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Muro Challenge Fun #3 - Results

Thu Oct 4, 2012, 11:48 AM
Hello all,
This weeks Muro Challenge has come to a close and as promised here is the feature with all participants and their entries and the announcement of the winner.  So.. without further ado..

Our winner is

MaxwellMudd winning a 3 month Premium Membership with this entry:

The Entries

by Trutze

by CalamitySquish

by James--Steele

Many thanks to all who participated this week and remember stay tuned for more Forum Events including weekly Muro Challenges and more!  


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  • Mood: Cheerful
:iconrainbow-cplz::iconrainbow-oplz::iconrainbow-mplz::iconrainbow-pplz::iconrainbow-eplz::iconrainbow-tplz::iconrainbow-iplz::iconrainbow-tplz::iconrainbow-iplz::iconrainbow-oplz::iconrainbow-nplz: :iconherotimeplz::iconfanplz:


:star::bulletred: RULES :bulletblue::star:
:pointr: You MUST be a Member and a watcher of Z-P-A
:pointr: Make a Journal About this Competition and Make sure you spread about Z-P-A [link me the journal]
:pointr: NO CHEATING!
:pointr: have Fun~! :iconfunplz:


:iconfingerpokeplz: WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO~! :iconfingerpoke2plz:
:pointr: Make a FANART on my OCs [it can also be Chibi] :pointl:
[CHOOSE ONE (you may do more than one that would increase you chance of winning)]
:bulletblue: OC_Ayumi Sky by Ryuukeru

:bulletred: Oh A Butterfly! by Ryuukeru [make sure the butterfly is always with her]

:bulletblack: Zen Private School~! by Ryuukeru

:bulletred: OC by Ryuukeru [make sure she's looks evil]

:star: Voting will be held in Facebook And DA.
:pointr: My group on facebook will do the voting for about 40%
:pointr: And the remaining 60% of voting will be on DA. Ill make another journal for it

:iconshinystarplz::star: PRIZE~! :star::iconshinystarplz:
:iconawwplz: THERE WILL ONE ONLY :iconletter-oplz::iconletter-nplz::iconletter-eplz: Winner!!! :iconfingerpoke2plz:
:iconletter-bplz::iconletter-uplz::iconletter-tplz: if your artwork is really nice, Ill consider giving you something even if you didn't win.

:pointr: :iconnumber-3plz::iconnumber-5plz: Points (I might increase more)
:pointr: 1 free commission from ZariaStrauss
:pointr: 1 day free CHIBI commissions from me
:pointr: One Sketch from TickTickClock [ 1 or 2 sketch of a character or Pairing from FT or Naruto]
:pointr: One Fan-Art From SeigyokuAkiko
:pointr: One Fan art/Drawing of Any Anime From r-a-ven
:pointr: a picture or sketch of their oc or an anime character of their choice from kittsay
:pointr: A chibi animation fan-art from TimTam13
:pointr: A Colored Chibi Commission from dragonolia

Competition Ends At The End of September [so much time right?]
PARTICIPATE  NOW~! :iconpointright: If you dont wanna participate, can you conisder donating prizes? :iconawwwplz::iconspeechbubbleplz:please~

Please link to me your entry!

:iconpointright: Another Contest Please Participate~!
:iconfingerpokeplz: Contest Time!!! Extended Deadline!!!EDIT: Change in the prizes, sorry i changed it up a little.
Hey everyone we are going to be holding our very first contest!
The theme will be Crossover! Any type of crossover with fairy tail is acceptable.
:bulletblue: No stealing other art. It must be yours. (using other peoples linearts, ect.)
:bulletblue: No past artworks. (date posted will be checked)
:bulletblue: No collage's were you put pictures that do not belong to you into a larger picture.
:bulletblue: Make sure to put in your description or title the word "Contest".
:bulletblue: Make sure to submit to the Contest Folder.
:star: If you have any questions feel free to ask me :pointr: missa6000
[Star!] First Place!
[Bullet; Pink] 1 Commission from EruzaScarlet (optional)
[Bullet; Pink] 1 Chibi animation from TimTam13 (optional)
[Bullet; Pink] 1 Drawing of an anime character from kitty1929 (optional)
[Bullet; Pink] 7 points from missa6000
[Star!] Second Place!<
Participants ~
Entry: Ayumi Sky by FlowerSapphire
Entry: [not done]
Entry: Ayumi by Opalsparkle One Ayumi finished by Opalsparkle  two
Entry: [not done]
Entry: EruzaScarlet's contest entry by kuronana2nd entry for Eruza Scarlet's contest by kuronana
:bulletblue: deathdemongirl123
Entry: For EruzaScarlet's Contest - Zaria Fanart by deathdemongirl123
:bulletblue: Achillea-Millefolium
Entry: [Not Done]
:bulletblue: MisiaChan
Entry: [Not Done]
:bulletblue: notadz7292 [not sure]
Entry: [not Done]
:bulletblue: kittsay
Entry: [not done]
:bulletblue: MiserySyndromeAnime [not sure. I HOPE HE JOINS!!]
Entry: [not done]
:bulletblue: appledrizzles
Entry: [not done]
:bulletblue: yuki-heart17
Entry: [Not Done]
:bulletblue: DefineBlue
Entry: Contest Entry: Eruza Scarlet's OC by DefineBlue
:bulletblue: Rogil717
Entry: Fan Art of Zaria by Rogil717
:bulletblue: Na-tsu-na27
Entry: OC -Ayumi- Contest by Na-tsu-na27EruzaScarlet's OC-Ayumi- by Na-tsu-na27
:bulletblue: samuraicat70
Entry: Eruza Scarlet's Contest: My Entry by samuraicat70
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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 16, 2012, 12:39 PM
  • Mood: Love


Congratulations Sarah,  the painting will be making its way to the USA soon.

Thank you to everyone who entered and I will be holding another competition soon.

Ann Marie x

02/12/2012  UPDATE

I have decided to end this draw a week early, so I will announce the winner next Sunday 09/12/2012.  This is because I want to make sure the winner receives the painting for Christmas, and previous paintings seem to have taken quite a time to arrive abroad.

Thank you for the great response to the free draw and best of luck to those that have entered.


Another chance to win one of my paintings, including free shipping.

Vivacious by AnnMarieBone

All you have to do is "Like" my Facebook page and comment on and share the image.  If you don't have FB then you can leave a comment on the FineArtAmerica link, remembering to leave your dA name.

The winner will be chosen by random selection, on 16 December  2012

Good Luck!

My Facebook Page

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Challenge 4: Yellow - TOP 5

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 3, 2012, 10:22 AM

I wish u all best. All successful will come to you all:smooch:, you r wonderful when u give me ur sweet and very lovely supporting:blowkiss:
Art-trade/ Request: Sorry but no, I am just too busy now :heart:.


Dear all friends, :la:

Sorry for late result but we have more entries this time, and even more amazing works :wow:.
With a lot of entries therefore it took me while to choose top 5. This time, so many good entries with great concepts. It's really hard for me to pick 5 only.
I don't pick the top 5 base on drawing skills only but also the concept of their entries. But there were more than 20 entries I want to pick as winners :C. But don't worry, we will have more challenges in future.

I think there are too many good entries, top 5 are not enough actually. We call it top 5 but actually I think there are at least top 20 or more, since this time, so so many lovely entries :ohnoes:. How about giving out top 10 in next challenge (when we have enough point again, yes). People will get 100 points each, less points but more people who will get it. How do you think about it? Because I think actually this is not a contest, it's just a little challenge for fun and a reason to draw more, practice more. Points are just a thing to 'push' we draw more. It's just my opinion, please just tell me about it. I would appreciate if you give me your opinion.

And back to the result of the challenge. I am truly sorry for who don't make it, not because you are not good but because we only choose 5 here. As I usually said for challenge, it's not a contest, it likes a little 'push', a little motivation for you to draw (it's also a reason why the prize for top 5 is just little). If you don't make it this time but I believe you earn something else, it's experience & fun when you made your entry right? :happybounce:. That's why, just don't give up and keep drawing :D.

And now, I would love to give you top 5 entries which win 200 points for each. If you are winners from last time, this time you can't (even your work are really good) but you can in next challenge ( I say this because if I forget, please remind me. Thank you :XD:). All prize will send to you later when I back home :hug:.

yellow lilly by ricardo-bruinsCyberSteam Queen by Si3artAurora Sole by mollusYellow Mirage by KiraDessNyaasun by agnz
Challenge 1: Moon - Top 5
Challenge 2: Bird - Top 5
Challenge 3: Book - Top 5

Please send them some love for their art then. Also please don't forget to send the rest of entries loves, I am sure you can find lot of amazing works there (cause I do myself :XD:): Entries of challenges

Edit on Oct 1st: The challenge is closed now, I hope I can tell you top 5 soon but there is a problem. Since my DA account can't see or view any images on DA for almost 1 month already. That's why I will announce top 5 as long as my DA is fixed. I am sorry for that :(. I didn't want it happen too,
Hopefully I can make it this October :pray:.
Thanks a lot for peoples who are joining. Please keep drawing :heart:.
Take care,

Another 1000 points goal is reached (thanks to all donations) so we are going to have another challenge this month. This time, the theme is YELLOW. Yes, whatever you want, as long as it's yellow (try to draw it 'out of the box' - it means draw something conceptual). After you done your drawing, please comment here (don't send me note cause I am already dieing in them and I am sure I will miss your work x__x).

:bulletred:Update on Aug 15th: Deadline will extend :hug:.

Let make it short with rules here:
    1. Draw YELLOW theme. 2. Submit your challenge entry by comment in this journal. 3. Don't send me note with your entry. 4. If you don't follow the rule, your entry won't be count. Sorry, 5. You can have many entries as you want but only one get top 5. 6. If you are already in top 5 at last challenge Book then you can't win this time, but you still can join if you want (just not win). Top 5 of the challenges before last challenge still can win. 6. New works only please (after today 4th August) 7. Deadline: End of September

Any tools are fine from photo to drawing except literature. I know it's unfair for writer but I am sorry about it because I am not good at literature :(.

Edit: You can mix other colors of course, just as long as you want to make yellow stands out or yellow is still a main color :D. Yellow theme here doesn't mean you only work with yellow, it means how you work & bring out yellow :D.
Examples: Sunflowers are yellow, you can draw a girl holding a bunch of sunflowers & standing on front of sunflower field, etc. I hope you get what I mean here, sorry if it sounds confusing :nuu:.
And if you use muro for your entry, please upload it on DA gallery too, don't draw it under comment.

I will chose top 5 drawings end of this month and each of them will get 200 points & featuring in my journal.

This is not a contest, it's just likes a little "push, inspire, reason etc" for you to draw and just think it's like a chance for practicing therefore don't be so serious to win. Make it likes a good time to draw :)
Grab you pen now :la::eager:.

I am vacation therefore I don't online much to reply your questions. Please try to read the rules before you ask any. I will try to reply when I get online.
Sorry :hug:,

Thank you for taking time to read my journal:tighthug:.
Have a great day :huggle:

My photo account :iconhbisnt:

Transient Dream by HBisntLet me free by HBisntPoison Love by HBisntA letter for you by HBisntGolden Spring by HBisntWaking up midnight by HBisntWhisper of morning by HBisntFilled with pink by HBisnt

Can you believe they are hand embroidery (hand made) works??? :faint:

Lotus - Hand Embroidery by X-Q-HandLotus 2 - Hand Embroidery by X-Q-HandMeditation - Hand Emboirdery by X-Q-HandWild Rose - Hand Embroidery by X-Q-HandBeetle - Hand Embroidery by X-Q-Hand

Featured artist: :iconadmx:
What's worth solving... by admxYou fill me up by admxQuality by admx:lovelymelt: by admx:admxla: by admx

Winners of TheConceptBox's "Grateful Contest"
Smiles by la-rose-fleurthose moments in life... by keira-nSupport by The-Insomiac-Artist

My awesome contest winners of coloring contest please:
Please share your loves for all awesome entries too, Traditional & Digital.

Commissions: Close

:bulletblack: B/w will be 30$ and 50$ for colors (non commercial purpose, if you want commercial purpose please tell me so I will give you price for it). Note me if you are interest or you can send me email at so I can give you more info:heart:.   
Sorry but personal commission is closing now. I may open it on September or end of the year/ next year. Commercial commissions are also closed.
Thank you for supporting:hug:.
:bulletred::iconeyespector: CW (waiting)

Treasure Box

Miscellaneous Info

:star:CONTEST & EVENTS:star:

If u have any contest and want to put here, just note me :) but please remember that you must have deadline for ur contest ^^

Design by super awesome & sweet shebid for me. How sweet!:happycry:. Please visit and drop her some loves and you wont regret cause she is an amazing artist herself:love:.
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We challenged you to Picture Yourself In Wonderland and show us who you would be if you tumbled down the rabbit hole, and as usual the deviantART community did not disappoint!

After checking out all of the Alices, Mad Hatters, Red Queens, White Rabbits, and more, the final three winners have been selected!

We'd like to give a big "Thank you!" to the finalist judges from Walt Disney Home Entertainment for tackling the tough job of selecting the winners from the 25 Semi-Finalists.

Want to see whose Wonderland-self is going home with some awesome prizes? Check out the winners below!

Read Official Rules

Now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD,
and Movie Download

Let's Make Things Right Again
Let's Make Things Right Again by *behindinfinity
*behindinfinity will receive:   
  • $1,000
  • Alice In Wonderland Blu-ray/DVD
    Combo Pack
  • 8,000 deviantART Points
  • A One year Premium Membership to deviantART
Myself in Wonderland
Myself in Wonderland by ~bustavshica
~bustavshica will receive:
  • $750
  • Alice In Wonderland Blu-ray/DVD
    Combo Pack
  • 6,000 deviantART Points
  • A One year Premium Membership to deviantART
Whooo Are You
Whooo Are You? by ~Shimoyama
~Shimoyama will receive:
  • $500
  • Alice In Wonderland Blu-ray/DVD
    Combo Pack
  • 4,000 deviantART Points
  • A One year Premium Membership to deviantART
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Some Traditional Wizards #5 + Real Beauty

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 30, 2013, 12:15 PM
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Contest Closed, Voting now in progress [vote]


Contest 2 will be held in conjunction with TheArtPlatform
[details 1] [details 2]


A three month subscription will be given to the user who receives the most votes in accordance with the [guidelines]


Theme: Halloween
- All art media accepted
- Max one entry per user
- No mature content
- Your entry must have a link in the description to TheArtPlatform (:devtheartplatform: or :icontheartplatform:)
- You must explain how your entry fits the theme of the contest in the deviation description

Submission Policy

Entries must be sent to two locations:
1) The TheArtPlatform contest folder:…
2) The dAhubPLUS contest folder:…

You will need to be a member of both groups in order to submit your work


The contest starts now and will end on October 31st, 11:59pm PDT.  A journal will then be posted on dAhub calling for votes to select the winner of the three month subscription.
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Hello everyone!
So we hate to disappoint you all, but this group is beyond saving.
As you all well know, we shut down for a few weeks to make an attempt at reorganizing and making this function again. And as soon as we reopened, we found out we had missed one critical point- Admin assistants were only able to vote on two folders- Featured and Critique Requested- and no one except the Founder had the permissions to change that.

I am SO sick and tired of dancing around this bullshit and being blocked at every turn. Granted, I probably should have checked this before we made so many changes, as I should have known better. I've tried to go in and fix it so that my wonderful admins can vote on all folders, but once again I wonder why I even bothered trying to fix this bloody mess. I either get a DA error that it can't save the changes OR I get an error that says I don't "have permission to change these settings." Of course I don't, silly me for even trying. I sent a not-so-nice note to the founder, but I doubt we'll get anywhere because she hasn't logged on in 5 weeks, hasn't voted since early May, and hasn't posted art in a year. We all decided to give her until Monday to give us a reply and fix this problem. I'm sure that's not really fair since she hasn't logged on in 5 weeks, but my patience has worn thin and it's not "fair" to leave us with a mess we can't manage no matter what we do. If I did not get a response by Monday, then we agreed on shutting this bloody bastard group down, and creating a new STA (probably something titled Self-Taught Artists Unite, or at least similar to this title so people will transfer), that way we can manage it properly and not have to worry about permissions.
And guess what. It's Monday.

So here's what's going to happen:
We're basically packing it up and moving. We're not "shutting down" permanently and just going our separate ways, but rather moving this group to a different place so that we can run it properly instead of continuing to royally piss you guys off. It's frustrating for all of us and it will be so much easier to just start a different group.
It will be run in the same way we've tried to implement here:
Simple choice folders, one vote per submission, and admin-selected Featured Folder. We are also going to make sure that ALL of our Admins have "founder permissions" so that we aren't screwed if the founder disappears. Basically, all the admins are going to be founders control wise.

We'd like to thank you guys for being so patient and supportive of this dysfunctional catastrophe of a group. I'm so sorry we're having these problems, we should have checked that before changing everything. We promise this new group will be much better.  

Q & A
Q: No! Make me an admin, I'll keep it running!
A: Um, no, you won't. Because I can't even keep it running and don't have the means of promoting anyone to my position. Just move with us, we promise it will be okay!

Q: Will you be needing more admins for this new group?
A: Maybe. It depends on how many admins want to complete the move with us. If we need more, I already have a few people on the waiting list. We'll hiring as we need, so to speak.

Q: Why don't you just contact DA and ask them to remove the permissions?
A: Because that's probably more trouble than it's worth. We all know how long DA takes to get around to things, and we're not even sure they will transfer permissions. It's a silly thing to go through with when we can easily just create a sister group and ask people to transfer there.

Q: Will you guys notify us when this new group is up and running?
A: Yes! We will be making a journal post AND be clearing out the galleries again to submit a deviation letting everyone know where we've gone.
Again, thanks for being so supportive. You guys are the best
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Believe in your work

Tue Mar 12, 2013, 3:25 PM
*** This is in not way written as to be lectue, its more some thoughts I have and a hope to inspire some different thinking about artworks.***

Who are you as an artist ?

- I would certainly not say its an easy question, asking myself that I find it quite tricky to answer, I think a more valid form would be "What defines you as an artist ?" and if follow up with a few more question it instantly inspires thought, at least I think.
* Do you dare to be different ?
* Do you take advantage of the tools you have ?
* Do you give up on an idea if it does not work out the first time you try ?

And you can go on and  on posing more question and sub-questions, but cutting through all that I believe Is where it all lies, it is not hard to take the easy route and base work of others people successes, I dont think any artist has not gone down that route.
Personally I think it is an important an invaluable tool, but also equally important to be able to take a new route once you have learned from the prior. :)

Drawing from personal experience, when I posted
The rise by Trichardsen

I said I felt it was the best shot I had ever made, and equally so when I posted:
Serenity by Trichardsen

When I post something, be it on dA or through any other media, I firmly and surely believe in my work, sure It might not be a success for anyone but me, but I still stick with how I want it to be.

That is not the same as recognizing mistakes in a work, correcting small things on an artwork will not take away from it as a whole, and I think that is where many stop and think "ok, too many mistakes, this does not work" even though they might have had all the beliefs in the world on it at first.

We let ourself get influenced by others too much in some ways when it comes to our own artworks, and that is in the longer term turning out to be an obstacle for becoming a great artist.

Not saying I am of such, but I believe in the work I do, if it get received well then that is surely awesome, but if it does not it will not take away from me believing in it :)

:bulletblue: What I am basicly trying to say is that if you firmly believe in your own work the odds of becoming not only a success but way more happy with what you do will in my mind increase drasticly. :bulletblue:

So believe in your own work.

In other news Im going to Tromsψ on thursday on a personal related event, but will also do a photoshoot or 2 while I am there, perhaps attempt myself on some urban and architectural shots, will be fun to attempt some new fresh types of shots.

Oh, and I really want to thank people who are faving my work, I know I am not thanking for every fave, it just takes too much time, but I am always happy to answer comments and questions posed, and this journal answers some question I have gotten over the last few weeks.

Have a splendid day.


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'DRAW-A-LONG' (With Me) - Part 2 - References

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 9, 2013, 12:01 AM

OK so part one over, and hopefully you have acquired or are in the process of acquiring the items suggested or equivalent alternatives?  No? That's OK I have plenty to share just pop around and you can borrow mine: D

This week's journal concerns itself with the magical ingredient to any artwork – the subject! Seems fairly obvious that to draw (paint, digital, mould etc.) anything you need a subject matter – and like writing this is where a lot of people get a mental block (how many times do your kids/brothers/sisters/cats say "What shall I draw?" or "I do not know what to draw"?  It is not something I have personally suffer with – but that may be because I am quite new to drawing, and find the world full of ideas and opportunities, or it could be that I spend a lot of time looking for suitable reference materials and ideas for drawing?  Either way, unless you wake up as Picasso, Leonardo or :iconfrancoclun: :) you will probably look to find references for your art, so we will start with that;

    1.       Finding a reference, there are literally hundreds of web sites dedicated to art references here are some examples;

    a.       Picture sharing website –, ; , and of course our very own DA

    b.      Stock Image 'warehouses' – stcock.exchng, depositphoto and ;

    c.       Image search – or

    d.      Professional photographers sites – 500px and individuals own sites

All of these can provide literally millions of examples of anything you can possible imagine, and if you do not know what you're looking for just go for a random search, call out a word and search – you may be surprised what you find.

WARNING – here is a warning though, too many people just 'right-click' a photo and save/print it out, draw it and never credit the artist who created it – let alone ask for permission.  I cannot stress enough that you should try all possible means to contact the photographer/artist and ask for their permission – even if you can not – always try to include a reference to them.  Just imagine how you feel when someone uses your work and manipulates or takes credit for it and doesn't ask  – it doesn't feel good to you, so why would you expect the photographer to be happy?

    2.       Choosing a reference – this is really down to personal choice, and ability, but there are some guides that can help you through the maze of millions of pictures, these tips are intended for the beginner, and you can ignore (some) of these as you get more and more advanced;

               a.       Always use good quality, high definition photographs – I know the girl/man in the background looks better than the main character, but unless you can count how many eye lashes they have – you will not be able to see enough detail. Try and get hold of 300dpi, large wallpaper sized copies, as a guide have a look at the pictures on 500px and try to match the size as a minimum.

                b.       Try and find something interesting – what I mean by that is if you are going to do a portrait, try not to use one that is full face straight on into the camera – why? Well for 2 reasons, 1. It's boring and been done a billion times before, and 2. Unless you're really good it will look flat and have little depth or realism.  By if you want to draw a portrait, then look at the face in profile, or at an angle.  Look for emotion in a portrait – not just a passport photo, try and find one that is smiling, sad, angry, nervous or scared.

                c.       Be wary of dark areas that cover too much of a picture due to shadow or contrast, likewise with bright shiny areas (glare from water for example), whilst these are fine for those more experienced – if you cannot see the detail, how can you draw it?  And large dark areas around the eyes, fabrics or shadows across a face – look dramatic and moody, but they are incredibly difficult to look realistic with pencils.

                d.      Do not be afraid to crop an image – if you see a great portrait, but it has complex areas – crazy hair, jewellery, clothes or even just the case that the person has great eyes but a crooked nose – then crop it to the area you feel comfortable with – better to draw a great set of eyes, than a face like a Picasso modernist piece!

                e.      Finally draw what or who you like – if you like a pop star/actor/actress then this is a good place to start – if you hate Rihanna, then do not draw her, it will show in your drawing.  (I would also steer clear of family and friends, as they do not always like reminding that they have a double chin or bad skin :D)

OK enough of the instructions, what are we going to draw Paul (I hear you all saying!), well given the above I have  a few references for us to choose from – I could be dictatorial and decide on which one to draw, but as this is supposed to be us doing it together, I thought we could all choose the reference.   I have selected a number of old favourites, most have been done before on DA, and most of you will be familiar with them.  I have done this so we can see how other people have tackled certain aspects of the drawing, and we can even try and see if they are willing to give us some tips. 

I haven't chosen anything too complex or difficult, as we are trying to ensure we cover all experience/skill levels – do not worry, I am sure we will do more of these, and step by step we will do more advanced stuff - to balance things up we have 2 women and 2 men to choose from (yes it is going to be a portrait) - you have 1 week to vote (you can find the vote on my profile page, and we will then (finally) start putting pencil to paper - any questions?


 Obi1 :D




 Watson :D


Paul :D

Skin by SimplySilent
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