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Got a weird treats for you all,

For years, whenever I've been intensively drawing a comic project I often felt the need the write myself some music. I've found out multiplying my creative output mysteriously benefit them all. There is, usually, no link bridging my Comic and musical world. Some fugues and some String Quartet sketches have been paired with Batman Incorporated for instance.

This time, being so enthusiast for swamp thing, I went and wrote the scored for issue 7 & 8.  OK, not really, but I've tried to cover their thematic stuff in a 3:16 of Full Orchestral Music.

Here a breakdown of the cues:
00:00 The timeless mystery of the Green
00:49 Growth and fate of the Green Warrior
1:36 The Rot
2:00 A bit of actionny big battle for those who got bored until now.

May you enjoy this roughs mix.
At reverbnation:…
Or on Facebook:…
Also Dowload :…

Better experiences with headphone while reading Swamp thing.
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Top Chinese animation house, Studio Wolfsmoke ( Batman of Shanghai: Catwoman/ Kung Fu Cooking Girls), has teamed up with Top Korean animation studio, Studio Mir (The Legend of Korra, The Boondocks Season 4, Black Dynamite: The Animated Series Season 2) to produce the 2d portions of this orgasmic promo for the online game Asura. Jesus.

Step it up America!!! lol!!!!

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Agent Carter By Knightreaver-d813yks (1) by techgnotic

“Agent Carter” is the latest Marvel Comics based show to hit the airwaves.

Picking up where the Captain America: The First Avenger movie left off, we find ourselves back in the 1940’s following the life of Peggy Carter after losing Steve Rogers (a.k.a. “Captain America”). Set in 1946, it is a period still trying to come to terms with the idea of the self–sufficient “working woman” who, before the war, was a rare creature. It is also an era when it was totally acceptable to bombard women with sexist and belittling comments.

When we first meet Peggy Carter she is walking down the street in a sea of grey suits and it is clear from her attire that she is not here to blend in with the background. The show’s costume designers created a very patriotic red, white, and blue look for the first time we see her; the same outfit she wears in all of the publicity photos for the show. Her ensemble was created most likely to visually link her previous ties to Captain America who sports the same patriotic color pallet in his outfit rather than being the same colors as her own country’s Union Jack. While she is dressed in the female equivalent to a men’s suit there is one item that sets her apart: her bright red hat.

Comic book heroes have never been trendsetters or fashion icons, and one knows better than to look to them for fashion inspiration. The skin–tight latex one piece suits favored by comic book heroines are fashion disasters when attempted in the real world.

By moving away from the up until now established hypersexualized female comic book hero, Agent Carter looks to appeal to an entirely different audience, one mainstream comics often forgets or deliberately ignores. The typical comic book audience is no longer the stereotyped young “nerdy” male living out his fantasies vicariously with the pin–up style ladies filling the pages of the latest graphic novel. Today’s comic book audience is almost 50% female and they expect more from their heroines’ attire than the usual “barely–there” outfits.

Which Brings Us Back to The Red Hat

Enter Peggy Carter, who is not only capable, confident, and poised — but feminine as well. When Agent Carter appears at her job, her outfit is modest, well–tailored, and professional; fashionable for the time without being distracting. Peggy is respected by her female coworkers, something which is rare not only in comics, but in entertainment as a whole, where one is more likely to see females engaged in “cat fights” than sisterhood. Her female colleague specifically compliments Peggy's red hat as she enters the office. She likes it, and more importantly, she lets us know that we, as the audience, are allowed to like it.

It establishes that being fashionable and feminine are acceptable and do not, in any way, detract from a woman’s ability to be competent and intelligent. At the same time Peggy knows how to use her femininity, and the reality of the sexist world she lives in, to her advantage. She disguises herself as a sultry blond to gain easy access to the information she needs. She uses the ages–old “lady troubles” excuse when she needs the day off to investigate a case. She claims she hurt herself when she caught her heel in the cobblestones to hide the real reason for her limp after being injured while saving the day. After all, if sexism can work against her, why can’t she make it work for her?

We also find that Agent Carter isn’t afraid to reverse the typical gender roles

In this show Peggy Carter takes the spotlight, while Jarvis, a butler whose services she has inherited, happily plays a supporting character to our hero in his role as emotional support and get–away–car driver. The contrast between the Peggy and Jarvis relationship and Peggy’s relationship with her male co–workers, and even that of her friend Angie’s with her male customers at the restaurant, is quite stark. The show makes it crystal clear what its message is regarding gender equality and sexism during a scene in the diner. Peggy almost impales a misogynistic male customer with a fork while setting him straight on how to treat his waitress before sending him on his way.

Even though Peggy is still mourning the recent loss of Steve Rogers, who ostensibly died just as their romance was starting to bloom, she clearly has no intention of throwing herself into the arms of the nearest man for comfort, as she maintains professional and platonic relationships with Jarvis and her fellow agents. Peggy signals through her actions that she is an independent woman who can take care of herself and is ready roll with the punches. She clarifies this for Agent Sousa when he tries to defend her after callous comments from another agent. Instead of the “thank you” he expects, he is told to back off because Peggy can fight her own battles and doesn’t need a man to defend her.

The character of Peggy Carter fills an interesting space in the comic world, violating the social norms of her time without attempting to start a revolution. She has no qualms donning a dress in order to get closer to her target, but firmly reminds others that she is an agent, not a secretary. Her hat is a symbol of her power, and unlike so many other comic book heroines, her symbol of power is not built for the male gaze. She doesn’t don a skintight, revealing outfit involving a gravity–defying bra, but a swell accessory with a pop of color. You can expect to see many a red hat and period appropriate hemline on cosplayers at upcoming conventions, and it will be a very welcome sight.

Credit is definitely due to Hayley Atwell, the actor playing Peggy Carter, whose performance sells the character and the story. Atwell is on her way to becoming this generation’s Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) in the way she drives the message home that women don’t need protecting or rescuing, they just need people to get out of their way so they can save the day. Atwell’s Peggy Carter makes it clear to anyone that tries to demean her that she isn't going any where and is here to stay. She may not have super powers, an iron suit or super soldier serum, but she is, without a doubt, the hero so many women have been waiting for and the one they have deserved for a long, long time.

Your Thoughts

  1. Which female comic book hero would you like to see get her own movie?
  2. Do you feel a hero’s outfit distracts from their storyline or takes away from their credibility?

Agent Carter is the latest Marvel Comics based show to hit the airwaves. Picking up where the Captain America: The First Avenger movie left off, we find ourselves back in the 1940’s following the life of Peggy Carter after losing Steve Rogers (a.k.a. “Captain America”). Set in 1946, it is a period still trying to come to terms with the idea of the self-sufficient “working woman” who, before the war, was a rare creature. It is also an era when it was totally acceptable to bombard women with sexist and belittling comments.

Authors: spotted, damphyr

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
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So today I had to pack away my Animation Disc and Desk away for storage.  I'm a bit sad to see it go, since I had these bad boys since my last year of CalArts, my first years as a pro at Disney Feature Animation, Nickelodeon and now Pixar...

Here is a pic of it:
You can tell this desk was the real deal, it's all scuffed up and well loved! I even cut the hole in the desk myself to turn this drafting table into an animation desk!

I'm gonna miss you guys, hopefully when my boys inherit you someday they'll create some more awesomeness!
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' Job Descriptions

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 5, 2011, 4:28 PM

★ Designer Class ★

Designer :
As a designer you help color, design, and fashion new sets of dolls/toys. This position is very important for the business.
The head of this department is celiere

Rank 2

Inventor :
With exceptional designing abilities, Inventors can fashion the most perfect dolls for any purpose or event, both quickly and efficiently. They also design zombie builds for the Assemblers, as well as inventing all sorts of things which will make running the store much easier.
Their work is usually commissioned by the best paying buyers. They often oversee the work of their Designers as well.

★ Craftsman Class ★

Craftsmen :
As a craftsman, your job is to assemble/build the toys and dolls. This job is also important. You alos engage in other jobs such as repairing broken toys.
The head of this department is Jubblier

Rank 2

Tailor :
Masters with a needle and thread, they usually fashion together the more complex designs, leaving room for only superb quality and craftsmanship. And, as experts of your trade, your responsible for fixing toys as though a 'toy doctor'.

★ Body Snatcher Class ★

Body Snatcher :
Body Snatchers rob graves and do other murderous acts to collect body parts. The body parts are used to create ill-minded zombies(like building frankenstiens) to be sold as servants or slaves.
The head of this department is solitairre

Rank 2

Assassin :
Elite body snatchers, they are experts in stealth and go to even further, more dangerous lengths to secure the best parts for the Assemblers. They may even assassinate or steal from the living because, after all, the fresher parts are always the best~ They can work with poisons to either kill or paralyze their enemies as they take from them what they want. (ew? 8'D )
Should there be an invasion, they may also work with the army as stealth experts.

★ Assembler Class ★

Assembler :
Assemblers customize and build the zombies from what body-snatchers collect. they're like craftsman but with human bodies.
The head of this department is shidrome

Rank 2

Surgeon / Doctor :
Specially saught after for their expectional surgery and general medical abilities, they not only build, but work as doctors for every race working within the Toystore, and out. As elite assemblers, they also build the most perfect undead, for any purpose.


Creator :

Creators are Assemblers which have taken a more 'scientific' route to building and creating bodies. Your typical bichemical-weilding 'mad scientists', they try to make something out of nothing.

★ Toy Army Soldier Class ★

Toy Army Soldier
Some toys aren’t made just for play. Some toys are built for battle, in case of an invasion or other emergencies. You can be trained to be an ass-kicking toy soilder.
The head of this department is Mirvirus for the moment until a replacement appears

Rank 2

Elite Fighter :
Elite soldiers of the Toystore, they have exceptional melee skill. They are fighters, delivering heavy blows to their enemies, and are usually on the front line of any battle.
Much like in armies, they command smaller units of soldiers.


Elite Guard :

Elite soldiers of the Toystore, they have exceptional defensive skills. They are tanks, able to take heavy blows from their enemies, and also work as guards for the store.
Much like in armies, they command smaller units of soldiers.

★ Mage Class ★

Mage / Sorcerer
What makes the shop special is the living toys! In this job, you help perform rituals that bring the dolls to life. You learn different types of cult-based spells. You also learn how to manipulate and summon ghosts.
The head of this department is Pokey-Chan

Rank 2

Conjurer :
Conjurers manipulate the elements, taking a more offensive/classic role to the idea of magic and sorcery. They may also study potion making and other such magical talents.
Conjurers also have advanced ability in the manipulation of spirits, and do well with rituals that bring the dolls and zombies to life. They are not as occult as Shamans, however.


Shaman :

Shaman perform advanced rituals and practices, indulging in the occult arts of the spiritual world, sometimes even delving deep enough to perform human sacrifice. They have the ability to summon high-ranked demons and souls, and learn advanced manipulation of both spirits and shadows. This job is of high risk, as it sometimes involves deviltry. They may also learn ritual medicine.

★ Soul Collector Class ★

Soul Collector / Harvester
Soul Collectors reap souls from the dead or, sometimes, even the living. They seal the souls away and take them back to the store to be used in rituals, or revived as toys / zombies by the mages.
Soul Collectors are also taught different types of magic, primarily the dark arts.
The head of this department is Mirvirus

Promotion Class is soon to come!

Things to remember...

'Rank 2' are the promotional classes of the job sets available. You cannot apply to a Rank 2/Promotional job. You can only be promoted to it.

"How do I get promoted?"

Class-dependent quests will occur every now and then, in which your character can partake for the chance of being promoted! They test a character's skill/potential.

The quests may come in different styles; the manager of their respective group may rate the entries, or round-by-round tournament may be held, in which the victor is chosen for promotion!

In rare cases, promotions may be handed out to members for achievement in roleplays or art contribution.

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God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools.
-John Muir

It is absolutely imperative that we protect, preserve and pass on this genetic heritage for man and every other living thing in as good a condition as we received it.
-David R. Brower

Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.
-John Muir

Color Bonanza.. by M-Atif-SaeedPortrait of trees by WojciechDziadoszlily2 by zoee7Forest Realm by FlorentCourtyPremonition by benjamin-charlesVenice III by IsacGoulartThe Meadow by rctfan2The gathering by PeterJCoskunCydonia Sunrise by joerossbach:thumb291408137:R E D by Jenova-89Finality by IvanAndreevichToxic Rain by MattGranzPhotographyRophaien by TobiasRichtergreen by Sophie-YHero by Nellekethe burning tree by garritSnow Bound Barn by INTOtheRFDBack to You by Beth-Gadar:thumb291255207:The Line of Aspens by mjohanson:thumb263874184:Maldives 2 by NightlineWildly romantic House I by pingalleryBeyond Reality by purplekyloeBluebells by Lazlowoodbine2010:thumb291569799:Golden Sunset by AlexGutkinEarly Bloomer by Hunter-ArkamanDans les Alpes avec Annette by Dulcamarracold sunset by MarvinDiehlValleverde by Sh000rtyHodnafjell by N-o-B

My Previous Articles->…

:heart: Please favorite the article if you love it! :+fav:

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When you try to run SAI on windows 8 right off the bat... It won't work.
a little tampering it will. so simple.

SO to the point:
::downloading sai::
first of all you need to get sai, you can buy it or you can download it for free. i cant recommend sites but there are some out there where you can download sai for free.

::conversion:: (it only looks long, it is simple and guaranteed to work)
right click the programs icon and then click 'properties'
when the properties dialogue box appears click the 'capability' tab on the top
then click 'run capability troubleshooter'
when it's done looking at it click 'try recommended settings'
then 'test the program'
when i did it, it came up with a warning "do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher make changes to this computer" i clicked yes and then it should run sai and it should work normally.
close the sai program
go back to the 'program capability troubleshooter' box and click next
if SAI worked when you tested it like it should have then click 'yes, save these settings for this program'
THEN YOU MUST ignore the issue found 'incapable program' and click 'close the troubleshooter
AND FINALLY try to open sai normally (double click SAI icon or shortcut) if it works then you done and good to go.

I hope i helped some people who were having the troubles of running SAI on windows 8.
note that this method may work on other programs too. :D

Leave a comment people. XDXDXD
by :iconnanasuke-maoyuu:
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Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 6.46.36 PM by techgnotic



Should Today's Technologies Inspire?

We got to interview a visionary futurist with an eye on technology about what would inspire today's comic book writers to create our next superheroes with knowledge of real technological and scientific advancement.

You never know when it’s going to happen – that otherwise quotidian moment when you suddenly realize your entire thought process has just been tripped up and cast down a cerebral rabbit-hole destination unknown. Little did I know that what began as a typically pleasurable lunch with spyed and makepictures during the San Diego Comic-Con last year would morph into a mind-expanding mental wormhole voyage to the future courtesy of another guest at our table, JordanGreenhall, known to me only as the co-founder of DivX, Inc., the prestigious leader in software creation for video authoring and encoding.

The question was raised: what’s in store for the future of all this? (“all this”, i.e., the costumed conventioneers milling about the miles of booths promoting sci-fi movies, comics, toys, videogames and videogame systems, etc.)

Jordan began to answer the question … and that’s when the convention floor began to fade away into a surreal swirl of background static, as a true visionary began time-tripping my brain forward into the future. I now know why he’s at the top of the speakers’ list of every year’s futurist society conclave, philanthropic ethicist entrepreneurs summit and Aspen Institute-style fix-the-planet think tank confab. He sees through the pop clatter and clutter into the heart of what’s happening, where it’s all going, and what’s important and why.

So who is this guy rewiring

my cranial circuits, anyway?

Besides revolutionizing the way video is brought to all our digital devices with the DivX codec, Jordan is a trustee of the Santa Fe Institute, a non-profit research center dedicated to analyzing and addressing the planet’s “environmental, technological, biological, economic and political challenges.”

This is the key to knowing what Jordan is really about, besides being a new tech genius. He’s one of the good guys who has decided to devote his knowledge of and special position in the new media revolution to turn the world historic wave of change washing over us in the direction of something positive, a better world. To that end, he is indefatigable as a globetrotting guest lecturer, sharing his insights and visions as an advocate for the “efficient, collaborative, open” model of new media-driven information dispersal, and an opponent of the old “closed, centralized, inauthentic” model of information control. Jordan is a prophet for the new wave, and he preaches that enlightenment comes when one accepts that the wave cannot be possessed and controlled, but only understood and then utilized for everything that knowledge of it can bring to this world and future generations.

The “digitization/socialnetworking/participation” wave is as profound and world-changing as Gutenberg’s invention of movable type. And this wave cannot be “owned” and controlled – it can only be ridden by those who seek to understand it, build it and share it with their digital network communities.

That’s all well and good, but what about the future of sci-fi

and superheroes like Iron Man and Wolverine?

I can only attempt to adequately paraphrase his scientific reference-laden response: Quantum mechanics and new discoveries flowing out of our technological revolution (like what’s going on with the Large Hadron Collider in Europe) is going to fundamentally impact and evolve science fiction, not least of which the “origins stories” of its superheroes.

The caped superheroes prowling Comic-Con are the products of the science speculation that excited creative artists back in the 1950s and 60s. The “science fact” being exponentially produced and disseminated to writers and artists currently will soon result in a whole new paradigm, a radical new chapter in sci-fi stories and heroes. Soon new sci-fi heroes will have their “origins” in detours through extra dimensions (courtesy of string theory) rather than as a result of radioactive spider bites. Evil nemeses will be much more interested in enslaving humanity through data control rather than by death ray. Superheroes will become much more concerned with using their powers to avert environmental disasters and systems collapses. New sci-fi heroes will have their genesis in our artists’ dreams of solving our current world-catastrophic challenges. “Superman” was imagined by no more than a daydream of possessing superhuman strength and being able to fly.

Today’s “imagineers” need only click on the science page of their online newspaper to be provided the raw ingredients for new superheroes with quantum mechanical and interdimensional identities and powers far more mindbending than those possessed by the super heros presently haunting the aisles of Comic-Con.

An interview with:

Jordan Greenhall

Sci-fi at bottom has always been anchored in “possible futures” based on speculative science. What scientific “new idea” do you see really catching fire in the popular imagination which will become a new “standard” for sci-fi stories?

We’ve always known that fiction can (and does) create reality. The often cited connection between Star Trek and a wide variety of our favorite toys (including the incorrigible efforts to fabricate teleportation) is a classic example. What is happening today is that the line between “future” and “present” is getting thinner and thinner. As a consequence, it seems that many of the “new ideas” that will hit the popular imagination are less widely speculative (in the Roddenberry, Asimov or Clarke sense) than they are practical conjectures that have been on the cutting edge for a while and are just about to move into the popular consciousness.

What do you think will be the “paradigm shift” in how new superheroes (or even our traditional iconic ones) will be conceived and how their stories will be told?

Personally I think that the next wave is going to be the re-absorption of the (super)hero into the hero. The superhero is largely the expression of the desire for power on the part of the powerless. One of the major themes of the current era is the “flattening” of power and new, more complex, challenges. I sense, perhaps, a return to the more human stories of adventure and heroism to which the normal person could, in principle, actually aspire. We will be witnessing the most dramatic “leveling up” of individual power since the invention of multi-cellular life. In many ways, a mid-21st century human will be a superhero. When you speculate about cybernetics, genetic and chemical modifications, and the more esoteric man/machine interfaces (for example, one mind controlling multiple geographically separate bodies) – not much of the “superhuman” is left outside of the “adjacent possible”.

With so much riding on how well a “tipping point” mass of the population of the Earth understands enough about climate change, etc, and how committed they become to changing things – how important is the “educational” and cultural role of comic books and sci-fi genre fictions generally in saving the world?

It’s clear to anyone who’s been paying attention that the “ComicCon” genres are (by far) the most effective “memetic organisms” yet devised by humans. It’s sometimes hard to recall that scarcely 70 years ago these genres were marginalized – by the marginal for the marginal. Can it be the case that the flashlight-lit passions of impotent nerdy teenagers have somehow come to utterly dominate the global zeitgeist? It certainly seems that way. And while the rich rewards of this domination still seem to flow more to Flash Thompson than to Peter Parker, the memetic ball is clearly in Superman’s court. Yes – it seems very likely that something like the memetic success of genre fiction is a necessary component to achieving a global tipping point.

Where should anyone who cares about the future of humanity keep their focus trained right now? What general information resources on the web or elsewhere should the concerned world citizen try to be aware of and monitor regularly?

What I’m seeing right now is that most of the best stuff is happening sub-rosa. Bloggers having “off-the-record” conversations. Private groups on Facebook or wikis. It seems right now to be about acquiring a certain sensitivity. A nose for who is saying something that smacks of the future – and a huge network of people who are mutually surfacing the below-the-surface conversation. When you find someone smart, see who they follow (and retweet) on Twitter. Who do they +1 on Google Plus? Whose answers do they like on Quora? Pretty quickly you’ll find yourself tapping into the vital flow of “the conversation” and, soon enough, contributing to the portions that are most important to you. After all, a primary theme of the Great Transition is interaction – not just monitoring.

What is the single most important inspiration or cause that keeps you motivated to keep on thinking, exploring and seeking solutions for the survival, extension and betterment of human life on Earth and beyond?

My kids. If you make the decision to have children you can no longer afford the luxury of being cynical.


For the Reader

1Do you prefer science fiction stories in which superheroes or average human beings are the main protagonists? Do you think advancing technology will shift sci-fi to being mainly about humans with tech powers, or will there always be the need for a super-human “superhero?”

2Which classic superhero do you think best fits and exemplifies the essence of the new Technological Age? Which superheroes do you think don’t fit so well and why?

3Which relatively “new” superhero (who reflects the times and tech of 2012 more than 1950) would you like to see raised up out of the pages of his or her graphic novels and turned into a major film or video game on the same level as “Superman” or “Batman”?

4Flying, x-ray vision, super-strength, shape-shifting, invisibility, mind control, etc. are so played out. Can you think of a “new” super power that could really give you the edge in your struggle for goodness to triumph over meanness and evil?

We got to interview a visionary futurist with an eye on technology about what would inspire today's comic book writers to create our next superheroes with knowledge of real technological and scientific advancement. You never know when it’s going to happen – that otherwise quotidian moment when you suddenly realize your entire thought process has just been tripped up and cast down a cerebral rabbit-hole destination unknown. Little did I know that what began as a typically pleasurable lunch with +spyed and $makepictures during the San Diego Comic-Con last year would morph into a mind-expanding mental wormhole voyage to the future courtesy of another guest at our table, *JordanGreenhall, known to me only as the co-founder of DivX, Inc., the prestigious leader in software creation for video authoring and encoding.
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Legend of kuchisake onna:
    The original legend of kuchisake onna dates back to the heian period, about 1200 years ago. A woman who cheated on her samurai husband was caught and for revenge, he cut her mouth from ear to ear and asked her "who will think you're beautiful now?" This frightening lesson of faithfulness was the beginning of a newer scary story.
    In the 1970's, the legend reappeared as a horror. The ghost of the mouth slitted woman was roaming japan. Although, there have been reports of sightings in South Korea and the U.S. The chilling urban legend has inspired numerous movies and rumors of her in other countries.

Description of kuchisake onna:
    She is said to wear a surgical mask-which is common in japan-and carries around a pair of large scissors. The usual kuchisake onna is said to have a similar appearance of a yurei spirit (ex: the grudge, the ring, etc.) The legend states that she preys on young children, usually walking alone at night. She will come up to them and ask "am i beautiful?" If they say no, she will kill them immediately by cutting off their head. If they say yes, she will remove her mask and ask "even now?" And if they say no, she will cut them in half. If they say yes, she will use her scissors to cut their mouths from ear to ear so they will look just like her.

Escaping kuchisake onna:
    The known ways of escaping her are to confuse her. If she asks the first time, say yes, then the second time say something along the lines of "so-so" or "average"; this will confuse her and she will hesitate, giving you a chance to run.
    The resurfaced versions of kuchisake onna from the early 2000's have easier means of escape. If she asks you her question and you say you have an appointment to attend to, she will excuse her bad manners and leave.
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Legacy of The Lens

Fri Mar 22, 2013, 8:13 PM

A study in artistic diversity, Bernardo Medina embodies the renaissance spirit of the consummate artist, always inspired and inspiring artists around him to create and capture the rhythms of life and beauty in a multitude of mediums.

At the core is his love and dedication to the realism in captured moments of humanity that only the lens of photography can provide. With a background in architecture and design underpinning his artistic journey, Bernardo joined deviantART almost a decade ago and in that time has generated a formidable and impressive body of work on his own but also through collaborative endeavors with the other members of the deviantART community. He serves as a model of not only individual personal dedication to his art – but as an artist ever ready to share from his vast reservoir of spiritual support with any deviants or other artists who need only ask.

Bernardo specializes in building teams of artists to realize his visions when imagining public spaces filled with artwork, media, and inspiration. On a recent notable project he worked with devilicious on bringing the interior of a 25,000 sq ft nightclub to devious life. On this, as with his other creations, much of the graphics, photography, modeling, design concepts, and artworks are sourced from dA when building massive public projects.

Many are most familiar with Bernardo’s work from his collaborations and photographic journeys in association with National Geographic that have yielded such absolutely beautiful imagery.  He manages to capture the human condition and the global pulse of our living planet in an unvarnished and dramatic yet life-affirming manner. His images rank with the very best of what has made National Geographic the touchstone and authority in naturalist photography since before most of us were born.

But of all his most treasured collaborative work, Bernardo cites as his most enduring, fulfilling and inspiring the projects he shares with his son Tomas, teemoh. Like father – like son: Tomas also began his photographic journey on deviantART. Whereas Bernardo’s life in photography has focused on capturing moments in the natural world, Tomas, with his background in video and graphic design, is achieving great things in experimenting with light, form and sound. The father & son team is currently collaborating on a media show, “My Thailand Story.” Theirs is the sort of professional and spiritual relationship that best defines and illustrates in living practice what the deviantART experience and community is all about.

Interview with Bernardo Medina


When did you first realize that deviantART was becoming your support system in your artistic endeavors?


When I started meeting many talented artists in deviantART, passionate about their work and about sharing it. They have been truly inspirational during the last 10 years. I come to deviantART every day. As an evolving community, it has a rhythm of it's own. In a world saturated with social media, deviantART remains true to it's original intent, connecting people through art. DeviantART has always been a reflection of new art trends, what's new, what's viral. In the modern world of business it is useless to be a creative original thinker unless you can share what you create and benefit from it.


Can you tell us a bit about your formal education and how it relates to the knowledge gained from an online community of photographers?


Architect by education. We have a Studio of Design and Construction in Texas. Photography is a source of inspiration for my architectural projects. It lets me play with the perception of the outside world, it's structures, forms, colors, illusions and cliches!

DeviantART artist/friends work with us on the artistic part of the architectural projects we do: graphics, photography, modeling, design concepts. The collab and team work is awesome!

Recently we worked with deviantART's devilicious on a 25,000 sq. ft. night club project in Fort Worth, Texas. We produced many deviantART inspired images. Her visual concepts had a unique deviant flair. Working with devilicious (Mary) is Nirvana!


Would you like to shed some light on your relationship with National Geographic?


Over the last few years some of my images have received photography awards and I've traveled with Nat Geo a couple of times. We are currently working on a multi-media show that includes a photography exhibit in Houston with The TAT ( Thailand Tourism Authority ) of the 2012 Thailand trip.


Do you feel like you’re an ambassador for the arts ethos of deviantART when you’re working in Thailand, etc?


A humble ambassador! It's always great when you have a deviantART friend tell you that your work inspired their creativity, or that they traveled to a certain place after seeing my photo.


What do you tell young artists about making best use of the human resources of arts communities as they begin building their careers?


Connect, connect, connect with artist-friends. The sorcery and charm of sharing our view of the world make it one of the most treasured of all creative arts. Access to talented and creative people is to modern business what access to coal and iron once was to steelmaking.


Can you name a photographer on deviantART whose work you admire?


We have followed jsmonzani for many years. The range of his work is inspiring. His work mixes photography, graphic design and cinema, and we like that!


What relationship do you see between the magic of art and the business of art?


To be a successful entrepreneur, one needs a vision of one's work. If we dream, we will be inspired beyond the straight jacket of the everyday world. There is a profound connection between art and enterprise, which allows businesses to overcome its limitations and break the rules. Creativity is the cutting edge of the art business.


Do you have future projects in mind in collaboration with your son?


We're working on a media show: "My Thailand Story."


Can you talk about the arc of a father and son collaboration?


My son Tomas (teemoh) joined deviantART 9 years ago. He went to film and photography school and now we work together on special projects. It's awesome! He is driven to create and has a passion for engaging with clients to turn their visions into striking images. As a video-photographer and graphic designer, he is working on several media projects experimenting with light, form & sound – the world in motion!

Interview with Tomas Medina


How has your Dad's arc as a photographer influenced your career personally and professionally?


It’s very exciting to be a part of a creative family.  It gave me the tools to create my own vision of the world.  Professionally, it's a great start if you have 4 eyes!


Can you talk a bit about your current camera set up and also offer some travel tips for the young photographer about to set out on a first trip as a paid photographer?


We like Canon Equipment, and we travel light, but bring very selective gear to cover any lighting  condition.


Have you ever instantly known when you’ve captured the death of the perfect moment?


Yes. Sometimes you can feel that instantly! But also, many great photographs are made only after observing a subject, learning when it looks best, and returning to photograph it at its most spectacular. This is how you make anything look extraordinary.

Video Narrated by Alan Watts

CREDIT: :iconjacquelinebarkla: A Dark Horse Running in a Fantasy by JacquelineBarkla

Questions For the Reader

  1. What happened that confirmed for you that you had chosen correctly in making the arts a focal point in your life?

  2. Have you ever collaborated with a close friend or family member?  Was it a moment of growth or did it result in a retreat.

  3. Are you in the process of planning a full commitment to a career in the arts?  Do you need to choose between many talents in the arts?

  4. Do you think there is a well of inspiration waiting to be tapped by the right artistic stimulus in every human being?

A study in artistic diversity, Bernardo Medina embodies the renaissance spirit of the consummate artist, always inspired and inspiring artists around him to create and capture the rhythms of life and beauty in a multitude of mediums.

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