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Slowly the drug pulls down my veins,
Pulling my hand in purpled waters,
Dragging me down into a misty realm,
Of lavender smoke…

Landing in a chilled crystal lake,
The ripples lapping against my legs,
I lift my eyes and see someone…
A shadow of...     someone…

He reaches out a hand to me and touches my neck,
With the other, pulls me closer…
It was like kissing a ghost,
He was there, and then...    he wasn't…

I never met his true self,
But I knew him then, and only then…

My hair ruffled through his fingers,
Rough and red,
His skin was cool and fading,
Blissful blue…

I never knew what it was…
         To love a ghost…
From a dream I had the other night ;) Comment Please?
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Why do I find myself wandering these haunted fields,
Following a shadow of a spirit...

Pulled by the barbed wire wrapped around my throat,
and the poison threatening my blood....

Desperate glances behind, remind me,
that I can't help the way I feel...

But why do I find my self confessing my heart's true song,
To a moon that will never hear...

Here I am, my knees bloodied and torn in the dried, tarnished straw,
I can only imagine the luscious taste of sweet moon's light...

But here I am, bound by my love, bound for all eternity,
my love for those who cannot return it to me...

I will never find my way,
out of these haunted fields of indigo.
comments please, alot of symbolism and alot of imagery <3
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The staining ink of your darkest Sharpie,
The bitter scent both relaxing and startling…
The gentle tug of felted tips and pen on skin…
Just rest my head down,
Let the shivers take me,
I wish you could experience something similar,
But I wouldn't know how to explain,
How wonderful it feels,
When I become your canvas.

Closing my eyes,
I listen to your steady breaths,
Your soft but precise movements on my skin,
My arm stretched across the cool wood,
My knuckles lightly touching your chest…
I think, if I lay still enough,
I can feel your heartbeat through my skin…
When you set that ink upon my skin,
I forget about everything bothering me,
Everything hurting me…
And let the shivers consume me,
When I become your canvas.
for :icondemonkubbi:
I just love it when he draws on me, as silly as that sounds ^_^
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Words are luscious and flow off the tongue,
Tempt me, suitor,
With words of honey and lilac.

With faded parchment and onyx ink,
Slowly seduce me, kind sir,
With words of velvet and flame.

Words are precious and form the souls' essence,
Court me, gentle man,
With literature and good graces.

Words are indefinite and lucid,
Speak my language, hot-blooded spirit,
By softly whispering stanzas in my hair.

Words are eloquent and unique,
Trace sonnets on my skin,
Capture my heart with words.

Stain my blood with poetry,
Heat my heart with haikus,
Make my skin shiver with lyrics,
Capture my attention, soulful man,
By reciting and writing.

Words are thicker written, fair souls,
And they taste of cinnamon and passion,
Tempt me, brave man,
With your words, above all.
They are the way to my heart after all ;)
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Sometimes I think I need to wear a label,
A sticker,
A collar,
A tag…

That will tell you what is wrong with me…

"Hi, My Name Is:
Easily loving, falls to quickly, doesn't know when to stop, tries her best but can't succeed, and only wants to hold someone's hand… to feel that hand on her shoulder when she cries…"

The ink would be smudged across as if written in haste, a couple letters bolded in spots as if trying to fix a mistake…So many mistakes…

The edges would be peeling as if to forget I ever existed all together…
Sometimes, I think I need to wear a warning…

So you will know ahead of time that I'm too broken to repair…too lost to be found…too hurt to heal… and pretend to smile, often….

So that when you don't like what you read, I can just tear it away, and write another…

But no matter what I try, my name is always the same….
Whatever, it was really just something stuck in my head for a while :/ comments appreciated
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I look in the mirror,
Apply that last bit of eye make-up…
Twist the brush,
Swoop the glittery powder…
Standing back and smiling,
My reflection retorts….distorts…

I hear a hiss in my ear,
       "Look at you, you love every person who talks to you... so pathetic…so naiive…so trusting…..such a fool."

I close my eyes tightly, I grip the edge of the counter, my knuckles white.
       "Look at you, you don't know when to stop do you? eager…so loving…so innocent…such a fool."

I bite my lip and refuse to look at her,
This hissing demoness who resides behind my eyes…my dark brown eyes….
       "Look at me!" she exclaims, "I will protect you, foolish girl,"

She fans around me like a cloth of smoke,
       "I will protect your foolish heart, and never let anyone touch it again….you bruise too easily, child."

I turn my head and let my hair drape across my eyes.
       "Look at me! Look at me! No one will know,"

She smiles twistedly, and I know in my heart I can't accept her wish.
She only wants control…she only wants to see me fall.

So I back away and stand up strong.
But before turning off the light, I look her in the eye,
"There is nothing wrong with my heart. There is nothing wrong with loving."

Closing the door, I smile as I hear her frustrated screams,
Distorted by glass and cold hatred.
comments appreciated :)
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Falling through their split-laced curtain,
Their venom-gilded web,
I extend my hand towards their bitter cackling,
Trying to hold on to my existence….
My mentality…

They are my blood,
They are my family,
But every glance is two-faceted,
And every  remark is double its original worth.

They will never accept me,
They will never understand,
And the metallic sharpness,
Creates acid from their lips,
And the stinging denial,
Gives birth to underlying hatred.

I dance between both worlds known to me,
But I'd prefer to be in only one.
I lie through my teeth daily,
I put on a show and pretend,
And I constantly remind myself I am stronger,
I will survive their sickening trials….

If I know that I am stronger,
That I can do this until I am free,
Then why do I find myself holding myself together at night,
Crying in the corner of a chilled shower tile,
Wondering why I never feel like I have a future,
Where they will accept me for what I am doing and have been doing…

I hate having to lie,
I hate having to know that I am a lie,
That I am lost mentally, morally, spiritually, even physically…

And here I am,
My fingers slipping from the edge of the breaking stone,
The crumbling canyon turned to chalk,
And all I really need is for someone to reach down and take my hand,
Telling me that I am stronger,
And that everything...everything will be okay…
Even though every dawn seems darker than the last,
And every word more lost than the past,
And I can't seem to remember….

Who I am…                 anymore….
Sometimes...I just don't know what to do....My life from the ones I love, is a lie.....and I can't deal with the pain some days....

but...everybody lies....even them.
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H e r e
In my hands…
Barely holding on to my flushed fingertips,
Is a dream.

Just an ordinary day dream,
One held precious and known only to me…
But within this fantasy, is a hidden promise…
A promise and a question,

         H e r e
I cup my hands and let the starlight ruffle it's feathers,
Like a bird of thread, with eyes of gold…
Do you understand how fragile it is?
If you unravel it enough, you will find what's left of my heart,
Since I broke it in two for you.

                   H e r e
Underneath this twilight canvas,
I hold my hands up to you and watch your eyes change,
Don't you understand…
Don't you even have an idea…
Of what this delicate wisp of a daydream,
Could be…

                            H e r e
If I place it in your hands,
I trust you with my heart,
If you let it fall,
It will unravel and become a tangle of doubt…
Don't you understand…
What I'm trying to whisper to you as you sleep so far away?
just something from the depths of my mind and heart before I go to bed, no biggy :shrug: hope you like it
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Oh Lord , how I'm afraid.
I'm afraid that my secret will become known.
Those of my own blood chain me down and say I'm free,
They mock me before kissing me goodnight.
And for this reason, I have hidden how I think,
How I am,
From them all.
These words are typed in secrecy,
These thoughts forbidden to exist,
This heart forbidden to thrum with the blood of an open mind.
I am forbidden.

Oh Lord, how I'm afraid.
I'm afraid that I will never be free.
Because the only way I can truly be free is to break secrecy,
And that is too dangerous a border to cross...
And much too painful…
No daughter should hide her heart because of her mother's scorn,
No daughter should cry names into palms and erase the evidence of her pain,
No daughter should be forbidden…
And I believe the worst thing of all is that they only know half of how they've cornered me.
They don't know how they have barred my way,
And burned my blood to scar my soul….
They don't know how truly they have made it so,
I am forbidden.
I am constantly checking over my shoulder, clearing my history, and deleting messages...because I can never let them know that I am not like them....that even though I love them....they have hurt me...
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Pulling covers over chilled shoulders,
Closing my eyes to the setting sun,
I feel my lips pinch in a small smile,
As I remember everything about you that makes my days special.
Every moment spent, every text sent,
I smile, knowing that you are mine,
And I sleep into dreams of holding your hand,
And kisses in courtyards,
Darkened rooms and bleachers,
Special memories take my hand,
And guide my heart to the reasons why I need you.
As long as I can dance the dance of both worlds,
Tread that fine line and remember my lies,
You'll be mine, and I'll be yours.
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