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Theme #26: Tears

Danielle rubbed her eyes as she noticed her vision getting blurry with water. She knew her "father" would never accept her back, and she was still steamed about him using her, but then why was it she was missing him?


Danielle, Vlad, and Danny (c) Butch Hartman

Black and White Version - [link]
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This is Copper Verandrinith who belongs to Zen on Vaioa wher!

He's a loverboy who likes to show off for the ladies, hence the strut!


Pern belongs to Anne McCaffery
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practicing with more concept landscape stuff. quick drawing, not sure what i was going for at first took around 45 minutes.
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Do not steal, reuse or redistribute this image.

A Fire-lizard hatchling base I've made for growing adoptables.

DRoP species belong to the late Anne McCaffrey
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**you MUST download it to actually see it** sorry it's so big :/

The English Royal Line --- Either they were a queen by right, marriage, conquest, or just a wife of a king (some wives didn't live (or were divorced) before their spouse was made king but i couldn't leave them out because they were part of their life), they're in order and here. The Norman line - the Tudor line.... maybe I'll go all the way up to Elizabeth II one day...

Queen Elizabeth 1st, Version 1: [link]
Queen Elizabeth 1st, Vesion 2: [link]

Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn [link]
Jane Seymour and Anne of Cleves [link]
Kathryn Howard and Katherine Parr [link]
Wives of Henry the VIII [link]

Queen Victoria [link]

Elizabeth Woodville [link]
Matilda of Scotland [link]
Elizabeth of York [link]
Eleanor of Aquitaine [link]
Queen Maud [link]
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So this has been my sketchbook for the last week and a bit - utterly consumed by Doctor Bashir and Garak. There's more than this, but this is the better stuff that isn't covered in notes, and some of this is not great either. I'm still trying to settle into a good look for them, but there are some bits of this I like and I wanted to show people some of what I was doing while I was eerily silent. There are definitely some bits I really don't like, but they are attached to bits I really do, so you'll have to deal with some random wonky face here and my lazy ass colors here and there.

and then do all this madness over again as i learn to draw other members of the cast because as it turns out there are other people in this show

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Check out Elle's badass one >>>>> [link]

...I got bored so i started doing a bunch of oc pictures :P
even though i should be spending my time on more
productive things i was in an oc mood ;D
Soome are just....meh random others from some
rp =3= uh i had funs....YES splitheart i am raising my
smexy ladies against you prepare yourself ;D *runs away*

:iconhollowsystem: (c) Tanis
:iconelle-evergreen:(c) Gwyn, Margot
:iconinhumunculus: (c)Cho
Meh: (c) Demi, lupa, morgan, kampfer, baal
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Availability: Still available. (Persephone and Artemis are sold out)
Price: 1,50 per bookmark
Specifics: Single-sided and laminated.
More Info:

Other Sets:

The first bunch of the bookmarks that I've finished.


Hestia with Swallows, Anthurium and an Oak tree.
Persephone with Parakeets (Alexandrine and Long Tailed), Narcissuses and a Maidenhair Fern.
Hades with a Screech Owl, Asphodel and a Cypress Tree
Artemis with a Quail, Thistle and a Laurel Tree

Please don't comment saying "But isn't Athena's bird an owl?" or "But those birds don't even come from Greece" or "Those flowers are totally wrong."
I did my research and I did it thoroughly. The only one I couldn't find anything for was Hestia, of whom I looked up plants and birds representing 'home' and fire.

Anyway you haven't seen Hestia yet, so here she is. The others should all be familiar to you if you've watched me for a while xD

Reaching for Olympus and its characters (c) *TheDutchesse
The art (c) *TheDutchesse

Tumblr | Twitter | Commission Info | More Olympus Art

These bookmarks were sold at Anime 2011
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This is a enetry for ~theLovelessAlchemist's contest at [link]

Hi there! C'est moi!
Well, I've been thinking of making some DN fan-art for a while now, but never have I ever taught my first will be a chibi :aww: And one of our most favorit lovable shugar-adict in the world - L!

As you can see, this is the result of watching Disney's Ratatouille just after episode 11 of Death Note.
I knwo the two have NOTHINg in common - one is a children's comedy while the other is a psihological triller, but I care not. I've been thinking, that if L wasn't a detective? What other jobs would be qualify for, ore even what would his dream job be? I just couldn't see him as a critiq, so here we have him as a chef (idea came since we all know his love for sweets ~ he almost always tastes something) since he gets to be around sweets all-day round :D
Instand idea, instent laugh. Making this was more tehn fun (I never made cakes before, and I pretty much like the strawberry). Background gave me a hard time (I never seme to figure out waht to do with them) and my photoshop crased manny, manny times while working on it, but no big harm done.
Hope you'll like it for I sure do.

P.S. Love the expresion I gave him.
P.S.S. Please forgive me for the watermark, but I must protect my work

media: HB/B2 0.5 mechanical pencil on ordenary paper, phothoshop, tablet
patterns: *Raimyu [link]
Death Note © Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata
Ratatouille © Disney Pixar
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