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The reflection in the Mirror is no longer broken,
The flower in Bloom no longer stained,
The song that I Sing is no longer sad,
The Unconditional love I feel is no longer strained.

The Supernova I see is an explosion of desire,
The Unknown no longer compels me to fear,
If a Hospital is where I seal my fate,
Let it be known I died loving You, my dear.
It's official: The normally melancholy, cynical, and deep writer you've come to know has been replaced by a hopeless romantic dolt.
So sue me.
I'm in love.

That being said, I haven't lost my edge just yet. When I realized I was going to sit down and write a sappy love poem about my boyfriend, I decided I wanted to kick it up a notch.

So I challenged myself:

I took the title's of my personal favorite and most popular pieces of literature here on deviantART, and incorporated them into the poem. Not only was this a fun challenge for me, it seemed like a fairly original idea, and it managed to inject yet another message into the poem:

My past (in literature and in life) has helped shape me to become who I am today, that being someone who is capable of loving and being loved in return, as well as being able to write the occasional poem or story relating to the experience.

And not be cocky or anything, but I like to think my writing has improved a little over the years. ;)

Listed below are all of the pieces of literature that were incorporated into the poem above, in order of appearance in the piece. If you haven't read them yet, I hope you enjoy.

Forgive my hopeless romantic notions.

-Riku727 (Karina)

Picture found here:







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Art is lingerie;
silk and satin draped upon
our starving egos.
Art is narcissism the verb.
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What am I?


What will I be?


What am I to you?


What am I to myself?


What have you proved to me?


What have I proved to myself?


Thank you

for nothing


for without you I am nothing
wrote this in history. supposed to be writing a paper. couldn't think though. this popped into my head instead
comments and critiques are always welcome and appreciated

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I took for granted what I had.
Didn't think twice about losing you.
Because I thought you'd always be mine.
It's funny how thoughts are always wrong.
And reality is always so different,
So far from what you want it to be.
What you need it to be

At night I lay awake.
Thinking of how you used to hold me.
Rock me back and forth slowly.
Stroke my hair while you sang me to sleep.
Your voice was so soft,
So calming.
I try to replay it in my head.
But I can't get you back

I still smile everytime I see you.
My heart beats a little too fast.
I try to tell myself that I'm ok,
That these feelings will go away.
But we both know that's not true.
No matter how hard I pretend,
I know I'm not ok without you.

You keep telling me it's alright.
That things are better this way,
You insist on this.
But my heart's telling me differently.
As my tears should be telling you.
You don't get it?
My love still lies in you.
And I'm starting to think it always will

My words are my downfall.
As well as my actions.
Words could never convey things right.
Not my feelings.
And my actions...
My actions always did me harm.
They hurt you along with me.
And I know you told me I couldn't fix this.
But I have to try...
Please let me try

Your shaking your head.
Telling me to let it go.
Because we're better as friends.
We don't need to be anything more.
And of course I'm ok with this.
Ok with just friends...
But you know I  still love you.

You can tell me whatever you like.
That I need to smile more.
Or that you're still my angel.
But there's one thing that you can't say.
One thing that I'll never believe.
Do you know what that is?
When you tell me I don't love you.
Not like I used.
Tell me that I can't love you like that.
Not anymore.

Because no matter what happens...
My heart still belongs to you/
wrote this off the top of my head. probably not well written. but I need to write
comments are always greatly appreciated and welcome

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It's amazing...
How you can make me smile so easily.
Just a few words and I'm laughing.
I would tell you you're a miracle,
But you don't believe in those.'re my miracle.

It's amazing...
How your eyes are so alive.
With one look you make my heart race.
I would try to tell you this,
But you wouldn't believe me.
Still...I believe in you.

It's amazing...
How warm you are.
Just one touch and I'm at ease.
I wished for someone like you,
But you don't believe in wishes.'re my 11:11

It's amazing...
How you're all mine.
All the smiles.
All the exchanged looks.
All the simple touches.
Those are all mine.
And for once you agree with me.'re not mine yet.
you truly are amazing. please believe me

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Laughter filled the air around us.
A smile lit up your face.
The whole world seemed to disappear,
Just fade away into nothing.

All except you and me


Fingers laced together.
Your arm tucked around my waist.
Bringing me towards your warmth,
My heart was beating in rhythm with yours.

I wish I could have melted into you


At night I laid in your arms.
Breathing in and out slowly.
Your voice brought sleep to me,
Choosing every word so carefully.

That was my perfect lullaby


The air falls heavily upon me.
Eyes observing everything but you.
You're disappearing along with the world now
Fading away quickly.

There's nothing I can do to stop that


Fingers search for yours.
Missing your warmth upon my skin.
I try to ignore the missing beats in my chest,
Afraid your heart might stop along with mine.

Now I wish I could have you again


The dark lays heavy on my skin.
I toss and turn due to thoughts of you.
You're no longer here to bring sleep,
But I drift to sleep crying softly.

Mimicking your words just isn't the same
wrote some of this at night. finished it in spanish. it shows everything that I'm feeling right now. not bluntly of course. but it's there.
comments and critiques are always welcomed and appreciated

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WARNING BEFORE READ: This fanfiction was originally written in portuguese and was translated with a help of a Translator. Any errors, just forgive the writer. Nobody's perfect anyway...
I hope you enjoy reading ^^

Chapter 4 - The Kokiri Children

At daybreak, a crowd of children gathered near the mysterious woman who slept on the floor in the center of their small village. The small eyes narrowed with curiosity and everyone approached to try to examine more closely the strange girl who mysteriously appeared last night.
"Stand back! It must be a witch!" Shouted Mido, the Kokiri chief. "If you get too close she'll turn you all into lizards and will use you to make soup!"
"Don't talk nonsense, Mido!" Saria said, a little girl with hair the color of green treetops. "She doesn't seem to be a witch! See how she looks like an angel when she sleeps ..."
"Angel? Wait until she wakes up and make a soup of us!"
"Mido, don't yell too loud! You'll wake her up! - Saria whispered, trying to not awake the sleeping girl."
"Oh, let her wake up! She doesn't live in this village!"
"Pssst! Look!" Said a little girl "she's awakening! What shall we do?"
"Quick! Hide!" Mido said, running to the nearest tree while the others followed him.
Gradually, Zelda was waking up and looking around, she found herself in a small village, full of small houses. She was surprised by the fact because last night she hadn't seen anything like that. Perhaps the darkness and fatigue had prevented her to see the place where she was.
"W-what is this place?" She asked herself as she watched the small village around her.
Saria went carefully from behind a rock and began to stare at the girl with a curious look.
"You are in Kokiri Forest." Saria replied politely. Zelda was frightened by the presence of the little girl.
"Do not be afraid! It's okay! I am Saria, the Sage of the Forest and that one there is Mido, the Kokiri chief. We are the guardians of this forest."
Saria said with a smile on her face that made Zelda feel safer. Seeing that there was no sign of danger, Saria gestured to her friends from approaching the young woman. However, Mido remained where he was,  glowering at her.
"We already know who we are, Saria, but what about her? Who are you, where did you came from and why are you here?"
"Oh, yes ... "Saria said, looking at the princess. "And who are you, girl?"
"Oh! Excuse me! I am Zelda." She replied shyly.
"Zelda?? The princess??"  Cried all the children at the same time, with amazement.
"That's right!"
"What a surprise! We are very honored by your presence here, Your Highness!" Saria replied, bowing in respect.
All other Kokiri did the same, except for Mido, who was still looking at the princess with anger.
"Now! Whatever! She can't stay here! This forest has no more place for strangers! Link is no longer enough to have to live here and now we have to deal with another one? Send her away!"
"Oh, please don't send me away! I have no where to go!" Begged Zelda, with a sad look.  "If I come back, she'll kill me!"
"Kill? Who?"  Saria asked, startled.
"My stepmother, Queen Midna! Since my father went to war, she has treated me very badly, and has forced me to look after the affairs of the castle ... She even ordered a huntsman to kill me! But he took pity on me and let me get away! If you let me stay here, I promise to take care of everyone!"
"We can't allow that!" Shouted Mido.  "The queen is a sorceress! I'm warning you! If she finds out,  she will come flying in here and take revenge on us all!"
"But she doesn't know where I am!"
"She doesn't know, is it? She knows everything! She does witchcraft! She can even become invisible! She may be here right now!"
"She'll never find me here, I know! Please let me stay! If you let me stay I'll take care of everything! I sweep, wash, sew, cook ... I'll take good care of you. Please, I beg!"
All other Kokiri  looked at Zelda with compassion. They gathered around a circle and after a discussion, Saria turned and said to the princess:
"Of course you can stay! You will always be welcome. If you want you can stay at my house, there is enough space. In addition, Link would like to have a friend about the same age as him!"
"Oh, thank you very much!" Zelda hugged the little green-haired girl with great joy.
All other Kokiri involved the young princess in a long embrace, except for Mido, who was in a corner with his arms folded, frowning.
However, no one bothered with the unruly behavior of their colleague. Saria led Zelda to her little house and prepared a cozy corner for the princess.
"Well .. you can sleep here. I know it's not very comfortable, but it's the best I can offer you."
"No, okay, it's perfect!" Zelda said, excited.  "It's even better than the little room that my stepmother made me sleep."
Saria looked at the princess with pen and wondered how her life would be difficult in that castle with a stepmother who hated her.
"Hey, you must be hungry, right? After all, you come from so far ... It has some fruit from the kitchen if you want, you can go eat some. Feel at ease!"
"I could make a pie!" Zelda replied enthusiastically. "So you all can eat. What do you think?"
Saria nodded in affirmation.
"Yes, I think it's a good idea."
Zelda ran to the kitchen and opened the cabinets, picking up a pot of flour, eggs, butter and milk and began to prepare a delicious apple pie. The smell filled the air making the Kokiri get their mouth watering. Once the pie was ready, they all went to Saria's house to try it. Even the most cantankerous of Kokiri children, Mido couldn't resist the smell of delicious pie prepared by the princess. But when he was about to get a piece ...
"No, no,no, boy!" Zelda rebuked. "Have you washed your hands?"
"Hunf! But of course!" Mido muttered, grimacing.
"When?" She asked again, glaring at him.
"Just now!"
"Just now, is it? Let me see your hands!"
"And if I don't want to show?"  He growled.
"So you won't eat the pie." Zelda replied, taking the pie of the reach of the boy.
He turned away, too angry.
"Hunf! Women!" He grunted as he walked toward the tub of water.
He stopped in front of the tub and watched his reflection in the water for a moment. Until he felt something pushing him forcefully into the tub, causing him to be drenched in his entirety body. When he took his head out of the water, he saw his Kokiri friends laughing at him.
"Hahahahaha! You must be clean if you want to please the princess, Mido!" Riduki laughed, one of his friends. The group of boys could hardly breathe from laughing so much of the drenched face of their friend.
"Laugh while you can! Soon she will put ties in you and will shower you with that water called ... PERFUME!" He replied in disgust only to pronounce the word perfume.
But the boys didn't care. They just kept laughing as he got up and came out of the tub soaking wet. He straightened his cap on his head and walked toward the kitchen, hoping to still have some left over piece of pie for him. However, when he got there, there was no trace that there was a pie before. But before he could even mutter something, Zelda approached him and held out a small piece of apple pie that was in her hands.
"I kept a piece for you, when you went to wash your hands."  she spoke kindly looking into his eyes. "Since we're going to live together for some time, we must be friends, right?"
Mido looked at the pie for a while, a little surprised at the generous attitude of the princess. He felt a little regret, that it was unusual from him, but to maintain his image and pride, he took the cake from the Princess' hands roughly.
"You made no more than you should! " He growled, staring at the princess with a scowl.
Then he walked toward the door and without saying another word, walked away, leaving Saria and Zelda alone in the kitchen.
"Oh ... What do I do for Mido to like me?" Zelda sighed as she watched the boy walk away sullenly.
"Oh, don't worry about it ... Mido has always been so." Saria said, trying to comfort her new friend. "He's just jealous because you are getting more attention than him ... It was the same thing when we welcome Link."
"Link? Who is Link? You speak so much of him ..." Zelda asked, curious.
"Oh yeah ... Well .. We adopted him when he was a baby.  He was found near the forest, abandoned, so we decided to take care of him. He is a handsome young man, a hylian like you, about your age. He has short, blond hair and beautiful blue eyes, the color of the sky. He is very gentle and polite, I'm sure you two will get along great!"
Saria smiled gently to Zelda, who at the time looked rather intrigued by the description that Saria had done. For a moment, she remembered the young man she had met in the palace garden the other day. He also had blond hair and blue eyes and was kind and very polite.
"No. .. it can't be him ... It would be quite a coincidence ... Moreover, the castle is so far away from here ... "- she thought discouraged, losing her hopes to review the boy she had met the other day.
"What is it, princess? Are you okay?" - Saria asked, interrupting the thoughts of the young princess.
"Huh? Nothing ... I was just ... thinking" -she blushed a little. - "But after all, why I haven't seen him around here?"
"Oh, yes ... He went to town to buy some things." - Saria looked around as if trying to locate something. - "Strange ... he should be back ... or the city should be crowded, or he met someone there. He is very successful with girls!"
"Oh ..." - Zelda's voice sounded a bit disappointed .
Suddenly a great tumult could be heard outside Saria's house. The small Kokiri approached the window to try to see what was happening.
"But what is this? What noise is this?" She looked out the window and could see that, surrounded by a group of children, was a handsome young man accompanied by his faithful mare. "Oh! It's Link! He's back!"
Saria was so excited when reviewing her old friend  that she jumped out the window and ran in his direction.
"Link! Finally!!" - Saria shouted as she ran quickly toward him.  "Why did you take so long?"
When the girl approached, Link took her in his lap and hugged her hard.
"Good to see you too, Saria!" - He replied, making a pat on the green-haired girl. - "It took so long because I had some problems there in the city ..."
"I'm glad you came! There are so many things I want to tell you ... I. .."
"I also got a lot to tell." - Link said, interrupting Saria and puting down the girl from his lap, placing her back on the ground. - "You won't believe what I saw yesterday when I was passing near the castle! I met a ..."
"You don't have time for that! Later you tell everything that happened! First I want to introduce you to a person! Follow me" - she said excitedly, pulling Link's arms, who was not understand anything of what was happening.
Meanwhile, Zelda decided to take a curious peek through the window to see who had just arrived. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the young man who talked to Saria. He wore the same clothes as the boy she had met the other day, in the castle garden. And had the same face, same hair, same eyes. He was the same boy she had left in the garden, fearing that her stepmother did any harm to him.
When she saw that they were approaching the house, she hid behind the window.
Her heart was beating furiously and she was sweating uncontrollably. She was happy to see the friend who she met in the castle garden, but  she was so nervous that she didn't know what to do, even what to say when she meet him. Her mind revolved around different thoughts, leaving her even more confused and distressed.
She soon heard the sound of the doorknob turning slowly and the sound of voices coming from outside. Saria was entering slowly, pulling Link's arm, which was very confused with the situation.
"Saria,  can I know what ..." - His voice stopped abruptly when his eyes met the young woman who was standing beside the small table. His eyes widened in surprise.
She was the same girl he met in the palace garden. The same girl for whom he was infatuated.
Saria cleared her throat.
"Link, this is Zelda, the princess. She'll be here with us from today."
Link remained motionless. His eyes don't come unglued from the young princess for a second. It was hard to believe it. After a while of silence, Link finally spoke:
"B-but you are ... You're the girl I met yesterday at Castle Garden ..." - He walked slowly toward her - "I mean then that all this time you were Princess Zelda? I'm very surprised!"
Zelda lowered her head, embarrassed. Link was now so close to her that she could hear him whispering so no one else could heard:
"So that's why you ran away from me?"
She forced herself to look at his face to see his blue eyes and looking away from the floor. As she did, her heart raced even more with the brightness of his eyes. Zelda couldn't speak for a while. Her mind was spinning and she was confused. Swallowing hard, she said with a trembling voice:
"I-I'm sorry ... And-I didn't want ...." - Her voice trailed off as she lowered her gaze, staring again at the wooden floor beneath her.
Suddenly, Zelda felt her chin being touched by a gentle hand and being lifted slightly, to look again at Link. They looked at each other for a while until he asked softly:
"You didn't want ...?"
His soft and calm voice seemed to warm Zelda's heart, who took a deep breath before start answering, trying to stay calm.
"I didn't want that my stepmother to see us ... "- She sighed sadly and continued after a pause - "It is because of her that I'm here."
Link frowned doubtfully, but before he can make a question, Saria came in the room and spoke in a serious tone:
"Link, the queen is a very evil and jealous witch. Zelda told us that while she lived in the castle, the queen made her do all the tasks. She worked as a maid for her. One day, the queen ordered a huntsman to take her to the woods and kill her. But the man let her flee. She ran through the Lost Woods until she reach our forest. That is why she is hidden here. If the queen discovers that she is still alive,  she'll do anything to kill her."
Link looked back at Zelda and began to understand. Everything began to make sense now.
"Ah, so that's why you run from me that day ... So that's why you were dressed as a maid, with that old clothes ... Well I  was surprised when I saw you now dressed like a lady." He smiled. - "But I have to admit that even that dirty old clothes could not disguise your beauty ..." - He said softly, his fingers sliding down her cheeks.
Zelda blushed. He was the only person, besides her father, saying how beautiful she was. In the years when she lived in the castle with her stepmother, anyone who dared to praise her beauty was thrown into the dungeon by the terrible woman. She always yelled and said that Zelda's beauty would never compare to hers.
"Open your eyes, girl!" - Midna screamed. - "Look at that greasy hair! And those wrinkled hands for so much work! And what filthy clothes! You're uglyl! Who would want to love someone like you? See how beautiful I am! See that shiny and silky hair, see these soft hands! I am the fairest of all! You are not and never will be nothing compared to me! "
Zelda's eyes saddened by those terrible memories. She grew up believing  that  she was ugly, which was just a big lie invented by her jealous stepmother. But Link saw her in a different way. He could see in her something special that nobody else could see. She could see that from the day they met in the garden.
Link lifted her face once more for her to look in his eyes again. He realized her sad eyes and muttered in an attempt to comfort her:
"Listen princess,  I mean ... Zelda. Can I call you that?" - He asked politely. She just nodded in agreement. - "Listen, Zelda. While you're here, I promise I won't let anyone do something bad to you. My friends and I will do everything to protect you, okay? So there is no reason to worry." - He smiled faintly at her.
That warm and comforting smile made Zelda feel safer. She smiled back at him and the two were exchanging glances for a while until Saria interrupted them:
"Link, you could show her the village! She came here so tired and hungry that I didn't have time to show anything to her ..."
"Oh, yes ..." - He turned again to Zelda and said timidly - "Well .. What do you think? Want to come with me to know the rest of the village?"
"Of course! I'd love to!" - She replied excitedly, taking Link's left hand on her thin and fragile princess' hands, which made him blush slightly. He led her outside the house. Zelda was very anxious to know the little village that from now on, would be her new home.
There is the chapter 4 of my fanfiction Snow White Zelda.
Zelda finds the Kokiri children. Who had watched Snow White from Disney will recognize a lot of things on this chapter =P
Mido is like Grumpy! always wanting trouble!
Well you'll have to wait until I finish Chapter 5... Now that I'm excited, I think I'm going to write it soon and post here :dance:
I promisse I'll try to finish this fanfic. It is the best that I'm writing :D

And again, sorry for any mistakens in the translation...

Chapter 1:[link]
Chapter 2:[link]
Chapter 3:[link]
Chapter 4:<----------------
Chapter 5:[link]
Chapter 6:[link]
Chapter 7:[link]
Chapter 8:[link]
Chapter 9:[link]
Chapter 10: [link]
Chapter 11: [link]
Chapter 12: [link]
Final Chapter: [link]
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The cold burns on my skin
But your warmth still remains

The dark makes my vision blur
Everything but the sight of you

Your love makes my heart stop
The way your scent still lingers

Your eyes makes my mind shut down
Leaves me alone to drown in them

But your voice...
Your voice is why I can still hear

Your words make no sense
Yet I must repeat them slowly

Quietly your words come out
Saying them one last time I understand

We didn't make it...

The world fades away
All but your voice
Those deafening words
...I have no comments on this one...
comments and critiques are always appreciated and welcome

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WARNING BEFORE READ: This fanfiction was originally written in portuguese and was translated with a help of a Translator. Any errors, just forgive the writer. Nobody's perfect anyway...
I hope you enjoy reading ^^

-------------------------------------------------- -----------
Chapter 6 - The confusion of a new feeling
-------------------------------------------------- -----------

The light of the morning sun shone brightly through the windows of Zelda's room, making the girl wake up slowly, still a bit sleepy after a long night's sleep. She was surprised when she saw that she was really in the room that Saria had prepared for her instead of being in the horrible little room where she used to sleep in the castle. This made her very relieved.
"Phew, so I wasn't dreaming after all!" - She thought. - "So that means that everything that happened yesterday was real! The  Kokiri Children, the party, the dance and ... and Link ... I. .. I need to see him! "
Zelda quickly got up and walked euphoric to the kitchen , where Saria was preparing a delicious breakfast for the young princess.
"Good morning, Zelda! Did you sleep well?"
"Good morning, Saria!" - Zelda replied, a bit anxious. - "Yes, I slept very well! Did you see Link today? Do you know where he is?"
"Hey, hey hey! Hang on, Zelda! I know you're anxious to see him. Especially after everything that happened yesterday between you two, hehe." - She smiled slightly. - "You are very excited. Sit down first and take your breakfast that I have prepared with love!" - Saria said as she began to fill a bowl of porridge and a plate of cookies - "It's not too hot, but it's healthy. Try it!"
"Thank you, Saria."
After eating some cookies and try the porridge, she added:
"Wow, it's really good! But Saria, don't you know where Link is?"
With a slight smile, Saria said calmly:
"Relax, Zelda! He went to town. He might be back at afternoon."
Zelda was a little disturbed.
"But  hadn't he  gone there yesterday? What is he doing there again?" - She asked curiously.
"Training." - The little gir answered naturally. - "To become a swordsman." - While she talked, she removed the dishes from the table and put them back in the sink. - "You saw yesterday that he has a sword. He wants to become a great knight to defend the people of Hyrule."
"Oh ..." - Zelda sighed. She slowly got up from her chair. - "So I'll wait for him in the Sacred Forest Meadow. And thank you for the breakfast, Saria. It was really delicious."
The little girl smiled once more to the princess.
"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed. If you want to go to the meadow now, go. When Link returns I will tell him you're there."
Zelda gently hugged Saria and then left. Once arriving at the lovely meadow, the young woman had no desire to leave. The place was so rich in natural beauty, that she didn't want to leave.
The comfort of the place made her feel incredibly well. The birds were singing a soft song  and butterflies of various kinds were flying everywhere in search of flowers. Zelda had never been in such a beautiful place before.
The time passed quickly, but Zelda had not noticed. For her, it was as if time stopped in that beautiful place. She began to softly sing a sweet song, even sweeter with her angelic voice. The young princess began to think of recent events. In her first meeting with Link in the castle garden, her arrival in Kokiri Forest, the moments she had with Link, the romantic waltz ... Everything that happened  filled the princess with joy. Never before she had felt so good, so free.
Continuing to sing, Zelda began to dance in the bright sunshine, fearing nothing, because there was nobody there to see her look so silly and childish.
She closed her blue eyes and seized the moment, feeling the warm sun on her face to the soothing sound of her singing voice was all she enjoyed at that moment.
After a while, Zelda opened her eyes and danced again. Her eyes watched butterflies fluttering, the tumult of the birds in nearby trees and then suddenly, she saw Link standing a little apart, leaning against a tree, watching her from afar.
With a cry, Zelda stood like a statue and felt the blood rush in her face. How long had he been there? He would be watching her during all this time? He should be thinking of her as nothing more than a silly lady with nothing better to do besides singing songs and dancing like a silly little girl. Her heart pounded and her face and neck were burning with embarrassment. Zelda had a desperate desire to run as far as possible from Link. Unfortunately, she knew it would only make it worse, so she stood, silent, and waited for him to say something.
Link bowed his head to the side for a moment and simply watched her with his bright, sapphire blue eyes.
He walked slowly towards her until the two were just inches away from each other. Zelda blinked, embarrassed, while her mind screamed, saying she was the biggest idiot of all time. It doesn't helped very much.
Link smiled before saying:
"You're too quiet. Are you okay? Did I scared you?"
Zelda put a hand on her face, feeling her face burn with embarassment.
" I. .. I did not realize you were here this whole time, I think ... you should think ... I didn't know you had returned." - She paused and stammered. -" You must think I'm crazy ..." - She blurted out.
" And why I would think that?" - Link said, his blonde eyebrows frowned in frustration.
"I was dancing and you were there and saw me, I don't usually do this if I knew I would not ... I'm not always so, I ..."
Link gently touched her face and said in a soft tone:
"You don't have to be ashamed." - Link said, gently. - "And I don't think you're crazy. I really like to hear your beautiful voice."
Zelda blinked, bewildered. Her face was flushed even more with Link's soft touch. She took a deep breath and looked down, still a little embarrassed. Her thoughts were very confused and she did not know what to say to him.
Link stared at her for a brief moment. Zelda's shyness and innocence were things that he admired a lot on her.
"Hey, Zelda." - He said to break the silence. - "I brought you something, while I was there in the city" - Link pulled from his pocket a red rose and handed it to Zelda.
Zelda took the flower in her hands and watched the flower gently.
"Oh, Link ... It's so beautiful ..." - She said, shyly. A faint smile appeared on her face  as she admired the beautiful flower that was in her hands. - "I love flowers!"
The princess put her arms around Link's neck, wrapping him in a hug.
"I loved the present, Link. Thank you."
Link corresponded the hug, putting his strong arms around her waist. Still in his arms, Zelda looked into his eyes, now so close to hers. Her heart was pounding and butterflies were formed in her stomach . Link looked at her tenderly with his bright blue eyes and with a smile on his face that made her heart beat faster. Holy Goddess! The man was handsome and was causing her to experience completely new and strange sensations to her. Her mind was spinning, all thoughts were intertwined and she was about to lose control of herself.
"Link ..." - She sighed. He gently slid his hands behind her back, sending shivers down her spine.
Zelda's eyes closed. She did not know what to do now. That feeling was very new and she still was not sure how to handle with it. Opening her eyes again, she now had realized how their faces were close. Her face took on a deep red tone and her eyes widened in amazement.
"Zelda, are you okay?" - Link asked, frowning.
"Sorry Link ..." - She said, embarrassed, trying to get away from him. -" I. .. I shouldn't have ... I-I'm sorry ...!"
She pulled away from him, embarrassed. Her face was so red that it seemed like all the blood in her body was only in her cheeks.
Link approached her. After a few seconds of silence, Zelda felt her chin being lifted slightly by Link's gentle hands to make her look at him.
"What happened, Zelda?" - Link asked, staring into her eyes. - "Did I did something wrong?"
Zelda tried to look away, but it was practically impossible. Link's eyes were so beautiful that no matter she tried, she could not stop looking at them. A little nervous, she sighed deeply before answering:
"No, Link ... You didn't did anything wrong ... It's just that I ... I feel so confused ...  I never felt like this before ..."
She lowered her eyes and began to stare at the floor again. However, Link lifted her gaze once more.
"Zelda, look at me ..." - He ordered softly.
She did and she felt her heart jump. Why on earth Link had to have such beautiful eyes? Zelda felt for a moment as if  a freezing lightning had stopped her and transformed her into a statue.
Link's eyes warmed her soul as he spoke:
"Me too ..." - Link said quietly, his eyes showing the truth of his words. - "I've know other girls before you but none of them were like you ... None of them managed to got me as you got me so quickly ..." - Link slipped his fingers down her face gently, skirting her beautiful angelic face. - "You are so beautiful that I have no words to describe such beauty ..."
Zelda's eyes widened and she became even more pink.
"Y-you really think so?"
Link replied tenderly, looking deeply into her eyes:
"Of course, my princess. You are indeed the most beautiful, wonderful and gorgeous woman I have ever met in my entire life ..."
He closed his eyes as he approached Zelda. Her heart was beating furiously. Her legs were shaking so badly that threatened to give way at any time. She could hardly breathe. Their bodies were so close now that she could feel the warmth of his body.
"No Link, I am not so beautiful like this ..." - She whispered sadly. - "My stepmother, the Queen, she is the fairest of all, not me ..."
"I don't think so ..." - Link replied, stroking her cheek softly. - "Your stepmother may be beautiful on her exterior, but her heart is full of hatred and evil, which makes her a horrible person, but you, Zelda, has not only external beauty. Your soul is pure, which makes you even more beautiful than you already are, Princess ..."
Link's soft words did Zelda tremble. She could no longer think properly. Her mind spun when Link pulled her gently to himself, putting his arms around her delicate waist. He gazed into her eyes for a moment, breathing slowly, smelling her sweet scent.
The two remained silent for a while, as if the moment were speaking alone, without words. Zelda's mind became increasingly confused, but it was very difficult to fight against all those feelings, so she surrendered to them. She slowly extended a gracious hand and started playing with Link's golden locks. His face flushed slightly, but he refused to back down.
Their faces were very close. For a moment, the tips of their noses rubbed. Zelda could feel his hot breath on her skin. A shudder ran through the end to end of her body, ruffling her hair. Her lips were moist, very close to Link's lips.
The princess's heart nearly exploded when his lips meet hers. He kissed her slowly, gently, trying not to scare her with his amorous intentions. A gentle breeze blew against the couple, wrapping them lovingly, as if the Goddess were waiting so long for that moment.
Zelda felt like she was on fire. Gently, she returned the kiss, clinging to him even more. Link held her tight in his arms, revealing his feelings to her, deepening even more their kiss.
They kissed for a long time, but for them, it had been too fast. The need to breathe had spoken louder and they were forced to separate abruptly in order to get some air. This required a huge effort on both parts, because they were so deeply involved on that kiss that they had no desire to separate. A little dizzy, Zelda staggered and she had to prop on a tree for regain her balance. Link approached her and wrapped her on his arms again, pulling her close to him.
"Zelda ... I. .. I love you ...." - He whispered to her, almost breathless.
Those words were like music to her ears. The princess melted when she heard Link saying that he loved her.
"Link ... Say ... Say it again ..." - She whispered, still a little breathless.
Link approached his lips to her ears, hugging her even tighter.
"I love you, Zelda." - He whispered, spreading various kisses on her face. - "I love you so much..."
Then she kissed him tenderly, once more. Link was initially surprised before kissing her more deeply than before.
The young couple remained like that for the rest of the afternoon, kissing and saying how much they loved each other.


Meanwhile, in the castle, Rusl, the huntsman had brought the queen the heart of a wild boar. He claimed, saying that the heart was actually from Zelda.
He knelt before the throne and returned the golden chest to Midna, who smiled wickedly, with satisfaction.
"Well, my faithful huntsman." - She laughed with malice when she opened the box and saw the heart that was inside. - "You know ... Thanks to you, now I am the most beautiful woman in this kingdom once again!" - Her frantic laughter intensified even more. - "Good job! Here's your gold as I promised."
Midna nodded to a few guards, who brought a huge bag full of gold coins and placed before the huntsman. Rusl looked at the bag with a little disdain.
"I'm not proud of what I did." - He replied firmly, trying to convince the queen that he had indeed killed the princess. - "I do not deserve this gold. But for the sake of my family, I'll take it."
Midna stared at him with a scowl.
"Take this gold and stay out of my way!!"- She screamed full of hatred.
Once the huntsman withdrew from the throne room. Midna, with the golden chest in her hands, went to her room, laughing wickedly.
When she arrived in her lodgings, she went to Mirror of Twilight laughing harder than before.
"Now, my dear Magic Mirror ... Tell me! Who is the fairest one now?"
The Mirror said, clearly:
"You, my Queen, are beautiful, without a doubt. But the young Zelda is still the fairest one of all."
"Impossible!" - Midna cried, shocked. - "She is dead! She's nothing but a corpse lying on the forest! The wolves must be eating her body right now! I have the proof, look!" - She said, pointing the golden chest to the mirror. - "See it? It is her heart!"
The mirror answered once again:
"Zelda is still living, and is the fairest woman in the land. It is the heart of a wild boar you hold in your hands."
"Heart of a wild boar??" - Midna yelled furiously, her soul burned with hatred. - "So I was betrayed!! Cursed huntsman! I should have suspected from the beggining!!" - Midna threw the box against the wall, furious. - "So I have to sort things out by myself!! Show me where Zelda is!"
The mirror reflected in its reflection the image of the Kokiri village. It showed how Zelda got lost in the Lost Woods and had found the small village and how she had been well received by its residents, the Kokiri children.
"So she is in Kokiri Forest .... - Midna laughed wickedly. - If she thinks that she will be protected forever, she's SERIOUSLY wrong!! Hahahahaha! The Day Of The Sacred Festival of the Forest Guardians will soon arrive ... The Kokiri will have to leave from their village .. Zelda is not allowed to go with them because she is not a Kokiri and she will be alone at the forest ... In this day I will attack. AND THIS TIME, there will be no failures! Hahahahahaha!"
Midna's malignant laughs echoed throughout the castle. Now she knew where Zelda was and the evil queen would not rest until she get rid of the young princess.
Phewww! Finally!!! It was very hard to write this chapter :stupidme:
Sorry for taking sooo long to post this chapter! I was very lazy and my my inspiration was always going away :crying: And I had to think a loooot about the kissing scene! I had to read books, listen to romantic songs, watch movies just to think about that part, because I wanted it to be really romantic and I don't know if it is good yet T.T

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