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I have such talented friends,

thanks for animation to Alexander Ambalov => :iconmarhiao:
And for music thanks to Alexander Tulupov.
Love them both.

original piece [link]
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HA!! Did you think i gave up! Not yet!
The thing is hapenning slowly. The code is cleaner, but still some weird bugs happens. Please report any strange reaction from it. The HUD changed a bit and there will more addition in the future since the super combos isnt implemented.

And attending requests, she now can lift and throw objects. These objects can be cars, containers, bikes, small jets, anything. I am still planning to add hand weapons, objects to be used like a bat(a big baseball bat i mean), like light posts and... er... i should think more about this.

Ah, she need 1 LP(love points... er...) to make the heavy attacks. I noticied they got too strong and the player will, wisely, prefer the heavy strikes than the light strikes.

I believe its close to the big day, where i gonna present a full stage to be played.
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"I always do a rough demo of any music idea (basic drum beat, 1 guitar, no bass and quick vocals) and then come back to it later to flesh it out. This is one of those that I thought I’d use in it’s “primitive” stage, couldn’t be bothered waiting till I’d finished the song or smoothed it out. It doesn’t get any rougher but you’ll get the gist.

Will end up performing this with MOLOTOV when done, maybe even with the flash projection when it's complete.'
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StarTemple TD, an intense sci-fi themed tower defence game has been released! If you like it, register at to play the full version, and compete for the highscores!
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Backgrounds by :iconselkys:
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Downloadlink on Blendswap: [link]
Controllable spider for the Blender Gamengine(Blender2.62)
W,A,S,D = walk
A,D = side step
walk + Space = run
Left Mouse Button = attack
Middle Mouse Button = jump
T = Die-animation 1
R = Die-animation 2
1,2,3 =camera change

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"The boy soon ran into a parked aero-bike, the hover vehicle seemed extremely fast, though Aquitte was puzzled by the fact that he had never seen that model before. (...)
Aquitte ignored him and activated the bike, rapidly getting on and blasting forward at top speed. (...)The Police was in pursuit, but nothing was about to catch the boy, who was speeding through the markets that separated him from the space-dock."

-Taken from Supernova Chapter 1 "A small place..." Author José Carlos Cortés (Ryuu kiba)

So, here it is! The bike Aquitte stole in Supernova chapter one! hehehe ^^ I couldn't resist making a model of it in 3DsMax hehe.

(Company Reave, "Mako", year 4306)

Class: Civilian transport vehicle/ Sports vehicle
Passanger Capacity: 1 (might cramp a second one there)
Equipable weapons: Small shell and plasma type weapons, flares, mini EMP charges, and micro-swarm missles

Acceleration: ****
Max. Speed: *****
Shielding: **
Agility: *****
Hull: *
Targetting: *
(*-minimal *****-perfect)

The newest model, derived from the famous Mako-4270 which was the fastest hover-craft of it's year.
The Reave Mako-4306 is still amongst the fastest hover bikes around, now outfitted with a magnetic balancer, which allows it to make impossibly sharp turns and gives it an almost immediate response speed.
It's disruptor shield protection device is considered one of the 5 best anti-theft systems and was installed because of the bike's elevated price, which is due to it's electro-fusion reactor engine, to which it owes it's high speed and acceleration as well.

RMak-4306, Supernova, it's characters and concepts all belong to ME!
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EDIT: YEYEYEYEY I finally got someone butthurt!!! :icontrollfaceplz:


every single kid on the internet who draws wolves RIGHT HERE. Yes, your style (and maybe even storyline for your series O: ) is in there. No exceptions.

Anyone under 18 is a kid in my eyes. I was just like this. And yes, I am horribly ashamed. BE ASHAMED.

lmao "retard wolves"

OMG CRITIICUQUES PLZ!!! ^___________________________^
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2011 October Remaster update - I thought I'd upgrade this old thing a bit :') Added some nice glow effects on the fireflies so hopefully they'll be a bit easier to keep track of. There are also some other subtle additions like music now being in stereo. I also took away the pause/play button since it seems to mess up with the animation. I hope you enjoy the animation as much as you did when it originally got posted!


Brought to you by... Alot of Coke! And the inspiration which is Limbo. ( [link] )

Two fireflies discovers a strange fruit, which have strange powers. Their normal lives are now endangered by the wonders of this mysterious fruit.


Edit: Wow, this made it into the feature flash section on the front page on Newgrounds for some reason xD (this is good and a big honor!)

I suggest you do NOT download it.. It is rather messy in full view <.< I'm srs cat.

Oh my god.. I never thought I'd finish this xD But I did.. After 1696 frames and a run time of 105 seconds (credits not included) =w= b It took me about a week.
I LOVE to work with frame by frame animation but it sure is time consuming!
Particle effects are my children :'D

Also, about the ending song: I had to use Five there.. I always dreamed of having it as credit-song when I was a kid xD For movies I'd never make, but now that I made a flash movie I thought.. hell, why not? I know it doesnt really fit but fook yoo its an awesome song <3

I hope you can keep up with what's happening btw.. I suggest you keep an eye on ONE of the fireflies per watch, or else you wont catch all the details xD

Thanks to ~kowai-usagi for the support during the production.


Adobe Flash & Photoshop CS4


Solar Fields - Discovering [link]
Five - Everybody Get Up

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and i finally add animation to my gallery! this is a wildebeest gallop/run cycle based off of a horse's gallop. enjoy!
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