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Similar Deviations
Your voice is sweet as honey
Your face is fine as silk
Your smile, your laugh, so sunny
I drink you in like milk

I see your sweater on the desk
If only I could be so blessed
To be that near you
I hear a mention of your name
Try to control my mind in vain...
I'm thinking of you

My love, you are my freedom
My love, you are my peace
The sky is full of reasons
That you and I should be

You speak so well, your words like bells
Ring clear and true
Your sweet scent dwells where memories meld
with love imbued
You stand so sure, with such allure
Just like a king
For you and you alone my heart takes wing

Your eyes are my undoing
Your gaze a thrilling dance
Such fire, such ardor brewing
In the wake of your deft glance

You walk before me
And I'm fazed
Some moments pass yet I remain
Staring after you
I watch your fingers turn a page
Oh, all the kisses that I'd lay
On each part of you

My love, you are my freedom
My love, you are my peace
The sky is full of reasons
That you and I should be
* Update: Listen to the song on Youtube ([link] ) *
A song about that first blush of love, the kind that fills your head and heart and makes you crazy :) I was inspired by the ancient Egyptian love poetry, in particular, the "praise" songs in which each aspect of the beloved is praised by a comparison to something beautiful in nature.
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(Verse 1)
I watch you dance from afar
with people watching, people laughing
Why do I keep thinking about you
when I don't even know who you are?

(Bridge 1)
Ablaze from a vision so enchanting
I can't sleep---your feet tiptoe through all of my nightmares
All night I torture myself with sweet impossibilities
'til I'm too weak to fight for the truth

Is it a crime?
Fascination with someone you've only seen twice?
Infatuation with someone you've only seen three times?
Is it a crime
that I want to press your lips to mine?

(Verse 2)
You waste your beauty on the weak,
on the common, the unworthy
If you could see what I could give you
I hope that you would change your mind

(Bridge 2)
I'd sacrifice it all to have you
Throw my life away to start one with you
We'd both be free from this hell
if you would just come willingly
and succumb to the unholy truth

Repeat chorus

(Verse 3)
Why do I wake whispering your name?
I'll never know you, never hold you
Yet I have failed to put out the flames
that burn and burn for you

(Bridge 3)
Another day, another lifetime...
Our hearts would meld together like they were made to
There's an inferno in my mind
that's come so close to killing me
with the poison that lies in the truth

Repeat chorus
*Made a test recording (a capella): *

A song about twisted, obsessive, delusional infatuation...

I started writing this song years ago (when I was about 14). Originally, it was just about a crush that I had on a male librarian (don't ask).

When I started this DA account, I came across this old song and wanted to change it. So I decided to draw heavily upon a relationship in one of my favorite novels, Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. I wanted to capture in a song the obsession that Claude Frollo has for Esmeralda.
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Your icy eyes
Burn into mine
A meltdown inside

A question rides
Into the night
An eternal flight

What are you asking me?
For what else can you and I be, now?

You always set aside
All of your saccharine lines
'Til no one else can hear

You always try to slide
Yourself into my life
But what have I to fear?

That I'll fall headfirst for your soulful guise?
That I'll turn my back on the world tonight?
Just to have one taste of that sheer delight, oh...

Your hands brush mine
I freeze in time
My heart's a divide

Your lips seep wine
Your touch, divine
Pushed reason aside

There's no more asking me
For you are all that I see, now...

A strong, unbidden tide
of feelings I've denied
comes rushing through the years

I'm wary of your kind
and all your dark designs
But how I need you near, oh...

'Cause I've fallen hard for your soulful guise
And I've lost my will to heed the wise
Yes, I've turned my back on the world tonight, oh...
A new song I started composing on the road yesterday. I'm working on more verses. I didn't have Sarah/Jareth in mind when I first came up with this song, but I later realized it kind of fits their relationship...

Hear the song here, set to a Jareth/Sarah Labyrinth slideshow: [link]

Note: The last bridge is not in the recording because I just added it.
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Traveling over sticks and stones
A wayward lover is coming home
The wind whistles and harshly blows
But even that can't drown out the sound

Never to emerge again
A spider entered his lady's den
Thoraces were hanging everywhere
Her abdomen loomed--white and bare

Afraid, he took the thread to seek, and
Nature told him what to speak

Awed eyes sparkled in recognition, and she
Embraced him in a quick decision
Languid love followed repetition

Evening came and the moon looked down
At arachnid lovers together bound
Glared at he who lay so still
Leered at she who made the kill...But his dead
Eyes stared back, happy and filled

Traveling over sticks and stones
The wayward lover has come on home
The wind whistles and harshly blows
But even that can't drown out the sound...of arachnid love.
A song about the courtship and mating rituals of orb weaver spiders. The verses (the middle part) are from an acrostic poem I wrote for a friend (Nathanael Eagle) a long time ago (can you see his name spelled out?).

Yes, I know that arachnids comprise many cool critters (like scorpions!), not just spiders, but "arachnid love" sounds cooler than "spider love". :D

Sorry, I didn't make a recording of this yet. When I make one, I will post it so you can hear the song.

See more of my songs in my featured gallery: [link]
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A bee to a flower
I fly to you

My only wish
to press my body against
the soft fuzz that blankets your being

and fills my dreams with the feel,
the joy of rolling and dying
in this field of you

And I will drink from your mouth
a nectar sweeter than the dawn

And I will climb into your petals,
never to return
I was looking through my old notebooks and found this poem I wrote a long time ago.

See more of my literature deviations in my featured gallery: [link]
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Swimming out of necessity
Their flippers kicking back,
These homebody terrapins
Are never out of whack

Their shells look as if painted
With the finest hand and brush,
Their forms, to me, totemic
Their voices, a multi-volume hush

They move with utter grace
And eat with proper utensils,
They do not speak or write a word
For they've means better than pencils

They treat each other with respect,
Except when they do not...
They show their love without pretension
And for that, they're adored a lot

Yet, sometimes one makes the other mad
And is ignored quite much
But cold spells never endure entire days
So again, they dance and touch

When their minds imbibe a sudden idea
And decide it's good as gold
The tenacity which they proceed
Could cure the common cold

Their daily lives are never a bore to watch
Every simple movement is so enchanting
If I attempted to describe this with my tongue
In a very short while I'd be panting

They show there can be continuity
Among all varied walks of life
I feel such strong connection with these turtles
Albeit our relatedness is slight

Our lives with them are never linear
There are oscillations, twists, and turns
So just when we think we know them well...
There's another thing to learn
This was a really silly poem about turtles that I think I wrote for some class assignment. My family has 2 Red-Eared Slider terrapins and this poem is about them.
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Let me collect your glistening hair
In my own hands
And kiss the dewdrops from your lips
Or go swimming in your eyes
And close the lids
Then quench my thirst upon your tears

And oh...
I'm wading
Here, by the shore
The seagulls are calling
As they fly away

Your rushing voice washes me
To Paradise
You wave me to a sandy beach
The crushing volume of your words
Displaces my calm
I'm overflowing for you

And oh...
I'm drifting
Far from the shore
The salty winds blowing
As I'm borne away

How I'd like to run with you
Down to the sea
And spread out wide under the sun
Then I'd have to draw you into
The chasm of my arms
And you'd fill me with all you are

And oh...
I'm drowning
In the depths of your eyes
Is the ocean still lovely
From the inside?
This was a song I wrote about my boyfriend early on in our relationship. It took him a while to warm up to me, and I too felt some apprehension back then. I likened him to the ocean---immeasurably beautiful and fascinating, but also scary and stormy at times...and engulfing.

You can hear the song here: [link] (piano version) and [link] (acoustic guitar version)

See more of my songs in my Featured Gallery: [link]
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I saw his face in a dream
We were walking to the ocean
I know not all's what it seems
But we embraced with such devotion

We stared straight into the horizon with all its pleasures
And spoke with bated breath of the future and all its treasures
I woke and thought to myself
Who was that man?
This is something that I still need to understand

And I wonder if that time will come
Will I hold you in my arms someday?
And I wonder what that dream has done
And will this life ever be the same?

Though years have passed since that dream
I'm still filled with such emotion
I know not what it could mean
But the spell was highly potent
For who has ever forgotten a vision so sublime
I wait, I'm anxious for all of the story to unwind

And I wonder if that time will come
Will I hold you in my arms someday?
And I wonder what that dream has done
And will our lives ever be the same?
I had a dream of a man. And I later met him in waking life (I think?) So this is a song about it. I'm still writing more verses for this.

Sorry, I don't have a recording of this yet, but once I make one, I'll post the link so you can hear the melody too.

See more of my songs in my featured gallery: [link]
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(First verse)
I'm leaving
Booked my flight the other night
Retrieving all my laundry,
packing light

You're heaving
in a last plea you call me "wife"
that I'm anchored to that life

But why would I be?
Could this wasteland hold a fly?
I'd rather be free
than sit and sift through all the lies

My heart tugs at me
I want to hold you through the night
But infinity is
the horizon in my eyes

Darling, don't be afraid to face me
Please, hear me, please, don't evade me
What I'd give to keep the love we made, baby
But I must sing, you know I've been waiting...

This is my song for sundown
This is my song for saying goodbye
It's just been so long since we honestly tried
Whatever we've grown has withered and died

Yes, this is my song for sundown
This is my way of telling you why
Now don't you tell me it's wrong to make a grown man cry
'Cause I can still see that spark in your eye

(Second verse)
I'm en route
I think about you as I drive
I want you
but I need a different life
In all truth
I feel the change is worth the strife
But it's too
soon to know if this is right

(Bridge 2)
Oh, you must be at home
on bent knees, praying
I can feel all the sorrow you're conveying
But if I don't go I'd only be delaying
the ending for us, the song's already playing...

(Repeat chorus)
Oh boy, I've had this song on the back burner for awhile, but I just came up with a lot on the drive home (seems to be the best time to write songs :) ). I want to write at least another verse for this.

This song is going to be the titular track on my first album ("Songs for Sundown")...I don't have a recording yet but soon will. It's also my only country-style song so far :)
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Your bones
Pearly white
Visible to all.
Your tears
As you cry
In angst at it;
It's not your fault.

You torture yourself,
Convince yourself
That you're not good enough.
That you don't deserve to have

I want to help you,
To remind you of the beautiful soul
That you are
How nice you are
How beautiful
How deserving.

But I am a coward,
Lost in my own maze
To accept
That someday, you'll be gone.
You are a loving person,
A flavourful person,
Full of colour and emotion.

Your honesty seeps
Into every single soul.

You close yourself off
In a cage
Of bones.

You tumble beyond recognition,
We miss you,
We love you,
We need you.

Please, fight back.

You toss against the cage,
Hope all but lost,
Our words
Strangling you
No matter how
Good the intention.

I'm sorry.
I could have done something.
But I didn't.

I am hopeless.

I won't forget it,

The story of our friendship.
This is for a friend of mine, :icontrinity-in-rainbows:.

She has a disorder called Anorexia.

I want to help her in some way.

Convince her we can fight it.

I want to cure it,

I want to get her back.

I miss her.

I just don't know what to say. She was one of my first dA friends and I will never forget her.

I love you Trinity, we all do. <3

Just believe in us.

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