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So... another year has past and thus a new DEVID is created to replace the last. =)

I won’t lie. I was kinda attached to the merchant one... but it’s been a year since I created that and already made the decision to annually celebrate my birthday with something new and amusing. And this time? Well... I went for something that combines a few things I’ve favoured of late, and what reflects a part of my mind these last couple of months.

So don't read beyond this point if you care not for poetic nonsense. Just me pondering about what my life might be like in a fantasy world as some wandering, lonely git. =P


Well, on second thought, let us not read into that. It is a silly idea.

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Just a new ID for the winter :)
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BEHOLD even though i cant enter the contest...

Nomu Kome!! :dummy:

Trainer Info:

Born in a peaceful town, Nomu has grown used to small towns and tranquility. Flower aroma and fresh air surrounded her continuously. But one day, when she got old enough, she finalyl got her very own pokemon. A Torchic. With her buddy at her sides, she decided to travel the world and have fun with her pokemon. But, to a big surprise for her, the world is way bigger and more technological than her home town. Through the years, she has developped a scardy cat personality who then caused her to be a cluts. During her trip, she dicovered new friends and new pokemons. She sometimes participates in contests and has won numerous gym battles as her pokemons often cause her trouble with the leaders, in which to be forgiven by them, she accepted their battles. Hence, she has many badges and once faced off the Elite Four, failed, and doesn't dare to face them off ever again.

Character Design:

Rather simple, she likes dresses of pale and soothing colors and feminin accessories. She barely wears just sandals, except for winter and in snowy places. Not carign much about her main apearance, she doesnt bother to fix her messy hair at the bottom. Though when she participates in contest, she spends time arranging herself seriously and is ready for action!


She brings with her everywhere a Spinda bag that her skilled mother made. In this, she holds in a first aid kit for when she hurts herself due to her clumsyness (and because her spheal bits her leg often due to affection). Two boxe of berries. One for her pokemons and one for herself (which contains edible berries). And of course, she cas clsoe to her sides her wallet and pokeballs.

Alternate Outfit:

This section changes everytime as her suits are rental; she's always on the move, not having space for puffy clothes. Although it changes, her thoughts of straighter hair is always priority.


Blaziken: Being her first pokemon, he has grown with her and knows her like the back of his pocket, and vice versa with her. Being witness of her change to scardy cat and clumsyness, he somewhat protective over her as he feels guilty that she suffers such since it is mainly his fault if she decided to go around the scary world. Among all of her pokemons, he is the most serious and handles problems.

Gallade: As a Ralts, he has been traded to Nomu since the previous owner didn't wan a male. Feeling unloved, it tends to get comforted by Nomu. Blaziken often keeps an eye on him when Gallade is too close, knowing his slight flirty tendencies. Hence, other than the master problems, they also fight with each other as they are both a fighting type and disputes who should leave the team as it is supposed to be a balanced team.

Absol: Due to Nomu's extreme bad luck in well handling things, she somehow manages to destroy wooden bridges, sink ships, cause avalanches and even destroy buildings. This is when Absol comes into play as she realised that everytime she warns, she finds Nomu being there. She then offers to join the party to know why she was always at the disaster site, to then realise that it was all her fault and not a natural disaster. Having tricked herself in this team of failism, she slightly dislikes her master, but doesn't dare to leave the team as it is her own fault that she entered.

Mareep:While entering the Safari zone for the first time, she tripped on a Geodude and fell on the ground, to break open a jar of honey. Hours later, she realized that there was a little Mareep following the trail of drops of honey on the ground. Liking the taste of honey, Mareep let herself get caught by Nomu and easily let herself get beat bu Nomu's team, knowing that she'd had more honey afterward. In the team, Mareep is the moral enthusiast and drags the other pokemon to play and have fun.

Spheal: As the Nomu team were relaxing at a beach, everyone (except the once Cumbusken who was barely dripping it's claws in the cold water) was having a blast swimming and splashing one another in the deep. But sneakily, an adventurous Spheal bit Nomu's right ankle, having as habit to nom things it likes. This nomming surprised Nomu, who reflexedly kicked the underwater Spheal and gave it a critical hit. Spheal floated back to the surface like the balloon thing it is and KO as Nomu asked the not so far away Cumbusken to throw her a pokeball. She successfully caught it and had a new member to the team. Even today Spheal randomly bites her right anklem which explains why sometimes Nomu has bandages wrapped around her ankle.

Chimecho: Chimecho has been given to her by her grandmother when she decided to pay her a little visit. When in though time Chimecho would make a soothing sound and calm every one else. As Gran gran said about Chimeco, she would be a good luck charm and a good friend. Chimecho doesn't like pokeballs, so she just clings onto Nomu's Spinda bag, soothing the air every where she goes.

Nugh, im supposed to get up for school in barely 4 hours orz;;;;
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I felt like drawing another ID.. D:
T^T poseposeposeposeposeposeshitposeposepose
Looks so shy.. D: well.. I am shy but not that shy XD
my eyes arent that blue too >_>
Why does it look so fat D: ? im not fat ; 3 ;
well anyway im gonna use this.. >_>

Art (c) *Deiseki
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This is my main Character from my new graphic novel titled "Raelyn's Quest"

This is of course Raelyn :)

Raleyn is 18 years old and a feisty little rogue. She has been on her own for a few years now and has picked up some really unique skills ... Read along as she travels on many quests.

Here is the link to page 1 of her first quest titled "The Bar Keeps Daughter" [link]

Thank You for Viewing !!!!!
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:iconweepplz: i was initially satisfied on the colors but  i accidentally close it without saving sooobbb so i have to repick the colors kshfhsk but i dont rememebr what was the colors o<-< so i repick with the closest i could remember
The pallette can be repick and design can be change.  they are of the same character but twins if u like LOl

AB:$40 weeep i dreamm
:iconnashacryplz: +10 for a waistup
ends in 2 days Sunday 10 August

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For :iconunmotivatedlosers: "Game Character Self Portrait" challenge.
Design is loosely inspired by Castlevania.

And so I painted myself as a vampire hunter/monster slayer. :D
That was a really fun piece to do. A lot of it was painted during Losers' hangouts. Thanks for the feedback, guys. :)
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Cropped image for my ID
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Character Info:

Full Name: Serathus Warlourds
Job Class: Almighty Warlord
Rank: S-Class / Legendary Warlord
Titles: The King of Eartheus, The Saviour of Mankind, The Leader of Warlords, The Slayer of Overlords
Date of Birth: 3535 AZ
Type: Unique
Race: Human
Affiliation: Warlords of Eartheus
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: red
Hair Color: Black with Gold highlights
Element: :bulletwhite: :bulletyellow: :bulletblack:

Power Ratings:


Attack: -----------llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Defense: --------lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Dexterity: -------lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Intelligence: ----llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Magic Powers: -lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Fighting Ability: lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Sword of Quasar
Gauntlet of Eons


Armour of Seraph
Eartheus King's Tiara
Belt of Champions
Darklord's Cape



Serathus is the main protagonist in "Warlords of Eartheus". He is the greatest hero that lives on the apocalyptic era of Eartheus. Serathus built a team consisting of mankind's greatest heroes in history, and called it Warlords of Eartheus. He unites the entire human race under his leadership, and was declaired as the King of Eartheus. Under his banner mankind fights against the forces of Underworld who wants to conquer the world.

Serathus' main attributes are his fighting skills, leadership, courage and virtue. His fighting ability is unparalleled, especially when it comes to swords. He also acquires strength equal to 10 men. He carries the most powerful sword in the universe, the Sword of Quasar. The sword can absorb the power of his slain enemies. on his left hand is the Gauntlet of Eons, it allows him to travel tru time and space.


Serathus was born on 3535 az. He was an orphaned since birth. An old man name Khellus found him on the riverside of Vashenah Temple, and raise him as his own child. - 2b continued

Sword & Gauntlet:

Sword of Quasar:

This sword was forge on northern part of the visible universe. It is said that the Greatest Dark Knight Lazeroth brought 100 Thousand of his most elite men from his corps to the gates of Quasar Zenturius. Around 10 Million Cosmic Demons and Cosmic Angels battles with them and only 100 of his men made it inside the quasar. Together they fought the Guardian of the quasar's main hall, Novarrus. A 100 stories tall giant hound like creature with 3 heads of eagle. Only Lazeroth and 5 of his men survived the battle. When He defeated the Guardian He dips the Sword of Death (The Dark Knights' sword of Rulers that passes tru generations) on the eye of the quasar. instead of devouring Lazeroth and The sword of Death, the quasar merge to the sword and became the Sword of Quasar. It now has the cosmic powers but still maintaining the dark elements on it. The event causes the stopping of vortex from the quasar that devours galaxies from billions of years, and awakens the strongest living entity in the universe, Quasarion.

The Sword of Quasar has the ability to abosorb approximately 1 to 10% of the powers and abilities of the slain enemy. Serathus is the only person that the Sword of Quasar responds to. The prophecy of Hadeus fulfilled to him that "When Space and Time unites in the greatest days of darkness the Saviour of Eartheus will emerge." The "Time" represents the Gauntlet of Eons and the "Space" is the Sword of Quasar. Lazeroth cannot accept that Serathus is the chosen even though He is the one who forge the sword and the sword was his predecessors' weapon for centuries. But there's nothing He can do when the Darklord Abyssmus strikes him and He cannot use the sword. Serathus saved Lazeroth from the powerful beast using the Sword of Quasar. That time He agreed to lend it to Serathus but promised that He will reclaim the sword one day.

Later after Serathus obtained the Sword of Quasar, the Warlock Ghammadar brings Serathus to the Holy Celestial Kingdom. He fought with Seraph Cygnuz the keeper of the Sword of Heavens. Though He cannot hit the Seraph even in a single strike, and Serathus almost badly beaten. The Seraph admired his will and courage and Serathus passed the test. He obtained the Sword of Heavens and merge it with The Sword of Quasar, with this Serathus is the only man who weilds a single sword with combined elements of Light and Darkness.

Gauntlet of Eons:

The Gauntlet of Eons is a legendary artifact, and perhaps the most valuable of all artifacts. It is said that it came from the very first civilization of Earthues, and how it was made is still a mystery. Even the first hero of Eartheus, Zelantis protected it from the hands of the Darklords who wants to posses it. Human race created an organitation called "The Guardians of Time" and for Millenia their duty is to protect the Gauntlet of Eons with their lives. They are special organitation consisting of highly skilled monks and priests, they build a tower that no one can possibly enters, even the Darklords. They surronded it with unbreakable spells and guarded the tower day and night.

That time nobody really knows the real power of the gaunlet. All they understand is almost all Darklords wants it. Finally on 3556 AZ, the darklord Genocide, a half-human, half demon disguised himself as one of the Guardians. He slain Versuvius, a very high ranking official in the organization. Having a human blood, it's not hard for Genocide to morph his physique. He copied the face of Versuvius and ordered the tower guards to open the gates for very important inspection regarding the Gauntlet's true power. Once they opened the gate and unsealed the spell, Genocide slaughter everyone on that area. Genocide is the only Darklord who obtained the Gauntlet of Eons, and finally the true powers of the gauntlet reaveled when he possesed it. Genocide was able to open the gates of the Underworld and summons all kinds of creatures to conquer the whole world, including the highest kind of them all, the Overlords. While the event is happening Serathus and Ghammadar reached the castle of Genocide and they fight him with all their strength. The old warlock, Ghammadar sacrificed himself and was killed by Genocide while Serathus successfully obtained the Gaunlet of Eons. Serathus wounded Genocide and he fled the castle. However the summoning cannot be undone and the portal gate cannot be closed. At a blink of an eye thousands of monster nests appeared all over the globe with each of them has a Darklord or Overlord incharge.

One more year have passed in the apocalyptic era of Eartheus, Serathus finally learned how to use the Gauntlet of Eons. He was able to travel tru space and time which he is familiar with. And after mastering the time travel and teleportation skills of the gauntlet he decided to travel deefer tru past. He traveled by the time when he wasn't born yet. Using the staff of Ghammadar as his channel, he teleported 65 years earlier and recruited his magic mentor, the younger Ghammadar. By that time Ghamadar was only 28 years old. and together they build the Warlords of Eartheus, the team that will vanquish the hordes of Underworld in the land of Eartheus. Using the Gauntlet of Eons, Serathus travels many different eras to recruit the legendary heroes of Eartheus that once defended the land, including the first and greatest of them all, the Divine Hero Zelantis.


see other characters in "Warlords of Eartheus"

The Warlords of Eartheus is a fictional universe that i created. The settings is a combined medieval and high-tech world, a world called Eartheus. Serathus is the main protagonist in the story. He lives in the darkess days of Eartheus where mankind's population reach more than 100 million remaining. Its the time of despair and war. War againts the hordes of Underworld. Creatures devouring human race and monster nests are common place to the whole land. Serathus' journey is to restore peace once more and vanquish the forces of darkness in Eartheus. Equipped with the Sword of Quasar to slay the strongest Overlords, and with The Gauntlet of Eons He travels tru time and space to recruit He greatest Warlords that once ruled and defended Eartheus in many different eras. Together they will fight the strongest of all demons. The lord of all Overlords, Deluvion.


copyright notice: The artwork titled Serathus is by me, and i own the "intellectual property rights" of the character Serathus or Serathus Warlourds. You cannot use him in any other purpose without my concent.
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