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5 years passed since you began your life as a Dragon Tamer and you enjoyed it. Throughout the years you learned more about this new life your were leading. Dragon Breeders would mate dragons and take care of their eggs till they reach a certain age before a Dragon Tamer, that's you, would bond with one, training them for who knows what. Possibly get the dragons ready for a Dragon Knight but no one will tell you anything about why you've never seen one before.

You excelled in your training and your mother had commented on how dragons seem to want to flock around you but your parents would not allow you to bond with a dragon yet, though normally a Tamer would have their own dragon when they turned 10 years old. They never told you why, only that there was something special in store for you. It was a little lonely since there no kids around your age.

Except Arthur.

You two never got along very well. Not only did you two both have 2 different jobs, some of the older Tamers played a prank on the poor boy a few years ago and, one thing leading to another, Arthur blamed you. He was far too stubborn to admit his mistake after you proved you were innocent and issues between the two of who escalated. You two weren't on talking terms from then on.

You sat on top on the roof of your home, staring out to the skies. You watched in envy as the more experienced Tamers were soaring above. You couldn't wait till your parents would allow you

"Oi, _____!" One of the other Dragon Tamers called out to you as he ran by, his mammal-like dragon following close behind him.  "Come quickly!"

"Why?" You asked, starting to climb your way down.

"A Dragon Knight is here! A real life Dragon Knight!" You found yourself following closely behind the other Tamer till you reached the clearing.

Everyone in the village was crowding around in a circle. You squeezed your way through till you saw your father talking to a heavily armored being, its face was hidden under the decorated helmet but you can see glowing blue eyes underneath. He held the reins to a large war horse.

Everyone watched the Knight in awe but you sensed something different in the dragons that crowded around. It's was an odd feeling from them, you've never seen it before. It's as if they were looking at someone they admire and even love. Like a virtuous King stood before them.

Your father glances over to you and nods to the man. "My Lord, I would like to introduce you to my daughter, _____."

The Knight's glowing eyes wander to you. You felt shivers go down your spine as his icy stare bore into you. A low rumble came from the man as he chuckled, "You weren't lying, she does hold great potential. Perfect."

You were confused but you walk towards your father when he motioned to you. You never broke the stare with the armored man as you stood next to your father.

"_______, this is Lord Drax." Your father told you. You bowed to the man, still holding eye contact. "He's a Dragon Knight and he's in search for a young Dragon Tamer. It's been decided that you will be his new Dragon Tamer."

You look up at your father, surprised. "B-but-" You began but your father gives you a stern look.

"Though..." The man stepped in. "She could make a fairly decent Dragon Knight-" He stops as your father glares at the man, stepping in front of you.

"With all due respect, my Lord, I will not allow my daughter to become a Dragon Knight..."

The man raises his gauntlet hands and chuckles. "Do not worry, I would not turn this girl into a Dragon Knight. I need a Tamer."

"D-dad-" You began but he turns back to you, kneeling.

"_____. We've never given you a dragon of your own because you were chosen to become a Tamer for a Dragon Knight. This is an opportunity most Tamers never get."

You shut your mouth and just nodded, averting your eyes to the ground.

"We'll talk about this later..." Your father said before standing back up, facing the Knight. He bows to him. "I'm sorry about my daughter's skepticism. She'll come around by tomorrow."

"It's alright. I understand. I'll be back tomorrow." Lord Drax nods before hopping onto his horse and riding away. Many people and dragons follow him, asking him questions or just trying to talk to the great Lord Drax.

You hung your head and face your father. "Dad, I-" You began but he interrupted you, not turning to face you.

"Go play."


"You need some time to think before we talk tonight. Go play with some friends." He turns and walks home. You took this as a sign that he wanted some time to think as well and scurry away towards the forest.

When you were little, the forest was place of horrible creatures but ever since you started living in the village of dragons, you no longer feared it. Many kids played in the woods.

You walked through the thick forest until you can hear the sounds of trickling water. You picked up a branch and swung it around, imagining it was a great sword like the one your father had. You finally reached the small clearing where the stream ran by the great willow tree. You stopped swinging your imaginary sword as you caught sight of a familiar boy, sitting against the old tree, a small flock of baby dragons playing in the waters.

'Ugh... It's Arthur...' You grumbled in your mind and slowly took a step back to leave but the little baby dragons catch sight of you and bound out of the waters in joy to go greet you.

Arthur looks up from his book at you. He looked surprised, a light shade of red painted his cheeks but soon he frowns and sticks his nose back into the book.

"W-what do you want?" He grumbled, not looking up from his large book.

You frown at him, kneeling down to pet the excited dragons. "I come here a lot too! This place doesn't belong to you!" You defended, hugging one of the dragons and walking over to him. The other dragons stumbled around you, most couldn't balance correctly yet.

Arthur blushes some more, barking at you, "I-I know that!"

There was an awkward silence between the two of you as you stood next to him, leaning against the tree. You put the baby dragon down and continued to pet the rest as they gently clawed at your legs for attention. The mammal-like dragons were always much more clingy to their Breeder and Tamers, compared to their reptilian cousins.

"I actually wanted to ask you something..." You said, sitting down next to him. He scoots away a little, making you frown but you decide not to comment.

"You can ask but I-I might not answer!" He said, turning away from you.

"Fine." You grumbled, folding your arms over your chest. The babies walk back to the stream, playing once again. "You read a lot. I was wondering if you read anything about Dragon Knights."

"Besides that the rule over half the world and they're known for going to war on large dragons?"


"...I might..." He said. You stare at him. You couldn't believe him. You've done nothing wrong since the first day you've met him and he never even tried to get along with you.

You grab his shoulder and turn him to face you. He looks into your (e/c) eyes with his green eyes with surprise, a blush spreading over his face.

"Why do you hate me? You always glare at me even though I never did anything to you and you avoid me! Why?" You demanded.

His brows furrows as he began to stutter. "W-w-well, I-I-I-I...." You glared at him but your expression began to soften as you noticed the boy's face flustered, averting his eyes away from you. He seemed very troubled. "I-I-I don't  hate you.... I-I-I..."

You smile a little, sighing. He was obviously having difficulties and at the rate events were happening, you would be leaving tomorrow for an indefinite amount of time. "Nevermind, Arthur. It's alright. Can you please tell me about Dragon Knights though?" You asked him, sitting back against the tree, watching the little dragons splashing about.

Arthur stares at you for a moment, confusion in his eyes but he clears his throat and look away from you, his face turning redder. "There's a legend about them, not many people know it... Dragons used to be able to talk, like you and me, they ruled over the world. Then the Dragon Slayers were created in an effort to destroy the dragons and they were..."

Arthur blushes more as you look at him. He glances over at your occasionally as he continued with his story. "Then, when the dragons began to die off, there was a dragon that made a deal with a Slayer. The dragon promised the Slayer power beyond others if he let's the dragon live. The man agreed and the Dragon gave the Slayer all his powers and memories thus the Dragon Knights were born. They posses the powers of the old Dragons.

"That's all I know." Arthur finished, as the baby dragons waddled their way from the stream to the two of you, curling their bodies up against your legs and hips. Arthur removes his cloak and lays it on the ground for the babies to lay on. He looks up at you, suspicion in his eyes. "Why did you ask?"

'I guess he doesn't know...' You thought, grimly but you force a smile. "A Dragon Knight was in the village so I was curious on what you knew."

His eyes widen. "Really? There was a Dragon Knight?" He groans and rests his head in his hands. "Of all the days..."

"Don't worry, he'll be back tomorrow." You said, trying to sound optimistic but you weren't very pleased with the thought of the man coming back. You'll have to leave your home and all your friends.

"Oh, that's good." Arthur smiles a little. He looks at you and frowns, his face turning a bright red. "N-n-not like I really want to see a Dragon Knight!"

You rolled your eyes, laughing a little at him. He pouts but soon smiles a little. Soon you two were giggling together, chatting away about dragons and magic. Arthur told you that he was training in the magic arts even showed you some. He was not very good but you encouraged him. He smiled and you two resumed quietly chatting till the sky started getting dark.

You both walk back home to the village, both carrying a baby as the rest followed behind. You reached your home first and you turn to him, handing him back the baby.

You smile at the blonde boy. He returns your smile shyly. "I wish we could have been friends, Arthur." You said, trying to hide the sad look on your face.

He looks confused and asks, "What are you talking about?" He then blushes and pulls his hood down over his eyes, trying to hide the increasing blush. "W-we're friends now, right?"

You giggle and wrap your arms around the lanky boy. "Yeah!" You release him, his blush completely covering his face as his emerald eyes stare at you. "Night, Artie!" You waved, jogging into your home.

"D-d-d-don't call me Artie!" He yelled after you. He hugs one of the dragons tightly and walk away, the babies trailing after him like baby duck following their mother.

Everyone was waving goodbye to you as you were lead away from the village by Lord Drax. You were riding on his horse, the reins in his hands. He walked into the forest, about to pull the horse in when you heard a cry from behind you.

"______, you jerk!!" You pun around to see Arthur running through the fields towards you but stopped midway. He was out of breath and stumbled a little, baby dragons struggled to keep up with him. "You're just leaving?! After we became friends?! How could you?!" He screamed, falling to the ground.

"Artie..." You whisper, holding back your tears.

"I hate you!!"

Tears started streaming down your cheeks as well as his as the Knight pulled you along into the forest, enveloping you in darkness. You continued to softly sob but the man said not a word to you. You prayed you will see your family again. You prayed you will see Arthur again and tell him that you were sorry.
Sorry if this part isn't very good >////< I was having a huge headache while typing this up.

:iconjapanpastaplz: Next part should be the final part though, hopefully, so please be patient with me while I finish that up probably tomorrow.

next- [link]
previous- [link]

Original image link [link]
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"Where's the Tamer?" One of Lord Drax's many servants asks a knight under the Dragon Knight's command. "Oh no, did she run off again?"

The knight sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance. "I'll go find her. If Lord Drax finds out she's out flying again, he'll have my head."

"Who'll have your head?" A low gravely voice came from behind the two servants. The knight spins around and quickly salute the Lord, anxiety and fear flowing through his veins.

"N-nothing, my Lord!" He squeaked out. He held an emotionless expression but cold sweat trailed down his skin. The other servant stepped away, averting eye contact with the large armored man.

"Tsk tsk tsk. I don't like people hiding things from me...." He glances over at the other servant and bend down a little to match her height. "You will tell me what is going on, correct?"

She whimpered a little before blurting out, "The Dragon Tamer ran off again." She quickly covered her mouth, fear in her eyes. The knight groans a little but holds his composure.

The Dragon Knight bursts out laughing before making his way to a platform. "I don't expect her to stay on the island like you all. She my Dragon Tamer, I encourage some adventurous behavior." He then starts bolting down the platform and jumping off the floating island. There was a flash a bright light as he falls to what other would considered his death but he flies high into the sky, no longer a man but a large red dragon.

"Whooo!" You cheered out as you flung your hands into the air, your (h/c) hair flowing in the wind. You take a deep breath of the clear air and look out at the horizon. You can see in the distance little towns and some castles scattered about. Forests separated everything. You bring your hands down and run them over the hard scales of your dragon.

You missed your old home. It's been 7 years since Lord Drax took you under his wing. You can remember your mother and father and all the dragons you helped tame with your mother.

But the memories of the Breeder boy were most vivid. Arthur. Even though you two weren't friends before your final night at the village, those final moments with him were one of the best times of your life. Laughing and talking by the stream, little dragons splashing about. Your heart sank as his voice rang through you head.

"I hate you."

You shook it off and sighed, looking to the sky. It was a beautiful day. You could only imagine how that boy is now. You wanted to see him again, tell him you're sorry.

You missed everyone. You were happy working under Lord Drax and that he allowed you to bond with his majestic dragons but it never felt like home. Everyone avoided you and treated you like an authority. It was kind of nice when you were younger but now it became lonely. The only one you could talk to was Lord Drax but he rarely was on the island.

"Lost in thought, my dear?" You heard a loud rumbling behind you. You gasped as a large red dragon flew up next to the one you rode. Your dragon made a low chirping noise and slowed down a little so the red dragon flew ahead of you.

You knew it was Lord Drax. It was a secret only Dragon Knights and their servants knew about. Not that the Dragon Knights tried to keep it a secret but many who knew about it were either too scared to tell or never lived long to tell a soul.

"Sorry, my lord..." You said, looking out to the horizon again. "I just miss my village sometimes..."

"I understand, my dear..." There was silence between you two. Lord Drax had become sort of a brotherly figure in your life, he listened to everything you had to say and shared a laugh with you. You found out during your stay that he was a prankster and you two would cause havoc in the castle.

The silence was interrupted by a low rumbling laugh from the Dragon Knight. You jump a little from the sudden laugh but furrow your brows at him. "What's so funny?"

"Why not just go home right now? We're already in the sky, you just need to head east." He said twirling in the air.

Your face lightens up, your (e/c) eyes sparkling in excitement. "Really? Can I really go?"

You dragon stops as Drax turns to face you. You can feel the gusts of wind push against you each beat of his large wings. "Of course, you have been loyally serving under me for 7 years. You deserve to return home for a break. I'm sure the other dragons will be OK while you're away."

"Oh thank you!" You cheered, skillfully pulling yourself onto your dragon's head and leaping off towards the large red dragon. He lowers his head as you latch onto his neck and twirled onto his back, hugging him. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"You're welcome, my dear." He laughed. You stand back up and run along his neck before leaping back onto the other dragon. It grunts a little in discomfort.

"Sorry, boy." You said, patting it's head. You steer him towards the east and wave to your lord, grinning like a little child. "Thank you so much again, my lord! I will be back!" You called, flying off to the horizon.

You scan the ground below, looking for the village. Your heart began to sink as you notice a huge column of smoke rising up. You gently kick the dragons side and he dive towards the ground, through the smoke. You squint through the smoke and notices soldiers, their armor and banners foreign to you.

You feel rage bubbling through your veins as the soldiers march over the corpses of both humans and dragons. They were Slayers, what remained of them.

Your dragon senses your anger and turns sharply to the group of men, twirling out of the smoke and spreading its leather wings. You cling onto your dragon until it spread it wings before leaping off, unsheathing your blade and charging towards the men.

"We missed one!" One of the soldier yelled, deflecting your attack. You dragon violently flaps his wings, flying higher as some soldier tried to shoot it down. It roars, swooping down quickly and grabbing a soldier in its talons, flying high again before dropping the man to his death.

You kick back your opponent, stabbing one of the archer's arms. He yells in pain as you pull the blade out, deflecting an attack. You were trained very well but you knew you were outnumbered. You held them off, along with your dragon.

Suddenly, as your blade clashes with a soldier's, you were pushed away by an explosion. You and the soldier flew in all directions. Your visions were blurred as you felt your body flying through the air, a loud ringing in your ears. You are caught by your dragon and gently placed on the ground.

You lean against your dragon to regain yourself as you squint at the battlefield. The other soldiers were lying on the floor, a few were struggling to get up but quickly their life was taken by a bolt of light. You weakly look at the caster of the spells but your vision was still blurred, it was difficult to see.

It was coming closer though, you know that much. The blur of black, green, skin color, and yellow.

"Were you trying to kill me too?" You spat, resting your head against your dragon for a moment before pushing off. You stood, your legs wobbly, and rubbed your eyes in hopes your eyesight would come back.

"_-______..? Is that really you?" You heard a voice. You squinted, trying to see who was talking to you.

Your vision started to clear and you see a boy around your age, scruffy blond hair under his black cape and beautiful green eyes. He stared at you as if he's seen a ghost. Your heart began to beat out of control as you stared at the familiar boy.

"A-Arthur?" You said, a smile creeping across your lips. "Artie!" You rush towards him. Before he could speak you wrap your arms around his neck and bury your face into his shoulder, holding him tight.


"I missed you so much, Artie." You whispered, nuzzling into his shoulder.

He was hesitant but slowly he placed his hands around your waist and shoulder blades. "I missed you too..." He whispered back, resting his head against yours.

You raise your head to rest your chin on his shoulder, a grim look on your face. "W-what happened to the village?" You asked weakly, glancing at the burning buildings in the distance.

Arthur grip became a little tighter as he whispered, closing his eyes. "Slayers found this village... They're rising up again and they're taking out dragon villages first so the Knights won't have their dragon armies..."

You pulled away from Arthur and stared into his green eyes, filled with sadness. "Where's my mom and dad...?" You asked, it came out a weak whisper. Tamers were trained to fight and you prayed they were good enough to handle the soldiers.

Arthur couldn't bare to look you in the eyes and averted his gaze to the blood stained ground. "They..." He began, choking up a little. "...There's only a few Breeders left... All the Tamers risked their life to hold those soldiers off as long as they could..."

You felt your world grow colder as your hands dropped to your sides. "They're...." You fall to your knees, resting your head on your hands. Your dragon steps forward and nuzzles into your back, murmuring. You turn and hug it's muzzle, resting your forehead against its cheek. "Go tell Lord Drax."You whispered to it. You pat it's scaly skin, releasing it.

The dragon beats its mighty wings and flies off, disappearing beyond the trees. Arthur takes your hand and helps you up. You turn to him and pull him into another embrace.

"I'm so happy you're safe, Artie..." You pull away from him and scrunch up your nose a little. "And your aim is still bad."

He furrows his bushy brows and grumbles, "I saved your life and this is how you thank me?"

You weakly smile and shake your head. "You're right..." You grab the front of his cloak and pull him into a kiss. His eyes widen as you release him. "That's my thanks... Now show me where the Breeders are, we have to get everyone to safety."

"R-right..." He says, flustered and scurries off not paying attention if you were following. You quickly followed behind the boy.

It's been a month since the attack and everything was winding down. The remaining villagers were moved to another location. They all gave up on dragon breeding and moved on with a more normal life. Everyone, except Arthur.

He started living deep in the forests, continuing to raise dragons for the Dragon Knights. You would visit him when you could after your duties with Lord Drax. War broke out and tensions have been rising.

"Artie." You call out as your dragon lands on the ground. You hop off and jog over to the old willow tree where you two became friends. He sat against the old tree, like before, with his nose in a large book as a baby dragon splashed around in the waters. In his lap was a large cream colored egg.

He looks up at you and smiles, blushing a little. "Morning, ______. How has your day been?"

You plop down beside the Breeder and shrugged, untying your sword from your hips and placing it to the side. "Chaotic. Lord Drax has taken in more dragons than usual and some of them are not very happy with their new home." You look down at the egg in his lap and smile, brushing your finger tips over it. "Where did you find this one?"

Arthur sighed and closed his book, placing it to the side. "In the ruins of the village... Only one I could find."

You rest your head against his shoulder, petting the egg. "The poor thing..." You whispered, letting out a heavy sigh.

Arthur rests his head against yours. He places his hand over your hand and whispers, "You've had a long day, love. Get some rest while you can."

You smile up at your friend and love. You lean in, pressing your lips against his. He was surprised but didn't resist it. You slowly break the kiss and whisper into his lips, "Thank you, Artie." You laid your head back onto his shoulder and close your eyes, hearing only the sounds of a little dragon's playful chirps, the wind blowing through the trees, the stream, and the soft breathing of Arthur. You slowly drift off the sleep in his arms.

"I love you, ______..." He quietly whispers against your hair, closing his eyes for a moment before watching the little dragon waddle up to land and curling at your legs, also drifting off the sleep. He smiles a little before holding you tighter against him. He never wanted to let you go again.
This took longer than expected >////< I am so sorry! I kept getting distracted by my family. I don't feel very good about this ending but it will have to do for now TT_TT I will get better!

So here is the final part of the England fanfic. Next I am debating a fantasy version (set in probably same universe) of America or Prussia.... But I should probably update the Hetaloid series first ^///^" But yay! One fanfiction is finished! :iconkermityayplz:

previous- [link]

Original image link [link]
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Ever since you could remember your village was haunted by an Arachne,a half-man half-spider centaur creature.They say it lived in a cave by the sea which wasn't far away,many people have tryed to slay it but they all failed.Still it terriefes your village killing cattle,people,and destroying homes and stables.At least it couldn't mate and make more monsters,one was more than enough.

Walking down the stone road to your friend's Melissa's it was the time of year for the honey harvest,so you were trading your help for some honey.It was rather easy to help with harvesting honey just smoke the bees and take the honey,and put it in a clay jar.It was the perfect day for a harvest,nice and cool.For some reason the creature didn't attack or destroy the bee hives.

Seeing the feilds of flower you knew that you would be at Melissa's home,which was larger than yours cause her father had a large honey harvest.Walking into the Atrium,you see her facing the pond.
You clear your throat she turns and smiles.

"________ I thought you would never get here"she cheers pulling you into a tight hug.

"Its great to see you too!"you said.

"At least that thing doesn't attack the bees!"she smiled

"yeah it would be a major blow"since your village was smaller than the others,and was growing very slowly.

"Well lets get going!"she grabbed your hand"Dad we are going to harvest the north-side!"she added.Grabbing a small lite torch with a rim and some small pieces of wood,and a few jars and a knife.The north-side was the smallest,and easiest.

Walking out you could feel the grass under your sandals,with a light breeze making your (hair color)sway with it.Hearing the buzzing of a certain insect,you look up to see one of the larger hive low in the branches.

"There's one!"she said pointing it out

"I can see that,alright lets get some honey"you smiled,putting a small piece of wood to make some smoke.You could see the bees start to panick and leave the hive,giving you guys the chance to get the honey.

"________ your good with bees,if only you were this way with spiders!"she said reaching for the abandoned hive.It was true spiders terriefed you,the spider monster even more so.But that never really stopped you from going out and enjoying life,today as an example.She handed you the hive,which you held over one of the larger jars.With a swift motion she cut it down the middle,opening it the sweet nectaur leaked into the jar.

"This jar will be yours________"she said keeping most of the gunk out

"T-thanks"this was probably the biggest jar she gave you,since you had been helping her for 5 years now.She cut out a large piece of the honey comb,and put it in the jar and put the lid on.

"Lets try and fill these jars"she said pointing to the 4 rather large jars.

"We better hurry then nights coming"looking into the sky you had about 2 hours of sun left,mainly because it took so long getting there.

It took you awhile to finally fill all the jars,and you didn't get stung luckley.But you did end up knocking some honey out one of the jars.Mainly because a huge spider reared up in front of you causing you to scream,back up and knock over one of the jars.Melissa just laughed and resumed pouring more honey in,when as you kicked it into a tree it was that big.

You sigh looking down at your honey,it was worth being scared to death by a spider.You could see a few of the constellation were out tonight,mainly Sagittarius.You could see the lights of the torches in the distance,it looked so peaceful at night.Until there was a scream followed by things going up in flame,the creature was there.People yelling screaming to get home,running as fast as you could to get home you would have to get across the fountain.

The problem was the creature was blocking the only road home,you hid in a store hearing the constant insults to him.For the first time you saw what 'he' looked like beautiful green eyes,sandy blonde hair and bushy eyebrows,he had a toned torso and the body of a black lace weaver with an orange streak on his abdomin.He seemed to notice your staring and stared back,he had a hypnotic trait in those beautiful green orbs.

But he snapped away to block a spear that was meant for his heart,he grabbed it and grabbed the person who through it and jumped away with them.

Everyone slowly came out knowing he was gone everyone resented him,but it looked more like self-defense to you.You shrugged walking home,past all the panicked crying people,hurrying down the street you hoped he(as in the arachne)would be ok.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Arthur Pov*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I slowly crept through the shadows,trying not to be seen by those idiot humans.1 false move and they try to kill me or get someone else to do it,i wish they wouldn't but they do.They've called me a murder but they were the ones to attack first,they say I like to taste of their flesh when its sickeningly bitter.They tried to kill me again today.I crept up to the sleeping sheep this would be perfect,looking around i saw one good-sized ond alone.

"Perfect"I whispered
Sneaking up to it I grabbed it and injected my poison,and i started cocoon the mammal.I didn't expect them to be up at this time but one of the cows awoke and freaked,soon enough the humans brought their weapons and chased me off.

I didn't get to finish but at least I had eaten some food,more of them chased me towards the small village.I found my self at the center fountain,people screaming different insults but after the years I grew a shell.For a split second I looked to my left only to meet a stunning pair of (e/c) staring at me with no actual fear she had beautiful (h/c).

I snapped back into reality when I caught a spear heading for my chest,stupid humans didn't know there was a thick bone plate over my heart.Jumping I grabbed that human,he should know who that girl was but I couldn't ask her.Everyone and thing gets lonely,espesially me.After my mother died our family drifted apart,one went to scotland,2 went to ireland,and 1 to wales I was alone.

Though the human thrashed for his life,I chuckled I was at least 10 times stronger.Throwing him into my cave I just planned to scare him and get what I wanted,and we both lived.

"Don't kill me I'll give you what ever you want!Money,wine,women!"he pleaded.I cringed what on earth would I do with those things!

"Very Well I'll spare you if you know a woman with (e/c) eyes,(long/short)(h/c),and flawless (skin color)"I said as darkly as I could,I mentally smiled this was to easy.He stopped and thought for a moment,trying to think of the girl's name.

"(first name) (last name).Her father owns the local grape vinyard!"he squeaked.Thankfully I knew where that was from wandering around looking for food and such.

"Get the bloody hell out!"i growled,he got up and ran out back to his village.Walking back I saw my cozy web,clinging to the walls and shining faintly.Climbing on I relaxed on the silky,thin strings.I could feel sleep taking over closing my eyes,I shut out the world.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*3 third person*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Finally you arrived home and went to your room,sitting down you sat the honey on the table of your room.
You sighed "Finally I can rest"you said to yourself laying down on the pillow.After about 15 minutes of trying to sleep,your mother burst open through the door with a worried look on her face.

"________!"she almost made you jump out of your bed

"Yes mom?"you asked wondering why she was so worried.

"The man that the thing took said it asked about you!"she yelled grabbing you and hugging you tight.Your father who looked out of breath,was in the door way.Gasping for air because your mother would probably run 10 times faster.

"She's right dear,he asked for a girl with (eye color)and (short/long)(hair color)"he wheezed.You hugged your mother tighter,partly scared and yet confused,Why would he want you,you were pretty average for an 17 year-old(in the story your 17).

"You'll be ok honey"your mother said hugging tighter.

"Don't worry,________ there will be a meeting of what to do tommorrow"your dad said crossing his arms."And Magnum will be with you tonight"he added your big spotted dog barked happliey ran in and jumped into your bed.You petted his short soft furr and he laid down next to you.

"He'll keep you safe"your mother said getting up,it was true he was the biggest dog around.

"Good night _______"they said leaving,magnum readjusted as you layed down and sighed.

"Good night mangum"you said rubbing his head,drifting off into a decent sleep.
This idea was nagging at the back of my mind, it was also at the top of my list of 19 ideas.I write them all......eventually .w.;
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England and your mother sat in the kitchen, enjoying tea and some small snack, your mother glancing at the clock, frustration was obvious on her face.

"That daughter of mine, where is she?" You mother grumbles, gulping down the tea. England shifts in his seat uncomfortably. He had tried to calm her down for an hour but he had realized it was useless. All he could do now was drink his tea and pray you come back soon.

"Oh! I need to clear out a room for you! Wouldn't be proper to have you in the same room as my daughter, even if you are a robot." She said, getting up and heading up the stairs. England puts down his tea and follows your mother.

"Please don't bother, ma'am! I can clean up the room myself and make do with anything you have prepared!" England protested, trying to get her to go back to the kitchen to finish her tea.

"No, that won't do! It's fine, Arthur!" As your mother says, passing by your room, she glances through the open door and lets out a heavy sigh. "I wish she would honestly clean up..."

As your mother continued down the hallway, England glanced in. It wasn't filthy but it could definitely use some tidying up. England raises a furry brow before scurrying after your mother, still trying to convince her to cease her attempts to preparing a room for him.

You walk down your street, carrying a bag of clothing you recently bought at (fav store). You were whistling happily until you were facing your house. You could just feel the evil energy emitting from the place. Your mother was not happy. You gulped and slowly started walking to the front door. Your mind races with thoughts of possible alternative routes, all which proved useless. There was no choice but to face your mother head on. What's the worse she could do?

You hesitantly open the door, stepping in. You take a deep breath but before you could say anything, you mother storms down the stairs and begins to hound you.

"Where have you been?! How dare you just run out of without so much as a word! You come home early in the morning and then just run off again with those 'friends' of yours!" You mother huffed, waving her arms frustrated.

England peaked around the corner as you rolled your eyes at your mother, folding your arms over your chest. He was surprised that the daughter he was told to look after was... well, older than he expected. "I didn't want to deal with you when I woke up." You mumbled, glaring at her.

"Deal with me?!" Your mother was insulted. Before she could yell anymore, England coughed to get both of your attention. Both you and your mother's gaze lock onto the bystander. "Oh, right..." Your mother looks back to you, annoyed. "This is Arthur Kirkland, an England Hetaloid."

You examine the very handsome English Hetaloid as he stepped forward after being introduced. His scruffy blonde hair, green uniform, and... Are those caterpillars on his forehead?

"U-um... Hello." You said, a little unnerved that your mother had bought a Hetaloid without telling you. "I'm ______..."

England walks up to you and gently takes your hand, bowing to place a kiss on it. "Pleasure to meet you." You blush a little at this gesture, holding back a smile as you feel your mother's stare drilling into the side of your head.

You notice your mother forces a smile, a very deadly one. "Arthur here is going to be watching over you since I can't seem to even have you even let me know where you're going." She says, venom seeming to drip from every word. You shiver a little but stand up tall, chin up.

"Fine! It might be cool having a Hetaloid around! Come, Arthur!" You said to him as you start marching to your room.

You are halted as a strong hand grabs your wrist. "Now wait a minute." Arthur said, pulling you back to face him. He gave you a stern look and pointed to your mother. "That is no way to talk to your mum."

You stare at him in disbelief. "You've got to be kidding."

"I'm not. Here-" He turns you to face your mother. "Apologize to your mum for not informing her of where you were going and then-" He turns you back around to face him, his emerald eyes staring into your (e/c). "We're cleaning your room."

"W-what?!" You said in shock. You didn't expect him to instantly order you to clean your room. "I don't need to clean my room!"

"No whining! If it stays the way it is, eventually you won't be able to see the floor!" England said before turning your back around to your mother. "Now, what do you say?"

You grumble, glaring back at your new Hetaloid, more like babysitter. You glance back to your mother and grumble a bit more before finally swallowing a bit of your pride and mumbling, "I'm sorry..."

You mother looks like she was about to scold you further but stops when sternly gives her a look. She closes her mouth and sighs, replying in a similar attitude to you, "It's alright. And I'm sorry for yelling at you..."

England clasps his hands together and smiles. "There, now that's out of the way-" The Hetaloid starts pushing you towards the stairs and to your room. "Time to clean your room!"

"You've got to be kidding! You're fired!" You said, pushing against him but proving useless.

"Yes, yes." England said till he finally gets you to your room. Your mother sighs before going into the kitchen to finish her tea. She smiles a little. That was the most interaction you two had in a while.
I wanted to post this sooner but I got caught up in some Kamen Rider videos TT_TT Sorry! >.< I'm a little nervous about how England acts at first but once they get used to each other, I should have an easier time writing his character out >///< I hope he's in character!

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"Sshhh! Did you hear that?" You said, stopping abruptly from your daily chores. Your (e/c) eyes scanned the dense woods as you listened intently for the sound you had heard. It sounded like a cry.

One of the fellow villagers stop and listen as well but only the wind blowing through the tress were heard to her.

"I don't hear anything..." She says before walking back to the village with her pail of water. You continued to stare at the forest before sighing, adjusting the bucket of water in your arms.

"Help me" It was a child's cry. You knew you weren't hearing things this time. You glance at the other girl before rushing into the forest. "Mommy" It continued to cry, louder and louder.

Soon you stumble upon a great fallen tree. It looked as though something fairly large and heavy smashed into it, the impact clearly visible.

"Mommy, where are you?" You heard the little child cry. You rush over to the other side of the tree and your blood froze. There laid a large reptile with leathery wings and a long neck. It's thick tail curled around it protectively. It's golden eyes turn their gave from the sky to you, widening.

"Don't hurt me!" It screeched, struggling to move away but only ends up stumbling over it's own legs, flopping about helplessly. Blood was dripping from its right wing and front leg. Dragons were a terrifying beast that your village fear but this one was just a baby, scared and calling for it's mother.

"Shhh." You cooed, placing the bucket down and extending your hands out to it slowly. "It's OK. I won't hurt you." The dragon breathed violently, its eyes scanning you in fear. They were a brilliant golden but there was so much pain and desperation in them. "I want to help you."

"You won't hurt me?" It whimpered. The mouth never moved except as it panted but the voice seemed to have been coming from inside your head.

You shook your head, never losing eye contact with it and slowly crouched to the ground, slowly moving towards it, hands still extended out in friendship. "Never would dream of such a thing."

The dragon stares at you, studying you as if to sense your intent and slowly reaches his long neck out to you, its nose almost touching your palm. You could see the dragon's pupils slowly grow, a sense of calm coming from it. It looked at you, relaxed and even happy.

Then it's pupils shrunk into slits as its ears perked up. "No! Another! You will hurt me! Humans lie!" It screeched, once again attempting to run, flapping its wings desperately.

"Shhh! It's OK!" You said, not wanting to get too close in case it would attack you.

"You OK? What's going on?" A voice called out from behind you. You spun around, hoping the voice did not belong to a Dragon Slayer. Your eyes fall on a tall, well built, blonde man with alluring blue eyes. He had a rope of logs over his shoulders, an ax in his other hand. He looked surprised at the dragon yet fairly calm. "Whoa."

You stood your ground, the dragon behind you, still attempting to escape but the wounds make it nearly impossible for the young one. As the man took a step towards the two of you, you tensed up and glared at the man with your (e/c) eyes. "Don't hurt him." you warned, your breath getting heavier as you tried to slow your beating heart. This man looked like he could easily dispatch you if he wished with his ax.

"No way!" He laughed, setting the logs down and swinging the ax into one of the logs to hold it upright. "The big lizard's hurt and obviously scared out of its mind. Look at him flapping around like a wounded bird." He continued to walk over to you, stripping his shirt. You blush a little at the sight of his form but quickly look away, watching the dragon.

"It's OK, little one." You cooed, trying to calm it as you walked around so that it could see you. "We do not want to hurt you."

"Names Alfred Jones." The man said, saluting to you with two fingers. He gave you a charming smile as he starts ripping his shirt into strips of cloth. "What's your name?"

"_____ _____" You replied, slowly making your way to the young dragon. It was watching you closely, its breathing starting to calm down.

"Humans will hurt me." It whimpered, slowly retreating back.

"No we won't. We want to help you find your mommy." You said, kneeling on the ground. "Come here, little one." You said, smiling kindly at it. "There's nothing to be afraid of."

The dragon watches you curiously as it cautiously walked towards you, step by step.

"You understand him?" Alfred asked, grinning in a sort of disbelief. "All I hear is weird squawking."

"Maybe he doesn't want to talk to you." You replied quickly, too focused on calming the dragon down. It gently pressed its nose against your shoulder and slowly began to lay down. You try to help it, sitting on the ground with it. Alfred comes around the side but stops as the dragon stares at him, pupils in slits from anxiety and caution.

"Hey, buddy." Alfred said, smiling. He held his hand up, his shirt completely in shreds in his hands. "Just want to take a look at your wounds."

The dragon looks to you, pupils becoming full. It gave you a pitiful look and whimpered,  "You won't let him hurt me, will you?"

You smile gently to the dragon and petted its head softly. "I won't let him do anything bad to you, I promise." You slowly move the dragons boney head to your lap and glance up at Alfred.

He was staring at you, a dumb grin across his lips. You blush a little, guiding some stray hair out of your face. You gave him a look and cock your head towards the dragon, signaling him that he should wrap the wounds.

"Oh, right." He laughed, crouching down next to the large reptile's wounded wing and arm. "Now this will sting a bit, buddy." He notices the water bucket you had carried and snatches it quickly, spilling some water onto the ground and your dress. "Whoops." He laughs, dunking some of the strips of cloth into the water.

"Thanks..." You said sarcastically. He starts to bandage the leg first. He gently lifts the leg and rests it on his knee. He then presses the wet cloth to the open gash, wiping the blood and dirt away.

This causes the young dragon to let out a hiss, bearing its teeth at the man. "Pain! Pain is bad! Yes? Yes?" It cried to you, almost like a little child. "You said nothing bad will happen!"

"Yes, I did say that. He is helping you, it will sting for a little longer. Just hang in there, young one." You whispered, resting your forehead against the dragon's, its golden eyes meeting your (e/c) ones. It whimpered but ceased complaining. You giggle and gently pet its scaly head. "That's a good boy."

"I do not like him..." The dragon hissed, occasionally lifting his head up to give a threatening glare to Alfred, who only laughed and continued to tend to its wounds. "But I like you. You are like mommy." It said, resting its head back down onto your lap. "Except a lot smaller and smoother."

You giggled and continued to caress the dragon's head. It took some time, the dragon occasionally snapping at Alfred but eventually the man managed to wrap its leg and wing up.

"There," He said, standing up. He lifts his arms into the air in a stretch. "All better now." He places his hands on his hips and smiles down at you. He looks at the dragon, resting its head on your lap, and chuckles. "Lucky."

You give the man a playful glare before patting the dragon. "You can get up now, he's finished."

"I'm tired~!" The dragon whined, opening its mouth wide as it let out a great big yawn. You sighed and looked to the sky. It was getting darker.

You were worried the villagers would notice you were gone and start searching for you. The blonde noticed you were troubled and kneels next to you, grinning. "What's wrong?"

You shook your head, smiling a little at him. "Just worried someone will come looking for me and alert the Slayers that there's a dragon here..." You said, looking down at it as it slowly drifted into a calm sleep.

He remained silent for a moment before smiling at you. "Let's find some shelter then. I saw a cave not too far from here." He then motions to the dragon. "Will he move?"

You gently pat the dragon, whispering for it to wake up and try to move. It groans and moans, slowly getting its feet. You place your hand along its shoulder, following Alfred as he picked up his ax and the logs, leading the way.

As you reached the cave, it was almost completely dark. Bats were out soaring through the air as you entered the cave. Alfred lead you and the dragon fairly far into the cave to hide just in case villagers did come to look for you.

You sit down onto the cold stone floor and pat your lap for the dragon. It quickly curled up, resting its head against your lap. You caress your hands over its scales, humming a little lullaby you heard before. It sighed before closing its golden eyes.

As you were giving attention to the dragon, Alfred had started building a fire across from you from the logs he was carrying.

Once he finished, he sat back and watched the fire burn brightly. He glances over at you, smiling. You blush, looking away from him. You can feel his azure eyes watching you as your cheeks burned as hot as the fire.

You go to lean back against the wall but you stop as you felt your body go farther than wanted. You look behind you and notice that you had sat a little too far from the wall to lean against it. Only the your neck and back of your head would be able to lean against it. You couldn't move or else you would wake the dragon who was peacefully sleeping.

"Here." Alfred's voice spoke suddenly. You look over at the man as he stood up, and blushed at his toned body. He walked over behind you and sat down, placing his legs on either side of you so that you were now between them. You blush madly as you felt his strong hands pull you back into his chest. He was very warm as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

"You can lean on me." He happily said, leaning back a little on the stone wall.

You thought about protesting but you admitted that this was comfortable. You meekly nod, blushing madly. "T-thank you, Alfred..." You said.

"No problem, ______." He said, grinning. You rested your head back onto his chest, continuing to caress the dragon's head. You listened to Alfred's heartbeat, closing your eyes. It was comforting.

"Mommy..." You heard the dragon whimper in his sleep.

You softly sighed, still with closed eyes. You gently whispered to the dragon, "We will get you home..." Alfred gently smiles at you, petting your hair before resting his head back against the stone, closing his eyes. You nuzzle against him a little. "We'll stay with you until then..." You whispered, smiling a little before drifting off to sleep.
I wrote this yesterday but family kept distracting me and today a friend of mine came over to chat lol ^^ So I'm sorry about that

I really need to get back to finishing requests, especially since the contest has began and I feel that it would be unfair for the people who requested from to if I did the prize requests before there >.< So those are probably next as well as some Hetaloid series. I'm really sorry for those who only read my Hetaloid stories and do not particularly care for these types of shorts! >////<
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You rush down the stairs, grabbing your jacket and bolted for the door.

"Hold it right there!" You heard your mother's voice from behind. You groan and slowly turn around, slumping your shoulders. You tried to make a getaway from your studies to make it to a friend's party but, as usual, your mom intercepted you. "Where do you think you're going?" She folded her arms over her chest, walking towards you with a glare. "It's past 8 PM..."

"Mom..." You huffed. "I promised (friend's name) that I would come to her party but because you had me doing stuff, I'm late!"

"Don't give me an attitude! Ugh, what am I going to do with you...?" Your mother grumbled, rubbing her temples. You pouted and leaned up against the wall as you and your mother had a glare off. You smirk in triumph as she looks away, sighing bitterly. "For heaven's sake! Fine! Go!"

"Sweet! Later, mom!" You called back to her as your ran out the door, grinning. Victory was sweet.

As the door slams shut, your mother lets out a heavy sigh, walking back into her room. No matter how hard she tried, you never listened. Every moment you had you were gone with the wind, off to who knows where. She knew you weren't getting into major trouble but she worried about your future. She had spoiled too much.

She sat down on her bed, sighing once more. She glanced over at her laptop on her desk, remembering that she had been looking up something that was gaining popularity very quickly. Hetaloids. She had heard from some of her friends that their kids had some and they were very pleased with them. She slowly got up and walked over to her desk, scrolling down the page of the Hetaloid website.

There were so many charming looking Hetaloids. Your mother debated whether or not she should get you one. She shook her head as she examined the America, Prussia, and France ones. They would send down the wrong road for sure. She wanted you to become more lady like and calm down. She scanned through more and more of the Hetaloids, debating on the Japanese Hetaloid. He seemed much more suited for you.

Then a Hetaloid caught her eye. It was a young man with the fuzziest eyebrows she had ever seen. She snorted at this and further investigate this odd Hetaloid.

"England..." She read out loud, scanning his profile. "My goodness, he comes with a lot of costumes." She laughed, continuing to scroll down. She frowns at some information about the Pirate! Mode. "Well, he won't be needing that costume. And no alcohol." She thought about buying and England Hetaloid for you, not only can he be a gentleman, but he can teach you to be more responsible, especially with his cooking problem.

Without a second thought she ordered a British Hetaloid. She glanced at the clock and frowned. It was past 3 AM and you weren't home yet.

"That girl!" your mother growled, grabbing her cell phone and speed dialing you. She was very angry.
Tadah~ :heart: Hetaloid!England ^w^ I hope you guys like it! I'm not really sure how this will go but I am open to suggestions >w< I will make Hetaloid Japan and Canada stories soon but England had 2 votes compared to Japan and Canada's 1 ^w^ So England's first!

Sorry it's short ^^" It's getting late here so I couldn't write up too much. >.< I promise to make it longer next time!

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You sulked back home after getting a fairly angry call from your mother. You had your jacket over your shoulder, as you enter your house. And of course, your warden was standing there, arms folded over her chest and glaring at you.

"What time is it?" She asked in a growl.

"Jeez mom, you asked me that 20 minutes ago." You rolled your eyes, attempting to walk past her but she steps in your path. You let out a frustrated sigh. "Look, I'm sorry mom, I lost track of time when-"

"When what?" Your mother spats, cutting you off.

You glare at her, knowing she was suspicious of your activities. You growl, staring her down with your (e/c) eyes. "When I got caught up in some drama. Just a whole bunch of teen drama, mom..." You both stand there, glaring into each others similar eyes for a good silent minute before your mother growls, stopping off.

"Do as you wish!" She yelled, before slamming her door shut. You felt a pang of guilt but it was quickly washed away by anger and frustration. You scream inwardly and stomp up to your room, making sure to slam the door as hard as you once inside.

You fell onto your bed, grabbing a pillow and screaming into it. After a few seconds, you toss the pillow aside and glare up at the (color) ceiling. 'What's her deal? I just went to a freaking party and got caught up into solving people's drama! I didn't do drugs or drink or stuff...' You growled in your mind, slamming your elbow against the bed mattress, springing it back up into the air. 'She's so freaking paranoid!'

You grabbed your cell phone and began texting a friend of yours that lived a few states away. You began to rant about your day and your mother, of course along with a "how are you doing" inserted within.

She didn't reply so you grabbed your (brand) laptop and began browsing the web, watching videos on youtube, anything to pass the time. After about 30 minutes, your phones goes off next to you on the bed.

"It's almost 4 AM. Why do you always text me at weird times?"

You laugh a little, texting a reply. She was always very blunt over messages but she's really a sweetheart. A very antisocial brat but a sweetheart. She had been your best friend since elementary school before she moved away.

"Hey, I'm just really pissed OK? Who else am I supposed to talk to =P" You replied.

"IDK, me AFTER 10 AM?" Was her reply soon after.

"Didn't feel like waiting."

"Great. Thanks."

You two continued to message each other. Eventually the subject was finally turned from you to her life. Apparently she was about to move again and her parents were worried that she was becoming more shut off to the world so they're planning on buying her a Hetaloid.

"Woah, aren't those things, like, human like?" You asked her, an eye brow raised as you quickly typed in the sentence.

"From what I heard. Popular among girls apparently. Something about complete hotties."

you laugh a little and typed, "Lol maybe I should get one."

She took a little longer with her reply but soon enough it came. "Nuh uh, I wouldn't trust you taking care of a goldfish with how much you're out interacting with (shiver) humans."

"Hey, I could so take care of a goldfish and I rather be out interacting with humans than stuck playing dating sims."

"Ouch. Got to go to bed. I see the light." As you read her message, you glance at your window and notice it was getting brighter outside.

"Wow, me too. Night!" With that you placed your phone on the other side of your pillow and laid down, falling to sleep almost instantly. You were more tired than you expected.

You awake in the early afternoon to the sound of your cell phone going off. You groggily feel around for the device, hitting your hand against everything in the way till you had a grip on your cell. You then slowly snaked your hand back to you and answered.

"Hello..." You grumbled, trying to sit up.

"Hey, ______? You awake?" You can hear one of your friend's voices on the other end.

"I am now..." You mumbled, finally sitting up with your legs hanging off the side of the bed.

"Cool, sorry about that but everyone is heading over to the mall today and I wanted to know if you were going to come as well?" You wanted to decline the offer but then she pleaded. "Pleaaase ____? I'll buy you ice cream."

Well, that sealed it. You let out a sigh, rubbing your hand over your forehead. "OK, OK. I just need to get dressed and I'll see you there."

"Sweet! Later!" You hung up, grumbling a bit before heaving yourself off of your comfy bed and sulked over to your closet. You picked out a simple outfit before grabbing your wallet and heading down stairs.

As you walked down the stairs, you halted in your tracks. You could hear your mother in the kitchen, which has a clear view of the front door. You crouch down and slowly make your way to the kitchen doorway, hiding again the wall. You slowly peek into the kitchen. Seeing your mother was too busy making a snack, you slink over to the front door.

'Damnit, I forgot. Door creeks if I open it slowly!' you cursed in your mind. You reach out to the door handle and ready yourself. 'It's do or die then.' You throw the door open and bolt out into the front yard, slamming the door behind you. You run down the street, now hearing your mother yelling at you from behind.

You slow down as you near the bus stop and lean against the post, trying to catch your breath. Your lungs were strained and legs were on fire. You have never ran so much in one go. After catching your breath, the bus pulls up next to the stop, letting you and a few other passengers on.

Your mother stands on the porch, huffing bitterly as she watches you dash down the street. "That girl, I swear!" She hisses to herself, brushing her hair from her face. A van pulls up, Hetaloid Corp. painted on the side. Your mother stands there, surprised as someone comes out and jogs over to her, handing her a clip board.

"Mrs. ______?"


"We have your England Hetaloid order here, just need you to sign please."

Your mother blinks down at the clipboard and chuckles, beginning to sign. "That was fast!"

The employee nervously smiles and nods. "Slow week for England Hetaloids. Sure to pick up soon though." They take the clipboard and nod to your mother. "Thank you for buying from Hetaloid Corp. please call us or email us if there are any problems."

Your mother watched as they jogged to the back of the van, setting down a small ramp before unfolding a portable trolley. They carrying it up into the van and after a few seconds, they return down with a large crate on the trolley. They bring it in front of the porch and your mother leads them to the garage and place it there. The employee bids adieu before heading back into their van and driving away.

Your mother paces around the box, surprised and unsure of what she should do. She looks through the small package that came with the delivery for a manual. Once she found it, she flipped through in search of instruction for activating the Hetaloid.

"Have scones and hot tea ready. Well, he already comes with scones... why is it in quotes?" You mother quietly asked herself, rummaging through the package for the scones. She couldn't find any scones but she did find some very horrid looking black things. "What in the world?" She looked them over, scrunching her nose up. She threw one to the ground, making a loud crack. "Those are definitely NOT scones..." She mumbled. She placed the package aside, along with those black... things, and opened the crate up, revealing a very charming young man.

She examined him from head to toe. The Hetaloid wore a freshly ironed green military uniform with black boots and gloves. He was fair with scruffy blonde hair and the bushiest eyebrows. They were larger in person!

"Well... Let's see..." Your mother went into the house, preparing a cup of tea and bring it back to the garage. She held the black object and tea up to the Heataloids face.

There was a brief pause before England began to open his emerald green eyes. His eyes lids fluttered a few times, his eyes wandering before looking at your mother. He opens his mouth, brows furrowed, but then notices the "scone" and tea.

"Oh, Thank you very much, ma'am." He said, a British accent obvious in his voice. He takes it the two treats and takes a step out of his box. He glances around, sipping his tea. He seemed curious as to where exactly he was. He finally looks back to your surprised mother and seemed to have mentally slapped himself. "I beg your pardon, ma'am, I forgot to introduce myself!" He sets the tea and scone down on a table nearby and politely bowed, hand on his abdomen.

"I am an England Hetaloid, you may call me England or Arthur Kirkland. Thank you for the tea and scone."

"Y-your welcome." your mother managed out, starting to smile. "This is exciting, it's like talking to a person. I'm (mother's name)."

"Pleasure to meet you, ma'am." England takes her hand and gently places a kiss on it.

Your mother just laughs and motions him inside the house. "Charming man, aren't you. Sorry you woke up in the garage, I didn't know how to bring you inside the house while you were in the box." England nods and follows her inside the house. They walk into the living room, England taking in his surroundings as they walked. "Now, I know it's probably not what Hetaloids are meant to be bought for but I was hoping that you could babysit my daughter."

England stops in his tracks, giving her a confused look. "Babysit your daughter?"

She sighed, sitting down on one of the couches. "Yes, she's completely ignorant to my wishes making it impossible for me to reach her but," She looks up at the Hetaloid, smiling a little. "I was hoping you could."

England ponders the woman's problem a little, feeling some empathy for her and sits down across from her on a small sofa. He smiles kindly to her. "I would be honored, ma'am." Your mother let's out a sigh, as if a huge burden had been lifted from her chest and smiles at the English Hetaloid. "So," England said after a moment of silence. "Where is she?"
Part 2! >.< Sorry it took a while! I got side tracked! (Fable got me addicted right now >///< )

Now England will be on hold till I finish 2 parts of Hetaloid!Canada and part 1 or Japan and Romano (maybe Prussia) . Maybe another part to Hetaloid!America too before I continue ^^" My goodness, that's a lot lol

The friend Reader-chan texts is a reference to another Reader-chan in the future (was going to make it Reader-chan from the America fanfic but decided not to ^^")

Anyway, enjoy! next part will definitely have Reader-chan meet England ^w^

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It happened some weeks ago. On Friday evening I was walking back to my flat. I live in not-so-big apartment on fourth floor. As always I opened main doors of my block, checked my mail box and wanted to walk into elevator but I noticed that doors of basement were open. It was strange because they're always closed. I wanted to check this out. I walked down the stairs. I heard some strange noises, like hisses or hums. Some of the corners were too dark for me and I didn't see that's there.
"Hello? Is someone there?" I asked, silent "There's no need to hide from me"
I went to place where hisses were the loudest. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and pointed the light to the corner. It was a boy there. Boy? A man, he looks a little older than me. The things I noticed first were his eyes, they were bigger than other people's once. They were green, really beautiful big, emerald eyes and his thick eyebrows.
"Hello there" I said with a smile. "What are you doing here?"
He didn't reply. He pulled out his tongue and right after he pulled it in. I noticed that he was shivering, maybe he was afraid.
"Are you going to answer me?" I asked softly "Did you lost?"
He nodded.
"I will help you. Would you go with me?" I asked again. I didn't want to scare him so I slowly reached out my hand in his direction. He took my hand and we went to lighter place together. I was in shock when I've seen his whole body… snake. He hadn't legs, just green tail. He started to panic. He wanted to run away but I stopped him.
"Wait! You can't run away. What will you do later?" I asked "I'm going to help you, I promised it, right?" I smiled at him.

Throughout the weeks he accustomed to his new situation. I named him Arthur, he liked it. Again, it was Friday. I was lying on my bed and Arthur was lying on the floor. I can hear his hisses every now and then. I was searching for some information about snakes. Nothing what would help me. Suddenly, he stood up of the floor and slipped onto the bed.
"What's the matter, Arthur?" I smiled at him.
"P-Pet…" he hissed. I giggled and petted his head, he has such a fluffy hair, I loved it~. And yes, Arthur learnt how to speak, slowly but then he knew some simple words.
I felt his tail around me. He didn't look like that but he really liked to cuddle. He was more like cat, he liked to hug, he loved sleeping and he did not like than someone tell him what to do.
"What's going on?" I asked "Do you want a hug?"
He nodded. I putted my arms around his shoulders and he hugged me tightly. He was so adorable.
Weeks passed one by one and I convinced that he is more like human than I've been thought.
He spoke more clearly, he was really smart and handsome and always acted like a gentleman. True is, he never told me about his past and that why he was in my basement but he seems to trusted me and I am sure I can trust him.
"_____, can I have some tea?" he hissed
"Why of course. I will do some for you right away" I laughed, I was happy he learnt so quickly. I went to the kitchen and he was right after me. I made him cup of his favourite tea.
"Watch out, It's hot" I said but he didn't listen to me. He suddenly pulled away from the cup which fell on the floor and crashed. He turned all red and ran away. I cleaned the mess as quick as I can and I went to my bedroom. He always hid in my closet. I opened the doors. He was lying on the floor, his tail around him.
"Arthur, what's wrong?" I asked softly while sitting next to him.
"I am so sorry. Are you mad?" he hissed and pulled his tongue out and in to his mouth.
"No, I can't be mad at you" I smiled
He ran his tail around my waist and hugged me. "Thank you, _____"
"Come on, I will make you another cup of tea" I smiled and hugged him back.
He nodded and we went to kitchen together.
I need my beta reader back!!!! I fail with grammar and all this stuff! :iconigiveupplz:

But finally I'm back from England and Hungary! Are you happy?
I still have a request to do, it's been some time since I got it so I need to hurry, right?
Btw, I hope you liked it~ because of fluffiness of the story xD

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As morning came mangum started jumping and barking,signalling for you to get up.Opening your eys a little you saw the fuzzball jumping and twirling around,he was a puppy at heart.

"All right I'm up"you said tiredly,which he started to push you towards the door.

"I have to get dressed"you remind him,walking over to your dresser with him watching stared at him.

"Out"you said firmly,he barked and squeezed through the door,grabbing a white stola since it was rather hot.Walking out you see your mother eating an apple,while your father seemed tired.

"Good morning mother,father"you said sitting down,grabbing an apple.

"Good morning_______"they said

"________ this morning is the meeting,so go get your palla"
You swallowed"Yes Father"you said getting up,you just sat down for zeus's sake!Grabbing your (fav color) palla.Wrapping it around yourself it felt warm,walking back out you see your mother had her blue one on.

"Lets go family"you all started walking toward the village,it was a long walk but no long enough to get the horses.It wasn't that hot out but hot enough to make mangum pant after awhile,the walk was quiet you noticed your mother stuck closer to you than normally so did mangum like he could sense something.

You started to think it was (least favorite girl name) who was a rich and powerful,she was the same age as you and had very simiair hair,eyes,and skin.Even though you looked alike she thought way way to much of herself,she was probably at the meeting making a huge to-do about it.

Once you were outside the concil doors you could hear yellsof a pampered premadona inside.

"Father your not going to let that thing take ME,are you?Who knows what it'll do to ME!?!"she yelled making you want to punch her,but you weren't that kind of person.Your father and mother scowled at the extremely-self centered girl,the only people worse than her were her mother and father.

"Don't worry princess,we'll get you the best protecton there is!"her father comforted her.

"Yes you'll be fine,maybe it's her!"her mother said pointing to you,how freaking rude but they are ignorant high class romans while you were high middle class.

"How do you know its not her!"your mother half-yelled pointing at (least favorite girl name),and mangum growled at them.

"We are of the higher-class thats why!"and yours and her mother started arguing,they had always hated each other.

"Class doesn't matter to that thing!It's probably your daughter!"your mother defended you like always,most if not all roman women were quiet but not your,she was a spartain and your father an athenian.

"It should!"she barked back

"Let's just sit down"your father said calmly,putting a hand on the angry spartain woman's shoulder.
She shrugged"Very well" she said sitting as far as she could from them,the mayor stepped up on to the stage.

"People,the creature has said it wants a girl with (e/c)eyes,(h/c)hair,and (skin color)!We need to act, any ideas!?"he said loud and clearly

"We should try to kill it!"someone yelled and there were murmurs of agreement.

"No,we have lost to many!"he yelled

"We should leave them at his cave!"another yelled,which your mother wrapped her arms around you.

"No we are not giving my baby to that thing!"the annoying mother yelled back,your mother grimaced.

"That is what we will do!"the mayor said

"NO!!!!"the annoying family yelled

"It is the best for the community!"he yelled back"we will send them at sunset,consider it an honor!"The crowd cheered.You giggled at the sight of the annoying family going hysterical yelling things,and begging for another answer to the problem.

"Whatever you want to do today________,just tell us"your father said pulling you into a hug.

"Alright father"you said hugging back
Your Father stayed true to his word,you rode the horses,played with mangum,visited Melissa who cried and hugged you tightly,and talked with your father who nearly cried.With your mother you went for one last trip around village,not really buying anything but a very nice stolla and palla.

"I hope you had a good day_______,I'm sorry I can't do anything"she said hugging you and crying,so was your father.One way or another you were going down there,the others would make sure of that.

"They horses are here"your father said holding you closely,you yourself had cried earlier.Seeing a man on a brown horse with 2 other calico one tied behind him.(least favorite girl name)was already on the left on so you got on th other

"goodbye mother,father"you said sadly,they started to tear-up again"I'll be alright"you tryed to reassure them not believing it yourself,(lfgn)rolled her eyes.The man made to horses turn and gallop away,the figures of your father and mother fading in the distance till they were gone.

You felt the horse gallop beneath you as you passed the beautiful scenery,soon it changed from lovley hills to flat with a few trees.You could hear the ocean in the distance crashing against the rocky shore,there was a path down onto beach which took awhile.You could see a cave surrounded by sharp rocks and bone surprisingly not human boes but still scary.

The man jumped down and helped you both off the horses,the sun was nearly completely gone you were stuck here.

"If the creature doesn't take you run back to the village"he said remounting his horse"may the gods be with you"he added just before he galloped away.You both shiverd looking into the cave,then each other.You both started to walk next to each other knowing of you ran even now you wouldn't get away.You both were directly in front of the cave looking into the black abyss,shivering in fear and it was also cold out here.

Suprisingly (LFGN) didn't run away screaming and freaking out like you thought she would.Hearing a noise you both freeze in place it sounded like a growl,and the moving of stones mixing with the sound of the ocean.

"Well better now than never"she said

"Yes its nice"you both slowly walked in it was dark,and suprisingly warm,but it gave off a lonely aura.

"At least it's warm in here,maybe its not here"she said hopfully,you both sit down against a wall.
"Wrong loves"a voice said that echoed through the cave,you both paled her more than you. He flawlessly walked down the wall right infront of you,making both your jaws drop he chuckled.

"So that human carried my message,and I see they obliged"he came closer making you both go back."Now now loves I won't eat you..yet~"he said darkly causing(LFGN) to faint,her body hit the ground with a thump.

He looked down at her and smiled at you"Your the one I want"he said grabbing you and pulling you close you felt tears prick your eyes you were frozen in absolute fear.

"Don't cry love you'll be alright"he said his tone much softer,he picked you up and started walking further into the cave.You saw the biggest spider web in your life it was huge,he jumped on and sat you down on it.

Immediatly it stuck to you strongly making it nearly impossible to move you struggled only to get hoplessly stuck.He chuckled and started to cocoon you lightly it felt like a blanket he only went up to your chest.

"Stay here love I'm going to feed,and the other spiders won't hurt you"

"W-wait what do you mean other spiders"you cringed at the thought of them

"Don't worry they won't bite or hurt you"he rubbed your cheek and jumped off of the web and down the cave hall,being 25ft off the ground scared you.But now you were 25 ft off the ground,bond with spiders around you,you could have fainted right there but you didn't until you saw a huge spider then you feinted.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Arthur's Pov~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I couldn't believe they actual listened to me about ________,they probably thought I would stop feeding even though I have no intent too.I made my way to my favorite livestock farm,they were heavey sleepers which made this easy.

Looking around I found a sheep that looked rather good,I quickly grabbed it and injected my poison its death was quick and painless.I was very happy that I got a good meal today,but now ________ would need something.Looking around I saw some apples I knew my pets wouldn't touch them,my pets were spiders that obeyed and did as I told them.

As I grabbed them I heard some people talking,how could I have awoken them?They seemed to look around and continue towards the ocean,or more specificlly my cave.

I followed them closely,it was a man and woman high class they were worried?maybe?They stood in front of my cave for awhile were they here for________ or the other one,they could have that one.The woman screamed and ran in,it must have been the other girl.I watched from the darkness as they picked up the girl and hurried back to that village,walking back down and into my cave I saw the girl was gone not like I care.

I continued in to my cave,I saw ________ had fallen asleep or fainted because some of my spiders were near her.

"She must have arachnaphobia"I said to myself,a black widow landed on my shoulder,she told me that time works best.I shrugged she was right,ever though it was irony for her species.

Jumping up on to the web I tryed not to wake her the best i could,I stuck the apples in the upper part of the web and layed next to her.I drifted off feeling my pets coming on the web,like they always did I rested knowing I was now no longer alone........
Part 2 :iconyeahplz:
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WARNING: this is incest no like no read and if you dont like and do read then say how disquesting incest is FUCK YOU "(-3-)"

"are you ready to go yet!!" your brother alfred yelled from
downstairs "yeah im comin!!" you ansewered back shouting from
the bathroom. You were currently getting ready for your first
day at Gakuen Hetalia High were young countries go to school.

"______!!!!! hurry uuupppp~!!!!" alfred whined "alright alright"
you said as you started your  way down the staircase 'i seriously cant
believe he's older than me' you thought as you made it to the last of the steps
"good morning _____ are you ready to go love?" your oldest brother
arthur said as he handed you your backpack "mmhmm"
"okay then.... LET ROLL!!!!!" alfred
said as he grabbed your arm and dragged you to the car.

you all hopped in the car and drove to the school. you were a
freshman at the school but there was one thing wich you found odd
alfred was the only teenager ACTUAL teenager in the school with him
being 19 and all, but why was england going? he's 22 but ooh well who cares.

as alfred parked the car the three of you got out of the
car 'hory shet this place is huuugeee~' you were torn from your
thoughts when arthur tapped your shoulder "pretty big isnt it love?"
he said while trying to stifel a laugh at your embarrased face
"y-yeah this place is huge"
"come you guys lets go we still gotta check out our classes for the semester~" Alfred whined
"alright alright lets go" you grabbed arthur and alfreds hand and tugged them to the building.

'this'll be one fun year'
so yeah i wanted to do the incest thingy so i did because i really enjoy the idea of a forbidden love
this chapteer is a bit short cause well it is but dont worry the rest'll be longer ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
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