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Everything was beautiful.....
Every hour we played together, lives within my heart
And when I was sad, she was there to dry my tears
And when she was happy, so was I
When she loved me....

Through the summer and the fall, we had each other, that was all
Just her and I together, a perfect family
And when I was lonely, she was there to comfort me
And I knew that she loved me
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(( Bonjour is a high-on-happy, sixteen years old cricket dude, who lives for performing, meeting new people, and making his mama proud~

Stuff about him:
-People usually find his name weird and ask him why his parents decided to name him that, and his answer is always
"Vell! When moi was born, my mama took one look at moi and said that moi's face just screamed 'BONJOUR WORLD!'
- (The reason why I decided to name him that is because of his people-loving nature and how he's always saying hello and trying to make friends and talk to people lol.)
- Because he was such a BIG Mama's Boy himself, he strongly believes that "Every lil' baby should live to make zheir mama proud".
-Although he can sing VERY well, he sounds like a many people think he's a female singer instead of a male one.
-If you ask him does he play an instrument he will tell you yes and if you ask what he plays he will tell you he plays his legs. (CuzyouknowcricketschirpbutI'mgonnasaythatwhenhe'chrips'itsoundslikeaviolinbecauseyouknow...Igotthepowertodothatlol)
-Oh! And he's French! *coughduhlolcough* ))
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Okay, a little about him, he has curley darker blonde hair, it is close to vines but not much, which is why it forms into dreads but are actual hair dreads. his skin is a orangie colors much like gordies, aswell as he has the sharp teeth, he has the wings from nic, and the body type mix of the two...which means when hes little he starts out small and very skinny, but as he grows up, he grows out a bit, showing more pumpkin then bee. still has a stinger aswell.
XD i think i will call him....Sam. ^_^ enjoys
lol tell me what you guys think anyways XDD)
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(( I need to quit looking at stuff.....because when I see stuff....I wanna make stuff.....and you know what I seen today....? That's right! A perfume bottle lol

SOOOOOOOOO~ It inspired me to make a perfume princess~ ; u ; :heart:

Some stuff about her:
-She doesn't leave her kingdom at ALL and is afraid of the outside world. The main reasons why she doesn't go outside is because she's made of glass and breaks easily and she doesn't have legs to walk.
-Because she doesn't have legs, she has a little skateboard-like thing that she rolls on and a cane that she uses to help move it. But....she really doesn't move around too much because she's afraid that she's going to break herself.
-Her head is removeable, (it's like the top of those perfume bottles that you can take the top off lol).
-She likes to decorate her bottle with bows~ > u <

P.s. She's made of mostly glass...and I tried to make it look like that....but....I don't think I succeeded in that lol ; 7 ; ))
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(( Who had a birthday.

It's late, but here's your present~
Hope you like it~ :heart: ; 7 ; ))
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(( Title says it all yo~
This is a jute that I made for :iconaskcardprince:~ > 3 <

He's one of those types that make you think "D'aww what a good boy! He's so well behaved!", but he's actually quite sly and cunning~ like a fox~ whoooooo~ > u >

P.s. The cards he's holding are kinda hard to read, but they say "Take me home :heart:" ; 7 ; ))
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(( I was going to upload the info sheet about the Jutes....but I lost it...AND I REFUSE TO DRAW IT ALL OVER LOL! Sooooooo~ I'm gonna go ahead and just do the adoption and stuff right now and I'll post the info sheet when I find it~ - 7 -


Okay so I got some requests for some baby Jutes and instead of drawing them out one by one, I figured I would just put the babies out like this and let people choose which one they want.

So this is how this going to go down! :iconimseriousplz:
There were like peeps who wanted one, so they are the ones that get to choose. The Jutes are a first come first serve basis. If somebody picks it first then that's their jute and you can't pick it you have to pick another one. The list of people who are picking one out are on the bottom.

People who get to choose:

1. :iconaskthewerewolfprince: #5
2. :iconaskherbie: #6
3. :iconaskmattieandfriends: #1
4. :iconaskprincesmultifruit: #4
5. :iconaskprincessskycloud:

But wait! There are seven jutes in why are there two left if there are only 5 slots? Well....some people don't read the description and pick one anyway when they aren't even on the list....SOOOO to fix that I made two extras just in case lol. But if you do become an extra, I would like for you to please wait for the people above to pick first okay?

1. :iconask-coffee-princess:
2. :iconaskceilathelamb:

If your name is on here, then this is what you get to do:
1. 'Pick' which jute you want.
2.'Tell me' which jute you want.
3. After you tell me, I will put your jute's number beside you.
4. The jute is now yours.
5. After everyone picks out their jute,then I will draw another picture of all the babies as adults. U u U

Info about the jutes (*you might wanna read this before you pick one*) :

1. -Female *TAKEN*
-Bubbly nature
-Always has a smile on her face
-Likes to roll around~ > u <

2. -Male
-Is kinda the quiet and smart type, but easily gets agitated
-When agitated, he's not so quiet and will yip at whatever is getting on his nerves to tell it to STOP!
-He also likes to be read to(pfft NERD ), and prefers listening to stories rather than listening to music...which is strange for a jute.

3. -Male
-Has a jokester and mischievous nature
-Giggles at almost everything, even when being scolded
-Likes to mess with things

4. -Male *TAKEN*
-Is a lazy lil' fellow~
-Likes to nap
-And um...likes to nap lol XD
-But when he does wake up, he is hard to keep up with because he's got so much energy from napping all day lol ' v '

5. -Male *TAKEN*
-Has a pretty nonchalant attitude
-Likes to eat "fleshie food" (as the MPs say lol), which when he grows up will more than likely make him bigger than the others.

6. -Male *TAKEN*
-Is a crybaby and timid
-Kinda shakes alot because he gets so nervous
-Will most likely bite owner now (cuz they bite when they feel like something is going to hurt them), but will grow out of it the more he gets to know the owner.

7. -Female
- Has a mischievous nature
-Just a lil' ball of energy (like literally lol )
-Likes to get into things and explore her surroundings.
-Has a tendency to bite when she's trying to get attention.

Okay! I think that's all! Sooooooo~ CHOOSE YOUR JUTE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! :heart: :iconyayamericaplz: ))
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Careful Bubs you're gonna get crumbs in my hair. *chuckles*

Bubba: Jup! *noms away*

So this is bubba, a jute I got from the wonderful :iconask-musicprincess3rd: He has a very nonchalant attitude and loves fleshie food, which lupe will probably provide for him and spoil him when ever lol. ))
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Cora hanging out with the Stable Hand, Rob. She and Robbie have gotten to know each other quite well, and since he is just as good of a rider as she is, they always challege one another to a race whenever they can. And what she loves the most to do is spend her time helping out at the stables and especially feeding the fawns. Aren't they just cuties or what >U<

Also, yes, Robbie is a pumpkin person from Gourd. His type is a kabacha pumpkin and regular pumpkin.

Rob (c) :iconaskprincehoneybee:
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Formal means time to 'suit up' eue ))

*sob* finally got around to finishing this one
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