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Chapter 2

Six Days Later…

*Beep* *Beep* *Be- *smack*

Before your alarm clock got to the third beep, you hit the snooze button, accidentally knocking it over the edge of the nightstand. It landed on the floor with a thud, but you didn't really care at the moment. You jumped out of bed, grabbed your uniform, and darted for the restroom.

You splashed some water on your face to wake yourself up, considering you just spent the whole night running scenarios of how your first meeting with your pen pal from Japan was going to play out.

You were so excited to meet Kiku, sleep was the farthest thing from your mind. You got dressed and bolted out the door.

You glided down the banister, bypassing all the stair steps, and landed at the bottom with ease. You ran over to Alfred's room and banged on the door, "Alfred, get up! Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes!"

You swung the door open and as you suspected, he hadn't even heard you. Your brother was still in his dreamland. You strode through the scattered McDonald's wrappers and empty Coke bottles, you knew just how to wake him up.

You knelt beside the bed and, in your best Russian accent and fake guy voice, said, "Alfred! Priviet, it is me, Ivan. I came to visit you, but it seems you are asleep. I suppose I will just have to go back to Russia and-"

Your brother jumped up onto his bed, looking every which way, so fast you were amazed that it hadn't broken from the sheer force alone, "Ivan?! Don't go! Just let me clean up and we can hang out!...Ivan...? Aw, man!"

You couldn't hold back your laughter, revealing your location to the freaking out blonde on the bed. Once he realized what you did, he got ready to pounce on you.

You dodged easily and he landed on the floor. You walked over to him, "sorry, bro. But that was the only way I was going to get you up."

He growled into the carpet, "mm fo guna met moo for fis!" You could guess that he meant to say, "I'm so gonna get you for this!"

"Yeah, sure. Anyway, get dressed. I'm gonna go make breakfast. Come on, hurry up, you don't want to keep Ivan waiting~" With that you made your way to the kitchen.

Alfred picked himself up off the floor and rubbed his jaw, making sure it was still intact, before doing as he was told.

Ten minutes later, he was in the kitchen and scarfed down his waffles and maple syrup. You tried to warn him not to eat so fast, but it was too late, there he was banging on his chest like Tarzan trying to get the food to go down.

Finally, he grabbed his glass of orange juice and drank it. You sighed, once he was able to breathe again, you grabbed your bags and walked to school. Your heart beat sounded in your ears with each step and threatened to burst from anticipation when the school came into view.

You and Alfred sat next to each other and waited. Everyone was buzzing with excitement, discussing how awesome or weird their pen pals were.

The teacher walked in a few minutes later, looking breathless and a bit frazzled, "it was a tad bit difficult having to drive a bus to several different airports, but I managed to round up all of your pen pals. Remember they will be staying with you for the rest of the semester, so for two months. I expect you to show them the good old (your state) hospitality and treat them with respect. They will be writing reports on studying in the States and I will be checking in weekly, so I will know who isn't doing their job." After that tirade, she called in the pen pals.

They shuffled in one by one and lined up in front of her desk. You all looked at them and they all stared back. No one said a word. "Don't just sit there, class. Find your pen pal!" the teacher ordered.

Everyone scrambled bumping into each other. You hadn't gotten up yet, you let your eyes scan the room. Everyone was finding their matches, you even saw Alfred talking to a tall boy with a huge coat over the school uniform.

So, that was Ivan, he looked sweet, with that big smile on his face as Al was rambling, awkwardly. It was cute to see your brother get so flustered like that.

You smiled at the scene until you felt a light tap on your shoulder. You turned to your left and there he was.

He had fair skin, short raven hair, and brown eyes. You stood up, eyes wide, "Honda?"

His smile was warm and inviting, "Hai. It is so nice to finally meet you, ____-san!"

You couldn't help yourself, you flung your arms around him and gave him a big hug.

You felt him stiffen and realized that in the information you looked at about Japanese culture it said that they weren't that big on intimate acts like that or even shaking hands. They weren't stuck up, it was just meant for people who were family or extremely close. You had only just met Kiku and here you were invading his personal space.

You pulled away quickly, "oops, sorry!"

He smiled weakly, "it is fine, I was expecting it, but I still was not prepared for it."

You smiled back, awkwardly, and instead extended your hand. He stared at it, unsure of what to do with it. You chuckled, "we'll start off with a handshake and take it a step at a time. Okay, 'Japan?' "

Everyone in the class was given nicknames of whatever country they were originally from. Luckily, everyone in your class and all of the pen pals were from different countries, except for you and Alfred.

He beat you to "America," so you chose to go by your state's name. But you told "Japan" to call you by your real name at home. He wanted to call you by your last name, but you insisted that he use your first name. Shyly, he agreed.

You spent the first week showing Kiku around your house, the school, and the town. He took the guest bedroom downstairs across from Alfred's bedroom and the guest room Ivan was staying, next to the blonde's.

A month later, Kiku started hearing Russian moans and American grunts coming from Alfred's room. The very next day, a very red Kiku requested to be moved to another room.

You laughed and told him he could take the one next to yours. He wanted to protest, but wouldn't take another night of those inappropriate sounds.
You two, on the other hand, had spent the last month enjoying each other's company. You watched the cool anime he brought from Japan and you took him to the local Barnes & Noble to read manga.

You found it adorable when you saw him read the shounen manga intensely one minute, then become so entranced with the shoujo manga section the next. Other days, you and Kiku would have BlazBlue and Mortal Kombat tournaments. You tied in wins and loses.

This month, the four of you went out to karaoke. Kiku and Ivan even taught you and Al recipes and traditions from their homelands.

One day, you really wanted to take him out to park, but it was raining pretty heavily. So, you and he played Co-Op on Portal 2 while waiting for it to pass.

Nighttime fell and the rain still hadn't let up. You glaring at it though the open door that led to the backyard. By now, you were fed up with the rain, no matter how good the petrichor smelled.

"Ugh, rain, why? Why must you make the day and night all gloomy with your downpour?" you complained. You didn't hate the rain, it just totally messed up your day with Kiku.

"Yes, it may seem gloomy at times," you turned to see Kiku standing beside you. He sat down next to you and smiled at the rain, "However, once it stops, the night sky will be filled with beautiful stars," he turned to you with a smile.

You looked at him thoughtfully, it sounded kinda poetic, "I suppose I never thought of it that way before…"

You looked again and the stars had cleared. He was right, there was the endless night sky, filled with a sea of stars. "Beautiful…"

"Hai…" then he said, "you are…" it was barely above a whisper, so you didn't hear it.

You turned back to him, "Hey, come on!" You grabbed his hand and dragged him outside.  


You led him onto the damp grass, the wet blades tickling your feet. Kiku almost ran into you when you stopped abruptly. You spun to face him, "dance with me!"

"But it is still wet out here, ___. Couldn't we catch a cold doing this?" He blushed, still getting used to saying your first name.     

"Oh, come on, Kiku! Live a little" you grinned in his face.

His blush turned from pink to crimson, that was the first time you had used his first name. It was always "Honda" or "Japan." He sighed and gave in. You two danced, hands together, basically just spinning in circles. You knew he was actually having fun when he laughed with you as you both spun out of control, causing you to land on your bottom.

You both laid on your backs and stargazed for a while. Then there was a quick flash that shot across the sky and you felt your tummy tingle.

"Look, ___! A shooting star!" Kiku said excitedly, "did you see it? It was white and red!"

You nodded, but you couldn't speak. It was the exact same one from your dream!

"Make a wish" Kiku whispered.

You suddenly became aware of how close he was, even though he had been next to you the entire time. You turned your head and watched him. His eyes were closed and he had put his hands together.

Your heart started pounding in your chest. Though your time with him was short, you knew somewhere deep down that you were falling in love with Kiku.

He opened his eyes a moment later and looked at you, "did you make a wish."

"oh right…" you followed suit and made your wish, which was also the same as your dream. When you opened your eyes, his eyes were on you.


His eyes softened and without a word he leaned over and kissed you. Your heart was beating so fast, you were surprised it was still in your chest.

When he pulled away, he just smiled, "gomen nasai, but I really wanted to get my wish."

You blinked, "pfft, shouldn't you have asked first?" you smirked.

"Well, I-" he didn't get to finish because you pulled him into another.

You both went inside 30 minutes later and you went to sleep with a smile on your face. And for the first time in a year, you didn't have the dream.

The next day…

"I can't believe you two caught a cold from dancing in the rain," Alfred teased while feeding you a spoonful of soup while you sat up on the couch. Ivan was taking Kiku's temperature on the other one.  

"Oh, be quiet," you said, smiling while remembering yesterday. You looked over to Kiku, who smiled back at you.
Part 2 up!!!! This is part of a request for :iconxboringasspersonx: Who is very awesome!

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: You are Here
Chapter 3 (Lemon): [link]

Thank you to :iconjadeebony1: for telling me that "petrichor" was the scent after rain.

I hope for people who wanted a clean ending like :iconangelotheninja: will be happy with this chapter as an ending, but I need to fulfill the request, which is a Lemon. So that is what I will be working on for the next part.

:iconjapanposeplz: Let Japan Ruv You~!

P.S. I still don't own Hetalia, Kiku, the image.
I just own the plot

//Edit//: Almost forgot, this song it what inspired the title and part of the fic: [link]
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Title: Japan x Reader: Barrier
Author: threepinkdoors
I warn you now that the Japanese was taken from Google Translate, so don't think it's accurate.


"Good morning, counselors!" you cried cheerfully, carrying in trays of coffee cups. The counselors bid you a good morning as you handed them their coffees and rushed to sit down in your little mini office. You were pretty much the donut boy of the main office of your school. Whatever the administration wanted, you got it for them. You didn't mind; it kept you away from your (least favorite elective) class. Also, it was the first class of the day, so there wasn't much going around, except the coffee delivery.

"Ah, sumimasen," you managed to hear from the front desk. "Watashi wa Honda Kiku desu. Watashi wa koko ni atarashi gakusei desu. Watashi wa kurasu no sukejuru o sansho shite suru koto o yokyu kudasai." Chinese? No, Japanese, you decided. Ah, so it was the foreign exchange student the counselors were talking about the previous week. You shrugged your shoulders. It wasn't your problem; you were just an aide. Plus. you didn't know a lick of Japanese, other than the generic 'sayonara'.

A counselor stuck her head into your little area. "__________, can you come help us, please?" You stood and followed her to the front desk. "Ah, this is __________. She is going to help you with what you need," the counselor said slowly, as if the boy was stupid, and used hand symbols to help him understand. But the boy just looked at the counselor in a confused state, and you did the same.

"Ms. Wilson, I don't know Japanese," you confessed.

"Well, you know it it was Japanese, right? And don't lie, I know you read a lot of those books," she smiled.

"Those are translated into English," you mumbled.

She ignored you. "Great! Now go on and get to know him and see what he wants."

You sighed as she left and looked the boy over. He seemed to be a year older than you, and he had large chocolate brown eyes with a striking black bowl cut. His skin looked soft and was milky white. Yep, generic Japanese stereotype. "So..." you let out. "What's you're name?" He didn't seem to understand. You tried again, and pointed to yourself. "__________ ___________."

He seemed to understand that a little. He held his hand out to you in a polite manner of pointing. "__________-san." You nodded. He placed a hand on his chest. "Honda, Kiku."

You remembered the grammar in Japan; last name first, then your first name. "Kiku," you said, pointing to him. He smiled. "I'll bet you want your schedule." He looked at you with a confused face and you led him to the counselor in charge of handling students whose last names started with 'H'. "Mr. Morton," you knocked on the door.

"Come in, __________," he bade you with a smile. "What can I do for you?"

"This is Kiku Honda. He needs his class schedule."

"Ah, so this is our new foreign exchange student!" he smiled, pulling up Kiku's files. "There are still some classes missing, so we have to fill those in before he can go to class."

Crap. How do you translate that? "Um... is art available?" Mr. Morton nodded. You turned your attention to Kiku. "Do you like to draw?" Kiku looked more confused than ever. You grabbed a sheet of paper and drew a simple kindergarten-age flower. "Draw!" you smiled while drawing.

He took the pencil and began to scribble around, his pencil marks creating, not only a beautiful cherry blossom, but an elegant cherry blossom tree and a mountainous landscape. "Byoga shimasu," he said while drawing.

"It... looks like he'll take art..." you managed, still unbelieving of what had just happened.


After a few minutes of figuring out his class schedule, you walked Kiku to all of his classes. He had enough credits to be a senior, and he insisted in being placed in senior classes, despite his low skill in English. At the end of the day, you met up with him outside of his class. "Do you drive?" you asked him, making a motion with your hands that resembled driving in a car. He stared at your hands for a minute before understanding, and he led you to a little Corolla. "It had to be a Japanese car," you muttered.

He held open the passenger door. "Inchi susumi, kudasai." You looked inside. There was no steering wheel in the passenger's side. You smiled and got into the car. He slipped into the driver's side and started the car. "Doko ni sunde iru no desu ka?" You didn't know what he was saying, so he drove to the intersection. "Hidari?" he asked, pointing left. "Matawa migi?" he asked, pointing right.

Oh, he was taking you home! That was sweet of him... Beats taking the bus. "Left," you said with a smile and pointing left.

"Hidari," he repeated.

Nothing was spoken except the eventual directions you were giving him. You were soon on your front door. "Thanks, Kiku," you said as you got out. You remembered something you had learned in an anime. You placed your hands in front of your lap and bowed at the waist. "Arigatou."

"Doitashimashite." A smile came across his face. He shut the engine off and stepped out of the car. Before you could ask what he was doing, he rang your doorbell and stepped a considerate amount of space back.

Your mom opened the door. "__________! You're home early!" She noticed the boy standing behind you. "Oh, who's this?" she asked, eyeing you. You blushed.

"M-mom, this is Kiku Honda. He's a foreign exchange student, and he drove me home," you said as politely as you could.

Kiku took a small step forward. He held his arms at his side and bowed at the waist. "Hajimemashite."

You mom giggled. "He looks like one of those characters you read about every day, __________." Your blush deepened.

"A-anyway, Kiku, would you like to come in?" you asked, motioning him inside. Kiku smiled at your request and stepped in, closing the door behind him. He bent over and began taking off his shoes. "Oh, you don't have to do that," you said, picking him up. "See?" You moved to the rest of your house with shoes on. He eyed you with confusion, but stepped lightly across the house, concerned he would dirty the carpet.


At the end of the day, it was natural he had to return to his exchange family's home. "Arigatou, __________-san," he said from outside your home's threshold, bowing at his waist again. You giggled and bowed to him as well.

"He's a very handsome man," your mom giggled.

"Mom!" you cried, hoping Kiku didn't hear her. Oh wait; he doesn't know English. So it really wouldn't have mattered anyway."

Kiku chuckled to himself, driving off in his car. "Oh, __________-san. I wonder if you wourd be mad that I was taught Engrish in Japan...?"
Request for :iconpastanotwar:
Link to Picture~ [link]


Omigosh this is like the cutest and fluffiest thing I've ever written :iconsqueeeeplz: I think I should make this a series :meow:

This is based on an actual event that happened to me on my first day at school. There was a foreign exchange student there from Asia and he didn't know a lick of English, and the counselors were using google translate to try to figure out what he wanted XD it was pretty funny!

Japan x Reader: Barrier
Chapter 1 - :star:
Chapter 2 - [link]
Chapter 3 - [link]


Yay! Translations! I'm hoping these are somewhat correct... Kill me, I used google translate :icononiontantrumplz:

Watashi wa Honda Kiku desu. Watashi wa koko ni atarashi gakusei desu. Watashi wa kurasu no sukejuru o sansho shite suru koto o yokyu kudasai. I am Honda Kiku. I am a new student here. I request to see my class schedule.
Byoga shimasu, Draw,
Inchi susumi, kudasai. Please step in.
Doko ni sunde iru no desu ka? Where do you live?
Doitashimashite. You are most welcome.
Hajimemashite. It is nice to meet you.


Story (c) :iconthreepinkdoors:
Hetalia and Japan (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconjapanposeplz:
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Japan x Reader: Barrier 2
The Barrier series is dedicated to :iconpastanotwar:
Author: threepinkdoors


It's been a few months since Kiku had become a student at your school. Senior graduation was just around the corner, and Kiku was showing a little stress over final exams. You had been his English tutor while he tutored you in everything else. He was a great teacher, but you noticed his English grades have not been up to standards lately. An idea formed in your mind. "Hey, Kiku?"

Kiku looked up from his Shakespeare book. "Hai,"

"Let's go get some frozen yogurt!" you offered, closing your study book.

"Frozen... Yogurt...?" he asked, unsure of what that was. You smiled; seeing him practice his English made you happy that he was willing to learn your culture.

"It's really yummy, I promise," you winked. A small blush played on his face.

"__________-san, study," he reminded you.

"We can take a break!" you smiled. "It'll be good for you."

Kiku looked back at his book. Still a bit unsure of the plan, he closed the book and followed you to your favorite frozen yogurt cafe. Kiku was immediately taken aback by how cute everything looked. He sampled a bit of yogurt and his face lit up. He was clearly glad he had gone. "Thank you, __________-san," he beamed.

"You're welcome!" you smiled. "It's good to relax a bit before a test. It helps you concentrate the next day." It was obvious Kiku had never heard of such a thing. The Japanese always strove for perfection, he had mentioned. Taking time off to relax was not an option until you had completed your work. It sounded a bit exhausting. But you were confident that Kiku would pass that final with flying colors if he stopped stressing over it.


There went your pride and joy, your most literate work of art--Kiku walked the stage with grace and mystery, accepting his diploma and walking back off the stage to be seated with the rest of the graduates. You and your mom cheered and clapped for the foreign exchange student who had come such a long way from when you first met him.

"Hey, so when are you gonna tell him?" your mom asked, poking your ribs.

"Tell him what?" you giggled, pushing her hand away.

"You know, tell him! Tell him that you like him!"

You nearly choked on your own spit. "Mom! I don't! I mean, not like..." Hmm. Mom stumped you, didn't she? Come on, __________, think! Can you really say that you felt anything for Kiku? Well, he was cute beyond reason, and he was always so polite. He liked manga, and he taught you lots of things he had learned in Japan. Oh, who cares about the language barrier--he was perfect for you!

A blush came upon your face and refused to leave the rest of the day. So when Kiku found you after the ceremony, that was the first thing he noticed. "__________-san, are you alright? Do you have a fever?"

You snapped back to reality. "Eh? Oh, no I'm fine, Kiku," you stuttered.

Kiku smiled. "I'm glad. I wanted to ask you if you would like to accompany me and my family to dinner. They want to meet the woman who helped me get through school."

Sudden realization hit you like a falling comet. "Wait, your parents are here?" you exclaimed.

"Hai," Kiku nodded. "They came all the way from Japan to see me walk the stage."

You looked around but you could not see anyone that might have been Kiku's parents. "Uh, yeah, I'll go to dinner with you," you smiled, a blush forming on your face. This isn't a date, you assured yourself. Nope, definitely not a date.


The restaurant the Honda family chose to eat in was expansively fine. You almost felt out of place being in it, what with its fancy dining room and various foods you had never heard of. Kiku held your chair open for you and pushed it in as you sat down. He took a seat across the table from you, smiling slightly as his mother and father took their own respective seats. Mrs. Honda was very small and meek, silent as a decoration. She looked over you once, but her blank expression left you guessing of what she thought of you. You smiled, but she did not return it. Mr. Honda was also a small man, but he had a strong expression on his face. Though his son graduated from a high school in the United States and was suddenly eligible to work and continue his education in a foreign country, he had a hard expression, as if it was not enough. His aura emitted a feeling close to disappointment, and it sort of made you feel uncomfortable.

"It's very nice to meet you, __________-san," Kiku said, speaking for his father, who was whispering things into his son's ear. "I am very grateful that you decided to help my son with his work." Kiku suddenly looked away. "We were very confident he would graduate with honors." You looked at Kiku. He had indeed graduated with the highest honors, placing as one of the top ten of his class. Had you missed something?

"It's very nice to meet you too, Mr. Honda," you smiled. Kiku translated.

Most of the meal was spent in silence. It felt a bit awkward; you were so accustomed to talking with others as you ate (usually with your mother, and the topic was your day in school). The silence was almost unbearable. At last, over dessert, Mr. Honda spoke. "Kiku tells me you are a bright young woman," Kiku translated. his face a little red. "What do you want to study in college?"

You smiled, grateful for the break in silence. "I want to study __________." You elaborated a little on what you loved most about your selected career.

Mr. Honda never broke his small smile as you explained. He whispered something to Kiku. "My father says you a very talkative," he said as he dropped his gaze. "He said you would do well in a career that involved politics."

You froze; was that supposed to encourage you or discourage you? Since when was talking a bad thing? You chanced a glance to your right, where Kiku's mother was silently enjoying her dessert. She had not spoken all day. Were you supposed to be silent, like Kiku's tiny mother?

Before you could protest, however, Mr. Honda stood, and his wife followed suit. He said something in Japanese. You couldn't understand much of what he said, but you heard a name in his sentence. After that, the couple exited the restaurant, leaving you and Kiku to finish dessert alone. "Gomenasai," Kiku whispered. He looked a bit embarrassed.

You tried your best to decode what Mr. Honda had said last. But only the name stayed in your head. "Kiku," you began. He looked up at you. "Who is Mei?"

Kiku held his forehead in his wrists. He finally looked up at you. "Mei is... she is someone who had been living with my parents for a few years now. She's originally from Taiwan. And..." he looked away. "She is also the woman I am to marry."

A sharp knife stabbed you in the chest. "M-marry?" you repeated, as if you had not heard correctly.

Kiku nodded slowly. "Hai. She is the woman my parents had decided would be my wife, and the mother of my children. And nothing will change that."

You stared at Kiku in disbelief. He had never told you about Mei. More importantly, there was nothing you could do about it. "I... I see..." You stood and placed your napkin on the table. "I suppose I should get going then." You held your hand out to him; he took it. "It was very nice to meet you, Kiku." You shook hands, though your grip was a little weaker than you had intended. You turned on your heel, forcing back tears and left Kiku alone, making your way out of the restaurant.

Right outside was Mr. Honda, who was enjoying a cigarette, accompanied by his ever-silent wife. You stopped in front of them; they appeared to not notice. "Shitsureishimashita," you spoke loud enough for them to hear. When they both turned, you had placed your hands in front of your lap and were bowing impressively low. "Shinyu no tame ni, gomenasai."

You didn't even wait for them to answer--you took off running with all your might. You wanted to get away from them, from Kiku, from reality. You heart felt like it would burst; he was getting married... married! How could you have been so stupid as to fantasize with him holding you and telling you he loved you... You should have known there was someone else in his life. You let your imagination get the best of you, and now no amount of imagination would free your heart from its cage--it was destined to be destroyed from the start.


"Chichi," Kiku started as he met up with his parents outside the restaurant. His expression was empty, and he tried his best to force back tears. "No o kitaku sa seta."
Here we go, chapter 2 as promised!
It's a huge cliffhanger there at the end, but there shall be more to explain!
Oh, and in case you guys didn't catch on, Mei is Taiwan ;) I do ask,
however, that you guys pay no mind to her or start flaming her. I will
discontinue if it happens, I promise (and I like to keep my promises).

Japan x Reader: Barrier
Chapter 1 - [link]
Chapter 2 - :star:
Chapter 3 - [link]


Translations! :iconyayjapanplz: (still using Google Translate :iconimdeadplz:)

Shitsureishimashita. Excuse me.
Shinyo no tame ni, gomenasai. I'm sorry for intruding.
Chichi Father
No o kitaku sa seta. Let's go home.


Story (c) :iconthreepinkdoors:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) Your own breaking heart
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"Zen zen tsukamenai, kimi no koto
zenzen shiranai, uchi ni yeah~" you sang

"kokoro ubawareru   nante koto
aru hazunai deshou!" sang your  *cough* crush *cough*  best friend, kiku.

you were hanging out at  kiku's house, listening and singing to vocaloid songs.
both of you were otakus and LOVE vocaloid songs, and, well.. anything japanese!
which probably one of the reasons why you became close friends.

"(name)-san! do you want some snacks?" kiku asked, lowering the volume

"sure!" you replied

"Okay. I will be back in a minute."


You turned up the volume again and changed the song as your japanese 'friend' went to the kitchen.

"Oh! I like this song!" you yelled as 'calc.' played on kiku's ipod

"Itsuka kimi ni sasageta uta
ima ja kanashii   dake no ai no uta
kaze ni fukare tonde yuke
bokura ga deaeta ano natsu no hi made,"
you sang and pretended to play the guitar as the part* came on.

"kako mo mirai mo nakunareba
boku mo jiyuu ni tobitateru ka na
kanjou hitotsu keseru no nara,"
you continued to sing and randomly danced around the room, not noticing kiku, who had just returned from the kitchen, watching you intently on one side of the room
"'suki' o keseba raku ni nareru kana..

kimi no mimi wo, me wo, kokoro wo
toorinuketa mono subete wo
itsuka shiru koto ga dekitara
tsugi wa chanto kimi wo-"

you tripped on.. air? and landed on top of kiku.
both of your faces were both red.

"aiseru kana"

you kissed kiku on the lips just as the last part played and he kissed you back.
after what seemed like forever, you two broke apart.
he grabbed you by the shoulders and rolled to the side.
He was now on top of you.

"Watashi mo anata o aishite." he said as he kissed you again

:iconkitty2096569: requested a Japan x reader ^^ (ages ago..)

sorry its late, its just that ive been VERY busy for the past few.. months.


the first song is 'melancholic' by rin kagamine :)

the second song is 'calc.' by hatsune miku :)
*if you skip to 2:16 , there's a of guitar part thingy there... so.. yah. :|

up next is lietxreader, and englandxreaderxfrance :)

:iconthankyousignplz: for reading!

Japan and the song doesn't belong to meee.
but the story is! ^^
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Japan's POV

My breathing sped up. My pulse quickened. It had been almost an hour since my girlfriend had said she would be there. Where was she?

Suddenly, I heard the familiar tune of my cellphone ringing. It was a special ringtone. Her ringtone. I flipped the phone open frantically, hoping for an explanation as to why she was so epicly astronomically late. It was so unlike her to be this late without any sort of explanation.

"Hello?" I answered, my breathing slowing down a bit.

"K-Kiku..." A melancholy voice came through the tiny phone. It was not my girlfriend's voice, but that of her brother, (brother's name). The sad tone in his voice sent a deadly chill down my spine, and my pulse quickened once again. I froze in fear for a moment, I just knew something was wrong. Terribly, horribly wrong.

"H-hai?" I stuttered, barely able to hold the phone to my ear because my hands were shaking so violently.

"K-Kiku, it's bad, it's really bad."

At this point I was nearly dying of shock, worry, and fear. "What happened?" I whispered, bracing for whatever bomb he was going to drop on me. I held my breath as worry swept over me.

"I'm... at the hospital. Kiku, there's been an accident. And it's bad." His voice quivered a little.

"Stop, I don't want to hear anymore." I said, covering the phone speaker with my hand, tears brimming in my eyes. I couldn't possibly withstand to hear whatever he was going to say next. I had to hear it in person. "I'm coming over there right now." I hung up without giving him a chance to say more and slid the phone back into my pocket.

I drove to the hospital as fast as I could, holding back tears. I had no idea what had happened, or if she was still alive. The thought of her being dead shook me to the core.


You drove happily towards the park where you would be meeting your long-time boyfriend, Kiku Honda, also known as the country of Japan, without a care in the world. It was your 1-year anniversary and you just couldn't wait to see him again. Little did you know that would all change in less than the blink of an eye.

"You seem chipper." Your brother, (brother's name) said. You were going to be dropping him off at work before heading over to the park to see Kiku.

"Yup." You replied, giving a wide grin. You began to turn a corner at an intersection when you caught glimpse of something that would wipe your grin straight off your face. Another car was speeding right at you at full speed. You didn't even have time to react or scream when it hit you straight in the driver's side, ejecting you from the vehicle and sending you flying through the window and out into the air, finally plopping you rather ungracefully onto the cold, hard asphalt with a sickening thud.

"K-Kiku..." You murmured, barely conscious. "I just want to see you, one more time..." Your vision clouded with tears of both pain and sadness. You tried to reach a hand up to wipe away your tears, but soon found you couldn't move. You didn't dare glance down at your tangled and mangled body. You felt something warm and wet glide down your forehead – Blood. You also started to feel a warm moist liquid flow down your cheeks, tears mixing with blood.

Your brother was the first to run to your side. "_____!" You heard him call. "_____! Are you alright?! Can you hear me?!" He glanced down at your wounds. "Oh my god, _____..."

You gasped for air and mustered what little strength you had left to curl your fingers around the silver locket that you wore everyday. It was your treasure. You carefully removed it from your neck and held it out to him. "H-Here..." You murmured, your voice escaping you. "Give this... To Kiku... Tell him... To open it... When the sun sets."

Your brother wasn't quite sure what you meant but he obeyed and took the locket in his hand.

"B-brother..." You rasped, barely breathing. "Please... tell everyone... and especially Kiku... how much... I love them..."

Please God, let me see Kiku one last time. Please...

"No, _____, Don't!"



His voice faded and everything just went black.

Japan's POV

I burst through the hospital doors and ran towards the emergency department. I caught a glimpse of (brother's name) and made a beeline for him. "Hey!" I yelled. "Where is she?!"

He just looked at me with sad eyes.

"Where is she?!" I repeated, raising my voice and rapidly becoming more desperate.

He shuffled his feet uncomfortably, avoiding my eyes.

I grabbed him by his shirt collar even though he was taller than me and gave him a piercing glare. "JUST TELL ME."

He sighed and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Kiku, sit down."

I did as I was told like a good little boy and waited impatiently for him to tell me the news. "_____ was in a car accident on the way to see you, and it's bad..."

I could feel all the color drain from my face. My heart felt it was going to tear into tiny bits and wither away at any moment. "Is she alive?" I asked bluntly, unable to withstand the tension any longer.

"Yes, but just barely," he said.

I let out a loud sigh of relief. At least, she was alive. There was still hope. "Thank Goodness..." I sighed.

"Please, let me finish." he interrupted. "Her condition is very critical. She's got multiple broken bones, a vast multitude of cuts and abrasions and she's lost quite a bit of blood... Not to mention organ damage..."

"I don't care, as long as she's alive, I'm okay." I said, standing up. "So, can I see her?"

"She's still in surgery... could be a long time to fix everything... Plus, there's no guarantee..." His voice cracked a little. "That she'll make it out alive."

I felt my heart drop down to my toes. "How long has she been in surgery so far?"

He bit his lip. "I'm not sure. About an hour, maybe?"

I walked over to the big double doors that led to the operating rooms. I pressed my face and hands to glass. Just this lock separates us....

Suddenly, a doctor wearing pale blue scrubs walked out towards them. His face looked serious. I held my breath and clenched my fists in anticipation. "Are you (full name)'s family?"

"Yes." (brother's name) responded.

"How is she?" We two asked in accidental unison.

The doctor sighed. "Well, it appears her organs are more badly damaged than we'd thought."

My heart sank even further. "Will she be okay?" I whispered in a voice barely audible to the human ear.

"It's only an hour in, and there's no way of being sure that her organs aren't permanently damaged," The doctor began. "However, it seems that her external trauma is not as bad as we'd anticipated. Her condition is still highly critical and it will take quite some time to patch everything up. It could be anywhere from another 2 hours to another 2 days... I'll continue to keep you updated on her condition."

Two days?! I thought. I can't wait that long. My heart can't stand it.

"Thanks, doc." her brother said. "Take good care of her."

I looked at the doctor in the eye with desperation. "Please, bring her back."

"We'll do everything we can..." he said dryly before walking off through those accursed double doors.

~*time skip*~

It had been nearly twenty-two more hours since I had last heard from the doctor. I was growing frantic and anxious. I just know it, somethings terribly wrong and they're afraid to tell me. A million and one thoughts raced through my head. Every now and then I would fall asleep in the waiting area but I would always awake at the thought of _____.

"Oh, Kiku, I almost forgot..." (brother's name) said as he placed a hand on my shoulder and looked me dead in the eye. "_____... wanted you to have this." He held out his hand and gave me the thin silver chain with the little heart-shaped locket attached. I gasped at the sight. This necklace was her most prized treasure. "She said something about telling you to open it when the sun sets, or something weird like that." he said, rubbing the back of his head.

I caressed the tiny ornament and clutched it tightly to my chest. "When the sun sets..." I repeated, tears welling up in my eyes. I knew exactly what she had meant, and it rocked me to the core. It took everything I had to keep myself from breaking down and sobbing on the floor right then and there.

"So, could you tell me what 'When the sun sets' means?" he asked obliviously.

"It means..." The tears were impossible to hold back now. "I used to call her my sunshine. So when the sun sets, she meant..." I fell onto my knees, unable to carry my own weight anymore. "She meant that she's dying." I felt like I, the land the rising sun, had just had it's sunshine jolt out of orbit and explode into nothingness to shine no more.

(brother's name) put a hand on my shoulder. "She'll be alright... and, no matter what, you'll see her again someday..."

Somehow, I didn't find his words very comforting at all.

Realizing his words weren't helping, her brother said, "Hey, why don't you try opening it? It might make you feel better..."

"No." I responded. "I'm not going to give up just yet."

Then, as if on cue, the doctor walked out of those double doors again. We both hurried over to hear the news. "Do you want the good news or bad news first?" he said with a serious look.

"The good news." I replied.

"Well, the surgeries were considered a success." He said, giving a little smile. "She is currently in recovery in the I.C.U. She's got a long road ahead of her, but she's very lucky to be alive."

"And the bad news?" I asked anxiously.

" She's still in very critical condition, and she's slipped into a coma. We don't know when or if she will wake up."

Another devastating blow. I hung my head and stared at the ground. All day it was one crushing blow after the other, each one leaving me more afraid and worried. I couldn't take much more of this.

"When will I be able to see her?" I asked, hopefully.

"The nurses are still settling her into a room in the I.C.U," the doctor answered. "But, since you've been waiting for nearly 23 hours now, I'll let you go ahead and see her."

Finally. Some good news. I would be able to see my dear _____ again.

I felt a little glimmer of hope as we made our way down the hall until we finally stopped at a door that had _____'s name on it.

I practically burst through the door. I was shocked when I saw all the noisy machines hooked up to her and all the scars and bandages that littered her body. "Oh _____..." I sighed as I brushed my hand over her (h/l)(h/c) hair that was now messy and matted. I brushed away some of her bangs and kissed her forehead softly. I gently took her hand and gave it a loving squeeze. "I promise... I'll stay here... by your side... until you wake up."


You felt something warm in your hand. Was someone... holding your hand?

Kiku? You thought hopefully.

You tried to open your eyes but found you could not. You tried to move but couldn't do that either. You scrambled for memories as to what had happened. Piece by piece you slowly put together the memories like a puzzle and remembered that you were in a bad car accident on your way to a date. It all seemed so long ago... yet, at the same time, like it had just happened a few moments ago. You remembered the last thing you saw was your brother holding the locket you gave to him. Oh yeah, I wonder if he ever gave that to Kiku...

Suddenly, you heard a slight rustle beside you. "_-_____-chan..." He mumbled.

Kiku? You asked, but no words escaped your mouth.

"_____, Aishiteru." You heard him say, tenderly planting a kiss on your forehead.

Kiku? You tried to mutter again, but to no avail.

KIKU!! You practically screamed, but once again not a sound escaped from your lips. You tried with all your might to at least squeeze his hand. You weren't quite sure if he felt it or not, though.

"_-_____?" He asked, shocked.

Yes! He definitely had felt it.

You didn't know what to do next, you seemed to be stuck in some sort of half-consciousness where you still couldn't open your eyes or move very much and you didn't know how to pull yourself out of it. Suddenly, a little idea struck and you bit your tongue as hard as you could, hoping the pain would awaken the rest of your body.

It worked.

Your eyes slowly lifted open, to see Kiku sitting patiently in the little green chair beside your bed, holding your hand. "Kiku?" You whispered, removing the ventilator from your face so you could talk properly.

"_____? You're awake?"

"I suppose so." You said, sitting up to take in your surroundings. It was so strange and surreal to be attached to tons of noisy machines and to be covered in bruises and bandages. You were sore all over, and in quite a bit of pain. Not that you'd ever let Kiku know that.

Suddenly he pulled you into a hug, careful not to hurt any of your wounds. "I'm so glad you're awake. You have no idea how long I've waited to able to look into your (e/c) eyes, bright as the sunshine, once more."

You collapsed into his embrace and muttered, "I wanted to see you too, one more time."

"I love you, _____-chan." He whispered, placing a kiss on the top of your head.

You looked up into his soft chocolate-brown eyes before kissing him softly. "I love you, too, Kiku." You smiled at him and he squeezed your hand.

"Hey, Kiku, have you opened the locket yet?" You asked.

"No, why?" He asked curiously.

"Open it."

"But, the sun hasn't set yet... In fact, it's just arose." He replied swiftly.

"Open it." You insisted.

"Alright." He said, taking the locket out of his pocket. "If you insist." He slowly opened the little heart-shaped piece of silver. Inside was a picture of you, and of him, and a tiny piece of paper that had 'I love you' written on it in your most beautiful handwriting.

"_____..." he smiled, tearing up just a tiny bit. "This is... so... cute."

You giggled and returned his smile. "I bet I'm not that cute anymore now, huh? Now that I'm covered head to toe in bandages, scars, and bruises."

He leaned forward and kissed you again. "You'll always be beautiful to me, no matter what, sunshine."

Suddenly, the doctor walked in carrying a clipboard. "Oh good, you're awake." He actually seemed a tad surprised that you were awake so soon. He walked over to your bedside and quickly examined your vital signs. "Well... everything appears to be normal." He sounded a little baffled. "Which is a good sign. A very good sign."

"Really?" Kiku asked optimistically.

"It's very good." The doctor nodded. "_____ is a very lucky girl."

You glanced around the room, first at the doctor and then at Kiku. You were in fact very lucky, in more ways than one. First you had survived a bad car accident with minimal permanent damage, and then you had a boyfriend who loved you enough to stay by your side throughout the whole ordeal. "I am." You agreed.

Very lucky, indeed.
My very first reader-insert ever! :dummy:

I'm sorry if Japan seems a little OOC here... it was originally a oneshot reader insert with no particular character involved, but then I thought of Japan and he sort of fit the part so I tweaked it a little to accommodate him. :| Plus I just really love Japan ~:heart:

I'm sorry if it kinda sucks. Again, this was my first reader-insert. I'm sorry if its kinda sad at the beginning, but at least it has a happy ending! ^^;

I only own the story. Everything else belongs to their respectful owners. You know the drill
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Japan x Reader
Ginger Tea

"_______-san? _______-san?!"

You moaned sleepily as you were awoken by a loud banging on your door and a familiar voice calling for you. You rubbed your eyes sleepily as you sat up in bed. That was Kiku's voice. Your thoughts slowly dawned on you as you were still asleep and had a pounding headache.

"_______-san!" You heard his voice again.

"I'm here!" you called out weakly. You rolled yourself off your bed to open your door for your longtime friend. "There's really no need to be so worried," you said, as you unlocked and opened the door. "I—" you were cut off when you saw your friend. His face was red and he looked terribly worried and over-stressed.

"K-Kiku?" You were shocked at his appearance. This was the normally stoic young man you had known for well more than a year or two now.

"_______-san," he said, the relief clear in his voice. He was panting. Had he ran here or something?

"Wh—What are you doing here?" You spluttered. It's not like he wasn't allowed in your home, but… you had used to be very close, but he seemed to be growing kind of distant recently. It upset you, very much so, about how distant he was. You really wanted him back as a friend, but you weren't sure if he felt the same way.

"When you did not come in today, I became worried…" he said, still almost frantic. He was regaining his usual composure bit by bit. "Maybe you had gotten sick…"

You blinked at this. You had always been sickly, but that was just with some sort of cough you had since from when you were very small. As you grew older your body grew stronger. Since the time you were ten, you had almost never gotten sick again. You were lucky if you got sick at least once a year, so you'd be able to skip. When you did get sick, however, it was really bad and you were usually out for a week or more.

But even so, he was worried that you had gotten sick?

"Eh? Ah… well, I'm not really that sick," you said nervously. "I—I just wasn't feeling well and wanted to stay home for the day."

A shot of what you could almost swear was disappointment passed over his face before he was suddenly very flustered again. "I see… Well, I thought—maybe, you could use someone to look over you—I didn't mean to intrude—I'm sorry! Please excuse me!" he blurted out, bowed, and quickly turned to leave.

"Hey, wait! Kiku!" You called as he quickly hurried down the hallway of the apartment building. You ran after him, still in your pajamas, and grabbed onto his arm. "I never said—!" you were interrupted by one of your own coughing fits. Your clamped your free hand over your mouth and bent over, your eyes squeezing shut.

"H—hey…" Kiku said nervously, his entire composure changing again. He was usually so cool and collected. He quickly turned to face you, and a worried expression.

You let go of his arm and waved him off, trying to tell him you were fine. It would be over in a second anyway. You hadn't had a fit in so long; you thought you were doing well. But… did the fits usually last this long? You couldn't remember.

It was becoming really hard for you to catch a breath, and when you did, it was deep and shuddery. Did you usually feel this weak? It didn't feel like you could support yourself anymore. Your legs started to shake before you fell to your knees.

"______-san!" Japan was instantly on the floor next to you, placing a hand on your back. He had no ideas as to what else to do, and he just fretted nervously.

As you coughed, you could feel your chest constricting, but you recognized that fear had started to play a part in that. This wasn't normal, and you were terrified. You couldn't breathe, and tears started to well in your eyes; you could feel them. Your heart felt like it could burst through your chest, and you were lightheaded. All you wanted was for it to stop.

Your wish was granted when something warm and thick came from your throat into your palm. You opened your eyes, and through the tears you could see a fuzzy world. Was that black you saw around the edges of your vision? Your breaths were deep and shaky still. You felt weaker than you did before, and it was like you were trying to move through molasses as you pulled your hand away from your face and slowly opened it up. You saw a glimpse of red before the darkness in your eyes took your vision and your body swayed.



You went limp and the cold darkness enclosed you completely.

When you awoke, it was to the wonderful scent of ginger. You felt soft, cold cloth on your skin, and the light bled through your eyelids. Your eyes fluttered open, and almost immediately closed again, your hand flying to your face to shield them. It was bright. Your face was hot, and your hand touched something cold on your forehead. You pulled it off and looked at it through squinted eyes.

A cold compress…

You moaned and rolled onto your side, placing the compress on the nightstand, slowly trying to open your eyes fully.  

"K-Kiku…?" You asked slowly and quietly, not being able to speak louder, seeing a surprisingly messy head of black hair. You blinked your eyes open and slowly lifted yourself onto your elbows.

"Kiku?" You asked, stronger this time. You leaned over and… he was asleep, propped up against the side of your bed. You looked out your window—the airy curtains were drawn and the darkness seeped through. The ceiling light was on though, and it was still really bright. You look down and notice clean white bed sheets. You swore hadn't changed them yet, even though they needed to be. But they were fresh and clean.

On the nightstand was a cup of tea. Ginger tea. It smelled really good, and very nostalgic. You hadn't had it in so long.  

You looked back over at Kiku. He looked really serene, even though his hair was a mess and falling in his face. You leaned closer to him and brushed the hair from his face. He looked really cute like this, actually. You smiled faintly to yourself. It was obvious he had done all this for you, actually carrying you back to your apartment and taking care of you. He had never shown any sort of affection like this; touching was off-limits. But, you had no idea why you had been doubting your friendship earlier. He was always so nice to you, even if he was distant. That was just who he was.

On a sudden impulse, you leaned forward to kiss his forehead.  

"______-san? W—what are you doing?"

You gasped and pulled away. Your eyes met with a sleepy, blushing Japan. In turn, you blushed.

"I—I just… I don't know… I—I," Your words failed you and you hung your head.

"Just… thank you. For everything." The knot in your stomach made you lean forward again quickly and kiss his cheek softly. "本当…ありがとう," you whispered before sitting back up slowly.

"菊ーさん… あなたは…すき."

You instantly gasped, blushing deeper, and covering your mouth with your hands. What did you just say? You did not just say that! Where did that even come from? You hung your head.

But, thinking about it, it was true. You never felt this way for anyone else. You… truly loved him, and only him. You glanced at him from under your eyelashes. He was blushing badly and looking away from you. He broke the awkward silence.


You gasped. He said it. He really said it. His hand brushed against yours and you grabbed it, holding it contently for a moment.

Then, again on impulse, you leaned forwards, and planted your lips on his. He froze and after a second you pulled away. He stared at you, shocked, still blushing.

You looked down and muttered and apology. Damn it…! How could you—?

"No," you heard Kiku say softly. "It's okay."  He cuped your face in his other hand, and, pushing himself to his knees, kissed you tenderly. You shyly kissed back. He was sweet and kind, his lips were soft like sakura blossoms. You could hardly imagine anything more perfect.

After a minute, you broke away and looked into his deep brown eyes.

"だいすき. あなたはだいすき, _______ ーさん," he said.

"だいすき, ____ーちゃん," you said, correcting him.

He blushed and nodded. He wondered how you learned of the nickname he came up for you.

You smiled softly and sat up, still holding onto his hand. You drunk in the pleasure of the moment before your throat tightened again and you started coughing. Japan was next to you in an instant, but he still couldn't do anything. It went by quicker this time, but it still ended with you coughing up something into your hand. This time, since you didn't faint, you could clearly see what was in your palm.

Blood. Thick, red, and sticky. You started to shake. Japan quickly pushed you back down onto the bed to calm you. At this rate, you would end up blacking out again.

"W—what is this?" you asked shakily.

"It's minor hemoptysis. Because you've been coughing so much," Kiku replied. "You have to calm down, _______-san."

"____-chan." You let go and flopped onto the bed.

"はい." He left the room and returned a minute later with a washcloth, and he wiped off your hand for you.

"Thank you," you muttered, pushing yourself into a sitting position again. He put the washcloth down on the nightstand and grabbed the teacup for you. He placed it in your hands and you drank it slowly. "I'm sorry," You said after a quiet second. "You really don't have to take care of me like this."

"No, it's fine. You need to get better, so I don't mind helping you out, ____-chan," he replied, sitting down next to you on the bed.

You blush lightly and put the teacup back on the nightstand. You wrapped your arms around him, pulling him into a hug. He stiffened, but hugged you back. He was warm. You let go and took his hands again.

"I really love you," you said.

"I…love you, too," he murmured, pressing his forehead against yours. You both closed your eyes and leaned in. The aftertaste of the tea lingered as he kissed you—honey, ginger, and lemon.  His arms wrapped around your waist and your hands became pressed against his chest. He laid you back down onto the bed, never being forceful with you. You pulled away, kissed his nose, wrapped your arms back around him, and laid down, pulling him with you. You quickly started to fall asleep in his arms. When you were almost asleep, you could feel him trying to pull away, to let you sleep in peace. You tightened your arms around him.

"No," you moaned sleepily. "Please stay."

"はい," he whispered, after a moment, reaching up to play with your hair and closing his eyes.

And the two of you fell asleep in each other's arms.

When you awoke the next morning, you already felt a little bit better. You continued coughing up blood, but after a few days of Kiku and his Ginger tea by your side, you never had that problem again. But, for the rest of the time you were sick that week, the tea wasn't as sweet as it had been on the first night.
Woo! I fail, it took so long to write this. Japan... heh. I have no idea where this came from, but... I think its rather sweet. ^^; I hope you like it, and tell me if I messed up the Japanese or the translations!

本当ありがとう - Really... thank you.
菊ーさん あなたはすき - Kiku-san... I
ぼぼくもすきです - I-I like... you too.
だいすき. あなたはだいすき, _______ ーさん - Love. I love you, ____-san.
だいすき, ____ーちゃん - Love, ___-chan
はい - Yes

I own nothing!!! Not Japan, not Hetalia, or you.
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Japan x Reader
Mary Me

You were sitting at home reading a wonderful book. It was a usual day, nothing out of the ordinary had happened so far, but you felt as though something big would happen today. You didn't know what it was, but you knew something would happen. As you were lost in thought the phone rang.  After the first few rings you answered it.
" hello, (l/n) residence."
   You knew this voice, it was none other then Kiku Honda, your boy friend. You two have been dating for about four years now, he was so shy when he told you he loved you, but you knew he liked you already, but you wanted him to say it first.

" Hello Kiku  How are you?"
"I am well (y/n)-chan, how are you?"
"Good  So what's up?"
" um... I was wondering if you were open to go somewhere special with me?"

Some place special? You could only wonder where that was.
"Sure can you pick me up around 6:00?" you asked.
"Hai  I'll see you then (y/n)-chan " and Kiku hung up.

Kiku was excited it seamed. Normally he was shy and reserved, you wondered what he was so excited to show you. He hung up before you could ask.. It was 4:30 pm right now so you had a        while to get ready. You decided to finish the chapter of your book before hand.

~~~~~ le awesome as Prussia time skip ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was 5:50 and you were ready to go. You had on a (f/c) dress that complimented you perfectly, some black boots, and a cute hairstyle. You did your make up lightly so it was barely noticeable. You were all set when you heard a knock at the door. You opened it to see Kiku, he apeared to be holding something behind his back.

"Kiku " you yelled as you hugged him.
"(y/n)-chan " he yelled out surprised at your sudden hug. You blushed and released him.
"So where are we going?" you asked. Then from behind his back he pulled out a blind fold. You looked at it then said "Kiku, are you going to make me where that?"
"Hai" he said as a small smile crept on his face.

You didn't really want to where a blind fold, but he seamed like he really wanted you to so you agreed. You two chatted awkwardly in the car on the way to your secret destination. You were so curious to where it was and you'd beg for a hint every other minute, it took almost all he had to say no to you but he managed.

~~~~~ another awesome as Prussia time skip ~~~~~~~~~

You felt the car stop and Kiku say
"(y/n)-chan, we arrived. I need you to stay blind folded though if you don't mind".

You allowed him to keep you blindfolded, you could only think one thing though, this better be good for dragging you around like this. Kiku held you close to him as you walked, he said he was afraid you may fall or get hurt if he didn't. After a while of walking you came to a halt.
"(y/n)-chan, we're here" then he took your blindfold off to revel your favorite place, the (f/p). This was your favorite place for two reasons. The first was (why you like it), and the second was it was where you and Kiku first met. You wondered why he'd blindfold you if you were going here, but wait why were you here?
"Kiku why are we-" before you finished Kiku was down on one knee and held a small box in his hand.
"(y/n)-chan, I... I've been the happiest man alive just knowing you... I... I love you... w-will you m-m-mary me?" and in that moment you thought you could explode with bliss! The love of your life just asked you the most important question you may ever have to answer. You stood there dumbfounded which concerned Kiku a little.

"(y/n)-chan? Are you-" You cut him off with a hug then yelled "Yes! Kiku I love you so much!"

You were both blushing like crazy as you both were holding one another in a pure embrace. You two would spend the rest of your lives together and you knew it. He slid the ring on your on your finger. It was a beautiful ring too, it was better then you could have imagined. You were more then ready to become Mrs. Honda and forever be in your lovers embrace.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Awesomer then Prussia time skip to 5 years later ~~~~~~~~~~~~

You and Kiku had a small family at the moment, and you both decided to move to his home country of Japan. You loved each other more then ever. You had a little girl which you named Suki, her name means "love" and you both wished for her to always find. You were expectant for another child several months from now, and Kiku was always making sure you were doing well. He may have been a little over protective sometimes, but you loved how he cared about you so much. In fact you had a nickname for him because he was so protective and he has a Katana which only made the nickname suit him more. You called him "your Samurai" and that was what he'd always be till death do you part.
This is a special birthday gift for :iconswiftninja91:

This is my first Japan x Reader insert so if he seams a little out of character I apologize.

I hope you liked it.

Please feel free to give advice too, it would be very much appreciated.
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Japan x Reader

"I rove you."

You stare at the Japanese man who just professed his love for you. The one who hadn't visited you in years. The one who'd kept you waiting. You blushed as the cold air brushed against your pink nose. "B-b-b.. B-BAKA*!!" You shout, slapping him in the face and walked away from him, leaving his white face stained with a pink shade. "______!!" He yelled, his ink black hair blowing in the wind, chocolate eyes were filled with passion. 'At least he didn't break his promise..' You turned back at him, wondering whether or not you should keep walking away. Tears started sliding down your eyes as you remember the pain you felt when he was gone.


"I-I love you.."

You grumble as you kiss Kiku on the nose. He blushed, but smiled at you. "Wh-what are you smiling at?!" You whisper-shout at him, reminding him about your tsundere-ness. He chuckled. "No, nothing, ______-san."

The crowd noises filled your ears, and the loud rolling sound of luggage bag wheels whizzed in your mind. You were at an airport.

You bit your lip. Your first and probably last love, Kiku, was going to go to Japan for a year to study abroad, and you had to stay, since you were already attending college in (your city). It was time for him to board his plane, and your big ego only allowed you to kiss Kiku on the nose. He wrapped you in a big hug, even though you didn't hug back, he could feel the radiating heat of your red blush, so he felt satisfied. "I rove you, ______-san." He ran a hand through your (h/c) hair. You grunted. "Kiku, promise me that when you get back, you won't call me with 'san' anymore..?" Kiku's eyes widen a bit, but softened a moment later. "Okay, ______-san." He kissed you on the cheek. You then backed away from the hug.
"It's time for you to go now.. Huh?"
He grabbed his bags and luggage and started walking away, waving and smiling at you the whole time. You watched sadly as he disappeared and blended in with the faces of the crowd. "I'll see you soon, Kiku."


You shook your head and buried your face in your cold hands.

He didn't come back, even after a year. Not even 2 years. Not even 3 either. He made you wait 10 YEARS. And you patiently did, until this year, you became restless. Uneasy thoughts of a 'third person' flooded your mind, and you couldn't shake it off. You traveled to Japan and tracked him down. You found his address and placed a message in his mailbox, asking him to go to the cherry blossom park. You didn't write your name on it, so that he wouldn't know who he was about to meet. When you went there, he was already sitting on one of the benches. When he saw you, his jaw dropped open, and he just walked up to you, saying "I rove you".

He kept his promise about the 'san' thing, but you thought, "So what? Keeping a tiny promise won't make up for making me wait 10 years."

You countinued walking away, and you felt an hand grab your shoulder. You swatted it away and growled, "WHAT?!" Unfazed by this, Kiku continued urging you to stay with him.

"Prease, risten to me, ______!!"

Tears were falling down on his cheeks.

"P-PREASE, ______! Wait--"
"YOU MADE ME WAIT FOR TEN YEARS! And you DIDN'T even care to come back!!"

You fell on the snowy ground, sobbing hysterically. WInter used to be your favorite season, but you couldn't really say so right now. Then Kiku enveloped you in his arms, just like he did on that day. Sniffling in his warmth, you try pushing him away, but failed. You had to listen to his story now.

"______, I made you wait 10 years because I was trying to perfect myserf for you. I even got the highest degree in science now. I was pranning to go back to (your city) next year, because I was trying to be a recturer in Japan first, so you'rr be proud of me. And, I never frirted with other women. Why WOULD I? You were my first and onry rove.." He hugged you tighter.
"I didn't repry to your messages or emairs, because If I did, I'd definitely want to go back and see you. And I couldn't ret that happen yet. And one more thing. I was planning to do this when I got back, but since you're here.."

Kiku let go of you, and got down on one knee. He took a tiny velvet box out from his coat. He chuckled, "I bought this before going to the park." Then he looked up at you seriously. He opened the box, revealing a small but beautiful diamond ring. "Wirr you marry me, ______ __________?"

Your lips trembled. "B-baka.."

You threw yourself onto him and latched onto his body. "Of course I will!"

The scene ended with you pulling Kiku, who was still holding onto the box, into a deep kiss. Nothing was in your mind. You were just happy to finally be able to be with your only love.

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I'm sorry, this took waaayyy too long to make. Sorry about that, darling watchers ^^;

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*BAKA: idiot

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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You clenched your fists at the hem of your shirt, biting your lip as you resisted the urge. 'The urge to what?' some might ask. Well, the itch to wrap your arms around Japan's body and squeeze him until he turned blue from his lungs being crushed.

Everything about him was adorable; his blank coal eyes, his cute bowl-like haircut, his rather small statue, his over-the-top politeness, his calm and shy personality, the frantic way he reacted to 'inappropriate' things, and the list goes on. Sadly, hugging was one of the things Japan deemed as 'inappropriate', and to make matters worse for you, you were an affectionate person. There was no denying that you had a crush on the Japanese man, and so in order to try winning his feelings, you tried to give him his personal space, and it was HARD.

You were currently visiting Japan under your boss' orders to strengthen the bond between Japan and (your country). Since the conservative nation has grown rather fond of you, he kindly offered to let you stay in his house and even suggested taking you around his homeland for some sightseeing. You had mixed feelings towards this. The advantages are that you get to take a look at the Japanese culture (which you were fascinated by), it gave you a chance to hang out with your crush AND you get the nice, warm, pleased feeling that the quiet Kiku Honda actually likes you enough as a friend. You couldn't really tell how he felt towards you because he didn't show his emotions very much, and this was a chance to find out. There was only one disadvantage, yet this disadvantage was a major one- spending so much time with him would definitely make you break.

"Ohayō gozaimasu, ___-san," Japan said as you exited the guestroom, bowing as he said so.

Twitch! Even that was cute!

You grinned while greeting him back, and he led you to where breakfast was waiting. As he enthusiastically explained to you the Japanese dishes in front of you, you couldn't help but giggle over how passionate Japan was towards his cuisine, making you long to pinch his cheeks. Not that you did that though.

Although Japan was one of the top masters at hiding their emotions, you could easily read the anticipation and excitement in his eyes as you popped some of the food into your mouth. Your face lit up, exclaiming to him that it was delicious. He let out a sigh of relief, happy that you liked his food.

"Itadakimasu~" he sang before digging in himself.

Twitch! Why was this old man so cute?


Japan had taken you to so many beautiful attractions, and the more time you got to know Japan (both the country and himself), the more your feelings for him grew.
The two of you were walking together at the streets of Osaka, doing some mindless window-shopping. As you walked past a toyshop, you couldn't help but pause as a lovable plushie caught your eye.

Becoming aware that you were no longer by his side, Japan turned around and walked to where you were. He saw you staring at a rather big mamegoma plushie.

"Do you rike that, ___-san?" he asked. You made a small sound of agreement, your eyes fixated on it. Similar to China, you had a weakness towards cute and huggable things. He chuckled, getting the shopkeeper's attention and pointed at the toy. He passed him some money and placed the seal into your arms. Your (insert colour) eyes widened in surprise.

Clutching the toy close to your heart, you said in his language with a tinge of pink on your cheeks, "Arigatō gozaimasu, Nihon~"

Now it was his turn to blush, only his was much more redder than yours. He felt his heart thump as you said that with such a cute expression, looking away in hopes that you did not see his tomato face. However, you did.

Twitch! Your grip on the toy became tighter, partially wishing it was him you were hugging.


That night, Japan brought you to the cherry blossom tree near his house, letting you marvel over the scenery. The both of you sat on the grass and leaned against the tree, gazing at the moon. You smiled at his content expression and glanced towards his shoulder. It was so tempting to rest your head against it, but the fear of him shoving you off and refusing to speak to you for invading his personal space was too much.

"Thanks for taking me out today, Kiku. I had a lot of fun," you said sweetly.
"That's good, __-san. I, too enjoyed today," he replied. He liked it when you called him by his human name. Then there was a peaceful silence.

He turned his head slightly to look at you, admiring how gentle your facial features looked in the moonlight. His eyes softened, feeling honoured to have the privilege to be next to such a pretty and kind woman. Having the sense that Japan was watching you, you turned to face him, but as soon as your eyes met, he quickly whipped his head to the other side.

"I'm so sorry! I-I couldn't help myself, you rooked too beautifur," he sputtering about his apologies, the word 'beautiful' said in a quieter and more bashful tone.

Twitch! You turned as red as a tomato at that compliment, which also pushed you to the limit. And the mamegoma toy wasn't there to fulfil your hugging needs.

"Kiku, forgive me for this."
"For wha-" he stopped mid-sentence as you glomped him. You felt him tense up but you didn't seem to care. All you were thinking was how delightfully warm he was, and how his body was slightly but nicely sculpted. You inhaled his sweet scent, having no intentions of letting go. Resting your head on his chest, you could hear how fast his heart was beating.

After a while, Japan finally loosened up. He had to admit; it felt right being in your embrace. Tentatively he wrapped his own arms around your body, making you look up at him with bewilderment. Mustering all his courage, he leaned down and pecked your cheek, saying at the speed of lightning, "___-san, daisuki!"

You didn't know that much Japanese, but at least you knew what that meant. You squealed and hugged him tighter, saying back affectionately, "I like you too!"

That night, Japan gave you his first kiss, under the cherry blossom tree, in the romantic moonlight.
I wanted to give literature a try, this is the first fanfic I've ever submitted so no flaming please! But don't hesitate to tell me where I've written wrongly!
I love Japan, don't you want to hug him? :iconaawplz:
I used basic Japanese here, so can I presume that you guys understand the small phrases I added here? haha
Oh and if you don't know what mamegoma is, it's a seal character created by a Japanese company. Here's a picture: [link] Isn't it cute?! :iconomgsocuteplz:

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Edit: Removing my preview images, as although I said I didn't own them and linked it back to where I found it, I don't think that's 'getting permission'. Sad, I really liked this picture :(
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Your friend Im Yong Soo invited you to a night concert of your favorite band, the HetaPunks. The vocalist is Arthur Kirkland, the bassist is Alfred Jones, the drummer is Ivan Braginski, the pianist is Francis Bonnefoy and the guitarist is Kiku Honda. You have a crush on the guitarist, You've been dreaming that you can sing and play the guitar with him.

Today was your birthday, Yong did this for you as a gift. The place where the concert is held is full of life, you can heard the girls fangirl screaming, singing along with Arthur, and keep insisting to climb to the stage. Then the song ended and Arthur announced something.

"So... As for the success of our new album, we would like a girl to come here at the stage and sing with one of us" After saying that, the girls' scream got louder and they now shouting "Me! Me!"

"___! It's your chance!" Yong whispered

"What!? It's too embarrassing!"

"No it's not!" He grinned

"Kirkland!!" Yong Soo cried, overpowering the voice of the girls "How about the girl here!!??" Said Yong luring the attention of all the girls

"She's hot" You can heard Kiku said that.

"Please come here, love" said Arthur and Yong Soo pushed you forward. You can tell that the girls are envy of you at the same time, mad.

Kiku lend you a hand to get you up at the stage, Of course you blushed like a tomato.

"So love, which of us you want to sing with?" Arthur asked

"Uhm... W-with Kiku..." you blushed again

"Did you heard that, git?" said Arthur

"Yeah, I heard it, bastard" said Kiku

"What song would you like, babe?" Kiku asked

"E-excuse Me, I am Sorry please?"

"That song... I never sang it until now..." Kiku muttered

"Sorry for requesting that" that song is the first "proper" song composed by Kiku, it became Japan's number 1 hit song but he never sang it now because the band always go with metal rock genre.

Then Kiku started to sing

In a white sea, a red sun burns, round planets float up like solitary islands and still,
the war is not yet over....
Slender buildings crowd the cities
Matched with the blade of a long history
Only one can prevail
The combat continues...

I love everything new
I really really like what's fashionable
The minority can't control me
Excuse me, I am sorry

"I will not say no to righteously passing down my traditions,
that is to my absolute knowledge."

Kiku's voice is more like an angel to you. You really love his songs and you even have a collection of him!

Etiquette, restraint the virtues of shame.
Cherry trees, maple trees
The meaning of the seasons
My straight black hair
will be blond by tomorrow
After celebrating Christmas
The year ends and I go to the temple
This is how it usually is
Excuse me, I am sorry

Come in, come in to the bath.
Get out, get out when time's up.
Come in, come in to the bath.
Get out, get out when time's up.
I love kotatsu (heated tables) and mandarin oranges
I really really like Western cooking
I can't deny the Meiji Era

Excuse me, I am sorry
I love everything new
I really really like what's fashionable
The minority can't control me
Excuse me, I am sorry

So the song ended, The girls screamed like they want Kiku to sing again.

"Thanks for coming today!!" said Arthur and went to the backstage along with the band.

"Sono uta matta oboete kurete arigato(Thank you for making me remember that song again)" he whispered and gave you a kiss on the cheek then he left and Yong Soo climbed up to the stage and dragged you at the back stage, There are no guards so you two sneaked easily.

"What are we doing here!?" you asked

"For pictures!" said Yong Soo then the band looked at you two.

"Now think what you have done!" You growled

"You need something, love?" Arthur asked

"Not me but him" you said as you point Yong Soo

"What is it?" Arthur asked again

"Pictures!!" Said Yong Soo with an innocent look.

"Hey Francis! Alfred! You two love to take pictures right? Someone wants to take pictures with you!" said Arthur

"I'm in!" said Alfred

"Honhon~ make sure to take my sexy poses huh~" said Francis

"But-" you disagreed

"It's okay just let him take pictures" said Arthur while looking at them. Yong Soo started to take pictures, Francis whose making weird poses and Alfred showing off.

THen you felt that Kiku grabbed your hand and dragged you to a dim-lighted room without the band noticing.
The request is a Lemon so it would be in the next chapter~ :iconyayjapanplz:

Request from :iconxxvampchicxx:

Part 2: [link]
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