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I think doing a watchers feature is a wonderful idea because I get to visit all of you guys again, see what you doing and show my appreciation for all your support :D.

So here is a list of my watchers from the 101st to the 120th and one of my favorite works from their gallery, enjoy:
(the numbering doesn't mean anything its just for me to keep track)

101st: :iconsirpixelot::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Waiting by SirPixelot

102nd: :icongypsygrasshopper::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Shadows out of reach by gypsygrasshopper

103rd: :iconanita-sanderson::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:My friend, Lyndon Mark Biboso by Anita-Sanderson

104th: :iconyaelys-cookies::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Life Sucks by yaelys-cookies

105th: :iconlauraholart::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Goodnight Tower Bridge by LauraHolArt

106th: :iconzolarone::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:zolar by ZolARone

107th: :icontomkilbane::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:midol moment by TomKilbane

108th: :iconj-u-d-a-s::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Angel of Mons by J-u-d-a-s

109th: :iconsofia-no-mystery::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Boats by sofia-no-mystery

110th: :iconjoshi1404::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Dragonhead by joshi1404 by joshi1404

111th: :iconjoe-maccer::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Desert Rose by Joe-Maccer

112th: :iconcatcouch::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Tomb Raider Reborn by CatCouch

113th: :iconkillerartist95::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:My Children's Book Project--Pages 6 and 7 by killerartist95

114th: :iconstevegillettart::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:'My Old Cow' - 2013 - (Drawing) by Stevegillettart

115th: :iconvasidgallery::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Yellow fractal by VasiDgallery

116th: :iconjimmigilbi::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Johnny Depp by JimmiGilbi

117th: :iconjoanllado::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Trio sonata for Organ by JoanLlado

118th: :iconcitizzen::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Flower by Citizzen

119th: :iconlmv01::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Estalla by LMV01 by lmv01

120th: :iconslinkyonion::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Phoenix by slinkyonion be continued...

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New video..self promotion

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 23, 2013, 10:58 PM
Hi all :love:
I will soon do a new feature..but first I wanna be selfish and promote myself for hard with that..
but nothing comes by itself and/or are for free...:D ;)

.... in two months time I'll celebrate 6 years on dA and I also goes towards 1500 watchers...
....thanks to my FRIENDS SUPPORT and features you all so kindly are giving me...
.........I couldn't do without your  help my dear friends...
....I am so grateful and appreciate every feature of my art I am are so kind...!

I am 'doing well' outside dA .. it feels good to have that recognition that my art are 'doing just fine' ...
..I have doubted so many times..
...some magazines requests right now and I keep on continue working with book covers.... release of a cover I created are nov 1...:party:...
...and I am about starting working on another one next month..yay!
...but hoping for more...need more....working hard on that and to promote myself !

I have just made a NEW VIDEO with my artworks. Thank you for watching it..:heart:


my old video with older works...

I am after in messages as always but will soon fav/comment your works. I never delete..and better late than never..
love'ya all

Thank you and have a great day!

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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I knew that the time would come, and I am so sorry, I was hoping it would be later in the future, but it is here: I can not thank you as I would like anymore. I have 4000 friends who follow my work and hundreds of fav every day (and that makes me great pleasure). Until today I wanted to tell you directly how I', grateful, but now I work 1 or 2 hours at the computer to thank, and commitments will not let me anymore. Definitely I will continue to respond to comments, but right now I want to thanks in advance all those who want to add my drawings to their collection and want to add my name to the list of friends.

I take this opportunity to share with you some of the best moments I have experienced in recent months:
Some articles about my designs have been published on the website of this newspaper:

Dailymail online 13 marzo 2013…

Mirror online 13 marzo 2013…

The Sun 14 marzo 2013…

My recent drawing has been featured on the site facebook deviantart
My drawing of Wolverine has been featured on the official facebook fan page of Hugh Jackman

Wonderful moments.
a warm greeting to all
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10 tips about drawing #3 - Shading

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 27, 2012, 7:03 PM

Third round of 10 simple and effective tips about drawing, this time a bit more spesific, time to delve into shading, the one area I feel I have progressed the most.

**This is my own personal take and oppinion about shading, take it with a grain of salt :D **

1. Shade and blend An extremely common way to shade, but not only overused but more often than not used incorrectly.
You lay down a value pref. with an HB or softer pencil and blend it into the paper from the dark to the light, but the thing here to remember is to not go too hard in blending at first, if you do it is very tricky to manipulate the values after.
Think of the tooth of the paper like grass, don´t just stomp them down on the first go, gently grace the paper with a blending stump/tissue/q-tip etc and once you start to approach the desired value you can go a little harder.

2. Directional blending Much as 1. but directional blending means you always blend following the curve of what you are drawing,
You do not blend straight across a drawing of an apple, you follow the roundness of the apple and curve your blending as you go, more so here it is important to go soft,
If you blend to hard this way you will get overlapping lines in between the blending that can ruin a drawing.
When I blend like this I blend as if I am drawing a 9 value with pencil, my blending stump is barely touching the paper, but enough so to feather out the value I have layed down.

3. Hatching and crossshatching Normal hatching is often used to give a drawing a stylized look, a good example for hatching is drawing elongiated lines to indicate heavy rain.
Crosshatching you do the same except add another layer or more in different directions from the first.
Hatching is more used for fast and/or stylized work, it quickly tells the viewer where the shadow shapes are and besides it looks really cool when done correct, I especially like using it when Im doing 5-10 min drawings.
Crosshatching can be as simple as looking like a grid pattern or as complicated as where you do not see the lines at all, and if you draw with a pen you really have to rely on good crosshatching to make the drawing stand out.
Dark crosshatching is lines that are tighter and with more layers, light is more space between the lines and less layers, it is important to stay true to your line value when crosshatching, otherwise the drawing might loose the uniform feel to it.

4. Squirlies and swirlies. Simple and easy, just move the pencil around however you like, draw figure 8s, circles, anything random basicly.
A good example and its an easy practice too, draw a circle, shade the inside of it using this method and you will quickly notice that it looks like a cotton ball.
This type of shading gives a non solid feel to things, can be used to draw anything from textured clothing like a nitted sweather to leafs on a tree, it leaves a lot up to the viewer, it is quite ambigious and can leave people staring at an artwork and get different meanings from it every time.

5. Stippling. Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot...... Well that is basicly how stippling goes, you use the point of the pencil/pen and dot away on a paper, more dots for darker areas and less for lighter.
It is nothing short of extremely time consuming and its monotonic nature can just about bore anyone, this is a way of shading for the really patient ones, but the special look you get from this type of shading can really be worth it, if you google stippling and check out some of the images there you quickly get an idea for its use and worth.

6. Layering My favourite kind of shading, it is quite slow and timeconsuming but it looks really good when done properly.
If you put a layered artwork next to a blended one the layered will have pretty much the same soft qualities as a blended one but it will look way more sharp and crisp compared.
It works by using the values of different pencils starting from harder lighter pencils to as soft a pencil you would need to reach the desired value ( 2h - hb - 2b - 4b - 6b etc ),
More so here it is important to keep a somewhat light touch as you progress through the pencils so that when you get to the softer pencils there is still some tooth left in the paper to absorb the extra graphite, and also have the consistancy and patience to keep it up through all the areas needed to have the consistant look.
This is not to say that this is the best way of shading, it is just my preference, you can combine any type of shading you feel like in a drawing to create whatever effect you like, that is the power of shading, anything goes as long as it creates the desired effect.

7. Getting blacks. Graphite shine ( the reflections you get from graphite on paper when using darker pencils and pressing down hard ), can make or break a drawing.
Getting a truly black value that stays true isnt just taking your 8b and stabbing it into the paper, Ive read about artist that has used up to 80 layers to get a really really black value on paper.
When talking about drawing and not painting you can´t get away from using charcoal for getting in those extreme dark values, and it is time consuming to get really richs darks.
You layer your area with charcoal, turn the drawing paper upside down and tap the back to get rid of those loose particles, then you spray the area with fixative and let it dry, this way you can continue to build and build and build ontop until you reach that super dark you want.
There is however a pencil that delivers almost charcoal type blacks, the Generals Kimberly 525 9xxb, it is really dark and has almost no shine due to the fact that there is carbon in it, its not as black as the darkest charcoal but it does the job for any pencil enthusiast.
Fixative also helps on a pure pencil drawing to get rid of a lot of the graphite shine in it, but it won´t get rid of it all.

8. Continuous line You can shade by using continous lines, it is however a pretty hefty dexterity check to do so.
Instead of lifting up the pencil to make new lines for shading, you keep the pencil on the paper and move it around following the curves and contour of what you are drawing, if you keep a soft touch doing this it isnt really that hard to shade this way.
It might not be a way of shading for everyone, but it is a really good way to start out a drawing, as you are in contact with the paper all the time and it keeps you focused.
One I know to really fav. this type of shading and drawing is Matthew over at www.drawing-tutorials-online.c… , so if you like continous lines his site got all you need drawn this way.

9. zig zag I call this "The impatients way of shading", cause this was certainly a thing I did when I started out and wanted "amazing" results in just 30 minutes :D. Its just zig zagging your pencil fast over an area you want shaded, its fast and delivers really quick results, however it does not look so good as you get darker values on the edges of your pencil motion than the center.
You can combine this with blending and many do, however I would advice to try not to use it too much, it can look quite ugly and can easily ruin a drawing.

10. Different pencils and paper. I have not drawn for long enough to have gone through a bunch of pencils, so my basis for comparison is my own personal oppinion and take on this.
But I use different types of pencil when I shade, for instance I feel that the Blick Studio H type pencils is richer and smoother than any other I have tested, the Blick 4h vs the 2h has way more difference than say the Staedtler mars lumograph 4h vs 2h, and I use the Derwent hb and 2b cause I feel those are richer at those values than the other I use, but for softer than those I go to the Staedtler ones, so I use 4b-8b from staedtler, and then the Kimberly 9xxb as mentioned above for rich darks.
I don´t feel I have to stay trued to any brand of pencils, I feel that those that produces the better pencils at the values I need is the one better suited for the job, now the example above is differet ofc depending on the paper you use, but it is very good to experiment a little to find what suits your needs.
Ever drawn a drawing and felt midway that this isnt the right paper for the job ?
Well I certainly have, and there is no question that the choice of paper is vital to a good drawing as well as what pencil and technique you use.
Finding the right equipment, technioque and style to use for what type of drawing you want to do takes time and experimenting, I for one am starting to figure out more how to use equipment to my advantage more and more but yet have a lot to learn.
So all in all, don´t just settle with simple copy paper and the cheap pencils you got at a local store, try a little with different things ( that doesnt mean you have to buy 100s of dollars worth of equipment ), if you are in an artstore, ask to try out a pencil on some paper ( they often have some testing paper laying around ) get a feel for something, and if you are not sure about something, dont buy a whole set, settle with 1 or 2 pencils to test it out first to see if you like it, personal taste matters more imo.

Thats all for now, have a great day. :)

#1… #2…

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<span id="result_box" class="" lang="en">Note written under the influence of several recent situations ...
<span class="">, I understand that</span> not everyone can/like/love to draw - but that does not mean that some people have to treat 'drawing people' as children. A few days ago my friend asked me if I draw him a portrait of him and his girlfriend. I agreed without hesitation ... But when I told how much the portrait will be cost - he was angry with me<span class="">,</span> that I will not do it for free! I understand that it is my friend - but I spend my free time, energy, etc. on it. So it's no longer just fun for me. It becomes a way of life ...
I wish that those of us - involved in the drawing - were taken more seriously. Because it is a job like any other. Not sitting behind a desk in an office does not mean that I do not work as hard ...

The situation is very well illustrated here:

I don't do ART for free by Exileden
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Hello everyone!
So we hate to disappoint you all, but this group is beyond saving.
As you all well know, we shut down for a few weeks to make an attempt at reorganizing and making this function again. And as soon as we reopened, we found out we had missed one critical point- Admin assistants were only able to vote on two folders- Featured and Critique Requested- and no one except the Founder had the permissions to change that.

I am SO sick and tired of dancing around this bullshit and being blocked at every turn. Granted, I probably should have checked this before we made so many changes, as I should have known better. I've tried to go in and fix it so that my wonderful admins can vote on all folders, but once again I wonder why I even bothered trying to fix this bloody mess. I either get a DA error that it can't save the changes OR I get an error that says I don't "have permission to change these settings." Of course I don't, silly me for even trying. I sent a not-so-nice note to the founder, but I doubt we'll get anywhere because she hasn't logged on in 5 weeks, hasn't voted since early May, and hasn't posted art in a year. We all decided to give her until Monday to give us a reply and fix this problem. I'm sure that's not really fair since she hasn't logged on in 5 weeks, but my patience has worn thin and it's not "fair" to leave us with a mess we can't manage no matter what we do. If I did not get a response by Monday, then we agreed on shutting this bloody bastard group down, and creating a new STA (probably something titled Self-Taught Artists Unite, or at least similar to this title so people will transfer), that way we can manage it properly and not have to worry about permissions.
And guess what. It's Monday.

So here's what's going to happen:
We're basically packing it up and moving. We're not "shutting down" permanently and just going our separate ways, but rather moving this group to a different place so that we can run it properly instead of continuing to royally piss you guys off. It's frustrating for all of us and it will be so much easier to just start a different group.
It will be run in the same way we've tried to implement here:
Simple choice folders, one vote per submission, and admin-selected Featured Folder. We are also going to make sure that ALL of our Admins have "founder permissions" so that we aren't screwed if the founder disappears. Basically, all the admins are going to be founders control wise.

We'd like to thank you guys for being so patient and supportive of this dysfunctional catastrophe of a group. I'm so sorry we're having these problems, we should have checked that before changing everything. We promise this new group will be much better.

Q & A
Q: No! Make me an admin, I'll keep it running!
A: Um, no, you won't. Because I can't even keep it running and don't have the means of promoting anyone to my position. Just move with us, we promise it will be okay!

Q: Will you be needing more admins for this new group?
A: Maybe. It depends on how many admins want to complete the move with us. If we need more, I already have a few people on the waiting list. We'll hiring as we need, so to speak.

Q: Why don't you just contact DA and ask them to remove the permissions?
A: Because that's probably more trouble than it's worth. We all know how long DA takes to get around to things, and we're not even sure they will transfer permissions. It's a silly thing to go through with when we can easily just create a sister group and ask people to transfer there.

Q: Will you guys notify us when this new group is up and running?
A: Yes! We will be making a journal post AND be clearing out the galleries again to submit a deviation letting everyone know where we've gone.
Again, thanks for being so supportive. You guys are the best
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thank you so much all for your participate! i am so happy amg amg :iconasdfghplz:
from 43 participants the winner iiisss

:iconsparklesplz: :iconmiki8263: and :iconcnhiansae: :iconsparklesplz:
please note me with your order <3

once again thank you so much for everyone who joined this raffle! see you again in next raffle!

the prize would be like
tea time! by piijenius
textured full body chibi sketch with simple background
(up to two characters for each winner)

✿ since this is thank you raffle for my watchers you have to be my watchers

✿ please fave this journal to give you your number

✿ you may also share this journal too

✿ i will choose two winners randomly

✿ the prize would be put in a batch

✿ the raffle would be ended in january 1st 2013

if you are my watcher do not be hesitate to join! i wanna share this happiness with all of my watchers!
good luck!

J O I N M Y G R O U P ?

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Generally we don't post contests, but it seems to have become a tradition to post the Epic Movie Poster Contest, and so we present to you this years edition! This time as an official dA contest. Read what Screeners has to say below.

DeviantArt and Screeners Present: THE 2012 EPIC MOVIE POSTER CONTEST

We write the films... you make the posters.

And best posters win Epic Prizes! This year we are giving away TENS of THOUSANDS of DeviantArt points, 5+ YEARS of DA subscriptions, $20 - $50 gift cards to and, Limited edition posters and much, much more. Enter for the prizes, or enter for the fun. Either way... ENTER!

Contest runs July 1 through August 31, 2012

All mediums of art accepted (so long as it's a movie poster). Contest is open to ALL of DeviantArt.

This is an official DA contest - so submissions will be made to the DA Contest Folder (Contests/2012/EPIC MOVIE CONTEST 2012)

Full details can be found here:…
(please fave the journal)

Hope to see you there!

So there's only 3 weeks left, what are you waiting for?

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Celestial Pantheon, Pixel Sheep by baark


Because I want to hold one. :)

Okay, there isn't going to be too much complication for this, and I hope that a lot of people participate... ^^'

The main purpose of this contest is to award prizes to people for drawing any of my Celestial Pantheon, all of which can be found here:… .  The afore-mentioned characters can be drawn individually or in couple/groups.  Likewise, they can be drawn in either "feral" form and/or their more human-esque form.


CONTEST ENDS: Jan 1, 2013 January 4, 2013 (by 11:59pm PST).
Why? Because that gives interested people ample time to work on their entries, and ensures I'll have enough to cover funding of the contest. :p



Either post on this journal or note me with a link/thumbnail to your entry deviation (separate comment/notes for each one, if you end up doing more than one image).



1) Art must be, 100%, your own.  No using bases.
2) In addition to the above, no.  You may not enter art I've already paid/commission/requested of you.  That doesn't mean you can't enter if I've commission/requested art of you from the past; your entries just have to be unique for this contest.
3) The following forms of art are allowed at this time: digital, traditional (or combination thereof) or handmade, craft-based.
4) Entries are unlimited.
5) Effort = GOOD.  Creativity = GOOD.  So, be creative and show effort!



The main three points I will be judging are based upon:

:bulletgreen: EFFORT.
:bulletgreen: CREATIVITY.
:bulletgreen: ACCURACY.

At this time, I will be the sole judge, mainly because I of all people know how the characters are supposed to be like.
Chances are I will be adding at least one additional, but that is unknown at the moment.



Please note that in order for the contest to be judged, I need to get at least fifteen unique entries from fifteen different artists.  If that number isn't achieved, then depending on the amount of entries I did receive, I will possibly divide the prize pool up partially/entirely and distribute amongst the entrants (in which case, there is no USD option... only :points:).

Prizes will now be determine/awarded on a tier basis, meaning that as long as I get X amount of entries, that place prize will be awarded!

For the USD option, you must have PayPal, and it will be for USD.  No conversion to other currencies.

I will be willing to do variations thereof of the either/or monetary prizes - ie, instead of entirely 4000:points:/$50USD, you can instead get 2000:points: + $25USD or any other reasonable division thereof.  Premium memberships, however, will be kept as premium memberships - so, no, you can't get the equivalent of points instead.

First place:
:bulletgreen: 4000:points: OR $50USD.
:bulletgreen: 3mo premium membership
:bulletgreen: (3) llama
:bulletgreen: Journal feature and (1) llama, donated by ChaosFay
:bulletgreen: Journal feature and (1) llama, donated by Liliire
awarded if: 5 minimum entries are received REACHED!

Second place:
:bulletgreen: 2000:points: OR $25USD.
:bulletgreen: 3mo premium membership
:bulletgreen: (2) llama
:bulletgreen: Journal feature and (1) llama, donated by ChaosFay
:bulletgreen: Journal feature and (1) llama, donated by Liliire
awarded if: 10 minimum entries are received REACHED!

Third place:
:bulletgreen: 1000:points:
:bulletgreen: 1mo premium membership
:bulletgreen: (1) llama
:bulletgreen: Journal feature and (1) llama, donated by ChaosFay
:bulletgreen: Journal feature and (1) llama, donated by Liliire
awarded if: 15 minimum entries are received REACHED!

If more than 25 entries are received... we shall see.  Not there yet. :p
Though chances are good I'll raise/add prizes to give more people a chance to win something.



Do we have to draw all of them or can we pick and choose which one we want to draw.
You are not required to draw all of the characters unless, for some reason, you wanted to!  The list is provided so you can go through and choose who you wish to draw, however many or few is up to you!  Like stated in original blurb, they can be drawn individually, as couples or even - for the crazy people inspired to do so - groups.

is it possible to offer art prizes?
Unfortunately, at this time, in regards to myself offering them... I have to say no.  My inclination to draw is so spastic that I would hate to offer something, only to find myself unable to draw it when the time comes.  I just don't want to promise something that I just can't deliver.  If anybody else wanted to offer/donate to do something for the winner(s), then maybe.  But since I doubt that'd happen and I'm not going to go around bugging friends of mine to offer to draw for my contest... let's just say no.

What am I supposed to draw?… .… .… .



When uploading your entries, it would be appreciated if download to full sized images were allowed, if the one on the deviation's page isn't it already. :)  

If you don't feel comfortable allowing download, let me know and I can give you my email to send that way instead.

In the case of entering handmade/craft-related entries, please make certain to take good picture(s) that allow the details/entry in whole to be depicted clearly.

I also ask that, in the case that handmade/craft entries are submitted... even if you do not win anything, please consider letting me pay to have the item (shipped to me)?  Or at least ask beforehand if I'd be interested in having it before doing anything else with it?  I'd appreciate it, thank you. :)



If you are willing, PLEASE advertise in your journals.   Make certain to request anyone who actually enters a submitted piece of art to state they found the contest through you.  There will be a prize for the person who managed to get me the most entries - what it is depends on just how many entries overall I get. :)

Every person who manages to get me at least one entry thru advertisement will be Everyone who advertises this contest will be entered into a drawing to win 400pts OR one month premium.  Please just be certain to let me know in one way or another that you've done so.  A single journal advertisement will suffice, or any other un-intruding means - so please don't go spamming people's profiles or comments. ^^;

Feel free to link text-ually, or use following banner:



Should something unexpected come up (medical emergency, fired from my job, other horrible stuff like that that takes precedence over everything else...) the contest can be extended or cancelled.  I highly doubt this is going to happen, though (I hope.. :x)

If I get absolutely no entries whatsoever within a month or two... then I will cancel the contest.
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Thursday: One Word Contest!

Thu Apr 25, 2013, 1:25 PM

Congratulations to our haiku winners from last week. Even with a short amount of syllables, you described your best adventure epically!

:trophy: Our top five winners are:

Holiday with friends.
My first time away from home.
I want to go back.

Laying there dying
flat lining, Heartbeat, eyes wide
Tears of Happiness

Summer in Sweden
in the lemur enclosure:
sudden jump and squeal

Knee-deep island mud -
crocs, noodles, four days of rain;
Hike, turn, hike again.

day with no curfew!
haunted house, pizza, and friends.
never felt more free!

Congratulations! You will be receiving your Points shortly. 

For this week, we're all about simplicity. We're going to harness our inner zen and let your imagination do the rest. :meditation:

We're going to give you just one word, and from that word, your challenge is to create a deviation based on that word. 

Your word is:

:star: Heal :star:

What comes to your mind when you hear 'heal'? What does healing look like to you? What deviation could you create about healing? 

Please also include that your entry is for PremiumMembers in the description. Otherwise, your piece may be mistakenly denied!

The theme must be included somehow in your entry! Feel free to enter old works that also fit the theme. Enter as many times as you'd like! All mediums are accepted.

We'll choose three winners who will receive a deviantART Messenger Bag of your choice! (subject to availability) Winners will be chosen based on creativity, visual impact, and inclusion of the theme. All entries must be submitted by Tuesday, April 30 at 11:59 PM PDT and must be submitted to the One Word Contest Gallery

There's only one word to focus on this week -- heal -- so make sure to incorporate it well in your piece! Submit it to the One Word Contest Gallery for a chance to win! :onfire:

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