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I've finally managed to model something that I came up with when I was 5 years old!

The robot's general design was to basically have a camera in a small or dangerous place, be it a robotic exploration of a planet or spying Soviet militarists. It's basically a tiny Autobot; it can be its quadrupedal form or retract into a ball when asleep or threatened. This particular model has many interesting features. This extremely expensive yet sturdy machine's mechanical prototypes started as the size of a baseball before it's pea-sized consumer products. When retracted into spherical form, its reinforced steel is strong enough to withstand 4000 kg of weight. At this form it is also waterproof to depths of 30m. It's heatproof shielding can stand about 900 degrees F. It's tiny camera is about 4 megapixels of colored (or cheaper colorless) footage of 10 frames per second as well as a simple microphone. The camera can rotate 70 degrees vertically both ways. Horizontal rtation is done by the legs. When expanded, it unfolds its geared internal carbon legs. which allows it to walk at about 1 cm per second, moving one leg at a time. Unfortunately, the mechanics of the legs cannot lift any more than 3 times ti robot's weight, so it cannot break its fall. So it's built sock-resistant of up to 5 m. Since it's about the size of an airsoft BB, there isn't enough room for any AI inside the machine. So it gets its thinking and power from a satellite. The satellite can process information to and from the Spheroid so it can tell it to retract if the Spheroid records danger to the satellite. Its almost seamless retraction makes it nearly impossible to be pried open. Internal locks keep enemies with tools from unscrewing to side caps off. All this is why the spheroid can cost up to US$2 Million per unit in addition to software to communicate with the satellite, which still needs permission from the government, an precision construction of each individual Spheroid.

Early concepts had segments of the shell as part of the legs, which caused the Spheroid to jam upon retraction if the legs were scratched. They also had a tiny gun to shoot a small, hot, painful spark to buy time for an escape, but would lead to the robot's overheating, and time was spent getting the gun charged --- which also drained energy.

C4D R11.5
Render Time - 12 min.

Without shell
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Part of :iconm-tec-age:

Kind of a medium autonomous tank of a unknown new player form the underground, not really spotet till now by the big nations of Astaras surface. The high tech machine is build in big numbers to fit in different positions, as heavy police support, military attack vehicle and even as silent hunter with upgradet A.I..
Powered by a chemical reaction cell and micro reactor it can handle the big amount of energy needet for it´s basic weapon system and drive. Weapon is a kind of kinetic rail weapon what fires a reactive element, found in the deeper depths of Astaras cave systems what, with ferromagnetiv elements combined reacts in target to a electrostatic effect. To vehicles and humans a similar shoking effect without a save of armor. The secondary weapons, the twin coaxial 30mm cannons are only a light backup against troops - and to be honest, more against heavy critters in the darkenss of Astaras caves. As well as these, the spotlight can be called a heavy weapon in the eternal darkness.
The drive is build up on magnetic balls, they can turn in neraly every direction, the balls at the end of the legs are in function wheels they can turn in every direction on flat terrain, and in heavy terrain it can be used as good schock absorbing legs.
The armor is easy made and of two sections, cause in the cavern systems heavy weapons are a rare spot(exept on the spider).
It is told that the tank can even operate under water, what would explain the device at the bottom, what can be a kind of waterjet. This would mean that the unknown nation has the ability to explore and hold even the cavernes with good filtered water. For sure the weapon systems would than use other ammunition, more like darts with smaler effect.

Bottom front:
Bottom back:

Fix rules will follow;)
Oh and - i did all stucures by my own

Eine Art mittlerer, autonomer Panzer eines unbekannten neuen Mitspielers, der bisher noch nicht wirklich von den großen Nationen auf Astaras Oberfläche wahrgenommen wurde.
Die High-Tech-Maschine wird in großer Zahl produziert und dient in verschiedenen Positionen, als schwere Polizeiunterstützung, als militärisches Angriffsfahrzeug und auch als stiller Jäger mit verbesserter K.I..
Angetrieben von einer chemischen Reaktionszelle und einem Mikroreaktor die zusammen den großen Energieaufwand bewältigen der nötig ist um die Primärwaffe und den Antrieb zu versorgen.
Die Primärwaffe ist eine Art Magnetschienenkanone das ein reaktives Element verfeuert, das sich in den großen Tiefen Astaras Höhlensystemen findet, welches mit eisenhaltigen Material angereichert im Ziel dann zu einer elektrostatischen Reaktion kommt. Gegen Fahrzeuge und Personen ein gleichermaßen schockender Effekt gegen den kaum eine Panzerung Schutz bietet. Die Sekundärwaffen, dei beiden koaxialen 30mm Kanonen sind nur eine leichte Abwehr gegen menschliche Ziele - und um ehrlich zu sein, die weit aus gefährlicheren Critter in der Finsternis Astaras Höhlen.
Gleichermaßen kann das Flutscheinwerfer als Waffe in der immerwährenden Dunkelheit angesehen werden.
Der Antrieb baut auf magnetisch gelagerten Kugeln auf, die sich in fast jede Richtung bewegen können. Dei Kugeln am Ende der Beine sind in ihrer Funktion auf glatten Flächen Räder die sich in alle Richtungen drehen können, und in schwierigem Terrain schockabsorbierende Füsse.
Die Panzerung is einfach und in zwei Instanzen aufgebaut, da schwere Waffen in den Höhlensystemen ein seltener Anblick sind(außer an der Spinne natürlich).
Es gibt Gerüchte das der Panzer auch unter Wasser operieren könnte, was die Anlagen an der Unterseite erklären würde, die eine Art des Wasserstrahlantriebes sein könnten. Was bedeuten würde das die unbekannte Nation über die Fähigkeit verfügt Kavernensysteme mit gut gefiltertem Wasser zu erschließen und zu halten. Natürlich würden die Waffensysteme unter Wasser anders amunitioniert, wahrscheinlich mit etwas weniger effektiven pfeilartigen Geschossen.

Unterseite Front:
Unterseite Rückansicht:

Feste Regeln folgen;)
Oh und - ich hab´ alle Strukturen selbst gemacht
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Cinema 4D and Photoshop

Thanks for looking....faves and comments are always appreciated....:peace:
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this model was on my list for a very long long time
and i'm happy that i finally started
and finished it ^^;

i have to say this
even this model has "only" four pages
DON't make that mistake and underestimate it
but this one is nothing for starter

the most time took me to re-draw the tab-side that it worked easier for me
also some pieces are really ugly and hard to understand
specially the elbow parts

Tipps & Tricks:
i made no tutorial or progress pictures, well honestly i was not in the mood to do it, i just want to build it

but of course i wanna give you some tipps here

first and maybe important
try to print that thing on A3 or double sized
some pieces are terrible tiny, specially the head has some really ugly pieces

think first before you start to score or/and cut
how you would build it or rather it would easier for you
the pdo is protected so you have to

the torso has a few issues between the chest and the hip, the single faces are squares but bend as triangles, so there are a few hidden folding lines

the legs itself are easy, the only thing where you have to look out is the piece what stick out and you have to bend the leg a bit when you wanna combine it with the hip

the arms are the most complicated pieces
as i said, specially the elbow
there are two pieces (C6+7 and C32+C33)
combine them first
if you build them in row you will have later a lot of problems
trust me, i had to build the whole thing again :worry:

didn't build any of the weapon thingies, because they are just impossible, i don't know how the designer made it
freaking indonesian papercraft gods :D

anyway, it was fun to build that thing, it is really a stylish white mecha model
but never again ^^;

you can download the model here
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Just a flying robot.

Cinema4D + PS

Render time: ~45min
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For my normal viewers
Its IIGIR, hes back and shinier than ever!

For Hetherev!
Joint character with, silvac, the other half being :thumb199733795:. That said, DEEK in the bg there was done by :iconsilvac:

Height: about half a toilet roll
Age: nobody knows
Species: Cybernetic mechanism with AI
Gender: Its a robot
Town: Gethins Head

Personality: On a mission to retrieve all data, and will usually tell anyone anything if asked nicely. Tends to be seen in the company of DEEK. between them they might have the intelligence of a 5 year old with a thesaurus.
Almost indestructible and self repairing, but almost completely harmless. (although not for lack of trying)
It runs primarily on solar power, but it also gains energy from changing temperatures, so it pretty much never stops unless you put it under a weighted bucket
can 'talk'.. sort of. usually only in single words if possible.

Moral standing:Absolutely none whatsoever.

Is there anything you feel very STRONGLY that your character NOT be drawn doing?: just about anything its actually likely to do, so knock yourself out.

I put a lot of work into this creature. I'm more than willing to share, but if you plan on using them outside The Hetherev group, then be aware that they are under copyright.
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Released in an alternate 1985, the Medisurge-1 from Adkeco Industries computerised, standardised and revolutionised the way complex medical procedures were performed.

Sketchup, RoundCorners plug-in, VRay, no post processing on this one. The 3d person was borrowed from the warehouse.
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Playing around with shapes other than spheres for a change....made with cinema 4d and AfterEffects....:peace:

Comments and faves are always appreciated! :thanks:
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Full view recommended ^^
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Questions or constructive criticism are welcome. if you enjoyed this piece please favorite =D
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