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The night sky,flashing lights,screaming people and blood was all you remembered from that night. You were laying in a hospital bed,your head bandaged up along with your arms and machines hooked up to you. You blinked and stared out the window at the blue sky and the white fluffy clouds. You could hear the nurses in the hallway talking,patients coughing,machines beeping and footsteps of visitors.

Then,a pair of those footsteps stopped outside your door and you slowly pulled your gaze away from the window to look at who it was. It was a short, slim man with black hair and flatly-colored dark brown eyes,he had a worried expression on his face.

"______-san?",he asked. "How do you know my name?",you asked gazing at him with dull eyes. "D-dont you remember me?I am Kiku,your best friend,I called 911 when you were hit by that car.",said Kiku. "No...I dont remember....",you said. "Please try to.",he whispered walking over and crouching by the hospital bed. "How can I? Try and give me something to help....",you said gazing at him with dull (Eye color) eyes.

"Uhhhh,oh!",he said taking out a necklace with a pink crystal at the end carved into a cherry blossom. "....",you didnt say anything,that blank expression never left your face. "I gave this to you at your birthday when you were 12.",he said giving a small smile before putting it around your neck. "I- I dont remember....",you said softly. "Ummm, what about this?",he asked and pointed to a small braclete on your wrist. "I gave that to you when you were at the park with me one day last summer.",he said gazing at you with such an intensity you were a little scared.

You tried hard to remember only to say,"I cant remember...I cant..." "Well, I wont give up!I will bring more stuff to try and help okay?",Kiku said,voice cracking a little. "Okay.",you said nodding slightly. "I will see you soon ____-san.",he said giving a small smile before leaving you alone. "Bye Kiku...",you murmmured still confused as to who he was.

~A few months later~

Kiku had come and visited you many times during the few months that you were recovering,but you remembered nothing. You had felt odd around Kiku though as he helped you and tried to get you to remember.It was like you had butterflies in your stomach and your heartbeat fast when you caught sight of him. You were sitting in bed,watching the gray sky as snowflakes fell. You frowned and glanced at the clock.

7:00 P.M.

You sighed and layed back on your bed,Kiku said he would be here today,but now visiting hours were closed so he couldnt see you even if he wanted to. You felt something in you break a little and you winced inwardly. You closed your eyes and started crying.You were heartbroken,you had fallen for Kiku and him not being here made you feel abandoned.

You wondered what he was doing right now,what had made him not be able to come,or had he chosen not to just because he didnt feel like it? You cried harder and took off the necklace he gave you when you first got here and held it tightly in your hands. You ended up crying yourself to sleep.

The next day,you awoke exhausted,you felt tired and worn out from the night before due to crying. You barely got any sleep,you had tossed and turned all night.You got out of the hospital bed and stummbled over to the mirror and grabbed a brush.You began combing knots out of your hair,the only reason you were still here was because you needed therapy for the nightmares you had of that night you were hit by the car.

You winced as you remembered Kiku had been the one to call 911 and get you the help you had desprately needed. You sighed and realized you had dropped you necklace on the floor,you leaned down and picked it up before putting it back on. You sighed and closed your eyes.

"You look very pretty today.",said a voice and you opened your eyes before turning to its direction. "Kiku!",you exclaimed. "_____-san.",he said quietly before you ran up and gave him a hug which he squirmed away from. "Kiku,I love you.",you blurted out. "_____-san,I do too.",he said before pulling you close and kissing you. "You wont leave me will you?",you asked. "Never,I would never leave the ones I love.Thats a promise.",Kiku said.
Very quickly typed,so sorry if you are confussed, a quick oneshot.
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The tiny sound of the bell ringing filled the silence. You stepped through the grimy door, your eyes widening at the cornucopia of books that stretched across the room. Stacks of books were in each and every corner of the little shop, tables overflowing with them. Shelves went all the up to the ceiling, books of all shapes and sizes adorning them.

This was the sort of place you were looking for, the quiet type of paradise that until now had eluded you. Except, the place was filthy.

Dust cloaked the wooden shelves, hell even the air was thick with it. You had to watch your feet carefully, to make sure your nose wouldn't meet the floor anytime soon.

"Hello?" You said, scanning the room for a sentient life form. "Hello? Is there anyone here?" Your voice got louder as you tried again. After managing to stumble closer to the only table with a cash machine, you rang the bell that was settled on the desk.

A groan emitted from behind the doorway, which was covered by strands of fabric, in an attempt to give the room behind some privacy.

A man appeared, leaning against the wall, looking absolutely exhausted. Alarmed, you reached forward to help him, but he merely waved you off.

"What can I help you with?" He asked unenthusiastically. "We-well, I'm looking for a job you see, so when I saw the notice in the window-"

"What?! Who put that there?" He sighed agitatedly, running a hand through his dishevelled hair. "Must've been Yao...." After sighing again, he glanced at you, taking you in.

"It's true I've needed a helping hand. But honestly not enough people come in here anymore, so it doesn't really matter...."

You snorted derisively. "Well, I'm not surprised, this place is a mess." He shot a glance around the room. "It can't see what wrong with it. I can find whatever I need fine. Besides, I like it when it's quiet. I just want to be left alone."

"Then why open a shop in the first place?" You told him, frowning. "I love reading, I like books. So go figure, I opened a bookshop where I can read all I want."

You threw your hands up in the air. "This place could look really nice! Hire me. For a week or so and I promise I'll make the place look good and get people in." He stared at you quizzically, repeating what he'd said. "I just like being left alone."

This man presented a challenge for you. And you would definitely win. "Screw it. I don't care if you hire me now. If I can get ten people in that buy a book by the end of the week, then you can consider me hired. If not, I'll just leave you alone forever."

He smirked, he liked the sound of you leaving. Besides there was no way, you could get anyone to come in.  "Deal."

The next day you returned, carrying bags filled to the brink with cleaning equipment. You decided to start on the windows, hopefully once they were clean and open, you could see the mess that awaited you a bit better.

You flipped the closed sign that was hanging in the door. But when you turned it around again and again, you realised both sides had 'CLOSED' printed on it. Sighing, you raised your eyebrow, but left it as it was.

You heard a clink as the man you now knew as Kiku set down a mug of coffee on his cluttered. He propped his feet up as he settled down to read a dusty novel, wrapped in a blanket. As you'd managed to creak the windows open, it had become quite cold inside.

But already the place looked a lot fresher, the old stuffy air having disappeared outside. After half an hour of swiping the grime away from the window panes, you deemed them clean enough and you smiled, happy you'd gotten one thing done.

But your spirits fell as you turned and witnessed the onslaught of books. This should take more than a week to do, at least, but you were determined not to lose face.

Kiku watched with an amused smile over the rim of his coffee cup as you set about removing the books from the shelves, putting them in orderly piles on the dusty floor.

First you made sure to clean each shelf, careful not to lose your footing on the rickety stepladder and knock over the books.

It wasn't that hard, but it was very satisfying when after several hours you looked at the gleaming wood you'd polished meticulously.

By this time Kiku had fallen asleep the book lying over his face. You took that moment to have a proper look at him. He was rather small and the black hair framing his face was disarrayed. You caught the book as it slid of his face, not wanting to wake him.

He looked quite sweet as he snored gently, it was when he started talking that it irritated you. If only he could be this nice when he was awake, you thought as you left the book on his desk.

You placed a ribbon on the page he was at, placing a small stone on top of it, so the spine would be back to normal when he started reading again.

You plopped down on the Chesterfield sofa you'd uncovered during your cleaning. After clearing some books from your side, you picked one up and leafed through it. You sighed as you glanced across the amount of books you'd have to classify, alphabetise and put back on the shelves after cleaning each one.

But that would have to be a chore for the next day. After another look around the cosy room, you smiled, waved at Kiku even though he was asleep and left. When he heard the telltale chime of the bell, Kiku opened his eyes and shyly returned your wave.

Truth was, though he was irritated someone was invading his private space, he was happy. Happy someone was interested enough in his shop that they'd go to such lengths. Kiku's brown eyes scanned the piles of books, enjoying the warmth of the setting sun on his face as it streamed through the clean glass.

"Morning!" you greeted, swinging into the shop with ease, smiling as Kiku nodded at you. You grinned as you saw what you still had left.  The stack of books waiting for you was still quite large, but as all you had to do was alphabetise it, it was simple.

Kiku's eyes didn't leave you, save only when you looked at him, then they'd flick back to his book. Looked like he was going to lose. Not that he'd really lose anything except his personal space.  Besides the smile that you had plastered on your face was making his heart flip.

After the last book found its place on the shelf, you stood back, hands on your hips as you chuckled. "It's done!" You sang, cheering as you did a victory dance.  All that was left was to sweep the floor and get the customers.

Kiku's book was snapped shut by him and he stood up to inspect. After making a quick tour round the room, he nodded and muttered something to himself. Then he sat down on the sofa next to you.

"I don't even need those ten people to come in. You're hired." He told you as he sat back and closed his eyes. Your own (e/c) eyes widened. "Really?! Thank you so much!" You hugged him closely and you could feel the heat steaming from his cheeks.

When you released him, he coughed over his embarrassment. "Yes, well, when I see you working so hard, it wouldn't be fair not to give you the job." He clarified, glancing away from you. Your eyes met his and he seemed about to say something when the bell rang.

The two of you jumped in shock as you saw a couple of people sidle in, looking around and scanning the spines of the books.

You grinned and held your hand out to him, standing up. "C'mon. I suggest you take a shower, wouldn't want you to be the only thing here that wasn't presentable." You said with a wink. He took hold of your hand and hauled himself up.

"Alright. Also," He murmured as he turned to the door, "I'm leaving the customers to you." He kissed your cheek and vanished into the lurking darkness behind the doorway.
I apologise. I know Japan is OOC..... But I really think he'd be pissed off if this was to happen!

Also, I got this idea from the wonderful tv-series "Black Books". If you haven't heard of it, I really suggest you watch it! It's one of my favourites!

And to those who do know it, I love Bernard!! He's so brilliantly sarcastic!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments ^^

Decide in the next poll who YOU want to see next!
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You were getting ready to go to the mall with one of your school friends, [f/n]. Since this is a reader-insert story, of course we have to describe what you're wearing in great detail. Just as in most other times when you went out in public, your outfit had a character theme- a kind of casual cosplay. And as usual, you figured [f/n] wouldn't be too happy about it... But hey, at least you weren't going out as a full-fledged, hardcore cosplay! She really hated that. That was why going places with Kiku was so awesome... But after he had arrived, you barely did anything with the other girls anymore, so you figured that this little Kiku-free excursion would be good for you.

The particular outfit you had in mind for today wasn't especially outlandish as themed outfits went. It was deceivingly simple: a turquoise-blue camisole, faded jean shorts, a dangly seashell necklace, and your blue converse. You sprinkled a little glitter on your cheeks (which was not normally the type of accessorizing you favored, but it was part of the charade) and finally, the crowning touch that pulled the entire otherwise unassuming outfit together: the hat.

Grabbing your purse, you stepped out into the living room, where Kiku was curled up on the couch with a book. He glanced at you, and his eyes widened.

"Ah! Mijumaru!" (1) he blurted, closing his book with a snap.

You giggled, blushing a little, and tugged on the bobbles of your aviator-style Oshawott hat. "Yup~! Would you mind telling Mom I'm leaving?" Conveniently, the mall was located pretty much directly across the street from your neighborhood, so you usually walked straight there.

Kiku opened his mouth to reply, and then hesitated. You looked at him questioningly, and he slowly took out his phone.

"P-prease... _____... may I... take a picture or two before you reave?"

He looked pleadingly at you with those huge, dark, puppy-dog eyes of his... oh gosh, how could you possibly resist those? And holy derpfish, his accent... his adorable accent... as he repeated a final heartfelt "Prease?", you nearly melted.

"O-okay..." you relented. Kiku flashed you a grateful smile and immediately began snapping away.


"Getto daze," (2) he murmured, examining the photo captured on his phone with a stalkerish glint in his eye.



*New message from [f/n]

[f/n]: _____ Um, where the heck are you?!

_____: Oops i'm so sorry! >.< I'm coming soon... something came up...

[f/n]: Like what?

_____: ...a photo shoot

[f/n]: =____= oh ok I see how it is

_____: So you're not mad?

[f/n]: Whatever. *sighs* That boy is hopeless... wear some normal clothes next time k?

_____: We'll see ;D
1. Mijumaru: The Japanese name for the Pokemon Oshawott.

2. Getto daze: Roughly, “I caught you”. The Japanese slogan for the Pokemon franchise is “Pokemon getto daze!” (I caught Pokemon!)

Teehee~ I have an Oshawott hat! X3

You belong to :iconyayjapanplz::iconsaysplz:Come here, my pretty~
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

. . . . . . .

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"Hey, Kiku?" you called from your bedroom you share with your boyfriend, Kiku Honda.
"Hai, ________-san?" his head poked into the room. He was wearing his clening clothes, which always made you giggle.
"What's this?" you backed away and gestured to the open closet door.
His face turned bright red as he quickly shut the door, "N-nothing!"
You rolled your eyes and pulled the door open again, flipping the light switch on. Infront of you were rows and rows of cosplay from every anime or manga imaginable. Your eyes widened.
"How have I not noticed this?" you asked yourself as you searched the rows for something familiar. Turning to face your extremely embarrassed boyfriend, you smiled and grabbed something off a hanger. "Be right back."
"_-_______-san!" Kiku shook his head. "Prease don't do this!"
Ignoring him, you shut the bathroom door behind you and quickly changed. You jumped out of the bathroom dressed as Sailor Moon.
  "I am Sailor Moon!" you shouted as your struck one of her famous poses. The Asian country's face turned even redder as he took in the sight of you in Usagi's uniform.
Kiku bit his lip and looked down, "I feer ashamed."
You laughed, "Why? I think this is really cool!"
His head snapped back up, "N-nani? Rearry?"
You laughed and nodded. Then, a mischevious smile pulled at your lips as you held up Tuxedo Mask's outfit, "You're turn!"
Kiku's eyes widened as he backed into the wall then quickly ran out of the room. You laughed evilly and chased after him, quickly catching up and hugging him from behind.
"Gotcha!" you giggled.
He sighed and turned to face you, taking the cosplay from you, "Fine. But onry once!"
You nodded and clapped your hands together, "Okay, okay!"

"Oh my God." you stared at your boyfriend standing in the doorway, wearing the cosplay you picked out. He crossed his arms and looked down, his face heating up.
You smiled and kissed him on the nose, "You look so cute, Kiku!"
He only blushed and sighed, "Ret's never go through my cospray again, hai?"
You smirked and rapped your arms around his waist, "Maybe."
This is what happens when I should be writing the Seto Kaiba x Reader.
Well here's the intro for that: [link]
Anyway, I do not own Sailor Moon OR Japan.
You (c) :iconsexyjapanplz:
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What happens in Narita Airport Stays in Narita Airport

Narita Airport. Unlike most airports it made sense. It was hard to get lost in it. In fact, really, you had to go out of your way to get lost in it. Well… most of the time… if you were in the wrong place it was very easy to get lost. Particularly if you can't really read Japanese maps. Like you. You couldn't read Japanese maps that well. You were pretty proud of yourself in fact when you found the toilets using that map (you ignored the fact that the toilets were next to said map).

But you were not a happy tourist. You were here on business to see your good friend Japan, your boss sent you to a) make better trade relations b) make better military relations c) have a break. You really needed a break according to your boss and your economy was good so why not take a holiday?

So that's how you ended up in Narita Airport, Japan. You were in Japan! As a country you felt kind of dirty thinking that And you were hungry and a little apprehensive about ordering from a Japanese eatery as you weren't overly familiar with his cooking you decided to go with the 'safe' option. McDonalds. Really, you weren't that sure if it was safe, America was raised by England and was able to eat his food. Really, it was the Eighth Wonder of the World how he survived that. After placing your order and eating your meal at one of the nearby tables, you decided that if Japan wasn't going to pick you up from the airport you might as well have a look at the shops…

~le magical time skip of shopping~

After buying five boxes of Pocky and a box of Nama Chocolate (it was better than BELGUIM and SWITZERLANDS!!) and taking pictures of the different types of Kit Kats and buying two volumes of (fave manga not Hetalia) you decided to take a look in one lost news agency for a Jump Weekly one more manga and a phrase book. After you found your phrase book you decided to look at the manga, you couldn't find any in English which is when you turned around thinking English might be on the shelf behind you.

Oh how wrong you were…

You turned around and looked down and accidently saw over someones shoulder into the 'magazine' they were reading. And it was by far less than innocent, particularly with those pictures of women…
You turned around quickly with a flushed face and shuddering hands, your bags shook with your hands. You snuck a glance over your shoulder at the man and you couldn't help your shout
"JAPAN, WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU READING!! I THOUGHT YOU AND ITLAY WERE INNOCENT" you ran out of the store and sat down shuddering in the corner "SEE?! THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ON THE AXIS GERMANY CORRUPTED YOU!!" you made yourself a nice little emo corner and got out some chocolate biscuit mushroom things you brought before. You did know that Japan read/wrote/drew hentai and the occasional smutty fanfic/fanart but those were real people in the pictures.

At least you found Japan

Meanwhile, in the store Japan was more than embarrassed about what happened. Unlike that… incident with Greece he couldn't deny it saying it was a dream (after all you're loud yelling proved that) and he couldn't really blame that on anyone else. He hastily put the magazine down and ran out the store to see you in an emo corner with people walking past and pointing and whispering about the 'foreign lady in the emo corner'. Japan sighed knowing that he was going to have to face you sooner or later, just hoping that you wouldn't think any less of him.
"[Country]-san, are you alright?" he asked as he approached you
You didn't notice him and simply muttere "Japan… corrupted… Germany's fault… porn… real…"
Japan flinched slightly at your mutterings, knowing there was only one way to snap you out of your daze

"[Name]-chan… would you like to play the pocky game?"
You looked up with anime tears in your eyes with sparkles "R-really…?"
Japan blushed and internally screamed 'KAWAII~!!' and nodded "H-hai [Name]-chan"
You stood up for the ground and hugged Japan, he was too shocked and too guilty to push you away. You grabbed his hand and skipped away. "Yay, I already brought the pocky~!"
Japan nodded blushing. Despite the almost terrible occurrence that happened in your relationship and he was now playing the pocky game with you. A turn for the better in his opinion.
Now he just needs to make sure that you don't talk about what happened at his airport.
Ah, Japan, you're so cute~!:iconcblushplz:
First fanfiction I've published so please be nice to me...?:iconbegplz:

The whole looking behind in the News agency thing happened to me, except it was some older Japanese man. And I didn't shout. I was more like:iconfrenchwhineplz:

Nama Chocolate is good. It is awesome!! I got five boxes. Four for my family. One for me/mum and one more that I ate on the plane back.

Also I did buy a box of giant Pocky. A few people in my exchange group (including my friend and a teacher) started betting on how long it would take me to eat it. I was better than everyone expected. I dragged it out for a week. Eveyone was betting days. I also had 1-2 boxes of Pocky with me at all times. :iconpockyboxplz:
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    I Love you, that simple phrase changed everything for you. Kiku Honda, that one person made your life the way it is today. You and Kiku have been friends ever since you two could remember, the moment you guys said that simple hello you two were inseparable. You were on your way to go see Kiku he had invited you to go watch some new anime he bought, you were honored to have been the person to be able to go to Kiku Honda's house. Over the years you a had developed a crush on the polite, shy, short, and handsome Japanese man. You had finally arrived at Kiku's house, you walked the steps as quickly as you could without tripping over your feet. 

Knock, knock, knock.

     You heard the faint sound of shuffling feet, as usual Kiku was trying to hurry to the door to make sure not to keep you waiting.

"Sorry I kept you waiting _____-San, prease come inside."

"No need to apologize Kiku you probably just made the world record considering it took you no time at all to answer the door." You two just stared at each other and began laughing which was a rare sight considering he never showed emotion, he only read the atmosphere. 'Maybe I'm an exception, nah he probably laughs all the time with Ludwig and Feliciano...' You make your way inside only to stumble upon the mountains of anime that can make any otaku die and go to heaven.

"Wow, you have a lot of anime! I'm impressed."

"H-hai, thank you _____-San. So the new anime I bought is Crannad, I've heard it's rather sad if you don't want to watch this we can watch something erse." 

"No it's fine, this what I came to see after all." 

"Hai, well then ret's put this in the DVD player and start watching then." You were on the 9th epsiode of Clannad and your face was stained with tears, but you were also asleep. Even though Kiku had personal space issues you were an exception, he loved everything about you from your (hair length/style/color) to your beautiful colored (eye color) eyes to him you were perfect, you were beautiful. Since he didn't have a guest room you had to share a bed with him not that any of you minded of course, he carried to you his room while he was walking to his room to took the time to look at you and think of how he had gotten so lucky to have you as a friend though he wished it was more than that. He had gotten to his room and set you down on his bed and pulled a blanket over the two of you, he then turned to you and said these four little words that changed your life.

"Aishitteru _____"
This is horrible! Gomenasai! Please tell me if I need to fix anything, again I'm sorry for writing this.....this garbage! :iconcryingplz:


Aishitteru: I love you.

The reason there is no honorific at the end is because he showing a high level of affection towards you, meaning by not using and honorific he hopes you understand his feelings for you.

I'm sorry for writing this! :iconshameplz:
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Hi guys! Please take time to read the description for a link to the picture and a brief over-view~

Debut- JapanXGeisha!Reader

"___-chan. Tonight will be your debut as maiko."

Your Big Sister, Yuuko, and Mother rejoiced over the big appointment made for the night. You had been training for this night for a while, but your nerves started to kick in as the hour of the appointment approached.  Your Big Sister was a well-liked geisha with a good reputation. It was only natural that such an important assignment would be handed to her: A government party to celebrate successful trading with the Americans.

"Yuuko-nee-san, are you sure you want me to debut at such an important appointment? What if I make a fool of myself?"

"___-chan, do you believe that your Big Sister would allow that? Have I not trained you well?" She said, lifting your chin. "Do not worry. You are a maiko now. You are on your way to be an elegant geisha."

You were dressed and decorated beautifully for your debut. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you started to feel the elegance that came with your job.

"Don't get lost in your reflection, __-chan." Yuuko joked. "Save some of your beauty for our customers." She said, grinning. Suddenly, all the nerves you felt before returned twice as hard. You felt your stomach churning with excitement and fear.

Upon arriving at the party, you felt as if the very earth would start shaking at any moment. You were so nervous. What if you fell? What if you danced wrong?

Yuuko grabbed your hand gently. "___-chan. Do not fret. You will be wonderful."

You took a deep breath, thanking your Big Sister. "I will go in first and you follow behind me. "  You nodded and held your breath as the sliding door was opened for you.

The room was slightly cloudy with smoke and the sound of hardy laughter made the room seem smaller than it was.  "Yuuko-san!" An older gentleman in uniform called. "Good evening, General." Yuuko bowed gracefully. You quickly bowed with her. "This is my Little Sister, ___-chan. Its her debut." The general smiled and bowed his head. He lifted his sake, grabbing the attention of the other men. "Gentleman, we celebrate our success with the debuting of a new maiko!"


You sat with your Big Sister and greeted the men you sat with. She then gestured you to begin waiting on them. You quickly, but retaining your grace, grabbed a bottle of sake and poured it into their drinking bowls. After some time, Yuuko grabbed her shamisen. You looked to her and she nodded her head. Some men noting that you were about to dance for them spread the word for the other men to settle down and clear room. Yuuko positioned herself near you, giving you room to dance, but close enough so that she could keep a good eye on you. You moved to your dancing space and pulled out your fans. You looked to the faces of the men and unfolded your fans over your face, beginning your dance.

Bringing the fans away from your face to continue, you notice a man staring at you sitting in the middle-back of the group. Your eyes met and there was a moment of tension between the two of you.

Snapping back quickly to reality, you continued your dance, carefully executing each step and gesture as you've been trained. Your heart beat faster and faster, your feet moving just as fast to the tune of your Big Sister's shamisen.

And all the while, the man's stare fixated on you.

After completing your dance successfully, the men clapped and grinned with satisfaction. Yuuko nodded her head, smiling. She was pleased with you. The lights were readjusted from your spotlight back to the party scene. You immediately moved your gaze to the staring man.

He was young and handsome with dark black hair and dressed in uniform. Your stare caught his once again. The same tension from before returned. No noise, no smoke; just his stare. He bowed his head slightly, refusing to lose eye contact. You did the same.

Yuuko grabbed your hand gently again. "___-chan, where are you staring off to? You have customers to attend to." She said, leading you back to your seats. "Yuuko-nee-san, who is that man?" You whispered. She looked off to where you were nodding. "Ah, that's Honda Kiku-san. He's the one we are celebrating most for. Best not to disturb him; He doesn't talk much." She said. You turned your head back to him to see that he had already gone to talk to one of the other uniformed men about something that seemed serious since they were the only ones who weren't grinning.

Hi guys!!

Jeez, I was asked to do this a while agoooo.

Heres the link to the pic: [link]

I'm not the best writer ever, but i hope you enjoy!! <3 I was inspired by Memoirs of a Geisha. I do believe Kiku wouldve had a thing for geisha.

Mother was the head of the Geisha house and Big Sister is the title of the trainer of the maiko, a trainee geisha.

I would perhaps read a wiki page on geisha or watch Memoirs of a Geisha to get a better understanding!

Theres only one other part since this is supposed to be relatively short. c:

Second Part: [link]

APH- Japan
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Author's Note: Hetalia does not belong to me in any way, shape or form.


A new day brought on by a magnificent sunrise and birds chirping happily.

At least that's how it would start in a perfect world.

But seeing as how it isn't, instead you woke up to the always unwelcome screeching of your alarm clock.  After finally managing to shut it off, you open your eyes where your vision is greeted with the amazing sight of rain: nothing but rain and clouds colored in a depressing gray.

Actually, the weather described how you felt perfectly.

Today was your birthday.  Usually that would make you estatic beyond words.  But it just wouldn't be the same without..

My sweetheart, you finished in your thoughts as a melancholy sigh passed your lips.

You glance at a picture next to your clock of your dear husband of nearly two years, Kiku Honda.

You loved this man with all of your heart and soul.  When you first told others about him, some were very happy for you.  Yet there were those who were creeped out by this because of the way he acted & spoke.  But you didn't care in the least: you loved the way he was & if someone didn't like him, that was their problem.

A week ago, he had to leave for another World Summit meeting. Of course, you were used to him being busy since he was the human personification of Japan, but your heart felt like it had been torn in two when he said that he wasn't sure if he would be able to make it home in time to celebrate your birthday.

There was that small spark of hope that maybe, just maybe, you would at least get some sort of message from him.

As you slowly got out of the bed, you somehow make your way to the answering machine & look at it.

Not a single message.

But if he didn't leave a message here...

Suddenly given a burst of hope, you quickly rummage through your purse for your cell phone.  Once you turn it on, you immediately check the voicemail.

Absolutely no messages, except one about lowering one's interest rate on credit cards: either that or it was something about single guys wanting to chat - with the way the person on the phone spoke, it was hard to tell.

You could feel a crying fit start to come on.

I'm not going to cry. Not now but later. That would be your mantra for today.  As upset as you were, you had to put on a smile: after all, it's not everyday that it's your birthday.

Fifteen minutes later, your dressed in your favorite shirt & jeans, while your [hair color] hair is fixed just the way you like it.

Just as you were making your way to the living room, you hear someone knocking on your front door very loudly.

"Yo, [Name]!"

You rolled your eyes and despite how sad you were, you let a smile slip. You'd know that voice anywhere.

"Just a second, Al!" you cried as you unlocked & opened the door.  There was Alfred F. Jones, 'the hero' as he often called himself.  Of no surprise to you, he wore his dark brown bomber jacket as well as a pair of his really faded blue denim jeans & a t-shirt with the American flag proudly displayed.

"Happy birthday, [Name]!" he cried as he enveloped you in a tight hug.

"Thanks," you answer weakly as you return the hug.

Alfred released you from his grip & blinked a little bit.  "What's the matter?" he asked.  "This is your b-day, yo!  You should be happy, so c'mon & shake your booty!" He did exactly that; you laugh a little at his antics, but your smile quickly fades.

Knowing all too well what was on your mind, Alfred gently patted your shoulder consolingly.  "I know you miss him", he continued, "but he'll be back sooner than you think."

All you can do is nod.

Suddenly, Alfred slapped his hand to his forehead.  "Aw dammit! I totally forgot your present!" he cried.  "I could've sworn I'd - well never mind.  So um, just do me a favor.  Close your eyes."

You blinked in shock. "What?"

"Please?" he begged, giving his best 'puppy dog' eyes.  "I just want it to be a surprise! Please please please please ple-"

"Calm down, Al!" you hastily respond.  "If that's what you want, I'll do it! Just turn it down a notch, okay?"

"Sweet!" he cried, pumping his fist in the air.  "So just stay here and keep your eyes shut as tight as possible." He slowly backed away towards the doorway.  "I'll let you know when you can open them, okay?  I'll be back in a jiffy!"  Before you can say anything else, he rushes out the door.

Well, I guess there's nothing else to do except do as he says, you say to yourself as you close your eyes.

It was oddly quiet as you stood there for.. well..

Let's just say it was quite a while (or at least it felt that way).

Finally, you couldn't keep it in anymore.

"Dammit Al!" you cried.  "How much longer do I have to - "

Your voice was silenced when a pair of lips softly pressed against yours.

You immediately break the kiss & back away from him.  Of all the things Alfred could have done, this was going way too far.

"Hey! Cut that out!"

"But I thought you riked my kisses."

W-Wait.. It can't be..

Quickly, you open your eyes to see Kiku standing there with a gentle smile.  Your eyes fill with tears of joy as you hastily embrace him & kiss his cheek.

"Kiku!  I've missed you so much!" you said, though you were barely audible through your tears.  But Kiku heard the message well enough.

"Otanjobiomedeto, watashi no ai," he gently replied.  He gently raised your face so he could look into your [eye color] eyes; without another word, he pressed his lips against yours.  You sighed contentedly as you happily returned the kiss & pressed your body closer to him.

Needless to say, this was the best birthday present you could ever receive.
Today is :iconpokebw4evr:'s birthday, so I thought this would be the perfect gift for her.

Happy birthday Ashley & may God bless you with many more wonderful years!


I realize it's rather short, but I just thought I'd keep it that way. As for my Italy x OC, I've still been having computer troubles as of late, but rest assured, I'm still working on it :)

I hope you enjoy this, guys ^_^
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Chapter 2

Six Days Later…

*Beep* *Beep* *Be- *smack*

Before your alarm clock got to the third beep, you hit the snooze button, accidentally knocking it over the edge of the nightstand. It landed on the floor with a thud, but you didn't really care at the moment. You jumped out of bed, grabbed your uniform, and darted for the restroom.

You splashed some water on your face to wake yourself up, considering you just spent the whole night running scenarios of how your first meeting with your pen pal from Japan was going to play out.

You were so excited to meet Kiku, sleep was the farthest thing from your mind. You got dressed and bolted out the door.

You glided down the banister, bypassing all the stair steps, and landed at the bottom with ease. You ran over to Alfred's room and banged on the door, "Alfred, get up! Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes!"

You swung the door open and as you suspected, he hadn't even heard you. Your brother was still in his dreamland. You strode through the scattered McDonald's wrappers and empty Coke bottles, you knew just how to wake him up.

You knelt beside the bed and, in your best Russian accent and fake guy voice, said, "Alfred! Priviet, it is me, Ivan. I came to visit you, but it seems you are asleep. I suppose I will just have to go back to Russia and-"

Your brother jumped up onto his bed, looking every which way, so fast you were amazed that it hadn't broken from the sheer force alone, "Ivan?! Don't go! Just let me clean up and we can hang out!...Ivan...? Aw, man!"

You couldn't hold back your laughter, revealing your location to the freaking out blonde on the bed. Once he realized what you did, he got ready to pounce on you.

You dodged easily and he landed on the floor. You walked over to him, "sorry, bro. But that was the only way I was going to get you up."

He growled into the carpet, "mm fo guna met moo for fis!" You could guess that he meant to say, "I'm so gonna get you for this!"

"Yeah, sure. Anyway, get dressed. I'm gonna go make breakfast. Come on, hurry up, you don't want to keep Ivan waiting~" With that you made your way to the kitchen.

Alfred picked himself up off the floor and rubbed his jaw, making sure it was still intact, before doing as he was told.

Ten minutes later, he was in the kitchen and scarfed down his waffles and maple syrup. You tried to warn him not to eat so fast, but it was too late, there he was banging on his chest like Tarzan trying to get the food to go down.

Finally, he grabbed his glass of orange juice and drank it. You sighed, once he was able to breathe again, you grabbed your bags and walked to school. Your heart beat sounded in your ears with each step and threatened to burst from anticipation when the school came into view.

You and Alfred sat next to each other and waited. Everyone was buzzing with excitement, discussing how awesome or weird their pen pals were.

The teacher walked in a few minutes later, looking breathless and a bit frazzled, "it was a tad bit difficult having to drive a bus to several different airports, but I managed to round up all of your pen pals. Remember they will be staying with you for the rest of the semester, so for two months. I expect you to show them the good old (your state) hospitality and treat them with respect. They will be writing reports on studying in the States and I will be checking in weekly, so I will know who isn't doing their job." After that tirade, she called in the pen pals.

They shuffled in one by one and lined up in front of her desk. You all looked at them and they all stared back. No one said a word. "Don't just sit there, class. Find your pen pal!" the teacher ordered.

Everyone scrambled bumping into each other. You hadn't gotten up yet, you let your eyes scan the room. Everyone was finding their matches, you even saw Alfred talking to a tall boy with a huge coat over the school uniform.

So, that was Ivan, he looked sweet, with that big smile on his face as Al was rambling, awkwardly. It was cute to see your brother get so flustered like that.

You smiled at the scene until you felt a light tap on your shoulder. You turned to your left and there he was.

He had fair skin, short raven hair, and brown eyes. You stood up, eyes wide, "Honda?"

His smile was warm and inviting, "Hai. It is so nice to finally meet you, ____-san!"

You couldn't help yourself, you flung your arms around him and gave him a big hug.

You felt him stiffen and realized that in the information you looked at about Japanese culture it said that they weren't that big on intimate acts like that or even shaking hands. They weren't stuck up, it was just meant for people who were family or extremely close. You had only just met Kiku and here you were invading his personal space.

You pulled away quickly, "oops, sorry!"

He smiled weakly, "it is fine, I was expecting it, but I still was not prepared for it."

You smiled back, awkwardly, and instead extended your hand. He stared at it, unsure of what to do with it. You chuckled, "we'll start off with a handshake and take it a step at a time. Okay, 'Japan?' "

Everyone in the class was given nicknames of whatever country they were originally from. Luckily, everyone in your class and all of the pen pals were from different countries, except for you and Alfred.

He beat you to "America," so you chose to go by your state's name. But you told "Japan" to call you by your real name at home. He wanted to call you by your last name, but you insisted that he use your first name. Shyly, he agreed.

You spent the first week showing Kiku around your house, the school, and the town. He took the guest bedroom downstairs across from Alfred's bedroom and the guest room Ivan was staying, next to the blonde's.

A month later, Kiku started hearing Russian moans and American grunts coming from Alfred's room. The very next day, a very red Kiku requested to be moved to another room.

You laughed and told him he could take the one next to yours. He wanted to protest, but wouldn't take another night of those inappropriate sounds.
You two, on the other hand, had spent the last month enjoying each other's company. You watched the cool anime he brought from Japan and you took him to the local Barnes & Noble to read manga.

You found it adorable when you saw him read the shounen manga intensely one minute, then become so entranced with the shoujo manga section the next. Other days, you and Kiku would have BlazBlue and Mortal Kombat tournaments. You tied in wins and loses.

This month, the four of you went out to karaoke. Kiku and Ivan even taught you and Al recipes and traditions from their homelands.

One day, you really wanted to take him out to park, but it was raining pretty heavily. So, you and he played Co-Op on Portal 2 while waiting for it to pass.

Nighttime fell and the rain still hadn't let up. You glaring at it though the open door that led to the backyard. By now, you were fed up with the rain, no matter how good the petrichor smelled.

"Ugh, rain, why? Why must you make the day and night all gloomy with your downpour?" you complained. You didn't hate the rain, it just totally messed up your day with Kiku.

"Yes, it may seem gloomy at times," you turned to see Kiku standing beside you. He sat down next to you and smiled at the rain, "However, once it stops, the night sky will be filled with beautiful stars," he turned to you with a smile.

You looked at him thoughtfully, it sounded kinda poetic, "I suppose I never thought of it that way before…"

You looked again and the stars had cleared. He was right, there was the endless night sky, filled with a sea of stars. "Beautiful…"

"Hai…" then he said, "you are…" it was barely above a whisper, so you didn't hear it.

You turned back to him, "Hey, come on!" You grabbed his hand and dragged him outside.  


You led him onto the damp grass, the wet blades tickling your feet. Kiku almost ran into you when you stopped abruptly. You spun to face him, "dance with me!"

"But it is still wet out here, ___. Couldn't we catch a cold doing this?" He blushed, still getting used to saying your first name.     

"Oh, come on, Kiku! Live a little" you grinned in his face.

His blush turned from pink to crimson, that was the first time you had used his first name. It was always "Honda" or "Japan." He sighed and gave in. You two danced, hands together, basically just spinning in circles. You knew he was actually having fun when he laughed with you as you both spun out of control, causing you to land on your bottom.

You both laid on your backs and stargazed for a while. Then there was a quick flash that shot across the sky and you felt your tummy tingle.

"Look, ___! A shooting star!" Kiku said excitedly, "did you see it? It was white and red!"

You nodded, but you couldn't speak. It was the exact same one from your dream!

"Make a wish" Kiku whispered.

You suddenly became aware of how close he was, even though he had been next to you the entire time. You turned your head and watched him. His eyes were closed and he had put his hands together.

Your heart started pounding in your chest. Though your time with him was short, you knew somewhere deep down that you were falling in love with Kiku.

He opened his eyes a moment later and looked at you, "did you make a wish."

"oh right…" you followed suit and made your wish, which was also the same as your dream. When you opened your eyes, his eyes were on you.


His eyes softened and without a word he leaned over and kissed you. Your heart was beating so fast, you were surprised it was still in your chest.

When he pulled away, he just smiled, "gomen nasai, but I really wanted to get my wish."

You blinked, "pfft, shouldn't you have asked first?" you smirked.

"Well, I-" he didn't get to finish because you pulled him into another.

You both went inside 30 minutes later and you went to sleep with a smile on your face. And for the first time in a year, you didn't have the dream.

The next day…

"I can't believe you two caught a cold from dancing in the rain," Alfred teased while feeding you a spoonful of soup while you sat up on the couch. Ivan was taking Kiku's temperature on the other one.  

"Oh, be quiet," you said, smiling while remembering yesterday. You looked over to Kiku, who smiled back at you.
Part 2 up!!!! This is part of a request for :iconxboringasspersonx: Who is very awesome!

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: You are Here
Chapter 3 (Lemon): [link]

Thank you to :iconjadeebony1: for telling me that "petrichor" was the scent after rain.

I hope for people who wanted a clean ending like :iconangelotheninja: will be happy with this chapter as an ending, but I need to fulfill the request, which is a Lemon. So that is what I will be working on for the next part.

:iconjapanposeplz: Let Japan Ruv You~!

P.S. I still don't own Hetalia, Kiku, the image.
I just own the plot

//Edit//: Almost forgot, this song it what inspired the title and part of the fic: [link]
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Japan x Reader After Rain Comes Love (Lemon)

"Where am I?"

You looked around, but it was pitch black.

You reached out in front of you, feeling nothing but empty air. However, you were surprised that the darkness beneath you was firm. Taking cautious steps, you began making your way through it.

After what seemed like forever, you came upon some light. It wasn't very bright, but at least it was there.

Looking up, you saw that it came from millions of stars in a magnificent night sky. There was a huge hill, covered in soft-looking green grass. It felt nice and cool under your feet.

You made it to the top, still stargazing. Then something amazing happened, a star shot across the sky. It was there and gone in a second, but you had seen that it was glowing white and red. It was beautiful.

You clasped your hands together, closed your eyes, and followed tradition, wishing on the shooting star. You always wished for the happiness of others, but this one would be for you. So, you wished for your own happiness.

A little breeze swept through your hair and a whisper flew past your ear, "…" You opened your eyes. Looking around, you saw nothing but the serene sight before you. Then you heard it again, "…wait…love….heart…you…"

"What?" you peered at the sky as if searching for answers. Light of red and white flashed again, it was blindingly bright, but warm. Almost gentle. Then a shadow appeared before you.

Normally, something like that would be terrifying and have you heading in the other direction, but this one seemed different. You could feel him watching you, even though you couldn't see his eyes.   

Curiosity got the better of you and you took a few steps toward him. You reached out your right hand to touch him, but then he vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Please wait for me, my love. For someday, my heart will belong to you."


You felt the warm sunlight shine down on you through your curtains. Your (eye color) eyes opened slowly. You saw your room, just as it had been last night.

You forced yourself up, "…the dream again…"

That dream was one that you've been having for a while now. You could never figure out what it meant. It was always the same- you always wished for happiness and out of nowhere some guy comes, claiming he would love you someday. You didn't have a boyfriend at the moment, so could it mean you would find one soon?

However, you had no time to ponder the possibilities because you had to get ready for school. You were excited to get there so you could write to Kiku.

A few months ago, your teacher had made arrangements with various schools around the world for you and your classmates to have pen pals that would eventually come to the United States to study. You had gotten a pen pal from Tokyo, Japan. His name was Kiku Honda.

Immediately, you had thought it would be tricky communicating with a foreigner, who probably didn't know English that well. Your first letter was nothing special, just a small introduction and some of your likes, dislikes, etc. You really hadn't put too much effort, so you didn't remember what you rambled on about.

A few days later, your teacher handed out the pen pals' responses. You looked at the envelope on your desk, there was your name, written neatly in the middle.

You turned it over, not caring that it tore a little while you opened it. You scanned the first page, a little surprised that it was in English. So, "Kiku" understood it and could write in it, as well.

[Dear ____-San,

It is nice to meet you, ____-San, even though it is on paper. My name is Honda Kiku. In Japan, we list our last names first, so my name is Kiku. I was very glad to receive your letter. I must say, you speak of such a variety of fascinating things. A hamburger the size of Texas, which is a state, yes? Your state is (your state), correct? I looked it up, it looks very nice.

As for my daily life, I'm afraid that it isn't as glamorous as yours. I live in a house with four others. They are not related to me, but I consider them family. I am dedicated to school at the moment. But I am excited about getting the opportunity to study abroad. In my spare time, I enjoy watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games. I do hope that we can get along.

I look forward to your next letter, Honda.]

Shoot, now you felt a little guilty. He seemed like a nice kid and was genuinely interested in talking to you. You decided you'd write a more honest letter this time around. Luckily, the teacher only made sure you wrote to them, but never read your letters.

[Dear Honda,

I'm sorry about all the stuff I said in my first letter, I wasn't really into this whole pen pal thing to begin with. But after I read your letter, I couldn't help having a change of heart. You seem like a very nice person, Honda.

Yes, Texas is a state. Uh, I don't think there is a burger as big as that, but it was just an expression anyway. Yeah, I live in (your state). It's okay here, I guess, I've lived here all my life- Japan sounds much better, very exotic. I've seen pictures of it and I hve to say, your country is very beautiful. My life isn't really all that glamorous, but it's better than no life, right? I hope you like it when you come here. I like all those things, too! We can do all of them here!

I honestly hope you will still be my pen pal so I can get to know the real you.

I hope we can still get along, ____.]

You waited the entire week for the next letter. As the teacher handed out everyone's next response, you were getting nervous, 'what if he doesn't want to be my pen pal anymore...I wouldn't blame him, but...'

Your teacher finished and you still didn't have an envelope on your desk. You sighed and put your head on it, 'I guess that's it...'

"____, I hope you aren't planning to sleep in my class," your teacher called beside you.

You raised your head and saw a scowl on her face, "here, I almost missed yours, I don't see how though considering this envelope." She placed it on your desk and walked away.

You looked at it, surprised you even got a response, but even more surprised at the envelope itself. The envelope had a print of a beautiful sakura blossom tree, with petals falling from it. Your heart skipped a beat and you weren't really sure why. Gingerly, you picked up the envelope and opened it as carefully as you could.

[Dear ____-San,

Thank you for telling me the truth. If I may be honest with you, I was not looking forward to the pen pal project either, mostly due to anxiety over meeting new people. However, after I read your letters, I also had a change of heart.

Yes, Japan is an amazing place, but I really would like to see your home. I hope that didn't sound as creepy as I think it did. Oh! You like those activities, too! I think we will get along just fine! I will try to bring some anime and video games with me.

I want to get to know the real you, as well, ____-San.


P.S. A burger the size of Texas did sound a little suspicious]

You re-read the letter again and again, laughing every time you got to the last line, he was pretty funny. You were also relieved that he still wanted to be your pen pal. Your teacher eyed you from her desk, so you forced yourself to calm down, still giggling in your head.

After that, you would happily read his letters when they arrived each month and would respond with whatever came to mind. You felt more comfortable with Kiku than you did with any of your guy friends. He was a great person you could actually confide into. He always spoke with intelligence and politeness, with funny comments and cute drawings on the side to lighten things up.

You just finished reading the latest letter, the one before the pen pals would come to America next week. Your heart beat with excitement as you looked over the rest of the letters from the special hiding place you had for them. You kept them in a wooden box with his name on it.

Your brother, Alfred, always tried to peek inside, so you had to find new hiding places for it constantly.

"Aw, come on, sis! You can show Big Bro, can't you?" he pouted at the dinner table, his mouth full of junk food.

"No way, Alfred."


"Would you want me to look at the letters from you and Ivan?" you countered, Ivan was Alfred's pen pal from Russia.

"Hell no! I mean, NO!"

"Not so fun when the shoe is on the other foot, huh?"

"We were talking about letters, not shoes, duh. Gah, whatever! I'm going to be late talking to the Ruskie," he ran over to his room. "Not because I like him or anything, he's just pretty cool to talk to!" Al called over his shoulder.

At first he hadn't liked Ivan, calling him "that commie bastard" and "Ivan the terribly awful," all because Alfred was still sore about losing his Poke'mon Trading Card Master title to a Russian when you two were eleven.

However, you talked him into giving it a chance, like you and Kiku. Reluctantly, he agreed and to his amazement he actually liked talking to Ivan. They were getting along so well, they had actually started talking on the phone and video chatting. You though there was definitely going to be something going on between them, but your brother always denied it, face bright red.

You smiled to yourself as you watched his retreating form. Your parents were on an important business cruise and wouldn't be back for months. They thought you could handle taking care of yourself and your brother. So, they left you in charge, even though he was the older one.

They knew about the whole pen pals coming to stay with you, but you both have taken martial arts your whole lives and knew how to defend yourselves. So, they knew you'd be okay.

You walked to your room and crossed off another day on your calendar, "…just six more days to go. Oyasumi nasai, Kiku~" you whispered.
This is part 1 of the Japan x Reader Request from :iconxboringasspersonx:

[Don't worry, I'm working on the lemon part, which was the main part of the request, I just thought it would be very long if I didn't break it up into parts. Hope you like it so far]

Chapter 1: You are Here~
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3 (Lemon): [link]

I don't own Hetalia, Japan/Kiku or the image.
I just own the plot

:iconjapansparklesplz: Enjoy sparkly Japan~
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