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(made in October 2004)

A little drawing for those who didn't understand what the PRESIDENT-PREACHER Bush really reveres...

And those who don't agree, I am waiting for your VALUABLE arguments to prove me that I am wrong!
Come on! Try it!

Thank you very much for those who comment, favourite and support my cartoons. I don't always have the time to thank you individually, but be sure that I appreciate a lot!

Comments welcome.

If you are interested to take a look at other political cartoons I made about the Iraq war, here are the links on my blog ACE CARTOON PILOT (in order of realization) :


And other cartoons that are worth the look :

May you have good laughs and a nice day!
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Paul's whole world was spinning.  The Proxitol made it incredibly difficult for him to think clearly. Maya? Yes, her name was Maya. She had told him it would only be a few days, that the thing inside would dissolve.  She'd been wrong, and she'd been surprised that she'd been wrong, not that it mattered. Resting his head against the cool porcelain of the toilet in the cell he called a room, Paul
could almost laugh about how this all seemed like some ridiculous dream. But the pain, the disorientation, and the feeling of...something inside...assured him it was anything but.  

The growth had started spreading again, but it was different this time. The iridescent scales had formed
patches around his hips, wrapped around his waist, and then branched out into two separate lines that
ran up and gathered around his shoulder blades, sprouting opaque sacs.
That night he dreamed of an ocean, somewhere far, far away. Something large and shapeless, sparkling like a star-covered sky, swam past and circled around him. Orbs of light blinked in and out of existence as a Voice echoed within his skull.

Please, We Must Help Mother.

"Who are you? What do you want with me?"

I Am Tal'shen Spawn of Lysanna.  Please, We Must Help Her.

"Why can't anyone give me any ANSWERS!"  His head swirled with frustration and fear. "I don't understand any of this!"

A feeling of deep regret surrounded Paul.  
I Am Sorry. I Can Only Tell You Little. I Am Tal'shen, Spawn Of Lysanna.  She Seeks Asylum From Those That Would Come Again. The One You Call Maya Holds Within Her The Sister-Progeny Of Lysanna.  I Cannot Sense Her Motives, Only Tell You She Has Not Told You Everything.

"Why isn't the Proxitol working on you?"

I Am Not A Normal Spawn.  I Am Abnormal, Mutated, Immune To The Poison Being Used. I Cannot Leave You As Others Would Leave Their Hosts. If I Am To Survive, Then It Is In MY Interests To Help AND Keep You Alive. I Shall Try And Assist, As You Will See.

"What do you mea-"

It Is Time You Woke Up. SHE Is Approaching.

When Paul opened His Eyes, he couldn't really say he was surprised to see that the sacs had popped, leaving wriggling masses of tentacles sprouting from his shoulder blades.

The door opened, and Maya stepped in.
A submission for The Odyssey 2 contest
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Attention Odyssey Project mods! If you need this image in a larger size, please let me know! As I am selling prints, I have set it to not allow downloads of the large original image!


Paul worked up a lather in his hands and gently started to wash the rash.

Flakes, like scales, began to slough away.

Underneath whirled a mass of colors. Indigo. Vermilion. Rust. Mahogany. And they were… moving. Swirling. Copulating with each other. Buds of new, unseen colors exploding from the trysts.

It was beautiful. It was obscene.
It was spreading.

Submission for Odyssey II Project chapter 1 (winner). Color is kind of my kryptonite. I wrecked three sheets of watercolor paper before I finally got one that I liked.

I'm having a lot of fun working on these submissions though. It's giving me a chance to do some work in a style I don't get to do much, and I'm remembering how much I liked working with ink and how little of that I do anymore these days.


Prologue [link] (runner up)
Chapter 2 [link] (runner up)
Chapter 3 [link] (runner up)
Chapter 4 [link]
Chapter 5 [link] (runner up)
Chapter 6 [link] (winner)
Chapter 7 [link]
Chapter 8 [link]

These are all available as prints.
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Maya wore confusion on her face.

Paul had always been short with words; this time would be no different.

"I know everything now."

Maya watched as he floated upwards through the hole in the ceiling.

There was no time to tell her what he had seen. What it was like to die while psychically connected to another being and how, in that moment, the mind-soul rides that tether like a roller coaster searching for the end of the track. That he rode that tether through the mind of Tal'shen and then into its mother, witnessing their lives, truths and stories.

No time to explain that he knew her race, perhaps better than her. That for millennia these stained glass people worshiped science as humans worshiped gods, and evolved a culture of unraveling the complex mysteries of the mathematical universe. They were a race that evolved exponentially because each was dedicated to self-improvement. He saw that, over time, there was a great shift - physical and mental - and an age came to pass when their minds became so intimate with understanding, they began to manipulate the base principals of reality.


Born from meditation-like practices, this tuning to the universe led to what would appear to be magic - incantations - but was simply the spoken formula for making the universe bend. Words are sound and vibration; the rhythmic-like frequencies that drive our plane of existence. Speak the right words and control the un-tamable.

Many excelled at the tuning, named DeShol, becoming so proficient they needed only think these commands. This was a dangerous thing, and the people became divided about its potential. Was this their evolution? To toy with the matters and energies of life? Factions aligned and war erupted. On one side, the disciples of DeShol. On the other, those who feared it. In the middle, a dying planet and a group that chose to leave. This group, through focus, created a quantum rift and crossed to our world.

Their bodies quickly dying, the para-dimensional jump to the oxygen-rich Earth would be their demise, unless they claimed the planet for themselves. But even this group splintered and fought until only two remained: Lysanna and Mayanna.

Lysanna's last misguided attempt at saving her race had soured. Mayanna's last humble attempts to stop her had faltered. A unforeseen offspring ran rampant, choosing it's own destiny.

Paul looked down at Maya. Maya who had always wanted only peace and knowledge and caring, but was forced to betray those beliefs to stop her sister. She now rested her hope in an unexpectedly re-purposed human. She may never have intended to be a threat... but Paul knew better. Harnessing DeShol was a mistake, and his hybrid mind would tap into it like none other. But this power too great.

She was a threat to the Earth like Tal'shen.

With a sound that was as much a hum as it was words, he separated her atoms and turned her to fine red mist. While he was no longer quite a human, he was going protect his planet at any cost.

Paul and Tal'shen  were anomalies of those that sired them yet they shared a few base similarities to it, including the psychic bond. Paul could sense it, feel Tal'shen was several blocks away, reproducing, by thrusting a long thin tentacle into the chest of any human it could find. Hundreds had been impregnated with the spore-like, symbiotic embryo but to Paul's heightened senses, they were like beacons.

Paul glided down to street level, to the carnage and began to eliminate the incubating humans. Each beyond salvation, nothing more than a husk awaiting the eruptive force growing within. One by one, Paul hummed a murmur that ended them. He paced his actions, to be sure to find each and every one of the poor humans, yet always closing in on Tal'shen, the unimaginable offspring. Soon, Paul got too close.

Far ahead, Tal'shen had a moment of clarity and felt Paul approaching. Using the tether between them, it spoke into his mind.

"We are Brethren, we are not like those who made us. We are above both our peoples, it is we who should rule them."

The voice boomed inside Paul's, swaying him.

"I have no such desire, neither did your people." Paul sent this, moving ever closer, turning human bodies to plumes of crimson.

"Lysanna sought to bring her people here…but… this is my home and I choose to make… my own people… But you are killing them." Tal'shen sensed few of it's life-spores remain via the tether, Paul sensed that too.

"You are an unknown variable, your offspring will be as well. You don't know what they'll be. What they'll do…" Paul touched ground. The hybrid was very close and turned to him a grotesque deformity of life. It's shimmering skin too tight with it's over-slim waist and torso proportioned in defiance of its bloated upper-body. The elongated head surrounded by tentacle stumps hacked by Maya, save one, that danced, seeking prey on its own accord.

Paul used the DeShol as he had on the humans and felt Tal'shen flare up in resistance. The hybrid stood unharmed.

"You cannot stop me.  You move… I counter." The lone tentacle turned to him first.

Paul shut down the tether and hummed the tone and pitch he had witnessed in Lysanna's memory. A sound unknown to Tal'shen. A rift opened, smaller less than what Paul knew of, but good enough as Tal'shen walked right through…

…Into the vacuum of Earth's outer orbit.

Devoid of oxygen, it flailed. The tentacle whipped about madly. Spinning, weightless, Tal'Shen looked down upon the giant blue-green sphere and saw only it's own failure and then, slowly, its demise.

Paul extinguished the few remaining human husks. Ultimately there was still another threat. Not just to the Earth, but perhaps the universe itself.

He focused his mind and the vibration shook the buildings around him. The DeShol gave way and opened a rift to the home world of Lysanna and Mayanna.

He would see to it that their world would never threaten his, or any other, planet again.
Entry for Odyssey 2 featuring Clive Barker
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:shamrock: Two birds with one stone! Wanted to do Haytham!Kiwi too and well..... n_n Ahem.
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Attention Odyssey Project mods! If you need this image in a larger size, please let me know! As I am selling prints, I have set it to not allow downloads of the large original image!


Paul staggered out into the early morning fog like a drunkard.

He hunched into the raised lapels of this too-thin jacket and wandered away from the hotel, disoriented, shivering--panic gnawing at his gut like a cannibal. "I need help," he thought, "but where?"

Submission for Odyssey II project chapter 2 (runner up).

I recognize this is a weaker piece for me, but even so, I'm glad I got it done. I think it was good practice to draw some buildings. That's something I need to do more.

Oh, incidentally, I am doing all my chapter art with acrylic ink. I haven't done much with ink in ages and it reminds me how nice it is sometimes to work in. Painter, my usual digital program, has some amazing effects, but there's some things that you really can only do with the real media. I think I missed having ink under my fingernails.


Prologue [link] (runner up)
Chapter 1 [link] (winner)
Chapter 3 [link] (runner up)
Chapter 4 [link]
Chapter 5 [link] (runner up)
Chapter 6 [link] (winner)
Chapter 7 [link] (runner up)
Chapter 8 [link]

These are all available as prints.
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Valentine's Day greetings from the DiMauro siblings~ /o/ If you follow me on Tumblr, you've seen a non-text version of this already. Fixed a few things on this version though.

Falen and Griffin volunteer to be your valentines. Especially Griffin. He has a lot of love to give--

Falen and Griffin
Program: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop

Falen, Griffin, and art © R727 (2008-2012)
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I decided to get out the camera for this submission. I wanted to focus on the abduction aspect, as I felt this was the most important element of chapter 2.

I dont do much photography, but the Odyssey project has been a great opportunity to experiment in different styles for each chapter.

The piece is mixed media using a combination of my photography, acrylics, and Photoshop (and many thanks to David for modeling for me) :)

For purposes of the project the white border around the image can be cropped off if need be.
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Hey guys! Happy Saint Patrick day! hope you have a guiness in your hand :D. Here goes an Irish story for this day. This is an old pic, hope you like it :)

graphire/PSCS/6hours/music: Therion - Cu Chulainn

Let´s Wikiattack!
Cú Chulainn ([kuːˈxʊlɪnʲ] ( listen), Irish for "Culann's Hound"), also spelled Cúchulainn, Cúchulain, Cú Ċulainn, Cúchullain or Cú Chulaind, is an Irish mythological hero who appears in the stories of the Ulster Cycle, as well as in Scottish and Manx[citation needed] folklore. The son of the god Lug and Deichtine (sister of Conchobar mac Nessa), he was originally named Sétanta.

He gained his better-known name as a child after he killed Culann's fierce guard-dog in self-defence, and offered to take its place until a replacement could be reared. At the age of seventeen he defended Ulster single-handedly against the armies of queen Medb of Connacht in the epic Táin Bó Cúailnge ("Cattle Raid of Cooley"). It was prophesied that his great deeds would give him everlasting fame, but that his life would be a short one. This is the reason why he is compared to the Greek hero Achilles. He is known for his terrifying battle frenzy or ríastrad (similar to a berserker's frenzy, though sometimes called a "warp spasm" because of the physical changes that take place in the warrior), in which he becomes an unrecognisable monster who knows neither friend nor foe. He fights from his chariot, driven by his loyal charioteer Láeg, and drawn by his horses, Liath Macha and Dub Sainglend. In more modern times, Cú Chulainn is often referred to as the "Hound of Ulster".
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This is a litle less cute for some reason….

Happy Valentines day everyone!

If you like this design, you can buy it here!…

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