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i've had this idea for like over 2-3 weeks.
it wasn't gonna leave me alone, so i did it >w>

these are 2 of my characters from my comic Bad Luck for those who aren't familiar with them [link]

Rade(blond) and Coat (black hair)

Blank: [link]

ORIGINAL: [link]
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original found at *AudreyDutroux

I'm a bit furustrated with 2011 actually, it has been qui te a tough year and even tougher than before... Many unpleasant things happened, and if it wasn't for *Liaze or my new job for ~darax at Ankama, I would have a tissue put on it and never look back > . <

But it happens, and I had a great time although ! I guess the harder it get, the better you feel afterward !! ( I'm saying something meaningfull there... O o ;; )

Thanks a lot for your support, now I add bacgrounds, and more than ONLY 2 colors per drawing, that's an improvement XD

hugs !! ♥

Previously :

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I realise I never finished that one!! I needed it to be full of each and every character I own and then I realised that I had too much of them and gave up halfway XD

The idea is simple: give your original character and what people belived they are made from. From left to right:

*Dawn / Tonks (Harry Potter)
She has pink hair that changes color AND she's fallen in love with a werewolf... what more could I expect XD I think I got the idea of changing colors in Harry Potter but the rest is pure coincidence I swear!

*Lethe / Storm (Xmen)
Well, tall bad tempered tan and white haired girls are great, nothing to fuss around (and there are many more in great movies/comics I think)

*Daarjeeling / Tyki (Dgray man)
I swear I was first to draw him ;__; I hated the whole manga for a while before I would forgive the mangaka XD lol -but how could I know with a hat and a butterfly that I drew the very same gentleman otherwise?

*Chi / Takumi (Nana)
I drew Chi (firstly named Tomodachi XD) when I was in highschool, then I discovered Nana. They are quite de same kind of sexy and asiatic musician ♥ They share the same ....taste for blondies XD

*Linko / Ed (Cowboy Beebop)
Googles and tanned skin, and maybe the same excentricity XD

*Nesty / Yuuko (XXX Hollic)
A wich with butterflies, both! I Never read the manga but it hasn't been an art where people didn't tell me "she looks like Yuuko" and it annoys me Oo ...

*Ethan / Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji)
We were only beginong Lost Soul's story when we went to Japan and saw Sebastian XD At first, Ethan had the very same outfit and longer hair, but we changed it so he would look less like him XD

*Ashley / Ash (Alichino)
I discovered Alichino last year and I just felt in love with it!! There is a character named "Ash" who is a... dragon XD my Ashley has dragon issues too XD

*Sunao&Kaoru / Cloud&Aerith
Despite the fact that Kaoru&Sunao are both guys, I feel like they are really alike with them! Their relationship are the same kind and they share the same kind of temper^^

*Absynthe / Nana (nana)
Gothic badass skinny girls, with piercings and tatoos!

Of course I never said I've invented anything new at all, but people are rude without even knowing when they call your characters "mere copy", even when we can laugh about it!

that's it folks!

original by *Zombiesmile
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2013 EDIT
Ive seen a few of these updated the last 24 hours. So I thought I'd do the same!

If you're a long time watcher, you'll know how quiet I've been the past year. I'm hoping that next year I'll create more digital paintings so that the 2014 update won't be as hard to put together :)

Happy New Year!


I've always wanted to do a meme but never had the time :) I managed to whip this up tonight as a pleasant way to procrastinate.

I wanted to go further back but my really old stuff is back in Sweden, so I'll have to fly over and grab it at some point to show you. And then we can all laugh together!

This was actually rather painful to do. It's weird to look back and summarize your years into 4 artworks. It makes me feel old. But it feels good to see the improvement. Although I wish it was more noticable ;____;
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I had to! TTwTT I've wanted to do this meme since forever! At first, I just couldn't due to my tablet not working and then I just plain forgot.

Anyway, this is my character Mei... as a lion. A stealable lion xD

Yeah, I've been having a hard time drawing anything @ A @; Damn art block.... |||OTL

Oh and this design is totally mine and not *Snowpuddles's >w>

Original Stealable Lion:

Oh and everyone, STEAL HIM! DO EET NAO!
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I know Karma. She's a bitch. LOVE her.
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I just recently got sai thanks to one of my friends ( :iconyamineko-kitty: ) So I decided to try it out for an adoptable. Ugh she's so pretty, If she doesn't go for the price I think she should, I will keep her. (I couldn't figure out how to do the transparent background) 
Starting bid: 100:points:
Minimum increase 10:points:
Auto buy: 1000:points:
Anyone who auto buys will get a free icon!
Owner: BadJadeJuniper 
Name: Annual Blossom (optional for owner)
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Bio: Annual Blossom is a very cheerful and optimistic earth pony. She always looks on the bright side of things, even in the worst of situations. She absolutely adores mother nature. She especially loves flowers. She treats other ponies like she she tends to her garden, with love and care. (optional for owner)
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Please read the description before bidding, Thank you! 

Starting bid: $5 USD
Minimum bid increment: $2 USD
Autobuy: None


Bullet; Pink The bid starts here:…

Bullet; Pink You must reply to the highest bid (previous bidder) , or else it will not count

Bullet; Pink Do not bid if you aren't capable of affording the amount

Bullet; Pink No bid cancellations nor refunds are possible, so bid wisely. 

Bullet; Pink Auction will end on January 22th 12:00AM PST

Bullet; Pink The payment will be made through Paypal

Bullet; Pink You may alter the character's appearance

Owner: Solratic
Adoptable created by: Twitchy-Fox
Comments disabled by owner.
my beatles meme. :)

orginal: [link]

i haven't got a tablet, so i did it in ps. :D
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