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Oyeah finally made tuto again :iconsqueeeeplz:,
it has beeen...*uwoo i don't wanna tell it lol*

Maybe you all waiting about that :D so just read and if you find something for asking cuz still don't understand :giggle:, leave comment, i will try to explain it more

oh i hope i can make another tutorial :iconmanlytearsplz:

:star: follow me on facebook
:star: Other Tutorial from me, just check it out…

and hey~ I also open commission for making tutorial for you guys! :D
you can commish me drawing tutorial or digital art, just choose it~
I'm going to explain it step by step in pdf file and included video tutorial for it too~!
the price is $10 - $20 :D

if you're interesting, note me or comment :la:
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Here's the result! >>>>[link]<<<<

EDIT: Be aware, that it says DREADFUL anatomy tutorial, not PERFECT anatomy tutorial!

Yes, I was asked to make a tutorial D:
and I felt like being productive and thus the tutorial was borrrn
Of course this is all based on my own art style and these are only tips too, so don't freak if this isn't how you draw.

And if this didn't help and actually made you draw worse,

Enjoy! :blowkiss:
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Glasses reference for you guys! Decided to make one since I
don't see many glasses reference sheets on DA. Hopefully this
will help in any way, shape, or form xD Figures from Ultimate
Mangaka Guide.

Don't forget to press that awesome favs button and
watch me for more helpful tutorials!
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This is a tutorial on how I draw the female body. It's just how the female body is drawn in my style along with some tips on how I deal with it. This is by no means the only way to draw female anatomy or the absolute correct way to draw it. I myself am still learning and correcting my anatomy skills. Thank you.

Female counterpart to the male reference I did. Not as lenghty as the male reference either.

Ugh I hate drawing boobs. I'd rather draw men.
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Hum.. I know I am not of a big artist, but ~bunnygirl867 wanted a tutorial, so I did this one.. It's not much of a big thing, but yeah.

Enjoy, I hope it can help you somehow.
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I still learn about anatomy too.

but this tutorial will show you how I draw male anatomy.

So almost of this pic is inorrect from real anatomy. ; v ;

For Blue line, it is a guide line to guess body section.

okay I hope this tutorial is useful and understandable.

And so sorry for my bad english. Thank you
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Female Figure tutorial.

More tutorials can be found in my gallery, in the Tutorials folder.

Currently available tutorials:
Female figure
Basic Hand
Basic Expression
Arm Anatomy

Upcoming tutorials:
Hair Color
Hairstyles and Techniques
Leg, Thigh, and Ankles
Heads at an angle
Bodies at an angle
Basic Male Figure
Basic Foot
Landscapes (6 separate tutorials)
Materials (4 separate tutorials)
Gems and accessories
Coloring the body


Sometimes people ask me why I use such insanely meticulous and yet unnecessary measurements. The reason? Well, although I personally don't need to measure so incredibly carefully, it's not only extremely beneficial knowing the exact location (hence allowing me to make more accurate estimates), but because it's for your benefit as well.

I've seen a lot of tutorials that gave a nice explanation, but still forced me to estimate the distances and sizes. Those tutorials, while somewhat helpful, didn't allow me to improve my anatomy at all. I always wished there was some kind of exact comparison, some kind of exact tutorial, for me to use.

Now that I'm older and able to take measurements to myself, I used six different hands and studied them in order to come up with an approximate average. Although hands differ from person to person, understanding this approximate average would've helped me a lot in my earlier days. Since I can't find any tutorial with exact measurements, I can only make one myself
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Check out a quick version of this tutorial: [link]

*UPDATE: forgot there was more I wanted to say about this piece!

I wanted to do a tutorial that was somewhat different than everything else out there. I personally hate measuring things by heads. 8 heads tall for heroic sizes, 5-6 for realistic. Just too complicated for me to measure heads.

That's why I try to break everything down into halves, most of us can judge the halfway point and be fairly accurate, so that's why I feel it's a superior method of measurement (that's just my opinion of course).

Originally I struggled with breaking things into halves until I realized I should leave out the head in the measurement.

I will upload a picture of how many times I've drawn and tried different ways to construct the front view of a male. It's TONS. I spent lots of time tracing other anatomical drawings by different artists, mostly Andrew Loomis and disney. A fair amount of my work is based off of Loomis. I always always always in anything I do try to find the simplest way to do it, and fastest. at this point I can draw a fairly fleshed out front view in about 1-2 minutes. Maybe that seems like a long time for some extremely experienced life drawing artists but, I feel like for the average person, 1-2 minutes is quick!

I want everyone to be quick, I don't want people to struggle as much as I have over learning to draw. Yes the struggle helps define us as an artist, but I'd rather see people getting better at drawing faster so the amazing imaginations we have as artists won't be hampered by our ability (or lack of) to draw.

---------------------------------------End of note.

Well, I've been working on a series of tutorials over the summer. A way to very simply measure and draw an armature to full proper anatomy.

Sorry it's so ugly!

This should teach you a fair bit of muscles and the skeleton, both are extremely important!!!

I hope that if anyone finds this useful, please send me some of your practices doing this, or leave a comment about what you thought of the tutorial.

If you do find it helpful, please share it around! just remember to give me credit ;)

*NOTE: the underlying drawing I used is not mine, I'm not sure who's it is but it floats around the interest a fair bit.
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Tutorial time! I hope that you don't get bored so far - and of course they help a little bit. This time the last from the series ... What would you like to see in the next ones?

That's the first time I used the tablet to complete the tutorial ^^ Remember! Beginners shouldn't start from this one! View my previous to understand everything.



My previous tutorials:


My work cannot be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.
Such actions are prohibited under copyright law.
All rights reserved.
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