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Last year I sculpted up a few portraits of Bryan Cranston as Walter White from my favorite show "Breaking Bad". I was finally able to put the finishing touches on 3 custom figures of Walt, all of which were given to the creators of the show this past week.

It's been a helluva lot of fun, and a tremendous thrill to get to meet the artists behind this terrific show that has been so inspiring to me. Kinder people you will not meet!

So here's a look at the finished custom figures. These were pieced together from various sources, using Hot Toys bodies, and clothes I found on ebay and then altered. The heads were all painted by some talented friends of mine, and they really brought Walt to life. It's been a lot of work to try and piece these together in my free time, but I really enjoyed doing it.


ps- A random winner was chosen from my last giveaway. I'll do another giveaway in the coming months, I'm sure. :) thanks!

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I came across this earlier and thought you guys would get a laugh out of it, too!

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Got a weird treats for you all,

For years, whenever I've been intensively drawing a comic project I often felt the need the write myself some music. I've found out multiplying my creative output mysteriously benefit them all. There is, usually, no link bridging my Comic and musical world. Some fugues and some String Quartet sketches have been paired with Batman Incorporated for instance.

This time, being so enthusiast for swamp thing, I went and wrote the scored for issue 7 & 8.  OK, not really, but I've tried to cover their thematic stuff in a 3:16 of Full Orchestral Music.

Here a breakdown of the cues:
00:00 The timeless mystery of the Green
00:49 Growth and fate of the Green Warrior
1:36 The Rot
2:00 A bit of actionny big battle for those who got bored until now.

May you enjoy this roughs mix.
At reverbnation:…
Or on Facebook:…
Also Dowload :…

Better experiences with headphone while reading Swamp thing.
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After a slow start, we ended up with 70 entries representing movies, television, comics, video games, and books. You plushie artists went all out and really showed off your creativity! Even though there can only be four "official" winners, Everyone who entered obviously put a lot of thought and effort into their wonderful work - I greatly enjoyed seeing all your creations, and you all should be extremely proud of your efforts!

FIRST PRIZE: KHAL DROGO from A Game of Thrones by Draconja

The smouldering good looks and fearsome presence of the Dothraki warlord played by Jason Momoa are captured in this majestic, masculine stallion by :iconcaleighs-world: - note the appropriate snowy setting!

SECOND PRIZE: GLaDOS from Portal by rpm1337

A complex and altogether striking design by :iconrpm1337: creepily merges the equine and the robotic.

THIRD PRIZE: FLUTTERSHY LINK from Legend of Zelda by Little-Broy-Peep-Inc

Fluttershy is adorable as the iconic video game hero by :iconlittle-broy-peep:, and the parasprite Navi (HEY! LISTEN! - only slightly less obnoxious than the real thing, amirite?) really adds to the overall look.

FOURTH PRIZE: BELLDANDY from Ah! My Goddess! by Drachefrau

:icondrachefrau: translates the sweet expression and elaborate costume of the manga goddess beautifully into pony form.

Winners, contact me to collect your prizes!

If you'd like to see how all the entries ranked, check out our poll results here:…

As always, we used the Condorcet Internet Voting Service to tally up the results. You can read more about it here:…
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New York City-based artist Alex Myung (~alexmyung) has started a Kickstarter project to raise $20,000 to create Arrival, an animated short film with a focus on the theme of coming out. Equalitopia sits down with Alex to discuss the project.

Currently, the project has raised almost $4,000 from 74 different backers, averaging out to about $52 per backer. Keep in mind that Kickstarter projects are “all or nothing,” meaning that if the project doesn’t reach its funding goal by Wednesday, February 20th, no funds will be transferred to the project.

Equalitopia: Could you tell us briefly about the storyline of Arrival?

Alex: Arrival is about a young boy growing up in the countryside with his mother, who moves to the city to pursue his dreams. Along the way he falls in love with another boy, but he struggles to connect with people as he contemplates coming out to his mother.

Read my full interview: Animated LGBT Short Film “Arrival” by Alex Myung Aims to Raise $20,000 on Kickstarter

AlexMyung's work on deviantART:

Journey by AlexMyungLoss by AlexMyungKreepy Kitty by AlexMyung
Blood Bunny by AlexMyung
Emerald Heroes by AlexMyung Misty Fanart by AlexMyung

Samus Joins the Fray by AlexMyung

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Pony OC Contest!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 12, 2013, 4:37 AM
 photo PonyOCContestBanner_zps291804c6.png

Do you guys like contests? Of course you do!

In order to celebrate reaching over 500 watchers, and just as a general thank you to all you lovely people for the faves and comments, I'm running my first contest! Now, I know the most common contest is a watcher giveaway, but I wanted to do something a little more interesting...

So, what do I have to do?

Simple! Draw me your pony OC, upload it to DA and leave a link to it in this journal. Don't have an OC? Now's a good excuse to make one.

The rules

- Only submit your own OC
- Only submit your own drawing
- Only submit a PONY OC
- Entries can be digital or traditional
- Please don't use a pony maker/generator. I don't want to see any pony recolours - we can do better than Hasbro, right?
- You don't have to be a watcher or share this journal to enter (though I'd appreciate it if you did ;p)
- You also don't have to draw a new picture for this contest - if you already have one, just submit that.

Important stuff

First and foremost, this is a design contest. I will NOT be judging you on drawing skill. This is to make it more fair for everyone. I encourage everyone to have a go, no matter your skill level.

I am highly unlikely to pick a neon/rainbow/sparkledog type OC or one that is overly complex (I don't mean to offend anyone, but since this contest is based on my own taste I just want to give people a heads up). Alicorns won't be chosen at all.

What I'm looking for is all to do with the design - colours that complement each other, a well thought out Cutie Mark and an interesting mane and tail design. I want to see ponies that look like they could step out the show. If you want to add accessories - go for it!

The prizes!

There will be six winners total, one main winner, and five runners up. First place will win a custom plush of their OC made by myself, and each of the five runners up will receive a custom Parasprite plush, using the colour scheme of their OC.

I will however, need winners to pay for the shipping of their prizes. Sorry about that :(


I'll be accepting entries until the 1st of November, Australian Eastern Standard Time. That should give you all plenty of time to work on your entries.

As you may have noticed, I don't accept OC commissions at the moment, so this will be the only way to get an OC plush from me for a long time. So good luck to everyone who enters, and I can't wait to see your OCs!


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Dedication to a New Year

Mon Dec 31, 2012, 4:39 PM



Nuances of an Annual Ritual

Which brings us to each year’s communal celebration of the passing of our lifetimes:

New Year’s Eve

So what did you “actually get done” in the past year? How closer are you to a grand goal in life? An assessment is made and then the inevitable Step 2 of the yearly process is engaged, which is often a word for word repeat of last year’s Step 2:

The New Year’s Resolution

There seem to be two main strategies that emerge at this point of facing the New Year, a “brand new morning.”  The lone wolf quietly acknowledges goals not yet reached, and is even more secretive in the “new plan.”  “I’ll show them,” becomes the new private mantra.  It works for some people, but my experience has been that I’m splurging on Star Wars memorabilia by Valentine’s Day.

I’ve found that rather than making secret contracts with myself, a much higher success rate is always achieved as a combination of two other elements.

Pablo Picasso

To a truly worthy vision, maybe even one that cannot be achieved in a year, but in a lifetime, is just the sort of quest that engages the starving soul so much more than the common shaving a few digits off of the weight scale. (I personally implemented the "no cookie left behind" program this holiday season so I might want to think about that one too.) But the truth is, New Year’s comes but once a year. It would seem better to me to go big or not at all. Pick projects of real importance in your life – ones that require the more personal attention and dedication to the better.

Should not be a dirty word in the strategies of personal achievement. It has been my experience that the more genuinely useful support I’ve received from the like-minded (as well as the merely curious) has always gone a long way to keeping my Big Picture from faltering. When the potholes in the road forward begin to resemble archeological digs, as it seems they usually do, there’s nothing more heartening in being able to take it all in stride than a word of admiration, advice or encouragement from a fellow dA community member.

In his book "Outliers" Malcolm Gladwell outlines the 10,000-Hour Rule, the thought being that spending ten thousand hours practicing a particular discipline is necessary for mastery of that skill. He also brings up the importance of support in the from family, friends, and mentors in the ultimates success of an individual. No one achieves the highest summit's of success alone. No one. Even the most unique vision requires the nurture of human camaraderie if it is to be developed to it's fullest potential and efficacy.

I find myself thinking about recent achievements as well as a grand vision currently in formation here at deviantART, and how much the atmosphere of this community – how much dedication to art and artists, and how much they are supported and support each other – and I can’t wait to see where life will take all of us in this new year.  A tough statement to put out there, considering the unbearable horrors that have recently rained down in our world from weather catastrophes, classroom atrocities, civil wars and the violence related to a radically altered political landscape around the world.  But it’s true.  I am still hopeful.  I am still ready to rededicate my dreams on New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure I’d be making that statement were I not now ensconced and engaged in the deviantART community.  But as Kurt Vonnegut used to say, “So it goes.”

























For the Reader


Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If not, why not?


Does a goal achieved with the help and support of friends in any way diminish the power of that achievement, or does it become something made all the more memorable and special because of the participation?


What’s the most farfetched resolution you’ve ever declared?


What is your yearly resolution that has still never been achieved?


Do you think it helps to rededicate oneself to a cause, no matter how large or small, regardless of how many times the attempt has failed?


Can you share with us the personal discipline system that works for you as an artist in bringing your work to a next level?


More specifically do you have any tips for those of us balancing multiple responsibilities along with our creative endeavors?

New Year's resolutions are often secret and private -- a contract made with yourself. But what if you could increase the chance of your resolution becoming a success by incorporating a combination of two other important elements: discipline and success.
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While at my local comic-book emporium, I had a quick leaf through Harley Quinn #0 to check out the winning page from DC’s recent talent search.
It didn’t do much to dampen the disdain I harbour for the big-name comic companies.
For a start, I’m not sure how that page was selected as the cream of the crop. Bravo to the artist for being selected, sure, but there were far more dynamic, lively examples I saw posted here on DA, and I'm genuinely surprised that none of them were chosen. The page selected feels just as stiff, stagnant, sterile and devoid of life as much of the other stuff DC discharges onto the shelves (which might have been why they ran with it).
The main gripe I have, though, is that they changed the final panel.
For those that (somehow) missed the whoo-haa that the whole talent search kicked off: the script DC provided to their would-be artists called for illustrations depicting the titular Harley trying to off herself in a series of absurd ways: holding an antennae in a lightning storm, tempting alligators by wearing a chicken suit, tickling the inside of a whale’s mouth and, finally, on the verge of dropping every electrical item she owns into the bathtub at once.
The hysteria machine that is the internet decided that the last bit was offensive and in bad taste and that DC were not only creatively bankrupt but also felt the sexualisation of suicide was perfectly acceptable content for a comic.
I didn’t see that when I was drawing my version of the page, but then, I’m not a sheep that follows the herd around, bleating.
Rather than sticking to their guns and pointing out that the whole issue fuelled by internet cry-babies’ misinterpreted the script and not what the writers had actually put on the page, DC changed the final panel to depict Harley atop some kind of rocket being launched into space.
This irks me because they had a chance to prove they have a spine (and maybe a shred of integrity) they instead bowed to the ill-informed rage of a mob. You don’t pander to people that badmouth you based on erroneous information, you confront them!
They interpreted the script outline as the sexualisation/mockery of suicide? Well, I didn’t read any of the comic and I interpret the panel they printed as something far worse.
That rocket looks like some kind of ICBM.
Harley’s trying to kill herself and she’s going to take millions of innocent people with her.

If you don’t have all the facts, you see what you want to.
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As a kid, I always idolised those crazy characters in movies that worked in a chaotic environment, filled with papers and books. You know the ones? They were always looking for a specific item amid their hoard of stuff, and they'd tear the place apart in search of it.
I just realised: I've become one of those characters.....and that sh*t's not nearly as much fun as it looked on screen when I was 8.

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You know what I've always felt Christmas eve lacks?
Paranoia and a sense of impending doom.
The "party game" I just picked up should do the trick.
Each player gets a Nerf gun, the name of a target and the location in the house where they have to shoot them at some point over the course of the evening.
Nothing says "Christmas" like an assassination contract.

.....yes. I have been playing Hitman too long.
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