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Credit and link back to this account please!:-)
Do not use my stock with nudity!
Read journal for detailed rules.

Thanks for faving!:hug:

My main account is :iconinthename:
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The Create-A-Star kit for GIMP. The kit includes the following:

30 color vector brushes + 3 .gbr
20 color "glow" brushes + 2 .gbr
5 .gbr "halo" brushes
10 .gbr star center brushes

Some examples are on the image. The possibilities, however, are limitless!

I recommend using the "scale" option for the brushes and layer the components for interesting effects.

:bulletblue: You may use these on and off deviantart, just credit me wherever they happen to end up
:bulletblue: do not use these in any work that may offend me
:bulletblue: you may use these in dA prints
:bulletblue: please link back here if you use them
:bulletblue: please note me if you use them

If you like them, then please fave/comment so I know if I should do more of these.

Other brushes:
NightSky Brushes: [link]
Stylized Star Brushes: [link]
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Dunguaire Castle in Kinvarra, Ireland. HDR composite from multiple exposures with glowing yellow & orange tones for more glowing contrast against the grey overcast sky.

You can download the same image without watermark directly on my website for free stock photos:…

This picture is also available for download at 5000 x 3333 px for a small premium of 50 points. Most everything else including my stock rules remain the same, except this premium download gives you access to a much larger version of the picture without watermark.

Stock rules here:…
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Big file is big.

So here's a little look at how I draw ponies and make comics.

That Derpy will be in a future comic.
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Part 1: [link]
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wing chun montage i made for my brother
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Mah first digital tutorial!

Well was planning to make a little tutorial for my friend that had some problems with shading...but I've put more work in it than expected so here it is!

I don't use Paint Tool SAI, so Im sure that there may be other ways to shade, but it works just fine!

:iconfluttershyyayplz:I Hope it can help someone
So much Fluttershy! yay~
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Part One: [link]

Part Two: [link]

Source svg: [link]
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Wide-angle capture of a beach boardwalk from Prince Edward Island Canada. If memory serves, this place is called Basin Head towards the North-Eastern point of the island. Variant of this previous submission with grass colors split between blue on the left side of the boardwalk and pink on the right.

You can download the same image without watermark on my website for free stock photos:…

This picture is also available for download at 4000 x 2564 px for a small premium of 40 points. Most everything else including my stock rules remain the same, except this premium download gives you access to a much larger version of the picture without watermark.

Same stock rules apply otherwise:…
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Inkscape tutorials, references, and links to be updated here. Suggestions are appreciated!

:star: Admin -- if working from a backup, overwrite the backup with the live copy before editing & updating. This keeps us from overwriting each other's updates. =D

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:sun: Inkscape Official Website :sun: and download

Inkscape Description:

-About Inkscape

An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.

Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features (markers, clones, alpha blending, etc.) and great care is taken in designing a streamlined interface. It is very easy to edit nodes, perform complex path operations, trace bitmaps and much more. We also aim to maintain a thriving user and developer community by using open, community-oriented development.

From Wikipedia: Inkscape is a vector graphics editor application. It is distributed under a free software license, the GNU GPL. Its stated goal is to become a powerful graphics tool while being fully compliant with the XML, SVG, and CSS standards.

Inkscape is cross-platform and runs on Mac OS X (typically under X11, although the underlying GTK+ toolkit can be compiled to run natively under Quartz), Unix-like operating systems, and Microsoft Windows. Inkscape's implementation of SVG and CSS standards is incomplete. Most notably, it does not yet support animation, or SVG fonts. Inkscape has multi-lingual support, particularly for complex scripts, something currently lacking in most commercial vector graphics applications.

As of 2009, Inkscape is under active development, with new features being added regularly.

FileHippo Description

Softpedia Review

:star: Software Review: Inkscape by neko-mangaka

INKSCAPE review by Re2deemer

Inkscape for Beginners

:star: a Quick Guide to Inkscape by microUgly
-I hope somebody finds it useful. You can also view a HTML version. Please leave comments and suggestions.

:star: Inkscape Tutorial Part I. Foreword: why Inkscape?
Part II. Interface preparation
Part III. Techniques
Part IV. Application
by White-Heron
-Introduction to Inkscape!

Complex Lineart in Inkscape! by White-Heron
-Warning: This tutorial uses the developer, work-in-progress, Inkscape 0.47 version. This version is Unstable (else it wouldn't be a developer version), so you've been warned.

Arabic Basic Inkscape Tutorial by anasemad
-learn inkscape easy now ... read lesson .

Clubs and Other Sites
:iconinkscapers:Inkscapers Inkscape Community
-the deviantART Inkscape users community

Individual Tutorials

C-chan's Inkscape Tutorial by C-quel
-This is an official post of C-chan's old Inkscape Tutorial, which he produced as a resource for his friends and potential Inkscape users in order to learn the basics of Inkscape usage. It was also eventually going to touch on how to create Anime-style artwork in Inkscape.

However, the project was abandoned after the pattern section due to both time constraints and some lack of interest. After the release of Inkscape 0.46, some of what is discussed in this tome is already obsolete.

Nevertheless, it should make for an interesting read, as this is one of the rare pieces of literature that C-chan published within his forum (wall-o-text posts notwithstanding).

Inkscape Tutorial by MythTrainerInfinity
-Looking to enhance the line quality of your art? Look no further! Inkscape is a free vectoring program that can help you vector. If you're frugal it's the way to go. I find it simplier to use than Flash in terms of vectoring.

Tutorial: Vector Traces by Chromamancer
-And, here's the tutorial. That was epic.

Tracing in Inkscape by LDS-Jedi
-This tutorial shows how to trace an image to prepare it for coloring.

Lineart In Inkscape by forte-girl7
-People have always asked about how I get my lineart and how I color stuff, so as a distraction from my other distractions from my other work, I decided to make a few tutorials. This is just the lineart one and I should have the coloring one up later.

basics of lineart in Inkscape by yaylitambur
-hmm, i don't think that this is a very needed tutorial, for it's really about the very basics of linearting on a vector program. therefore i tried to make it such simple that even a ten year old boy with very poor English can understand. cuz otherwise it would really be useless. after ~wang-xiangwei asked for a way to draw a single line with varying thickness, i noticed that there is no such option. Well, whatever, it's a very simple program indeed. and after all, it's all free.

inkscape mini-tut: thicknesss by yaylitambur
-my second Inkscape tut. this time a mini-tut on exclusively one topic: how to draw lines with varying thickness. i had not found the way when i was preparing the previous tut; hence the need (i feel) for this one. i hope it helps. awaiting feedback from you. see you! Inkscape is a free vector program.

how to: lineart with inkscape by happyline
-finally it's done i've a tutorial about how to do a lineart-vector with photoshop and inkscape [and of course i know it's very big :o]... it was published months ago on my website but only in german, so i wanted to do it again.

Tutorial - Inking in Inkscape by Levviathor
-Comments and questions are appreciated.

The Lazy Lineart Tutorial by alaisiaga
-This... was annoying to do. So many screenshots, and then finding out I didn't number them right, and arg arg arg. :faint: Tell me if you find any typos. But anyway.

Inkscape Tutorial v 0.44 by MythTrainerInfinity
-Yet another Inkscape tutorial. Yet again I have the line art of an anthro female showing off her hindquarters. So, here is where I teach you how to vector. Be glad I'm not one to try to make it look spectacular because that'd probably push it well over 2 MB. I'm straight and to the point.

This does not cover advanced techniques; it would probably not teach much to people who know how to use digital art programs and make masterpieces from them. This is meant for someone who has literally no idea what to do with a scanned pencil sketch, and doesn't have the money for a tablet or expensive programs like Photoshop. Everything here is touchpad-drawn (my fingers are still thanking me for that), and done using only free software. Maybe it's not the best way, but it's a good place to start for beginners who have no digital art experience, at least.

Simple Lineart Tutorial by RandomRoachie
-Spleeee. I wanted to make a tutorial. So here.

InkScape Tutorial by Sasuke204
-Some have been asking for this, so I hope this'll help.

Inkscape cell-shading tutorial
by BellaCielo
-I woke up this morning and felt like I had to do a tutorial... so here it is, my first Inkscape tutorial. Using the lovely NetBSD-tan as our model. I chose to write about (anime-style) cell shading since a lot of people are a bit apprehensive about doing shading in Inkscape. It's really no more difficult or logical than raster shading (and I certainly know it's more easy for me). Since it's always easier to comprehend an idea when you have an actual example to look at and dissect, I'm also posting the original SVG of the image in this tutorial.

.Akugyouza Tutorial Project by akugyouza
-Through my time wandering from to, some people asked for advices and some asked when I would do a tutorial, well, I already gave the advices, tips and some techniques away, it's time for the tutorial.

Inkscape Penguin Tutorial by Horgrathi
-My first inkscape tutorial, shows you how I made the penguin in Inkscape. I am really sorry if the text is to small ... i just noticed that, and well trying to fix it but its a big pain in the butt, have to re-arrange everything. In the meantime I am leaving this one up ... hope it helps you.

Icons in Inkscape - mini-tut by daj
-I tried writing a tutorial for Inkscape but I'm really bad at explaining things. It's a lot easier if I just show you. This is the basic process I go through when I make an icon or any vector work really. Created all in Inkscape, except for jpeg conversion.

Inkscape Chibi Tutorial by BellaCielo
-This is an Inkscape chibi tutorial that I did quite quickly... I hope it can help somebody. It's a darned fast way of making chibis-- the fastest I've found. All it takes is Inkscape and a bit of time and effort.

Speech Bubbles In Inkscape by sandman85048
-A tutorial on creating speech bubbles in Inkscape. The download is a ZIP file containing these things:

* The video (obviously)
* A .srt subtitle file with instructions
* A .ass subtitle file with instructions
* A text version of the subtitle file

Most media players support these files; there should be some way to import the subtitle file. Otherwise, you can just open the file named "Instructions.txt", which tells you what to do as the subtitles do. I recommend you read it during or after watching the video.

Creating Swirls in Inkscape by MrTentacleguy
-It's about creating swirls in Inkscape. It should be very easy to follow. If you don't have Inkscape yet, download it for free.
Try this tutorial, you will see, it's a fast and easy way to achieve a wonderful effect with better results than drawing by hand. Comments are appreciated.

swirls in inkscape revisited by istarlome
-An extension of the tutorial above. You should visit that first.

Inkscape Star Tutorial by Pixellover
-I'm not sure if this belongs under vector but it was the only place inkscape falls under so I'm going with this. My second tutorial. Much better than the last this time how to make a cute star in inkscape. You will need at least basic knowledge to understand this as there are no indepth explanations.

halftone effect in inkscape by istarlome
-i've been trying to do a halftone effect in inkscape for awhile now. i was reading the chapter about "tiled clones" in tavjong bah's inkscape guide one day. it showed how color can be used to create a group of stars with different sizes. i didn't think much about it at the time. that night i had a dream about using this tech to create a halftone effect. when i awoke, i wrote my dream down (i do that a lot). i tried it out in inkscape and it works just fine. here is what i came up with.

halftone effect in inkscape 2 by istarlome
-here's part two of how to create the halftone effect with inkscape. i hope some can find it useful....

Inkscape Tutorial 1 by Tamtan
-Inkscape tutorial 1 - Swirls basics. The source (.svg) version allows you to click on the elements for better understanding.

Inkscape tutorial 2 by Tamtan
-Another simple tutorial for inkscape. More on swirls.

Inkscape speedlines tutorial by mazakala
-I felt tutorial-ish. Maybe there are a million tutorials like this already, I don't care. I just wanted to make one.

Paper note in Inkscape by ash2000
-A quick tutorial on creating a piece of paper with a folded edge using Inkscape. There's no audio, but the steps are pretty simple to follow. Note that I'm using a development release of Inkscape 0.46.

Vector Art Brushs Tutorial by RebirthArt
-Tutorial para criação de brushs vector art no programa Inkscape !

Inkscape Tile tutorial by Erulisseuiin
-Learn to make roads and rivers!

Use tile clones in inkscape by anasemad
-How to use tile clones in inkscape ? select object and select Edit > Tile Clones. a Tile Clones window will appear. i was try to use the first tab in this window ....

Inkscape Eye tutorial by basspruit
-With a lack of specific tutorials for Inkscape, I just made one of my own. This tutorial uses no gradients. This is also my very first tutorial.

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