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LOL this was done on an index card during class last week :P its so small XD

I wanted something on my binder where people could stare at and wonder what the hell it is ^^ most people just call it cute XD

ENJOY~!! lol i also drew the allies too... ill post it up XD

:iconcuteitalyplz::iconsaysplz: GERMANY COME QUICKLY~!!!
:iconmadgermanyplz::iconsaysplz: VHAT IS IT THOSE DAMN ALLIES?!? JAPAN COME VITH US!
:iconcutejapanplz::iconsaysplz: ? I pretty sure itray just made pasta~

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Fan Art (c) purpleflrs

yep. have the hetalian flu :D

Allies version: [link]
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*woohoo guys!!! 100 favs?!?! THANK U GUYS SO MUCH IM SORRY I CANT THANK U ALL I HAVE 3000 DEVIATIONS AND 30 MESSAGES IN MY INBOX SO.... yeah, but once again thank you, you are all awesome like Prussia :iconprussiaw00tplz: *

They all became one with mother Russia~! :icondancerussiaplz:

na, Russia wants to keep them warm ^J^ because he loves warm places.... i think...

I know thats not the color of the scarf... i know the outfits arent perfect... but oh well... it was fun to draw so get used to it :iconus-xdplz:

I could never possibly hate any character (i love them all)... but i do hate drawing some of them because i fail at it... like germany and france... gosh i cant draw them :iconamericaflipplz:

I love how i drew Canada and America, who are sharing their Ice cream with England and France (sorry, im a strong believer in friendship and brohood than i am pairings^^)

Germany is full aware of whats going on, and so is Japan...

Lets all pretend Russias scarf is that long cuz i say so :XD:

Hetalia belongs to its wonderful creator
Fanart done by me... because i love Hetalia... but im taking a break on drawing it :D
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Edit1: Aw the supporting cast is feeling the love~ XD Thanks for all the favs and comments!!! Im glad you like my draw-because-im-bored-during-class-when-i-should-be-paying-attension index card art XD whoohoo!! It reached 100 favs~!! Remember... Comments mean more that favs~!! XD

:icontamakisuohplz::iconsaysplz: the homosexual supporting cast-
:iconswitzerlandplz: *grabs shotgun*

//shot lol ouran high school reference

This was drawn a few weeks ago. But I hate the way it came out.... especially my poor poland... and I told myself: Ill make a new one later... then my hand messes up... i miss alot of school, and now im backed up. That wont happen anytime soon... might as well post this one.

So i post it.

Sorry for the bad quality and Polands face D:< ugh stupid hand is stupid.

LOL enjoy?

Aww... I dont like calling them supporting cast... I love them too much especially switzy and romano

I would give a little story here like i did the axis and allies but my hands hurt already.

And about denmark, norway, iceland etc.... they will get there turn... they will get there turn... when my hand is better....

I wanna draw the hetalia girls seperate but ehhhhh my DUMB HAND.

:star:Axis Powers: [link]
:star:Allied Powers: [link]
:star: The Nordics: [One day...]
:star: Females in hetalia: [One day...]
maybe others in the future.

I HAVENT DRAWED IN THREE DAYS :iconcryforeverplz:

Hetalia and characters (c) to Hidekaz Himaruya
FanArt (c) purpleflrs~
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Tribute to 9/11, because we can never forget all those lives that were lost...

I was i believe in elementary school when the plane crashed into the twin towers. All I remember personally was the footage on the news and how scared everyone was. Again, I had a kid perspective...

On the picture: Truthfully, Im NOT supose to be drawing at all, I sprained my hand :iconcryforeverplz: but since I gain so much watchers and the fact that one of my teachers inspire this, I had to draw it. Poor America, this day must make him have bad memories... It must of hurted too...

My teacher: "We have to remember to smile for the lives who can never smile on this world again"

Its sad if that big goofball doesnt smile, its un-natural... Depressed!America? NO. I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS.

Each of the items they are holding represent something to remember, but Ill let you get your own message from this XD (ex. Russia's sunflower means to remember those dreams that were lost)
:iconcryforeverplz: Im sorry its not the best, my hand is injured, you can tell. Im also sorry if this offends anyone or anything... sorry. I dont regret it.

Dont you wish the whole world could just comfort each other on things like this instead of hating each other because we live on different land masses? Sorry if i sound ignorant.

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Fan Art (c) purpleflrs

Remember 9/11, and those innocent lives lost.
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EDIT: Aw! A 100 faves? Canada and America feel the love :love: XD Thank you so much for all the favs! And the views, and watches etc. Sorry I cant think you personally!! XD so many messages.

:iconcanadawtfplz: :iconamericadisapproveplz: gah, what? Groups... This isnt yaoi. This is brotherly. NO ASK ME TO SUBMIT TO IT. I love you for asking, but NO. :love: love you though. I'll allow this into pairings groups i guess... just becauuse i feel bad for not submitting into the other groups that asked me... nothing against your pairings... just wasnt my intenstions. Dont kill me *huddles in corner*

:iconpervyenglandplz: MOAR Hetalia... why am i not suprised? //shot

Im still sick and i missed another day of school... so i decided to draw this kinda just wanted to draw canada but this happened its more sweet again, and AFUOGFR THESE BROTHERS ARE FRICKIN ADORABLE YO :icondeathstareplz:
I know America is an ass to his brother... but isnt that what being a brother is all about? Every morning i wake up, my brother hits me on the head and says "buttface" then i hit him in the stomache and say "asshole ^^" See. simple sibling rivary XD and thats how i see Canada and America. >.> wasnt sure what i was doing with this kinda wanted to draw Canada go ballistic but im glad i did what i did. Im pretty sure Canda just feels glad someone notices him. Poor canada :iconemocanadaplz:

:iconomgyayamericaplz: HERO! :iconkawaiicanadaplz: Maple!

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himayura
Fan art (c) purpleflrs

look at china, being a troll XD showing off that booming economy
keep the bro love in hetalia guys~! thats my motto XD
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O_O whoa.... 200.... You guys love cute stalking Russia, Dont ya'll? Well I do too :love: Thanks for all the favs you guys~!! XD

And thus this will be the last thing I post in awhile. And it sucks XD

This was inspired after drawing that art trade for :iconhetaliamoldova: since i was at my cousins house... I had to produce something.

lol the coloring is week... but i dont care :iconmingplz:

For America and Canada's box: America and Canada were just about to have scary movie night. Not anymore.
lol America's Russia senses are tingling, Cold War reference

For England's box: My headcannon says since England glares are edible to Russia then Russia's "Kolkolkol" is feelable(?) to England :iconderpplz: make sense right?

For France's (and aparently Austria and Hungary's box): Bet you didnt Know russia was there the whole time during that episode :icondeathstareplz: yep. Russia is always there :iconhurrhurrplz:
lol austria what are you wearing?

For China's (2) boxes: (yes, China is Russia's best friend forever, duh) China was too grumpy to say "aru" at the end.
yes that random picture frame is the background that disappears in the next box is a picture of half a Panda.

Okay. No more posting for awhile. Im on break. I end this with Russia C: because he's always there. Stalking you. XD adorably though :icondancerussiaplz:

Hetalia and all that good stuff (c) Hidekaz Himayura
FanArt (c) purpleflrs

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shit the background is crooked

edit: WHOOHOO 100 favs :D love sharing my crappy hetalia fan art with you XD alot of groups have been wanting me to submit this to them, and im glad you do... some i declined because it had nothing to do with the picture but some i let it have even if i was iffy about some of them. im glad you love it :love: wow =w= never thought somthing so simple would get this much love... BUT THANK YOU ANYWAY!! :iconbrohugplz:

:iconcuterussiaplz: :iconsaysplz: bestfriends forever, da?

so i was watching some movie the other day afterschool and there was this guy with a bestfriend who is always there and creeps him out. and instantly i thought... RUSSIA :D

be in mind that i was half asleep with this, i just wanted to post because of china's reaction in the end :D

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
FanArt (c) me

yeah i know, its just a doodle dont kill me

You'll be awesome like Prussia america and denmark (yes the whole awesome trio) if you comment. i love comments more than i love favs. makes my day alot better. especially when your sick T_T
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Not suppose to be drawing~

:iconmingplz: whatever parents and doctor... I do what I want :iconmovebetchplz:

LMAO. I think what I enjoyed the most in these doodles is America drooling on whale dude. UGH AMERICA U CUTE MAN BOY :icondeathstareplz: As you noticed... the first half was more humor... then for some reason it got all sweet and junk... you can thank the rain for that. Jeez... I always give long captions... sorry.

Tony doesnt like Iggy (its spelled "tony" right?)
America doesnt get it :iconamericapokerfaceplz:
Lithuania is too cute to hate :iconchibilithuaniaplz:


and that picture of england and colonial america... asfaignapgani WHY CANT I DRAW THAT ON A BIG PAPER LIKE THAT ;w;

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
These doodles and that little version of me (c) purpleflrs~
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You know around Christmas time when those songs are stuck in your head and you have no goddamn reason why then you realize it was your best friend who is the cause for its constant repeat that you end up making a Hetalia comic based off of it using the stray trio just to let out your anger and frustration?

:icondeathstareplz: Yeah. I know you all had similar situations.

:iconotlplz: Coloring. Why do you fail me?

Ah, well, this at first was just a little colored doodle up to the point at when america goes "HAHAHA" then my friend irked me to continue it and I was like "jeez okay, but im doing it cause i wanna" and it ended up being something that makes no sense and i apologize.

I felt because all this week its finals i better have a little bit of fun ^^; and post something a little bit Christmasy...

Finland was added because of one of my friends who adores Finland so i squeezed him in at the end~ here you go dear ^^

NOW ONWARD TO STUDYING while having the flu!! :iconforeveraloneplz:

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
FanArt (c) purpleflrs

its okay guys to comment I dont bite ;w;
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Edit: whoa whoa what happened here?? ;w; thank you guys

I wasnt home all day today due to some unexpected circumstances, and I needed something to cheer me up! Haha sorry for the derpy crooked sketchy drawings I just dont even know what I was doing blahblahblah enjoy?

Im sorry but Canada wins this year guys.... :iconcanadawtfplz:

Happy April Fools guys haha

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Derpy fanArt (c) purpleflrs
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