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Artist: Dawn Eastpoint
Size: 11"x17"
Paper: Photo-quality, glossy, 80 lb.
Ships: Tube

My Little Eevee fans can finally hang a full-size poster on their walls! It features all of the Mane Six on a ring of friendship to symbolize their eternal bond. :)

Inspired while watching "The Hobbit."

Purchase for only $20 with FREE shipping!

Also available as a tee-shirt!

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Walking with Dinosaurs
Part 6
65 MYA
The Late Cretaceous Period

While the Dinosaurs still hold strong, they are living on a planet sick from unusual temperatures and poisonous gas from volcanic activity. Small Ornithopods flee from predatory Dromaeosaurus beneath the shadows of massive volcanoes.

Large herbivores live here as well, such as the massive Edmontosaurus annectens (formerly known as Anatotitan), the armored Ankylosaurus, and the horned Torosaurus and Triceratops. However, vegetation has gotten scarcer and scarcer in recent years.

Snakes, like Dinilysia, have made their debut in these grim times. Huge Pterosaurs, like Quetzalcoatlus, also survive here, while immense crocodiles like Deinosuchus patrol the lakeshores. However, few of them are thriving in these unpleasant conditions.

Not even the gigantic apex predator Tyrannosaurus Rex, possibly the acme of dinosaur evolution, is doing well.

The only things that seem to be thriving are the last descendants of the Therapsids the Dinosaurs ousted so long ago. These are the mammals, such as Didelphodon. Though still small, they donít seem as severely affected as the Dinosaurs in these fearsome conditions Ė but even they will take a hit from whatís coming next.

An asteroid the size of Mount Everest will smash into the Gulf of Mexico, triggering the K-T extinction. Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, the great marine reptiles, all will fall before the years of darkness the asteroid will bring. Still, Crocodiles and birds will survive, as will those great survivors, the arthropods.

But it is not these creatures that will take over from the dinosaurs, and repopulate the globe with unprecedented variety and numbers. That honor belongs to the Mammals.

Their time has come at last!

Previous: [link]

Next: [link]

(Credit for Walking with Dinosaurs goes to the BBC, not me)
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Richard: Chief Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness, Lord of the Thirteen Hells, Master of the Bones, Emperor of the Black, Lord of Undead.

...And the Mayor of a little village somewhere along the coast.

Thus far I have yet to encounter any character as awesome as Richard, who does not hold back the carnage in the truly awesome webcomic "Looking for Group": [link]

I have been meaning to do some fanart of him for quite some time now, and albeit I might have wished to do something a tad more complex, It's a bit late and I want to focus on other things. Decided to add in my usual Pikachu spankin' for 10 points more awesome.

I might also suggest you take a look at this video starring Richard (Warning, hillarity will ensue): [link]
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Since I downloaded the Elements is Insanity by flamming Hammers I had some fun with the models. (Kudos to that guy. :D) And tested out the light's as well as the models for this picture.

Heck even Monsters need a family, but this shall be bloody >:3

Who knows maybe even you might be the next number on the list....

Pinkis Cupcake belongs to the demented 6

Francie Bloom to the corrupted CMC (or whatever it is called)

Luna to Hasbro

And the Gmod Monster of Wrath Deadeye Sniper to me :D

(I plan something special for Luna and deadeye >;3)
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Look. At. This. I. Drew. A. F*cking. Background. OMG.

And I combined 3 tutorials from Mark Crilley's Mastering Manga 2 ^-^
The one for the kissing pose (I altered it a bit, though), the one for wet hair and stuff and the one for the rainy background ^^
Thanks for those tutorials, Mr. Crilley :D They help soo much ^^

Levi and Hanji belong to Hajime Isayama
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I got absolutly no idea why I did this :iconfacepalmplz:

But here it is, looks like I totally lost my mind putting these two things together... :iconfinallyplz:

I really wanted to upload some quality artwork last week but I totally had no intention to draw ANYTHING. I blame the weather :iconitshotplz:

And this is what I could do this week.
Yes, it's out, I'm a fan.... of LFG!!!!!!
Let me introduce:

RICHARD THE WARLOCK! one of the main character of the webcomic
:spotlight-left: Looking for Group :spotlight-right:

Richard is the Chief Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness, Lord of Thirteen Hells, Master of the Bones, Emperor of the Black, Lord of the Undead, self titled Lord of the Dance, lately gained title as Mistress of Magma.... and the Major of a little village up the coast.

Looking for Group is a really popular and fun webcomic to read, It is updated nearly every week TWICE! And now is over 500 pages long! It's a really weird mixture of a World of Warcraft Parody and a very well written Novel. I totally recommend you to read it, which you can do right here:

Now... lately I've been seeing multiple Pony related things in the internet becoming a meme. So I looked up the source.

Now to everyone, I have to tell, that I don't watch My little Pony: Friendship is magic. I haven't seen a single episode yet. But I can understand how someone can get attached into that kind of thing. But all the things I've seen, It just reminded me what Richard did once in the past. Richard is a very funny character, if you like dark humor or not. And there was a part of the comic, when he did... this:

I know it's weird to draw something that I didn't really watched yet, but the idea was just so funny, I couldn't resist. So here it is, the most homicidal, bloodthirsty, baby eating warlock is fighting... FOR PONIES :iconlol-spartaplz:

Now even if it will be upsetting for someone, I have to tell that I'm not going to do any other Pony artwork. :iconnothingtodohereplz:

No, I just can't, I'm not a "Brony" :XD: I won't do any more even if you would pay me to do some. But I glad If I could make anyone's day happy with this artwork.

Now, sorry for this, and I promise, next week some real artwork.

Ciao! :iconhandsomeonionplz:

MLP characters belongs to their rightful owners
Richard the Warlock belongs to Ryan Sohmer
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Ratchet don't like it obviously
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JURASSIC PARK Los Archivos Perdidos
Epoca: Cretaceo tardio, hace 65 millones de años
Distribucion: Norteamerica
Longitud: 3.5 metros
Peso: Hasta 100 kilos
Dieta: Herbivoro
Ceratodraco es un dinosaurio poco conocido que, cuando fue clonado por primera vez, fue llamado "Pachycephalosaurus cataphractus". No obstante, pronto se decidió que eran un genero aparte y se les rebautizó Ceratodraco cataphractus, por sus distintivos cuernos y la forma de su cabeza.
Es un herbivoro que vive en grupos pequeños conformados por un macho adulto y varias hembras. Los machos son mas grandes y tienen cuernos mas desarrollados.
Las hembras ponen sus huevos en un nido comunal y todas ayudan a criar a los pequeños. Tambien los machos participan en la crianza, aunque su tarea es principalmente la de proteger el territorio. Son animales mas bien agresivos y suelen atacar entre todos a los intrusos.
A pesar de su aspecto amenazante, no obstante, son menos propensos a embestir que los Pachycephalosaurus y en sus luchas intraespecificas, es mas importante la intimidacion que causar heridas reales al contrincante.
El llamado de este dinosaurio es un chillido largo como de pajaro, y en el caso de los machos, un rugido largo que usan mas que nada para alejar a los intrusos y para atraer a sus parejas potenciales.
TRIVIA: Segun los cuidadores de Jurassic Park, "los Ceratodracos definitivamente no son tan peligrosos como los Pachys, pero al parecer, el ver a un humano en el suelo o corriendo parece despertar su instinto de atacarlo en masa, como si fueran cuervos. Su mordedura es dolorosa, pero hasta la fecha, nadie ha sido herido de gravedad por estos animales".
Al parecer, los cuidadores encontraban mas desagradable la costumbre de las crias de escupir una mezcla de alimento semidigerido y jugos gastricos (descritos como "inusualmente acidos", cuando estaban de mal humor.

Age: Late Cretaceous, 65 mya
Range: North America
Length: 3.5 meters
Weight: Up to 100 kgs
Diet: Herbivore
Ceratodraco is a little known dinosaur that, when first cloned, was named "Pachycephalosaurus cataphractus". However, soon it was decided that it was a different genus and was renamed Ceratodraco cataphractus because of its distinctive horns and head shape.
It is a plant eater and lives in small groups of one male and several females. Males are larger and have more developed horns than females.
Females lay their eggs in one single nest and they all help raise the young. The male also helps, although mainly by protecting the territory. They are rather aggressive and usually attack the intruders in groups.
Despite their menacing looks, however, they are less prone to charge than Pachycephalosaurus, and during their intraspecific fights, intimidation seems to be more important than causing real injury.
This dinosaur's call is a long bird like scream, and males produce a long roar to keep other males away from their harems, and to attract potential mates.
TRIVIA: According to Jurassic Park keepers, "Ceratodracos are definitely not as dangerous as Pachycephalosaurus, but seeing a human laying in the ground or running seems to trigger a mobbing instinct like that of crows. Their bite is painful, but to date, no one has been seriously injured by these animals".
It seems that the keepers found more annoying their habit (in the young) of vomiting semi-digested matter and gastric juices (described as "unusually acid") when they were in a bad mood.

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They choose for you.

Christian Brutal Sniper is Kekas' concept
Christian Pure Spy is mit-332's concept
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JURASSIC PARK Los Archivos Perdidos
Epoca:Cretaceo temprano, hace 110-100 millones de años
Distribucion: Sudamerica
Envergadura: 8 metros
Peso: Hasta 25 kilos
Dieta: Omnivoro
Tapejara es un gran pterosaurio que se encuentra generalmente cerca de lagunas y en la costa; es mas bien sedentario y vive en colonias.
Este animal es fácilmente reconocible por la impresionante cresta en forma de hacha que tiene en la cabeza; los vivos colores de la cresta sirven para atraer a su pareja potencial (las hembras tienen crestas bastante pequeñas en comparación con los machos).
Los Tapejara adultos casi siempre se encuentran en zonas de acantilados cerca del agua, mientras que los jovenes, que pueden volar al poco de nacer y son mucho mas maniobrables, se encuentran en zonas de selva.
Sus curiosos llamados son particularmente potentes porque el Tapejara cuenta con una gran caja de resonancia en el torax, que amplia sus gritos al menos diez veces.
Aunque normalmente no son agresivos, los Tapejara pueden atacar si uno comete el error de acercarse demasiado a sus zonas de anidacion. Aunque no tiene dientes, el Tapejara puede propinar violentos golpes con su mandibula a modo de martillo.
TRIVIA: Los Tapejara son los unicos pterosaurios de Jurassic Park que basan su alimentacion en la fruta, especialmente los jovenes. Los adultos tambien la comen, pero complementan su dieta con peces y animales muertos.
Segun notas de los cuidadores de Jurassic Park, la comida favorita del Tapejara es el mango, aunque "son fastidiosamente selectivos con las frutas que comen".

Age: Early Cretaceous, 110-100 mya
Range: South America
Wingspan: 8 meters
Weight: Up to 25 kgs
Diet: Omnivorous
Tapejara is a large pterosaur found usually in the coast and near lagoons; it is rather sedentary and lives in colonies.
This animal is easily recognizable due to its impressive crest; the crest's bright colors attract potential mates (females have small crests compared to males).
Adult Tapejara are almost always found in cliffs near water, while the young (they can fly from a very early age) are more maneuverable and live in jungle areas.
Their strange calls are very loud because they have a huge resonating chamber in the thorax that amplifies their screams up to ten times.
Although usually not aggressive, Tapejara can attack if someone gets too close to their nesting areas. Despite its lack of teeth, Tapejara can hit enemies violently with its jaw, like a hammer.
TRIVIA: Tapejara is the only pterosaur in Jurassic Park that feeds mostly on fruit, specially the young. The adults also eat it, but they complement their diet with fish and dead animals.
According to notes from Jurassic Park keepers, Tapejara's favorite meal was mangoes, although "they are annoyingly selective about what they eat".
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