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Save The Clone Wars?

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 12, 2013, 4:58 PM
  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Listening to: Apocalyptica "Hall of The Mountain King"
  • Reading: The Revenge of the Sith novellization
  • Watching: The Clone Wars STILL WATCHING IT
  • Playing: Republic heroes
Yes-yes-yes... I don't even want to talk about my current state of mind... I'm just a pathetic creature...

Usually I don't care about such things like petitions, but... I even asked my sister to use her Facebook account (because I don't have one) to be able to sign this. So if you like The Clone Wars show and you would like to see more seasons of it, please consider to:

Sign this petition:…

Or write a letter for Disney:…

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Team Kakashi invades Photoworld Asia 2008! + Art!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2008, 7:39 AM

Do you have a question for us?

Before you ask, kindly check out our Frequently Asked Questions page! You might also want to check out my Cosplay Photography Guide. :)

Extra updates

Added a new section of pictures from Photoworld Asia, taken by Kat moonlightflight! Hope our dorky antics cheer you up somehow! And I'm really sorry it's taking me so long to respond to comments and notes! Been unbelievably busy! I'll get to them soon!

:new: Aaand I should be studying or sleeping right now but Miguel :iconmerkymerx: posted new artwork and I just HAD to feature it here. Flippin' amazing. I was floored.

Miguel, you're my best friend and all, but sometimes I just gotta hate you.

:iconnekozumi: Nekozumi does it again!
BLEACH - We'll never know by Nekozumi
How will we ever thank you for the honor of having your adorable artwork dedicated to us???

Sorry I keep updating. Here, I offer you some brain damage for the trouble.

(click to watch video)

We have a dream. It is to recreate this video when we do Ranma 1/2 cosplay. Tuxedo Team video production! We're definitely deranged enough to do this.

Naruto: Shippuuden

More information about the trial photoshoot HERE. :D

Shippuuden: Are You Ready? by behindinfinity Shippuuden: Distance by behindinfinity
Shippuuden: Never Go Back by behindinfinity Shippuuden: Ichiraku Scheme by behindinfinity
Shippuuden: Before The Storm by behindinfinity Shippuuden: Daybreak at Konoha by behindinfinity
Shippuuden: The Will of Fire by behindinfinity

Shippuuden: Itadakimasu by behindinfinity

Photoworld Asia 2008

Though we still haven't quite finished up our Shippuuden costumes, we wore them to Photoworld Asia just to costrip for the lulz and check out the camera stuff at the event, as well as the cosplayers who were actually competing. Saw a lot of old friends (a lot of whom I delivered a thousand years of pain to, using my kunai) and met new people. There was a relatively small number of participants, but that also gave us a chance to interact with people more. :)

photo by Jake Amora kjaex
Team 7 arrives!

photo by Herson Moneda yuber19
Older versions of what used to be Team 7, at least.
Damn you, Sasuke.

photo by Jake Amora kjaex
I can't believe we got that sword past mall security. :fuzzydemon:

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14
This is a bit blurry, but at least the mall lighting wasn't as bad as it usually is during cons.

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14
Oh hey, I have a kunai now.

photo by Jake Amora kjaex
We should to the Distance OP shot properly for the next shoot.

photo by Herson Moneda yuber19
I saw my older self (Rokudaime Hokage Naruto semi-original cosplay) doing a Rasengan onstage.

photo by Herson Moneda yuber19
And there was Gibs Gibs05 who was amazing as always.

photo by Herson Moneda yuber19
Suddenly, a Teletubby. :ohnoes: Those things terrify me.

photo by Kar Victoriano
Gotta say though, the stage lighting was really well done.

photo by Kar Victoriano
Aha, it's Gabe sanman2006 hentai-senpai as Naked Snake!

photo by Herson Moneda yuber19

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14

photo by Kar Victoriano
It's baby Naruto! I wish I could've gotten a photo with him but when I finally found him in the crowd, he was sleeping. Awww.

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14
I found ero-sennin, though. We were doing the Jiraiya dance so it came out all blurred. :lol:

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14
Found some Akatsuki that we met during Hero Con. :D Always fun goofing around with these guys. I need to find pictures with Itachi and Tobi (who was a very good boy).

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14
What've you got there, Dei-dei?

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14
We love Markee! He's known for being Man-captor Sakura (Audience Choice winner last AME Gakuensai!), Akazukin Cha Cha-man, and Man-Temari, among many others. :lol:

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14
Can't wait to see his next crossplay!

photo by Herson Moneda yuber19
We stalked the Bleach group when we went for a little snack, and they took this picture of us. :lol:

photo by Jake Amora kjaex
CHIPPENDALE SASUKE WITH A BOW TIE? My face here pretty much shows what I was thinking at the time, which was "I DUNNO LOL"

photo by Jake Amora kjaex
People were demanding SasuNaru (most of the yells were from our very own Sakura) so we swallowed our pride for just a bit. About two seconds after this photo was taken, Sasuke turned around and pulled of the bow tie. XD

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14
Sakura was happy for the SasuNaru moment and hugged her fellow yaoi fangirl Kat moonlightflight, then suddenly, people started taking pictures of them too. o_O Kat wasn't even cosplaying, haha.

photo by Charmie yaoiangel14

photo by Jake Amora kjaex
Aaand that's all you're getting. For now.

Additional photos from the Tux Team camera

More from the event, pictures taken by Kat moonlightflight!

Hey, Sasuke. Why are YOU in the center? The series is called NARUTO for a reason.

Posing with Rayshi. :) Hope the pictures turned out okay!

Aww, Sakura-channnn. :lol:


Please note the sword placement. That HG slays me.

"Naruto, you and Sasuke please?
"Err, okay."
"Could you put your arm on him?"
"...Like this?"

"Good, good. Now how about a kiss?"
"Sasuke... Why are you looking at me like that?"

Everyone settled for a hug, and Sakura was a happy fangirl.

Hey hey, it's Lyron burikiboy! :D

And more of Markee the mage.

We're in your malls, ninja-ing in your halls.

Not such a good idea to try to mug Sasuke, believe me.

Kiks kiksology and his amazing talent at facial expressions.

Why are we doing this again?

I don't understaaaaand. Why do you make us do these things?

Origami lessons with Sakura and Sasuke.

Kat moonlightflight calls this Sakura's Yaoi Paradise of Origami Animals. Sasuke's crane is kissing Sakura's mini-dinosaur, and Rayson's flower... is apparently eating the snake's tail. I don't understand.

Mints with holes are meant to be played with.

After our snack, we went back to the event venue.

click for larger image

(photo by Kokimonster / Michael Francisco)
And found Naked Snake sanman2006 and... a snake.

"Go away, I saw it first."

click for larger image

(photo by Kokimonster / Michael Francisco)
So can you guess which one fails at stealth?

"This gives me an idea. Kukuku~"

click for larger image

(photo by Kokimonster / Michael Francisco)

Kakashi-sensei, you're late!

Tuxedo Team Omake!

Kakashi and Sai joined us for dinner, and as always... things got a little crazy. Photos for this section are by Miss Dans littlesailboat. Sorry if parts of our costumes are kinda wonky/missing here. We were more serious about enjoying our food rather than taking proper pictures. XD (We love that place - the food is fantastic and the rooms are lovely but the lighting was a bit tricky. My blue contacts didn't show up as much as they did the last time.)

Oh, and just thought I'd share - when we were being escorted into our room, the kids in the restaurant were looking at us funny, and there was a number who actually recognized us as Naruto characters. There was even this one boy who kept hanging out outside our door (we could see him through the blinds), so we slid it open and said hi and motioned for him to join us if he wanted. He didn't say anything, but took a photo of us with his PSP, showed us the shot and shyly but happily walked away. It was adorable. :blush:

Team 7 and other ninjas (in disguise as normal civilians).

"Naruto... your manners, please."
At least it's not as bad as my food photos from last time. ;p

"Have I surpassed Mangekyou Sharingan yet?"

Rayson sinag-araw, you seriously creep me out.

Suddenly, a ninja! No, it's the Pope!

Naruto cosplay. Anyone can do it.

See, we're all ninjas here.

Yep, definitely to be feared. Ninja-ing: Serious Business.

Hai thar, Sandra Dans.


I should run to save my ass (literally).

Looks like I still fail at cloaking jutsus.


Bickering with Sai.

Meanwhile, Mr. Emofag was playing with his hair.

You still have duck butt hair, Sasuke.


"I'll die now."

Kiks kiksology documenting Sakura eating that yellow thing on the onigiri plate that according to Rayson, smelled like turtles.

Kiks capturing his own reaction upon eating the turtle-y stuff.



Reaf me arone, I'm eafing.

This is how Kakashi managed to eat.

Sai and his coffee jelly.

Okay okay, leaving you alone now.

Oh, the two are actually getting along? (A little too well, even.)

This is Sakura's "I smell yaoi in the air" face...

...which we all attempted to imitate.

"It's called beer. Be a man and drink up!"

Hoho, drunk Sasuke. [snickers] Just as planned.

I am appeased.

Now it's your turn, Sai. Have some sake.

OIROKE: OTOKO NO KO DOUSHI NO JUTSU!! (Double Knockout Guys Technique!)
But with clothes! And a voyeur Sakura!
This was not the product of our deranged imaginations! The idea came from Kishimoto himself! Look!… Do you see Sakura's face there? PURE GENIUS. So many emotions! It does not compute!

We blame this for our behavior that evening.

Thanks for that day, you guys. I definitely needed that break! You crazy people keep me sane. :) For now, it's back to schoolwork for a while!

dWarped Journal CSS is based on the Warped template design by Six Shooter Media. It's avaliable here at deviantArt under the Creative Commons Attribution v2.5.

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: "Distance" by Long Shot Party
  • Reading: Naruto: Shippuuden
  • Watching: re-watching Naruto from the start
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My Cartoon Network 20th Retrospect

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 22, 2012, 11:22 AM
  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: Clique - Kanye West
  • Watching: Adventure Time
  • Playing: Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Eating: BBQ Shrimp
  • Drinking: Orange Juice
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As you like it...

Tue Aug 27, 2013, 12:53 PM
"All the world's a stage, 
And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances,  And one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages. At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms.
Beautiful Beauty by jayesposito 
D001 by MehmetPinar
The Clinic by mahleu

 And then the whining school boy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like snail Unwillingly to school.

School Boys by Stilfoto Untitled by rahmasrim

with grandmas by ladyjane55

And then the lover, Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad Made to his mistress' eyebrow.

Hunter's Reprieve by HowNowVihao
blue people by Koshchy-Sup
. by J-A-V-3262
Fashion Issue IV by Staged

Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths and beaded like the pard, Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon's mouth.

Warrior by demi2004
Swear by Velox-Mortis
Free Libya! by tomazon
Loading Up. by ThomasMort
oath by KseniaMaytama

And then the justice, In fair round belly with good capon lined, With eyes severe and beard of formal cut, Full of wise saws and modern instances;

Western Wall 5 by sigul13
The boss and his students... by Csipesz
Last Challenge by NunoCanha
Tales Along the Nile 02 by MahmoudYakut
hammam by oscarsnapshotter
Mad Max by Vlad-Off-kru

And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon, With spectacles on nose, and pouch on side, His youthful hose well saved, a world too wide For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice, Turning again toward childish treble, pipes And whistles in his sound.
Tarlada by tahirozgur
Succumbed to Life by RezzanATAKOL
Young folks by tomislav-moze

News Study by sandas04
Still Keep's walking... by itsmejegan

Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion, Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything."
No words needed by AndersStangl
Lonely Tears by SAMLIM
When I was 18 by megrandyphotos
395 by toprakgoksel


 From "As you like it", by William Shakespeare

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3... 2... 1... MAKE SOME NOISE! Shippuuden Omake!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 24, 2008, 7:56 AM

Do you have a question for us?

Before you ask, kindly check out our Frequently Asked Questions page! You might also want to check out my Cosplay Photography Guide. :)

Naruto: Shippuuden

:new: Update! Added in a few more photos, as well as my Deidara trial cosplay. Sorry it's still taking me long to reply to everyone! My inbox is flooded. 22k+ messages, gah.

Ajisen Ramen near our school is closing down (much to our despair) so to say goodbye, we had a Shippuuden trial photoshoot. I say trial because it was just me and Sasuke that day, and my costume wasn't what I'd call complete. (It wasn't even mine, I just borrowed it to see if I'd be able to pull it off.)

I wasn't too sure how I'd fare as Naruto, but I'm glad there haven't been any violent objections about my character choice. ^^; We're still undecided about who we'll be cosplaying for the proper Shippuuden shoot. China snowpeachdrop might be Naruto, though she also wants to try Gaara. And I've been wanting to cosplay Deidara or Itachi. Argh. Decisions, decisions.

:iconbehindinfinity: as Uzumaki Naruto
:iconmerkymerx: as Uchiha Sasuke

Photography Team:
:iconlittlesailboat: Sandra Dans
:icon13idiotbox: Tracy Monsod
:iconsinag-araw: Rayson Lozada

So many of the Tux Team were missing that day. :( School's keeping all of us pretty busy.

Here are some of the shots we've uploaded so far.

from my gallery
Shippuuden: Are You Ready? by behindinfinity Shippuuden: Distance by behindinfinity
Shippuuden: Never Go Back by behindinfinity Shippuuden: Ichiraku Scheme by behindinfinity
Shippuuden: Before The Storm by behindinfinity Shippuuden: Daybreak at Konoha by behindinfinity
Shippuuden: The Will of Fire by behindinfinity

from Tracy 13idiotbox

Tuxedo Team Omake Photos!

As always, bonus photos from the shoot! Photos are by Sandee littlesailboat, Tracy 13idiotbox and Rayson sinag-araw. :D


[coughs] Moving on...

Before going to the ramen place, we got some shots outdoors.

The sunlight was amazing that day.

"Naruto, you fail at camouflage."

"Shut up! The orange jumpsuit was my choice! If you spot me, I'll take you on!"

Tracy, why are you stalking me from behind that tree?

Pulling a Naruto face.

From another angle I look like a little boy who got his candy taken away from him.

Struggling with my necklace which had gotten tangled with my mesh shirt.

There, I can relax now.

Resting for real, haha.

The grass was softer and more comfortable.

Candid, which is part of why I really like this shot Sandee littlesailboat took. :)

Another candid shot by Rayson sinag-araw. Serious face. Something you will not see for the remainder of this entry.

Where in the world is that Sasuke?


Miguel merkymerx and Kiks kiksology arriving late. Miguel wasn't even fully dressed yet, and continued to do so out in the field. Oh, if any of his fangirls had been around...

"Naruto... You think you're special? Well. I'm more special."
(Actual quote. Believe it.)

"You know what I think, Sasuke?"
(Sorry 'bout that. :XD: Hope no one's offended. It was just for laughs.)

And then due to my clumsiness and a hill that was steeper than I expected, I needed some help getting back to the car.

"Ah, you're so troublesome."

Then we headed over to Ajisen Ramen and I was happy.

Curry-based Ajisen ramen makes me HAPPY :D

Jeez, Sasuke. Would it kill you to smile every once in a while?

Nico Artus13 looking kind of wrong.

Tracy and her chizu maki. She's lookin' sad because she's going to miss it when Ajisen closes. :(

Damn, it's hard to pull that face. :lol:

Kani salad. :D

Uh-oh, food pictures means you're about to be exposed to a really bad habit I have when it comes to meals with cameras... that I mean this.

[makes gurgling noises]

O~kayyyyy let's go to the better-mannered people of our table.

Sasuke rolled up his sleeves to eat his miso soup.

Tracy 13idiotbox and Kiks kiksology. Awww.

Nico Artus13, Kat liberti and Sandee littlesailboat doing weeaboo poses because they can.

Suddenly, plushies.

Yondaime is mine, and Naruto belongs to Kiks. :D
Miguel has one of Orochimaru, hahaha. You can see it here:…



Go away, younger self. This ramen is mine.

Errr. Whut.


Kaeru-chan Beam! ...I dunno.

1st-grader smiles! Hahahah!

Kat the harassed Pokemon and a very hyper Sandee.

So cute. O_O

"Nobody ever takes me seriously anymore! tT^Tt"

Doing it wrong thar, Nico.

ADOWBONG MANAHK manga scan by kiksology
Tuturuan nya kayong magluto ng... ADOWBUNG MANAHK

Sasuke's stealing my ramen!


How did this happen?

This is MINE. Go away.

Why do you look like you're enjoying this? You're not trying to imagine me as HER, are you? You sicko!

Guys, a little help here. Stop taking pictures!


dWarped Journal CSS is based on the Warped template design by Six Shooter Media. It's avaliable here at deviantArt under the Creative Commons Attribution v2.5.

  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: "Hero's Come Back!!" by nobodyknows+
  • Reading: Naruto: Shippuuden
  • Watching: Hana Kimi (Japanese live action)
  • Playing: Chrono Trigger
  • Eating: Kisses Cherry Cordial
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Most of the time, I find FAQ to be a little bit pretentious, but I've finally decided to make one simply because, I get one of these questions at least once a week, and while I love giving you all the individual help that I can, those of you who have asked these questions and received answers know they tend to be suuuuper long winded (I have a hard time explaining any other way), and I just don't always have time to answer in as much detail as I like. So here I can make sure I give all the basic info I can think of, but you are more than welcome to note me or comment with any further questions!  

First, this one is really more for my sake, but has been asked a few times: Can I make a replication of your (whatever character) cosplay?
Let me first say that I don't feel knowledge belongs to any one person.  I am more than happy to explain in detail to you how I have done absolutely everything on any of my cosplays.  From makeup to armor, beading, sewing, whatever, I have no qualms helping you to achieve your own cosplay projects, as nothing comes from a vacuum and I didn't figure this all out without help either. However, My costumes look the way they do because put a great deal of effort into altering the original designs to look how I wanted them to.  I wanted them to be different from other costumes and have their own character.  This does not mean that I don't want you to do this with your costumes, quite the contrary, I LOVE when people put their own spin on a costume, it's just that I worked hard to make my costumes look different and that it kind of would defeat the purpose if people went out and replicated it.  I would much rather that you made your own altered design of the character and made it look how YOU feel it should be.  I want to see YOUR spin on it! I'd be more than happy to help you figure out how to do that, but all I ask is that you do not attempt to copy my costumes.

See how long winded that was?  Just imagine me trying to type out in detail how to MAKE the costumes, and you can maybe see why I'm writing an FAQ! Anyway, on to the questions that help YOU!  Which is the point of this. Let's work from the ground up!:

First, What sewing pattern did you use for your Suki/ Yue/ cosplay?
Okay, I've rummaged through my house, and I am sorry to say that I could only find one of the two for you guys. For Yue's robe I used a base pattern from See&Sew: B4326 which is actually like the most hilariously ugly pajama set ever, but it was an alright base!  I had to make the hood bigger, bottom of the dress wider, and completely redraw the shoulders, though.
And my Suki cosplay, I can't find the original pattern for. It was over a year and a half ago! :( but basically any  costume kimono pattern at Joanns is the same and will work. Again, I altered this pattern a lot. The top with the collar and such wasn't there at all.  And the bottom of the robe had to be widened a fair amount.  The sleeves too.

How do you make the front part of Suki's over-robe kimono thing open up in the middle?
The beauty of the armor is that you can hide the fact that this is just a crummy cutting job! I made this diagram to show how this was accomplished:… black lines are the robe pattern to begin with, the red line is how I cut the front bit instead.

How do you do your Suki makeup/what face paint do you use?
I use Ben Nye face paint in firebrick red and white (though I've heard Snazaroo works great too), with a little bit of wet 'n'Wild lipstick of some reddish shade (the cheapest stuff I could find, but it works fine for me!) and some wet 'n' wild liquid eyeliner (again, the cheapest stuff I could find.  This stuff works alriiiiight, but not amazing.  If you know of a good brand of liquid eyeliner, use it!) and some random black eyeliner pencil I had lying around.  I think it was one of the cheap brands, but I can't remember which, all I can tell you is that the cheap stuff, other than the basic face paint (seriously, spend the extra four bucks a pop and get the nice face paint.  It will make a wooooorld of difference) is all you really need.  I certainly don't use my good stuff for this.  
Now for application, please note, I suck at makeup.  Like really badly. Like, don't take my advice, you'll regret it, I do it differently every time badly.  My best advice?  Go check out this chick's tutorial:
She does a great job and explains it better than I ever could.  The only real differences between what the two of us do is that I fade the red into the white, line the red that goes down the nose in black, and have slightly different angle on the red face paint when I do it, which are really just  personal preference.  I get questions on how to do the fade a lot, and I have a really hard time explaining it, just because, being a painter, it's knowledge that just seems almost inherent to me.  But I realize that not everyone does that sort of thing, so I'll do my best.  Well, I always apply my red with a brush first, actually, and then the white around it, getting as close to the red as I can without quite touching it. And I mean like a millimeter's distance. And then I wipe of the brush I used for the red to get most of the face paint off of it, and move it in small circular or sweeping motions into the white, wiping it often as I get to the further reaches of the blending and want to start getting into the white aspect of it. Does that make sense?  I really hope so. You can ask further if it doesn't!

How do you do your Yue makeup?
I've actually only gotten this one once, but the person was surprisingly persistent so I'll just throw it in. I pretty much do my makeup the way I normally do it, except I added fake eye lashes once. So, uh, foundation, powder, blush, pale pink and brown eye shadow as natural as possible, and mascara. But that's really just because I'm terrible with makeup, and normally don't wear any at all. For me, the key is to look natural.  
Here's a great natural makeup tutorial: the-sushi-monster.deviantart.c…
I don't know if I totally agree with the eyebrows, but otherwise this gal's got it all figured out!  If I remember right, she's a beautician in real life, cosplayer on the side.

And now, question numer eins, the one I for sure get the most: How do you make Suki's armor?
And the magic answer is craft foam.  That stuff is glorious.  Whoever first came up with the idea to use it for ANYTHING other than conventional craft-foamy things was a genius.  I'd live and die by this stuff.  I've even seen cars decorated with it. Aaah-mazing!  Anyway, how do you use it? Pretty much everything you need to know you can learn from this tutorial.  It's great!… the only additional thing I think you may need is how to finish it to give a leather-y look to the armor. Because painting it gold proooobably won't do that for ya.  So here's how you give it a leather-y appearce:
Well, in the first tutorial I posted, see how he says to put it over the burner to make the forms curve? Well, you're going to want to do that on all your foam piece whether you plan to make them curve or not.  This will kind of pre-seal the foam a little bit and make the texture nicer.
Say you're wanting to make the armor brown: you're going to start with brown craft foam.  You've heated it and glued it all: you're all set!  Now what you want to do is get some brown shoe polish.  For a big project like this, you might want to get one of the big containers, not a little one.  Also, be sure you get the little tins with the solid polish, and not the little roller ones. I mean, I don't know how those work, but if you want to find out, be my guest…. Anyway, rub it on with an old rag or painting cloth, or whatever you don't have a problem tossing afterwards.  This will make it darker, and make the color just a tiny bit uneven which will make it look more natural.  Then you're going to want to paint the whole thing over with Decoupage.  I recommend glossy, for that polished leather look.  I used Collage Pauge, which I think was like $8 for a big bottle, and it lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts. I've used it a lot, for a bunch of different projects, and three years later, there's still plenty left.  It's fantastic! And you're done!  If you're doing black, get black craft foam and just use black shoe polish. If you want that deep red-brown color, use red craft foam just do a heavy coat of that dark red brown polish.  If you want any other colors that you can't find shoe polish of, I don't necessarily know what you'd do, but if you're having a hard time coming up with alternatives, you can note me, and we can put our brains together and come up with something!
Craft foam works great for Suki's head piece as well, be sure to coat it with five-ish layers of decoupage before you paint the gold, though.  This will seal it to make it look more solid and metallic.  I use liquid leaf paint in classic gold.

How did you make your Yue Wig?
Well, first, don't make my mistake—DO NOT buy a wig with bangs as your base.  You will start styling it, realize why this is a horrible mistake, rip out your brainstem, go into the middle of the nearest four way intersection, and jump rope with it. Or just be really really sad and have to do a lot more work.
ANYWAY, here's how I did it (minus the acclimations for the bang mistake) which is probably not neccisarily the good way, but it;s the way I know how to do: .  You're going to want to order a long, white, BANGLESS wig and first go look at the back. You're going to want to take a few inches from the back on the bottom and separate it from the rest of the wig fiber.  Then you're going to want to split the rest of the hair down the center and braid it. Cut the back bit so it hangs a little bit down the back of the wig, it's going to cover your real hair.  Take some wefted extensions, roll the end into a spiral, sew it together like that, then sew it to the wig wherever you want the  hair loopies to start.  Take the ponytail you've created, split it in half, maybe use some wig hair spray to try and get them to stay half-ish. The take the ends and attach them to the base with, I dunno glue or something (if you haven't noticed, I'm not really skilled with wigs.  I just kind of winged this when I did it, and this is what I'm advising you to as opposed to what I actually did) .  So maybe seal the ends together with caulk and then caulk that, or super glue it, or something, to the base?  Wrap it with ribbon so you can't see that. Sorry I can't be more of a help =/

Where'd you get your koi plushie?
My sister makes and sells plushies, so I commissioned her to do one for me.  I'm sure she'd be more than happy to have your business!  You can find her at

I get this a lot too, people just ask for general advice on making costumes.  My biggest tip is REASEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!!!!! At least if you want a realistic interpretation for your cosplay, I think that's the best/only way to accomplish it.  Research is the only thing that will tell you what materials to use  Because, I mean, you look a screenshot of the show, and, for example, you see Suki's armor.  It's basically a brown blob going around her body with some shoulder straps and little nubs coming off the end. Does that tell you what it's made of?  How it comes on and off?  Not really, no.  So how do you find out?  Research!  With a show like Avatar, just about all the clothes are based off of clothing from different countries and eras, it didn't come out of a vacuum.  So you look up Samurai armor, and Chinese armor, etc. trying to figure out what Suki's armor is most likely based off of.  That doesn't mean that you have to make it look exactly like that, of course, but use that as inspiration, a guide. This goes even more for fabric.  When picking fabric, research!  Yes, Yue's robe is purple, but purple what?  Broadcloth?  Fleece? Brocade?  What?  If you look up images and information in inuits, you're going to find they tended to wear a lot of patterned, thick fabrics (is Yue's costume patterned?  No.  Would it look good patterned?  Probably not because she's got the details at her sleeves and bottom of dress, and that would probably detract from it), pretty much completely fur coats (is Yue's coat completely fur? Nah.  Would it look good all fur? Eh, probably it'd just look silly), and suede (Is Yue's coat Suede? That certainly could be dyed suede. Would it look good? Yeah, wouldn't detract from the rest of the costume, and definitely fits in with the vibe of the Northern Water Tribe.  Is it available? You can buy microsuade which is a non-animal substitute in a plethora of colors at Joanns in the home-décor section. So I think we have a winner!).  This also helps when you're trying to create realistic detail in your costumes. You get an idea of how cultures represent certain things, like for my Yue costume I really studied Inuit representations of the moon and fish, and incorporated those in my costume. Make the detail you add meaningful to the character.  If there are symbols that can represent them, use them!  Back to materials: Some of the materials you decide are the perfect match are going to be a little pricy. So you can either, A. wait for a sale (recommended.  Joanns is having sales all the time. And you're going to want the costume to be just as you envisioned it. This is the most important part of the entire costume.) or B. pick a different material.  But you're going to want to be sensible about that too.  Can you get really cheap microsuade?  Yes.  Of course it will be thinner, and maybe not look quite so swell, but it's a start if that's what you really want to do.  But whatever you do, you're really just going to want to avoid some fabrics. There are some fabrics while, having more texture than broadcloth, just don't work.  They will only bring you down.  Do not touch them!  Back away! Run! The main one that comes to mind is that Crushed Velvet stuff.  You know, that stuff that's on most halloween costumes you get in those bags?  It is so ugly, and doesn't make sense on any character.  Unless your character is wearing a cheap halloween costume.  Then do it!  Bottom line, it looks cheap.  And yes it is cheap, which is a plus, but you can get things that look much better for the same price or less.  If it comes down to it, just get a broadcloth or something, just avoid fabrics that are common in the bag-sold Halloween costumes, basically.  Also, try to avoid using shiny fabrics unless you feel you can really back up that it's something valid for the outfit to be made out of.  Prom dresses, ball gowns, maybe a vest for a tuxedo or something.  It's not that shiny fabrics or bad or never appropriate, it's that I see them used for things that don't make sense ALL the time.  When making something, just really consider its real-world equivalent.  Another example: say your character is wearing a sweater.  The ONLY appropriate kind of material is a knit material.  Broadcloth and fleece and anything else will just look silly and fake.  Just be mindful about these things.    And this may seem contradictory to the last few statements (though it really is not!) don't be afraid to change the original design.  As long as the character is still recognizable, people will appreciate the liberties you have taken to make the character your own.  You still want to make things make sense with the real-world equivalence and base your costume in research.  But that's what research will do--alter your costume to make it more based in reality.
Really, those things are just my own personal opinion.  Rules are meant to broken and such, but for the most part, those are just some simple-ish guidelines that I think can make a big difference.  And I do not study costume or fashion, so maybe I'm totally wrong.

Will you sell your costumes?
I don't wear them much anymore, but I think I'm going to keep them.  It's nice to have something to wear to cons when I happen to go every now and then.  And even if I were to sell them, I spent so much time and money on them, I don't think I'd part with them for very cheap.

Can I commission you to make me a costume?
sorry, I'm in college right now, and I hardly have time to sleep with how busy I am.

Uhhhh….and that's all I can think of.  So if you guys have any more  questions, just message me by either commenting here, or sending me a note!  Hope this was at least a little helpful!

if you have any advice for your fellow cosplayers, let me know, and if I agree (hey, it's my FAQ!) I'll add it here!
this one's from Bodici22
"Don't be afraid to look like a fool when you're shopping for fabric! I take my big DSLR camera when I go shopping (if I could afford a flash, I'd take that too) and take pictures of the fabric. Something that may look perfect turns out to look terrible when photographed, or suddenly it's transparent when photographed with a flash and then you know you'll have to put in a thicker lining. Hold the fabric bolt up, unwind half a yard, and shake the bolt back and forth for a bit. Does it move in a way that you like? Does it move in a way that seems to make sense?
If I've gone fabric shopping and don't get weird looks from other customers, I get the feeling that I've done something wrong"
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Random Awesomenes!

Sat Oct 5, 2013, 12:35 PM


War of immortals by dleoblack
Dracula Castle by nkabuto
ED01 Envi01 by nkabuto
Birth Of A Fairy by Manon-M
com_Misha and Charity by azzai
Bewilderbeast I by hontor
Daenerys, Mother of Dragons by gonzalokenny
commission : nasis by denahelmi Fairy (2) by AudreyBenjaminsen Voodoo Queen by AudreyBenjaminsen the wolfman by bluefooted
Dark Conjurer by JRCoffronIII Kitsune by Eedenartwork Xolis by RomanticFae Sugardale by PikKatze
Wild flower by j-witless Thessaloniki by Sophia-M Sky fishes by mariposa-nocturna Kakashi Chilling by sakimichan Paint your futur with colors of sucess by KarimFakhoury
Rainbow elf And Dragon by CGlas Omnibus by BorjaPindado Kiyoh queen- by XRobinGoodFellowX Passion by alserovLucifera by KarimFakhoury Explosive Sheep by RalphHorsley dragon lady by KilartDev Hourglass Game by camilladerrico

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Inspire Inner Fires - Issue 5

Sun May 5, 2013, 12:39 PM
Inspire Inner Fires is an art collection series focused on featuring art from within the community to help inspire others.

Hi friends! :hellothere: 

Most of the time when I write up the IIF Issues I have a theme in mind. For instance, in my last issue I featured all dark art from across the digital community. However, as I begun to think of ideas for this issue I kept coming back to my community of manipulators and decided to only focus on them for this issue. Thus, this issue has no specific theme in mind and is simply dedicated to my fellow manipulators for all the effort we put into our art and into our community. Please help me celebrate these artists by viewing their works and faving the one's you love; if you really love these artists I recommend watching their accounts. :love:

Felitsa by shahanbSilence is Golden by PriscillaSantanaThe Portals by neverdyingMy Galaxy by Nikulina-HelenaOne Way Ticket by zummerfishSchizoid by J-u-d-a-sMemories by CindysArtSilence of the Wolf by Aeternum-ArtWelcome in Wonderland by Wesley-SouzaSurrender now... by IdeasplayerThe Protector by EnchantedWhispersArtHelp me by pppor22Dark Promises by LevanaTempestSulfur V by MarcelaBolivarElizabeth by BiBiARTsgenesis II by Lhiannesway by shiny-shadows-ArtWho Are You.. by SweediesArtParadise For The Wicked by CorvineriumDream of Harmony by TheDarkRayneANGEL OF LIGHT by MirellaSantanaThe Baleful Allegiance by 3mmIEnter the Souls of Flames by kimsolOphelia by dienel96Arachnophobia therapy by peroni68:thumb367259326:Solitary Relief by Blackpearls91Ann Boleyn by lightlanaskywalkerSecret Village by 0-Maryo-0Make me Blind by blaithielTHE SPIRIT by PUSHER-ARTSThe Silence by MorriganArtSynergon Synthesis. by hybridgothicaAurora by nikkidoodlesx3Symbiosis 2013 by ilona-vereskThe Aurora Borealis by mysolitarygroundDragonfly by AnnMeiSecond Splinter by conzpiracyDaenerys by AndyGarcia666:thumb347809164:Pain by EstherPuche-ArtWaiting by StarsColdNightRise of the Dark Venus by CelairenMake a dream by CreamydigitalNo One Must Know... by DarkDevil16Witch Queen of Anglamar by LaVampyressChristmas Night by Juli-SnowWhiteHeartsong by LadyxBoleynThe Courtyard by PaperDreamerArtSummer Dragon by PerlaMarinaEscape by BigBad-RedA journey through Time by vampirekingdom

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Edit: New stock uploaded today at my stock account :iconcinnamoncandy-stock: :iconhappytardplz:

I don't know much, but I do know that I seem to like The Big One. :laughing: I. Can't. Help. It. :icontarddanceplz:

Woooooooohooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enjoy!

The Photo Shoot (The Three Graces) by KingaBritschgi Native Fusion by Synari love is just a word by Dechoise Far Edge by NM-art Portovenere by takmaj Hawaii - Green Mountains after the thunderstorm by AldemButcher You've found me by eajna Teal Quartz Shell and Fish Mermaid Necklace by QuintessentialArts The Scapegoat by theflickerees Prophets of Ba'al by SilEnigmaArts Bride by mashamaklaut t r a n q u i l by hellfirediva SAD DESTINY by MirellaSantana That Feeling by FictionChick Her Silent Grave by Celairen :thumb357128760: Eternal flame by Creamydigital Apocalypse by peroni68 Waiting by dienel96 :thumb357147317: Here Comes The Summer by SweediesArt :thumb356748166: A Break In The Clouds by eidolic Acute by dmaabsta Wild by tamaraR Lady Gwyneth by Phatpuppyart-Studios Post Card Memory by thefantasim :thumb357080353: Red and White Carnations by stefonthesea Saint-rome - Toulouse by Louis-photos Silent memories by Mishice Play with me by XRlS :thumb356886083: The Darkness Within by Shades-Of-Lethe Last Summer by ariadnese The Flame of the Jellyfish by Wesley-Souza Goodbye Kiss by MyLifeThroughTheLens :thumb356802503: bubbles by Lhianne Sweet-dreams by DigitalDreams-Art Deep Water by Nikulina-Helena The show must go on by La--Boheme Sunken Soldiers Ball by GothicNarcissus Heavenly Light by CaryAndFrankArts Terazije by Piroshki-Photography Magic of books by Nataschaa One Last Sunset by MorriganArt Snow White sleep well by LilifIlane Scarlet Night by shiny-shadows-Art Her ghost in the fog by RaquelKortizo Lady of the Water by Vampiric-Time-Lord Key Largo Girl by Aloha-Mermaid Lucky Charmed by Unique-Desire Eminence by Mahafsoun The King's daughter by AnimaEterna Canyon City by whatzitoya Tale of the Body Thief by Blacks-Bitch Observer by MachiavelliCro Snow drop by RozennIlliano Star by andokadesbois Dreams Land by Inferiae 3 Flocons by Jean-PierreLeclercq 587 by intelkuritsa The Voice Within by TitusBoy25 synphony by greenfeed Summer Time by Khazei Crow Jane by AlexandraVBach Dress Lisieux, Somnia Romantica by Marjolein Turin by SomniaRomantica Johanna Sunrise by JacquelineBarkla week7: winter bottle by cloe-patra Rapunzel by Inna-Vjuzhanina Incarnation by Hellobaby Fleur du Mal by Blavatskaya Blood Canticle by Blacks-Bitch She's a WOLF by shiny-shadows-Art Enjoy the Silence by Aegis-Illustration Pastel v.1 by bwaworga I My Me Mine ~ {Korean Song} by RoOnyM Leaving My Heart for You by Emerald-Depths Long walk by Piroshki-Photography Say My Name by eivina-art The Valley's Secret by Antonio-Figueiredo Cat fish by LenaZLair Arabian by Welanga Saint Sebastian by Alvirdimus Keep The Earth Below My Feet by tumnus-d-faun Autumn Lady by Jassy2012 The unexpected guest by wildaengus Daughter of the Wind by alexgphoto Yellow- My First Attempt At Acrylics by ladysofhousen The Wolf's Lair by J-u-d-a-s Fragile drop by Nataly1st .: Her Secret Place :. by Pure-Poison89 The Stand by neverdying Hunter by blaithiel How Long Do You Want to Live? by Flobelebelebobele Remember... by shiny-shadows-Art Marianne by charleshildreth Alice by EstherPuche-Art The Quest by EnchantedWhispersArt For A While by my-bohemian-spirit A Stellar Dream by nehas91 Story of a potter by JanneO E T E R N A by Dani-Owergoor Little fairy by ElenaDudina La Tour Eiffel by SgtBoognish Lost Diamond by S-BlackART Make a Wish by JenaDellaGrottaglia All Twisted Up Inside 252 by Zorias Three litte cats by Julie-de-Waroquier Combat by Skippy-s Stardust by ChristabelleLAmort Katy Perry 002 by mandydboss Relaxing (SPECIAL) by Amro0 Waiting.. by Volkair My cute Teddy by sasha-fantom Fly me to the moon by Chuchy5 In Touch with the Sandstone by Alan-H-Bruce Blue Ocean by Kara-a :thumb355948393: Nature Coloured by PixieCold Luminous by IvanAndreevich Stained Spiral by CMWVisualArts Winter's Reflection by MountainInspirations Mythical Creatures by BiBiARTs
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