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Happy Valentine's Day!!

:iconfymerry: as Cagalli
:iconhybridre: as Athrun

photographer :icon35ryo:
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because cats
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When I first heard about the tragic event that happened in Colorado I was shocked. My heart completely broke. I cried for the people that lost their lives and that are hurt in this horrible nightmare for days. I could not stop thinking about the people that have to go through all the pain from this. I still think about it. What I would like to do is to start making these pins to sell and to donate the money to the victims in the Colorado shooting. I want to do this. For the people that are hurting, and to show that people care and understand what they are going through.

I did some research on what each color ribbon stands for. There are so many varieties of ribbons that stand for different symbols. Black ribbon is the symbol for mourning. Yellow ribbon is the general symbol for support and hope. Using these both fit what it is portraying. I wanted the yellow ribbon to overlap the black ribbon to show that we will over come the losses and hurt with hope and support to stay strong.

Pins are 6$ and 2$ for shipping. Send me note to purchase one.

I will also make a journal about this. When I can not do this anymore I will let everyone know, but for now I want to help as much as I can.

I'm trying to get this out there, if you can please share this around :) thank you
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I know this is really early for once, but I wanted to upload this before I would lose too much time and forget about it otherwise.

Yes, I actually took part, again, in a small DeviantArt activity. And this is partially to the fact that I know how many people get upset and lonely during Valentine's Day (myself included).
(As :iconshadow-lockheed: likes to say: Happy Singles Awareness Day. XD)
So I thought I'd make something for those who need a hug. :3

....A MASSIVE hug.

So, once the Valentines period hits, I'll be posting this to as many people around here I know of. So start looking forward to something arriving in your inbox. :iconsocuteplz:
If you don't receive anything (due to me forgetting/not knowing you/having not quite finished my post-to-everyone extravaganza), feel free to tell me you need a Hunter hug, and I'll happily share it. :D

For those who don't understand what's going with this weird monster-hugging; the pictured creature is a 'Hunter', or technically speaking, a 'Lekgolo' (hence the "let go" pun) from the Halo game trilogy. They're renown for their huge size and tendency to charge at you. I always refer to them as 'huggable' because of both factors, in an ironic way. XD
To Halo fans: yes, I KNOW that, even more specifically, the Hunter is a 'mgalekgolo', I just like to refer them to their species name. So don't hassle me about that. XD

For those sending cards on the whim, this...'card' is really good for friend-to-friend Valentines (especially if they understand the joke behind Halo's Hunters). But, of course, it can be used for a normal Valentine's as well. :3

Oh, and the white dude is a random person/soldier. XP I was tempted to put a spurt of blood in there...but that went a little too literal...

Lekgolo/Mgalekgolo/Hunters are Bungie.
Drawing belongs to me.
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touch me
it's so easy to leave me
all alone with the memory
of my days in the sun

This pitiful little creature lives in Haifa, down Hehalutz street, toward the slums.
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Purple SuFin for Spirit Day~ :dummy:

No matter who you are, love with all your heart :heart:

Enjoy~ :meow:
Sweden by kurokuma
Finland by roco


Effects used

Edited in picmonkey
Please do not steal this artwork or use it without my permission. Thank you~ :heart:
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I know this isn't framed && copyrighted on the photograph, but I wanted to upload to Free Fella! ;D && also do this in memory of Molly who died not too long ago.

Love you Mols.<3


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Submitted for Free Fella project

Si Yang & Yao's cat Xi Duo (喜多).
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