is also from Van Hoover.
-Strong enough to, When he hits the ground with enough force, Cause shaking tremors.
-Sometimes Helps the Apple Family around the Farm.

Some Quotes:
"Not a Problem i can't handle!"
"Leave it to me, AJ!"
"Well, that's Mighty Sweet o' me, Ain't it?"

Character 14:

Name: Voila Kazam
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Personality: Sly, Tricky and Masterful
Cutie Mark: A Magician Hat

Extra Info:
-Has the stage name of "The Amazing Magnificent Voila Kazam".
-Is insane rivals with Trixie.
-Doesn't just use 'Flashy' Magic

Some Quotes:
"On with the show!"
"Oh, but a magician NEVER reveals his secrets!"
"Trixie is an ameteur and a fool! I am a professional!"

Character 15:

Name: Nightmare Devil
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon Pony
Personality: Chaotic, Brutal and Cruel
Cutie(?) Mark: A Pentagram

Extra Info:
-Is a blend of all the antagonist's powers combined: Created by Chrysalis, Using her Hatred (some of her 'Blood'), Discord's Power (From a chip in the statue), A dragon's Resistance (From a Dragon Scale) and Powers from ALL pony species (Some coat/Mane hair).
-Is one of the few characters that actually KILLS! (First one was one of Celestia's Guards)
-Speaks in a Scary...Demonic...Voice...*shudders*

Some Quotes:
"Deception! Malice! Sorrow! Greed! Trickery! Destruction! CHAOS!! STRIKE!!!"
"No one shall have control over me!"
"You'll need more than just a puny, little harmony strike to beat ME!"

Character 16:

Name: Princess Archonia
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon Pony
Personality: Prim, Regal and Weak-Willed (IRONY)
Cutie Mark: A Fire-breather

Extra Info:
-Just like the other dragon ponies in draconius, she speaks in Middle English.
-Underneath that firm disposition, she's a nervous wreck.
-She signed a peace treaty with Celestia to end the war between their respective nations.

Some Quotes:
"Dost thou speak unto me?"
"State thy business, Equestrian!...Please?"
"Oh, nay. We must really worryeth about Lord Mechestria."

Character 17:

Name: Valient
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon Pony
Personality: Arrogant, Powerful and Short-Tempered

Extra Info:
-He had to be defeated for the mane 6 to gain Archonia's trust.
-The only challenger that defeated him was... Fluttershy.
-His magic is the most powerful of the Dragon Ponies (Other than Archonia)

Some Quotes:
"Stepeth Aside! She's MINE!!"
"Thou honestly thinketh thee can outlast me?"
"This fight shall be-eth your last!"

Character 18

Name: Prince Blizzidus
Gender: Male
Species: Alicorn
Personality: Cool, Honest and Serious
Cutie Mark: A Snowflake

Extra Info:
-Has control over Snow & Ice
-He is brutally honest
-There's a chill in the air when he's around

"I don't mean to be rude, but you need to watch your temper."
"Talk about giving one the cold shoulder."
"Well, SHE's certainly not the smartest..."

Character 19

Name: Princess Morose
Gender: Female
Species: Revenant Alicorn
Personality: Kind, Sensitive and Moody
Cutie Mark: A Blood Red Moon

Extra Info:
-Has control over fear
-Her tears are also Blood Red (Bloody tears, anyone?)
-She breaks down whenever she thinks she did something wrong

"Oh, what's the point?"
"Me? But i wouldn't hurt a parasprite!"
"OH GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE!? *cries*"

Character 20

Name: Prince Corona
Gender: Male
Species: Alicorn
Personality: Generous, Passionate and Hot-Tempered
Cutie Mark: A Burning Eclipse

Extra Info:
-Has control over Fire and Lava/Magma
-Always listens to his people
-Capable of breathing fire

"I'll do my best to help!"
"Ooh, i'll show YOU hothead!"
"Well, Blizzidus. While i may despise you, we ARE teaming up together. So consider yourself lucky..."

Character 21

Name: Princess Ruby
Gender: Female
Species: Alicorn
Personality: Cheerful, Optimistic and Friendly
Cutie Mark: A Heart (Generic, i know)

Extra Info:
-Has control over happiness (Only a little bit, since she's so young)
-Is THE YOUNGEST Ruler to date
-Even though she rules over Mechina, It's actually her adviser Roboticized everything

"Oh! Are we going to play a game?"
"Mechestria says when i grow older, i can make my own decisions!"
"Why are you sad?"

Character 22

Name: M'lady Mechestria (She insists on the M'Lady in her name)
Gender: Female
Personality: Cold, Devious and Sinister
Cutie Mark: A Gear

Extra Info:
-She 'helps' call the shots for the Techina Kingdom, Because Ruby is too young.
-She's quite the manipulative pony.

Some Quotes:
"I don't trust them one bit, Princess..."
"Princess, i'm afraid i must advise against this..."
"This isn't over yet, fools!"

Character 23

Name: Scale Glitz
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon Pony
Personality: Nice, Adventurous and Clueless
Cutie Mark: N/A

Extra Info:
-Is good friends with Scoots (Or :iconscootalooplz:)
-Her Coat give off a rainbow shine in the sunlight
-Is, Crazily enough, a native from Ponyville.

Some Quotes:
"Come on, Scoots! Follow me!"
"Is it safe? I have NO Idea!" :iconihavenoideamedicplz:

Character 24

Name: Blue Moon
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Personality: Ditzy (Or Derpy, if you will), Silly and Curious
Cutie Mark: N/A

Extra Info:
-Is good friends with Apple Bloom
-She prefers her mane style in front of her eyes.
-Bumps nigh into everything in her lack of sight.

Some Quotes:
"Where are we going again?"
"I THINK this should get us our cutie marks... whatever it is."
"I'll trust you on this, Apple Bloom."

Character 25 (1/4th of the way there!)

Name: Mildew
Gender: Female
Species: Revenant Pegasus
Personality: Depressing and creepy, yet cheerful
Cutie Mark: N/A

Extra Info:
-Is good friends with Sweetie Belle
-Was bought back to life by Twilight (Reluctantly after the CMCs wanted to see what a resurrection spell looks like.)
-Has no Pupils in her eyes

Some Quotes:

...*phew!* THAT kinda took a while to get through...

Pony Creator :icongeneralzoi:

MLP:FiM :iconfyre-flye:
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My first descent base! ^^
Made from this tutorial - [link]
Credit me for any use of this.
Yes you can frankendoll just be sure to credit me. And make sure it is allowed by the other base maker.
Do NOT spend less than five minutes on it. No one is rushing you.
Link back to me under this page. I'd like to see what you've done.
Yes, you can use the base for adoptables.
MLP is copyright of Hasbro
Original image - from MLP wiki
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