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Photo: Heret frasthio
Design & imaging: singpentinkhappy
agency: saatchi & saatchi
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After see this Official Mascot for PON Riau 2012 :

I can't resist but draw this. :iconazhfcryplz:
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by Chelsea Lowe (~Islandstar) @


Photoshop CS5, Intuos4 Medium tablet

Not for sure if there should be a Mature Content warning or not on this... It isn't too gory, but the idea is just... disturbing. Let me know if you think it needs one. I hope not, considering that this topic is just SO BLOODY IMPORTANT that it needs to be seen by as many as possible. :|

This was my final project in Graphic Design. We had to design a poster that brought awareness to a topic that was important to us... so I went with canned hunting. More specifically, the canned hunting of lions.

Canned hunting is, simply, "hunting" and killing an animal in an enclosed space. It doesn't matter if the space is a cage or an acre of land or 30 acres or even 30,000 acres of land. If the area is completely fenced in so that the animal has NO WAY of escaping, then it is absolutely canned hunting. There is absolutely no concept of fair chase like there would be if the animal was truly in the wild. It is incredibly unethical and even most REAL hunters and hunting organizations frown upon it. It's a disgusting, lazy, cowardly form of trophy hunting.

The canned hunting of lions is extremely popular over in South Africa. Unfortunately, it is legal. It was temporarily banned in 2007. However, in 2010 (after enough whining and complaining from "hunters" and breeders), a Supreme Court of Appeals ruled in favor of continuing this barbaric practice.

Game farms/ranches breed and raise lions. Soon after the cubs are born, they are taken away from their mother to be hand-raised by humans. They do this so that the lioness more quickly becomes ready to breed again. She'll have more litters of cubs here in captivity than she ever would in the wild. To the ranch owners, more lion cubs = more money to be made from canned hunting.

At these ranches, people are allowed to come in and handle and play with the lion cubs. The people behind the ranches put on a front to the public and they claim to be conservationists and that they rescued all these cubs and that they will eventually be released back into the wild. Of course, this is all BS because you just can't release a captive-bred lion into the wild.

The lions become dependent on humans to feed them. Because of the constant interaction with humans, the lions grow up to not be afraid of them. This makes them easy targets to kill. When the lions are old enough, people from all over pay THOUSANDS of dollars to shoot a lion in an enclosed space. These lions are sometimes drugged before being released into the enclosed area. Oftentimes, the "hunters" shoot the lion from the safety of their truck. It's also been reported that they request to shoot the animal when it is still in its cage. These people... these monsters don't care if it's ethical or not. They're not even real hunters. They're just lazy, cowardly people determined to prove their manhood and they just want a stuffed lion to add to their trophy collection.

It's sick. Absolutely, incredibly sick. It's awful and horrifying.

If you've made it this far, then thank you. It is really hard to properly cover canned hunting without writing an entire book on the subject. If you are just as passionate and disgusted by this and if you are just as determined to stop these barbaric acts as I am, then I highly encourage you to further research it and to please, help spread the word. There are so many people who don't know about this. The first step in stopping this bloody insanity is to bring awareness to it.

Helpful links with information regarding canned lion hunting:

CACH (Campaign Against Canned Hunting) - As far as I know, this seems to be the only organization/campaign working specifically to bring awareness to canned hunting.

LionAid - A lion-specific organization working towards conserving and saving this beautiful animal - whose population is rapidly declining. Over the past 50 years, the lion population has declined by 90%.

SanWild Lion Rescue - A blog working to bring awareness to and to expose individuals and operations that participate in different forms of lion abuse including canned/trophy hunting, the bone trade, etc. It also includes a couple of experiences of people that volunteered at these places.

A couple of articles with an overview of canned lion hunting: [link] (also includes a video) and [link]

A long research article on using State and Federal Legislation to stop canned hunting: [link]

A long but wonderful article that argues against hunters that use conservation as an excuse for trophy hunting: [link]

The illustration that I did for this poster isn't up to par with my other work... but the content, the message is the most important thing for me this time. (That, and I was on a tight schedule.) The scene depicted in my poster is based off of an actual canned hunt of a lioness that happened years ago. The following link includes a description of it: [link]

And this site has a two-part video on canned lion hunting. It includes the video footage of the canned lioness hunt that I just mentioned: [link]

Well then. That's all I have for you all. If you have any other information and useful articles on canned lion hunting, then please share it with me and I'll add the link to it here. In the meantime, let's all continue to work towards stopping this cruelty!

This makes me want to create more art promoting wildlife conservation - big cats especially. Expect to see (much) more pleasing and positive big cat art over the summer. :)
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APEX is a deck-building game where you play as one of five dinosaur apex predators (T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Carnotaurus, and Utah Raptor). In the game you fight for territory, expand your species, and evolve your dinosaur all while competing against other Apex predators for the same thing. It also follows a story as you progress through the game, different environmental effects happen to territories such as Earthquakes, tropical storms, Volcano eruptions, virus outbreaks, overpopulation, migration, meteor showers, harsh winters, and ultimately the Asteroid of doom that is the game timer. The game will feature over 30 dinosaurs and 8 territories with each territory having it's own 'boss' that you must defeat to conquer the territory. These bosses consists of dinosaurs such as Titanoboa and Therizinosaurus. The game supports 1-5 players, yes, you can even play by yourself and enjoy it as the game is heavy story driven. The game will feature over 300 cards and a board to know where to place cards and keep things easy to understand.

The game is in it's third build right now and the final pre-build will be printed mid-February. Testing and video interviews will be done during the last week of February in Kansas City and then will be going to Kickstarter the first week of March for a 30-day funding campaign.

Be sure to leave me a note if want any further information!
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For my 300th Deviation, I wanted to do something big (before you comment on the size of this Deviation, this picture is combined from four sheets of paper). So here is the next step after my ideas for "Jurassic Carnage" and "Triassic Carnage": A Primal Carnage-style game that features animals from 300 Million years of prehistory. Damn Time Travel machine tearing the universe apart. Instead of five vs five, each side only has four classes, with each human character having a much larger arsenal of different weapons (someone with a creative brain and first-Person shooter experience can figure out the diversity and balancing). Each game mode has an animal team of a different evolutionary line, usually consisting of two attacking classes and two supporting classes, none of which has a limit like the T-Rex. Yes, even the giant awesome ones (though that also means none of them is as powerful as the Tyrannosaurus or Spinosaurus). I will list the game modes I have thought of, even if I havenīt drawn the animals exclusve to that game mode.

Stegosaurus would be the carcass where the meat-eaters can heal, like the Iguanodon in PC. However, there would be at least one map where a living Stegosaurus is grieving near the carcass and tries to attack any approaching meat-eaters. Or maybe that could be implemented in a game mode to make it more difficult for the dinosaurs. Some maps could also use a different herbivore than Stegosaurus, maybe even a mammoth.

Kaprosuchus: Kaprosuchus saharicus is the most badass ancient animal you should have heard of by now, but it still hasnīt appeared in popular culture apart from Primeval, where its appearance has been altered to the point of barely being recognizable anymore. Kaprosuchus was the most commonly suggested playable "dinosaur" on the PC Forums before Carnotaurus was revealed, and it should definitely be playable in this game, but I have no idea into what game mode the Croc-Line could fit. The Boar-Croc would certainly become available for "Team Deathmatch", though, but itīs too strong for "Smell of Blood".

Team Deathmatch:
Your usual humans vs dinosaurs, which can range from 1 vs 1 to 10 vs 10, depending how popular the Server is :P. This game mode doesnīt need any explanation, except that the inititial dinosaur team available will be the Raptor-Line. Some animals from other game modes would later be added as DLC.

The Raptor Line (Coelurosauria):
This group consists of four feathered dinosaurs, two of which are Cenozoic birds, but "Raptor" means "Bird of Prey", doesnīt it? :P

Deinonychus - The Ambush Class: Deinonychus plays pretty much the same as the Novaraptor from PC, except itīs a slower runner, but kills faster with its pounce (because a study some years ago found out Deinonychus had a bone-curshing bite like a hyena and a human shouldnīt survive that for long). Being accurately feathered, it is also capable of spreading its wings to slow down its fall and increase its jumping range.

Kelenken - The Charger Class: A playable Terror Bird would be something no other dinosaur game has done before, and I went with the largest known species to make its role comparable to PCīs Carnotaurus. Obviously it doesnīt have as much health, but it is more agile and a smaller target. Instead of head-butting, it would send people flying by kicking.

Argentavis - The Scout Class: There are so many movies, TV Shows and games where large pterosaurs carry humans around with their feet, despite their anatomy and strength not being capable of doing that. So here is a large predatory (or scavenging, though it doesnīt matter for this game) bird that is slightly more plausible to do this. Argentavis really needs to get more well-known as a better alternative to the Giant Flyer Ptero Soar.

Coelurus - The Screamer Class: I already had a Coelophysis with this ability in my "Triassic Carnage" Deviation. This is the smallest and weakest theropod, but with its hollow bones and large throat sacs it can shriek so loud nearby humans are disorientated, making them easy Prey for the larger predators.

Smell of Blood:
This game mode is usually known as "Infection", and Iīve based it on the "Flood" mode from Halo 4. You start with eight humans vs two raptors and every human who is killed spawns as another dinosaur. The more dinosaurs there are, the more tense it becomes for the shrinking number of humans to survive till the end of the round. Initially this game mode would only have Deinonychus, Dilophosaurus and Herrerasaurus, but a few animals from the objective-based game modes would later be added as free DLC (but only small, weak ones which are better for 1-vs-1 Encounters than clearing out several humans at once).

Dragonfly Effect:
Iīm a little bit proud of this game mode because it has a Gimmick which points out that the premise of this game is not "scientists recreate dinosaurs on a remote Island", but "scientists build time machine and wreck through prehistory". The Name is an allusion to the Butterfly effect. Essentially itīs a "Last Man Standing", with each Player having only one life. Everyone who dies spawns as a Meganeura, just so he can fly around and watch the remaining Players fighting without interfering. This game mode is always 4 vs 4, and each class must be selected by one Person. 30 Seconds after everyone has spawned the Gimmick comes into play - everyone travels 30 seconds back in time without moving Position. This means that now everyone has a past self which is always moving, shooting or slashing exactly where you did 30 seconds ago. So now there are 16 characters moving around on the map, and you have to make sure your past self doesnīt get killed, because this will make you cease to exist and you spawn as a Meganeura, too. If you run into another characterīs past self (no matter whether human or dinosaur), it will automatically push you out of its way because itīs following a set path which would be too difficult to program if other players could block it. However, if you touch your own past-self, it will make you both stumble, stare at each other for a Moment and then cease to exist (see the TV Tropes page "Never The Selves Shall Meet" if you wonder how I got that idea) and you spawn as Meganeura. This prevents Players from just staying where they are if they donīt want to have difficulties guarding their past-self.

The Theropod-Line (Theropoda):
Iīm aware that coelurosaurians belong to Theropoda, too, but what else should I name this line? "The Big, Scaly Meat-Eaters Line" is too long and vague. :P For this game mode, some tweaks were required for the playable dinosaurs: They donīt have anything that hinders the humanīs movement like the Novaraptorīs pounce, the Pteranodonīs grab or even the Carnotaurusī Charge because if they used this on a humanīs past self, it would mess up with the path this human is set to follow and might result on him getting stuck on a wall or something like that. Their attacks are also pretty weak because otherwise they could kill a humanīs unguarded past self way too easily. But on the plus side, they all have more health than the Deinonychus.

Herrerasaurus - The Light Assault Class: To make sure you know which of the past-selves is yours, every dinosaur can be selected only once, too, and Herrerasaurus is essentially only there to prevent more than one person to use one of the stronger dinosaurs. It has slightly more health than the Deinonychus, but instead of a pounce it just has a different slash attack. Obviously it lacks the parachuting ability, lacking feathers to appeal to "pseudosaur fans".

Dilophosaurus - The Screaming Assault Class: Dilophosaurus is the one prehistoric animal which was more badass in real life than in popular culture. There have been way too many Jurassic Park-inspired midget Dilos that spit acid at you, PC at least removed the ridiculous neck frill. The Dilophosaurus of this game is based on the Dilophosaurus from "When Dinosaurs Roamed America", including the roar. I mean, just listen to it:… This piercing roar wouldnīt completely disorientate the humans like the Coelurus does due to interfering with the past-selves, but it would make their screen shake heavily, like the T-Rex roar in PC does. Just imagine the past-selves to take no notice of it. :P

Concavenator - The Heavy Assault Class: I would really love a playable Concavenator. Itīs a recently discovered dinosaur and has a more recognizable appearance than most medium-sized theropods. It has more health than the other Assault Classes, but still rather weak attacks.

Irritator - The Literal Irritator Class: Irritator has the most health of all the dinosaurs in this game mode, being a spinosaurid between 6 and 8 meters in length, but it still canīt whack humans around like the Spinosaurus from Primal Carnage. Being slow and barely capable of jumping, its special ability is to regurgitate fish in its throat pouch and then vomit at the humans (which is a more realistic long-range attack than PCīs Dilo acid). It temporarily blinds the human and briefly marks him for the other dinosaurs. Using this on a past-self is useless except for the marking.

Defend the Base:
One of the most commonly suggested game modes: Humans are in a base (due to the time travel aspect, this game can also feature something like a Castle, renaming this game mode to "Here be Dragons") and reptiles have to invade it. Due to one of the animal classes each map has large amounts of water, which can range from rivers to moats and wells in the case of the Castle.

The Snake-Line (Squamata):
Iīm aware the most numerous species of squamates are lizards, but "Snake-Line" is a cooler name, plus many people believe scaly dinosaurs are big lizards, anyway. :P These animals have barely been featured outside of documentaries, but theyīre quite often suggested on the PC Forum. Apparently them being Cenozoic makes them not fit into the game or their aquatic lifestyle makes them too difficult to incorporate, but I want to please the squamate fans, too. To fit this game mode, these classes have a lot of things in common which differentiate them from other lines and may make them too different to incorporate into "Team Deathmatch": They are infrared-sensitive, making them capable of seeing humans behind walls; they canīt jump, but scale vertical surfaces; they can swim and dive, while underwater the air loss is shown by the depleting Stamina bar and then depleting health, they heal by resurfacing or going into the water; this game mode has no carcasses as some of these classes would swallow a carcass whole.

Megalania - The Venomous Assault Class: Itīs correct scientific name is Varanus priscus, but Iīll stick with the more memorable Name. They are your main attack force, slower than a Raptor, but with more health and a venomous bite. Climb the walls with these massive Monitor lizards and try to bite several People before being shot down.

Titanoboa - The Devourer Class: Yes, a freaking playable Titanoboa. I donīt know whether there has ever been a Player versus Player game where you can play a man-eating snake. Itīs a rather interesting "tank" compared to T-Rex etc. - much health, one-hit-kill, but much slower, however capable of getting into and onto every building. Note that I said none of the playable classes is limited - to prevent People from spamming Titanoboa, it needs a lot of "reload time" before it can eat another human and well, itīs obviously very slow on land. It can slightly damage humans around it with a coil up attack.

Mosasaurus - The Destroyer Class: One of the most often suggested "aquatic classes for PC", something which just wouldnīt work with PCīs game mechanics, but nevertheless, I tried to fit it into my game. This class is the reason each "Defend the Base" map would need to have so much water, but you canīt have a squamate team without the most famous squamates, the Mosasaurs. Mosasaurus might seem useless for every Situation that doesnīt include incredibly dumb human Players, but itīs actually an important support class. Apart from swallowing humans it has a ram attack which is the only way to destroy certain gates/walls (all conveniently at the waterīs edge) so the other squamates donīt need to slowly crawl up the walls anymore. There are also some underwater entrances which lead into the base (for example the well in the Castle) which it can break to flood the basement. Obviously Mosasaurus is even slower outside of the water than Titanoboa and canīt scale a vertical wall, but it can spend much more time below the water before losing health. Since itīs not limited you can have several people playing Mosasaurs, but youīll quickly notice that this isnīt very wise.

Aigialosaurus - The Infiltrator Class: Aigialosaurus is the minuscule ancestor of Mosasaurs that doesnīt even make it on DeviantArt, so I include it just because the squamate team requires something which doesnīt look like right out of a B-Movie. Aigialosaurus can climb the walls, swim through entrances broken open by Mosasaurus, or it can enter through small cracks in the walls, usually unnoticed by humans. Like Megalania, Aigialosaurus has a venomous bite, but it can also launch on a single human and cling to him, making him incapable of defending himself (though this usually results in being gunned down by the other humans if theyīre not busy with Megalania and Titanoboa).

Capture the Object:
The most commonly suggested game mode for Primal Carnage, the object in question often being eggs. I prefer those sugestions which also include a new class with the special purpose of carrying the object around, because Novaraptors are already played way too often and this game mode would encourage People to use something else than OMG RAPTOR because otherwise they wonīt progress. For my version of this game mode I use mechanical parts of the time machine instead of eggs. This game mode also seemed like a great opportunity to include a Pterosaur-team, because most pterosaurs donīt make good man-hunters, which is what most other game modes require. Theyīre supposed to be like magpies, which is why theyīre stealing the shiny metal objects the humans have to get - theyīre not intelligent enough to figure out how important these things are for the humans, actually. Obviously every class is capable of flying, though the mechanics might be a little bit easier than the PC Pteranodon to prevent frustration. Flying enemies might seem overpowered in a "Capture the Object" game mode, but there is only one pterosaur class capable of carrying the object, every human class gets some sniper weapons and the pterosaur "base" is out in the open.

The Pterosaur-Line (Pterosauria):
You might hope to see some exotic or newly-discovered pterosaurs, but I can actually make a team without too similar classes out of the four most well-known pterosaurs. Itīs already enough to show gamers how diverse "Pterodactyls" get (also showing them which of them is actually called "Pterodactylus"). Most of the pterosaurs known for their outlandish crests and beaks wouldnīt play very different from the Pteranodon.

Pteranodon - The Carrier Class: This is the most important class because the pterosaur team canīt win without at least one Pteranodon that carries the objects to their "base". Like in PC, each class has a number indicating how many People currently play that class; the number of this class would probably the only one marked in bold red. Make sure you never have a red zero there. Pteranodon plays more or less like its PC Counterpart, except it canīt grab people and instead of marking people it briefly disorientates them with its shriek (yeah I like that game mechanic). It carries the object around in its throat pouch, meaning it can still peck at People while carrying it, but will automatically spit it out when shrieking. Since a Pteranodon is a much slower flyer and easier target while carrying the object, it can shriek to become more mobile again, hoping that another Pteranodon player will pick it up (maybe the object could even deal massive damage to a human who happens to get hit when it falls on him :lol: ).

Quetzalcoatlus - The Berserk Class: Quetzalcoatlus and itīs possible alter ego Hatzegopteryx are the most often suggested subclasses for PCīs Pteranodon despite the fact that this giraffe-sized pterosaur is such a huge target it would need a lot of health, it wouldnīt be able to enter every building similar to the T-Rex and its massive beak would probably kill with two or even just one peck. The only thing keeping it from being a light tank is the ability to kill humans just by stomping on them. But in this game mode it is perfect for killing humans that try to get to the base or reclaim an object, ironically it also is the Scout which can mark humans with its roar (actually itīs clattering with its beak like a stork).

Rhamphorhynchus - The Distraction Class: Rhamphorhynchus would be comparable to the Jockey from Left 4 Dead 2, a Zombie that clings to humans and can steer them wherever he wants. It also has the "vomit and briefly mark" thing I love so much about piscivorous classes. When Rhamphorhynchus blinds a human carrying an object this wonīt make the human lose the object, but if it clings to a human, he will lose the object. Itīs a good supporter for the Quetzalcoatlus.

Pterodactylus - The Horde Class: Because I love the idea of a playable animal leading an AI Horde and I hope the Compsognathus Horde will still be implemented into PC some time in the future. In TV, pterosaurs seem to be a popular role for a "The Birds" rip-off, so here is a playable horde of tiny, flying killers. You control a male Pterodactylus (the one with the blue crest) which leads a swarm of females which you can launch at humans like projectiles. Itīs your best way to attack Groups of humans which have entrenched themselves where Quetzalcoatlus canīt reach them.

This is the "King of the Hill" game mode which seems to be common in shooters. The two Teams have to capture a couple of places and the winner is either the team which controls more places by the end of the round or the team which has spend more time in these places. This game mode is also the perfect Chance to have a herbivorous dinosaur team as territorial herbivores can get very dangerous, too.

The Herbivore-Line (Ornithischia):
I know thatīs the dumbest name for an "evolutionary line" ever, but they are the only playable herbivores in this game. And yes, Iīll ignore the possible omnivorous tendencies of ceratopsians since it would probably result in more people scratching their heads than people acknowledging it. Instead of carcasses, all maps in this game mode have highlighted bushes where the dinosaurs can heal.

Pachycephalosaurus - The Light Charger Class: Pachycephalosaurus is one of the most commonly suggested sublasses for the Carnotaurus because both charge things with their head, but the fact itīs a herbivore alone already makes it very difficult to fit into the team. Compared to PCīs carnivores, my Pachycephalosaurus is somewhere between Novaraptor and Carnotaurus in terms of strength, health and agility. It would probably be the main attack force.

Diabloceratops - The Heavy Charger Class: Triceratops is the most frequently suggested ornithischian player for PC, and the community has already established it as a class designed to destroy large vehicles, but I needed a smaller, weaker ceratopsian for this game mode. This is one of the few cases where Iīll prefer a recently-discovered animal over an older, but still neglected one because it has a more kickass name and appearance. Diabloceratops is just perfect. Iīm not sure which one will end up being played more, this or Pachycephalosaurus, because it is slower and a worse jumper, but has more health and more range with its attacks.

Ankylosaurus - The Literal Support Class: Despite its appearance, Ankylosaurus is not the "Literal Tank" class, it isnīt huge and devastatingly powerful enough for this. Ankylosaurus can swing its tail, which will damage people in a wide radius behind it - but those in front of it can only be hurt when it directly charges at them. Ankylosaurus still has tons of health, although it needs them for a more passive than aggressive role. You see, while humans can climb ladders to reach higher places, the heavy ornithischians lack the jumping capacities of a Novaraptor and would quickly lose in a game mode where the goal is to conquer an area, if it werenīt for that broad Ankylosaurus which other herbivores can use as a platform. To make that work, the Diabloceratops might need to be made a little bit smaller and the Ankylosaurus a little bit bigger. Humans can jump on an Ankylosaurus, too, but it can shake them off, which deals massive damage to them.

Tianyulong - The Clearing Class: A class I always thought would be interesting would be one which can still damage you when you kill it, kinda like the Boomer in Left 4 Dead. This porcupine-dinosaur here has poisonous quills on its back. It can either rapidly bite a human, ram its quills into him to poison him - or just wait till someone shoots it, where it will automatically fire its quills everywhere and poison multiple people. So this is the best class for clearing out a capture Point if humans gun down all the Pachycephalosaurus and Diabloceratops (and poor Ankylosaurus doesnīt get up there :P). The obvious disadvantage is the fact you need to have yourself killed and there are a couple of tranquilizing weapons that donīt trigger the quills, but I havenīt figured that out yet.

Grandfather Paradox:
The other game mode hinting at the time travel back story of this game, this time humans have to guard a Family of AI-controlled Australopithecus from the predators, in this game mode the Mammal-Line. It would consist of Smilodon, Hyaenodon, Dimetrodon and a venomous Therocephalian, but I canīt draw mammals and donīt know how each of them would play differently without recycling classes from other game modes, again.

Hunter becomes Hunted:
Every dinosaur thing requires a Tyrannosaurus rex to truly become popular, so to avoid the "none of the classes will be limited" clause this game mode has just a single dinosaur player versus a bunch of human Players. Humans win if they manage to take down the mighty beast, the dinosaur wins if he survives the entire round or kills 45 humans, whatever happens first. This Tyrannosaurus rex is not as huge as PCīs T-Rex, but it still has as much health and can walk much faster, all while keeping the instant-kill stomp ability. The maps would also be in the dinosaurīs favour since it has only one life, with there being no place where humans are out of its reach and much foliage limiting their vision when trying to snipe it. I havenīt drawn it, you all know what a Tyrannosaurus rex looks like :P
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I was completely devastated to hear today that the lemur who played Zoboomafoo has tragically passed away on Monday at 20 years of age from kidney failure. It shatters me to bits because I grew up watching Zoboomafoo and it feels like just yesterday I was still watching that show all the time. Jovian may be gone, but he isn't forgotten by many. Jovian, like the Kratt Brothers, will remain as true PBS legends that will carry on a legacy lasting generation to generation. He will be terribly missed. :'(

Jovian ("Zaboo")
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film afisi / official movie poster

Tasarim: Arda Aktas
Fotograf: Mehmet Turgut

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Tasarım: Arda Aktaş
Fotograf: Mehmet Turgut
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Linkin Park's "Iridescent" CD cover contest for Transformers 3.
Background [link]
Enjoy.. Hope you like :)
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Tasarım: Arda Aktaş
Fotograf: Mehmet Turgut
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