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:blackrose: New references of Shadow and Tamber daughters ! :dummy:

EDIT! A new girl *-* Mia Mizuky Robotnik :heart: The younger daughter <3 She is designed by my beautiful tenshi :dev
bubblyfoxy: :huggle: we talked and she wanted to do a new daughter for me :love: She's been so sweet ;-; <3

I know that it could be improbable have full human sons from and human and an anthro, but in my story there is a thing to explain: Shadow, by mistake, became an human cause a strange machinery created by Eggman, and during those years, he and Tamber had Maria and Corinne before Eggman would have found an opposite machinery.
:rose::bulletblack::bulletred: Maria Mizuky Robotnik/ マリア - みずき - ロボトニック (Mària Mizuki Robotonikku) :bulletred::bulletblack:
-Shadamber first daughter :rose:-
:bulletred:Complete name: Maria -Noriko- Mizuky Robotnik.
:bulletred:Nicknames: Mary (by many people), Mimì (called by Tamber), Mimi-chan (called by 'Spectra' Maria A. <33), Mari-Star (called by Shad), Sista Ma (by Corinne :XD:), Mary-angel (by Michael Blackmoon X3 <3), Mary onee-sama (by Mia).
:bulletred:Hair: Black and red (same with the fur in the hedgehog form)
:bulletred:Eyes: Light blue.
:bulletred:Age: 18.
:bulletred:D.O.B: 16 September.
:bulletred:Height:1.70 (100 cm in hedgehog form)
:bulletred:Relatives: Tamber Mizuky (mother) ::Tamber Mizuky Reference:: by tamber-mizuky, Shadow Robotnik (father), Corinne Mizuky Robotnik (younger sis), Goro the Cat (by mARTz-9o:heart: sort of uncle), Spectra Maria Robotnik (by :dev
bubblyfoxy: :heart: stepsister from another dimension), Bella Stella Robotnik (by :devbubblyfoxy: :heart: little stepsister from another dimension).
:bulletred:Likes: her family, Michael Blackmoon (BF, by 7marichan7), Daisy Blackmoon (best friend, by 7marichan7), Spectra Maria Abigail Robotnik (best friend, by :dev
bubblyfoxy::heart:), Haven (close friend, by lightningdream :heart:), spending days with friends and videogames.
:bulletred:Dislikes: Competitions, battles and when her family is in danger.
:bulletred:Status: Taken (by Michael Blackmoon :heart:)
:bulletred:Bio: Cute and sweet more or less like the mother, the opposite of the father :XD: A bit introverse with the others people, but she likes hanging out with friends, above all when she has met for the first time her stepsister from another dimension, Spectra Maria Robotnik. She is very legated to her and admires her and, although the very different personalities and hobbies, they are very great friends and they love each other :heart:
When Eggman has seen the great friendship of the two Marias, he wanted to keep at his service and his work also her but Maria Noriko has rejected initially. But she is still very undecided.. she wants to stay with her dear Spectra but she doesn’t want to stay in an evil part..In fact, in secret, she stays and goes out with Spectra <3
She loves so much spending time with her BF Michael Blackmoon and Daisy Blackmoon <3 They always play videogames and chatting together. But if someone touch him above all or a friend, she can be VERY violent! She's good with knifes <3
Sometimes Eggman tries to kidnap her, since he has seen the big power of Maria, but (as always, of course XD) he fails.
Her other hobby is keep her sister and her friends, tried to sustain them. She hates evil and battles, she can’t bear them.
One her particular characteristic is about the spiky ears, in the top. She has a mix power of the Chaos Spear and the Psikochinesis: she is able to make fly objets in an electric shock; she use that for defence and attack.
-Curiosities: She has blue eyes in difference of her parents and her sister. She taken these eyes by her grandfather (Kaji, father of Tamber).
She can be very fussy, she is not totally sweet XD
The father sees her just like another 'Maria Robotnik' (after Tamber) for being sweet and caring.

:bulletwhite:Dere character type: Yandere
:bulletred:Formation: Speed :iconherospeedplz:
:bulletred:Theme song: さよならのうた -mihimaru GT-…

:bulletblack::bulletpurple: Corinne Mizuky Robotnik/ コリーヌ - みずき - ロボトニック (Korinu Mizuki Robotonikku):bulletpurple::bulletblack:
-Shadow and Tamber second daughter :rose:-
:bulletblack:Complete name: Corinne -Aya- Mizuky Robotnik.
:bulletblack:Nicknames: Cori, Coki (called by Tamber), little shade (called by Shad), Cori-coki (by Maria), Kiki (by Mia), Yami.
:bulletblack:Hair: Dark dark blue/purple and black actually (same with the fur in the hedgehog form). Natural hair color: black.
:bulletblack:Eyes: Red.
:bulletblack:Age: 15
:bulletblack:D.O.B: 6 June
:bulletblack:Height:1.50 (95 cm in the hedgehog form)
:bulletblack:Likes: Videogames (Action XD), a bit the family (above all her father :XD:), Michael Blackmoon and Daisy Blackmoon (best friends, by 7marichan7 <33), Bella Stella Robotnik (best friend, by :dev
bubblyfoxy: :heart:), Solaria Robotnik (close friend, by Bubbleslou :heart:), Rosella (close friend, by lightningdream :heart:) and bothering her dad Shadow. :XD:
:bulletblack:Dislikes: sweet things and PINK :XD:
:bulletblack:Status: Single. (she doesn't want anyone v.v too much busy to think to the evil v.v XD)
:bulletblack:Relatives: Tamber Mizuky (mother) ::Tamber Mizuky Reference:: by tamber-mizuky, Shadow Robotnik (father), Maria Mizuky Robotnik (bigger sis), Goro the Cat (by mARTz-9o <3 sort of uncle), Spectra Maria Robotnik (by :dev
bubblyfoxy: :heart: bigger stepsister from another dimension), Bella Stella Robotnik (by :devbubblyfoxy: :heart: stepsister from another dimension).
:bulletblack:Bio: Terrible and always without smile, arrogant and always knows how to get in trouble the others...she is all her father :XD: (if you note the expression, it's pratically identical XDD). She has the dark skin of the father. =3 A really estroverse girl and never take her mouth shut to provoke the others. Her hobbies are stay alone and don't talk with nobody and provokes her bro :XD: In secret, appears to be very close to her sister, she admire her and admire the mother too, above all for the height and boobs XDD...She is shorter and flat-chested than the others of the age (infact she tends to wear push clothes XDD). Who knows if when she will be older she will be how she wants..=3 Someone tells that when she try to smile (force by the others of course) she has spiky teeth.
Cori can’t stay quite and she always wants to create and do tricks to anyone. 
For a bit of time, she was a bit close to Eggman. She has seen the evil army of the doctor and she wanted to be in in. Also, she has admired for a bit the characteristics of Spectra Maria (the big stepsister), who works with Eggman. When Corinne has tried to go in the army, the sister has stopped her, telling her that with her entry could happen a mess for the world and Corinne didn’t wanted that something happened to her family..
She is legated to her stepsister (from another dimension) Bella Stella, that inside loves very much. They are like to two Anti :heart: But in this case, they are very good friends and they love and admire each other >U< They love spending time together <3 They love playing Guitar Hero together XD Same with her dear friend Daisy Blackmoon, Cori admire her in secret, cause Daisy is evil just like her. They spend time to go to scare everything they see, and also using together Chaos Control for tricks. XD <3
One her characteristic are the spiky ears in the top like the sister Maria and the dark skin (like the father) and the bulbous nose.
She has also a big dark red mark in the right leg, a stripe like one of her father Shadow :heart: She has the power of the Chaos Control by Shadow and she can stop the time and teleportation of course but she has also the particular in plus in this power: be able to return back in the time.
-Curiosities: Her natural color of the hair is totally black, she dyed a bit her hair with dark blue/purple color subsequently, when she was older. (in her hedgie form, she still always have the dark-blue/purple fur)
She seems she has a good side too...that appears rarely though. She also smiles very very few times, the times are when she is with her only two friends and with her sister when it needs XD

:bulletwhite:Dere character type: Tsundere
:bulletblack:Formation: Power :iconheropowerplz:.
:bulletblack:Theme song: Watashi to ito reason -Aya Hiroshige-…

:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Mia Mizuky Robotnik/ ミア - みずき - ロボトニック (Mìa Mizuki Robotonikku):bulletwhite::bulletblack:
-Shadow and Tamber third daughter :rose:-
:bulletwhite:Complete name: Mia -Kuri- Mizuky Robotnik.
:bulletwhite:Nicknames: Mi, Mimia (called by Tamber and sisters), lil' princess (called by Shad), Kurin (by Maria and Corinne).
:bulletwhite:Hair: Black (same with the fur in the hedgehog form).
:bulletwhite:Eyes: Red.
:bulletwhite:Age: 13
:bulletwhite:D.O.B: 17 November.
:bulletwhite:Height:1.60 (90 cm in the hedgehog form)
:bulletwhite:Likes: Her family, stay at home, studying, animals, silence, Michael Blackmoon and Daisy Blackmoon (close friends, by 7marichan7 <33), Angel Blackmoon (best friend, by 7marichan7), Bella Stella Robotnik (close friend, by Foxy5795 :heart:), Solaria Robotnik (close friend, by Bubbleslou :heart:) and candies.
:bulletwhite:Dislikes: Talking.
:bulletwhite:Status: Single. She doesn't think about love for now, she likes being with friends above all with her best friend Angel Blackmoon :heart:
:bulletwhite:Relatives: Tamber Mizuky (mother) ::Tamber Mizuky Reference:: by tamber-mizuky, Shadow Robotnik (father), Maria Mizuky Robotnik (bigger sis), Corinne Mizuky Robotnik (big sister), Goro the Cat (bymARTz-9o<3 sort of uncle), Spectra Maria Robotnik (by BubblyFoxy :heart: bigger stepsister from another dimension), Bella Stella Robotnik (by BubblyFoxy :heart: big stepsister from another dimension).
:bulletwhite:Bio: Mia is a very shy and reticent 13 years old girl. She normally kept to herself, since she was very little always is afrait to talk. She taken that by the mother, young Tamber was shy and reserved too. She’s quiet, a bit emotionless. She always acted like a calm doll ;-; She always loved studying, loves going into books. Everytime someone or someone with a crush for her at school talked to her, she always blushed and ran away, leaving everybody.
When Mia known Angel Blackmoon some of these things changed: her heart is burning with passion since that. The more she is alone with her dear friend the more cute and talkative she seems to become. Her parents were so happy for that! :heart:
Mia loves playing with her sisters, going out but only in the house garden, Mia isn't too much sure about many strangers around ;o; When she must go out with the mum, she often hide behind her dress <3
Her other hobbies are caring about the garden, cleaning the house and reading novels <3
-Curiosities: She is the portrait of her mother, like the hair and the eyes, but above all the shy personality, that Tamber had when she was young. Sometimes, out, she is confused as the middle sister of the three, since Corinne is the shorter even if she is older than Mia, but Mia is the youngest.

:bulletwhite:Dere character type: Dandere
:bulletwhite:Formation: Speed :iconherospeedplz:
:bulletwhite:Theme song: PON PON PON -Kyary Pamyu-…

:bulletblack:Main teams:
Team Opposed Paradox 
:icontamber-mizuky:- Maria Mizuky R. :iconherospeedplz:
:iconbubblyfoxy:'Spectra' Maria Abigail R. :iconherospeedplz:
:icontamber-mizuky:Corinne Mizuky R. :iconheropowerplz:
:iconbubblyfoxy:Bella Stella R. :iconheropowerplz:
:icontamber-mizuky:Mia Mizuky R. :iconherospeedplz: 

Team Agniswattas
:iconshock-blanket:- Haven :iconheroflyplz: 
:icontamber-mizuky:- Maria Mizuky R. :iconherospeedplz:
:iconshock-blanket:- Rosella :iconherospeedplz:
:icontamber-mizuky:- Corinne Mizuky R. :iconheropowerplz:

:bulletwhite:Support stamp: ::Shadamber daughters Stamp:: by tamber-mizuky wanna support them? ;o; <3

Hope you like :heart:

now I run away, unluckly I'm at school and I ''have to work''..XD

Mia design © :iconfoxy5795:
Maria, Corinne & art © :icontamber-mizuky:

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:blackrose: Ohaiyo dears :love:
Here I finally done a new and better ref of my Tamber :dummy: and in digital :giggle: I wanted to use colors close to the anime ones (above all the colors in Sonic X :XD:)
I have added also another image on this reference, Tamber in swimsuit/underwear :giggle: <33
Added also the bust size >D
(Who wants to know what I have written in japanese near Tamber is just: the first near surprised Tamber is ''What is happened?'' and below near Tamber with swimsuit/underwear is ''What?'')
EDIT: Added some informations <3

Hope you like and it can be more useful! ouo
If you can't read the informations on the image, enlarge it :heart:

:blackrose::blackrose:Tamber Mizuky- タムベルー ・ みずき (Tamuberu Mìzukì) :blackrose::blackrose:

The current ''opposing'' (meaning the appearance) reflection of Maria for Shadow.
:bulletblack:Complete name: Tamber ''Alexandra-Sophia'' Mizuky.
:bulletblack:Name: Tamber (タムベルー)
:bulletblack:Surname: Mizuky (or Mizuki - みずき)
:bulletblack:Nicknames: Tamby, Tam, Mizuky-san/chan, Tamber-san/chan, Tammi, Tama/Tama-chan/Tenshi (called by Viki -BubblyFoxy- and by Lara -Bubbleslou- >w<), Tami/sweetheart (by her stepsister Ms.Cook SSN-AlBlooshi <3), Tamber-sama, Senpai.
:bulletblack:Motherland: Lolimar Island, land of the winds. Lolimar is one of 6 close secret islands, in the Pacific Ocean. (obviously, these islands are imaginary).
:bulletblack:Current Residence: Central City. Before that, she lived at Kyoto, Japan (moved there with her stepsister since she was 6/7 years old until she was 16 years old).
:bulletblack:Eyes: Red
:bulletblack:Hair: Black
:bulletblack:Height: 166 cm
:bulletblack:Weight: 116 lbs
:bulletblack:D.O.B: 24 July (1992)
:bulletblack:Zodiacal Sign: Leo
:bulletblack:Blood Type: 0+
:bulletblack:Sizes: 92-60-89
:bulletblack:Favourite Food: Sushi, Udon, litchi fruit, cupcakes, strawberries, lollipops, puddings, Pocky, macarons, donuts.
:bulletblack:Bio: Don't be tricked by her usual outfit, she is a Gothic Lolita and she loves that style, black and dress it: she is a Gothic Lolita since she was 10 years old :heart:.
She is a quite and beautiful girl, kind and fascinating. Before her meeting with Shadow, from the death of her family (when she was 6) , she didn't and couldn't smile and she was a inespressive girl with everyone (like Yuki Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi if you know her XDD). She is intelligent and crafty and at school has always good marks.
Caring and kind with everyone, she loves stay with friends, but often she likes stay at home alone. Drawing and cooking is two of her hobbies.
She has always admired very much her sister Hana since she was young: for her, Hana was a point of reference :heart: She was legated very much to Discharge too, she always has protected her little sister :heart:
Sometimes she could be very impatient and grumpy: impatient above all when she has to go to save one of her friends in danger and she can't wait or when she wants to do immediatly something; grumpy above all when she is irritated by anyone.
She is also a girl with two personality. She became a yandere since the disappearence of the family.
-Extra curiosities of bio: she is the portrait of her mother about the face. But the very very dark green hair she had when she was young are from her grandfather and the light blue eyes, always when she was young are from the mother. Growing up, she has changed these phisical parts and now she has these like the father.

:bulletblack:Weak points: when somebody tells bad about her, her family and her friends, her love Shadow and..maths :XD:
:bulletblack:Love: Shadow ''Robotnik'' the Hedgehog (husband in future) -Main story-
Yamaru (boyfriend) (belongs to TheBoss5095:heart:)
-Another story-
Jack Spicer (fallen in love with him)
-Another story, with Tamber Xiaolin in my personal Xiaolin Showdown story-
:bulletblack:Status: Engaged with Shadow the Hedgehog (future husband)
:bulletblack:Relatives (Genealogic Tree is Coming Soon): King Kaji Mizuky and Queen Sonja Alexandra Mizuky of Lolimar Kingdom (Father and Mother) .Mizuky Family photo. by tamber-mizuky, Discharge Mizuky (little sister - BlueSpecZ:heart:), Hana 'Perla' Mizuky (bigger sister - BubblyFoxy:heart:):The Triplets: by tamber-mizuky , Maria Mizuky Robotnik (first daughter), Corinne Mizuky Robotnik (second daughter), Mia Mizuky Robotnik (third daughter) :Shadamber Daughters refs: by tamber-mizuky , Temma Tsukamoto (little cousin), Milena Mizuky (little cousin), Savannah Grace (little cousin - Rockgirl-Savvy:heart:), Ms. Cook (stepsister - SSN-AlBlooshi:heart:).
:bulletblack:Alignement: Normal-Neutral
:bulletblack:Formation: Speed/Agility.
:bulletblack:Power: Esper (Power ESP), wind power control (she can manage the wind).
But they are additional, she doesn't use them very much, she lives her life as a normal person.
:bulletblack:Likes: Shadow the Hedgehog , her sisters Discharge and Hana (keeping the promise of them), Sonic, Rouge, Tails, her children (future), animals, the good of the others and japanese food.
:bulletblack:Hates: Metarex, Black Arms, Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Amy Rose (Tamber considers her a bit annoying.)

:bulletblack:Story:Tamber born in the island of Lolimar. She has lost her family and her sisters Hana and Discharge when she was 6. At her 6th birthday, a quite day as the others, is happened a cataclysm in her land. In the mess on this cataclysm, she has lost sight of her parents but at least she was taken by hand by her sister Hana (at the time, Hana was 8 and Discharge was 4). When they have taken also the little Discharge, they ran away again. When the sisters were out of the castle, Hana has made that she, Tamber and Discharge could escape in a portal that would brought them in the Central Island. But something is gone wrong: the energy was less cause the cataclysm. Before Tamber was disappeared on the portal, Hana has begged her to promise her this: to be a strong girl. Infact when Tamber was young, she was too shy, defenseless and closed, she never reponsed about anything. Tamber gone in the portal, but she lost sight of the sisters and she seen that they still were at Lolimar cause the less energy of the portal. She thought to have lost her family forever.
She has lived alone with the stepsister Cooky (Ms. Cook SSN-AlBlooshi :heart:) in Central City, moved there from the Central Island after an year.

(Spoiler: After many time, she has found out that her family was alive and she has gone to save them. Her family has been captured by Metarex during the cataclysm, triggered by them for the conquest of the Universe. (Metarex attacked this part of the Earth for a Chaos Emerald there.) Continue later..)

The meeting with Shadow, her future love, happens to Prison Island. Tamber and Chris were trying to seach Sonikku. When Shadow creates the Chaos Control to save Rouge from the explosion of Prison Island. Tamber and Chris were in the same room of Rouge and when Shadow is appeared, he was immediatly ready to teleport him and Rouge. Rouge didn't want to leave the others but Shadow didn't care them. Tamber begs Shadow to bring them too away the Prison. She has finished the sentence with the famous words ''I beg you Shadow'', same words of Maria and Shadow has noted that Tamber was too similar to Maria Robotnik. Space Colony ARK, the place where Shadow and Tamber were able to share the love. On the ARK it's happened an incident where Tamber, while she was esaping with Shadow, she is hit from behind.She sacrificed herself for the others to save them and send them in the safe part of the ARK. Shadow never forgot the expression of Tamber after the sacrifice, and before that she falling down. After that Shadow disappeared in to the incident on the ARK (Sonic Adventure 2), Tamber, survived, was no longer the same, and enrolled her in an army for the defense of the planet Earth during the battle versus the Metarex (infact she has enrolled on it because she wanted, of course, to save the family).
In this time she has met again Shadow for case <3 Glad to see him, she has tried to talk with him. But she saw Shadow did not remember anything of her. Tamber, upset, has tried to do anything to make him to remember. For a bit of time, she has been at his side. The final battle was there and the main base of Metarex was near. She still was upset, confused, because Shadow still didn't remember and the family stll kept on the base..She was in the panic and she wanted to attack the Metarex, doing like a sacrifice. When she wanted to sacrifice her again, like she has done on the ARK, while going near Shadow, random, did the same expression of that time and Shadow has remembered everything. Tamber disappeared in the base and Shadow, being upset, attacked by himself the Metarex.
Tamber and Shadow met again each other at the end on the Blue Typhoon. Was thought that Tamber was dead, but escaped with a fake fragment of a Chaos Emerald that Sonikku given her time before, when they was on the ARK. In the end, the family of Tamber was saved, and all thanks to Shadow <3 After all those sad moments, Tamber, lived good times with her sisters Hana and Discharge, finally after many years and she and Shadz get married <3 After some years, they have had children: Maria ''Noriko'' Mizuky Robotnik, Corinne ''Aya'' Mizuky Robotnik and the littlest Mia ''Kuri'' Mizuky Robotnik :heart: (They had them when Shadow, by mistake, became an human cause a strange machinery created by Eggman, and during those years, he and Tamber had Maria and Corinne before Eggman would have found an opposite machinery.)
And the ''adventures'' are not finished yet, they will know new people, like the Blackmoon family (belongs to 7marichan7 <3) and the family of Samarah (belongs to BubblyFoxy <3), the families Tamber knew already (she is best friend with Mari and Samarah since they were more young <3), where Maria, Corinne and Mia will find their best friends; the meeting with Silver, the future hedgehog, (which is thought he is the possible their fourth son), Blaze and many others. <3

(Sorry for this long story, but I'm not good with brief summaries and I have prolonged >n<')

(in my other story, of Tamber in hedgehog form she, Discharge and Hana are a triplet <33 three twin sisters :love:)

:bulletblack:Friends: Rouge, Sonic, Tails, Samarah & Berry (best friends - BubblyFoxy <3), Lara Aurant (best friend - Bubbleslou <3), Mari Blackmoon (best friend - 7marichan7 <3), Emi (best friend - KawaiiChainsaw <3), Leo (best friend - TechnoGamerSpriter <3), Alice (best friends - Shaymikuu <3), Zeki (very close friend - E-C98 <3), Goro, Fannie, Kita (very close friends - mARTz-9o <3), Mars (very close friend - Wabii <3), Charm (close friend - Lightning-Dream <3),
Elis (close friend - DisasterVictim <3), Madame Finitevus (close friend - Madame-Finitevus1890 <3), Selena Alex (close friend - SelenaThe-Hedgehog <3).
:bulletblack:Theme song: A change to shine -Akino Arai-…
:bulletblack:Dere character type: Yandere

:bulletblack:Main Teams:
:star:Team Tenshi:star: -Theme song…
:bulletblack::icontamber-mizuky:- Tamber Mizuky :bulletblack:
:bulletgreen::iconbubbleslou:- Lara Aurant :bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple::iconbubblyfoxy:- Samarah :bulletpurple:

:blackrose: Next Gen of Anarchy Angels :blackrose:
:bulletwhite::icontamber-mizuky:- Tama-Shirt
:bulletgreen::iconshaymikuu:- Leggings

:bulletblack:SA2 style: :SA2 Tamber: by tamber-mizuky ;
- Check out also her in hedgehog form! --> ::Tamber the Hedgehog Reference:: by tamber-mizuky ;
- Check out her in Panty and Stocking version character! -->… ;
- Check many of Tamber's outfits! -->… ;
- Check out here you can see most of her versions! -->… (original blank meme by OohLaLa423 -I changed some parts,
plus, I give credits to the artists who did some of the respective artworks in some versions, thank you so much for your amazing drawings!)
:bulletblack:Support stamps: .:Tamber Stamp:. by tamber-mizuky wanna support her? ;o; <3

Art and Tamber © :icontamber-mizuky:

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:blackrose:My Tama in Sonic X style ;u; Finally I improved my Sonic X style, not only the colorin, but also the anatomy :heart: I worked a lot on this ;A;
I really hope it's come out good ;o;
Unfortunately I'm not feeling good in these days..I had fever and I'm feel pretty dark..and drawing is my only way to vent myself ;_; As always after all, it's my passion
Now ar least illness is passed and soon will come others fan arts :heart: about RPG games hehe
Love chu so much sugars :heart: Hope you like it <3

Sonic X style © :iconsegalogoplz:
Tamber the hedgehog & art © :icontamber-mizuky:

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:blackrose: Doneeeee :la: A bit of time but I've did it :XD:
This is a collab between me and mah beautiful tenshi BubblyFoxy :love: :iconbigheartplz:
We have talked some days ago and we decided to do two collabs *U* She has done this great sketchy of our Team Opposed Paradox and I colored it and for her, I've done always our Team but in anime style :love:
So..this would be my digital coloring XD and I have to say that I'm proud how is come out here ;-; :heart:
Love our gurls ;33; <333
Hope you like ;AA;

Edit: Better BG
Sketch, Spectra Maria & Bella Stella © :iconbubblyfoxy:
Colors, Maria M. R. & Corinne M. R. © :icontamber-mizuky:

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wow is this the 5000th time that i redid her outfit 
cause it sure feels like it

Name: Calypso

Nicknames: Amazon; Nuke 

Species: Floridan panther 

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height (In comparison to other characters): She is smaller than most, but she always tries to make herself look taller.

Body type: She is slim but has very muscular legs

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Nationality: Scottish 

Voice Actor: Merida from "Brave" (Kelly Macdonald) 

Theme Song: Touch the Sky by Julie Fowlis (… )

Team Position: Power (Member of Team Federations)

Occupation: Works for United Federations (NOT G.U.N.) She resides in Central City, but goes to other places under UF's command.


*Calypso is quite insecure when it comes to her powers. She does not wish to do evil with them, and her determination to gain control of her powers is evident, but her lack of existent control usually proved them to be a danger instead of a benefit. Calypso is sensitive towards other people and their well-being, so she always carefully moderates the amount of radioactivity that she exposes to others. Calypso mostly likes to observe others, even to the point of making others uncomfortable. She has been shown to like performing daring acts, and appears to be good at gymnastics. 

*Calypso absolutely abhors fighting (shes ok with play/practice fighting), but if she does encounter one she will try to end it as quickly as possible without seriously injuring her opponent. She is a kind and caring individual, who expresses concern for almost everyone's safety. Calypso hates when people worry about her well-being, mainly because she is convinced that she can defend herself when necessary (not always true). Calypso is very playful and loving with those who she trusts, but she does not forget and forgive easily.

Powers: Calypso has the ability of radiation generation/manipulation, which means she can use this radiation for her bidding (however she is not very good at it yet). This activity is extremely dangerous to those around her, so she prefers it when she is completely isolated to use her powers. She cannot do it for a extremely long time, and her powers may fluctuate uncontrollably in accordance to her emotions, due to the fact that she is not experienced with her abilities. When she gets mad, she can accidentally induce illness on those who are around her, so keeping her emotions in check is always important. She must keep her neck covered at all time, because that is where her natural radiation is most concentrated. All of those around her are exposed to usual levels of radiation, and machinery can also be affected.

*Her powers mean that she can make any object radioactive, by performing neutron bombardment, or stabilize normally-radioactive elements. When she gets more experienced she will be able to destabilize protons in order to disintegrate matter (with a blast of intense radiation), manipulate objects containing neutronium(she can create barriers or spikes), and accelerate or decelerate the rate of radioactive decay. When using these powers heat can be generated, and electronics are known to malfunction. Most of the time however, she has no control on the intensity of heat released or when her powers affect machinery.

*She isnt the best hand-to-hand fighter, so she heavily relies on her weapon and evading techniques to help her.
*Calypso does not have a sturdy defense against attacks and usually relies on her nucleokinesis to protect her.
*She has big ears that are sensitive, so if there are any high pitched or loud noises, they can seriously hurt her.
*She has terrible motor skills (except for planes)
*She hates using guns or anything with has a loud firing noise. 
*Her powers are (VERY) unstable

*Her head is covered in close-lying orange fur
*White muzzle and inner ears
*Yellowish green irises with slitted black pupils and glassy white sclera. Two thick eyelashes on each eyelid.
*Skinny and somewhat curvy body that is covered with white and orange fur
*Large, alert sensitive ears that are quite flexible and often move where sound is detected
*Small black, shiny triangular nose with no apparent nostrils
*Large, and long tail that acts like any other normal tail would
*3 curly spikes of hair on each side of her head, 3 varying sizes of spikes of hair that arch out in front of her head, and arched tufts of orange fur on the back of her head, that look somewhat like shoulder-length hair

*She loves to play fight with people
*She tends to cuss a lot
*She has very sharp nails that can sheathe and unsheathe
*She has a tomahawk that can be coated in solidified radioactivity
*Calypso's tribe cut of her tail when she was a child in order to be able to swim
*Calypso's hair spikes are very pliable, and are able to fold down and form more real-looking hair
*She loves to fly
*She absolutely loves the forest

Short Backstory

Raised by the Sekhmet Felidae Clan in the Mystic Mountains, Calypso was born into a hierarchy of female warriors (which is not always a good thing for a pacifist). Since the day of her birth, Calypso has been trained to be a skillful and ruthless fighter. She has been one of the few that that had not initially accepted this form of training, but her work for the tribe began early on anyway. She performed any special task or procedure that the tribe asked of her, but she was known for her reluctance to hurt others. The government (United Federation) tracked her down due to the extreme amount of radiation found in the areas around her, and forced her to contain her powers so she would not hurt anyone by her natural radiation. She was kept in a separate facility, and was allowed minimal contact with others for that period of time. Her tribe then later expelled her after they found out about her abilities, and they still refuse to come into contact with her (shes fine with that though).

Later on she agreed to assist the United Federations (NOT G.U.N.) with special tasks and missions because she had no other place to go, and partially because what they did for her. 

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Yep. She's braaannddd new! Recently got this character from :iconclouderoo: and I love her to bits. She's shared between me and my boyfriend

Looking at what I have on the ref so far I don't believe I need to add anything except a few things such as her being Momo's cousin and that she likes money. A looooot of money. Payday is her favorite day. She's someone who likes to have fun and let loose so she tends to dislike people who are too serious all the time instead of for obvious important things. She also doesn't like to sit around and do nothing for periods of time, so she'll stay active and on her feet until she's tired, doing things like maybe jogging to pass the time if there are no plans for the day. She has to keep up her shape for as long as she's a mercenary so that's another reason. She also HATES being broke.

I think that's about all I can add for now. xD

Jubilee also belongs to - :iconmattgasmic:
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New ref for Shan. Just made some slight changes. Also made a new ref cause people tend to draw her with her jacket open. : 0 Heres her bio. Copy and pasted it from her old ref.

Name: Shannohn Flames Alastor
Nicknames: Shan, Phoenix Princess
Age: 21
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Height: 3'4"
Weight: 75 lbs
Marital Status: Married to Dante James Alastor
DOB: June 24
Birth Place: Planet Phoenix
Residence: Mobius, Station Square
Occupation: Rock Star / Plays the electric guitar / Power Type in Team Badass
Alignment: Neutral
Type: Power

Special Attacks: Phoenix Blast, Heat Wave, Phoenix Flare, Chaos Tremor, Flame Boost, Fire Breath.
Abilities & Aptitude: Pyrokinesis and super strength.
Hobbies & Talents: Plays the electric guitar in her band.

~ She cannot move/run so quickly, however she can give her self a boost with a burst of flames from her feet (aka Flame Boost).
~ She tends to act before thinking.
~ Needs to be close to her enemies in order to give critical damage.
~ Gets slightly distracted when showing off her power/skills.
~ Wine.
~ She can over use the power of the Phoenix so the Phoenix takes away her super strength and pyrokinesis to recharge leaving Shannohn completely vulnerable and weak. Her flame markings disappear when the Phoenix needs recharging.

Other forms: Phoenix Shannohn
In this form Shannohn's speed and power increases ten fold for a limited time, depending on if Shannohn can control the power of the Phoenix or if she uses the form for too long leaving the Phoenix exhausted and needing to recharge.

Personal facts
Friends: Sophie The Hedgehog, Jaimie The Fox, Michael Ifrit, Gazelle The Lynx, Death Cannon, Leanne The Hedgehog, Petra K., Rocket The Hedgehog, Momo The Hedgehog, Thell Vallock and... Many more.
Rivals: Momo The Hedgehog
Enemies: Riddick Naora, Circe The Queen, Eggman
Family: Dante James Alastor (Husband), Alice Alastor (Future Daughter), Kevin James Alastor (Future Son), Aaron Flames (Father), Ariana Flames (Mother)
Likes: Being with her family and friends, helping others when there's trouble, Summer, showing off her power, playing her guitar, performing in concerts, drinking, teasing her friends, working out.
Dislikes: Secrets, losing, puzzles, hangovers, drunk Death, getting help/assistance from others during a battle.
Gourmet of choice: Ramen
Beverages of choice: Tea, Wine
Favorite color(s): Red and black
Personality: Aggressive, stubborn, cocky, a show off, prideful, can get annoyed easily and lose patience, sometimes loud, likes to tease others, protective with her friends and the innocent.

Themesong: Breaking Point - Bullet For My Valentine
Back Story: Re-constructing.
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