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:cakerun: by Kath602
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcH
Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81

Birthday Card Contest

CELEBRATE by akrasiel deviantART is celebrating its 12th birthday on the 7th August and what better way to celebrate with a card from its awesome members?!
This is where you guys come in!

Make a card!

It is up to you to make a card celebrating dA's 12th birthday! You can use any medium for this, the more creative the better!
If you are into Artisan Crafts you could try your hand at papercutting, or add some little handmade charms to your card.
Mini Birthday Gift Sets by claremansonWe have a Hulk! by LittleGreenFrogButterfly Card by Himmapaangreeting card by megatron73
If you are into Traditional Art you could scratchboard a card, or try a collage or even mix the medias up a little.
Ferret for Russ by MystiqueDeepHappy birthday my dear lamb by ladybirdartWHO: Time for everything by CT02T-Party Rex _greetings card by Maddiox
If you are a Digital Artist you can design something amazing with your program of choice or utilize the Stock and Resources that dA supplies - just check the individual rules!
Unicorn Birthday Card by FluffntuffB-day card by sea-weedOctopus Birthday Card by bensigas+ Happy Birthday + by aamran

In brief

Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcH Make a card for dA's 12th birthday.
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcH Unlimited per Deviant.
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcH Any medium is accepted - if you are drawing traditionally/digitally try to involve something related to dA like Fella, art, llamas and such.
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcH Must be a new piece of work.
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcH Credit any Resources you are using.


As always there are some really awesome prizes up for grabs!
First Place - 2400 points
Second Place - 1600 points 
Third - Place 800 points

Submitting and Judging

Entries will need to be submitted into the

Birthay Card Contest Category

by the 10th August 12pm (usa time)

Browse the entries here.

Judges are as follows -
:iconmoonbeam13: :iconunicornreality: and :icondemonmathiel:

Have fun!

Have a great time and enjoy the other birthday festivities! :D



Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcH
:cakerun: by Kath602
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Story Illustration Contest '13

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 17, 2013, 7:45 PM
After two successful, exciting, and fun years for my Illustration Contest, I might as well keep with the momentum! Usually I start it a few months later in the year, but this time I figure why wait? The third annual Story Illustration Contest is now officially underway!

The Rules

:bulletgreen:To enter, +fave this journal and +watch me so you can get updates for the contest. If you don't dig me, you can always un-watch once we're done.
:bulletgreen:Draw an illustration depicting a character, characters, or a scene from the selection of stories below.
:bulletgreen:You may enter as many times as you like!
:bulletgreen:Entries will be judged by faithfulness to the source material and complexity of the image.
:bulletgreen:In the description under your entry, include a link to the original story and this contest article.
:bulletgreen:Send your entries to me in a note so I can add them to this folder.
:bulletgreen:No bases! Entries must be completely made by you.

The Challenge

Pick your favorite story from the list below and draw a scene or characters from it! I try to be diverse in my writing; Action, drama, science fiction, romance, humans, robots... There should be something in there for everybody. Unfortunately, last year's chaos didn't allow me to be as proliferate as I would have liked, so there's more old favorites than new this time around. Some characters already have visual depictions, but some don't. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Some stories contain characters that belong to my friends, but feel free to draw them as well.

The Prizes

Fourth Place

Third Place

Second Place

:star:First Place:star:

[Note me if you're interested in donating to the prize pool.]

The Deadline

Now extended to April 18th!

The Stories!

Original Works

Mature Content

or Furor
Every year, spring brings new life and new opportunities, but with these also come new threats, new dangers. On a warm spring night, deep within a Montana forest, yet another of these primal dramas has come to fruition. Flora and fauna which had established their own footholds on life are trampled and pushed aside underneath three werewolves without a second thought. At this moment, The Chase is their only concern.
This deep within the forest, the green foliage is dense enough to snap back in the face of the immense brown werewolf charging his way through it. But he shrugs off the blows, his drive and focus more effective than any painkillers. His fur catches in the branches, leaving behind coffee-colored knots snared amongst the leaves, and even that barely slows down his pace. He feels like half a tree is tangled up within the braid that hangs off the back of his head. But as great a nuisance as the forest growth can be, it has to be doubly hindering for his quarry ahead. The disrupt

Meet Samson Phoenix, a young man with an inferiority complex, as he navigates through the inherent complexities of the life of a werewolf.

Mature Content

A super-powered soldier must recruit two delinquent elementals.
AlienatedOn an average morning, Joseph O'Donnell was the first thing his wife was aware of when she awoke: his large frame a source of comfort, even during this unsure point in their marriage. His right arm reliably wrapped around her, his left under the pillows to hide the stump where once a hand had been. How she missed him when he had served in Iraq. On those nights, the empty half of their bed might as well have been a vacuum.
This, however, was not an average morning – if it even was morning. Sarah O'Donnell sensed something amiss during her first glimpses of wakefulness – they were not on their bed, but a hard, flat surface. She aborted a slow drift out of sleep in favor of a straight-up leap into consciousness.
Panic threatened to grab hold as her eyes darted around to survey the dark room. There were no windows, no way of gauging the time of day. Only a few dim orange squares in the ceiling above them glowed with enough luminosity to keep the room from being pitch black. A fen

A war veteran, abducted by aliens, must chose between being human, and his humanity.
"Professor Sewell! Come quickly! You're not bloody going to believe this!"
Professor Elizabeth Sewell gave the intern a cross glare through her glasses. She was a middle-aged woman, with red hair just beginning to silver. She was not finicky about her appearance, yet she tried very hard to avoid the "stern librarian" appearance displayed by many of her colleagues. "Language, Mister Porter. If you wish to be a professional, you'll need to control that hasty tongue of yours."
"Right sorry," young Porter gasped obligatorily as he shoved aside both flaps that served as the door to her tent and beckoned her outside. He was a consummate portrayal of young adulthood: longish hair that constantly dangled over his brows, sloppily-shaven stubble, and lose, dirty clothes. Dark brown hair and eyes were the only color contrasting an otherwise pasty complexion. "But you must come see this! We've found something in the cave!"
Elizabeth sighed as she closed her archeology book, obviously in no hurry.

The archeological discovery of the century proves the existence of werewolves... or does it? This story ties in to the universe of the novel I'm writing.

Fan Fiction

The Fifty-Ninth MinuteWith increasing regularity, the Earth was coming under threat by alien menaces other than the Decepticons. It made sense, the Autobot known as Pyro supposed; the planet was both out of the way and ideally located, depending on where you were coming from. Or which way you were going. The universe was funny like that.
Pyro, in the guise of a firetruck, regarded the man that climbed inside him. He had a rather strange face, but not the strangest they had on file. (Personally, his favorite was the "teeth and curls" look.) This was a new face, all flat and nose and long hair. And his clothes were strange. He had always had questionable fashion sense, but it had always leaned more towards the old-fashioned and less towards the... hm, "singed raggedy."
"Hello, Doctor," the Autobot said once they were rolling. Pyro increased his speed; they hadn't much time.
The man looked surprised for a moment. He glanced towards the passenger seat and the seats behind him to see if he had missed anyone, but

A Doctor Who/Transformers crossover!
The ZooCybertronians did not experience grogginess. Unlike humans, there were no levels of consciousness; they were either offline or online. Moonhunter had tried to explain what it was like to Whiplash once, on a Saturday morning when her human brother Cassidy had been reluctant to get out of bed. But the young Maximal had not been able to fathom what it was like and she still couldn’t.
Although, when she snapped online to find herself in a dark cell, staring up at a barely-illuminated ceiling, she found herself wishing she could control her level of consciousness and go back offline without fully registering the freakishness into which she had just awoken.
She played back her most recent memories for some clue as to how she’d wound up here. There had a huge sphere in the sky, suddenly spearing out of nowhere while she scouted a valley on some remote planet. A blue light had illuminated her and then nothingness. It must have been a stun ray, or a tractor beam, or some efficient

When a young Maximal is kidnapped, how far will her creator go to rescue her?

Mature Content

"Commander!" The voice of Quarry cut through the static. No, that wasn't static, it was gunfire in the background. "There's someone in the generator room! We can't keep him pinned! He's invisible to our sens- No wait, he's transforming! He's cutting us down! Oh Primus he's-" Actual static. The line went dead.
First DateHenry “Beast” McCoy knew this arrangement aggravated Agent Brand. But she had recruited him for this “job” because of his different sensibilities, and thus had to defer to his judgment. Her profuse protests over the phone had given him an almost perverse sense of pleasure when he proposed the idea. Why couldn’t they just meet up at her apartment, she’d asked. He wasn’t “that kind of boy,” he’d answered. Eventually, she had no choice but to cave in to his demands.
And now they were on their first date. All soldier, she marched through the front door. Henry wondered if she was capable of turning it off. At least she had replaced the S.W.O.R.D. uniform with a gray pants suit... although for all Hank knew, she had it on underneath. Probably had it on underneath.
Always a gentleman, Henry stood and pulled her seat out for her. “I must say, Agent Brand,” Henry said, his baritone voice practically purring with smugness, &

A mutant superhero and a secret agent alien-mutant hybrid go out on their first date. What can possibly go wrong?
The Cat and the RatCybertron was a cold world of uniformity and order. As colorful as its people could be, the world that birthed them varied little from golds and grays and purples. This world, however, was in complete contrast to Cybertron: colorful, jagged, uneven, wild and unstable. It was a completely alien planet, and the Maximal now known as Tigatron felt completely like he belonged here. Its primal beauty filled the chasm in his soul that had haunted him since the earliest days of his life, when he had first learned there was life outside of Cybertron.
He knew his fellow Maximals didn't consider this world home. But there had been a point after awakening on this planet where it was all he knew. Since then, his memories had mostly been restored as his core processor mended, but all he could remember about Cybertron was how ill at ease he had felt there. He was one with this planet now, and he never wanted to leave.
In the visage of a white tiger, he remained rigid, a lone sentinel over the

The most reticent Maximal and the most loudmouthed are stuck in a blizzard together--and in the snow, find their past and their future.

If none of these stories interest you, you're welcome to browse amongst the rest of my works. Find something you like? Note me about it!

Previous Years' Winners!

Gunslinger and Betsy by Canalus St'Nan couple by SilverMender
:star:but you CAN fall off a cliff by Underbase:star:
Gunslinger and his new protoform by Bluetabbycat Lonely-1 by Kingoji
:star:Last Moment by Nightenscythe:star:
Nonissue by Underbase Captive by Zimeta :thumb365332028:
:star:Apex Predator by Sidonie:star:

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Daily Deviation Suggestion Drive!

Tue Jan 1, 2013, 12:36 AM

Back By Popular Demand!

In January of 2012, the community was challenged by thorns to do something about their complaints on dA. Thus was born this very group! But before the group, it was just a fledgling idea on LiliWrites's account that began with a DD Suggestion Contest. The results of that contest were overwhelming. And so, under the prodding of quite a few Community Volunteers, we're going to do it again! 

:new: UPDATE: Less than 1 week in and we've already got 100 suggested DDs and 2 accepted suggestions!! :onfire: Keep up the great work guys and gals.  Please remember that you need to leave a link to every deviation you suggest in this journal. That's how we verify that the suggestion can be let into the favorites gallery. :heart:

The Challenge

Simple, really. Suggest a whole lot of awesome pieces of art and literature to the appropriate Community Volunteer. A list of who accepts work from what gallery can be found in FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:
1. Only send ONE suggestion in each note. This helps the CVs stay organized.
2. Including a few sentences about why you think the work deserves a DD can be very helpful to getting the piece featured.
3. Before you make the suggestion, ask yourself if you would feature this work to a community of millions of deviants. CVs are after the best of the best, so make sure you truly believe the work does deserve that spotlight. ;)

:new: Clarification! You may suggest artwork submitted to dA at any point in time. The artwork is not your entry to the points drawing. The suggestion is. :)

The Rules

:bulletpurple: Only DD suggestions made in January 2013 may be entered in the contest.
:bulletpurple: Please add this journal to your favorites to help spread the word!
:bulletpurple: Make sure you send your suggestions to the appropriate CV, and read any guidelines they may have (usually found in their journals or on their profile pages) in case they have special instructions.
:bulletpurple: Once you've made your suggestion, leave a link to the work you suggested on this journal and submit it to the DD Suggestion Drive Favorites folder. A tutorial for doing this can be found here:

LiliWrites will be keeping an eye on the DD's throughout January. If any from the drive are selected, they'll be added to the group's gallery as well as featured in the results article in February!

The Prizes

Everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing. There are ten prizes of 100 points each available as well as a few bonus prizes to be announced in the results. :eager:

A Final Note

Daily Deviations are a very exciting aspect of our community. Having received a few myself, I know how wonderful it can be to have the community focused on something you created. That said, they remain a feature, not a contest prize or trophy. If a CV rejects your suggestion please understand that it is not an insult to you or to the artist. DDs are subjectively chosen based on many factors and it could simply be that your suggestion doesn't have the same wow-factor as another, or that the CV just doesn't like that particular piece. 

The point of this activity is to get people involved in the process of making DDs a dynamic, community experience. Not every piece suggested will be featured, but every artist who knows someone thought their work was worthy of a DD will be thrilled when the results are announced. :heart:

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments on this blog. 

Now, go forth and suggest! 
Time to haul ass out of here!

Back by popular demand! Your challenge is to suggest as many DDs as you can in January 2013! 1000+ points up for grabs!
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Critmas is here! (Last Day!)

Mon Dec 24, 2012, 12:53 AM
:new: Today is the LAST DAY for you to get your 12 critiques in! Make sure you leave a comment in this journal linking all your pieces. There's plenty of prizes up for grabs :) Remember you have until  11:59 PM pst TODAY to complete your critiques!

:holly: On the first day of Critmas, a deviant gave to me. :holly:

Back by popular demand, I bring you...

The 12 days of CRITMAS challenge!


Now most of you are relaxing and chilling out on your Christmas vacations; some of you have time off work/school and will be staying at home in the warm over the next week or so. So why don't we make use of that hermit time and do something productive? Get your onesie on, warm up a mince pie, pour yourself a Baileys and let’s get comfortable around our computers!

The Challenge

The challenge is a simple one. Write 12 critiques over the next 12 days. That's only one a day- or spread them as you will (You could even do all 12 today!). 

Anyone can write a critique, you don't need to have qualifications to do so. If you don't know where to start, look at a piece and think about which qualities you do and don't like in it and maybe offer ideas on how the piece can be improved. 

Critiques are about keeping things positive; always make sure you are offering it as a subject of improvement of the piece, not a criticism of why you dislike it.

PE: Literature Critique TipsAs part of Project Educate Critique week, the Community Volunteers would like to share more art specific elements to consider whilst giving good critique.
Today we are looking at the Literature gallery, with our Top Tips.

Before you start
:bulletblue: READ the piece all the way through.
:bulletblue: Read it again, making notes of what you would like to point out in your critique.
:bulletblue: Stay Objective- you are critiquing the piece not the person.
The Tips!
These tips are areas which aren't just necessary in critiquing others' work, but also when self-critiquing your own writing. This is one person's suggestions and I welcome any further tips in addition.
:bulletpink: A good opening. The opening to any form of writing doesn't necessarily need to involve a physical explosion, but it needs to have an initial hook; something to entice the reader in. It needs to be clear, something that

The Rules

:star: It doesn't matter who you give the critiques to, but don't critique the same deviant 12 times! (The idea is to spread the joy!)

:star: Please only critique pieces from deviantART using the critique function or posting in the comments of the deviation.

:star: Once you have written your 12 critiques, leave a comment in this journal, linking your 12 critiques to me. (Click on the timestamp of your post to get direct comment link).

:star: Past critiques CANNOT be included, only critiques given after the 24th December will be accepted.

:star: You do not have to critique just literature; you can pick any art form, as long as you write 12. However at LEAST 4 must be literature. (Why? Because I’m a lit CV and therefore want this to be slightly bias towards literature :p)

:star: Deadline for submissions: Sunday 6th January 2013, by 11:59 PM pst.:star:




The prize pool for this is huge, and if more people want to add more prizes, please let me know and I will add to the list! The prizes for this will be given to multiple winners, so everyone who participates has a chance to win!

1000 points from
500 points from Nichrysalis*
500 points from TheSkaBoss*
500 points from TheGalleryOfEve*
400 points from Memnalar*
200 points from inknalcohol*
200 points from PrismaticMemories*
200 points from LadyLincoln*
150 points from wyldhoney*
100 points from xlntwtch*
100 points from thorns*
100 points from thetaoofchaos*
50 points from LionSchool*
50 points from Creativity-Squared
10 points from DrippingWords*

*Donated via prize pool

2 X 3 month subs from SRSmith
1 month sub from OfOneSoul
3 x detailed critique on a deviation of choice from OfOneSoul
3 x detailed critique on a deviation of choice from neurotype
3 x detailed critique on a deviation of choice from TheFS
2 x detailed critique on a deviation of choice from WorldWar-Tori
2 x detailed critique on a deviation of choice from :devang-jojoi:

Journal features from BeccaJS, SadisticIceCream,  CRLiterature, theWrittenRevolution

So are you in? :iconeagerpee:



HINT: Stuck where to start giving your critiques? Why not visit the December Critique Thread in the lit forums? :D


A fantastic critique contest for all- multiple winners, lots of points, and festive cheer!
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Back to School!

:new: We've not received any entries for this contest. Please can you express interest if you are planning to submit, otherwise we may have to consider cancelling this! Thank you.

It's September, which means another school year has begun. The break of the summer has finally settled and all the kids, equipped with their little rucksacks, are ready for education! 

For young children, school is about learning and exploring those basic skills we now take for granted as we get older. We learn them through a variety of lessons, and reading is essentially one of those. Do you remember those stories you read when you were in Primary or Elementary school?  

Did you ever read Magic School Bus? The series, by Joanna Cole, featured a class of children and their eccentric teacher Ms Frizzle travelling on a bus to the most exotic of locations to understand how things worked- from inside the human body, to a water system and even outer space. They had a sense of humour that appealed to their target audience, with real factual information children were learning along the way.

Magic School Bus by dtwicked

Another fantastic series is the Horrible Histories by Terry Deary- with similar sense of humour used to educate the target audience, teaching children about eras in history. The series expanded beyond historic eras, covering geography, science, even sport and eventually was turned into an animated TV series, a live action series and even song versions!

The Contest!

We want you to create either a short story or poem that is aimed at a target audience of 6-9 year olds.

The theme is to write something that teaches the target audience something factual: This can be anything such as the colours of the rainbow, the nine times table or even something more challenging such as processes and historic events. Thinking about your audience is essential.

We strongly advise that when you have written your piece you seek critique and feedback to redraft and improve your piece prior to the deadline. Submissions can be updated up until the deadline. Do not discount the need for checking and redrafting your work.

The Rules

:star: Prose pieces must be no longer than 1000 words.
:star: Poetry must be no longer than 50 lines.
:star: The entry must be a new piece of work, submitted to deviantART after Sunday 22nd September.
:star: The contest deadline is midnight on Saturday 2nd November, giving you 6 weeks for submission.

The Prizes

First Prize Winner First Place First Prize Winner

1 Year Subscription to DeviantArt
A print of your choice (maximum $60)
1500 points

:star:Second Place:star:

6 Month Subscription to DeviantArt
A print of your choice (maximum $40)
1000 points

:star:Third Place:star:

3 Month Subscription to DeviantArt
A print of your choice (maximum $20)
500 points

:bulletyellow: Honourable Mentions :bulletyellow:

200 points each
Critiques from DailyBreadCafe

There will also be an additional pool of 300 points split randomly amongst participants for entering!

Points Kindly donated by:

:star:All winners and honourable mentions will recieve Journal features from Farand, Ezri-Krios, SingingFlames, DailyBreadCafe, PennedinWhite, IrrevocableFate, Evolicess :eager:

Any additional prize donations more than welcome!

The Judges


:bulletpink: Work that respects the reader. Kids and teens aren't dumb, and you don't have to "dumb things down" to reach them. There is a difference between writing a story that is age-appropriate and writing a story that assumes lack of intelligence on the part of the reader.

:bulletpink: Work that shows knowledge of children's literature. How many books/stories have you read in the genre/target age you're writing for? If the answer is 0-10, go back to the library. If all you've read in YA/children's are a few recent bestsellers, or the classics, go back to the library. Would you like recommendations? Ask the librarian! Or!

:bulletpink: Work that DOES NOT try to teach a lesson. Children's and young adult fiction is NOT a place for morality tales, any more than adult fiction is. Sure, every story has a slant, or an ideology, because it's impossible for the author not to include what he or she believes in his work. But a story for children is not automatically a vehicle for teaching a lesson. 

:bulletpink: Good. Damn. Writing. Be creative, be articulate, be beautiful. 

:bulletpink: Children's novels (or middle grade) is for ages 7-12, and features protagonists who are usually between 9-13. Young Adult fiction is for ages 12+, and features protagonists who are usually between 14 and 18. Use this as a guide when you're writing your poems and stories!


"I want to see pieces that show an understanding of their target audience. Selecting information that will interest children, and presenting it in a way that will sustain their interest, is challenging to anyone over the age of twelve. I'll be looking for well researched, well written pieces that strike the right balance between speaking to children on their level, and giving them the credit they deserve."


"I am looking for something that I could genuinely see being read by children, where the audience has been really considered and educates, not patronises this age group. It needs to be fresh and fun too- make the content exciting to a child!"


"As a precocious little shit, I expect writing to be clear and informative without being patronizing, but seriously, simple doesn't mean stupid and I expect to see respect for the audience"

How to submit

1. Create your piece and submit it to deviantART
2. Sent a note to CRLiterature with a link to your completed piece
3. CRLiterature will add it to the contest folder and inform you it is in there.

Please spread the word! Favourite this journal and we look forward to seeing the entries!)

:halloween: revamp Not your thing? Be sure to check out the All Hallows Tales Prose contest- FRANKENTALES

An exciting literature contest writing for children!
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Fiendish Fan Fiction Contest

Fri Sep 20, 2013, 9:15 PM

F e l l a . Halloween by thekidKaos

UPDATE! Our winners!
Fiendish Fan Fiction Contest Winners!Let There Be Winners!
After much deliberation, we have chosen our winners! w00t! We had many excellent entries and it was hard to choose just three winners. I hope everyone enjoyed participating in this as much as we did reading the entries!
The theme of the contest was "Monsters and Creatures." All entries were judged on originality, skill level and emotional impact.
Honorable Mentions
Third Place :blueribbon: 
...Is A Tie!

Both DecepticonFlamewar and Fe0 will receive a Three Month Premium Membership! Boogie! 
Second Place :blueribbon: 

Contraltissimo will receive a Six Month Premium Membership and

UPDATE 10/31/13 - Tomorrow, Nov. 1st, at midnight (11:59 PM PST) is the cutoff date to get your entries in! If you want to participate, get those stories submitted in before then!

Bring Out the Monsters!


About this time every year, ghastly fiends slink out from their hidden lairs. Horrendous beasts come forth to feast. Our nightmares spring to life. It's time to imprison these horrors safely into story form in our Fiendish Fan Fiction Contest! The theme for this contest is "Monsters and Creatures." :zombie:

Halloween is fast approaching, so let's celebrate by breaking out the pens and pencils (or keyboards)! :typerhappy: 

:pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp 


This contest will run from Sept. 20th, 2013 to Nov. 1st 2013.


Please read these carefully. Failure to follow any of these will result in a disqualification. :pumpkin 

Bullet; Orange Fan Fiction only.

Bullet; Orange The theme is "Monsters and Creatures." Your entry must include some kind of monster or creature.

Bullet; Orange Stories must be written on or after Sept. 20th, specifically for this contest.

Bullet; Orange Word count: 3000 words maximum, no minimum

Bullet; Orange Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation is important.

Bullet; Orange Submit your entries to "Contests > Fiendish Fan Fiction Contest"…

Bullet; Orange Stories must comply with dA rules and guidelines (no porn).

Bullet; Orange One entry per person.

Entries Will Be Judged On:

Bullet; Orange Originality. A fan fiction about a woman being cornered by vampires, who then proceeds to beat the undead crud out of them, may seem interesting ... unless it is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer story. That's another day at the "office" for her. Stories will be judged on their uniqueness.

Bullet; Orange Skill. Grammar, spelling and punctuation will be judged.

Bullet; Orange Impact. How much emotional impact does the entry have? Does it make us laugh, cry, tremble, cheer, and so forth?


:iconsingingflames: :iconkaty-l-wood: :iconemerald-depths:



:blueribbon: First Place

One year Premium Membership

deviantART Print, value $35 (or less) or 700 points

:blueribbon: Second Place

Six month Premium Membership

deviantART Print, value $25 (or less) or 500 points

:blueribbon: Third Place

Three month Premium Membership

*Special note on prizes - Premium Memberships will be rewarded approximately one week after the winners are announced. Art Prints and Points will be rewarded within two weeks of the following month.

Good luck to everyone and feel free to ask any questions you may have! Pumpkin LA Icon 

:pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp 

UPDATE 10/31/13 - The deadline is tomorrow at midnight (11:59 PM PST)! Results will be announced once the judges have had a chance to confer. :eager:

Come, share your ghoulish fan fiction stories in this Halloween contest!

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Deviousness and Seniority

Thu Feb 19, 2015, 7:04 AM

#312 DeviantART by Picolo-kun

Many have noticed that I've begun posting the Deviousness articles and I'm happy to take any suggestions you may have for future recipients.  Simply take a moment to note me with your suggestion and why you feel they are the the deviant to end all deviants and I'll add them to our list for consideration :)

Some have also noticed that FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member? has been updated with a suggestion form. The reasoning for this is pretty simple.  Selections are made by a group of people, not just me,  and having the information in one central location is the easiest way for us to share thoughts.  There was always a plan to move suggestions to a form, it just hadn't happened yet :)

So to recap:

1. Deviousness suggestions ->  send me a note or an email (
2. Senior suggestions - > please submit your suggestion via this this form

I hope this clears any confusion or concern but as always, feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below, send me a note, or shoot me an email.

Stay devious :heart:

Skin by Dan Leveille

Some updates on Deviousness and Senior suggestions. 
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Before and After Competition!

Sun Jul 8, 2012, 11:26 AM

:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:Something AWESOME this way comes!:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:

Guess what?!! :excited:

As a final close-out to our Project Educate: Feedback Week, we have one more special treat! :woohoo:

You've critiqued like crazy, and you received some great critiques as well! Awesome job!! But what good are critiques if you don't ever use them? :boogie:

The first ever Feedback Frenzy Contest is nearly to a close. Fellow deviants, it's time to put those critiques into action! :eager:

Welcome to the Before & After Competition, hosted by

:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:What is it?:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:

The Before & After competition is a chance for you to take the critiques you received on an OLD work and put them into action in a NEW work. You are not redoing an old deviation, but rather using what you have learned in a brand new one. This is a Community Relations-backed competition, and we would love for you to participate!

:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:When is it?:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:

The Before & After competition will run from the time the Feedback Frenzy competition closes (July 8th at 11:59 PM PST) to August 31st at 11:59 PM PST. So, basically your final deviations, which you created with feedback in mind, must be created AND submitted between 09 July and 31 August, 2012. That's nearly two full months! :XD:

:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:What do I do?:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:

STEP 1. RIGHT AWAY (July 9th or later, but as soon as you know you are going to enter), you need to submit up to 2 "Before" deviations to FeedbackFrenzy in the BEFORE DEVIATIONS FOR BA CONTEST Gallery folder.


This should be a deviation you like but, more importantly, one for which you received feedback from which you really feel you can learn. Again, we must stress: You will NOT be remaking this specific deviation; you will be creating a new image based on the feedback. The FEEDBACK is what is
most important: is this feedback you can use to create something new? Choose wisely, as you cannot switch the deviation(s) out later.

We will be comparing the old deviation(s) with the new deviation with respect to adherence to the feedback and guidance you were given. If they told you to make your lighting more consistent, did you try to do so? HINT: Make sure there is room for improvement in the original deviation(s). ;)

Create a NEW deviation. Start from scratch; don't deconstruct and reconstruct the old deviation. It should, however, be somewhat related in that you are improving a technique or skill that you also used in the first deviation. So, for example, let's say you were told to add some depth to your foreground trees, and that's a piece of feedback you wanted to use. Then, obviously, you'd need foreground trees or some other foreground object to which depth could be added when you make the contest deviation. Similarly, if you were told to make lighting more consistent in your original deviation, then in the contest deviation you would clearly need to show a light source and how it consistently impacts other items in that scene. But again, you are not recreating the same deviation. Be creative.

If you didn't participate in Feedback Frenzy, it's okay. Any piece you have done recently (past 3 months) that you received constructive critique or feedback on will be fine. :)

:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:How do I submit?:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:

When you have finished your new deviation, you can submit it to deviantART in this gallery:


Note that this is a gallery on dA and not in the group. So, you would select it as your category when you actually submit the deviation to the site.

IMPORTANT: In your artist's comments, please copy and paste a link or thumb to the "Before" image and the feedback or critique(s) you used to create the image. We'd like to know which comments from it you used. Comments from other deviations besides the "Before" entry will not be considered.

Also IMPORTANT: In your artist's comments, please state that your deviation is an entry into the

You can only enter one time, so be careful to do your best work! :D

:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:Other rules:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:

:bulletpink: You may NOT edit the original ("Before") deviation following the start of the contest. You will automatically be disqualified if you do.
:bulletyellow: Please put a filter over any mature deviations.
:bulletpink: If your work uses stock or resources, please be sure to credit those items with direct links.
:bulletyellow: Your work must be your own. No collaborations. This is NOT a team competition.
:bulletpink: All entries must be received by 11:59 PM PST on 31 August, 2012.


Thanks to the generosity of Moonbeam13 and Community Relations here on deviantART, we have the following prizes to offer:

First place:
One-year subscription to dA
3200 deviantART points
Choice of Fella or Llama plushie

Second place:
6-month subscription to dA
2400 deviantART points
DeviantARTt-shirt or baseball cap

Third place:
3-month subscription to dA
1600 deviantART points
Sticker pack

:bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:Too long, didn't read? :D :bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletpink:

1. Before July 16th, submit no more than two "Before" deviations (deviations for which you've received great feedback) here:…
2. Create a NEW deviation based on the FEEDBACK you received on your "Before" deviation
3. Submit this deviation under Contests > 2012 > Before and After Feedback no later than 11:59 PM PST on August 31st, 2012
4. If you have further questions, please read the blog above, and if you still have questions, note FeedbackFrenzy. :D

Thanks, and good luck! :heart:


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Christmas Muro Contest

Mon Dec 17, 2012, 1:32 AM

It's Christmas time! In celebration, Athos-of-Light and I wanted to have a bit of festive fun. So we decided to bring some holiday cheer with a murotastic contest.
Just simply follow the rules listed below, and remember above all, spread some holiday cheer and have a good time! :santa:

  • Contest theme

This is an open contest, you can draw anything you want as long as it's Christmas related!
For example: Santa, Christmas tree, Rudolph, Jesus, etc...

  • Contest rules

• Anyone can enter the contest.
• You may submit your Muro drawing under this journal only.
• Only 1 entry/Deviant.
• Contest ends on December 24th. 

  • Prizes

• First prize: 1 year deviantART premium membership + 1600 points.
• Second prize: 6 months deviantART premium membership + 800 points.


Reflection by SRudy

This contest is closed! :santa:
Comments disabled by owner.

We're all set and done! Please allow some time for judging to be complete- a few of the judges including myself may have prior obligations.

Design Challenge

*Prizes donors needed! If you would like to donate a prize to this contest (be it llama's, watches, points, art, etc.), anything at all- no matter how small- simply leave a comment or send me a note. Donors may also enter the contest, and will be featured by myself.

Total Entries Complete: 31/141 sprinklesprankles.deviantart.c…

Hello, guys! Allow me to just jump right into things. Please make sure you read everything. If you have any questions, just ask. I recommend watching me for at least the journals, for I will be updating this frequently will prize changes, additions, etc. ^-^~

Start: July 17, 2012
End: October 31, 2012 (Extensions can be given if needed.)


-To design a character (full-bodied, or waist-up-no portraits!) based off of this painting:
Synergy by SprinkleSprankles


-Any medium is accepted (traditional, digital, photo manip, etc.) along with any style (anime/manga, cute, animated, chibi, realism, semi-realism, etc.).
-One entry per person
-This is going to be very broad and open to your own inspiration. I only ask that you abide by these few guidelines when developing your character:
:bulletblue:Name: Synergy.
:bulletblue:Hair: Long- Plain blue, purple, OR a mixture of both purple and blue like in mine.
:bulletblue:Skin: Pale/lightly colored, OR grayish.
:bulletblue:Eyes: May be altered to fit your version. Just try to keep them a deep blue or purple color.
:bulletblue:Scenery: A background isn't a requirement, but it'd certainly add impact to the overall piece.
:bulletblue:Other important details: She MUST be wearing a face mask of sorts (cloth, gas-mask etc.- her eyes are the most important feature). However, her clothing can be whatever you want! This is part of the design challenge- to create an outfit for her as well as develop her character. I'm open to anything. Let your imagination run free! I haven't established any sort of personality, back story, power/ ability, etc., for her. Just a name and a face, so you may create some sort of depiction of your version of her if you wish. That would help~  


1st Place
-760:points:**: SprinkleSprankles; RavenGaarafan
-A full-sized INK Portrait sent to you
-A personal thank you letter from me to you
-A randomly chosen piece of anime merchandise (DVD, manga, keychain, etc.)+ extra goodies
-Three month feature from myself
-Animated icon: Laisana-and-Drew
-Full-body digital: NesoKaiyoH
-Llama's from: RavenGaarafan; SprinkleSprankles; BobMango4; whitestar3; Flame-Expression; TeamMinato; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; xxXDeidaraXxx1235; KariSohma22   ; DragoRaven; Watertiger1419; PwnKage  ; LTrevill; MageofDawn; Xombie-Ate-Sensei   sirrawson
-Complete traditional request (with background/ up to three characters): RavenGaarafan
-Watches from: SprinkleSprankles; BobMango4; whitestar3; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; KariSohma22; tehawsumninja   ; AmiMochi; BobMango4; DragoRaven  ; MageofDawn; sirrawson  
-Traditional A5 or A4 portrait sent to you: amazonitte
-.png Drawing of one of your OC's- Person or animal ( Flame-Expression
-One art request: Sing-sei
-1 Digital drawing of a character/OC (painterly, or cell-shaded): PwnKage  
-Art Request: longestdistance
-1 Full-body request: witchcrystalchan
-1 Full-body request: Alonaria
-1 Colored full-body: winryie
-Simple traditional, colored piece: Sylvia-chan
-Feature by: sundayAnarchy
-Two colored chibi's: sundayAnarchy

2nd Place
-280:points:**: SprinkleSprankles; RavenGaarafan; kochmann799
-A half-sized INK Portrait sent to you
-A personal thank you letter from me to you
-One month feature from myself
-Custom icon: Laisana-and-Drew
-Llama's from: SprinkleSprankles; BobMango4; whitestar3; Flame-Expression; TeamMinato; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; xxXDeidaraXxx1235; KariSohma22   ; DragoRaven; Watertiger1419; PwnKage  ; LTrevill; MageofDawn; Xombie-Ate-Sensei   sirrawson
-One character request: RavenGaarafan
-Watches from: SprinkleSprankles; whitestar3; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; KariSohma22; tehawsumninja   ; AmiMochi; DragoRaven  ; MageofDawn; sirrawson  
-A5 Traditional or digital chibi (sent to you if you choose traditional): amazonitte
-One art request: Sing-sei
-1 Digital drawing of a character/OC (painterly, or cell-shaded): PwnKage  
-1 Full-body request: witchcrystalchan
-1 Full-body request: Alonaria
-1 Colored Chibi: winryie
-Simple line-art: Sylvia-chan
-One colored chibi: sundayAnarchy

:new:3rd Place
-50:points:**: Xombie-Ate-Sensei
-Llama's from: SprinkleSprankles; Flame-Expression; TeamMinato; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; xxXDeidaraXxx1235; KariSohma22  ; DragoRaven; Watertiger1419; PwnKage   ; LTrevill; MageofDawn; Xombie-Ate-Sensei; sirrawson  
-Watches from: SprinkleSprankles; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; KariSohma22; tehawsumninja; AmiMochi; DragoRaven; MageofDawn; sirrawson
-2 ACEO's sent to you: amazonitte
-1 ACEO sent to you: SprinkleSprankles
-One art request: Sing-sei
-1 Digital drawing of a character/OC (painterly, or cell-shaded): PwnKage  
-1 Request- No more than three characters (Ani/manga style, no mature, no muscular or old people).: Slypht
-1 Request- Full-body OC/ Character: Ashman44
-1 Full-body request: witchcrystalchan
-1 Full-body request: Alonaria
-1 Chibi sketch: winryie
-One colored chibi: sundayAnarchy

**Prize value subject to change. More prizes will be added when I think of them, or someone donates.

:bulletpurple: The deadline is bendable if those who are busy need extra time. Feel free to sign up in the meanwhile!

:bulletpurple: Not confident with your artistic ability or too busy to create something? Become a donor! Judges are filled now, but we are still accepting prize donors. Both will be featured here and in my monthly art installments (those start in August) until the contest ends, and  both may enter the competition as well.

:bulletpurple: As time passes and I feel I do not have enough entrants than I may close the competition. That is up to my own disgretion. So spread the word!

:bulletpurple: Remember, quality matters above all else. Put in some effort. Even if you don't win, you at least got in some practice, yes? :)

:bulletpurple: If you advertise this contest in any form, tell me and I shall feature you along with the donors.

:bulletpurple: When you're finished with your artwork, send it to me either in a note or a comment here.

Again, this will be continuously updated, so I recommend faving this or watching me for at least the journals. Comments, or questions? Fire away!

Entry Sign-Ups:


Current Donors:




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