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A tall, dark-haired man watched those two troublemakers who were on his land again as they were leaving. He got a strange feeling from them as if he knew one of them. The short-haired one seemed to be familiar.
And then he heard the name Stiles. At that moment he recalled everything. Of course he knew him. It was Stiles, the boy without a mom. Derek closed his eyes for a moment to be able to recall that night.

He had been ten when he had been wandering in a forest at night because Laura had teased him and hadn't wanted to let him be. So he changed into a wolf and ran away for couple hours. He knew his parents wouldn't look for him; they weren't worried about him. They had never been.  Derek wasn't an ordinary boy; he was a young wolf, who could have taken care of himself more than anyone else.

Suddenly he saw the night right in front of him again.

He had just been running not far from the road, when he had heard something. He stopped and sniffed. He was sure there was someone else with him – a human, probably a child. He was a little curious and so he decided to follow the smell. At first he was afraid but as soon as he noticed the tiny body dressed in a washed-out jeans and red sweatshirt, he felt relieved. He watched the person from behind the bush where he was completely safe. The boy definitely couldn't see him. Derek didn't want to be seen, his parent had taught him not to show himself in his animal form. He looked like a young wolf but he knew that even he, just like the rest of his family, wouldn't look like a wolf for much longer and would be more like a hybrid, who he actually was.

He heard a quiet sob which made him sharpen his senses. He gazed at the boy's face which was flooded by tears and suddenly felt a wave of sadness. He knew it wasn't his sadness; it was the boy's in red sweatshirt. Laura had always said he's something like a wolf empath.

He was thinking what to do for a while, whether to stay in safety of his cover or show himself. The decision didn't take much time and he was slowly getting closer to the scared kid who put a scared face on when he noticed him. He would have liked to slap himself now if he could have, he hadn't thought about the possibility of frightening the kid at all. He quickly bended his head down to show him that he didn't want to hurt him. Nothing happened for a while but in the end, the boy who could have been hardly six held out his hand and sadly smiled.

„Are you alone, too, dog?" he asked with his childish, quiet voice. Derek usually hated when someone called him dog, it was an insult, but he was aware that the boy didn't mean it in a bad way and was too small to recognize a dog from a wolf. He decided to let the name be and reached the kid.

„My name is Stiles, what's your name?" the boy in red continued. Derek wanted to tell him his name, but he couldn't, he couldn't change himself, he simply mustn't and  that's why he only quietly growled and lay on the boy's feet, He was sure he was cold.

"It's a pity you can't talk," small Stiles spoke again. "It would be so funny. But even though you can't talk and probably don't understand, I can talk to you, can't I?" he asked. Derek, to show agreement, nudged him with his muzzle which made the boy smile a bit.
"Dad is probably looking for me and I'm just making him worry," Stiles quietly whispered. "And he has so much work, with mom's funeral…" As soon as Stiles finished his sentence, he heard a quiet whine which was strange and so he scratched the dog lying on his feet behind the ears.
"But I'm lost," he continued. "I went too far in the forest. I don't know which way to go back…" There was hopelessness in his voice, he was starting to panic and Derek noticed. He stood up on his four paws and pulled the boy's sleeve to let him know he would guide him home.

Derek opened his eyes again. He almost forgot the night. That was the night he had met Stiles' father, who had been looking for his boy almost crazy from fear in the forest and his first reflex, when he saw the small boy in a wolf's company, was to aim the gun at the animal. But the boy in a red sweatshirt had stood in front of him as he was about to protect him with his own body.
He smiled weakly at that memory and turned to the direction where both young men were leaving. It's a pity you don't know who I am, Stiles, he thought and sign of pain appeared on his face. At that time, you were something like my friend. The only one I had beside my family. And now you're gone, just like them…
Title: I met you before, Stiles!

Author: mishule [link]

Translation: Naja [link]

Rating: K

Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles

Words: 889

Summary: Derek remembers his first meeting with Stiles, when he saved his life. Or was it the other way around?

Note: Derek really looked like a puppy when he was younger
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Traveling over sticks and stones
A wayward lover is coming home
The wind whistles and harshly blows
But even that can't drown out the sound

Never to emerge again
A spider entered his lady's den
Thoraces were hanging everywhere
Her abdomen loomed--white and bare

Afraid, he took the thread to seek, and
Nature told him what to speak

Awed eyes sparkled in recognition, and she
Embraced him in a quick decision
Languid love followed repetition

Evening came and the moon looked down
At arachnid lovers together bound
Glared at he who lay so still
Leered at she who made the kill...But his dead
Eyes stared back, happy and filled

Traveling over sticks and stones
The wayward lover has come on home
The wind whistles and harshly blows
But even that can't drown out the sound...of arachnid love.
A song about the courtship and mating rituals of orb weaver spiders. The verses (the middle part) are from an acrostic poem I wrote for a friend (Nathanael Eagle) a long time ago (can you see his name spelled out?).

Yes, I know that arachnids comprise many cool critters (like scorpions!), not just spiders, but "arachnid love" sounds cooler than "spider love". :D

Sorry, I didn't make a recording of this yet. When I make one, I will post it so you can hear the song.

See more of my songs in my featured gallery: [link]
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Your icy eyes
Burn into mine
A meltdown inside

A question rides
Into the night
An eternal flight

What are you asking me?
For what else can you and I be, now?

You always set aside
All of your saccharine lines
'Til no one else can hear

You always try to slide
Yourself into my life
But what have I to fear?

That I'll fall headfirst for your soulful guise?
That I'll turn my back on the world tonight?
Just to have one taste of that sheer delight, oh...

Your hands brush mine
I freeze in time
My heart's a divide

Your lips seep wine
Your touch, divine
Pushed reason aside

There's no more asking me
For you are all that I see, now...

A strong, unbidden tide
of feelings I've denied
comes rushing through the years

I'm wary of your kind
and all your dark designs
But how I need you near, oh...

'Cause I've fallen hard for your soulful guise
And I've lost my will to heed the wise
Yes, I've turned my back on the world tonight, oh...
A new song I started composing on the road yesterday. I'm working on more verses. I didn't have Sarah/Jareth in mind when I first came up with this song, but I later realized it kind of fits their relationship...

Hear the song here, set to a Jareth/Sarah Labyrinth slideshow: [link]

Note: The last bridge is not in the recording because I just added it.
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(Verse 1)
I watch you dance from afar
with people watching, people laughing
Why do I keep thinking about you
when I don't even know who you are?

(Bridge 1)
Ablaze from a vision so enchanting
I can't sleep---your feet tiptoe through all of my nightmares
All night I torture myself with sweet impossibilities
'til I'm too weak to fight for the truth

Is it a crime?
Fascination with someone you've only seen twice?
Infatuation with someone you've only seen three times?
Is it a crime
that I want to press your lips to mine?

(Verse 2)
You waste your beauty on the weak,
on the common, the unworthy
If you could see what I could give you
I hope that you would change your mind

(Bridge 2)
I'd sacrifice it all to have you
Throw my life away to start one with you
We'd both be free from this hell
if you would just come willingly
and succumb to the unholy truth

Repeat chorus

(Verse 3)
Why do I wake whispering your name?
I'll never know you, never hold you
Yet I have failed to put out the flames
that burn and burn for you

(Bridge 3)
Another day, another lifetime...
Our hearts would meld together like they were made to
There's an inferno in my mind
that's come so close to killing me
with the poison that lies in the truth

Repeat chorus
*Made a test recording (a capella): *

A song about twisted, obsessive, delusional infatuation...

I started writing this song years ago (when I was about 14). Originally, it was just about a crush that I had on a male librarian (don't ask).

When I started this DA account, I came across this old song and wanted to change it. So I decided to draw heavily upon a relationship in one of my favorite novels, Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. I wanted to capture in a song the obsession that Claude Frollo has for Esmeralda.
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Your voice is sweet as honey
Your face is fine as silk
Your smile, your laugh, so sunny
I drink you in like milk

I see your sweater on the desk
If only I could be so blessed
To be that near you
I hear a mention of your name
Try to control my mind in vain...
I'm thinking of you

My love, you are my freedom
My love, you are my peace
The sky is full of reasons
That you and I should be

You speak so well, your words like bells
Ring clear and true
Your sweet scent dwells where memories meld
with love imbued
You stand so sure, with such allure
Just like a king
For you and you alone my heart takes wing

Your eyes are my undoing
Your gaze a thrilling dance
Such fire, such ardor brewing
In the wake of your deft glance

You walk before me
And I'm fazed
Some moments pass yet I remain
Staring after you
I watch your fingers turn a page
Oh, all the kisses that I'd lay
On each part of you

My love, you are my freedom
My love, you are my peace
The sky is full of reasons
That you and I should be
* Update: Listen to the song on Youtube ([link] ) *
A song about that first blush of love, the kind that fills your head and heart and makes you crazy :) I was inspired by the ancient Egyptian love poetry, in particular, the "praise" songs in which each aspect of the beloved is praised by a comparison to something beautiful in nature.
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Chapter with better formatting, in PDF file:…

*Author notes available at the beginning of chapter one*

Note from the translator: This is not a word for word translation. So there will be words missing, or words added when comparing the original. I tried my best not to change the contents. BUT, sometimes I just had to. The thing is that Kyoux plays a lot with form and tense, and that made it that much more difficult to translate. I wanted to leave as much as possible as it was in the original so that the atmosphere and her writing style were reflected. And that might get English people confused sometimes, as it probably would be written differently if the correct English were used. Of course you'll find mistakes in the text, so please, instead of mocking my language skills, just sit back and enjoy a beautiful love story. I decided to try and translate it because I adore their story so much that it would be a pity for others not to be able to read it. Especially since the artwork that goes with it is so beautiful. This piece took 4.5 hours to translate, so if you don't like the way it's done, please pay me some respect for the hours I've put into this and don't read. But, I really hope you'll like it as much as I do.

Note from the editor: Thanks goes to the hard work of the ever talented Anna, whose painstakingly translation from Polish to English is making it so all English speaking fans can enjoy this truly beautiful piece. I am simply doing some formatting and tweaking (English and all it’s damn rules!), so it is even easier to immerse oneself in the story.  I tend to either work in snippets, or lose myself, and all concept of time, completely in the words. I converse a lot with Kyoux during the process, so I really have no idea how much time I spend. That’s okay though. I volunteer to do this for love of the story. However, I would like to point out that it’s a conscious decision by the author to mix past and present tense, and to use spacing for emphasis. These things are stylistic choices, not errors, so please don’t leave comments about them. Focus instead on the lovely story Kyoux is weaving.


The Redhead

It happened a good couple of weeks before Marcin told me the revelation. After the whole talk... which he would probably tell you about soon enough.
It was early morning, the day after the Christmas party, at the good ol' Muffin Café*.

I woke up early.
It was dark outside, but at that time of year, it wasn't unusual.
I woke with start when I thought I overslept for Uni, because it wasn't the alarm clock that woke me up. Looking around the room, I realized that it wasn’t mine, and that next to me I had someone who I hadn’t had the pleasure of having so near for a long time, and that I was still holding him tightly.

I cuddled even closer to his back, resting my forehead against the back of his head. I closed my eyes. And I actually was happy that he was next to me, that things were working out.
I wondered many times how peeved Josh** must be. Because I think he was... I wasn't sure.
Back then, I didn't know how much animosity Marcin held toward me. He hid it well with other emotions, using his well tried methods that he rehearsed for years.
I should get some recognition award for hurting people that meant so much to me. Consciously and subconsciously.
I heard a few times that I was an 'honourable man', a 'good boy'.
In truth, I should have a sticker on my forehead that read: 'A total dickhead. Beware'.

I was thinking about how I would react if someone played dirty on me, just like I played Josh. And supposedly I had a goal in that, some vision. A stupid plan. Now it just seemed to be pathetic. I sure as hell knew that I would not be able to be that calm. For that, I admired him... although I didn’t understand that.

The relationship with Josh was my first, and only. I didn't do relationships before that. Because, why bind yourself to someone, do the feelings and loyalty game, when you had everything you wished for? Youth, energy, and easy money made from the pleasure of hacking.
Drugs, sex and admiration from my circles.
I had an easy life back then.
Even if some scraps of morality tried to get to me, you just had to grab the relevant stimulant, and I could keep on pushing forward without looking back.

But maybe Nemesis or that 'Karma' or however it was called, was in fact punishing us for what we did wrong.
And when we were too satisfied, we had to give something away, something that was precious to us. If that was the case, then karma took Rav*** from me.
Forever. Without any hope for a return.
Death took on a different meaning back then.
It became palpable. Ruthless and indifferent to my pleading. In one second it took away youth and joviality.
I thought that after what happened, and how much it hurt me, that I learned something, that I knew how to change. How to be a good man. To have a normal and peaceful life.
Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Sometimes I felt like I was dragging some sort of shadow behind me, which didn’t allow me to be happy with what I had.
Whispering in my ear, reminding me what I had and how good it was - back then.
Because in reality, that was my world.
And despite me living on the edge, that dangerous line was where I had my space. A place where I felt fulfilled.

I felt lost for the first six months after Rav's death.
As If I was drug away without any word, without any forewarning, forced to an alternative reality.
I felt as if I was in detox. In some horrible, bad dream, that didn't want to end.
But that's when I found out that a friend in need is a friend indeed, and what family really meant.
Without them, I probably wouldn't have left my room for quite some time.
If at all.

My shell was cracking for a long time.
The Muffin's Café helped me open myself, helped me smile again, and find the carefree side of myself.
But was it the real me? And not a mask, which I put on to fit in?
I thought that I still couldn’t find my place. Find that sense, my place in reality, without hacking and Rav.
I let myself be carried by life's currents, pretending not to see some of the things that were happening to make it easier on myself. To make my life effortless.
The paradox in all that was that it actually was me who complicated things.
Because in truth, I couldn’t live an uncomplicated life.
I needed the excitement in life, to make me aware that, in fact, I could still feel something. Without it, I felt empty.

Not that long ago, I realized as well that I never said 'I love you' out loud.
And yes, it scared me a bit.
I didn't manage to tell Marcin that he was my first crush.
I didn't manage to tell Rav that he was my soulmate. That he was the one who understood me best.
I didn't tell Josh either... although there was this one moment that I had so many feelings inside to turn them into those three little words.

And now?
I feel one, big

simple NOTHING.

I cuddled up even closer to Josh. Inhaling his scent.
I wanted to remind myself of everything that I felt toward him not just a few months ago.
How I was absorbing every nice thing he said. How I was happy that he wanted to spend time with me.
A little bit like a dog that was happy that he got the owner’s attention.
I smiled ironically.
I probably should have said it in a nicer way.
But. Maybe I turned bitter.

I was lying like that for a moment longer, knowing that I wouldn’t fall asleep anymore.
I had to go to Uni that day. That thought somehow escaped my memory after meeting Josh at the Muffin's and leaving with him. The thought was easily lost to me.

I got up from the bed. Went to the bathroom to put myself together, came back to get my shark hoodie, which my man gave me yesterday, he was still sleeping by the way. I smiled, looking at the shark print. I liked sharks a lot and only he knew that.
I looked at him.
I didn't want to wake him.

I only had an hour left not to be late to school.
I should go, although I would prefer to stay.
Or was that what I was supposed to feel?


"Who did I see?"
And I saw him, a little more dishevelled than usual. His blonde mohawk wasn't as perfect, nope, not today.
I thought that he probably banged Nathan till late at night, and then he couldn't drag himself from the bed, and that I probably would hear about all that in a minute.
"I'm going to class." I tried to get past him, but he grabbed ahold of my tie, keeping me in place successfully.
Yes, I had a suit on. Something worth noting. I didn’t like the smart, stiff clothes. But yesterday was the Christmas Party, and so I convinced myself. The Blonde and I, we actually had a nice entrée. But he and Nathan went back to our place, so he could change. I decided that a shark hoodie didn’t look good with dress slacks, so I went for the 'stiff' attire instead.
"And shouldn't you be in the class over there?" He pointed with his finger in the direction opposite to the one I was going to.
'What an excellent memory', I thought.
"I can walk with you, since my class is not far from yours," he added with a slow smile and a hooded look. He had bags under his eyes, and I didn’t know why, but it irritated me a bit. A few people were looking at us already. Not that we weren't a curious sight in our ensembles. The Blonde was standing really close to me, still holding my tie in his palm.
"I should. Let go," I said, looking down at him.
"You look good." He moved even closer toward my face, looking straight into my eyes. I moved my head back on a reflex, rolling my eyes in annoyance. I pulled my tie out of his hand, turned away from him and was walking when the Blonde joined me. To my big surprise, he was still quiet about his night spent with Nathan.
"How was it at Josh's?"
"Good," was my reply. If he thought I would ask him the same, he was wrong.
"I fed your rabbit." Uh-oh. He's leading up to something. "And I fed Firka too... she was surprised that you weren’t there. And I'm taking Nathan home for Christmas."
Yeah... right. Hadn’t I mention that it would be nice for Josh to come with me to see my family? "Great. Are you going to tell your parents that he's your man?"
I lifted one brow, interested in his reply. Marcin was still hiding from his parents. They lived far away, so wasn’t like he had to admit to anything. Although... he was twenty-two years old now, so he could finally stop telling fairy tales about his girlfriends.
"No, I'm introducing him as a colleague of mine. And don't laugh at me. It's not as easy as you think. My family is so totally different from yours." He looked at me with something between 'I'm almost angry' and 'almost offended', but with a troublemaker vibe to it. He never changed a bit. I read him like an open book. But I didn’t think he was aware of it... and I thought that it would be better for it to stay like that.
"OK, I'll stop, oh look, it even made me sad." I pointed to my lips, pulling them down. He looked at me with a murderous stare, which amused me even more.
"I'm going to class," he said.
After those words I knew he felt more offended than 'almost angry'. But instead of leavening, he stood there in his usual pose; his feet wide apart and hands in his pockets.
"Then go." I stopped with a little smile on my face.
"I'm going," he said, still standing in place. Then he added, "What time do you finish?"
I'm sure he knew that, but he probably wanted a confirmation.
"At four."
"Then we'll be walking back together."
I watched him leave with that half smile glued to his face. Because he hadn’t changed that much since those good times. Times that were so far away from hacking and that different lifestyle. And it pleased me greatly. Because it means he was still honest and uncomplicated. He reminded me of all the good things. Carefree, simple.
And that gave me hope.
Because in that world, that we were discovering together, I knew how to find myself.

I had my place in it.

*Muffin’s Café - this's RPG group, for which Nivan had been created. There, he met Josh, Nathan, etc., which are not my OC's. They belong to my friends.
**Josh - Niv's current boyfriend [OC that belongs to Fukari]
***Rav - Niv's boyfriend when he was a hacker.

:bulletred:PAGE WITH THIS STORY [with PDF 's file] :bulletred:

Author: *Kyoux
Translator: ~schiotka :heart:
Editor: ~JacquelineMonaie :heart:

:bulletred:Polish version: [link] :bulletred:


Chapter 01 - [link]
Chapter 05
Chapter 06 - [link]

Descriptions of characters: [link]
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a sheet of glass separates
two girls, the same.

thick, coffee ground hair,
longest strand- jaw length, sometimes
in perfect ringlet, but only when the sun
decides to sleep through the day and
lets the clouds cry over the city.

chlorine pool eyes, but never watery.
instead, they sound like leaves
cracking underneath boots. straight
eyelashes and arched eyebrows
frame them like an oil painting.

spindly arms hang loosely
at sides. often, they do not
know what to do with them.
rings on their fingers talk
when their mouths do.

lithe and lissome,
they can feel their ribs,
but their thighs are thick
and in love, touching always.
they stand, feet shoulders width
apart, to separate them.

splash of freckles splattered as if
God flicked the hairs of a paintbrush
dipped in tan paint at their cream skin.
if someone were to write a poem,
they would call them constellations.
the girls do not.

the only difference is
one’s heart swells
when she hears a violin
or smells old paper,
the other neither hears nor smells,
she is depiction,
not entire.
I fell into peer pressure and wrote a body image poem. It first started with chromeantennae's poem and spread like a wildfire across the writing community. I had a good time writing this, exploring what made me unique and how I could make my body image poem unique as well. Go read some of the other body image poems too! Ricky's made a feature of some of them here.
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  "Yo, ____!" Alfred called to you. Looking, a smile made its way onto your face as you looked up from your sketchbook. "Hey Alfred!" you greeted your longtime friend, stuffing the book in your backpack and zipping the top. "What's up?"

  Alfred smiled his goofy grin, poking your cheeks. "Nothin'! I just got this really cool thing to show you!" he laughed. You rolled your eyes. "Oh really?" you placed your hands on your hips, putting on a fake uninterested look. He pouted. "You don't want to see…?" he sounded upset. You laughed. "I do, Al. What is it?" "Follow me!" Alfred brightened up, another goofy grin plastered onto his face once more.

  "Al, it's another scary movie." You frowned, slightly disappointed. "Exactly." The American ignored your disappointment and continued on. "I invited Gilbert, Arthur, Matthew, and Francis to come watch it with us." "And your point is…? What's so special about a movie? Look, there's nothing even on the cover!" You took the video and pointed to the black plastic. Not even the title was printed on. Chuckling, Alfred took the movie back. "Kiku told me it was really haunted, and I want to see for myself!" hearing the doorbell ring, he smiled a toothy grin and headed to the door, opening it. "Yo, Artie! Gilbert! Francis! What's up dudes?" he stepped out of the way to let them in. You waved hello. "Hey Arthur, Gil, Francy-Pants!" You smiled; a little less disappointed your buddies were there. "Ze awesome me has arrived!" the Albino slid an arm around your shoulder, and Francis joined on the other side. He slid an arm around your waist, humming. "Mon ami~ how long has it been~?" he glanced at you, grinning  and kissing your hand. "Let go of her, you bloody frog!" Arthur yelled, obviously pissy.

  "Now Arthur~ be nice to Francis~" you giggled, your (e/c) eyes teasing. "We're all friends here, right~?" you asked. He scowled, crossing his arms and looking a way. "I suppose…" he growled, a light blush on his cheeks. "Yo dudes! Let's start this movie!" Alfred's loud voice interrupted. "Sure Al, let's do this!" Gilbert gave him a thumbs up. Francis nodded, hand not leaving your waist. "I call sitting next to ____!" he pulled you onto the couch, placing you into his lap. "Ew! Creeper alert!" you joked, squirming off. Alfred and Gilbert laughed and sang together. "Hide you kid's and yo wife, 'cause he's rapin' everyone out there!" they teased. Francis pouted. "All I wanted to do was sit next to our dear ____~" he whined, pouting. Arthur whacked him upside the head, sitting next to him. "You wanker! No one wants to sit with you!" he crossed his arms once again. "Artie! Don't be such a killjoy!" you sat next to him on the big couch, a plan coming to your head. I'm going to have fun~ you thought to yourself as you pushed your (h/c) hair behind your ears, making your (e/c) eyes as cute as you could make them. "Besides… I wanted to sit with you, Arthur…" your voice trailed off as you stared into his green orbs. Gilbert snorted, and he and Alfred burst out laughing. Francis chuckled himself at Arthur's expression. The Brit covered his mouth as he blushed, trying to hide. "Y-you…!" he struggled to think of an insult as you burst laughing as well. "Let's start ze movie, the awesome me is waiting!" Gilbert announced. Alfred pushed the disk in his Xbox and pressed play, sitting beside you. "No fair! Ze awesome me wants to sit next to ____ too!" he pouted. "Well then, why don't we all sit next to her?" Alfred suggested,  standing. He picked you up as he did so. "H-hey!" you blushed. Gilbert sat down, and Alfred sat next to him, laying you across their laps. You blushed deeper. "N-not cool Al!" It didn't help the fact that your butt was on Francis's lap. This was going to be a long movie, you thought.

//After the movie//

  You sat clinging to Francis for dear life as the movie ended. Francis himself was shaking, staring at the screen. "W-what the bloody hell…" Arthur shuddered. Alfred was hugging Gilbert tightly, and Gilbert was clinging to Alfred. "T-That was so... s-scary…" you squeaked, unable to stop shaking. They all nodded in reply. "_-____... how did you NOT scream through that?!" Alfred wondered. He had screamed through the movie, as did Gilbert, Arthur, and And Francis. Of course, they didn't scream as much as Al. You loosened your grip on Francis. "I-I like scary movies… B-but this…" you stuttered, trying to find the right words. Francis stroked your hair. "I think we traumatized ____." He pointed out to the others. Gilbert nodded. "I screamed. So not awesome…" he mumbled, still staring at the television. You swallowed. Arthur took a deep breath, trying to relieve himself. Alfred trembled. "H-How about w-we all stay h-here tonight…? I-In the living room…" he mumbled. You all nodded in response once again. You stood. "A-Al… I didn't bring Pajamas… I should go home…" you started, only to be cut off by the American. "N-NO! I-I mean… T-The monster… It could come eat you!" He sounded extremely worried. "Idiot… I-it's not real…" Arthur tried to convince Alfred. "But mon ami! The movie was so real!" Francis panicked. You sighed, not so scared anymore. "I'm a big girl, aren't I? Fine. I'll stay with you guys." You smiled. "We'll be fine though." Secretly, though, you were terrified.

  "Alright you guys, the bed's are set up." You smiled, dressed in some of Alfred's pajamas. You were in his Superman pajama bottoms and a black shirt that was way to big for you. Suddenly, a certain American ran out, glomping you. Backwards you fell, landing on the ground and messing up the sleeping bags. "Alfred! What the hell?!" You groaned, pushing him off and cracking your back. The hard floor wasn't exactly something you wanted to slam your back on. "Oh, ____! Gilbert told me you were dead!" He frowned. You tried to keep from rolling your eyes. "Al, I'm in the living room, correct? And the doors are locked, correct?" You asked, placing your hands on your hips. You could hear Gilbert in the kitchen, stifling his laugh. The American nodded, his hands on your shoulders. "Well, he said the monster… he found it… he said it got you." He said quetly. You felt your face heat up. He cared…? you thought to yourself. A crashing noise interrupted your thoughts, causing both you and Alfred to jump. "Sounds like it came from upstairs…" you observed, looking around him. Francis, Atrhur, and Gilbert came from the kitchen to investigate. "Yo, what up?" Gilbert asked, balancing his beer in one hand. Arthur glared. "It's how are you…" he frowned. You then rolled your eyes. "I think something broke upstairs. I'm going to check it out, 'kay?" you smiled. "Be careful, ____. Don't step on anything broken~" Francis blew you a kiss. Shrugging it off, you stepped up the stairs. Reaching the top, you turned on the light to the hallway and headed down, hearing bickering in the background.

  "In here…" You said to youself, entering a dark room. As you groped the wall for a light switch, the door slammed behind you. You jumped, squeaking. "N-not cool guys!" you called, turning to the door and grasping the doorknob. It wouldn't open. You started to panic. I've been over Alfred's enough to know this door isn't broken, this door doesn't lock. You assured yourself, shaking the door. It wouldn't budge. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed in the window behind you. Suddenly, you heard an evile sounding laugh of a male just behind you, causing you to freeze in your tracks. "You… all… will… DIE!" It whispered, getting louder in the end. Lightning flashed once more, and you screamed.

  The figure was gone, but now there was a banging on the door. "H-Hold on, ____!" You heard Alfred say. "Move, you fat American!" You heard Gilbert say. The door burst open and the Albino ran to comfort you. "____! Tell me you're okay! Are you hurt?!" he panicked. Alfred also ran over, glaring at him. "___! What happened?!" he worried. Arthur let out a yelp, falling to the hard ground below. "Mon ami, are you okay?!" Francis hit the light switch, kneeling down to examine Arthur's foot. "Bloody frog… there was glass on the ground…" he pulled his foot away, picking the glass out. "DUDES! This place is freaking me out!" Alfred clung to you, shaking. Gilbert was hugging you from the other side, rolling his eyes. "Ity's your house, Al." You tried to loosen his grip. "Ze awesome me will protect you all!" Gilbert assured. "Now lets get to bed, ja?"

  Within a couple of minutes you were all downstairs again. You sat on the couch with Arthur, wrapping his foot. Alfred, Gilbert, and Francis were sitting on the sleeping bags. They were chatting about something- plotting maybe. "All done~" you smiled triumphantly, feeling a pair of hands pull you down onto the ground and slipping you into their lap. "Mon ami~ You're so skilled~" Francis nuzzled your neck. Blushing, you pushed off his lap. "F-Francis!" you stuttered out. "Ohonhon~" he smirked. Arthur wacked him upside the head, frowning. "Knock it off, wanker." He said tonelessly, giving you a smile. "Thank you for wrapping my foot, love." Arthur said in his beautiful british accent. "No problem!" You grinned. Alfred yawned loudly in the background. "Kesesese, tired?" Gilbert laughed, plopping on a sleeping bag with the Prussian flag. "No, you idiot. I'm thirsty." Alfred rolled his eyes, laying down on a sleeping bag ith the American flag printed on it. "Not awesome, dude." Gilbert chuckled. "I want to sleep with ____!" Francis smirked, grabbing your hand. You pulled it away, throwing your arms around Arthur's neck. "Artie! Save me!" You said in a mocking voice. "I think ____ should sleep on the couch…" The brit coughed, pushing you away. "No fun~" you giggled, picking up a sleeping bag and a pillow, setting them on the couch. Francis pouted. "Cheer up, Francey-pants!" Alfred punched his shoulder lightly. Gilbert then yawned. "Go to bed, dramaqueens." He grinned, laying back and closing his eyes. You nodded, agreeing and reaching for the lamp. You stretched out on the couch, letting your (h/c) hair fall into your face. "Night, guys!"

  You awoke in darkness to the sound of heavy breathing and hot air on your face. Eyes still closed, you sighed. "Go away, Francis…" you mumbled. The thing on you whispered in hisses, totally not sounding like Francis. You swallowed. "Nice prank…" You mumbled. "I'm not opening my eyes…" you assured yourself. However, something wasn't right. You could hear Alfred snoring beside the couch, along with Gilbert. You could faintly hear Francis's and Arthur's breathing. You opened your eyes out of curiosity and fear, eyes widening at the sight in front of you. Well, on top of you. A tall figure with arms like sticks hovered over you, it's black suit brushing against your chest. The head was bald and white, with a smooth looking texture. You were frozen in fear. N-no face… you thought, terrified. You stared into where it's eye sockets would be and trembled as it brought up a bony hand to stroke your cheek, fingers like needles and sending a shock though your flesh. "You'll die first…" It hissed, raising it's hand.

You let out a scream, waking everyone in the room.
I'm reuploading this. Like a BAWSS.

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Because I have the other chapters.
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But in case you haven't read this yet-
It's up to you, as the reader, to find out.

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Hetalia - Hima Papa, not me c:
This story- Me, you derpheads.
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Everything had a price.

She wasn't sure when she first realized this. When the bitter thought had slipped itself into the back of her head as a carefully guided needle to helpless little balloon. It may have been when she was old enough to wobble unsteadily on her own bare feet. Back then, her and her mother had been on some remote planet—she couldn't even remember why or the name of it—only that her mother worked hard. Worked honestly. There were other twi'leks with them and she played often in warm sun and the fresh tilled earth worked by her mother and many others. There was planting. There was singing. There was laughter. Half-formed memories of childhood they were; things that during her darkest hours she would reach out with her minds eye and cradle them to  her for comfort.

In the beginning, her mother smiled and laughed too. She could almost remember the way her mothers eyes would crinkle when she did. She remembered her mothers stories of her home planet—Ryloth her mother would say with a sigh and a sad smile that bespoke of missing pieces. For hours she would toil in planting, hands dirty and smelling of new growing things: she'd weave stories about the Bright Lands and about the crystals that grew where no light touched.  But one day a man came. He darkened the doorstep to their simple home, a long, lean shadow across the floor that looked more like a clawed hand reaching to devour than anything else. Something about that idea....or vision stuck with her more than the warm laughter of that forgotten planet. Something about that devouring hand haunted her nightmares more than anything. And the man who belonged to that hand, Javoran Davis, haunted longer still.

He'd been a tall man back then with thick, long, prestigious lekku marked sharply with pride. His skin was a beautiful rust-orange and his eyes were almost exotically tilted. They were the deepest unsettling ruby color--and they skipped over Jahnya as if she did not exist and settled on her mother. He'd smiled back then. Lips that were too plump on his face at ease stretched into a grin that never met his eyes and always looked as if two hooks had forced it upward. Something she could not explain back then—an instinct as strong as a hand in her belly—instilled immediate distrust and fear. Wordlessly, she'd cried out and her mother's head turned to her child. She then saw the man—

It was difficult to explain these feelings as a youngling. When the world was big and unending and the only words you had were sacred things like mother, love and home.

When Javoran came, the stories stopped.
When Javoran came, everything changed.

Her mother stopped smiling. It was not immediate at first, but as the days passed and the man spent more time in their home—Jahnya's mother began to change. Her eyes turned from her daughter and the fields, from the hard work and the soil. Her eyes turned glassy sometimes when Javoran would stay. And sometimes they would turn hard and cold and to the stars above as the man filled her head with talk of the universe; riches untold and the fame that just waited for Jahnya's mother out there. Like a quivering lover holding its breath.

Like a lie wrapped in sweetest promise.
Everyone had their price.

For Jahnya's mother, it was love. But the price would someday become too steep.
My current background story featuring my pink (YES PINK) Twi'lek, Jahnya, based in the lore and game Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The above screen shot is from the Bioware game, Star Wars: The Old Republic. The NDA has been lifted, and screen shots may now be posted, and while I make no claims of ownership obviously of the screen shot--permission to use it via the NDA lift has been granted.

If you find spelling mistakes, grammar issues or have suggestions please do not hesitate to ask. This close to Christmas my D.A. paid subscription has run out so I don't have one--that's why I can't "officially" ask for them--doesn't mean I don't want them still!
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A bee to a flower
I fly to you

My only wish
to press my body against
the soft fuzz that blankets your being

and fills my dreams with the feel,
the joy of rolling and dying
in this field of you

And I will drink from your mouth
a nectar sweeter than the dawn

And I will climb into your petals,
never to return
I was looking through my old notebooks and found this poem I wrote a long time ago.

See more of my literature deviations in my featured gallery: [link]
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