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Pony OC Contest!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 12, 2013, 4:37 AM
 photo PonyOCContestBanner_zps291804c6.png

Do you guys like contests? Of course you do!

In order to celebrate reaching over 500 watchers, and just as a general thank you to all you lovely people for the faves and comments, I'm running my first contest! Now, I know the most common contest is a watcher giveaway, but I wanted to do something a little more interesting...

So, what do I have to do?

Simple! Draw me your pony OC, upload it to DA and leave a link to it in this journal. Don't have an OC? Now's a good excuse to make one.

The rules

- Only submit your own OC
- Only submit your own drawing
- Only submit a PONY OC
- Entries can be digital or traditional
- Please don't use a pony maker/generator. I don't want to see any pony recolours - we can do better than Hasbro, right?
- You don't have to be a watcher or share this journal to enter (though I'd appreciate it if you did ;p)
- You also don't have to draw a new picture for this contest - if you already have one, just submit that.

Important stuff

First and foremost, this is a design contest. I will NOT be judging you on drawing skill. This is to make it more fair for everyone. I encourage everyone to have a go, no matter your skill level.

I am highly unlikely to pick a neon/rainbow/sparkledog type OC or one that is overly complex (I don't mean to offend anyone, but since this contest is based on my own taste I just want to give people a heads up). Alicorns won't be chosen at all.

What I'm looking for is all to do with the design - colours that complement each other, a well thought out Cutie Mark and an interesting mane and tail design. I want to see ponies that look like they could step out the show. If you want to add accessories - go for it!

The prizes!

There will be six winners total, one main winner, and five runners up. First place will win a custom plush of their OC made by myself, and each of the five runners up will receive a custom Parasprite plush, using the colour scheme of their OC.

I will however, need winners to pay for the shipping of their prizes. Sorry about that :(


I'll be accepting entries until the 1st of November, Australian Eastern Standard Time. That should give you all plenty of time to work on your entries.

As you may have noticed, I don't accept OC commissions at the moment, so this will be the only way to get an OC plush from me for a long time. So good luck to everyone who enters, and I can't wait to see your OCs!


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I came across this earlier and thought you guys would get a laugh out of it, too!

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New York City-based artist Alex Myung (~alexmyung) has started a Kickstarter project to raise $20,000 to create Arrival, an animated short film with a focus on the theme of coming out. Equalitopia sits down with Alex to discuss the project.

Currently, the project has raised almost $4,000 from 74 different backers, averaging out to about $52 per backer. Keep in mind that Kickstarter projects are “all or nothing,” meaning that if the project doesn’t reach its funding goal by Wednesday, February 20th, no funds will be transferred to the project.

Equalitopia: Could you tell us briefly about the storyline of Arrival?

Alex: Arrival is about a young boy growing up in the countryside with his mother, who moves to the city to pursue his dreams. Along the way he falls in love with another boy, but he struggles to connect with people as he contemplates coming out to his mother.

Read my full interview: Animated LGBT Short Film “Arrival” by Alex Myung Aims to Raise $20,000 on Kickstarter

AlexMyung's work on deviantART:

Journey by AlexMyungLoss by AlexMyungKreepy Kitty by AlexMyung
Blood Bunny by AlexMyung
Emerald Heroes by AlexMyung Misty Fanart by AlexMyung

Samus Joins the Fray by AlexMyung

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*Leg/Waist up*

14USD one character
+12USD for additional character
+3USD for pokemon/small animals/etc/ (may charge more for larger poke)
*Maximum of only two characters per picture

*Full body*

18USD one character
+15USD for additional character
+3USD for small pokemon /small animals/etc / (may charge more for larger poke)
*Maximum of only two characters per picture

More samples here

So if you are interested just fill up this form and send me a note

Style: (leg up or fullbody)
Character Name:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Skin color:
Reference pictures:
Desired pose: (optional)
Short description of the character: (optional)

Thank you! ; 3;

I will reply messages tomorrow. I'm so tired. It's 4:42AM OTL

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People have been curious, so here is most of the plot of Ignition Crisis, Now mind you, some things have been omitted and such

Ignition Crisis by SNEEDHAM507

Carl Nadez is a Mercenary who was in a relationship with Sarah, who was an Interpol agent. They had an intesne Relationship that lasted like four years, but Sarah broke it off. So IC takes place about a year and a half after that

Carl has a new job protecting Klaus, who is the son of an Infamous arms dealer. Klaus is also being observed by Interpol, and Sarah is apart of the team. this is awkward at first, and the Sarah tries to get re assigned,m but can't. She eventually reveals herself to Carl after a botched attempt on Klaus life, when Carl was gonna kill the assassin, Scott E. Neadum. Carl and Sarah then have an awkward stage for about 6 months, with Carl trying to speak to her, and Sarah avoiding him. Sarah is also in a relationship with a fellow Interpol agent, Jak Doyle. Jak has fallen for Sarah, but Sarah has no real feelings for Jak. Jak and Carl fight for Sarah's attention, and in the end, Carl wins. While this is going on, more attmepts are made on Klaus's life, but Carl and srah are able to keep Klaus safe. After three months Klaus's mothers apartment is burned down, leaving them homeless. Sarah lets them into her home, which goes against her supervisors wishes, but she does it anyway. Carl and Sarah start their relationship again, though Sarah is often gone when Carl wakes. Carl's older sister shows up to make sure that Klaus's father doesn't make contact with his son, and is brought into the hassle with Carl and Sarah. Veronica warns Sarah not to hurt her brother again, as he almost killed himself after the initial break up.

While the Main story is definitely about Klaus well being and Carl and Sarah's relationship, there are alot of side stories, including Ramon, Carl and Veronica's younger brother, who gets in trouble with his sleeping around, and Carl has to return state side with Veronica to help sort out his issues. Another side story is Vaan, Klaus's older half brother, trying to expose his father's arms dealing, and his relationship with his bodyguard, Maria Sonet. Another is Whistler, a woman from Carl's past returing after five years with a surprise for Carl that could shatter his chances with Sarah.

The Story starts to take a dark turn when Kane, a notrious Mercenary, is hired by Klaus's father's competition, and he comes gunning for Klaus and Vaan. Despite Carl's, Sarah's, and Veronica's best efforts, Kane kidnaps Klaus. He doesn't kill the boy but does leave his mark on him, and ransoms him back to his father. Carl is fired for letting this happen, but he stays to keep an eye on Klaus. Klaus is shaken, and even more reclusive after this. Kane's Protege, Zwei, takes an interest in Carl, and continues to harass Carl and his group while his boss is away on business. During these events, Sarah becomes Pregnant, and is concern with what to do. She was pregnant before, and had a miscarriage, and didn't want to go thru it again, and was very close to getting a abortion before Carl was informed. Without knowing who the father was, being either Carl or Jak, Sarah was forced to go thru with the pregnancy. She gives birth to Titus, who resembles his mother all the way, leaving who his father a mystery for awhile more. While it strongly applies that it is Jak, Sarah is convicned that it is Carl's.

Ignition Crisis Ends when Klaus's father is killed trying to sell a nuclear weapon to a disgraced former US general, and Kane is also killed during the deal. Carl and Sarah adopt Klaus, and move into together.

So if you guys have any questions, please let me know

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Hey guys. Here is the story for Ignition Crisis, My personal story and project

Ignition Crisis by SNEEDHAM507

Ignition Crisis is Story that takes place in a fictional version of our world, and is set in Los Angeles, California, and follows the trials and tribulations of its three main protagonists. Klaus Schutleberg is the youngest son of an infamous Arms dealer after having an affair with a popular model. He and his mother are supported by his father; however they live alone in a high end apartment. Klaus is bullied and picked on relentlessly at school, and it gets to the point where Klaus’s father hires a bodyguard for him. The bodyguard is former mercenary Carl Nadez, a recovering drug addict who is suffering from depression following an unspecified incident that happened two years ago. With His employment comes the arrival of a low level Interpol team, to monitor Klaus and Carl. In the team is Sarah Stately, a highly intelligent and ambitious woman with a past with Carl. Despite her best intentions, she eventually revealed herself and the team after Klaus’s life was in danger. After revealing herself, Sarah became a part of their lives, and after a few months, it would seem that she would have to be transferred, however a hit was ordered on Klaus and his mother by Klaus’s father’s competition. Klaus life was in serious Danger, and with that came new threats. More serious players started to show up looking for the bounty on Klaus, eventually leading up to the arrival of the renowned Mercenary Kane. Luckily for the group, with Kane’s arrival was also a team tasked with hunting him down, and Carl’s own older sister was apart of it. After successfully stopping Kane, Carl had a tense sit down with his sister, Veronica Hawke, who thought Carl had died years prior. After several more attempts on Klaus’s life, it was time to strike back, and Klaus’s father hired several mercenaries, including Carl’s old unit, to kill the main that put Klaus’s life in danger. Carl took part in the operation, and together was able to destroy the rival’s operation, and killing them. However all wasn’t well afterwards, as Kane reappeared, and was successful in Kidnapping Klaus. Klaus was eventually sent back to his father after a ransom exchange, and for his failure to stop the kidnapping, Carl is fired. He is quickly re hired after Tanya, Klaus’s mother, is killed by a bitter customer of Klaus’s father. The apartment that Klaus and Carl lived in was burned down, forcing them to live with Sarah. The next few months are without incident until it is found out that Sarah has become pregnant. There is tension, as it is unknown who the father may be, as Sarah was in a relationship with both Carl and an agent she was partnered with, Jak Doyle. It is a competition to show can support Sarah the best as Sarah weighs the options of terminating the pregnancy; however she decides to keep it. As her due date draws closer, Jak gets cold feet, and transfer to another department, leaving Sarah behind. When Sarah has the child, there is a scare, as the child takes after Sarah completely, and as Sarah had similar features to Jak. It is quickly resolved after a DNA test, proving that Carl is indeed the father, however. Sarah is taken off active duty, and loses her apartment, forcing Carl, Klaus, Sarah and the new born baby, named Titus, to stay at Veronica’s house, reuniting Carl with his mother, Rosa, and his deadbeat brother, Ramon. As this takes place, Klaus’s older Half-brother, Vaan Schutleberg, is launching a one man war against his father, documenting all of his crimes, intent on releasing them to the public. In doing so he wins the loyality, and love, of a former child soldier, now militia member, Maria Sonet, who becomes his guardian. Together they travel across the globe, recording Vaan’s father’s misdeed, and reporting other travesties. When Vaan finally releases his evidence, he is shocked demoralized when it is covered up by the authorities. It turns out that Vaan’s father knew what he was doing, and bought off several high ranking people to ensure the evidence would become lost and disvalued. Depressed and defeated, Vaan heads state side, return to LA to meet up with his brother. It is at this time that their father once again crosses the mercenary Kane, and now his life is in danger. Vaan, Klaus, and their father are targeted by Kane, and his people are able to easily get to them, with Maria getting seriously injured and being thought killed. Klaus’s father is killed, and Klaus and Vaan are spared, by “marked” for their father’s sins. Vaan is burned, and Klaus is given a scar on his chest. Kane leaves again, and the group recovers. Klaus is shaken, and becomes withdrawn, and Carl, Maria, and Veronica decide it’s time to get revenge on Kane. Together with the mysterious Frisk, they are able to track him to Tokyo, and after a lengthy chase, were able to corner him, however he got away, though Maria was able to get revenge on the woman who humiliated her before. Frisk gathers a team of mercenaries, including Carl, along with a Special Forces team, led by Veronica, go to Africa to stop Kane from selling a Nuclear weapon to a rogue U.S. general. They are successful, with Frisk killing Kane, and Carl defeating a rival he made thru his confrontations with Kane. Carl head back home to Sarah, and together they start to start a life together, while Klaus starts a life with Veronica and her boys.

And for even more info, you can head to the ignition Crisis Tumblr!TM, where im doing character info! AND RUINING MY LIFE! Jk homies

Please leave a comment or something

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Update #2: :iconmartinomgplz: (that's it...)

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And just for fun:

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If you have any others at your disposal, I would be much obliged to be able to add them to the list! :D

I apologize deeply to all of my overspammed watchers.

...This is what my life has become.

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Last year I sculpted up a few portraits of Bryan Cranston as Walter White from my favorite show "Breaking Bad". I was finally able to put the finishing touches on 3 custom figures of Walt, all of which were given to the creators of the show this past week.

It's been a helluva lot of fun, and a tremendous thrill to get to meet the artists behind this terrific show that has been so inspiring to me. Kinder people you will not meet!

So here's a look at the finished custom figures. These were pieced together from various sources, using Hot Toys bodies, and clothes I found on ebay and then altered. The heads were all painted by some talented friends of mine, and they really brought Walt to life. It's been a lot of work to try and piece these together in my free time, but I really enjoyed doing it.


ps- A random winner was chosen from my last giveaway. I'll do another giveaway in the coming months, I'm sure. :) thanks!

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Everything connects.  "The fire rises."  There's more than to what meets the eye or in this case eyes.  Many of them.  Everything you have all witnessed is leading up to something BIGGER!  The unseen will be shown and more ghastly insanity will be revealed.  "Is there a method to the madness?"  You will see.  

Just remember:
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Got a weird treats for you all,

For years, whenever I've been intensively drawing a comic project I often felt the need the write myself some music. I've found out multiplying my creative output mysteriously benefit them all. There is, usually, no link bridging my Comic and musical world. Some fugues and some String Quartet sketches have been paired with Batman Incorporated for instance.

This time, being so enthusiast for swamp thing, I went and wrote the scored for issue 7 & 8.  OK, not really, but I've tried to cover their thematic stuff in a 3:16 of Full Orchestral Music.

Here a breakdown of the cues:
00:00 The timeless mystery of the Green
00:49 Growth and fate of the Green Warrior
1:36 The Rot
2:00 A bit of actionny big battle for those who got bored until now.

May you enjoy this roughs mix.
At reverbnation:…
Or on Facebook:…
Also Dowload :…

Better experiences with headphone while reading Swamp thing.
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