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Injection of Maturity

Evangelion AR Story

Akagi Ritsuko sighed, looking into the living room of her
apartment. one who would look into the room would guess that
either a small party or a miniature tornado had flown through
there. Of course, Ritsuko knew better. Setting her hands on her
hips, she would slowly step into the room, observing the empty
beer cans and random snack wrappers that littered the table and
floor. Nearby, a soft snoring could be heard. As she picked up
empty beer cans to be thrown away, she peeked over to see one of
her only good friends, Katsuragi Misato, limbs sprawled out into
several different directions and mouth wide open, passed out in
a drunken stupor.

Indeed, she had been expecting this. More and more recently,
Misato had been coming over to "hang out" with Ritsuko. While at
first Ritsuko was touched by the sentiment, she soon came to
find out that "hanging out" was code for getting absolutely
smashed and watching television. While it was somewhat nice to
have regular conversation outside of work, the constant visits
were now starting to draw on her nerve a bit. The constantly
having to clean up after her when she inevitably fell asleep
didn't help the matter either.

The last straw, though, came on this particular night. She had
walked over to grab the nearby trash can, to do what felt like
her tenth or so clean up this week. She had been bending down to
throw the empty alcohol cans and bottles away when something had
caught her attention. Misato had briefly stopped snoring, her
face looking a bit focused. Ritsuko watched her as she tensed
her body up a bit, as if bracing for some sort of impact.
Ritsuko, worried, went to go wake her up, wondering if she was
having a bad dream. She realized all too late, though, that
something much worse was happening.

She watched. in slight shock, as Misato's face relaxed, followed
by a hissing from down below. Ritsuko moved her head down to see
the shorts she was wearing become darker, followed closely by
the cushion below her. Ritsuko could only stand in stunned
silence as she watched warm urine start to both puddle around
her bottom and drip down the front of the sofa. It took her a
few moments to finish, the cause Ritsuko could only attribute to
the volume of alcohol she consumed tonight.

The next minute or so was simply silence, save the low buzz of
television fuzz that could be heard. Ritsuko simply stared at
the woman in wet pants, who was softly breathing now. This was
interrupted, of course, by Misato returning back to her regular
snoring, sounding a bit more intense than before. Ritsuko looked
down at the empty beer can she was holding before sighing,
letting it fall to the ground, along with the small trash can she was holding.

Slowly, she rose and walked away to her bedroom. She was
mentally fried at this point, and had no patience to deal with
what had just happened. She slowly took off her shirt and
unzipped her skirt before simply getting into bed, foregoing any
form of pajamas at this point. As she drifted off to what would
hopefully be blissful slumber, she thought of one thing.
"Something needs to be done" were the words that flowed through
her mind as she slowly fell into a deep sleep.

The next day was just about as ordinary as the first. Ritsuko
woke up and slowly stretched before getting up. She peeked out
into the living room, to see if her wet friend was still there.
Misato had left, though stepping into the room, she would see
that the woman had come to realize what had transpired the night
before. She saw that the cushion had been flipped, and in the
nearby laundry hamper, she saw the same pair of short shorts
that Misato was wearing the night before, along with a pair of
yellow tinted panties hidden inside. Ritsuko let out another
deep sigh as she went to her bathroom, to wash up and get ready
for her day.

It wasn't until nearly two hours later that she finally arrived
at work. As she stamped her time card, though, she saw that a
certain purple haired lady had not yet arrived. And as usual,
she looked around a moment before taking Misato's time card as
well and stamping it in, setting it in the checked in section.
She then hurried off to the nearby elevator, going down to the

At this point, her and her team were tasked with the research of
stasis technology for extended travel periods with no negative
repercussions. In laymen terms, they were asked to find a way
to keep a person normal and healthy for a long period of time
without causing any lasting damage. She had been told this was
for extended space travel, but knowing how Gendoh had been ever
since Shinji had joined the Evangelion project, she could never
be too sure what it could be used for.

As she entered the research section of NERV, she briefly
reflected on what had been done so far. When first given the
job, they immediately looked into the possibility of forms of
Cryogenic freezing and suspended animation. The efforts were
fruitless, however, as the strain set on the body and mind
respectively were too much to humanely continue.

For many, it was considered a back to the drawing board
decision. Ritsuko, however, had decided to pursue her own
private research, based on the opposite of what they had been
studying before. While everyone had been studying on how to
reserve the outside of one's body, she thought that more
progress could be made by working with what was within.
She stepped off of the elevator, holding up her keycard to the
scanner. A few moments later, she was allowed entry, where she
immediately moved away and over to her station. She had begun
her experiment seven days ago, with results set to come in
today. And as she had hoped, there on her desk laid a manilla
envelope, stating her name and ID. She set her purse down to the
side before walking over, lifting and opening it to see what had

She looked through the graphs, that showed an hour by hour
progression after the multiple injections she had concocted were
given to different subjects. She also read the different notes
scribbled in by her associates. "Progression in subject five is
slow..." she mumbled as she flipped the pages, "shows slight
discomfort... yadda yadda..."

As she read through the first several pages, to say that she was
disappointed at the initial results was quite an understatement.
She had really thought she had caught on to something at this
point, and was actually sort of excited to see what would
happen. From what she was seeing, though, the data was less than
satisfactory. That is, of course, until she got to the fifth day
results. Her mouth nearly dropped open when she saw the large
spikes in the graphs, seeing the notes become more numerous and
hectic. She sat down, reading through them thoroughly.

It was amazing! Despite the slow start, this small experiment
had gone above and beyond what she had ever expected. Soon, she
had found herself at the last page, where she found the best
results of all. While she had simply wanted to find a way to
contain a person though long periods of time, she found that
these results not only did that, but so much more. Not only
that, but it also seemed quite easy to manage, as one could use
different volume measurements to control the intensity of the
results. At this thought, she quickly moved the papers to the
side before booting up her computer. She needed to do some
serious work to figure out exactly how much of these serums did

Ritsuko had planned to begin immediately, but unfortunately, it
was cut off at the pass by the appearance of Misato, who had
appeared at her doorway, leaning against the frame. "Hey
Ritsuko-chan," she said casually to the blonde haired woman.
Ritsuko had not been expecting it, and she had jumped pretty
violently at the voice from behind her. Misato chuckled a bit,
slowly walking into the room. "What's up blondie?" she asked,
sitting on the end of the desk. Ritsuko reached up, grabbing the
folder and closing it, setting it aside. "Nothing" she quickly
said, turning back to her computer. Wanting to change the
subject, she peeked over to her before asking, "When did you get
in anyway? You left my place before me but got here after me.
Kind of a paradox, don'tcha think?"

Misato blushed, rubbing her head. "Oh, you know... I was a bit
hung over, so I decided to stop by home. You know, take a shower,
take some aspirin-"

"And get a change of clothing?" Ritsuko said over her shoulder,
working away at her computer. Even though she couldn't see her,
she knew that Misato had blushed deeply at the comment. "Oh,
yeah, um... I'm guessing you saw the clothes in your hamper?"
she asked, rubbing her head a bit more. Ritsuko nodded curtly,
continuing to stare at her computer screen. "Well than... Um...
Don't worry about it!" Misato quickly said, waving it off, "It's
nothing really... I guess I just... Perspired a bit last night,
and my clothes were a bit moist from sweat. You know, Just
decided to leave the dirty ones at your place and borrow some of
yours... I'll clean them and bring them back soon though"
While she was listening, Ritsuko didn't give any immediate
response. She simply stared at the screen in front of her,
studying the numbers and reading the data she had typed in.

There was a few moments of awkward silence, as both women were
deep in their own thoughts. It was broken, however, when Misato
rose from the desk, walking over. "Um... Everything alright?"
she asked, somewhat softer than what she was used to. Ritsuko
stayed still and silent for a moment before turning to her.
"Yes, I'm fine..." she said softly, looking up at her, "How
about we meet for lunch later? I would love to discuss with you
some of the stuff I am working on here with you."

Misato smiled a bit, nodding. "Yes, that sounds great!" she said
happily, turning to the door, "See you later!" She waved to
Ritsuko before leaving the room, heading off to work. Ritsuko
halfheartedly waved back to her, before simply staring at where
she stood, hand still in the air. After another moment, she
turned back to her screen, opening up a new file. "Katsuragi
Misato..." she said softly to herself before beginning to type
again, copying the name down at the top of her new project.

Several hours later, Misato was seen sitting in the lunch room,
casually sipping a soda. She looked at her watch before sighing,
leaning her head back to look at the ceiling. At that exact
moment, though, she looked right up at Ritsuko, who was standing
directly behind her. "Am I late?" she asked, walking around the
side  and sitting across from her. Misato shrugged, smiling a
bit as she took another sip of her drink. "Only a little. I
wouldn't expect a person like you," she said, looking to her and
smirking a bit.

Ritsuko raised her eyebrow, staring back. "Oh? Well, maybe you
don't know me as well as you think..." she said, slowly stirring
the little cup of coffee that she had in her hand. Misato
chuckled a bit at this comment, crossing her legs. "Really?
We've known each other for over a decade now! I think I know a
bit ore about you than you  think" she said, leaning casually
back in her seat and taking one last sip of her drink.
Ritsuko smiled a bit, amused as she watched her. Almost too
intently, it seems, as Misato peeked over  and smiled back
uncomfortably, going to stand up. "Hey, I'm gonna go get lunch.
You want anything?" she asked, getting ready to walk away.

Ritsuko quickly rose, grabbing her hand. "Oh no, let me... It'll
be my treat" she said, almost seductively, as she walked away.
Misato blushed a bit, but seemed more confused than anything as
she slowly sunk back down to her seat.

Lunch had gone fine that day, though Misato was a bit thrown off
when she had returned, not only with the salad that she usually
got, but also with a cup of warmed milk and a small cup of
applesauce. She went to question it, but Ritsuko simply brushed
it by stating that the soda machine was broken and that she
wanted to get her something sweet. Misato also found that she
sat right next to her instead of across the table, but she
ignored it, figuring she was having trouble hearing from across
the table.

After lunch, Misato rose and went to say goodbye to her friend.
She was stopped, however, when Ritsukoput her hand on her
shoulder and leaned in, whispering quietly, "Come with me... I
want you to see what I am working on now..." Misato blushed,
thrown off by the sudden closeness. "Um... Sure, as long as it
doesn't take long. I need to get some last repairs done on Eva
01 before the next attack" she replied softly before following
behind the blonde woman. As they entered the elevator, Misato
peeked over to the woman beside her. "What are you working on
anyway?" she asked, almost conversationally as she watched the
floor numbers drop down.

"Oh nothing special," Ritsuko replied casually, staring at the
elevator doors, "Simply some stasis experiments. I think you
will find the results to be quite interesting, however..."
Before Misato could reply to the mysterious words, the elevator
gave out a soft 'ding' before the doors slowly opened, revealing
the labs that Ritsuko was used to. She stepped out of the
elevator first, followed closely by Misato, who looked around

Misato usually went straight from the elevator to Ritsuko's
office, so she never got to take a good look around this place.
It always seemed kind of dark and dreary down here, so she
avoided it when she could. As they walked through, she saw
different tables, filled with test tubes, note pads and various
equipment lying around. She could see a few people discussing
something as they observed the reaction of what she assumed were
different chemicals.

She felt herself redirected by Ritsuko, as they went into a room
entitled "Experiment Room M". Inside, she saw that it was very
plain, but very unlike the rest of the lab she saw. Inside,
there were several different tubes, all with different colored
liquids in them. She also saw a few chairs lined against the
back wall. The oddest thing, though, was the small animal cage
she saw sitting on the end of the table. Curiosity took a hold
of her as she stepped closer to investigate.

At first, it simply looked like a floor of wood chips, with a
small water feeder in the corner. Some movement caught her eye,
however, as she focused on a small spot right in the middle.
There, she saw a collection of tiny, hairless rodents, sleeping
in a small pile. She cooed a little bit before looking over at
Ritsuko, who was observing the liquids. "This is pretty
adorable! Are these what you wanted to show me?" she asked,
leaning back up. Ritsuko smiled, tapping one of the glasses. "In
a roundabout way, yes... Those were some subjects of our latest

Misato's smile faltered as she watched her intently watch the
chemicals mix. "Um... I see... Ritsuko, you know how I feel
about-" she started to protest a bit, but Ritsuko rose to full
stance, staring Misato in the eye. "Oh, I know... I wanted to
show you something I whole lot more... Beyond what you can see
with your eyes..." She walked forward, placing her hands on
Misato's arms. Misato blushed a bit, stuttering as she felt
herself being moved against her own volition. "B-but I don't-"
She began to speak again, but was quickly hushed up with a soft
touch of Ritsuko's fingers to her lips. She meekly obeyed,
though a strong sense of foreboding washed over her as they both
moved towards one of the chairs at the back of the room.

"Look, Ritsuko, I have to get back to work. I can't stay around
to help you!" Misato tried to reason, before feeling herself
being shoved backwards. She took a few shaky steps before
falling onto the soft seat of the chair. She went to rise again,
but Ritsuko leaned down softly, delivering a firm kiss to Misato's

Misato froze, in absolute shock at what was happening at that
moment. She was lost in her own head in a moment, before being
awoken by a soft tugging at her wrists. She pulled back, looking
down to find black straps tightly binding her wrists. She
started violently pulling, but there was no use. She looked back
up to Ritsuko, but found that she was now bending over in front
of her. As she felt a tug at her ankles, she knew what had just
transpired. In the span of about a minute, she had been set down
and secured to this chair, completely at Ritsuko's will. The
blonde woman slowly rose, lightly brushing Misato's chin.
"There, that should keep you nice and secure..." she said,
before walking back to the table.

"What... What are you going to do to me?" Misato asked softly,
fear now gripping her heart, stacking on top of the immense
confusion. Ritsuko picked up a pair of rubber gloves, putting
them on slowly. "I am going to reform you... Make you a better
person... From scratch" she said slowly, before picking up a
syringe, examining the tip. Misato's face instantly went white
when she saw the item in her hands, cringing back a bit in her
seat. "From... From scratch?" she repeated meekly, watching
Ritsuko suck up a pale yellow liquid through the needle. She
simply nodded, smiling almost devilishly as she walked over.

Misato tried her best to move herself as far away from Ritsuko
as possible. It was useless, of course, as she was stuck to her
fate. All she could do was squeeze her eyes shut, not even
wanting to see what will happen. She felt her jacket being tugged
at, the collar being roughly pulled down far enough to reveal
her upper arm. Misato bit her lip tightly, tears forming in her
eyes, as she felt a cold material being rubbed on her arm. Then,
in a tense moment, she felt a small prick on her arm, before the
sickening sensation of something flowing into her arm. All she
could do was sit there, in dead silence, until the needle was
pulled from her arm.

She slowly opened her eyes back up, tears falling down her face
as she looked back up at the taller woman. She was simply
standing there, watching her. For several moments, there was
nothing but the dead silence filling the air. After a short
wait, however, she felt a deep gurgling emanating from her
abdominal area. It seemed like there was some form of upset
going on there, quickly confirmed by pressure forming in between
her legs. She squeezed her knees together as a prevention
method, but found it no use as the pressure simply built against

All in a moment though, the pressure seemed to fade. It didn't
disappear, really, but to her, the feeling of pressure
disappeared to her almost completely. She could even feel her
leg muscles start to loosen, almost automatically in response to
the lack of impending trouble.

And all at once it happened. It started at a slow trickle, but
the floodgates couldn't stay closed for long. Before she knew
it, she could feel the stream of warm urine quickly flowing out
of her, running down her legs and collecting into the seat of
her pants. She sniffled loudly, tears freely falling now,
terrified at how her body's control seemed to be slipping away.
Before her, Ritsuko simply watched, a lit cigarette now in her
hand. "Interesting... Very interesting..." she stated, tapping a
bit of loose ash off of the small stick, "It's interesting to
see this in a human being... Well, no time to lose! Let's move
on!" She quickly turned her back, bending over the table,
looking at her notes before turning to the liquids again.

"No... No more..." Misato croaked, her head hanging as she
sobbed to herself. Ritsuko acted as if she didn't hear her as
she sucked up a vial of purple liquid into a new needle. She
turned around, slowly walking over before kneeling down in front
of the crying woman. She lifted her head up by the chin, looking
her directly in her red, puffy eyes. "I'm sorry dear," she said,
smiling a little bit, "But once it starts, there is no stopping

Immediately upon ending her statement, Misato shrieked loudly as
she felt the needle stabbed into her thigh. Ritsuko slowly
pressed down on the plunger, holding her leg in place before
slowly retracting the needle. She stood back up, throwing the
syringe away before picking her cigarette back up, watching
Misato as if she was an entertaining show.

Misato didn't have to wait too long for the results of this
particular injection. She could feel a weird twitching in her
thigh muscles, which seemed to spread both upwards and
downwards. Soon, her knees seemed to be feebly shaking, before
she felt them go numb. The same sensation seemed to pass up her
stomach and into her arms, the same weird twitching and moving
feeling following her, followed quickly by the numbness.

She grunted, trying to move her arms and legs. she found that
they seemed to be out of her control, however, there was
movement still going through them. Ritsuko observed her for a
moment before reaching down, slowly starting to let her arms
free. This is what Misato had wanted, of course, but it was too
late now. As her limbs were finally let go, they felt as if they
were oddly floaty, moving and jerking oddly under their own
powers. "What... What did you do?" she asked weakly, watching
her fingers oddly flex and move around on their own.

"In the simplest terms, I separated conscious and subconscious
muscle control. So, really, I untaught your control over your
limbs. They are working at an unconscious level, totally on
instinct" Ritsuko said, poking at her hand. The hand
instinctively reached out, squeezing the finger weakly. Misato
blushed at this, but was unable to stop herself from doing it.
"See?" Ritsuko said, removing the girl's grip, "just like a
harmless baby... Oops, did I just give away the ending?"
She chuckled a bit to herself, sounding quite mad, as she turned
her back again, watching the tall test tubes bubble.

Misato watched her for a moment before looking back down at her own
limbs. Her legs were lifting up and kicking out a bit, random
spasms causing them to move. This made her feel a little sick
and extremely scared. Her body seemed to pick up on these
feelings, though, and before she could even think to stop it,
her hand balled up into a fist, thumb extended, before shoving
itself into her mouth. She squeaked in surprise at the sudden
intrusion, but despite her best attempts, she could not dislodge
it. All she could do is sit there and softly suck on it, waiting
for what was to come.

"Aww, isn't that precious?" Ritsuko said, causing Misato to jump
and her ass to squish. Ritsuko was already standing there, new
syringe with green liquid now in her hand. "And convenient as
well! This should keep you nice and quiet for these last shots"
she said, stepping forward. She bent over slightly, the needle
hovering close. She knew where it was heading, but all she could
do at this point was close her eyes and wait for it. With a
small prick, the felt the needle enter the side of her neck, a
hot wave of pain passing through her. She could only squeeze her
eyes, half gnawing on her thumb, until the pain finally subsided
and the syringe was retracted.

"...Well?" Ritsuko said, throwing the needle into a bin before
turning back to her, "Don't you have anything to say? You
usually have some quip or complaint to say after one of them...
Please, speak your mind" Her voice seemed almost sarcastic now
as she stared into the soft eyes of her best friend. Misato
fought for a bit and finally pried her thumb out of her mouth,
free to speak her mind. "I don't like it! I want... you to...
stop... this..." she said, noticing that her speech was slowing
down, "What... You do... me..."

"Hm? What was that? I didn't really catch that last part"
Ritsuko said, sarcastically putting her hand to her ears.
"You... Wong... What..." she started to say, but stopped
abruptly. It felt as if her tongue was large and in the way, her
words not really coming out as she wanted them to. "Wha...
Happa... Hababa..." She tried to say, but the more she attempted
to speak, the less sense she was making. As a line of drool
started to fall down her lips, she made one last attempt to yell
at the woman. Sadly, it only came out as random gibberish and
baby like sounds, drool falling wildly from her lips. Ritsuko
giggled madly at this, reaching down and taking her jacket to
wipe her mouth. "Don't worry dear, this one isn't as
complicated... It's just a strong muscle relaxant on your mouth
and vocal center... I untaught you how to speak!" she stated,
turning away to her table of liquids.

Misato attempted to peek over her, to see how much more agony
she would have to endure. From where she was sitting, there only
stood one last test tube. In it was a very bright white liquid,
almost seeming to shine. Ritsuko picked it up, sucking it up
into a larger syringe before turning back to her. "Well, this is
it. The last step, my dear girly... Are you ready?" she asked,
staring Misato directly in the eyes. Misato shrunk back a bit,
but all that came out was a small whimper, along with what
looked like a spit bubble. "I'll take that as a yes" she said,
before moving behind her.

Misato couldn't see what she was doing, but she felt her grab
her head and point it down at the ground. At the last moment,
she knew where the last injection was going, and let out a last
shriek before the needle was unceremoniously jabbed into the
base of her neck.

For one instant, Misato felt an immense pain, like one never
felt before in her life. She cried out for that one moment,
wanting this all to end, however it might happen.

The next second, however, things changed. The pain subsided
rather quickly, and for that moment, she was suddenly hit with
an intense wave of pleasure. It was as if every pore, every
nerve in her body was sighing in relief and gratitude. Her mouth
slowly curled up into a smile as she felt the needle pulled from
her, the woman stepping back.

Misato simply stared at the room, smiling stupidly. From her
point of view, nothing seemed bad anymore. It was like she was
induced with a hallucinogenic drug, but instead of visions, it
was as if her entire perception had changed. The room was not as
dreary as before, the needles not as scary. It was as if she was
looking at the world through new eyes. Maybe that was it,
though. Maybe these were new eyes!

It was like a new life was being reborn in her body. She looked
down at her hands and feet, seeing them moving in spasms. This
had to be it! She was newly born, so no control was over her.
She was completely free! She let out a happy coo as she stared
at her hands. To her, they seemed smaller, but it didn't matter.
The concept of big and small seemed to float away in the breeze
as she now flapped her oversized jacket cuff, giggling at the
movements and sound it made. Her legs swung over the ends of the
chair, now short enough not to touch the floor. She giggled in a
new high pitched voices, waving her arms up and down, now barely
reaching the elbow. She was small and happy, and that was the
only thing that mattered to her.

From Ritsuko, however, she saw a different story. She saw a girl
that seemed barely a toddler now, seeming happier than she had
ever seen the adult Misato. After another moment or so, she saw
the little girl's head fall back into the collar of her shirt,
before the little lump fell back on the seat. She moved back
around to the front of the chair, moving everything away,
revealing a naked little babe, probably only a few days old, if
that. She was laying back and cooing softly, staring back up at
Ritsuko with a curious look. Ritsuko smiled down happily at her,
reaching down and lifting her up. The now infant Misato returned
that toothless smile, reaching up at her face. "See? That wasn't
so bad... And you are new again! You can live your life again
and be happy! And you will be happy..." she said, softly
cradling her as she walked to the door, "because Mama Ritsuko
will raise your right this time..."
Alright, here is my newest commission, this time not by micman, but by :icongeistis:. It is a Neon Genesis Evangelion story about Misato's lack of maturity and Ritsuko's crazy way of dealing with it. Just as a warning, it might be a tad bit darker than one is used to. Hope you enjoy!

Still open for commissions!

PS Sorry for the weird format. Don't know how to fix it
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Ami, Sailor Mercury, Breast and Butt Expansion

Ami sighed a bit, rubbing her arms a bit as she set down the book. She looked around the quiet library she was currently sitting in. Though she was usually at peace here, she felt kind of uncomfortable this time. She tried to focus on her studies, but she found herself becoming more and more bothered for no apparent reason. A bead of sweat started to slowly roll down her forehead and onto her glasses. She quickly took them off before scooting the chair back, leaning back and sighing. That was when she noticed the first thing wrong. Her shirt, for some reason, felt tight, even though she knew she had put on a loose fitting one for comfort. She reached down to tug on it, but brushed up against what felt like a soft lump that wasn't there before. Curious, she looked down to investigate

There, staring her back in the face, were two orbs resting on top of her chest. While not massive, she was still thrown off by the large size that she wasn't used to seeing there. She reached up and slowly grasped them, squeezing. As she did so, she blushed, noting their unusual softness and tenderness, giving a soft tingling at the very touch. At that moment, she felt the odd sensation of confinement, as if these growing balls of beauty were trapped. She knew instantly what it was, and almost instinctively, she reached behind her, grasping the hooks of her bra through her shirt before letting them loose.

Instantly, what felt like a wave of freedom brushed over her, as her breasts fell free of their prison. She reached down to touch them again, and found that they seemed to have gotten larger than a few moments ago. As she pondered this feeling, she nonchalantly reached down to her pants, feeling what seemed like a wedgie in her bottom. She felt the same early collision, however, as if running into something that wasn't supposed to be there. She slowly peeked over her shoulder and blushed deeply, letting out a small squeak of surprise. Staring back up at her were two similarly large orbs of flesh, barely contained by denim. Her underwear was sticking out severely from the top of her pants, but with how big her butt had gotten, they almost looked like a white thong sticking out

She quickly jumped up in surprise and felt, for the first time in her life, the odd sensation of jiggling centered in her chest and ass. She quickly reached for both, trying to stop their momentum. She found a completely different problem, however, as her small frame seemed to barely be able to encase the enormous fat that both of her expanding body parts were giving her. She blushed, her shirt now at capacity to hold her chest balloons, while she could hear the tearing of her jeans, right at the crack of her ass. It didn't help that she suddenly felt the sudden ballooning around the rest off her body, but at a lesser degree. She was starting to become a bit bplumper, almost as if to help the rest of her dimensions more thoroughly.

Unfortunately, this didn't bode well for the rest of her clothes. In one earthshattering moment for the embarassed young girl, she could hear the simultaneous ripping of her t-shirt, along with her denim jeans. They both fel to the floor in a few pieces, leaving the girl to try to cover her now almost cartoonishly large proportions in the middle of a crowded library, her only form of support being the slowly tearing cotton panties that were still holding on. She looked around, both sets of cheeks red as tears started to form in her eyes, everyone now staring at her. With a sob, she quickly ran off, as the elastic in her underwear finally gave way, falling behind in her wake


Makoto, Sailor Jupiter, Corruption

Makoto raised her eyebrow, dusting away a small, shining stone that she had seen in the rubble. Her and the other senshi had just gotten done with a hard battle, and all the others had disappeared. She reached down to pick up the soft green gem, but as she grasped it, she felt a sharp shock come to her hand. She jumped back a bit, staring at where she had gotten zapped. There was a soft tingling that started in her fingers, but slowly started to travel down her hand and up her arm. After a moment, it felt like her whole body had gone numb, being replaced by this soft vibrating under her skin.

The first think she noticed was that the skin on her arms and leg seemed to be losing tint. Instead of going grey, though, they seemed to become a more sickly yellow. She quickly reached up, looking inside of her tanktop. It seemed that the color was traveling throughout her skin, soon looking like some kind of diseased creature. She noticed something else odd, though, right at the center of her collarbone. A small green spiral formation started to form there, growing outward. Before she could even touch the small circle, she felt the spiral shape suddenly shoot out, like roots taking hold, as the design split into multiple lanes and traveled around her body. On top of the strong yellow color, she seemed to be gaining green stripes, like some sort of freakish tiger

She gasped at the sudden movement of the stripes, but gagged as she felt her mouth start to distort. It felt like her teeth were buzzing now, as slowly, her canine started to sprout out, becoming what could only be described as fangs. She was distracted, however, as a similar sensation formed on her forehead. She reached up to try to massage her head, but felt two lumps protruding against her skin. As she felt the lumps, they slowly started to break through the skin, hardening a bit and becoming sharp. She could feel the two horns, a foot long, set themselves into place on her head as her ponytail seemed to snap and fall down, her hair flowing free.

In the examination of her head, she didn't even see that the clothes she was wearing were starting to slowly shred and fade into the wind. By she time she had noticed, the last strands of them slowly blew off, leaving her in her bra and panties. But even those weren't safe, as they almost seemed to fuse with her skin, giving her unmentionable areas a somewhat plain, featurless look. She was breathing fast now, feeling all over her body as if trying to find an answer. Why was this happening to her? Why did she look like some sort of demon? Why... why... As she tried to find answers, her thoughts started to become cloudy. She tried to focus, but all she could think about was... Queen Beryl. All that was in her mind was her master Queen Beryl, and how she must serve her until her final days. And most of all, one thought triumphed over all. Her now deep red eyes looked down at the gem on the ground, slowly kneeling down and picking it up before placing it on the spiral in her chest. "I must destroy the Sailor Senshi," she spoke, in a deeply distorted voice, "And bring dominance to the glorious Negaverse!" She let out an evil laugh before raising her hand, teleporting away in puff of dreary black smoke


Chibi Usa, Chibi Moon, Age Regression and Intelligence Reversal

the small, pink haired girl named Usagi, but nicknamed Chibi-Usa, walked down the halls of this small library. She had heard about it from Ami and that it had many books of mysterious origin. Letting the curiosity get the best of her, she had snuck out that night to go take a look. At random, she pulled out one of the books and set it on the ground, sitting in front of it as she opened it, shining here flashlight down at the pages. At random, she spoke out a few of the words that she could read out loud. "Hmm... Glentie Tiln.. Genes Orris..." she said, before gasping, moving back. At that very moment, her body seemed to tingle warmly at every tip, as she breathed shallowly, not really expecting it.

At that very moment, she looked around the library at all the books. What before were simply letters that she couldn't make out, she began to see new words popping up in her visions, and the meanings of all of the words. She heaved a heavy breath as she stood up, in awe, and started to walk towards them. She find it hard, however, as she stepped on one of the legs of her pajamas. Confused, she looked down at herself. Another jolt of shock hit her as she saw that her pajamas didn't seem to hold close to her anymore, instead seeming to hang of her a bit. She held her hands up, but only seemed to be able to see the finger tips behind the now draping sleeves. Quickly, she fell to her knees, looking at the text before her to try and grasp an explanation for what was happening.

Where before everything seemed only gibberish, now everything on the page made sense to her. She read through in her mind at the descriptions laid out before her. 'Intelligence of the gods...' she read from the first description, before moving down to the second, 'body of... the newborn babe...' Blushing deeply, she reached up, her sleeve now hanging over her now much shorter hands. she triedto navigate the pages, but with her now loose clothing, she seemed to be just rufling the pages at random. In a fit of desperation and rage, she threw off the pajamas to reveal her smaller body. She looked down at saw that her belly hand extended out a bit, having reformed with baby fat. Her arms were now shorter, showing the same fat on them as well. she quickly reached down to turn the pages

As the seconds passed, however, her desperation seemed to match her shortening limbs. Her pajama bottoms seemed to simply fall off from their now larger size, revealing what used to be bunny print underwear, but they now felt much thicker. Her body now matched that of a two year old, as she whined a bit, reading page after page by the seconds. As she reached the back cover, however, she saw that this book had no form of reversal for these spells. She went to sit back and sigh, but the roundness of the now thick diapers caused her to roll back, leaving her on her back. She attempted to role back up to a sitting position, but her regression had gone too far. Her legs bent up now, hanging on the air, as her arms started to spasm at random. She began to tear up in frustration, but her thumb instinctively found its way to her mouth, causing her to calm down.

She now simply lay their, not a day old, her arms and legs no longer under her control, and what felt like infinite knowledge swirling around in her head. All she could do now was simply stare up at the books that lined the shelves around her, her eyes spied a book at the top of one of the shelves, entitled "Magical Antidotes and Serums". Her arm uselessly reached up to grab at the book several shelves, as the tears started to reform in her eyes. She started to cry freely again as she lay their in this dark library, waiting for someone to find her


Rei, Sailor Mars, Transformed into Clothing

Rei sighed, lazily looking around Usagi's room. The meatball headed bimbo had disappeared from the room, stating that she was going to go get some snacks or something. As she looked around, she spied Usagi's Sailor Moon transformation wand. smiling a bit slyly, she lifted it up, observing it. "I could be a better Sailor Moon than she ever was" she said snarkly as she stood up, holding out the wand, "Sailor Moon Make up!" While she expected nothing to really happen, she jumped a bit as a jolt went through her hand, causing her to drop the wand. Shocked, she stared at her hand, which seemed to be tingling softly, the feeling starting to pass throughout her body until it felt like her skin was lightly vibrating

She looked down at herself, noticing that she seemed a bit paler than she used to. She went to go feel her arms, but found that it seemed harder to feel. She lifted her hand to her face, observing her hand. It was slowly getting whiter and whiter, the tecture starting to become smoother. She used her other hand to feel it, but the same seemed to be happening to that one as well. Oddly, though, around her elbows, her arms were changing a different color, tinting pink before becoming a more solid red. She gasped a bit as she felt the red part starting to baloon out, becoming a few red rings.

She felt her jeans ruffle a bit beforestarting to slip down her legs, revealing her long, pale legs. Below her knees, her shins were tinted the same pink that her arms were. And similarly, they started to turn the same solid red color. She started to gag a little as she felt her toes starting to wriggle a bit before collecting together, creating a single point in the middle of the foot, the same shining red color. Above her knees, though, her thighs were also starting lose color as well, but instead of becoming whiter, it seemed like they were just fading very slowly.

She finally looked down at her body, where she felt her stomach start to stir. Immediately, she started to feel sick, as at her waist, she felt her skin start to extend and hang over her thighs a bit. For a moment, it looked like fat folds hanging down from her. But they quickly thinned out, starting to flutter a bit before changing colors, becoming like a rainbow. Above, she could feel her hair start to blow a bit in the wind before, oddly, wrapping around her neck, tying in a bow in the front. The strands seemed to meld together before turning red, a cystal growing in the middle of the bow. The rest of her hair went around her shoulders, melding together before turning navy blue.

She had realized too late what was happening. At this point, her shirt was gone, reveling her now fabric like midsection and featureless breasts, which had become one long support across her chest. She felt herself fall back onto the bed as her forearms and shins fell away, now seperate entities from her body. With one last deep sigh, she felt her eyes force close before her head slowly melted into thecolor. Her now completely white chest slowly started to deflate as the Sailor Moon fuku lay still. The wand on the floor started to glow again, and a second later, Rei's former body disappeared in a flash, back where it belonged.


Minako, Sailor Venus, Mental Regression

Minako sighed, flipping lazily through the magazine at her desk. She was looking through the latest catalog she had recieved, but she had just run out of money, so all she could do was look. As she flipped through, she accidentally moved over to the kids section. She blushed a bit, going to turn back, before noticing a cute little dress. She new that she could never fit into it, but for some reason, she couldn't prevent herself from staring down at the little frilly dress.

Her eyes locked on it, she now began to imagine herself prancing around in this frilly orange sundress, possibly outside in a field of flowers. She giggled to herself, before moving the other way, looking at all of the cute items that they were offering. Where before she would simply skip over this section, she couldn't keep her eyes off all of the cute things that she saw here, like cute little denim shortalls and fuzzy pajamas. She smiled down at them, giggling a bit as a line of drool fell out of her mouth, falling onto the pages.

Soon, she simply ignored the words around the things, completely focusing on the pictures of pretty colored clothing. As she turned the page, she saw that she finally had gotten to the toy section. She bounced excitedly in her seat before picking up the catalog, setting it on the grounds. She flopped down in front of it, reaching under her desk and picking up a crayon that had rolled under there years ago. "Let's see... I want dis one... and dis one..." she said to herself, kicking her legs a bit as she started sloppily circling the toys that she wanted. As the moments went on, her circles got sloppier and sloppier until she was simply drawing squiggly lines all over the papers

She seemed to have found new enjoyment out of this, and simply started cribbling on the pages, her other hand occupied with her thumb being placed into her mouth. She was so distracted that she didn't even seem to notice the small puddle that was collecting around her crotch. When she felt that she was done, she quickly ripped out the page, rolling over onto her back and holding it up. She giggled a bit before hugging it closely. Her eyes started to droop, and soon, she was soundly asleep, thumb in her mouth and cold urin under her butt


Usagi, Sailor Moon, Age Progression

Usagi would sigh a little bit as she sat back in her bed, kicking her foot along the edge of it slightly. She was aways getting called childish and a crybaby by her friends. even her own mother always saids she needed to mature some, being in high shcol and all. She stuck her tongue out and grumbled a little bit to herself, she could be older if she wanted. Heck she could be the most maturest person she knew! She sighed and shut her eyes softly, laying back on the bed.

As she did so, Usagi felt a slight tingle in her body, her arms resting behind her head. The teenaged blonde would sigh slightly as the tingle wasn't too bad feeling really, like a warm tickle throughout her body. She would barely notice as her body seemed to be gaining a bit of height, legs lengthening  as her clothing seemed to be shrinking on her. Rather than shrink, it was Usagi who was getting too big for it, it would seem.

Relaxing in bed, she wouldbarely notice her slight teenage figure beginning to change ever so slightly. Her legs would seem to not only lengthen but gain a bit of mass to them, soft flesh adding onto her hips and thighs as they began to look larger, curvier. Her pink pajama pants were lokin smaller by the second as they only fell slightly to her knee, her knew thickened hips and hips forcing them up on her body. Beneath them, her rather hcildish bunny panties would find themselves sucked up into a growing backside, feeling quite tight around it before sliding into it slightly, much like a sexy thong might. One could clearly see the outside of her bigger bum inside thos too small pants if she were to stand up.

Next her white t-shirt would begin to lift up, quite noticably so, exposing her middriff which seemed mch curvier than it had mere moments before, trailing in beneath her chest and down to her hips. Her waist looked a little thick as well, as if she had either snacked quite often or perhaps something far more..expansive. Her chest would begin t rise and fall with each soft breath she took, sighing softly. It was beginning to fill up as well, a slight snap in he back as it burst free from its too small bra, thhe cup size seeming to pass B and move towards the D range...needless to say her clothing looked quite comical in contrast to her maturing body.

Usagi would softly open her eyes some, longer lashes beginning to flutter open. Her once wide, youthful eyes wuold now look a bit more..mature. Less bright and shiny but still with a bit of life within them. Her lips had plumpened as well, puckered slightly as she shook her head. Slowly raising up, her pigtails would look quite out of place on her maturing body. Something seemed to trigger there as her hair slid out of its distinctive pigtails, her odango hair style seeming to remain however, as the pigtails would flow long and free down her back, brushin against the bed as she got to her feet.

The newly changed bunny would shake her head in confusion, placing a well manicured hand to her face. With a very obvious sway to her new hips and buns, she would walk over to the full length mirror in the corner of her room and gasp. There was a lot to take in with the girl's curvy hips and buns, jutting out lovingly in the back, attached to a pair of long supple legs which led down to very feminine looking feet. Her chest was threatening to pop right out of her too small t-shirt, the sleeves barely noticablee now, as the large breasts moved up and down with each surprised breath, resting above a sexy, slightly chubby middriff. Her face had a similar look to her mother's, on closer inspection, causing her to move in closer, seeing the slight age lines beneath her eyes. Usagi looked to be in her mid 30s perhaps, quite out of place in teenaged garments. Maybe this was a look into the future after having Chibiusa...?


Hotaru, Sailor Saturn, Pregnification

Hotaru softly set the book she was reading down, looking out the window at the rainy day, to match the constant rain from the entire week. She sighed softly to herself, wishing that there was something that could possibly change the dreary monotony that she had been experiencing. As of on cue, she felt a slight warmth within her chest, which startled her slightly. Thinking she might have heartburn, she slowly rose. As she did so, however, she felt herself get slightly dizzy. She reached out to grab onto the chair she was sitting out, only to see that, for some reason, her long sleeve shirt had gotten somewhat shorter, part of her forearm now visible. She went to observe it, but was distracted by the heavier weight now holding down her chest. She looked down and, which a blush, found that two round orbs were now staring back up at her underneath her tightened shirt.

She turned around a bit, observing herself. It seems that, in an instant, her body had grown several years, giving her a larger chest, a rounder bottom, and overall greater dimensions than she was used to, with toned thighs and slight bicep muscle. While she was rather startled by the sudden appearance of everything, she did not complain about any of it. She actually smiled a bit, looking at herself in the mirror. She figured herself to be in her teen years, maybe around sixteen or seventeen. Hotaru stopped admiring herself, however, when she felt a sharp pain in the pit of her abdomen. She reached down, holding onto it, before a wave a nausea hit. She stepped wearily a few steps before falling back into the seat she was just sitting at

As she sat there, laying back a bit, she found it a bit relieving, the nausea starting to wear off a bit now. She let out a deep sigh, putting up her feet onto a nearby ottoman. For some reason, they had started hurting a bit, though for seemingly no reason. She went to look down at them, but found her way impeded, not by her new breasts, but a third circular shape where her belly should be. Curious, she reached out a finger and poked at the small bump on her abdominal area. She of course felt the poke herself, confirming that it was inside of her. She quickly lifted the shirt up, placing her hands on the extended belly, feeling it.

She could feel warmth emanating from it. Even though she knew she should be freaking out at that moment, for some reason, feeling this bump in her belly made her feel... relaxed. Almost at peace, if you will. She sighed again, looking down at the belly, which now looked a bit bigger than it was before. It was slowly expanding, and with each little wiggle of its growth, she could feel a wave of warm energy spread through her body. She didn't seem to realize, however, that with each wave, something else was happening. Slowly, the rest of her body began to reform along with her expansion. Her breasts, though small before, started to balloon outwards and expand, hanging a little bit now under her shirt. Her buttocks, which had been a little fleshy before, seemed to gain girth as well, as if to make a soft cushion for the bigger woman. And if that weren't all, her entire body seemed to gain a small layer of baby fat, to keep her warmer.

A few moments later, her hands were now craddling a very bloated belly, the rest of her body puffed out a bit and her breasts now quite a larger size, and moving around a bit as if filled with liquid. Despite all this though, Hotaru still seemed content, as if things were meant to be this way. For in her mind, she knew that only a month was left until her little baby girl was brought into this world. As she rubbed her very pregnant belly, she felt a little thump, as if to respond to the touch. She giggled, before slowly picking up the nearby book, which was titled 'Becoming a Mother: What to Expect'. "Don't worry sweetie... You'll be out of there soon" she said softly to her unborn child before starting to read again, listening to the droplets of rain falling outside.


Setsuna, Sailor Pluto, Animal TF

Sailor Pluto would stand ever vigilant at the door of Space and Time, the lone senshi never wavering in her long and solitary watch. Needless to say, it was definitely not the most glamorous job, being unable to leave unless she was truly needed. Still, there were some aspects of her position which she did enjoy. For example, the fact she was always here meant that she always had the chance of being visited by the princess of the Silver Millenium, Small Lady, also known as Chibiusa Tsukino. She just wished that she was able to spend more time with her young friend.

At that moment, the time senshi would feel a sudden wave of tingling go over her body, seeming to coarse through her very being. She grunted slighly, having to catch herself with her staff in order to maintain her stance. Her legs would move inwards slightly as she struggled to keep herself from falling over. Her whole body seemed to be getting warmer, placing a hand to her forehead as several beads of sweat trickled down it. Pluto wouldn't notice, but her body seemed to be shrinking ever so slightly, her fuku beginning to fall off her shoulders some, her gloves looking a bit baggier as well.

Unbeknownst to Pluto, her body was beginning to change in more ways than just shrinking. Her ears began to push out in the back, getting bigger and more pointed, moving towards the top of her head. A soft covering of greenish colored hair began to tickle up the strange ears, the same color as her long flowing hair. The hair would slowly begin to spread down her bdy as it shrunk more and more, the hair beginning to cover her from head to toe, even moving across her face. Small white whiskers began to poke out along her cheeks, twitching a bit as she shrunk down and down beginning to stumble out of her boots slightly, looking quite comical in her oversized fuku.

Pluto looked down in surprise, watching as her now bare feet began to grow, pushing outwards from where they one had been. Taking on a more paw-like appearence, the feet looked ridiculously oversized on her human body now, small pads growing on the underside of them. Similarly beneath her two big gloves, the human thumb and fingers would shrink inside of her hands, giving way to animalistic paws. She felt her hairy little body shrinking more and more, practically getting swallowed up by her fuku, her golden headband fallin from her head and wobbling onto the ground, her staff making a soft jangling sound as the rings around the garnet orb moved.

After a moment or so, a small green rabbit would hop out from the remains of the former time senshi's clothing. Her little pink nose twitched, long bunny ears falling in front of her face slightly before springing back up. She stood tense, her little cotton ball tail bounin a bit as she stopped her sudden movement. As if from nowhere, a pair of giant seeming hands would grip the green bunny from above, pulling her up off the ground and letting her big bunny feet dangle. She would look on in surprise, immediately realizing the hands had belonged to Small Lady herself! The bunny watched in embarrassment as the pink haired princess giggled, lifting her into a hug and began to walk away with her, "Ooo a bunny rabbit! I onder if mom and dad will let me keep it..."


Haruka and Michiru, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, Clothing TF

Michiru giggled, walking into the kitchen, where her mate Haruka already was. She snuck up before leaning down, wrapping her arms around her collar. "Morning Haruka-chan~! Do you remember the promise you made last night?" she asked, kissing her cheek. Haruka blushed, looking back down at the newspaper she was reading. "Um... no..." she said, trying to feign ignorance. Michiru simply giggled again, patting her head before moving to the side, sitting down. "You said you would make breakfast this morning!" she said. Haruka sighed, before slowly getting up, walking to the fridge. As she did so, however, both of them felt what seemed like a soft breeze passing across their bodies

Haruka opened the fridge, bending over to look for some eggs. Her shirt seemed to fall forward a bit, draping down under her. As she looked around all their groceries, she didn't seem to notice that the rim of her shirt was now extending, hanging down lower. When she finally rose with a couple of eggs, her shirt was now hanging down to her knees. Inversely, her pants were starting to recede up her legs, now around her knees. She lightly hummed to herself, not noticing the obvious changes as she began making breakfast

Behind her, Michiru was distracting herself as well, picking up the newspaper and reading it herself. She was oblivious to her own changes, as her shirt and sleeping shorts started to slowly melt together, soon becoming one big onesie. The color seemed to change bit by bit, becoming a soft, solid aqua color. She didn't seem to notice anything until a moment later, when she felt a slow rising sensation. She looked down to see her legs slowly being pushed apart by an unknown force. She reached down and pressed on it, getting a crinkle in response. She blushed deeply, turning around to look at Haruka

Her girlriend was still making eggs, not noticing that her shirt had reached down to her ankoes by now, the pants underneath completely gone. The sleeves had laso disappeared from the long garment, leaving her with a sleveless sundress. She shook her head a bit, as her formerly shorter hair started to fall down her shoulders, becoming long, curly golden locks. She smiled a bit, her lips now redder, as if lipstick had been applied to them. Below, her breasts seemed to expand a bit, now very visible over the small piece of cloth that had grown into a small pink apron, wrapped around her waist.

Michiru was so distracted by what was happening to her girlfriend that she hadn't even noticed that she wasn't done changing. The onesie had gained small buttons in between her legs, as her socks grew into booties on her feet. Her body seemed to tingle a bit as her skiin plumpened, gaining a layer of fat to it. She didn't regain self conciousness until her hair seemed to be pulled at either side, becoming pigtails on each side of her head. She went to say something, but was distracted by the now much more womanly Haruka bringing over two plates. She set one down in front of Michiru before sitting beside her. "Now eat all this up, Michiru-chan, or you won't be getting any dessert~" she said, almost seductively, as she winked at her. Michiru blushed deeply, and down below, she could feel the seat of her pants get warmer.
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Maturity Instrumentality Project

An Evangelion AR Sequel

It was a strange feeling, looking at a creature that is completely dependent on another human being. As she saw this little body starting to wriggle around in it's small blanket, Ritsuko giggled, reaching down and tickling the belly of the girl. The baby reacted instinctively by kicking its small, pudgy legs and giggling in a high pitched tone. Her thin, purple hair was pulled into a little ponytail on top of her head, and her eyes were staring up at Ritsuko, blank and empty as her mind was at that moment. One of her small hand curled up into a fist before her thumb found its way to her mouth, while her other hand reached out, trying to grab on to Ritsuko's fingers.

Ritsuko reacted by reaching around her small abdomen and lifting her up, holding her over her head. "My, you are a little bundle of energy tonight, aren't you Misato-chan?" Ritsuko said, in a sweet voice as she bounced the small bundle in the air. Misato responded by giving a little squeal of delight. Her legs kicked wildly, causing her very visible diaper to crinkle. Ritsuko giggled more, bringing Misato forward and planting several small kisses on her chubby cheeks. Misato couldn't help but laugh as she was kiss, trying to give slobbery kisses back.

"Oh Misato-chan, making you was the best decision I ever made..." Ritsuko said softly, as she brought her forward into a cradling position, "You were the perfect first test subject for my project. Not only did I recieve a little bundle of joy to care for, I was able to work out the kinks in my formula..." As she spoke, her unoccupied hand floated over to a nearby table, where what looked like a small pistol sat. Closer inspection would reveal that it wasn't a pistol at all, but a small syringe gun, used for quick injections. The liquid currently inside was a sparkling, thick white, similar to what a liquified pearl would resemble. Strewn nearby, though, were several similar syringes, mostly used up save for an odd one that still had remnants of other various colors.

One might mistake this area for a mad scientist's office. And in many respects, they would be right. The blonde woman seemed to glide around the room, almost dancing with the baby in her arms. Ritsuko giggled delightfully, kissing her on the cheek before stopping. "Yes, you are my little success..."she said, as her smile faultered, "Though with success... Comes failure..." With these words, her head turned to the nearest to her now.

This one was completely devoid of any medical objects. Instead, there stood a single bassinet, silent on the table and barely moving. Ritsuko moved forward almost cautiously, as if afraid of what sat inside the package. Misato simply stuck her thumb into her mouth, trying to look inside the bassinet as well.

What sat inside was another infant. A small girl that barely moved at all, the only signs of life being her red eyes blinking and her small mouth suckling on a pacifier. Her complexion could be called fragile by some, sickly by others, topped off by a tuft of blue hair on her head. By all means, though, there was nothing wrong with the girl. She was no different from the girl in Ritsuko's arms physically, beyond a slightly more porcelain skintone. Yet Ritsuko still seemed to stare at her with an air of disgust as she stood above her.

"Ayanami Rei... A perfection of my formula, but a failure of humanity..." she said, frowning deeply. Rei simply stared back up at her, her red eyes deep but vacant. Ritsuko seemed to shiver as she stared eye to eye with the infant. Misato started to curiously reach out for the girl, only to get her arm quickly retracted by Ritsuko. "Don't go near her Misato... That is a body of pure evil. I did the world a favor by depowering her... But however much I wipe your mind, you stare at me with those eyes... Those eyes..." she trailed off, having turning away from her, creeped out by Rei's eyes. "I would say that I can rehabilitate you, make you a better person... But deep down, it's impossible. You are a corrupt seed on this Earth, and the only solution is to hide you, to give you away and move you far away from here... Far away from me..." Ritsuko said, as she walked away from her.

She stopped at her desk, where various papers laid. Notes, lists, plans, all strewn about, with no sense of logic beyond those that lay in the mind of the woman that stood before them. She turned on the lamp, staring down at them. "Rei is beyond help... But the world isn't!" she said, suddenly smiling as she held Misato up in the air again, "My world! Misato is only the beginning! My family will soon be complete! I shall save this world... The only way that I can..." she said, as Misato wriggled uncomfortably in her hands, her shadow stretching across the wall behind her.

At that moment, a chill ran down one Soryu Asuka's spine. She looked around the locker room, quickly covering up her nude body. "Shinji, if you are in here, I WILL chemically castrate you!" she yelled out, quickly putting a towel around herself. She briskly started walking around the lockers, seeing if she had company with her. But there was only silence and Asuka, standing alone. This unnerved her a bit, as despite her dislike for the girl, she almost felt a twinge of lonliness not having Rei around.

According to official reports, Rei was MIA three days ago. This was all they would tell her and Shinji, but through some snooping, Asuka was able to find out a little bit more on her own. Really, though, it only served to confuse her a bit more. The paper she knabed stated that her disappearance shared similarities to Misato's, as her apartment is completely untouched, and the only off thing is her clothing, which was found in a dumpster miles away. The document noted, to Asuka's revulsion, that both the pairs of clothing were thoroughly drenched in their own urine when found.

The report ended with speculation of rape and kidnapping, but nothing concrete. This only bothered Asuka more, as she was the only girl left who was involved in this project. Even worse, their caretaker had disappeared, so for now, her and Shinji were living alone in Misato's apartment. And even though she hated herself for it, the thought that Shinji was there made her feel the slightest bit better, though she told herself that it was because she was happy to have another human around that she could throw in the way of a rapist.

Her thoughts were broken by a knocking on the door of the locker room. She blushed and jumped, putting her back against a nearby locker. It almost annoyed her, though, that she was relieved to hear Shinji's voice. "Hey, Asuka-san, are you dressed yet?" she heard him speak through the door. Blushing, she walked to the door, slamming her fist into it. "Damnit, Shinji! I will be just one more minute! Can't you hold yourself for that long!" she yelled, before curtly turning and walking back to her locker.

After another moment more, the door swung open, causing Shinji to jump in surprise. Asuka scoffed at him, crossing her arms. "Jeez, such a wimp... are you ready to go now?" she asked, picking up her school bag. Shinji blushed a bit before nodding, grabbing his own bag. As they left, Shinji peeked back to what he was looking at before. Adorning the wall were two pages, both with the faces of people he knew. Misato and Rei were missing now, and he felt both sadness and fear as to what was going on. He was quickly brought out of his trance, however, by a hit on the arm. He winced a bit, rubbing his arm as Asuka glared at him. "What?" he asked, frowning as he lowered his hand.

"You're not listening, you moron!" she said, growling a bit as she crossed her arms, "What are we going to do about all this?"

"Do... What?" he asked, confused. He stared at her for a moment, simply blinking. She returned his gaze, though it seemed to reflect her sense of annoyance with Shinji's ignorance. "... About that!" she yelled pointing her finger behind his head. He turned to follow her finger, only to find him staring back at the posters of his missing friend and caretaker. "... Oh..." was his reply, as he rubbed the back of his head, "Yeah, that's unfortunate..."

"It's more than unfortunate! It's fuckin' wrong!" she yelled, ripping down the posters in frustration, "It's creepy and... And wrong! Why would you even hang these up right here anyways!" She crumbled them up and tossed them in the trash with great ferocity. "Asuka-san, I don't think-" Shinji started to say, before being forced to silence by Asuka's hand flying in front of his face.

"Before you even start, I know. Whoever this is, they are targeting people in the Evangelion project..." she started to say, her voice quieting. She was staring down in the trash, as the crumpled, black and white eyes of Rei stared back up at her. "I don't like to think about it, but... I am probably next..." she continued, almost at a whisper.

Shinji gulped, but nodded. Despite how he wished it was different, after the disappearance of Rei, this was probably most likely. "But... Security has been beefed up since then! I'm sure nothing will happen..." he said, as she turned back to him. Though she would be too proud to admit it, Shinji could see a glaze of moisture over her eyes, covering a look of fear. It was odd to see on her, a girl usually so full of confidence.

The next few moments were filled with a tense silence. It was only broken when she turned away again, rubbing her eyes and taking a deep breath. "We um... We should probably talk to someone..." she said, taking another breath. Shinji stared for another moment before nodding. "Yeah, that's probably best... I think I know someone who could probably help us out..." he said, putting his hand on her shoulder. She tensed up for a moment, before sighing. "... Let's go then" she said, brushing his hand off as she walked to the elevator, Shinji quickly following behind.

The ride down the slanted elevator was a quiet, awkward one. Shinji peeked over to the girl next to her, but she was simply staring out of the window, at the structures that held the underground base together. So Shinji joined her, staring out in embarassed silence at the I-beams that zigzagged in front of them.

"So we're heading to the technician area..." Asuka suddenly spoke up, causing Shinji to jump a bit. "Oh! Um... Yeah, we are," he replied, rubbing his neck.

"Why?" She asked, tapping her foot a bit and staring over at him. He gulped a bit, looking away. "Well... We don't know many people there... But there is someone who I think we can talk to, I think" he said, blushing as he looked over. Asuka raised an eyebrow, staring Shinji straight into the eye. "And who might that be?" Asuka quipped, crossing her arms and tapping her finger.

"Oh, hey there you two!" chirped Maya Ibuki, smiling pleasantly, "I'm a bit surprised to see you here... Is there a problem with the Evas?" Maya's face started to contort to that of worry, but Shinji lifted his hand. "No no, it's nothing like that" he said, trying to reassure her, "I actually wanted to ask you a few things..."

"Yeah," Maya said, setting down the file folder in her hands, "Please, take a seat. It's been kinda lonely around here. We usually don't get visitors, even before the whole high alert situation... Sorry!" She shook her head, smiling to them as they sat at the desk, "I tend to ramble a bit... What brings you guys down here?"

"Um..." Shinji said, blushing as the attention was suddenly moved to them, "We wanted to ask about the... Disappearances that have been happening around here recently..." Asuka sighed and crossed her arms, looking to the side. Her opinion of being here didn't seem to be high, but Maya didn't seem bothered by it. She seemed distracted, in actuality. Her smile faded as she looked to the side. "Yeah... I figured that's why you were here..." she said softly, crossing her hands on her lap.

"...Do you know something?" Shinji asked, staring down at her. Maya jumped a bit, blushing. "Oh! Um... No, not really... Many strange things have been happening since Misato-san disappeared..." she replied, looking crestfallen.

"Like what?" spoke up Asuka, raising an eyebrow. Maya looked up at her, blush still on her face. "Well... Ritsuko-san had been appearing less and less in the office after Misato-san vanished... And since Rei-san left... She hasn't come in at all... I'm wondering if she knows something that she isn't sharing..." Maya said, trailing off a bit.

Shinji heard Asuka give a soft scoff. He sighed a bit homself, rubbing his head. It was true, amongst the two of them, that they didn't like Ritsuko all that much. While they certainly didn't hate her, they found her quite cold and uncomfortable to be around. It wasn't any better in the last few months, as the workload had seemed to have gotten the better of her, as she spent long hours in the labs down below. She was also seen constatly mumbling random things to herself, and staring at random people. Shinji liked to keep on the bright side of things, but in these times of uncertainty, no suspicious activity could be ignored.

"Well, Maya-san... I think if there is something that you are not sure about, especially in a situation we are in currently..." Shinji started to say, before being quickly cut off. Asuka grunted, walking in front of him. "Look, if she is acting suspiciously, we should at least question her. Maybe she is in trouble? Maybe she is the one doing it? Let's go see before something else bad happens!" she said, sighing in exasperation before walking out of the room. Shinji blushed, before looking at the dumbfounded Maya. All he could do was shrug in a half apology before following Asuka. Maya sat for a moment before quickly following behind them.

"I don't know if we should be bothering her right now though..." Maya said when she finally caught up with the two of them, "She told us never to bother her when she is in the lab..." As she looked at Asuka's determined face, however, she saw that her protests had fallen on deaf ears. The walk back to the elevator remained silent, and the ride down didn't change much from that. A voice was finally heard when the elebator doors opened up to the dark hallway leading towards Ritsuko's lab. "It's dark down here..." Shinji said absentmindedly, as they all stepped out.

"Yes... Ritsuko-san said she likes it darker down here... It helps her focus on her experiments..." Maya replied, as they walked by each of the doors in the hall. All of them were unmarked, but a quick check showed that none of them were locked. "Where are all the other employees?" Asuka said, looking around suspiciously, "I thought this place had a full research and development team..."

"We do," Maya said, slowing down her pace, "But Ritsuko-san said she needed this floor for personal research... She is the only one occupying this area currently..." They all mindlessly came to a halt together, looking at each other. As they stared into each other's eyes, they all knew what had to be done. "I think," said Shinji, "If we split up here and check each room, we can find her easier."

"Really, tough guy?" Asuka said with an amused tone, "And what if this kidnapper is around down here and had her tied up? This is basically a set up of a horror movie!" Maya made a little sound, causing them to look at her. She covered herself by coughing slightly before nodding. "Well... I think Shinji-san has the right idea. I mean, this is a government facility... We wouldn't let someone dangerous in, right?" There was an uncomfortable silence before each of them slowly went up to a random door, opening them and walking in.

Shinji slowly reached up, flipping the switch on. After his eyes adjusted, he say a small office, old and seemingly unused for days, even weeks. There was a wooden desk in the center of the room, a black leather chair behind it, turned away. Both were covered in dust. The desk had several loose documents, and Shinji could see that several had large X's over them, with many notes and markings. Over to the side, there were several filing cabinets, but they were in disarray as well, many drawers open and half emptied, as if searched in a frenzy.

Shinji slowly walked forward, looking at the documents. He tried to read them, but it was completely unreadable. Between the scribbles, black marks and red scratchings, the words he could make out were references to "formulas" and different chemicals, in their scientific form. He was snapped out of his focus, however, when he heard to door closed. He whipped around, gasping a bit.

Ritsuko stood there, leaning against the door. Shinji sighed a little bit, leaning against the desk. "Ritsuko-san! We have been looking all over for you!" he said, exasperated and blushing a bit, trying to push the documents away from himself.

"Oh? What a coincidence... I have been looking all over for you all as well... I assume it you, Asuka and Maya-chan, correct?" she said, slowly moving forward. As she did, Shinji noticed that she had a device in her hand, looking extremely similar to a gun. He tensed up a bit, moving back a little bit as she leaned down in front of him. He gulped a bit, nodding. "Y-yeah... We split up to try and find you... Let's go find them and tell them that you are fine..." he said, mindlessly pointing at the door as he tried to walk past her. He was stopped, however, by Ritsuko grabbing his arm. He froze, blushing a bit as he saw that she was smiling. Slowly, she leaned down until her lips were next to his ears.

"Shinji-kun... Do you see me... As a woman..." she whispered, almost sultry, as she slowly forced his arm towards her. Slowly, against his will, he felt her force his hand around her breasts. She forced him to press down a little bit, and beyond his own mind, he felt himself softly squeezing. She giggled a bit, whispering, "You like that, don't you? You like the touch.. The feel... Of a woman... Admit it..." she said, now so close that Shinji could feel her lips softly brushing against  his skin. His face was a hot red now, and with a gulp, he started to nod softly. Her smile was devilish as she let go of him. "Good... Than you will enjoy this..."

A sharp pain hit his neck. He let out a grunt, but was frozen with a sudden feeling of shock and fear. The device she was holding had been plunged into his neck, a bright orange liquid being pumped into his bloodstream. After a few moments, she pulled the needle end of it out, wiping it down. Shinji felt his knees become weak, as he collapsed back onto the desk, staring at her in shock. "Is there something wrong dear?" Ritsuko asked, now smirking as she set the device down, before walking over and stroking his cheek.

"What... What did you do to ~me?" he asked, his voice cracking oddly on the last word. Ritsuko giggled again, moving her hand down and stroking his neck. He flinched a bit, but felt something odd. His adam's apple, before prominent as it grew from puberty, was being pressed on by Ritsuko. The pressure was odd, though, as if the place she was pressing was disappearing. He himself reached up, feeling his own neck beyond her fingers. It was true! His adam's apple was gone!

"What's going on?!" he said, now in a much higher, girlier voice. Ritsuko simply smiled, stepping back. "A feminine touch... That's what I need..." she said, watching him.

He felt a warmness. It wasn't burning, but there was a sense of discomfort. His skin, his internal organs, even his bones seemed to burn on him. Even the roots of his hair seemed to tingle uncontrollably. He rubbed himself, grunting a bit as he tried to bring his own body under control. But it was beyond his own power, as he felt a sickening twist of his body, as his held onto his stomach in pain.

His chest heaved. With each breath, he felt it becoming heavier. Through the squint of his eyes, he looked down to see two lumps, hanging down behind his shirt. He gasped, then grunted as he felt his stomach and abdominal area twisting around, as if new organs were growing. It distracted him enough to not notice his muscles reforming, losing mass and tone, instead becoming skinnier and softer, to match his thinner bone shape. His arms were thinner, while his thighs seemed to thicken, gaining a fat softness that carried up to his ass, which was accomadated by his hips widening. One might call them Child Bearing hips now...

While this was going on, his hair was wildly falling down, gaining an inch a second. In his hunched over state, the hair soon covered his face completely. But when the rest of his body had changed to a more delicate form, the pain seemed to subside. He slowly looked up, his... or her... hair parting to show a now softer face, though looking oddly similar to his old one. "What..." the young girl asked, in a fearful state of shock, "Happened... To me...?"

"Come here young one..." Ritsuko said reassuringly, as she walked forward, arms outstretched. Even though every changed bone in her body told Shinji to run, she slowly walked forward into her arms. Ritsuko hugged her softly, rubbing her back. Before Shinji could stop herself, she felt tears escaping her eyes. "I'm... I'm scared..." Shinji said softly, before starting to sob. Ritsuko held her for a moment before leaning down. She stared into her eyes before leaning forward, pressing her lips to hers.

They stayed like that for several seconds, before Ritsuko moved back. "Do you feel better, Shinji-chan?" She asked, wiping her lips a bit. Shinji stared at her a bit, before her eyelids started to droop, becoming unfocused and blurry. Her head was slowly becoming hazy. "Yes... Ritsuko-san..." she said softly, in an odd monotone.

"Good... Come here dear..." she said, taking her around to the black leather chair. She turned it around, revealing a pale baby sitting in it. Shinji stared down at the girl. "Blue hair... Red eyes... This is Ayanami Rei..." she said, though in the same monotone, no shock at the revelation. Ritsuko nodded, picking her up and handing her to Shinji. "Yes, it is... now listen... When I had these little girls to you, you will act as their mother... You will love them, and treat them as your own..." she said, staring into Shinji's half opened eyes.

Shinji nodded in agreement, before looking down at the girl in her arms. She smiled, suddenly feeling an attachment to her, as if she had birthed her herself. "Who's a sweet little girl..." she said, with little emotion in her half dazed state. Ritsuko smiled, taking her by the shoulders. "Good, good... Let's get you dressed properly... You will need some glasses, too... The formula tends to blur one's vision~" she said, leading her out of the room.

The lab area down here was large. Asuka learned that pretty quickly. Her and Maya had checked several rooms, most empty or with storage equipment, and had found nothing. Her annoyance was almost audible as she looked down the hall and saw dozens of closed doors still to be explored. With a sigh of impatience, she opened the next door.

This one was at least slightly more interesting than the other ones. She had walked in to what she could only assume was an experiment area. Several cages were against one side of the wall, while the other side held syringes and injection guns. Against the wall opposite of her, she could see a small work area, where many different liquids stood, in various states of emptiness. Curious, she walked forward to investigate.

She almost had a heart attack as she heard the door opening behind her. She grabbed a nearby binder from the desk and turned around, holding it up in an offensive position. She then sighed, seeing the young brown haired woman stick her head in. "Oh, Asuka-san!" Maya said, stepping in, "I was wondering who was in here... I've been looking for you..."

"I thought we were looking for Misato" she said, tossing the binder aside as the looked at the vials of liquids on the desk. She was disappointed to find that they all had sciencey mumbo jumbo names. "Yes, we are... But I found something... Slightly unsettling" she said, looking down.

A shiver ran down Asuka's spine. Was she dead? Did she find her... defiled? Had she found the others? Her mind became only more puzzled when Maya lifted her head, and Asuka spied a blush on her cheek. "Um... Okay... Let's go check it out..." Asuka said unsteadily, before following Maya out of the room.

The walk down the hall was oddly awkward. There was a definite sense of secrets being kept, as Asuka looked at the girl in front of her. She wanted to ask her exactly where they were going, but something kept her from doing so. There was definitely something up though...

They both walked down to the end of the hall, before turning to the door on the right. It was cracked open, the light already on. Asuka peeked in, and wondered if she was imagining the faint pink color she saw. "What's in here?" she asked, turning to Maya, who still had the faint blush.

"Well... I don't know how to explain it really..." she said, before stepping forward. She slowly pushed the door open, the light streaming out and blinding Asuka for a split second. When her eyes adjusted, she saw the last thing she expected to see in a dark, dreary, almost dungeon like atmosphere that was the lab.

It was a nursery. No other words could explain it. There were changing tables, cribs, toys, dressers, the whole shebang. Asuka simply stared, her legs automatically walking her in. The only question that was going through her mind was "Why is there a nursery down here?" From the looks of it, though, there was definitely something up. The cribs weren't uniform, some of them regular, some of them humongous. Same with the diaper and changing supplies. Something was creepy about this, but she couldn't prevent herself from moving more into the room.

"I found this room after searching a few. I... Wasn't sure what to make of this. Ritsuko had always said she didn't like kids, so..." Maya said, standing near the doorway awkwardly. She wasn't sure what to do with herself, so she simply stood there, waiting to see if Asuka found anything. Her wishes were answered when Asuka stopped at one of the cribs, gesturing Maya over. She quickly scooted over, standing next to her. "What is it?" she asked, before having her eyes directed into the crib.

Inside, she spied a lump below the covers. She nearly jumped when she saw it move slightly. Slowly, Asuka reached in the crib, pulling at the covers. As to be expected with the current situation, but still bizarre, they found an infant. It was unfamiliar to them, but Maya looked closely at it. She, Maya surmised from the longer hair on her head, was laying on her side, thumb in her mouth. The hair was a purple like color, and seemed to curl a little bit. She reached down slightly to stroke her, before spying something shiny glinting under the covers. She moved them back a bit more, before picking up a necklance, bearing a small silver cross.

"... That was Misato's..." Asuka said, staring at the necklace as well. Almost simultaneously, they looked back down at the infant, both coming to the same conclusion but neither of them able to believe it. "It... It can't be... It's physically impossible..." Maya said, her hands now shaking as she reached down again. She had read Misato's personel file, so she knew of one thing that could identify her as the true thing. Slowly, she nudged the infant onto her back.

There it was. Below the baby's right breast, above her fat little belly, was a soft scar. Maya recoiled a bit, too shocked for words. She backed away a bit, but suddenly stopped, walking into something behind her. She turned around, seeing the taller figure of Ritsuko standing there. "Hello dear... I was hoping you would come here..." she said, before a cloth was placed over her face. Maya screamed into it for a second, before her eyes drooped and closed, her body collapsing into a heap on the ground.

Asuka gasped, her face pale as she started to back away from Ritsuko. She turned to run, before finding herself facing a figure. At first glance, she thought she was faced with Shinji. She was barely able to register that it was a girl in front of her before the girl said, "I'm sorry, but this must be done..." Asuka tried to run, but felt herself grabbed by the girl, a similar cloth being placed over her face. Her vision immediately started fading, and before she felt herself completely pass out, she felt something sharp being poked into the cheek of her bottom.

Asuka's eyes slowly opened. She was on her back now, she knew this. The material below her was soft, unlike the floor she had been walking up earlier. Her mouth was occupied by something soft and rubber. She tried to spit it out, but her mouth similar sucked it in slightly. As her eyes adjusted, she saw that a mobile was hanging above her. She moved her eyes around, seeing bars surrounding her. It was one of the cribs that she seen earlier, the larger one that she could fit behind.

She attempted to sit up. Instead, she felt her arms and legs twitch oddly, not under her control. Her entire body was numb to her input, moving on it's own in random ways. She heard a crinkle as her legs twitched around, and suddenly realized that therewas an odd softness around her crotch. She couldn't see, but considering all the other variables, she surmised that she had probably been put into an adult diaper.

She heard sound to her side. With great difficulty, she was able to slowly turn her head, causing some drool to fall out of her mouth. She saw the two figures from before, Ritsuko and the younger girl, standing above another large crib. Inside, she saw the figure of Maya, in a very similar situation, the same sense of fear in her eyes as her naked body oddly convulsed and twitched, her bottom wrapped in a diaper as well.

She looked over, trying to observe the other girl. Before, she had seen her in a pair of oddly misfitting pants and shirt, but now she was wearing a school uniform. She was curious for a moment before looking at the girl's long brown hair. In it, she saw her two red hair clips. With a blush, she realized that this girl had taken her clothes and hair clips, and were now wearing them! She probably also drugged her and put her in this position. If she got out, there would be a murder...

"... What I wanted you to know, Maya..." she heard Ritsuko saying, picking up in the middle of the conversation, "This is a special experiment I am doing, to control the human aging process. I know you have had an affinity to me, but I feel that you would not be suitable for my assistant. That is why I want you to be my daughter, to let me care for you..." Maya stared up at her, sucking on the pacifier, not able to say anything.

"I know, you are scared... But I can promise that you will be properly cared for... And you will always be at my breast, as I give you the tender loving care you have always deserved..." Ritsuko continued, smiling seductively. Maya blushed, before looking away. She finally closed her eyes, seeming to relax a bit. Ritsuko looked over to Shinji, using that as the sign for her to begin. Shinji nodded, slowly lowering the crib wall and helping the girl up.

What followed was the most bizarre and frightening thing Asuka had ever seen and probably will ever see. Ritsuko cradled the adult girl, walking over to a nearby rocking chair. The other girl scooted away, grabbing something out of a bag on the floor. "Shh, shhh, it's alright dear..." Ritsuko said softly as she pulled the pacifier from her lips. Maya seemed to whine softly, before silently watching as Ritsuko loosened her shirt, revealing her white breasts. Asuka noticed both that she was braless, and that they seemed unnaturally larger than the last time she saw her. Ritsuko moved Maya forward in her lap, and quickly, Maya started suckling at her nipple.

At that moment, the girl returned, handing Ritsuko a small needle gun. Asuka winced as she saw her slowly insert the needle into Maya's neck, forcing the liquid inside her body. Maya seemed to whine, but Ritsuko kept her to her breast and forced her to drink more. When the needle was done, she handed it back to the girl in Asuka's clothes, who bowed and stepped away.

Asuka almost wanted to puke as she watched Maya in Ritsuko's arms. Her body seemed to twitch, her skin crawling as, Asuka guessed, her bones and internal organs reformed inside of her. Maya looked uncomfortable, but Ritsuko just held onto her tight. Slowly, Maya's body seemed to lose mass, the diaper looking looser and looser by the moment. Mass seemed to wittle away, bones becoming thinner and skin softer and paler.

Asuka suckled faster on her pacifier as she watched the grown woman slowly turn into a teenager, before becoming a child. By the time her body was toddler sized, the adult diaper slipped off and fell to the floor, the girl now nude. Asuka felt her own diaper getting warmer, and wondered if her fear was expressing itself at this moment. Soon, nothing but an infant, with a small batch of brown hair on her head and a round belly, pulled away from her breast, whining a bit. Ritsuko seemed to oblige her, as she lifted her up on her shoulder, patting her back. After a few pats, a small burp was heard. "Good girl..." she said, before holding her out. Shinji walked forward, taking her and walking to a nearby changing table

Asuka watched the girl before looking back to Ritsuko. Her face flushed of color as she saw Ritsuko staring directly at her, a smile that spoke of her insanity on her face. Slowly, she stood up and walked over to the crib, her stride almost boisterous. Asuka seemed to move and twitch more, as she strugged to find some way to fight this, to get away. But she knew there was no use, as Ritsuko stood over the crib. "Hello dear..." she said, looking down at her, the light of the ceiling casting a bit of a halo around her, "How are you feeling? Have a nice nap?"

Asuka seemed to shiver in fear, not even blinking as she looked up at her. "Oooh, looks like someone is a little wetsy~!" she said, reaching down and feeling Asuka's diaper. As she rubbed it, she felt her shiver a bit more, before a hissing sound showed she was filling it a bit more.  She giggled, before looking over at her assistant, returning. "She down for her nap?" Ritsuko asked, looking over at the smaller cribs. Shinji nodded, bowing a bit. "Yes ma'am, Everything you requested is done..." she said dazily, smiling softly to her.

From her positon, Asuka stared at the new girl, especially in her eyes. Even in the half closed state, there was no mistaking it. It was Shinji. She wouldn't have believed it before, but after some of the things she saw today, there was not a possibility in the world that she could refuse now. At that moment, she crib wall fell, as Shinji reached down, helping her up in her arms. "It's simple, really Asuka-chan..." she heard Ritsuko say, as Asuka was forced to stare at Shinji's new softer face, "I can't have you telling people what you saw today... It's a bit more children than I had counted on, but with my new friend here, I think we can handle the load..."

Asuka felt herself shifted as Shinji sat down, now cradling her in her lap. Slowly, Shinji pulled out the pacifier as well, leaving Asuka a drooling mess. "I know it seems scary Asuka-chan, but don't worry. Ritsuko assured me that I will be an excellent mother to you..." Shinji said softly, before leaning down, kissing her a bit. Asuka blushed, before jumping a bit as she felt the needle driven into her neck, a warm liquid being forced into her. Shinji pulled back, as Ritsuko pulled the needle out. Asuka started to cry and babble randomly, obviously frightened at what was happened. But Shinji hugged her close, rubbing her back and saying "Don't worry, everything will be alright... Mommy is here for you" Even though it shouldn't, she felt herself slowly relaxing, her eyes closing as her felt herself hugging weakly back. She slowly started to drift away from consciousness again, and for a brief moment, she knew that this was the last conscious thought she would have. Before she felt herself fade away, she thought, "I love you, Shinji..."

Maya, Shinji and Asuka were reported missing the next day. Ritsuko changed her position in the company, saying that she would rather work at home to look over the children she "adopted". A few days later, a new girl, going by the name of Mari Illustrious, was hired to take over Asuka's position. She was quiet and obedient, but oddest of all, she seemed to have a particular affinity to Ritsuko, who she was constantly seen with. There are rumors to where the missing girls had disappeared to, but the only known thing was, the day after the official missing posters were posted up, the labs at the lower level were mysteriously locked up after several things were moved to Ritsuko's house.
Here it is, just in time for Mother's Day! A slightly darker sequel to the other Evangelion story, also commissioned by the lovely and amazing :icongeistis:. If you haven't read the other one, WHY ARE YOU READING THIS ONE? GO READ THE OTHER ONE FIRST!

I'm sorry for such a long hiatus. School and work kind of got in the way, but now I have some free time! So Commission me! DO IT NOW

Also make sure to leave comments and subscribe for more awesome adorable cute fantastic mega cool stories and writings!

Edit: I made a few small changes, as per the commissioner's request.
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The Laundry Room Downstairs

An Original TG Story

Jeremy sighed, reaching down and hoisting up his laundry basket onto his shoulder. It had been two weeks since he had last washed his clothes, and after today's outfit, he was left with a only slightly dirty white tanktop and a pair of gray boxers. In regular society, walking around like this in the opening would be unheard of. But in these dorms, it was just a regular Wednesday night.

He knocked his front door open with his foot, looking around. The halls were empty, but it was near exam times, so that was to be expected. with another heave, he repositioned the basket into a more comfortable position before slowly heading down the stairs. Four flights later, he arrived at the ground floor, where the Rec room, information desk and laundry room was.

This particular laundry room had an... Interesting history. There were two laundry rooms, one for the male dorms, and one for the female dorms. Thing is, even though the girl's laundry room worked fine, the guys mention that they come over here every once in a while. It wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't for the fact that no one seems to ever see a girl enter the room, just walking out confused before going back across the road to the female dorms...

This particular time, though, Jeremy found himself alone. There were a few machines running, but no one seemed to be around. He found this fine, as he rather not have an awkward conversation while standing around in his boxers. He found the nearest machine and started loading things in.

There was an odd feeling as he loaded stuff in. His body felt alright, but it almost felt like someone... Or something... Was looking at him. He even stopped as he threw in the last of his underpants and stood up, looking around. Even when he confirmed that he was, in fact, alone, he still had that lingering feeling that eyes were following.

He leaned forward, looking in the washing machine. It was small, so he had mostly filled it with underpants and some shirts. Grunting a bit in frustration, he looked through the laundry before pulling out a few pairs of jeans and shorts, forcing them to fit in with the rest. Once they had been snugly fitted with the rest of his clothes, he poured in his soap before closing it, setting it to wash.

He sat back, sighing a bit as he stared at the laundry going around. He could probably just leave it to go on his own, but did he really have anything better to do? After a moment, he pulled out his phone, looking up random stuff on the internet. He didn't have anything in particular to look up, but he needed SOMETHING to pass the time...

Eventually, he grew bored with that and put the phone away, looking back at the window for his laundry. The light in this room must be odd, because his red clothes looked oddly pink. He didn't really bother with it, deciding that his eyes weren't really adjusted to this light. He rubbed them a bit, but when he looked back, there just seemed to be MORE pink, only highlighted by the increase of white in the laundry.

This was truly puzzling. Like many guys around his age, he owned a lot of black and darker colors. He wasn't goth or anything, he just owned many band t-shirts and just general affliction things. So it was kind of odd that he was now seeing some things that he was not supposed to see in here, and especially things so... Well, girly.

He stood up, tugging a bit as his underwear, which felt a bit malfitting. Slowly, he walked over, leaning down to look through the window into the clothing, trying to see if there was something in there that he had overlooked. A closer inspection only worsened things, though, as he now saw various forms of yellow, purple, bright green and orange flowing around. It was like a spinning rainbow!

Grunting, he got down on his knees, opening the door and reaching in. He mindlessly tugged at the back of his underpants, which seemed to be getting tighter. He didn't look back to see that the color seemed to be draining from the boxers, turning from  grey to a pure white, even looking a little more see-through than before. Right below that, his legs, which had been slightly hairy beforehand, now seemed to be completely bare, and even gained a slight tan. They seemed to look quite unfit for a boy, though, because why the thighs were plenty fat, his calves seemed to thin out, leading down to a feet that were now about three sizes too small for the man that had walked in initially.

He sat back up, pushing some hair out of his face as he held up some of the clothes he pulled out of the machine. His hair was a bit longer, so it didn't bother him, but what did bother him was what he was holding. He was hoping to pull out a red and black pair of boxers. Instead, he had pulled out a white pair of panties and a purple thong. That was VERY wrong... He threw them aside, bending over to reach in and pull out some more. His butt ended up sticking out in the air, showing off his now pudgier ass. He had been mostly in shape at this point, but the ass sticking out right now looked like it belonged to someone who enjoyed a few snacks... It didn't help that it was sticking out from a pair of white lace panties that seemed to have grown, showing off not only his ass, but also his diminishing bulge. By the time he came out of the washing machine again, the front of his crotch was completely flat.

He looked down at the yellow T-shirt, pushing his longer hair out of his face. Something was definitely wrong, but it felt just out of his reach. He looked around the room, at the various clothes strewn about in his search for what was wrong, down at his chest, which had two large mounds sticking out of a cotton white bra, above a slightly chubby stomach. He... Or rather, she... Jumped up, looking down at herself, now standing in a pair of bra and panties, before looking at the laundry.

For a brief moment, everything seemed to come to Jeremy. As he had entered this room, he had slowly been changing. His clothing, his body, were all changed to be more womanlike. He even briefly remembered the stories about girls randomly appearing in here, and it all made sense. All he wanted to know was why...

She then realized it. She was a full girl now. A quick grip at his private area would reveal that much to him, as there wasn't much to grab anymore. She then reached back, giving her now much more boxum ass a squeeze. Despite her own hands doing it, she found herself jumping at the touch, blushing deeply. Despite her freaked out mindset, she had to admit, it didn't feel too bad... She reached up, giving his breasts a gentle squeeze. It only made her blush deeper, as beneath the bra, she could feel her nipples perk up a little bit.

She shook her head, looking around. The second realization was a bit worse, though, as she suddenly recognized that, not only was she suddenly a woman, she was a woman in the middle of a men's dormitory in only a pair of bra and panties, with only a pile of wet clothing around her. She blushed deeply, quickly reaching down and picking up a random blouse and pair of short shorts, pulling them on. It was rather cold, but she didn't have much choice. She felt her nipples get a bit harder from the coldness of the clothing, but she would have to ignore it for now...

She piled all the rest of the clothes into her basket before hurrying over to the door, peeking out. There were a few people in the rec room now, but they seemed to be paying attention to the TV. With a quick sprint, she headed to the door, going out into the open world.

She looked up and down the road, before looking across the street at the girl's dormitories. Even though he wasn't sure why, she knew that he had to go over there. Slowly, she started walking across the road torwards the other laundry room, as if being pulled there. With each step, though, her mind started to cloud over a bit. She looked around, confused, as she stepped closer to the door. She knew she was worried about something, but now, she wasn't sure what. Something about her clothes.

Janice shook her head, grabbing the handle of the door. There was this weird feeling in her head, something like... deja-vu? Or something like that. She looked across the road, at the male dormitories and where their laundry room was. For some reason, she felt like she should go there... But why should she do that? She could see some open machines right here! She reached down, rubbing her shirt a bit with a groan, hating how she was basically poking out of her top, despite her bra. And it didn't help that her ass was practically eating her shorts, as she pulled the wedgie out from between her fat cheeks. 'I really needed to get something a bit more comfortable' she thought, humming lightly to herself as she opened the door and walked in, her ass wigging in her wet clothes. She needed to do her laundry more often...
Alright, here is my side of the art trade with :iconosakatan:, involving a guy who chose a rather unfortunate time and place to do his laundry. This is the second story in a row that has nothing to do with regression or diapers. SHOCKING, I KNOW

I'll post his side of the trade in here when I give it to him
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Is There Something Wrong?

A K-On Story

It was like any other day in the clubroom. That is, if any other day were any other day were as strange as this one. After a day of practice that consisted of sitting around, drinking tea and eating various types of cake, they all decided to head out. Well, most of them did. Left behind was Ritsu, who (against her will) was tasked with cleaning the clubroom. And to say that she was being sluggish is an insult to slugs, as she slowly moved the broom from side to side with a sigh. "Man" she said out loud to herself, "Why do I have to be the one who does the stupid cleaning? This is pointless... I am going to have to do this all over again tomorrow..." She slowly leaned down, pushing some of the dust and crumbs into the dustpan. "I would give anything to not have to do this cleaning anymore," she said in a sigh as she poured the dirty substance into the trash.

"Am I interrupting someone important?" came a voice from the door. Ritsu jumped violently, jumping against the wall. "Take whatever you want, just don't molest me!" Ritsu yelled, putting her hands up. The bespectacled woman at the door giggled to herself, sliding the door shut. "Oh, don't worry. It's after school hours" Sawako stated, crossing her arms, "I just wanted to check in on the clubhouse, make sure it's still standing." She looked around, a sweatdrop forming as she saw the table of dirty dishes, the instruments and accessories laying about and the turtle tank an off green color. "...You have been given cleaning duties huh?" she said, looking to the girl.

"Yeah, I... What does that mean?" she asked, narrowing her eyes at her observation. Sawako giggled again, walking over to the table to set down her bag and help her clean up things. "So what were you babbling on about before I got here?" she asked as she collected the plates. Ritsu blushed from across the table as she took the serving tray, quicky turning away to put it up. "Oh, you know... Just complaining about this and that, you know me~" She smiled uneasily, rubbing her head as she walked over to the turtle's tank.

Sawako simply smiled to herself, taking it over the sink. Running the tap, she looked over to the younger girl, who was trying to fish out the small turtle. "Well, we all have our complaints... I know you don't want to clean, but would the alternative be any better?" she asked, starting to wipe down the different plates.

Ritsu peeked over to her, raising an eyebrow. "What do you mean Sawachansensei?" she asked, smirking a bit as she used her nickname that Yui had bestowed upon her. Sawako was visibly bothered by it, but simply turned back to her duty as she continued. "Well, you know... It might suck to do this, but it's part of being a high school student. At least it means you will only be doing this for a year or two more before you are done completely... Though you will miss it once it's gone" she said, with a fluttery sigh as she looked up.

Ritsu watched her, smiling a bit as she watched her drift off in her mind. But she nodded in agreement as she turned back to her duty. "Yeah, I guess so... So close to being done..." she said slightly, closing her eyes in thought. It was a good feeling to be a high schooler, with these stupid responsibilities soon to be gone...

There was an odd feeling though. She felt her hair moved a bit, as if a small breeze was passing over it. She shook a bit from a random chill passing down her spine. Was something wrong? She slowly opened her eyes, looking back down at the turtle's tank that she had taken her hand out of.

Except that it wasn't a turtle tank. Hell, it wasn't a fish tank at all. Instead, it was a a cage, containing a small brown rabbit. She had a handful of cabbage in her hands, and was holding the door slightly opened.

She blinked a few times, trying to gather exactly what she was looking at. As she did so, though, she heard a voice from behind her speak. "Is there something wrong Tainaka-san?" came a voice that, at the same time, was both familiar and foreign at this time. She turned around to see both the source of this voice and the new setting that she was set in. And on both ends, she was in for a shock.

As she turned, she found herself inside of a classroom. The classroom, of course, was familiar. The desks were smaller than the ones in her homeroom, and it was slightly more colorful than she was used to. It took her a second, but she realized with dawning confusion that it looked exactly like her home room from middle school. She didn't know why she was there, but at the least she could ask her old home room teacher why she was there.

That, of course, was met by another shock. Instead of her old teacher from her younger days, she was met by the soft skinned woman she know as Sawako-sensei. She was dressed as formally as she usually was in school, but was behind the front desk, putting a few things in her bag. In her ever mounting confusion, all she could even say to her questioning was "Um... What?"

"Is there something wrong Tainaka-san?" she asked, she asked raising an eyebrow, "You froze while you were feeding the class rabbit... Is everything alrgiht?" She closed her bag before slowly walking over to her. Ritsu noticed the fact that she carried herself a lot more professionally, dropping the sexiness that she had in her high school teacher form. Ritsu blushed, looking down at the cabbage. As she did so, she noticed her sleeve was different as well. She slowly moved her eyes down to her own body to further her inspection of the situation.

She found, of course, that her uniform had reverted back to her middle school form as well. And with that, her high school figure. Her chest, which wasn't that impressive to begin with, was now completely gone. She could see straight down past her bow to her pleated skirt and shoes, in between that her skinny, lightly tanned legs shown. She was pulled away from her own body as Sawako moved up next to her, leaning down.

The size difference was also apparent, as Ritsu had not hit her growth spurt and therefor was now below Sawako's large chest. She stepped aside as Sawako looked down into the cage, smiling at the small bunny. "Is there something around with little Bun-chan here?" she asked, turning to Ritsu.

Ritsu quickly shook her head, gulping. "N-no ma'am" she said, her face red as Sawako rose back up. She crossed her arms as she looked down at the middle school aged girl, tapping her finger. "Well, is there some problem? You have been here quite a while" she asked, staring down at her.

Ritsu turned her foot a bit, looking to the side. What could one say in this situation? Should she play along? Would it be too weird to just blurt out the truth? Was what she considered the truth... really the truth? She slowly went through all the possibilities in her head as she stood there awkwardly in front of what she figured was now her home room teacher.

The teacher, in turn, was starting to get a bit worried. She watched this girl awkwardly shuffle in front of her, refusing to speak. She leaned down again, going to eye level with the girl. Ritsu awkwardly noted that, even in the more professional garb, she was still wearing a quite low cut top. "Is there something wrong Ritsu-san? You can tell me. I'll keep it confidential" she said, giving her a warm smile. Ritsu returned the smile nervously, rubbing her head as she looked to the side again. "Um... I dunno," Ritsu finally said, looking down, "Something just feels... Off..."

Sawako gave a reassuring smile as she stood back up. She walked around behind her, putting a soft hand on her shoulder. She then started walking them both out of the room. "I understand completely" she said, as they both left the room.

"Really?" Ritsu asked, looking up at her a bit hopefully as they went into the hall of her old middle school. Could it be possible that she is the actual Sawako, and that she too was going through the same feeling of confusion she was going through?

"Of course," she said, a knowing smile on her lips, "... You are nervous about going into High School, huh?" Ritsu's face instantly fell as she heard those words, looking down a bit. But as to not raise any more concern, she slowly nodded. "Um... Yeah, that's it," she said, a bit downtrodden as her only hope fluttered away.

Sawako slowly walked alongside her, nodding as she thought for a moment. "Of course, a lot of girls in your class go through this" she said, as they reached the front doors of the school. She stopped them both before kneeling down on one knee, now looking up at her a bit from her position. "Listen, Ritsu-san" she said, rubbing her arm a bit, "It's just a sign of growing up, you know? It's another step forward. You need to take these steps to become a mature woman. Like me!"

She stood back up, opening the door for her. "You would rather take a step forward than a step back, right?" she asked, as she ushered Ritsu out of the door. As she stepped through the door, she nodded back to the woman. "Yeah, that makes sense" she said back to her as she turned back forward.

And there it was again. That strange wind she had felt in her hair earlier had blown against her again. As if in slow motion, she felt her eyes clothes in a blink before opening again.

She was inside again. She noted that at once. The area she was in was even more colorful than before. As if on instinct, she softly said, "Elementary School." She turned around and look through the doors she apparently entered through. Outside, she saw that there was a playground. There were a few kids on it, playing joyfully. It felt odd, like she had seen it before but as a distant memory. As she turned back forward, she saw a much taller figure walking toward her. Again, her instinct acted up again as she spoke out, "Sawako-sensei..."

"Is there something wrong, Tainaka-chan?" she asked, leaning down a bit to look at her. Unlike the professional garb she had become accustomed to from beforehand, she saw that she was wearing much more colorful clothes, as if to be more appealing to children. Before she could notice that much more, though, there was a sting from down below. She winced as she looked down.

Her uniform was changed yet again. She was definitely in a sailor uniform, which showed just how childish she looked. She felt her hair pulled up in a pineapple style and a small backpack on her back. And the stinging came from her knee, where she saw that there was a red mark on it. Sawako softly ran her hand over it, causing another small surge of stinging pain to shoot up from it. She jumped a bit, looking up at Sawako. Sawako smiled to her, holding out her hand. "Aww, did you fall down? Here, I'll clean that up for you" she said, leading her into the nearby classroom.

Ritsu noticed, almost sickeningly, that it was an elementary school classroom, as she expected. Bright colors were plasted over the wall, as animals met her gaze. She felt her now much smaller legs walk along side the taller woman, her hand outstretched and gripping onto Sawako's. She sat her down at a chair next to one of the small desks as Sawako walked over to her desk, opening a drawer. She saw a small label on the desk, with messy kanji that spelled "Tainaka Ritsu" It was at that moment that it all sank in: She was back in grade school, sitting at her own desk, being treated by what was supposed to be her Music Club Advisor for what was only a small scuff, but felt much worse.

"Aww, it will be alright dear," Sawako said as she looked over. She had said that because of the frown that had just appeared on Ritsu's face. Ritsu looked up, surprised, before nodding as Sawako walked over, kneeling down again. She took Ritsu's injured leg and held it up to look at the injury. "Alright, this will hurt a little bit sweety," she said, taking out a small pad and pressing it to the wound.

Even though she was expecting what was to come, she still winced at the alchohol touching her scuff. She sighed as it was removed, a small Hello Kitty band-aid applied to it. "There, all better?" Sawako asked, as Ritsu got up from her chair. Ritsu nodded, bowing a bit. "Thank you, Sawako-sensei" she said, looking up at her. Even if she wasn't in her own time, she still appreciated the help.

"It's no problem Tainaka-chan. Here, let's head back out" she said, taking her hand again. As she took her hand, she watched her as they walked. It was as good a time as any... better say something before she can't talk... "Sawako-sensei?" she said, as they exited the room.

"Yes Tainaka-chan?" she said, looking down to the girl.

"Have you ever felt that you... You know... Don't belong?" she asked, staring back up to her as she walked along side her. Sawako frowned a bit, looking down at the girl. "You are not being bullied or being told you don't belong, are you?" she asked, sounding a bit worried.

"No no!" she quickly said, as they stopped before the door again, "I just... I dunno... I'm just feeling really odd... Like I'm not old enough!" Shecrossed her arms a bit, as Sawako smiled again, giggling. "Oh dear... You'll grow up eventually! You just have to be patient," she said, opening the door for her. Ritsu obediently walked through it, but she knew that it was a mistake immediately.

It was that wind again. That wind that showed the sign of changing, usually for the worst. And she wasn't disappointed, as she felt herself outside, but sitting. Below her ass was something soft. She softly opened her eyes to observe her new surroundings.

She was outside the elementary school from before, but a different part. She looked down to see little legs bent in a sitting position and a small skirt, a pair of pumpkin panties peeking out from beneath. That, mixed with the hat she felt on her head, told her that she was a kindergartener again. "Fantastic," she said to herself, in her now miniscule voice.

Ritsu looked out on the horizon to see that the sun was just about to set now. She was still at school, sitting on the steps. A memory floated to her as she remembered how she would wait for her mother to pick her up in this spot. She wasn't always on time, though...

"Is there something wrong, Ritsu-chan?" came the all to familiar voice from behind her. She looked up to see the figure of Sawako walking to her. She was dressed in more casual clothes now, a yellow apron tied onto her. She brushed herself off before sitting down next to her. "No," Ritsu said, turning back forward. She knew that she seemed disapointed to Sawako for what might be other reasons, but deep down, her confusion was becoming depression, as she couldn't figure out why she was like this.

"Your mom late again?" she asked, looking out forward as well at the parking lot in front of them. Ritsu looked up a bit in surprise, not really sure what to say. "Y-yeah..." she said, knowing she wouldn't believe the real reason, "That's it..."

Sawako smiled down to her, setting her hand on her head. "Here, it's starting to get a bit dark... Why don't we wait inside..." she said, standing. Ritsu stood up as well, but was surprised to find herself scooped up into Sawako's arms. Her head instinctively rested onto her shoulder as she carried her inside. She blushed a bit, looking over to the woman. She wanted to say something in some form of protest, but it seemed to be lost on her tongue as they walked into the classroom. "There there, it'll be alright" Sawako said softly, bouncing her a bit. Ritsu suddenly felt better, as if these words were actually helping her cope with the situation. She couldn't help but smile  a bit, closing her eyes as she rested against her shoulder.

As she walked her across the room, that strange wind blew across her again. This one felt like it was the strongest of all. She was still against Sawako's shoulder, but her body was much different. She felt that her uniform was now gone. She did at least feel a t-shirt on her, but down below, the pumpkin panties had been replaced with what felt like much worse. An opening of the eyes confirmed a thick white diaper around her waist. And if to make it worse, her leg twitched involuntarily, causing the diaper to crinkle, as if she needed more confirmation.

Her eyes started to tear up, as she saw how pathetic things had gotten. And of course, the one thing that would send her over the edge finally happened. With a soft wiggle of her diapered bottom, she felt herself relax and her diaper become warm. She couldn't even feel herself doing it, but she knew that she was wetting herself uncontrollably. After a few seconds, she was done, and finally, the tears started to flow, as she sobbed a bit from all the emotion overflowing through her eyes.

It was at that moment that she felt the reality come back around her, as the woman carrying her shifted a bit. "Is there something wrong Ricchan?" she asked, looking to the girl in her arm. Ritsu sniffled a little bit, finally wanting to just pour out what all was going on. But in her little body and limited vocabulary, all she was able to say was "Ricchu bad..." with a sniffle.

"Aww, Ritsu accidentally made wetsy huh?" she asked as she carried her in what she now saw was a dark room. Well, mostly dark, as there was a single night light in the corner, showing that there were several cribs around the area, each with small figures laying in them. Ritsu was carried away from the cribs, though, to the other side of the room, where there were a row of changing tables. Slowly, she was lowered down onto one, on her back. Sniffling again, she felt her thumb slowly go into her mouth as she looked up at the now enormous lady, as she undid the diaper tabs. "Don't worry Ricchan, Sawako-neechan will get you all nice and clean" she said softly, tickling her round belly as she went to change her. She wriggled a bit at the tickling, but simply laid there, suckling on her thumb as she was powdered and diapered.

When that was done, she felt herself hoisted up again. She now watched over Sawako's shoulder as the changing tables receded, and she knew that she was being taken over to the cribs. Slowly, she was lowered down into one, covers placed over her. She looked to the side to see a window with the curtains pulled shut, a little light streaming through. "Naptime now Ricchan" she said, tucking her in before patting her head and walking away.

As she looked around, she could see that she was in an over large nursery, probably some sort of daycare. The crib itself seemed larger than one might find it, and with good reason. On the other side, she could see another figure. Only the head was visible, but in the night light's glow, she could see long, raven black hair. She knew it must be Mio, which means that she wasn't the only one affected... right? It did seem odd... She looked over at other cribs, seeing two more figures in the one next to her. One with soft brown hair with one with long blonde hair. Ritsu knew they were familiar too, but the names escaped her at that moment.

Her eyes felt heavy as she gave out a yawn past her thumb. She slowy moved onto her side, curling up a bit. She could probably think more about it after a nap. And as she drifted off to sleep, this thought ran through her head faintly about cleaning and how bad it was, but just as fast as it had come, it was gone. Her eyes closed and she sighed a deep sigh, her body and mind drifting peacefully off to sleep, a simple babe in a comfy crib.
This is a commission from :iconmicman4202: involving the unfortunate but all too real regression of Ritsu, accompanied by the non the wiser Sawako-sensei, both from the series K-on. This story is a regression story and has diaper usage at the end
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An Evangelion TF Story

Ritsuko sighed, petting the purple haired head in her lap. From between her fingers, she saw a small, pointy ear flicker, before hearing a low purr emit from the figure laying there. Despite having the ears and tail of a cat, the naked body stretched across the couch was definitely a woman. Misato was napping peacefully in Ritsuko's lap, the tail above her exposed bottom swaying lazily in the air. Ritsuko sighed again, scratching her behind the ears, a small smirk on her lips.

At that moment, she felt something brush against her leg. She softly leaned forward, making sure not to wake the girl on her lap, to see what the commotion was. Down by her feet was another woman, a bit more petite than Misato, though still rather curvacious. She too had no clothes, along with pointy cat ears on her head and a wagging tail, along with faint whiskers on her face. She was rubbing against Ritsuko's legs lightly, even licking softly, as if to get her attention.

Ritsuko smiled, reaching down and patting her head. "What's up Maya-chan? Are you hungry?" she asked, looking across the room. Against the wall was line of several bowls, some larger, some smaller. Next to the bowls was a small cat bed, where three kittens lay, one blue haired, one red haired, and one brown haired, all sleeping peacefully in a pile. "Oh, it looked like yours is empty... I'll take care of that in a minute sweety" Ritsuko said, rubbing Maya's head before slowly getting up, making sure not to wake the sleeping girl on the couch.

It was an interesting situation, to say the least. Or it would be from an outside viewpoint. For Ritsuko, however, this has all gone according to her plan. An odd plan, but according to plan nonetheless. She walked over to the counter and grabbed her can of specially designed wet food, opening it and pouring it into the bowls equally. This woke the rest of the cats up, the three kittens walking to their own bowl, while Misato stretched and dropped down off the couch, lazily walking over to her bowl and starting to eat next to Maya. Ritsuko sat back, smiling as she lit a cigarette and watched all her little kitties eat up, the three smaller ones in between the two large womanlike cats.

It started around three month ago. After a recent near failure of an Angel attack, it was noted in an executive meeting that the morale of NERV was down. Ritsuko is not sure how, but she was chosen to lead the NERV Active Rehabilitation Program, despite not having any psychiatric experience under her belt. The best explanation she could get was her experience with the human body. 'A flimsy at best reason', she thought, 'but an extra paycheck is an extra paycheck'. So the following week, she started setting up private meetings with both the pilots, and any other volunteers for the program she could find.

The first month did not go well. Asuka, Rei and Shinji were required to go to these meetings, and being hormonal teenagers, they were not thrilled to be there. Their enthusiasm almost matched that of Ritsuko, who was asking the most basic of questions, unsure of what else to do. Other than those three, the only other two volunteers were Misato and Maya. Misato, instead of treating it as therapy, instead decided to use the time as a way to go drinking with Ritsuko, despite the blonde's protests. Meanwhile, Maya seemed content with simply spending time with Ritsuko, and was rather hesitant to share anything about her reasons for being there. Ritsuko had her suspicions, but didn't say anything. All in all, it was a rather awful experience, but despite this, Ritsuko's higher ups refused her requests to cut off the program, asking that she give it a "little while longer".

Things might have been different, had Ritsuko decided not to visit this convenient store. She had just ended another useless session with the pilots, and had realized when she left that she was out of cigarettes. Disgruntled, she headed down the road to the nearest corner stop. As she went to the front desk, she saw the nearby magazine rack. For some reason, one issue caught her eye. Health Magazine, Special Mental Health Issue. Her interest piqued, she walked over, picking it up. "Several techniques to help reach Personal Neutrality and Mental Peace..." she said to herself, reading the cover. She shrugged, putting it under her arm and looking once more at the rack. Nothing else really of interest, though her eyes lingered on a Pet Fancy magazine, with an Orange Tabby cat on the cover. She usually wasn't fond of the anime, though seeing this cover made her chuckle to herself. "I'd rather take care of those than these therapy sessions..." she mumbled to herself, as she bought her items and left, making sure to quickly light one up on her way out.

That night, she read through the articles, hoping against hope that there was something, anything, to help her out. There was no luck, until she reached a specific article entitled "Uses of Hypno-Therapy". "Hypno-Therapy? So it's not just pseudo-science?" she said to herself, reading through the article. As minutes passed, she became more and more interested. By the end, she was hooked, and immediately started doing her own research, looking up sites, theories, methods, all focused on not only the therapeutic methods of hypnotism, but general effectiveness of it as well. It was the wee hours of the morning before she finally closed her laptop, smiling rather widely to herself. She finally had a plan...

And so the second month started. Misato entered the office, ready to go get some beverages, like every time she came for the "sessions". But despite her prodding, Ritsuko was oddly resolute in staying today. "Aww, come ooon! It's the only way we could get nice and tipsy on work hours~!" Misato pleaded, sitting down in the chair in front of her. Ritsuko stayed silent. For a minute, the two of them sat in silence. Slowly, Ritsuko reached down, pulling out her lighter, as if to light a cigarette. "You still smoking? Man, that's a bad habit..." Misato quipped, watching her. She did not pull out a cigarette, though, instead just lighting the lighter, letting the flame dance in front of her. Misato raised an eyebrow, looking between the small flicker and the woman holding it. "What are you...?" she asked, not sure how to respond.

"Just... Watch..." Ritsuko said, simply holding the flame up in front of Misato's face. Misato still wasn't sure about her command, but followed, staring at the small flame. Slowly, her eyes started to unfocus, her mouth starting to droop. It was almost like she was falling asleep, but her eyes stayed open just barely. Soon, she was simply sitting there, hunched over, staring blankly into nothingness. Even after she took the flame away, Misato still stared blankly. Ritsuko grinned, putting the lighter away before leaning forward, looking into her dead eyes. "Do you still understand me, Misato?" Ritsuko asked, putting her face close to the other girl. Slowly, Misato nodded, still staring blankly, eyelids drooping. Ritsuko chuckled, moving her hands in front of Misato's face and seeing no response. "Good girl... Now stand up, and get ready for commands..." she ordered, leaning back.

Immediately, Misato stood, standing straight, her face still completely blank. One would expect her to possibly storm out, calling this whole thing stupid. But she simply stood there obediently, staring off into nothingness. "Good girl... Now, come sit on my lap..." Ritsuko instructed, patting her lap. Misato nodded, walking over before gently taking a seat on Ritsuko's thighs. Ritsuko watched her before reaching up, starting to rub her back. "Good girl... Does this feel nice?" she asked, rubbing her back up and down.

"Yes, it does, Ritsuko..." Misato replied, in an almost monotone, as she slumped over a bit, allowing for her back to be stroked. Ritsuko sat there for a few minutes, simply betting this woman, moving from her back to her hair, Misato remaining motionless. As she did so, the image of the magazine rack came back to her head. "Misato, if you are enjoying this, purr for me..." Ritsuko said, raising an eyebrow.

At that moment, Ritsuko could hear a weird sound. It was not purring per se, but it was definitely an attempt at one. Ritsuko giggled at this, before standing up, helping Misato back to her feet. "Good little kitty..." she said, patting her head, before ordering her down on her hands and knees. The rest of the session involved making Misato do various animal like things, including crawing around, climbing on furniture, panting, lapping up water, as much as she could think of. After trying several different animals, she decided to settle on her being a cat, for simplicity's sake. After an hour, she instructed for Misato to sit back down. At that moment, an alarm on Ritsuko's desk rang. Misato suddenly shook her head, blinking a bit. "W-what? What's going on?" she asked, looking around, "Are we gonna go out for drinks or what?"

"I would, but our time is up. See you same time next week? Or we could set up a another time this week..." Ritsuko said, turning back to her desk. Misato's eyes widened, as she looked at the nearby clock. "Oh... Uh... Sure, we will see each other again..." she said, slowly getting up and walking to the door, visibly confused. Though she couldn't see it, Ritsuko was overjoyed at the results, and the moment Misato left, she started making notes on her computer of the results.

The second month seemed to mirror this day. When each person entered, she would first put them into a trance, before making them do more cat-like things. Some, like Rei and Maya, were obediently compliant, doing everything that they were asked. In situations like this, they were given positive reinforcement. This usually meant something like a treat or a rub on the belly, which Maya seemed to enjoy more than Rei. Other times, though, they were resistant to some of the commands. Asuka in particular seemed to be subconsciously fighting the commands being given her, having to be told several times before she followed. This usually let to a spray bottle to the face, and in some extreme cases, a slap to the bottom. Soon, everyone was doing just as Ritsuko asked during the sessions, without ever knowing what was going on.

It even showed outside of the sessions, which to Ritsuko was almost an after effect. Everyone seemed more polite and relaxed, Maya getting her work done quicker, and Misato drinking less. The pilot's synchronizations with their EVAs seemed to go up week by week, until by the end of the month, they could perfectly synchronize within minutes. There were some other things that changed, though. Ritsuko noticed when walking by that, when pleased, they seemed to give off a faint purring sound. And when visiting Misato one night, she noticed that everyone in their apartment seemed to find it relaxing to lay on the ground, or curl up a bit on the couch, even stretching oddly when they get up.

At the beginning of the third month, Ritsuko started giving each one of them some pills, telling them that it was 'vitamins' to help them relax. They, of course, were obedient in the instruction, taking them whenever they were told to. They of course weren't vitamins, though. They weren't actually anything science had ever seen up to that moment. While observing her subjects, she started doing her own research in the lab. She liked how they acted, but something inside her wanted more. More... Cat-like. And after several weeks, she finally found a way to make this happen...

And so, daily, the subjects of her therapy started taking the 'vitamins'. And the results were almost immediate. After a few days, their ears became more pointed, starting to round out at the top. Their canines teeth started to grow a bit more, and she noticed that their lunches started to contain more fish, every day looking a little less cooked. She noticed that their eyes, as well, were starting to change as well, the pupils becoming somewhat yellow and slit like after a few days.

It was when she noticed some of the girls growing some hair arm that she decided to call them all into her office one day. She immediately put them in their trancelike state, before speaking up. "Now then, listen all of you... I have told the higher ups that there are some deep seated problems that will need some time off work and school to take care of... You all will be staying with me for a few month, do you understand?" she said to them, watching closely. In unison, they all nodded their heads, still staring blankly forward. Ritsuko smiled, before having them walk forward, leading them out of the office, possibly for the last time.

"Now then..." Ritsuko said, after ushering them into her own apartment, "In a minute, I shall snap. When I do, you will come out of your trance, disrobe and become my kitties permanently. Is this understood?" They all nodded again, staring lazily forward. Ritsuko waited a moment before snapping. Immediately, the two women and three teenagers immediately pulled their clothes off with haste, the five them them completely nude before falling to their hands and knees, starting to act as cats, as if it were the most natural thing. Ritsuko found the sight almost amusing as she collected the clothes off the ground, throwing them in the trash.

And so the third month commenced, with the five of them living together in this small apartment. Ritsuko took note of their progress, finding how things changing quite fascinating. For example, possibly because of their still developing bodies, the teenage pilots seemed to change quicker. While Misato and Maya were still just growing tails and their ears reforming to the top of their head, the younger ones were already on their way to becoming full cats, their entire body covered in fur and their faces starting to transform. It wasn't long before their meows and purrs stopped becoming acts and became genuine sounds their bodies were making. And while it did take a little while, it wasn't too terribly long before the 'cats' were fully house trained and eating out of bowls set out specifically for them.

And so here Ritsuko stood at the end of the third month. She had three full cats in the form of Rei, Asuka and Shinji, along with two women who were slowly but surely on their way to the same. But as Ritsuko observed the two older women, their bottoms wagging a bit as they happily ate the food provided, she thought that maybe she could keep them like this for a little while... What's the harm in it?
A long overdue commission for the fantastic :icongeistis: about some weird therapy that Ritsuko came up with for soem of her coworkers...
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"Just handle the goose, appetizers, and side dishes and Ritsuko will handle the dessert."

That was all Misato said before she and Asuka dashed out to handle the only thing girlier than cooking; shopping. Though in that case, Asuka insisted it was Shinji who was too girly for it; unable to handle the shoving and hurdling needed to claw your way through a Christmas sale. Not that Shinji was complaining though; that sort of thing simply wasn't his bag.

Cooking, however, was. As the fourteen-year-old sat around the kitchen, waiting for the goose to finish, he sighed again, leaning back in his seat. Christmas was never a big deal at the boarding school where Shinji used to live, always just being marked by the other children being picked up by their parents and vanishing for three weeks. Shinji, meanwhile, was left in a dusty, tomb-like building with his teacher, sitting and eating in silence.

Being with Misato was a different take on the holiday; the last three days the boy'd been run ragged, helping to set up the tree, decorate the apartment, and now cooking a giant feast... The kind of sick happiness and joy coming from the grown-up was almost infectous. Not to mention pretty alien-

Shinji's thoughts were jerked out of his head when the time dinged, making him yelp and jump out of his seat. He fumbled with his oven mitts before removing the bird, lifting the lid on the cooker and giving himself a moment to smile at a job well done. In three days time, Misato could host a tiny Christmas party in the apartment with the best meal the boy had ever cooked.

It wasn't often Shinji actually congratulated himself on much. That was a weird feeling. Squirming a bit, the boy turned to glance at the bundle of items Misato had left by the door. From Ritsuko, they said; something to handle dessert.

Pen-Pen was waddling around in the kitchen, but after glancing back, Shinji saw he couldn't reach the goose... That meant it was safe to check out what exactly the scientist had sent....

Once the boy crossed to the door and took the items out of their bag however, he was a bit disappointed. The desserts were all store-bought; cookies, cupcakes, candy-canes... Maybe it was a too much to expect the scientist to make something herself with her busy schedule. Misato had said it was likely she wouldn't even be able to come.

The candy canes.... Shinji found his eye drawn momentarily to them, poking out at the very top of the bag. A sticky-not at the top of the package said, "Shinji, Asuka, help yourself."

Well.... Shinji never had much of a sweet tooth, but he supposed it couldn't hurt. It was hard to cook all day without getting a touch hungry....

The boy popped it into his mouth and got to sucking on the candy before turning to check on Pen-Pen.

"Hey, s-settle down, okay?" cooed the boy, slurring slightly behind his candy cane. He grabbed the penguin around the torso, pulling him away from the counter where the goose was sitting, "C-C'mon, I'll make s-sure you get some on Christmah-WAH!"

With a sudden and unexpected stepping on his own pant-leg, Shinji fell flat on his butt, the warm-water penguin in his lap. The impact actually momentarily knocked his candy cane into the air, but it landed plainly into his mouth, where he instinctively began sucking on it again.

"Mmmph..." Wincing as he sat up taller, Shinji felt the bird snuggle into him before picking him up and setting him beside him. With that he rubbed his tender bottom and got to his feet.

Only for his pants to fall to his knees.

"AH!" Shinji yelped, at once grabbing the waistline for his trousers and hiking them up. "Wh-What's happening?"

Did they stretch out or something? No, that wasn't possible, was it? Did he somehow get Kaji's pants? Wait, how would that even happen?

Come to think of it, his shirt was baggy too, falling so one of his bony shoulders poked through the neck-hole of it. Glancing at Pen-Pen, maybe just out of a loss for anyone else to consult, and found the penguin had gone from thigh-height to just up to the boy's ribs.

"Wha... Th-This isn't... Th-This can't be..."

Shinji felt oddly calm, in spite of his voice having knocked up a few octaves... Maybe it was the insanity of his life on a normal basis. Or maybe it was just that his brain couldn't quite handle the fact that he was apparently shrinking...

"O-Okay.... I-I can d-do this... Just g-gotta..." The boy took a deep breath into this rapidly-shrinking lungs.. He suckled on his candy cane a bit longer before reasoning, "Mi-Misa-sato.... I n-needta call M-Misato..."

That was easy.... The boy began toddling to his room.... but since his pants were far too long for him, that only resulted in him tripping up and landing on all fours.

"Owie..." Shinji sniffled, the palms of his hands stinging, before deciding to go with it and crawl toward the phone... He easily left behind his trousers, and after some momentary struggling his shirt.....Soon enough though he reached the table with the house phone on top of it.

Awkwardly getting to his feet, Shinji got on tip-toes... only to find it out of reach. Glancing at the penguin beside him, the now-toddler found it actually quite a fair amount taller than he was.

"Erm.... Th-There hasta... B-Be a way ta f-fixxit, wight?"

Shinji trailed off when the penguin pointed down. Yelping, he glanced down and soon grabbed th boxer shorts around his ankles, meekly pulling them back up again.


"Where were you anyway? You were gone for like an hour."

"Hey, can't a girl have any secrets?"

As she and Misato stepped into the apartment, weighed down by their crinkly, paper shopping bags, Asuka rolled her eyes at her guardian. She'd been in this coy, super-happy mood since Christmas season hit and it was starting to make the redhead a little beyond insane.

Still, attempting to get her mind off the subject, Asuka asked, "So you think Shinji took the bait?"

"Asuka, shhh! We don't.... heh..."

Just as the grown-up was about to scold her charge for potentially spilling the beans before they were sure it'd been put into place, she popped her head into the kitchen.

"Shinjiiii?" teased the purple-haired chief, grinning like crazy as she stepped carefully toward the pile of clothes beside the phone. She quickly picked them up and tossed them into the shopping bag she'd stepped in with, glancing around the room.

"Heh... No way, did that crap Akagi gave you actually work?" asked Asuka, staring at the woman's back.

"Either that or he's running around the house in the buff," answered Misato. "Either way I wanna see it." As she began stepping through the house again, she announced, "Come out, come out, wherever you arreeeee!"

Asuka turned and headed to the living room, while Misato likewise trodded down the hall, grin on her face nearly splitting her head in half, straining her ears for the sound of any high-pitched squeaks. Shinji had hit puberty and his voice was already so high, how much more chipmunk-like could it be now?

"C'mon, Shinjiiiii...." Patting the one shopping bag she'd kept on her, Misato warned, "I doubt you're wearing a diaper and we can't have you peeing all over the place, can we?"

"Ya sure you should be going into that much detail?" the redhead asked, rolling her eyes in response. "If you were that antsy about me bringing up the idea of bait and all..."

"Well, a pile of clothes on the floor is kind of more telling," Misato reasoned in response with a shrug. "Especially given how uptight he can be - he could've spilled something and he still would have folded them up neatly before putting them in the laundry."

Asuka nodded in concession of the point, as the two searched around the living room. Shinji was nowhere to be immediately found, but that was hardly a surrpise given how cluttered the whole apartment often was with today being no exception. Asuka had to point out after a moment, though, "Should go check his room. If he's freaking out over anything he's probably rolled up in his blanket shivering and crying."

"I suppose. . . I doubt given how long she said it'd take to work that he would have managed to slip out or anything," the adult answered at once. "How about you check in there, and I'll stand around the corner waiting to surprise him if he tries running?"

"Heh... Gotcha, though I'm not grabbing him until you've put a diaper on him." As Asuka turned up her nose, proudly sliding the door to the boy's room open, she announced, "Can't have an immature toddler messing all over my new winter coat!"

"Yeah, total tragedy that...."

Sarcastic as Misato was, even someone with as slobbish a lifestyle as hers didn't want a naked baby toddling around all other her living space. She calmly leaned on the wall beside the entrance to the hallway, waiting for Asuka to announce finding the poor, scared toddler.

Though just as she heard Asuka violently pulling sheets off the bed, something else very faint touched her ears... A kind of light, restrained crying.... Brow furrowing in confusion, the lady turned over her shoulder and glanced into the living room. There was a tiny, pale thing barely visible, sandwhiched between the TV and the corner...

"Hmm..." Stroking her chin, Misato abandoned her "post" and drew nearer.... As she did so there came a surprised yelp, and she leapt forward at a quicker pace.

"Ha! There you are!"

"Wait, did you find him?"

Shinji, for his part, turned out to be about as Misato suspected minus the blanket, clutching his oversized boxers around himself as he sat curled up and sniffling. His candy cane was poking cutely out of his mouth as he shivered on the floor, still impulsively suckling on it.

"Oh, crap...."


Shinji's plea was cut off when Misato, checking nervously over her shoulder to make sure Asuka wasn't watching just yet, plucked the candy out of his mouth and easily chucked it over the apartment's balcony.

"Nn. . . I-I. . ."

The boy seemed just as devestated by the loss of what he was sucking on as anything else, and after a moment he responded to it by flinging himself onto Misato's ankle, applying a death grip the woman wasn't quite aware a toddler was capable of.

"Now, Shinji, it's okay. . ."

At once, the woman knelt down and lifted the boy up, though it took a tug or two to get him free, before raising him to be level with her face. At once on being level with the woman, Shinji began to stammer and explain, "I-I. . . I-I. . . Um, I jus'. . . I dunno what haaaaaappeeeeennnnned!!!"

Natural, an earsplitting wail ensued as Shinji sputtered out this last word, the boy desperately reaching to hug his guardian around the neck in the process. Despite his current nudity she allowed for it and indeed gently squeezed the boy back, hugging him while giving a reassuring, "Shh, it's okay. . . It'll be okay, just you watch."

"I think that's the loudest I've ever heard him be," came the sudden voice of Asuka. Misato mentally noted that her return just barely missed out on happening at the worst possible time, though the redhead still managed to be quite unhelpful as she motioned toward the regressed Shinji, who turned somewhat in Misato's arms upon her entering the room perhaps to see the source of the voice, and commented, "Wow, and I thought it was small before."

"Uh. . . B-Buh I. . ."

"Now, now, it'll be alright. . . Shh. . ." Misato squeezed the boy after saying this, rubbing her chin affectionally against his forehead afterward and drawing a small, instinctive giggle in the process, before she began, "I think some explanation of what's happened to you might be in order."

Hardly in a position to argue with that idea, the toddler merely put his thumb instinctively in his mouth and began sucking it, cozying in under Misato's chin. The sucking actually made him docile enough to blink, albiet hurtly, at Asuka in mere confusion.

"Heh... Jeez, that crap really works, doesn't it?" Bemused, Asuka noted.

"Yeah, it's a good thing I bought you a pacifier, huh?" teased Misato, patting the baby on the back. "But you see-"

"Misato got all hyper and excited over Christmas and thought it sucked someone as immature as you couldn't enjoy it, and all that other ridiculous biological clock BS I'm never going to fall into," proceeded to explain Asuka, "So she had Ritsuko send up some Christmas cookies for you to eat that would baby-fy you." Snickering a little, the redhead noted, "That easy enough for your little brain to handle?"

Shinji did have to admit to feeling confused, but it was due to one particular aspect of that explanation, "C-Cookies?"

"Heh... Guess not."

"Heheh... Yeah, cookies, that's it little guy..." Misato sighed, pulling the boy away just long enough to kiss his forehead, noting, "And you just came out as the cutest little baby, didja know that?"

"Mm... Buh-but I'm n-notta baby..." cooed the infant, reaching up his free hand to pet Misato's hair, "H-How long'm I gonn' be wike 'dis?"

"Not too long, don't worry," Misato told the boy at once, a gentle smile on her face in the process. Afterward, she scratched at the boy's head, then turned her head up toward Asuka and began, "Hey, now, I know you're not going to want to diaper him and get everything --"

"D-Diapie? I-I. . . I dun' wanna wear, um. . . I-I means, I --"

"Shh, we'll talk about it in a second."

That being said, Misato turned her focus back to Asuka and continued, "With him like this you're going to need to pull some weight around here for a bit, so you have a choice - do you want to get the candy canes hung up on the tree, or do you want to get him diapered up and risk him peeing on you in the midst of it?"

"Like you have to ask," Asuka replied, her arms crossing over her chest in her usual haughty way. "Not particularly jumping to do either one, but I'll take the thousands of tiny points over his one."

The redhead left the room at that, waving her hand dismissively at even the mere idea in the process. Fortunately, Shinji waited until she was out of earshot before he turned up to Misato and admitted in confusion, "B-Buh I didn't haff any'a th' cookies. . ."

"I know you didn't sweetie..." Misato needed to make some awkward adjustments with her arms, moving the baby so he was supported with just one and balanced against her chests while she could hold her shopping bag with the other. Stuck walking in the most unnerving way possible, she made her way to the couch and laid Shinji on it. "Heheh... But we can keep a secret from Asuka, right?"

To sweeten that pot, Misato kissed the baby on the forehead, which got him giggling and cooing happily as she turned and dug in her bag for some diapers.

That happiness only lasted until Shinji realized he was sprawled out totally naked.

"Ah!" Immediately curling up, the toddler squeaked, horrified, "Muh-M-Misato, nuh-uh! I d-dun wann' di-diapies! Th-They're..."

"Heh... Well, would you rather be naked around the apartment all day?" Immediately the toddler whimpered at the very idea, Misato smiling kindly, "C'mon, you're so tiny now; just think of 'em like big crinkly underpants!"

"Uh. . . B-Buh, but I. . . I-I'm naw g-gonna. . ." Shinji gulped as he even began to suggest the idea, the mere concept terrifying him. "I'm naw g-gonna pee er nuttin', wight?"

Misato stroked the boy's hair gently in response, at least helping him to settle down a little. She followed by beeping him on the nose, drawing a small giggle as she tried to smooth over the answer by saying, "Well, in case you do, it'd be better if it happened in a diaper than on the floor or something, wouldn't it?"

"Um, I. . . I guess buh. . ."

"Shh, come on."

The woman began to move with the baby then, hugging him to her chest while she moved toward the bathroom. In the meantime, she suggested, "Now, if you hear Asuka making some noise in a minute, just try and ignore her, okay? I'm sure whatever it is that sets her off it won't be important."

"Erm... Nuh... K-Kay..."

Shinji wasn't entirely sure why they had to be in the bathroom for this, though he did feel it was a good deal more private, which helped him calm down even more. As he was placed on his back on the counter, he found himself blinking up at Misato, realizing just how massive she really was from his new perspective, almost like an EVA unit.

"Ooookaaaaay..." Began the major, a loud ripping sound coming as she tore open the package of diapers. "There we go, now.... It goes on, erm... Sorta..."

Shinji whimpered in embarrassment as the grown-up manipulated his new underwear around his body, lifting his lower half to place it under him and tweaking his position multiple times to get it straight. When he found his bottom being applied with powder, he looked as if he were about to cry.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa... It's okay, little guy, okay? Eheh..." The general chuckled nervously, petting Shinji's tummy before starting to tape his fresh diaper on, "Gimme a break, it's my first time."

"Nn... Mm..." Shinji began absent-mindedly sucking his thumb before slurring out, around it, "Well, 'smine too..."

As she adjusted the fit of the new garment, Misato teased, "Well, not really; hard to imagine the commander doing this but I'm preeeetty sure you got your last diaper changed... What? Eleven years ago?"

Shinji had difficulty remembering what "eleven" was, only knowing it was a number, though the exact size felt on the tip of his tongue. As he tried to focus on it, his attention was torn by a high-pitched shout of "Mein Gott!" somewhere else in the apartment.

"Um. . . I-Is --"

"Shh, like I said, it's fine," Misato assured the boy at once, patting the front of the boy's diaper reassuringly after she had secured it in place. "Let's give it a minute then go see what's wrong with her, hm?"

"O-Okay. . ."

After this Shinji found himself scooped up once more into Misato's arms, soon leaned comfortingly against her chest. They stayed in silence for a couple of minutes, though Shinji didn't personally have any comprehension of just how long it was, before Misato decided, "There, that should be enough. Let's go see how she's doing now, hm?"

The boy nodded slowly, and then Misato twisted the doorknob to the bathroom and opened it up once more before exiting to the living room once again. There was no immediate sign of Asuka, which did serve to surrpise Misato as she remarked, "Huh, I figured she'd have stormed in here by this point and be waiting to pick a fight."

"Nn. . . S'upid. . . Dumb, meanie. . ."

It turned out that the reason Asuka had not entered the room yet was she a little more hesitant to ditch her outfit than Shinji had been. She waddled into the room now, now looking just as young as Shinji now was and her legs completely obscured by a bundle of her pants and shirt around them while her new coat had become a covering over her full body, only her head and the very angry face on it managing to poke out from view of the garment.

"A-Asuka? Y-You's. . . W-Wha' happened'a. . . I --"

"'Sato! Ya big, dumb. . . Dumb. . . Dih. . ."

Asuka trailed off there, a clear discomfort now quite directly related to her present, visible rage making itself clear as she stammered and shook violently. After a moment of this, she jumped, the arms of her coat serving to show that both of her hands had moved toward her butt, the shaking of her body and the smell beginning to come off of her serving as a clear indicator that the new coat had met with just the fate Asuka had been hoping prior that Shinji wouldn't do to it. After a long, clearly ashamed silence, the redhead began to stammer with tears forming in her eyes, "Buh. . . B-Buh. . . Buh-boo. . ."

"Ew...." Misato's first thought was actually lamenting how Shinji wasn't in a position to do her cleaning for her, but she soon shrugged and added, "Uhh... Eheh... I-It's okay, Asuka, really.... You don't have to-"


Shinji at once yelped at the sound of the redhead's bawling, turning inward to Misato's tummy and squeezing his eyes shut. The urge to start crying himeslf really started to build up inside him, though Misato's arm being held tight around him somehow just felt so comforting.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's okay... It's okay... C'mon, sweetie..." Misato bent down now, using her free hand to pet the little girl's face, watching her go from bawling to beginning to quietly settle down, "Shhhh.... Shh... It's okay, Asuka... You just had an accident, that's all, right?"

"Mmm...' The girl nodded, a sob escaping as she confirmed, "Buh-boom-boom..."

"Yeah, I gathered that... Okay, uh..." Turning pink, the grown-up began rubbing the little girl's back, explaining, "It's okay, we just gotta clean you up and get rid of those clothes, okay?"

"Mmm... Wike uh..." The redhead stared, soon asking, "Wike bein' nakie?"

"Heh... Uh... I kinda meant more in the vein of putting on a diap-"

"Nuh-uh!" proclaimed the toddler, jumping slightly. Doing so made her shudder, but she soon added, shakingly, "Nuh-n-notta baby! I dun' wear diapies!"

Misato responded to this by patting Asuka consolingly on the arm, while she pointed out, "Well, the smell doesn't exactly agree with that."


Asuka once more shuddered in horror, but she soon after glared up at the grown-up and challenged, "Ya wan'eda make me a baby too, didntya? 'Zat what dis 'bout?"

"Wha? No, not at all, sweetie. Besides, like Shinji, it'll just be for a little while. . ."

Not quite accurate, but all the same Misato didn't figure there was much danger of her being called out on it. While this was a part of this plan that she most certainly wasn't looking forward to, Misato knew she was going to have to attend to Asuka sooner rather than later and so she asked, "Look, since it won't last long, just try not to fight it, okay? No sense staying smelly and clearly uncomfortable with it just because you don't want to wear different underwear from usual."

"I-I guess. . . Hmph. . ."

Asuka crossed her arms over her chest then, huffing in anger in the meantime. Perhaps eager to try and cheer the girl up a little, Shinji cut in now to add helpfully to the girl, "I-If ya wan' when I'ma big boy I c'n twy an' getcher coat cwean. . ."

"Mmph... Y-Ya betta!"

Shinji yelped cutely at that sudden outcry, which at the very least managed to earn a little giggle out of Asuka. Misato was smiling herself as she put Shinji down, then knee-walking toward the little girl, "Don't wander off, okay?"

"Mm... K-kay..."

As Shinji was made to sit down, Misato easily lifted the toddler out of her coat. While the former-teenager made an indignant cry at this, the boy yelped and covered his eyes shyly.

"Hehehe.... Yeah, I didn' say ya could wookit my booty!" squeaked Asuka proudly, a grin on her face. Momentarily kicking her little legs, she turned to Misato, cooing, "I didnn' haff 'nee cookies, 'dough!"

"Heh... Well, isn't that funny?" Bemused, Misato hefted the girl up, warning, "But you're a toddler now, so why not just enjoy the holiday, huh?"

"Hmph. . . Chwistmas is dumb anyways!" The messy girl rolled her eyes in emphasis of the point, while she ranted, "Buncha dumb boys an' girls, givin' each toher cooties an' choc'late an' stuff! It's dumb!"

Misato's opinions on romance could be very much mixed, but she did have something to say for this, as she answered, "Well, some people prefer to take a bit more of a western route with it. That's something you two might like a little more. . ."

"Um. . . W-Whatcha mean?"

"Ya dun' getta talk or nuthin' til ya can't see m'booty!"

Shinji gave a sheepish squeak but otherwise said nothing at that warning, while Misato pondered about how this was surprisingly not that different from the usual with the two of them. She tried nto to dwell on it though, and instead she commented, "Now, Shinji, I'll go get her diapered and cleaned up, alright? You try and be a good boy."

"Um. . . K-Kay. . ."

In emphasis of this, Shinji stuck a finger in his mouth which Misato had to restrain herself from gushing over. As it stood, she had Asuka to deal with, and the redhead wasn't exactly smelling pleasant. . . A frown on her face, the purple-haired woman began to carry the redhead to the bathroom while she teased, "Heh. If this is how bad it is now I'd hate to have to change you at full size."

"Hmph... I c'n change muh own diapies assa big girl!" squeaked out the toddler as she was laid on the counter (thankfully with a diaper put in place beforehand so there was no chance of smearing). "'Sides, betcha Shinji's worser!"

"Heh... Yeah, we'll have to see about that," teased the guardian, starting to keep the toddler off, "What makes you guess that?"

"Mm..." Asuka seemed to mull that over, her silence being broken when her now-clearner rear end wound up sprinkled with powder. Soon giggling and kicking her legs in the air, she cooed, "Heeeheheee... 'Cause'e's gotta big butt!"

"Oh, yeah? Well, this thing isn't exactly gonna look petite when it's diapered up."

"Nuh-uh! Is so!"

"Hey, hold still, will ya? Jeez..." Asuka was quite a bit squirmier than Shinji, though Misato wasn't exactly sure why she would be expecting otherwise. Finally she put the final tape in place, sighing, "Heh... I think I'm starting to re-think this whole baby-fever thing..."

"Hmph..." Sitting up, Asuka cutely put her hands on her hips, demanding, "Y'think wearin' boom-booms's fun?"

"Probably not."

That being said, Misato scooped the girl up  again, and asked, "Now, you feel better then or what?"

"Uh huh. No poopies'n an' stuff."

Asuka let that hang in the air for a long moment, before she quite suddenly turned angry once more in order to protest, "Wait, nuh uh! I dun' wann' be some little, dumb diapie baby!"

"Well, you're not dumb, and it is a little late on the rest of it I'm afraid." Misato gave the girl a comforting squeeze afterward, then she questioned, "Now, how about you quiet down and we get back to Shinji so I can get you two fully dressed? There was somewhere I was wanting to take you two."

"Hmph. . . Gon' be hawd findin' cwothes fuh me," Asuka answered at once. "An' I'm not weawin' Shinji's dumb boy cwothes neidduh! He's so tiny dey pwob'wy wouldn't fit anyways!"

"Heh... Well, his pants certainly wouldn't..."

The grown-up was expecting a cry of outrage from the toddler at that, but maybe Asuka was too small at this point to put together that that was an insult to the size of her butt. As it was, she merely sat in the grown-up's arms with a firm pout while Misato took her into the next room. Shinji was seated were he was, Pen-Pen having waddled up presumably to watch him. The baby was in the middle of scratching the penguin's tummy but glanced up when he spotted the girls.

"Look who's all diapered up!" teased the grown-up, setting Asuka on her feet beside the boy. "Heh... There ya go, looking the part as babies... How do ya feel?"

"Mm..." Shinji stood up as well, looking over his smaller body and summing up with, "Funny..."

"Uh-huh. Funny..." Asuka glanced at the boy before grinning and teasing, "Shinji wooks aww dorky!"

"Wha... I... Erm...." That might've bothered the boy quite a bit, as he had to suck his thumb for a moment before replying, half-heartedly, "W-Well, you gotta big butt..."

"No, I dun'! Ya big, dumb, jerk-face! Why duncha say dat ta ma face, ya stupie-head --"

"Hey, hey, be nice. Both of you."

Misato knelt down to be somewhat level with the pair of toddlers, and then she ordered, "This is supposed to be a happy time, where families bond. And while you two might not like it you're each about the best family you've got."

"Um, buh. . . But my. . ."

Shinji couldn't quite finish that thought, knowing he couldn't quite argue with it. Mentally Misato noted she really should have phrased that better, but for now, she decided it best to try and distract from the issue as she asked, "How about you two just sit patiently while I get you dressed, then try and unwind, play a little bit, before we go out, alright?"

"W-Whewe we goin'? Shinji asked timidly in response. "I-I dun' wansa be seen wike. . . Wike dis an' --"

"Feh. Naw like ya's any diffwen' dan ushwul," Asuka cut in, evidently not quite being as up for being nice as Misato would like her to be. "Yer still tiny an' dumb an' stuff, jus' now you's a weal baby. An' I's still way pwettiuh an' smartuh den you an' still wealwy a big girl wike awways."

Perhaps looking to help the boy out a little, Misato helpfully cut in to point out, "Well, Asuka, you're also the only one who's pooped herself so far."

"Wha... Tha..." The redhead naturally turned quite pink at that before angrily shouting, "Th-That doesnn' count!"

"Still, Shinji has had a clean record and he had to have been a baby for at least twenty minutes before we came in." Misato grinned, crossing the room to Shinji and bending down to lightly ruffle his hair. The boy soon cooed appreciatively before staring up at her while she walked to her shopping bags, "Who knows, Shinji, you might not even wind up needing those diapers."

"Huh... Weawy?"

It was honestly a bit foreign for the boy to recieve any praise, so he cooed in awe of this idea, tugging cutely at his only article of clothing, wondering about the possibility.

The feeling was wrecked when Asuka gave him a light swat on the butt immediately after, not enough to hurt but enough to make the boy jump in surprise. "Nuh-uh; betcha Shinji wore diapies assa big boy too!"

"Wha... Nuh-uh!" squeaked Shinji, quite pink himeslf at the suggestion. "I-I use th' potty!"

"Besides, if either one of you wore diapers, I could see it through your plugsuits. AH!"

Misato soon withdrew from her bag two little clotheshangers, each carrying a set of winter baby-clothes. Grinning, she pulled them out with a florish, "Ta-da! Now who's first in getting all bundled up?"

Admittedly, it wasn't the warmest day, Shinji mentally noted with a small shiver. It didn't help that he was never terribly comfortable with people seeing him shirtless anyway, even if both of the people he was around presently had seen him naked.

Which actually made it worse now that he thought about it. Still, the boy didn't quite get the chance to express this, as before he could Asuka loudly declared, "Me! I dun' wan' him wookin' at my boobies anymores!"

Naturally, the thought of that managed to get the boy blushing quite heavily. Misato however responded to it merely by chuckling, then teasing the redhead, "Well, at the moment you don't exactly have any."

"Uh uh!"

Her arms crossing over her indeed very flat chest with a huff, the redhead explained, "I do still got 'em, dey's jus' all tiny wight now! Shinji c'n still see evewyt'ing, dough, so gimme a shiwt so he'll stop it!"

"Well, you're gonna need a little more than a shirt, sweetie, but lemme see about that."

The whole discussion just made Shinji realize more and more he was only garbed in a bit of plastic around his butt held together by tape. He was all the more eager for clothing now, since this only made him feel more naked than ever.

As he squirmed around, as best he could given the bulk between his legs, he glanced for a moment at Asuka, who half-glared back. Turning her back to Shinji, she ordered, "Quitit!"

"W-Well I uh..." Turning pink, the boy inched off, noting, "I-I can't see your buh... your b-b-boo-"

"Butcher lookin' at my butt! That's bad too!" squeaked the redhead, looking at her diapered bottom. "Y'know what? You seein' my diapies is like lookin' at my panties!"

"Wha... B-But uh..." Gulping, Shinji tugged at his own garment, cooing, "Y-You can see my d-d-diapie too..."

"Yeah, but you'ra boy, so 'snotta big deal!" Pointing at the boy, Asuka still kept her chest covered by her free hand to whine, "Misaatoooooo! Shinji's bein' a purvuh... a purrvee... A... Onna th' people who wooksatcha nakie!"

"Pervert," corrected the grown-up, smiling. She calmly walked over to Asuka before picking them up, "And nobody likes a tattle-tale. Now let's get you two dressed okay?"


About an hour later, after a lot of struggling with Asuka and teasing with Shinji, Misato had gotten the pair dressed up cutely and had dragged them out to a mall. It wasn't exactly a fun ride, Asuka and especially Shinji felt rather self-conscious being outside in their new state, plus Misato had to deal with carrying them both as well as a diaper bag over her shoulder. When Kaji emerged through the crowd, it was to her relief.

"Misato, hey!"

"K-Kaji?!" Asuka apparently didn't feel the same though, turning quite pink at his appearence. Shinji was sure she'd try and hide, though she instead started tugging at her hair, cutely putting it into place.

"Hey, great to see you." Marching forward holding the two babies, Misato ordered, "Grab one, will ya? I've been hauling these guys around since we left."

"Right, sure."

The man quickly reached for Shinji, taking him out of Misato's grasp and into his own. That served to make the boy squeak in surprise and uncertainty for a moment, uncertain about the idea of being held by someone else. He was rather unsure about this whole idea, actually. . .

In the boy's discomfort, he did manage to not quite thing things all the way together when Kaji followed up by saying to the woman, "I'm kind of surprised you actually went through with it."

"Well, it's pleasing results, right?" Misato asked in response, a smirk on her face. "And I think it's just the time of year for it. Though now that I think about it I really should've bought a baby carriage while I was picking everything else up? That'd make this way easier."

"Dat wouldna helped none!" Asuka protested, her haughtiness (and rising childishness) making her not notice the double negative. "Ya woulda jus' got da one fer Shinji so ya'd still haffa carwy me!"

"Well, uh, I could also put the diaper bag in it," Misato lied in response. Afterward, she shot Kaji a look of warning not to go into any further detail on the subject for the moment.

"Right, of course," the man confirmed then, quite calmly. "So, adjusting to new things aside, how are you two doing?"

Shinji was the first to answer, stammering bashfully, "Um. . . I-I. . . 'kay. It is k-kinda --"

"It stinks! I dun wike bein' a baby!" Asuka cut the boy off there, quite loudly. Misato noted mentally that she hoped no one walking by was paying this conversation too much mind, but didn't say anything while the redhead continued to explain to the man, "Dough issa good f'ing I alweady got changed, 'cause I dun wantcha or any boys touchin' my diapies!"

"Is that right?"

Wearing a somewhat condescending smirk without quite meaning to, though fortunately it was doubtful the toddlers would quite notice, the man asked of the girl, "You know babies go pretty often, right? It's not a once a day thing."

"So...." A look of horror suddenly flew onto Asuka's tiny face, "W-W-Wait! How many poopies'mI gonna do?!"

"Heh... Afraid I can't answer that." Kaji smiled, starting to walk down the paths of the mall, maybe to avoid any undue attention by staying in one place. Either way, Misato soon got to following him. "But more's likely coming. Trust me, I've got a kid brother out in Okinawa."

Kaji seemed to prove that last point by patting Shinji on the head in a very brother-like fashion, which made the shy baby coo appreciatively. Still quite red over the experience, he noted, "Uh... B-But Kaji, I erm..." He bowed his head, mumbling out, "I-I haven't gone puh-poopies yet..."

"Ha-ha! Shinji's gonn' go poopies!"

"So are you, little lady," teased Misato, pinching the baby's cheek. "So don't get too fussy, okay?"

"Yeah, don't feel bad about it, little guy." As Shinji got to sucking his thumb, Kaji bounced him a little, noting, "Once you do, we can deal with it."

"Uh... Who's we?" asked Misato, unamused. "I handled Asuka back at the apartment, and she wasn't even diapered yet when she went."

"Heh... Wow, good luck cleaning that out of your carpet." Looking to the boy, Kaji soon asked, amused, "You never said what YOU thought of it, little guy."

"Mm... I..."

The words "I hate it" didn't seem to quite come out. Shinji squirmed for a moment in the grown-up's arms, sucking his thumb and leaning against the spy's chest. He seen managed to come up with, "'Sdiffewen'...."

Then realizing that didn't say anything, he elaborated, "I-I dun wike bein' so tiny, an' 'sbawwassin' wearin' diapies.... A-An' M'sato saw me nakie..."

Kaji nodded in a serious manner, explaining, "Yeah, she's seen me naked too. It really sucks, doesn't it?"

When that remark actually managed to get a light giggle out of the boy, Misato grinned herself, "See, that's what we wanna hear... You guys get into it... Now..." With an almost cat-like grin on her face, Misato turned and began stepping in a new direction, "What do you say we take you two kiddies to see Santa?"

"Wha. . . Really?"

"Huh. . . B-Buh. . ."

Both babies did seem quite awe-stricken by that idea, and indeed it was mostly just met with silent stammering for a moment. Deciding to capitalize, Misato explained helpfully, "He's designed to come to this mall, of all places! Figured you two might've seen the signs, but guess you weren't able to read them."

"Huh, buh. . . Nuh-uh! I c'n wead!"

Asuka's objection was met with a simple, "Of course," from Kaji then. She continued to glare at Misato for that, until her expression turned to smug satisfaction when he continued, "Of course you can, and Misato's a dummy for thinking otherwise."


Misato chose to merely snicker at that exchange, her focus soon going to Shinji as he spoke up, "Y-Ya f'ink Santa'd b-be okay wif dis? I mean, we was kinda t'old ta get pwesents fwom 'im befowe. . . I t'ink. . . so idn't dis kinda cheatin'?"

"I'm sure it's fine, he's a nice guy like that," Misato reassured the boy at once. "I think he's more likely to take issue with Asuka for other things about how she is usually than her age."

"Wha. . . I'm naw naughty!"

That was debatable at best, but Asuka seemed to believe it, as she awkwardly slapped a hand to her flat chest in emphasis of the point, while repeating, "I'm a g'girl an' I'm suwe he'd be happya giff me pwennya pwesents!"

"Um. . . M-Maybe you --"

Before Shinji could say anything more (not that he was certain what exactly he was going to say), Asuka seemed to see fit to contradict her point, as she turned to Shinji and pointed at him, while declaring, "'Sides, ya'd be in twouble more 'cause I betcha ya's gonna boom-boom on 'is lap!"

"Ah!" That wasn't very appealng to the baby boy at all. Turning toward Misato, he cooed, "M-Misato, 'sSanta gonn' be mad iffI-"

"Shinji, relax, he's not gonna care," explained Misato with a shrug. "He deals with little kids all the time and he wears a thick, heavy fur-lined suit. Betcha he's more than prepared."

Though the adult couldn't skip on a chance to tease Shinji, and promptly announced, "He's probably going to be much more mad about you looking at Asuka's boobs."

"Hey, yeah!"

"Wha... B-But I..." Gawking, Shinji squeaked, "Y-Ya said she d-didn't haff' boobies!"

"Yeah, Misato, that can't entirely count as a naughty deed," explained Kaji. "Though if checking our naked ladies does count, I'll need to make some apologies to Father Christmas as long we're here."

"They'd be sorta insincere given what we're doing later tonight," teased Misato.

"Why?" Asuka glanced up at the grown-up, demanding, "What're you doin' t'night?"

".... Oh, right." Yeah, two babies in the house, they couldn't exactly fool around. Honestly, that sorta killed the excitement of having Kaji at the house a little bit... Misato frowned for a moment before rolling it off. "Y'know uh... Kissing... And stuff."

Both infants blinked before exchanging looks and announcing, in unison, "Ewwwwww!"

"Yeah, that's my opinion on kissing Kaji too," explained Misato. Glancing forward, she soon turned to the little girl in her arms, announcing, "Okay, we're almost at Santa, you know what you're gonna ask for?"

"Erm... I-"

"Too late!" Just as the group reached the front of the line, the grown-up held Asuka out, announcing happily, "Look who's here to see you!"

The figure only chuckled loudly at the presentation, soon reaching out with his white-gloved hands to take the baby and sit her on his lap. Watching this from Kaji's arms, Shinji got the very odd impression there was something terribly off about going to see Santa, but couldn't put his finger on what. Left to grasp at straws, he instead just proceeded to suck his thumb and wait his turn.

"An' onna those toys they make-a th' Ehvungell'yuns!" cooed Asuka, not that Shinji brought his attention back to the conversation between her and the saint.

"That was an odd move from the PR department, don't you think?" whispered Kaji to Misato above Shinji's head.

"I'm more surprised she doesn't already have one."

"Oh, I'll have to see what I can do about that..." chuckled out the old man, patting the infant on the back. "Are you sure you wouldn't rather have a nice doll or-"

"N-Nuh-uh! No dawlies!" That minor outburst was followed by the red-headed baby shuddering violently before cooing, "J-Jus' don't wike dawlies... Uh..." After a brief sniffle, she cooed, "Th-That okay?"

"Of course it's okay sweetie... Now back up to your Mommy, then..."

"That's not my Mommy, 'sjus' Misato!" squeaked the toddler, making the old man chuckle again.

With that, it seemed to be Shinji's turn to sit on Santa's lap, soon being handled off and placed there. He squeaked in surprise as Kaji did so, realizing something strangely off-putting about the old saint. Something about the beard, the deep voice and large size, the glasses that shone and let Shinji see his reflection.

"And what's your name, little boy?"

Shinji couldn't help but stammer in uncertainty and anxiety for a long few seconds, answering at most with an uneasy, "Um. . . I-I. . . I'm. .  ."

"'E's S'in'i!"

Asuka's intervention was accompanied by a helpful but very teasing grin, that showed off what few teeth she presently had. Shinji soon spoke up with a correction though, stammering out slowly and as clearly as possible, "I-Ih's, um. . . Sh-shuh. . Shinnnjiii."

"Shinji, huh? That is a good name."

That compliment did manage to help the boy feel a little less uncomfortable with all of that, as did the man's comforting touch. Shinji couldn't quite shake the feeling that there was still something amiss here, though, even as Santa asked kindly, "Now, what would you like for Christmas?"

"Erm... Th-There'sa...."

Shinji shivered for a moment, shoulders shaking and missing being in Misato or Kaji's arms. He found himself strangely wanting something to hug. With that in mind, he cooed out, "Muh-M-Maybe a t-teddy?"

Misato loudly cooed at the cuteness of this from the side, and Santa soon assurred the boy, "Oh, that' more than easy enough. Now back to your Papa, my boy..." Soon the toddler was lifted up, and handed back to Kaji with the warning of, "Believe he might need something..."

"Heh... I think you're right."

That made the boy a bit confused... Until Kaji lifted him up and gave his bottom a soft pat. There was a disgusting "squish" coming from his diaper, making him jump unexpectedly and hug the grown-up.

"Heheh... Don't worry, little guy, we'll get you in a fresh diaper, okay?"

"Kuh-Kay..." slurred out Shinji around his thumb.

"Aaaand then we're gonna go right back home..." began Misato, smirking as she bounced Asuka around in her arms, "And get you two little sweeties to bed! Tomorrow's Christmas Eve and you're gonna be a smash hit at the NERV Christmas party!"

Shinji felt nervous about that, but the need of a diaper change coupled with his limited concentration ability kept him from worrying about it very much. As it was, Asuka eagerly cooed out, "Ooo, do I getta weara pwetty dwess ferit?"

"Course you do, little lady!"

"Yeah, you guys are gonna enjoy this... You'll be babies through Christmas. Get the whole experience."

As Kaji's words rang out, Shinji set his cheek against his chest, sucking his thumb again. He could hear his heartbeat, feeling so warm and comforted, large, masculine hands rubbing his back....
Feeling a bit tired so comments might be a bit odd.

Really wanted to get this done before Christmas, but couldn't manage... Hell, only reason it was done as soon as it was was because of Martin. Co-write it with me when I didn't have enough to keep it going on time. Geistis was quite pleased with it, very much enjoyed all the cuteness like the snuggling with Misato and scenes at the mall, though the Santa stuff was disappointing.

Man, can't believe I don't have much to say. I really am tired; saw Rebuild Of Evangelion 3 the other day; should be rattling my mouth off like crazy just for the sake of being able to talk about it.  Martin, what've you got?

Martin's Comments: Heh. Maybe we can whip up some quick pick of Shinji in the next couple of days solely to give you an excuse to talk about it. But yeah, I'm not sure how much I have to say on this. I am pretty happy with how it came out, and it was fun to work on even if I did kind of hit a wall toward the end on my input.

We probably would have finished on Christmas if we weren't tired - wound up just finishing it a day or two ago, but it wound up getting put off a bit and working on it before then it was going well. Admittedly I did mostly jump in on this to help out Adam, but it's always fun working with him and I made a few bucks off of it which is always good. Plus EVA tends to be fun to work with.

Hopefully everyone enjoys. If you want to read more of our writing check out :iconwright-as-rayne: and :iconblue-blood-heroes:, though outside of some e-mails the comics haven't really been written by both of us, just one or the other (me with Wright as Rayne and The Black Princess, Adam with Blue Blood Heroes, and I've written some Blues fillers).
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Nichijou AR Story

Izumi Sakurai-sensei sighed a bit to herself, slowly closing her school planner as students slowly started to file out of her classroom. Sweat sprouting out at regular intervals, she stood by her desk and waved to all of them, receiving a half hearted wave back in response. After a few moments, most of them were gone, leaving only a few girls in the back: The tall and silent Mai, the slightly reserved though very creative Mio and the very boisterous if not so level headed Yukko. Sakurai-sensei smiled softly as she sat back down at her desk, going to collect her work but peeking at the girls every once in a while.

She saw Yukko say a few things to the girls before waving, quickly hurrying out of the room. Mio, on the other hand, sat down and took out a pencil and pad, doodling to herself. And of course, Mai was sitting at her desk, reading a book. Sakurai-sensei smiled sweetly as she looked down at her work. She wasn't very focused, however, as watching these young girls enjoying themselves had caused her to remember back to her own high school days.

Though to be perfectly honest with herself, she really couldn't reminisce very happily on when she was younger. Her current personality traits are a pretty good reflection on how she was in the past. She was constantly shy throughout her elementary school, middle school, and high school years, and had many troubles making friends, though it wasn't impossible. She still had many of those same friends, though really, they acted as protectors a lot of the time, as Sakurai-sensei always had trouble taking care of her self.

This fact expanded beyond her emotions, sometimes applying to her physically. She kept herself clean and tidy, of course, but every once in a while, she had... problems. The main one being she really did not like being surprised. So much so that even something relatively small could elicit a "wet" reaction from her.

With a blush, she remembered a few of those times. The furst was embarassing, as it was simply a stray wind caught her skirt one day while she was walking to school. This caused a full on view for anyone around of her cotton panties. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that she ended up accidentally flooding her panties from embarrassment immediately, much to her chagrin.

This wasn't even really an isolated incident. Thunderstorms, people sneaking up on her, loud noises, a lot of things made her wet her pants when she was young. Heck, even  someone turning out the lights made her pee when she was younger. She was proud of the fact, though, that she seems to have gotten over that one trait in recent years.

That is, until she opened her eyes to find the somewhat stoic Mai standing in front of her, directly across the desk. This caused a somewhat violent jump from the young teacher, surprised by the sudden appearance of the girl. And to couple with this reaction was the feeling she thought she had left behind during her school years, as a wet sensation traveled across the seat of her dress.

"Sensei? Is everything alright?" asked Mai, in her soft, almost windy monotone. Sakurai-sensei started to sweat a bit more as she moved back. "Oh, um... Everything is just fine!" Izumi said in her nervous voice, trying to stealthily get Mai to leave before disappearing herself.

"Are you sure Sensei? You seem very... Uncomfortable" Mai stated, slightly tilting her head at her. Izumi froze a bit as Mai stared at her, shaking a bit. "I... I assure you, Mai-san, I am... Perfectly fine!" she said, though the more she said it, the less sure she sounded in her own statement.

"Sensei... Did you wet yourself?" Mai asked all of the sudden. Sakurai completely froze on the spot when she asked that, unsure what to say at that point. Should she admit that she had guessed accurately? That would seem unwomanlike, especially for someone who is supposed this girls elder. So, with a deep blush, she replied, "Oh, um... No, I'm just... Thinking about... Stuff..." Even for her, she knew that it didn't sound convincing in the slightest. And she knew Mai didn't believe her, as she started to walk around the desk, standing directly next to her.

From this vantage point, no secrets could be kept. As Mai looked down, she saw the pathetic teacher, staring down at bit, the bottom of her dress soggy and a small puddle developing at the base of the chair. Sakurai-sensei was absolutely embarassed at her current situation, but Mai simply bent over to her teacher's level, looking her eye to eye. "Sakurai-sensei... Why did you try to hide this?" she asked softly to her.

Sakurai-sensei didn't really have anything to say to this. Deep down, she knew that she was the teacher and didn't have to answer to her, but her personality didn't allow her to do much more than sniffle a bit. She couldn't even bring herself to look up at her as she tried to keep herself from completely bawling from embarassment.

She gave another little squeak, though, as she felt her arm grabbed. She looked up to see Mai leading her out of her seat. When she went to say something in protest, she was instantly cut off. "Don't worry," Mai said, "I know how to take care of situations like this" Izumi sniffled, but nodded, not really to do much else but stare into her eyes. Mai pulled her to the side of the desk before letting her go, causing her to stand there, awkward and soggy. Mai then turned her back, grabbing the things off of her desk before setting them aside. "Mai-san? What are you doing? I um... I..." she started to say, walking up to her.

"Don't worry sensei, I have everythign under control" Mai simply repeated, her desk now completely empty of any items. With that, Izumi felt a small pat on her wet bottom. She instinctively moved forward a bit before stopping at the edge of her desk. From behind her, she felt a soft pair of hands go under neath her arms, picking her up and setting her on the desk. Sakurai-sensei went to say something, but Mai's hand was put to her chest, slowly pushing her down onto her back. the young teacher only obliged, now laying on her back on top of her now empty desk, Mai at her feet.

Izumi peeked to the side, wanting to see what the other girl in the room was doing while she was being embarassed. The blue haired student Mio was none the wiser, as she was focused completely on her drawing pad, smiling to herself as she doodled. Unbeknownst to her, the teacher's dress was being unzipped by her classmate and tugged off, leaving the teacher in a pair of wet cotton panties, quite fitting for a person of her type. "My, that is quite a lot" Mai said, setting the dress aside.

"Well... Um... It was just an accident" she stated, pushing her fingers together a little bit. Mai nodded before reaching up and grabbing the sides of the sensei's underpants. Sakurai instantly blushed deeply, holding onto her hands. "N-no! I have to... Draw the line here! Mai-san, this is... deeply inappropriate!" she said a bit shakily, trying to prevent her from pulling down. But it was no use, as Mai seemed to over power her, the panties slowly moving down her pale thighs.

"You don't need to worry sensei," Mai said, quickly tugging the panties completely off, "I babysit on the weekends... I have things to deal with situations like this" And with that, she simply walked away, returning a few moments later with her school bag. She rummaged around in it before producing the one thing Sakurai-sensei feared the most: a clean, white diaper.

There was something odd about it though. For a girl who claimed to be babysitting, these diapers seemed way too big for a baby to wear. And that was exactly what Izumi decided to bring up. "Mai-san" she said softly, watching her open the garment, "That seems... quite big for an infant to wear... That seems more fit for... An adult."

Mai simply stared at her for a moment, silently, before helping her bottom into the air, setting the diaper under it. Izumi simply allowed her to do so, not really able to comprehend the situation enough to fight back. Her body was working on automatic response, as Mai tapped her legs to be lifted up, causing her to do it on her own. She felt a small pad being rubbed against her, before Mai's hand patting her bottom. She knew that she was being processed for a diaper changed, but she couldn't complain too much. She should, but to her, this felt more comfortable than having to walk around with soggy panties.

Before she knew it, the diaper was being folded up in between her legs and taped into place. At that very moment, she was not only a teacher. She was a teacher, sitting on her desk, in a diaper. Just the thought made her tear up a bit as she was helped back up into a sitting position by Mai. "Are you alright Sakurai-sensei?" she asked softly, looking into her soggy eyes.

"I... Um..." she said, sniffling a bit. Before she could say more, though, she felt arms being put around her. Mai had decided to hug her, to make her feel better. And shockingly, it had worked. Sakurai moved in a bit, moving her arms up and wrapping them around her as well. She even smiled a little bit, actually forgetting her current situation for a moment.

"Everything will be alright sensei" the younger girl told the diapered teacher, as she continued to hold her.

"Will... Will it?" she asked, looking up at her, sniffling a bit. Mai nodded, as she started to sit next to her on the table, arms still holding her. "How do you know that?" Sakurai-sensei asked her, taking her hands away for her moment to wipe her eyes.

"Izumi-san... When did this start?" Main asked the girl, simply staring at her. Sakurai looked back, obviously confused at the mysterious question. "What... What do you mean Mai-san?" she aksed, sniffling a bit more, cocking her head a little bit.

"When did you become so nervous and shy? It seems almost... Out of place for a woman of your age and stature" Mai stated, almost matter-of-factly, to the woman, starting to rub her back. Izumi looked back down, wondering a bit herself. "I... I really don't know" she said, looking back at Mai, "I have always felt like this, for as long as I remember..."

Mai simply nodded, before moving her arms down lower on her body. Sakurai watched her, before squeaking a bit as she lifted her up with ease, moving her over to her lap. She then wrapped her arms around her, rubbing her back again. Izumi, confused, began to question the movement, but she was quickly shushed with a finger to her lips. With that finger came a warmth, that started at her lips, before passing through her lips and down throughout her entire body. "Don't worry Sakurai-san... We shall fix this... By returning you to the point where you don't remember being like this."

"Returning to... But I don't remember a time where I wasn't like this!" she said, her voice cracking a bit at the end. Mai, of course, was silent, simply rubbing her back. She left Izumi to put together the connections and figure it out for herself, which she soon did. "So... You mean..." she asked, looking back to her to find that she now had to look back up to her. Mai nodded, as Sakurai looked back down at her hands. She found, to her apparent shock, that her hand was no longer visible, as it was now covered by her sweater. She looked at the rest of herself, finding that she is now about half of the size she was before, her clothes practically hanging off of her now. Despite this, though, she could still feel the diaper snuggly around her waist.

Mai rocked her a bit, as she continued to radiate the warmth that she coudl feel touching from hair to heel of her body. Now that she was aware of it, she could feel her body starting to physically shrink down in the other girls arms, Mai's hands starting to feel larger as she rubbed her back. Despite all of this, she did not raise a single complaint. Maybe it was the shock, maybe it was the comfort, but all she did after finding out all of this information was simply stick her thumb in her mouth, looking up at the larger woman.

There was only a few moments left at that point, as she was now only a few feet high. Her body was now soft and tubby, her clothes were completely ill fitting, her underwear simply falling off of her. And she simply suckled on her thumb, looking up at Mai with curious eyes. Her mind had lost the complexity of a teacher, and simply sat there, in now only a diaper, wiggling her toes a bit and waiting for whatever might happen next.

Across the room, Mio simply sat there in shock, having witnessed half way through what was going on. Mai had risen at this point, picking up the girl and throwing away the rest of the clothes. She looked over to Mio, who was white with shock and completely speechless. "Mio-san" she said, readjusting the baby as she looked over, "Can you bring me the rattle in my desk?"

Mio nodded almost automatically, opening her desk and taking out the rattle that was oddly in her desk. She grabbed it and walked to the front of the room, reaching forward to hand it to the baby girl, who smiled and reached out for it.

As she did so, the door opened again, as the third girl of the group appeared, smiling her clueless smile. It faltered, however, as she saw the situation at hand. "Um... Cute baby... Did I miss something interesting?"
Alright, here is another commission by :iconmicman4202: about the teacher from Nichijou, Sakurai-sensei, being regressed by one of her students.

Hey guys, I am still open for commissions! Give me a contact and we can work some thing out.

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"...... At which point I fired several rounds into the Angel, killing it. Upon its death, the illusionary prison it had trapped us in vanished and I found myself in my entry plug before losing consciousness."

There was the slow rumbling of machinery and quiet melody of Mozart in the air as Rei sat in the Commander's office. Under the low lights and intimidating atmosphere, the blue-haired girl had slowly outlined her experience to the bearded man seated behind his desk, sparing no details. True to the secrecy meant for NERV, he wrote nothing down and made no recordings.

In fact, the commander remained totally motionless and silence until she had stopped her story. When she'd ended her recollection, he finally spoke, "Have you spoken to your fellow pilots about this?"

"No sir," replied Rei at once.

"Their official reports were taken by Major Katsuragi yesterday evening," he said simply, picking up a clipboard that included their statements. "Their recollections of the event were fragmented and sketchy, reporting very little beyond vague images and feelings. Soryu actually suggested that the entire experience was a dream."

Ayanami said nothing as Commander Ikari said in a more calculating voice, "What is your opinion of the way they handled themselves in the Angel's prison?"

"Poor, yet I think that evaluation may be unfair," replied the blue-haired pilot bluntly. "I was only able to overcome the effects due to my....."

Rei trailed off, seeking for the proper word to describe her condition. The Commander helpfully finished for her, "Uniqueness. But if the Angels are now attempting to attack us mentally as well as physically, I think it would be worth training the pilots to resist psychological contamination."

"Yes, sir."

The Commander sat in silence once more, his mind ticking away behind his orange glasses. When he finally spoke, it was with a tone of finality. "Having communicated with an Angel the way you did, what do you feel their understanding of humanity is?"

Clearly this question required Rei to speculate to come up with an answer. Rei felt strange when her situation was not in clearly defined terms or needed her own personal input, especially on such a matter as this.

It was only after pondering the question that she replied apologetically, "I am sorry, sir. I found myself deeply confused by the behavior exhibited by Ikari and Soryu during our abduction. The psychology of small children is not something I am experienced with... I suppose, given how easily the Angel was able to manipulate them to its wishes, she understood their behavior quite well."

And we grow no closer to understanding them, thought Rei in her mind. She was certain the commander was thinking the same, as he sat pondering, slouched in his desk for a few moments more. At last he began to rise, "Your descriptions of the Third Child while under the Angel's influence do certainly sound like his behavior when he was very young."

"I thought he was.... cute."

The word wasn't a familiar one to Rei's tongue, and when she said it, Commander Ikari's movement paused. Unfamiliar with emotions as she was, the girl had trouble reading his expression. At last he continued on his way, rounding his desk to walk beside the pilot. "I must go and oversee the repairs to the Evangelion's outer armor. You may go home now, Rei."

"Yes, sir. Thank you."

"Here...." A clipboard of Ikari and Soryu's accounts on the event was placed in the pilot's hands and the pair neared the door. "Eventually you will be asked what your memories of the experience were. Read these reports and give a similar, if distinct account. If possible add credibility to the possibility that the event was a hallucination. Leave no definite hint that you or the other pilots were ever in communication with the Angel."

Rei nodded and toned off another "Yes, sir," before bidding farewell to the Commander and heading down the corridors. She was able to find a secluded spot around a corner where she was able to quickly look over her fellow pilots' accounts and formulate an experience of her own. Once she'd finished, she deposited the clipboard into the nearest waste bin before taking off toward the exit.

"Well, it's the second time in a row, so there's got to be something wrong."

"Third, actually. It happened when they were in the hospital as well."

The voices of Misato Katsuragi and Kaji Ryoji reached the girl's ears. It didn't phase her of course, even when they entered her vision. She was quite prepared to walk past them until Misato placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Rei, hang on a sec...." The girl was turned at once to face the purple-haired major, who asked, concerned, "Hey, how've you been doing since the Angel attack?"

"Fine," replied Rei. She'd discovered that the word "Fine" was typically enough to satisfy any inquiries about her well-being, schoolwork, or most other subjects.

"Have you had any uh..." A surprising blush came upon the adult's face as she inquired, "Accidents? Y'know, since it happened?"

"My motor coordination has been unaffected by the experience," explained the girl. "Thank you for asking."

With a bit of a chuckle, the Major grumbled out, "Not quite what I meant."

"She means have you wet your bed since it happened?" said Kaji in a much blunter tone of voice.

Rei hesitated to answer, since she was unsure what "Wet the bed" could be referring to. Certainly Katsuragi was asking about it since Ikari and Soryu were experiencing the same thing, whatever it was. Rei was certain that her sleeping patterns, and all other activities involving her bed, had remained unchanged since the attack.

Given the habit of involuntary urination in the Angel's prison, she began to wonder if that referred to urinating while unconscious. Thinking that might be the answer to go with, and sensing impatience from the two adults, Rei finally answered, "No."

"Well, that's just great...." noted the Major, clearly annoyed. "I guess that's not it... You don't think they're sick, do you?"

"I talked to Shinji earlier, he seemed fine," explained Kaji. "Wanna talk to Ritsu?"

"I guess, though I can guarantee they're not gonna want to tell her about it," added Misato with a shrug. "I have to do something, the laundry bills with the three of us were already too high."

With a teasing grin on his face, Kaji asked, "What're you going to do, diaper them?"

"If they both spill on me for one more night, you bet I will, even if I have to chase them down," added the woman, determined. "Asuka's been acting... well, easier lately, so might not be that tough."

"Easier how?"

That was all Rei heard as she'd already taken to walking away from the pair by that point. She left them behind and crossed to the mass escalator that would begin her trip to the surface. Once the metallic lift took her up to the higher levels of the Geofront, two figures came into her field of vision as she arrived at the top. Shinji and Asuka were standing by a nearby corridor, speaking to each other.

Having not seen the other two pilots since the attack, Rei was content to simply wait until Monday when they had school to see if they were injured, but as long as they were here there was no harm in speaking to them. Particularly if they were suffering some after-effects from the experience.

She stepped toward the other teenagers, who seemed to be pouting at one another. Unused to greeting others, she did put an awkward effort into stating, "Hello."

"Oh... Hi, Rei," said Shinji happily, a light smile coming to his face. "How're you doing?"

"Fine," came the answer. But, feeling she wanted to actually discuss things with Ikari's son, she found herself struggling for a way to continue it. Eventually she settled on, "Yourself?"

"Umm... Fine, yeah...." A blush on his face as he spoke, Shinji soon asked, "Uh... I haven't s-seen you since the angel fight..."

"Yes," replied Rei simply. "I'm afraid my memories of the event are unclear. What do you recall from it?"

"Not much..." Asuka had apparently invited herself into the conversation, however grumpily. A hand went to the redhead's temple and her eyes unfocused, as if looking at something unimaginably distant, "I remember... There was like a giant and.... painting or something.... I was wearing my yellow dress...."

The German teen trailed off at that, and Rei took the opportunity to speak up, "I recall very little besides soft colors and stumbling around as if paralyzed. I would surmise that the experience was some form of hallucination made while under the angel's mental attack."

"That's what I said!" Snapping out of her distant daydreams, Asuka stuck her tongue out at Shinji before gloating, "See? I toldja I was right! It never happened."

"Alright, already.... Don't be mean...." whined out Shinji with a pout.

Odd behavior from the pair of them, thought Rei to herself. Typically, Asuka's scolding of Shinji would be accompanied by a swat to the head.

That was quite worrying, in fact. At first, Ayanami was very happy to hear her comrades had been declared free of any mental contamination from the Angel following its effects. Perhaps that decision was pre-mature. If so, these minor, seemingly harmless infantile actions might be hinting at something far more serious.

"Um... Rei?" The blue-haired girl was called out of her thoughts by Shinji, "Look, M-Misato's working late tonight, and I've got too much food at the house so uh... D-Do you want to maybe come over for dinner?"

Going to the apartment would be a fine way to monitor the other pilot's behavior further. And some steps had to be taken on that front, since Misato might have little knowledge of what to watch for in their mannerisms. And, being unaffected, it was clearly Ayanami's job to look into the subject.

Plucking her thumb out of her mouth, Rei answered with a simple, "That would be acceptable."
And that wraps up this story. ^^ Hope everybody enjoyed it.

I know he gets a lot of hate, but Ikari Gendo is one of the more fascinating characters in the show for me. His relationships with Rei and Shinji are so complex and open to interpretation that I'm sorry I've never done anything involving him before this. I kinda wish there'd been a scene with him and Shinji together.

Misato too. Love her, but she was barely in this. I kinda wanna do something with diapering/regressing her sometime but not today.

Oh, well. ^^ Ending was admittedly rushed, but no more sudden than most of my others. Final thoughts?
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Jenny sighed, leaning back on the couch with a smile. Before her, sitting on a blanket in front of the TV, was a small baby girl, playing with some blocks. "You having fun Emmy?" Jenny asked, leaning down a bit and watching her with a smile. Emmy cooed and babbled a bit, crawling over to pick up a block, banging it against another block.

Jenny giggled a little bit, leaning back again. It was a bit of a tiring job, babysitting, especially for a fifteen year old. It was especially hard earlier, when Emmy was crying and being fussy for seemingly no reason. But after a bath, some feeding and a bit of playtime, she seemed perfectly happy now! Of course, she spit up on her a little bit, causing Jenny to have to change into a hoodie and jeans, but otherwise everything was going fine!

She watched the baby play for a bit, before getting down on her knees, sitting next to her. "Having fun playin' with your blocks?" Jenny asked, picking her up and setting her in her lap. Emmy cooed in response, starting to chew a bit on the block she was holding. "Nono, that's not for eating..." she said, pulling the block out of her mouth and setting it aside. Emmy reached for it, whining slightly as it was taken away. Jenny giggled again, letting her crawl back over to it. "You like your blocks, huh? Well, they can help you learn! Here..." she said, looking around, before picking one up, with a large letter 'A' on the front. "What's this letter Emmy?" she said, leaning down and holding the block up in front of her.

"Aahh.. Aaah!" Emmy cooed in response, reaching out for the block. Jenny handed it over to her, clapping softly. "Good girl! That's the letter A! You're learning so fast!" she said, looking around for another block. She then picked it up, holding the block holding the letter 'J' on it. "Okay, what is this one?" she asked, holding it in front of her face.

After a bit of babbling, Emmy eventually was able to say something close to the sound "Juh! Juh!" Jenny nodded a bit, holding the block up. "That's right! This is..." she said, looking at the block herself.

For some odd reason, her head seemed to go blank as she looked down at the block. "This is... The letter J!" she said, after shaking her head, "That was weird... Anyways!" she said, setting it aside and picking up another random block, this one with a blue letter 'B' on the front. She stared at it for a second before holding it up, "Okay Emmy, what is this?" she asked, with the same playful tone, though this time with a hint of curiosity.

"Buh! Baaah!" Emmy said, giggling happily. Jenny smiled, giggling herself and holding it up. "That's right! It's... Uh..." she said, looking at the block herself.

For some reason, her head seemed to become light, as she tried to think of the letter on the block. Even after she shook her head, she still couldn't seem to think of what it is. "This is... Um..." she said, slowly setting the the block back down with a somewhat frustrated tone.

Slowly, she looked around at all the blocks surrounding her. For some reason, despite the fact that she KNEW what each of the letters were, she couldn't recall any of them. She picked up one by one, trying to say what each one was, but ended up just stuttering "Uh... Um..." Finally, after a few minutes of confused looking, she picked up one of the blocks, with a purple 'D' on the front, and held it to Emmy. "Emmy, what's this?" she asked, her playful tone gone, now sounding more curious, and even a little bit anxious...

"daaaduh!" Emmy cooed, giggling again, before slowly putting her hands on the ground, getting to her knees. "Duh... Daaaah..." Jenny said, as if trying to figure out what this "clue" that Emmy gave her was. She then looked up, seeing Emmy start to crawl off the blanket, heading down the hall. Curious, Jenny mirrored her, getting to her hands and knees, going to follow her down the hall.

She stopped before moving, though, at a crinkling sound behind her. She looked over her should to investigate, finding the jeans she was wearing earlier seemed to have magically disappeared, being replaced by a thick white garment between her legs, giving off sound with every movement. "Daaah... Diap... Er?" she said, in a hazy voice, not even seeming to find the site of a large diaper on her bottom odd, instead treating it like another curiosity.

She turned back around, seeing Emmy crawling off. She slowly started to crawl as well, the diaper giving off a lot of noise in her wake. With every movement of her hand in front of her, followed by the opposite knee, she started to catch up with the baby girl. When she got about five feet away from her, though, she ran into some trouble. As she looked down, she noticed that the hoodie, which fit her perfectly just a moment before, seemed to have engulfed her hand, causing her to lag behind. "Huh?" she said, the sound being a mix of confusion and a somewhat babyish noise.

She came to a stop, thrusting herself upwards, sitting on her knees and staring at at her hands in her sleeves. The hoodie now hung to the ground, her now short legs sticking out of the back. "Buh... Buh.... Baby?" Jenny said, in a now small voice, as she looked ahead at Emmy.

The crawling girl before her had stopped moving, turning around and watching the strange sight behind her. Before her eyes, Jenny's head disappeared below the neck of the hoodie, the legs retreating inwards. Slowly, the bundle of fabric became closer and closer to the ground, until it finally settled into a heap, covering something small. Emmy tilted her head, watching as the small bundle inside the hoodie moved around, heading toward the head hole. A little hand reached out, lifting up the hood to reveal a tiny girl, with fat little cheeks, a tuft of brown hair on her head, and wearing nothing but a diaper, crawled out. "Bahgoo?" the girl said, looking at Emmy, who giggled and clapped before crawling back over to her.

"I'm home~!" came a sing-song voice from the foyer, as Emmy's mother walked into the living room. She stopped suddenly, looking at the blanket in front of the TV, where two baby girls lay, snoozing softly. Emmy seemed to have passed out chewing on a teething ring, while Jenny somehow found a pacifier, suckling on it softly as she lay on her back. Emmy's mother sighed, putting her hands on her hips. "That's the second time this has happened!" she said, walking over and picking up the girls, "... Oh well. At least Emmy will have a sister now~!"
So I guess I got into a bit of a writing mood! Here is another story I made~ This time, a young girl takes a babysitting gig. But will this gig be a special one? (hint: it will be)
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