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Similar Deviations
Fall to the floor
No words can reach me
You can't hurt me anymore
So keep yelling words
They only spin around me
I no longer hear you
But I'll just keep pretending
Pretending that I'm not slowly dying
That I don't need you anymore
And I'll just keep wondering..
Where are you now..?

How did we grow apart?
All I have now are burnt memories
And I can't stop thinking of you
You made me who I used to be
I thought I'd tell you,
I'm sorry I broke us
But you broke me
Now I can't feel anything
I can't even convince myself,
That if it wasn't for you
I'd never know who I was
Because I still don't know who I am...

I told you I didn't care
Not about how far away the stars were
Or what anyone could see on the surface
Because all I needed was you
You breathe on my neck
What did you expect from this?
All we had were your made up truths
And my broken words
Leading only to my tears
And your goodbye...

We could've slowed down
Let the world stop before us
There's nothing you can do now
Just let this take me away
Because you were always alone
Alone in a crowed room with me
And I was just lost in the dark
The darkness of your eyes
The eyes that left me here with no you
That told me the last words I wanted to hear
I can't love you anymore...
I guess I thought wrong...because I was never your angel...and you were never in love
comments and critiques are always welcome and appreciated

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Hair soaked
Clothes drenched
It almost feels like I'm in the rain
But I'm curled up in my bed
Without you
You're the whole reason I'm like this
Or is it really my fault?

Eyes never dry
Body never stops shaking
Stop telling me lies
That you still love me
That you'll come back
We'll be together again
Because you know what?
That's just bullshit

I've hard those one too many times
And I'm not going to believe you
Not now
You broke my heart
Can you hear it shattering?
Oh wait...I forgot you can't
You no longer care to hear
My words fall upon deaf ears
As well as my screams

I tried to make you stay
But you just turned your back
Said we'd be better this way
You're like everyone else
Why did I trust you?
Let you in?
Why did I believe you were different?

My eyes burn along with my lungs
Holding on to the last jagged piece
The last piece I have of you
It cuts deep into my skin
But I only hold it tighter
Letting the blood trickle down
Falling into the puddle of what I used to be

Maybe they were right all along
Maybe I should've have listened to them
Not this broken thing
Not my heart
It knows nothings
And they always seem to be right
So why listen to something that lies?
Why listen to you?

Don't believe that I'm going to be ok
That I'll be happy now
I told you once and I'll tell you again
Without you I am nothing
I can prove that to you now

I'm nothing more than memories
A faint cry in the night
I can no longer be the person I was
She only exists in the past
You took her with you
As well as the fragments of my heart

So now I have nothing
But I don't mind
For soon I will be nothing
No longer breathing
No longer feeling pain
If I could say one last thing
My last words to you would be
I only wish I could have saved you...
Saved us
but it's a bit too late for wishes...isn't it..?
comments and critiques always welcomed and appreciated

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Nothing dulls the pain
Not even this knife
Your words are engraved upon my skin
You voice trapped in my memory
No matter how much I rip my skin,
Your words still remain
No matter how many times I lose my mind,
Your voice is still there

My body goes through the motions
But really I'm a thousand miles away
In your arms
Just like I always wanted to be
You lips meeting mine
Then I hear someone calling me name
I realize it's not you
That I'm only dreaming again

I can't pretend anymore
I break down
My heart shatters
I know you're no longer mine
That you'll never be mine again
I am forced to remember
Remember what we had
What we could've had
Something I can no longer have
But someone I will always long for...

You and me...
why does this hurt so much..?
comments and critiques always welcomed and appreciated

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In A Silent Place

The shadow in the corner
stiller than a statuette, with wings of dust
three dead flowers at her feet
A little girl who's lost a bit more than her faith
She clasps her hands together, praying to no gods at all
asking for a selfish thing, she knows
But she hopes that prayers go far above the clouds

The sun is shining through the window
picking up the dust
like gold it flitters through her tangled hair
and lands beside her silent chair
But something is still melancholy
perhaps the way she leans against the wall
or maybe just the fragrance on the air

Sometimes people say that she's an angel
but angels do not cry alone at night
and sometimes people say that she's a demon
but demons do not cry at all
And she knows that the world is unfair
she's not sure why she ever wishes otherwise
but some days she finds herself believing anyway

The little girl takes off her masquerade
her face is sad, but no tears fall
the last cry happened too long ago
it's been many days since she learned to be strong
Dry-eyed, she stares before her on the floor,
regretting everything she's done, a short sigh,
And wonders if girls with dust-wings can fly

It's not to be altruistic or anything
she doesn't want to make herself seem victimized
all she wants is the relief of something sure
even if it means letting go a little more
Perhaps caring is a fatal weakness
but perhaps the dawn can sing her song
so for now nothing will be wrong

...and just for now is enough
I...wish I had a preview picture for this. I really can imagine a photograph or something of a girl in a white dress sitting next to a wall, across from a window, with late afternoon sunlight filtering through.

For some reason I'm also reminded of an English garden.

Anyway. This was written on a really, really bad day, but it generally helps me to deal with things by writing, sometimes about what's bothering me, and sometimes about random stuff. This is one of the cases where it ended up halfway in between.

Don't worry, I'm not actually manic-depressive.
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Some art poetry
Haven't done anything like this in awhile... nothing great.
But it felt nice.

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i forgot to remember to say
all these stupid things
you would have
liked to hear.

but remember you forgot to tell me
you insisted that cars were not
supposed to
stop for fools that
ran red lights.

that cars were not meant
to stop for you and
stick and stones
were nothing like knives and

you were destined to
whatever it was
you wanted
so badly

within the earths failing
why not
just smoke more.

i used to scream and cry and gasp
because i wanted you to kiss my
forehead and hush me to sleep
in your arms.

tell me,
you knew this so.

you just can't follow through

i miss you so.
i prefer writing that isn't
anything worth
attention span.

i feel disconnected.
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they told me i'd  be free.

pushed me towards that bright, white room.
a perfect cube, the corners so sharp, and the walls all
so startlingly straight,
i couldn't tell where it started or where it would end.
they pushed me towards it.

told me i'd be free.
wait till you've met me.

time to abuse this site for all my worth all over again.
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she hides behind her old fashioned glasses
dark rims, broken lenses
it was an accident the first time, he says
but the second time, no defenses

stranger, stranger in my arms
didn’t you promise to do me no harm?
you bruise and burn the skin laid bare
hurting deeper everywhere

what happened to the girl we knew?
dust to ashes and ashes to dust
when the door’s been shut and locked
she only does as she knows she must

black and blue, pick and choose
someone to hurt, i want you
someone to hold, i need you
someone to blame, no one but you

and he’s a little different now
or maybe he’s always been this way
he’s commanding, sharp, harsh with words
something somewhere led him astray

she trembles as he quietly approaches
she cares for him and hides her tears
but covers her heart, for she still fears
she holds his hand like that very first day
though both have changed more than they can say

he carefully kisses her as he coaxes
those withered words from between her lips
those hands caress her yielding hips
she whimpers and he changes right there
hurting her more than she can bear

the contrast is stark
the room is dark
there’s a word for this, but it isn’t love.
Um. Well this is a depressing piece of poetry.

It kind of just... came out. Like most of my poetry does. I wasn't even sure what it was going to be about until I started typing. D:

This is a lot more serious than my normal works, that's for sure. And abuse is a real issue-- physical, emotional, sexual. I hope people take this to heart.

Not much else to say here. I tried to rhyme this time, instead of just sticking words together like I normally do. I have no idea how it turned out though, I'm a terrible judge of my own writing.
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I want to discover love with you,

I want to learn playing the piano with you,

I want to take silly photos with you,

I want to cry on your shoulder when watching a sad love story with you,

I want to have midnight feasts with you,

I want to cuddle up and sleep in bed with you,

I want to wake up and exchange morning smiles with you,

I want to stay up late and whisper secrets with you,

I want to hear and share bedtime stories with you,

I want to travel and explore the world with you,

I want to roll around in the sand with you,

I want to climb a mountain with you,

I want to play on a swing with you,

I want to go down a slide with you,

I want to swim at the beach with you,

I want to go paragliding with you,

I want to go bungie-jumping with you,

I want to be in two places at once with you,

I want to eat spaghetti like the Lady and the Tramp with you,

I want to make lame jokes with you,

I want to hold hands with you,

I want to go skinny-dipping with you,

I want to eat my wedding cake with you,

I want to share my favourite chocolates with you,

I want to party and dance all night with you,

I want to read heartwarming books with you,

I want to make phone calls with you,

I want to go skiing with you,

I want to go to theme parks with you,

I want to make snow fairies with you,

I want to spend New Year, Happy Thanksgiving, Valentine, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and our birthdays with you,

I want to spend my whole life with you,

I want to live with you,

I want to die with you,

I want to have pets with you,

I want to have a family with you,

I want to build a house with you,

I want to watch telly with you,

I want to wave at passing strangers with you,

I want to make new friends with you,

I want to go shopping with you,

I want to play tennis with you,

I want to make a snowman with you,

I want to see an aurora with you,

I want to run away with you,

I want to cross the rainbow with you,

I want to play games with you,

I want to sleep under the stars with you,

I want to watch the sun rise with you,

I want to build a tree house with you,

I want to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner with you,

I want to relax with you,

I want to sing along in the bathtub with you,

I want to blow kisses with you,

I want to laugh with you,

I want to cry with you,

I want to hug with you,

I want to dream with you,

I want to make love with you,

I want you.
definitely a random silly love poem. VERY random silly love poem. but i rather enjoyed (writing) it alll the same because it was really a looonnngg string of spontaneous thoughts flooding in one after the other! :D
hope u do tooo, and thank you everyoonneee :blowkiss:
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The Heir to Courage

The Hero's Shade traveled shroud in the shadows of a thickly wooded trail. Paws nimbly picking their way through fallen branches the wolf silently tread to the secluded home buried deep along the outskirts of Hyrule.

Within the last few hours Shade had found himself once again able to sense the Triforce of Courage.

From the moment the golden relic was split by an unbalanced touch the three pieces of the Triforce were destined to be continually regifted and reborn through generations.
Courage had made its rounds time and time again, each time leading its wielder on an righteous but otherwise uneventful life.
Wisdom was most often reborn within the royal family and earlier this year it had done so yet again, with a new princess, again named Zelda as was tradition...
But what troubled the Sacred Beast is that in all his wanderings he had yet to see anyone bear the mark of Power...

As an ethereal being Shade made his way easily and silently into the dusty old rafters of the farmhouse, all the while overhearing the conversation below.
"This mark on his hand." came the mother's voice as she laid beneath a heavy quilt, cradling the new soft pink bundle of life her arms.
The father's voice replied as he took the youngling's tiny had atop his two fingers, admiring how the little palm wasn't any wider. "A sign of good luck."
Shade scoffed, knowledge of the Triforce had been fading over the years, namely the further you got from Hyrule Castle.
"Humpf, 'good luck'. They may not know of its significance but at least they regard it in some respect... Though I would not call it luck..."
"What shall we name him?" she mused.
The wolf laid down and set his head atop crossed paws as he listened to the happy first-time parents talk, the newborn baby fussing softly.
"Another Thom perhaps, or Farlen... have not had a Jimn yet." the animal was growing bored, his eye closed wearily.
"...How about... Link.?"
The animal's head shot up, ears perked, his good eye wide in astonishment.
"Yes, Link, I like the sound of that." she cooed at the baby.
"So after generations of renewing Courage the name finally follows. Perhaps this will be the one."
The wolf left as the couple settled their little one into a woven cradle and bed themselves down for the night. Shade retreated as silently and as easily as he came, slipping out across the fence and into the darkness of the mountainside. Trees blotted out the light of the moon above, his golden pelt emitting a soft ghostly glow down the shadowed path.

As the wolf sat upon the stone peak he gazed out over the land of Hyrule, oh how it has changed since the time his mortal self walked the earth. On nights like this Shade ached for the comfort of companionship, he has not held a real conversation for generations, not since the death of his dear old feathered friend Kaepora Gaebora, the last soul who could reach out to him. Sure, as a beast he could speak with animals besides the owl whom had once guided him across Hyrule... but the minds of true animals are simple and innocent and he had grown tired of their shallow banter decades ago.

The life... no... the existence this soul had been leading these past centuries has proven to be weary, lonely, draining...
...Memories of the joys of his mortal life, held dear alongside the memory of his family's love, remained as the only things keeping him from being driven mad.

On the day of his death The Hero's spirit became shrouded in a cursed form, his fate terribly long and lonely, his existence caught between worlds until acts of history repeat and a new hero is chosen by the goddesses.
His soul would remain in this dismal state until he could pass on the essence of the Hero of Time to the hero of the new and distant future, assuring victory over the world's reawakened evil… Only then could his spirit be reunited with his loved ones and receive the eternal peace and happiness he so very much deserves alongside them…

As time unfolded blissfully for the dusty-blond boy named Link... time passed as slowly and as cruelly as ever for the fated soul now known as The Hero's Shade.
The wolf routinely returned to check in on the Heir to Courage. Shade watched as the baby grew into a crawling tot, learned to walk, to talk. Watched him grow into a young lad who loved to bake, play with cuccos and roll in the grass.
Link was a kind boy who loved animals, tending to them alongside his father, milking goats and gathering eggs. Most recently he had built a strong connection with a particular brown filly with a flaxen mane and tail. They had lost the mare during the difficult delivery of the foal and the youngster was helping to raise her in the mare's stead. For the first few weeks of the horse's life Link was ever present alongside the filly and its nanny goat.
The boy had a tendency to wander off, at times getting lost, and curiosity paired alongside his courage more often than not got the best of him, leaving him to do foolish things like jump off the roof holding cuccos and poking bee hives with sticks. The little booger was a handful for his parents but they loved him nonetheless, often times indulging in his games and tales woven from a naive imagination.

The boy's life was blessed and uneventful...
...until one fateful night.


Shade tread silently through the ash, dark swirls kicked up by his silent paws. Blood soaked the earth where man and beast alike laid motionless on the ground.
The wolf made his way through the burnt rubble of the once humble yet beautiful abode. The poor boy sat hidden within a huge oak bureau in what remained of the corner of the house, the Bulblins and Bokoblins long gone. He was unconscious, blood seeping from his ear after the blow to his head, breathing unsteady from the smoke, his appearance strewn with blood and soot. The wolf wished that the blow to the boy's head head had rendered his senses useless a few moments sooner so as to spare the child from witnessing his parent's fate... but then again he would have been unable to hide himself.
"Fate can be so harsh to the holder of Courage." he looked upon the boy who shares his former name, gaze somber, recalling his own orphaned origin and life strewn with death and hardship.
Shade's sharp ears picked up the distinct sound of small hooves, it was the filly, pacing back and forth warily at a distance, staring at the wolf, wishing to aid the boy but instincts telling her to flee, instincts which had already saved her life.
"Help me." Shade addressed the young horse. The brown filly startled at his words stood still and confused.
"Help me save him." he stated again. The filly approached warily. The wolf with its jaws tugged at the boy's sleeve, showing the horse just what to do, trying to be as patient as he could with the simple minded creature as it took forever to realize what was being asked of it. The filly tugged, the child tumbled out of the cabinet and onto the wolf's back. The golden beast took off, the horse following closely. He strode as fast as he dared to travel, fearing the boy toppling to the ground, wishing he could make greater haste.

The nearest settlement to reach was the humble village of Ordon, "That would do just fine."
Eventually leaving the woods he crossed an expansive bridge which laid across an endless gorge. The gold beast skittered down paths and nimbly leapt fences, the tiny horse doing all she could to keep up, not wanting to remove herself from the side of the strange two-legged animal she considered family.

Under the cover of darkness Shade entered the village and beelined for one of the houses within his sight. "This one feels right."
Leaving the unconscious child upon a doorstep the wolf looked down at him once more, his eye became transfixed on the familiar mark which had once graced the back of his own hand. Breaking his gaze and his thoughts away from the young Hylian, the gold animal took a few steps back and leapt at the door throwing his full weight against it with a heavy, startling thud, he then swiftly took to the roof.
moments later a light came on in the house, the door warily crept opened.
"Good heavens!" said the human man, door swinging wide, his voice full of shock and concern, checking around warily wondering where on earth this poor bloodied child had come from, but all that could be found was the fidgeting filly.
"Did you bring him here? Oh never mind. Uli! Honey come quick!" he carefully scooped up Link, holding the listless boy dearly to his chest the man carried him inside.

Content that the child would be cared for the wolf set off once again, this time to find a place nearby out of sight, a place from which he could watch over the Heir of Courage from afar... He decided to observe this new Link more closely. Considering the tragedy that had befallen the boy Shade was now ever more sure that fate had finally brought him Hyrule's next hero... that perhaps by the end of this boy's lifetime his own debt to the Goddesses will have been fulfilled... that his lonely existence in this realm would soon end...

He dared not entertain the thought, not just yet.

But then again...

"Fate tends to be harsh to its chosen hero."

The scar-covered wolf disappeared from the village of Ordon to find a place amongst the cliffs, its unblinded eye glowing red in the darkness.
Full look at the cover art

Hyrule Historia confirmed what I had long hence suspected, the The Hero's Shade and The Hero of Time are one in the same... and Nintendo, I thank you for creating something I find beautifully tragic.

In case you did not catch who found Link on their doorstep it was Rusl, Uli is his wife. As the Zelda wiki states " Rusl seems to consider Link to be an older son or younger brother" so having him be the one to find him fist was a natural choice, this would lead to a bond between them. I imagine that Link would have distanced himself a little from people at first considering what he had witnessed, leaving him not wanting to settle into a home but rather wander the village like a stray cat. And like a kindly treated stray I imagine raising him would have been a sort of group effort, with Rusl playing the biggest role with Link's upbringing in the Village.

Link is the only person in Ordon to have pointed ears, a Hylian rather and a Human, this leads me to whole heartily believe he is an outsider. His home on the outskirts of the village only confirms this for me (which btw I like to imagine Link chose the location and built the home within the tree himself) We never get any hint at his past, but if the Hero of Time is any key I would say he is an orphan taken in by the the villagers.

In the game Epona seems to fully belong to Link, an odd choice since he lives outside the village and in some ways is a bit of an outsider, a horse seems to be a rare commodity, so why let him have it? Well if Link arrived with Epona and under such dire circumstances, then the villagers, who all seem like decent folks, would certainly decide he would rightfully keep her.

PS: I had regarded Shade as OoT Link long before I knew others had come to the same conclusion (and was actually a little bummed to learn my theory was not so original, lol)
The idea is just so beautifully tragic to me... I just love The Hero's Shade.
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