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It's been a while since i've shared some of my favorite deviants. Here's a list of talent that some of you may or may not be aware of that i've been drooling over lately. I love this place!

Check 'em out!:

:iconfabianmonk: Fabian Schlaga. LEGEND.  If you haven't heard of this guy, you're missing out!

:iconsaspy: Saspy's work is amazing. The female mega-talent from Italy shows no sign of slowing down with her bright and fun approaches to character design, expressions and energy.

:iconjoel27: Joel is currently my FAVORITE ARTIST on Deviantart. Just flip through his gallery and you might find yourself there all day.

:icontchokun: French Artist who worked on online games and flash shorts such as WAKFU is not to be missed. serious talent here

:iconrikkitikki: Rikkitikki's light hearted animation influence illustrations are something to fall in love with. He's got a detective concept he's been playing with that shows the main characters quite often and i usually fave when he draws them. His infatuation with Audrey Hepburn is one worth watching. Gorgeous stuff.

:icontomiokajiro: Simply amazing. Not much more to be said.

:icontogatsuko: Togatsuko's anime-inspired versins of xmen characters such as Gambit rocks my face in all sorts of ways!

:iconcascanete: Cassandra Poulson's  works are as elegant as she is herself. Do yourself a favor and head on over to see this young lady's creative prowess on full display

:iconricken-art: If Marvel holla'd at Ricken to do a run on a book, i would actually consider buying a Marvel comic again.This Japanese monster's fan arts of everything from DC to Kick Ass's HIt-Girl fan art is something to behold. check it out!

:iconradsechrist: Rad Sechrist is a storyboard artist Dreamworks animation. This guy's work is just simple, fun and full of skill.

:iconraultrevino: Raul, a mexican comic book artist pretty much puts most guys to shame with his detailed environments, characters & personalities.

:iconblacksataguni: Ryu Kihyun, is HYEONG. That is all.

:iconcellar-fcp: Cellar's works make me cry. If you enjoy crying and mind-boggling work, see his page now!

:iconchaseconley: Chase Conley otherwise known as Saint Chase is a problem. The current Supervising CHaracter Designer of Adult Swim's hit show "Black Dynamite: The ANimated Series" is scary good. Go say hi!

:iconchriscopeland: Chris Copeland is a sleeping giant. What he's got bubbling in the pot is gonna pretty much blow everybody away. I can't wait to see what he does next.

:iconchristiannauck: Christian Nauk is a badass. because i said so. Also go see his page...because i said so!

:icond-pi: Ronald Wimberley, aka D-Pi, you should know by now. If you don't then you suck at life. His Graphic Novel "Prince Of Cats" is out now, too. If you didn't know that either, then you suck at life.

:icondan-duncan: Dan-Duncan's run on TMNT has gotten me excited to one day draw the heroes in a half-shell again. Really really great work!

:icondannortonart: Dan Norton was the Art Director on WB's THUNDERCATS series. His page is LITTERED with conceptual art from the TCATS show. If you're a fan, you need to get on over there and sing his praises!

:iconfeerikart: Feerik is a FA-REEK of nature. Just look through his gallery and you'll see what im talkin' about!

:iconfilbarlow: Fil Barlow is part of your childhood. Why? Because he's only worked on damned-near EVERY classic american cartoon from the 80s there is. his Real Ghostbusters character designs and art are out of this world!!

:iconftsl2000: Studio MIR staff director Han Kwang iL is an animation director on The Legend of Korra season 1. ANd now an animation director for The Boondocks season 4. Go bow before him!

:icongandlot:Gandlot....there are no words. I need to holla at him for a Cannon busters feature. He's just too good.

:icongodtail: GOD TAIL. WHy we didn't holla at him to Provide some Black Dynamite work is beyond me. The guy SCREAMS koike! So good!!!

:iconhadesha: Hadesha, the swedish super talent specializes in detailed illustrations and paintings. super duper good.

:iconhughfreeman: I've known Hugh electronically for some time. He's grown immensely. Brings a tear to my eye. Watch him now!

:iconjeffwamester: Jeff Wamester makes me feel lazy. This guy is just a drawing machine and is really heating things up lately. Keep an eye out for this guy!

:iconjoaquimdossantos: Joaquim Dos Santos, aka 2-Cents is the Executive Producer/Director of The Legend of Korra series. He's one the TOP guys working in TV animation production today. Watch him

:iconkarladiazc: Karla Diaz's fun, bubbly drawings are probably like her personality. Each line is filled with fun and confidence which makes her work super appealing. Definitely peep her out!

:iconkharyrandolph: Khary Randolph, aka, Kharupt may be familiar, but that doesn't mean he's to be slept on. This guy has been a machine for the better half of 2011-2012 and from the looks of things i don't think he'll be slowing down anytime soon. Master illustrator, awesome storyteller and all around cool Boston cat, this guy gets it done. Watch him!

:iconknknknk: KNK's just amazing. WHat she does that i love most, are her brilliant fan arts of classic american kids shows like "Hey Arnold" "Avatar:The Last Airbender" & "RECESS" always give me a bit of nostalgia.

:iconkse332: Seung Kim is HYEONG. That is all.

:iconphilbourassa: Phil Bourassa is an Emmy-award-winning character designer for WB's popular TV series "YOUNG JUSTICE." SCARY-GOOD!!!!!

: KMYG aka Yusuke Kozaki the character designer and illustrator from japan, most known for her work on the anime SPEED GRAPHER, and video games, NO MORE HEROES& AWAKENING. Super serious!

:iconlaurenmontgomery: Lauren Montgomery is in a class by herself. Producer Director of various WB DTVS ( Superman: DoomsDay, Green Lantern: First Flight, Wonder Woman) is one of the top talents working in TV animation production today. She's currently a producer on The Legend of Korra. And she loves The Little Mermaid. CHeck her out!

:iconblue-cube: Nasou is a BEAST. From Lupin, to speed racer, her paints, illustrations and overall drawing style is so inspiring to me.

:iconnelsonblakeii:Nelson Blake, a super talented illustrator for Top Cow is crving a path of his own, all to unique from others. Keep an eye for this guys name in the next year or so!

:iconosy057: Sy057's fan arts are a notch above the rest. His Naruto stuff in particular rocks faces!

:iconpotatofarmgirl: Brianne Drouhard is an incredibly creative and  talented animator working for Warner Bros animation studios. Unicorns, Titans and all types of goodies to be had on her page. check her out!!!!

:iconphobs: Phobs, is one word: BRILLIANT. Inspiration for days!

:iconreyyyyy: Mr. Sharknife himself, Mr. Corey Lewis The Reyyy. This guys work needs a certain retinal processor in order to get the full scope of face-rocking-ness that will transpire as you sift through his gallery.

:iconscabrouspencil: Kenneth Loh is beast mode. That is all.
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By being an exceptional artist/animator FIRST. Flash is just a very limited vector-based, digital graphics program. It's just a TOOL, just like pencil and paper. It's the artists using them that bring out its quality.

Here's an example:

Got it?

Good luck on your projects!!! :-)
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The story of your life?

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Top Chinese animation house, Studio Wolfsmoke ( Batman of Shanghai: Catwoman/ Kung Fu Cooking Girls), has teamed up with Top Korean animation studio, Studio Mir (The Legend of Korra, The Boondocks Season 4, Black Dynamite: The Animated Series Season 2) to produce the 2d portions of this orgasmic promo for the online game Asura. Jesus.

Step it up America!!! lol!!!!

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Got a weird treats for you all,

For years, whenever I've been intensively drawing a comic project I often felt the need the write myself some music. I've found out multiplying my creative output mysteriously benefit them all. There is, usually, no link bridging my Comic and musical world. Some fugues and some String Quartet sketches have been paired with Batman Incorporated for instance.

This time, being so enthusiast for swamp thing, I went and wrote the scored for issue 7 & 8.  OK, not really, but I've tried to cover their thematic stuff in a 3:16 of Full Orchestral Music.

Here a breakdown of the cues:
00:00 The timeless mystery of the Green
00:49 Growth and fate of the Green Warrior
1:36 The Rot
2:00 A bit of actionny big battle for those who got bored until now.

May you enjoy this roughs mix.
At reverbnation:…
Or on Facebook:…
Also Dowload :…

Better experiences with headphone while reading Swamp thing.
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So today I had to pack away my Animation Disc and Desk away for storage.  I'm a bit sad to see it go, since I had these bad boys since my last year of CalArts, my first years as a pro at Disney Feature Animation, Nickelodeon and now Pixar...

Here is a pic of it:
You can tell this desk was the real deal, it's all scuffed up and well loved! I even cut the hole in the desk myself to turn this drafting table into an animation desk!

I'm gonna miss you guys, hopefully when my boys inherit you someday they'll create some more awesomeness!
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Final Thoughts from Clive Barker

Odyssey. I can think of no better word to describe the journey that took place these past few months.

With the prologue, “They’re Mad, They Are,” I began work on a vessel that was not yet ready for sea. And on that holed ship, together we embarked over open waters towards an unknown destination.

What I then witnessed both touched and humbled me. You, the mighty crew of the HMS Odyssey, simultaneously crafted her and plotted her voyage with artistry and grace.  No small feat.

The path we traveled was treacherous, to be sure. But we passed through the eye of the storm, and found ourselves in a new world. It was brutal, brilliant, and inspiring.

Thank you for sharing yourselves with me. You are among the finest shipmates I’ve ever had the privilege to work beside. Make no mistake; we’ve built something beautiful.

Though our paths must now diverge, we will forever be connected by this sweet and terrible ride through the eternal, collective universe of That Which Can Be Imagined.

Odyssey II






Read Prologue

Chapter 1

A Shower and a Change

ARTWORK BY: littlecrow

LITERATURE BY: markmywords85

Read Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The Host With the Most

ARTWORK BY: Apollomidnight


Read Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Skin Glowing From Within


LITERATURE BY: MelissaBoreal

Read Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Dreams of the Deep



Read Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Techno-Colored Psychosis



Read Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Something Worse than Nobody

ARTWORK BY: littlecrow


Read Chapter 6

Chapter 7

A Man Reborn


LITERATURE BY: demonsweat

Read Chapter 7

Chapter 8


ARTWORK BY: Micha-vom-Wald


Read Chapter 8

Symptom of the Universe

The Vision is Getting Clearer...

The inimitable author and artist, the fantastic Clive Barker, lent his special, brilliant madness to Odyssey Project 2.0 by writing the first “prompt” chapter of our experiment; setting the tenor for what would evolve into a weirdly wonderful and beautiful tale. We were honored by his participation.

For marioluevanos and I, This was our second effort at creating an ultra-collaborative short story fiction, our delirious, inspired version of the “exquisite corpse” salon game once played by the Surrealists. So far this incredible community of creative artists and storytellers have given life to two amazing “monsters”. The Grand Game will continue.

There were, once again, a whole host of minor glitches, particularly with so many entries needing to be read and fairly assessed in such a short time by so few judges (Clive himself was the ultimate arbiter this time).  All of your suggestions for improving this endeavor that have been coming in are greatly appreciated. You all have been writing the rules of the next Odyssey project throughout this process.

“Baby steps” for now, but together, we dream mightily…

Of all the unforeseen collateral fallout surrounding our Odyssey endeavors contest, none has been more heartening than the many incidences of participants branching off from the main narrative of the “chosen” story to continue their own personal vision. Often in collaboration with other writers and artists, they discovered their own preferred narrative vein and finished out their own separate stories. The idea behind this project has always been all about sparking creativity in collaboration, not simply winning a place in the main story.  That so many fresh new stories were born from the deviously germinated seed of a single Clive Barker chapter is precisely the magic we can all achieve together.

Many have been asking about the hard copy publication of Odyssey and Odyssey II, as well as the attendant charitable donations to come from those sales.  I am preparing a separate article for everyone that will go out in the next two weeks which will outline the plans for publishing both works this fall. There will be digital versions as well as hard copy versions. We have also expanded the content to include a full explanation of Odyssey Project with a behind the scenes feature outlining the process and participants from the beginning. I will create a list of the timelines, elements, and structure that we can all discuss in the comments and I will also schedule a featured chat with marioluevanos and I so that we can all talk about it in real time.

Odyssey II



by puzzledpixel

This body,
against the rage of strongest winds
and waves of virulent assaults
will endure.
My feet,
through vicious aftershocks
shall grow roots
and when the eye of the storm
has looked me in the eye, I
will be left standing,
alone, intact,
My life is not my
own and this body,
is only worn.
I am
my spirit, ethereal
Not by anything in this world
can I be touched,
you can not even bend me.
How can you destroy me?

A Subtle Shift in Course

by Beatleyperson

A subtle shift in course
That seemed quite insubstantial at first
Has given way, till you're far off path
And lost in a distant trance
What seemed inconsequential at the start
Has now made your life slowly fall apart
As you watch it crumble and crumple in your hands
You feel yourself loose your grip, and go mad
A certain paranoia sinks through the weary haze
You desperately try and slip away
As it grows into an uncontrollable panic
And you begin to grow drastic
And as the fear begins to grow
A soft voice in your head begins to echo
What did you do to deserve such a fate?
But put it out of mind, because it's too late
You're surly going to die by the hand
That you didn't see, didn't expect, and
The one you weren't afraid of
Brought this nightmare to life
And all of this came to roust
From a subtle shift in course

Inside Out

by portraitinflesh

Nausea, not me:
I boil within
my own skin
is a stranger
flaming and searing
me, not me.

The pain is in plain view
if only I weren’t hidden
if I could see me
would I recognize
or avert my eyes
knowing it has all
been taken away.

Me, not me
not since she,
or it, or them

Me, why me
a chosen vessel
without my consent

I may not have been much
but I’m all I’ve ever had
and now, no
nothing, nowhere.
The skin—my skin—
taken, broken
bruised, flayed
I fade

because of her
or it, or them
I will end;
even my wasted time
is torn away.

I’m tearing now
she-it-they want out.
I want to shout, scream
But my voice is alien to me.

Two of me
from me
of me
but not.
No longer.


by portraitinflesh

what’s mine is mine
to twist or unwind
I know what I hold dear

the end is near
if you had your way
each night you’d erase the next day

the price you had to pay
was far too high,
you ripped apart the sky

no explanation why
other than wanting to play God
you needed no encouraging nod

my ally was odd
even to you, yet she
also betrayed me

I can finally see
the truth you tried to hide
I saw once I died

so I turned the tide
you are out of time
what’s mine is mine

Outside In

by portraitinflesh

Look at the beauty
There is shit everywhere, every
breath drags it into me.

There is beauty all around
The ground under my feet is poisoned
I look up, and the sky is dying.

I see what you cannot
We avert our eyes, our
sighs we bottle up inside.
So much potential, so much
A shell of protection,
we’re so close to breaking apart.

You ignore your treasure,
this precious world, a shining
reflection of infinite possibilities—
you don’t deserve it
and you won’t miss
what you never noticed

Day in, die out
it’s all the same.
No one knows my name,
I’ve grown OK with that.
Life should make sense by now
instead, it drags me down.

A way in, that’s all I ask—
a path to your world, a
chance to taste neglected wonders

I wander through life,
everyone does—
it’s what we do when we don’t dream.

A seam to rip apart;
I’ll tear through you
Something has entered me
You may not make it
but you’ll create it
I feel so empty inside.

The Vision is Getting Clearer... The inimitable author and artist, the fantastic Clive Barker, lent his special, brilliant madness to Odyssey Project 2.0 by writing the first “prompt” chapter of our experiment; setting the tenor for what would evolve into a weirdly wonderful and beautiful tale. We were honored by his participation.
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Today's SKW MOVE OF THE DAY features a brutal punchout AND a final kick to the face KO from Sumiko to Devon!!!


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When I do a finished pencil drawing, I typically keep the drawing as clean as possible while drawing it. This saves in clean up time during the scanning process. I do that by starting my under-drawing with a very light (hard) pencil lead. 4H Mechanical Lead Holder. After I have established the structure, perspective and loose details of the drawing I go over the drawing tightening every thing up with a darker (softer) lead. H Lead.

In the past I've used 2H, but ended up drawing harder to get a nice dark line and was pressing grooves into the page. This just makes it hard to ink. Anything darker than 2H will be likely to start smearing as you rub your hand over the drawing, resulting in a general gray "haze" over the whole drawing. TO AVOID SMEARING AS I DRAW, I place a piece of typing paper under my hand to cover portions of the underdrawing while working on it. Sometimes for pages I will even mask off, or tape pages together, leaving a window of just the panel Im working on open to draw. Then as I move to the next panel I re-tape my "mask" pages to leave the next panel open.

This light underdrawing is the equivelant to using a blue line pencil or lightboxing a sketch from another page. After working with Randy Green he had shown me that going directly to the board with a light pencil, it saves alot of time and helps keep the energy from your sketch directly on the page.

So after I have used a darker lead and finished the pencil drawing, I scan in the drawing into photoshop.

I do not adjust the levels in the actual scanning program. I just set the mode to gray, and typically scan everything in at 400 DPI. I scan everything so high, because even sketches might end up in a printed sketchbook later, and you can always downsize something. You cannot improve the quality of the scan though with out rescanning. So every file I have is usually a high-res and a "interenet-ready" size that is more manageable.

So I have the scanned image open in Photoshop. I enlarge the image to 12.5% or 25% to get a clear view of the line work. I then duplicate the background layer, so that I have two layers of the line art. I change the mode of the top layer to MULTIPLY. This will automatically make your drawing darker. And not just darker but you've doubled the range of grays in your drawing.

Here is the theory behind it, when you change the contrast or levels of your drawing, you are taking away the number of grays and making the line art darker and the white of the page lighter. When you start from your original scan you only have a certain number of gray levels throughout the file. When you mulitply that file, you are doubling that number of gray levels in your drawing. Basically creating twice as much information to start from.

So after the top layer is set to MULITPLY, you flatten the image, and your drawing should look alot darker and the gray "haze" will increase. Now when you adjust the gray levels you are starting from a darker image and you loose less quality when you make the page lighter to eliminate the haze.

Generally I open the Level control under Image/adjustments/levels. or Cntrl L. I move the black arrow to the right and set to around 50. and move the white arrow to the left to around 225. These numbers are very approximate, while I slide the arrows of contrast I am looking at the image to see the change that is happening. When moving the black arrow I look for the point when the line art is getting to a nice "readable" dark and when you go too far, making the smaller details too muddy. I move the white arrow looking at the white of the page and adjusting to the point where the gray "haze" is dissappearing and when I go too far and start to lose rendering details. So the numbers I mentioned above are subject to the these conditions of each drawing.

After I set the levels I have a more clear pencil drawing, sometimes nearly black line art.

I hope that helps some people out with their line art
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T-Shirts Giveaway, come and see! [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Wed May 21, 2014, 10:09 AM

Hello there!
I'm happy to announce, that along with guys from the awesome we're making a small giveaway for you!

I got free t-shirt of choice from my 
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:bulletorange: Winners will be selected with random number generator and announced in my next journal entry.

Good luck, everybody! :happybounce:

Skin by SimplySilent
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